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With Springg’llstfarougd AUTO
I', 1 s mm o
fiscflme car. We carry ACCESs ORI E S
sewing Machine Clinic
Next Wed., March 24
mainland—Under auspices of the
m Hour club County Home Dem
wmuon Agent Dorothy Reaugh
1m conduct a sewing machine clin
g .g the home of Mrs. Harold Nel
pn next Wednwday, March 24. Not
only ue the members of :the club
urged to attend this demonstration?
but my other ladies who are mter-|
and in home sewing and the care
of sewing machines are cordiallyl
invited to be present.
Mrs. Potter, sister of Mrs. Frank
Jameson, is confined to the Pay»
man this week.
frofessional Cards
gen, Veterinary Supplies
m 271 Kennewick, Wash.
Licensed Notary Public
lye, Eu, Nose and Throat
am Fitted
. Phone 680—Pasco
Title & Trust Building
* Dr. Paul 0. Stone
Dentist v
Phone 1631 or Postal Card for
Curry_ Optippl _Parlors
'xume‘ wick, Wn.
Eyes Examined—Glasses Fitted
Office at residence—4o2 lst Ave.
PHONE 1381 HOURS 9 to 5
2-lb. Box Crackers . .. . 33c
1 pkg. Chinese Noodles . . . 13c
2pkg. Tenderoni‘ . . . . .- 19c
4-“). pkg. Hot Cake Flour . . 25c
4.11». Sperry com Meal . . 25c
lpkg. Sperry Wheat Hearts . 25c
2-lb. pkg. Hominy . .’. . - 15 c
2-lb. pkg. Rice . .g . . . . 29c
12-02. Jar Cucumber Pickles ’ . 19c
liar Twistee Noodle Dinner . 15c
Ladies Knit Sport Shirts ................95c
Ladies Slacks for hard.wear...........52.10
Boys Sport Shirts, all sizes. . . . . . . .49c to 89c
Richland,‘ Wash. ‘
As Yet. . . ‘ ’ '
Our Business is Still Intact
We still have a good supply of
Until further instructions from the govern
ment we will continue business as we have in
the past
Fishermen Take
Refreshing Dip
Richland—Three local lovers of
nature in the raw were out in a boat
[on the Yakima near the Horn last
TSunday to spend a quiet day fishing.
“rhe boys; Bill Conwell, Bingo Van
‘dine and L. Wyland, had just settled
‘down to absorb the grandam of thei
surroundings when something rolled}
to one side of the boat—they all;
reached for it but grasped nothing{
save a double armiul of icy Yakima‘
river water as the boat capsized.l
They didn’t lose the boat but among;
some of the things they did lose were
a .22 rifle, ammunition and their
fishing equipment and enthusiasm.
Mr. and Mrs. E..Hartung of Pen
dleton, Ore., were guests Sunday of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hartung. -
Mr. and Mrs. Happy Hickey of
Yakima were guests _this week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel
Jameson. The Hickeys are former
Richland residents.
A dauéhter was born Friday
morning, March 12. to Mr. and Mrs.
T. A. Trowbridge in the Pasco hos
The He‘rb Morey family, with their
truck loaded with their household
effects, returned to Richland last
Thursday already to start work on
their farm. They never unloaded
the truck but returned to Vancouver
Monday where Henb will continue
to work tn the shipyards. Before
reaching Richland they were un
aware of the legal procedure of re
cent date giving the government
right to’mmediate possession of his
property here. - ~ ~-
03K. Purdy returned to Riemand
Saturday. ' He had spent the winter
at his son’s home in Veradale.
Lynn Dobson, nephew of Mrs.
Sydney Relton and a recent army
inductee and Cyril Relton of Herm
iston, were week-end guests at the
Relton Home. Monday afternoon
Mrs. Sydney Relton accompanied her
nephew to Spokane .for a short visit.
Mrs. Alice Van Fossen took care of
her store during her absence?
Tom Chalcraft of Seattle was here
this week to visit with relativu.
f I] k Muff]. E ' Pl'h dClth
3:1. was.” \ azm’atszia? "1:02: :"ndspztaigm Western Auto Supply
We ca"? Se“ “Shim A“ ““8 “f "9““ OLAV l. 011 mm, Authorized Dealer
Pre-Induction Tests for
Hi School Boy Graduates
Richland—A notice of importance
to young men who will have grad
uated from high school and who
will have reached the age of 17
years and not over 22 years of age
:by July 1, 1943, has just come from
the regional director of the army
and navy college training program.
The notice is to the effect that
on Friday, April 2 at 9 a. m., at
the high school, men in the above
classification will be given a pre
liminary test for entrance into either
the army or the navy. Upon the
basis of the test, each individual
will be classified for, (a) special
college training for certain fields of
work leading to officer’s commis
sions and (b) classifying all others
in respect to relative trainability.
This test applies to all young men
in the above age limit, who have
graduated or are‘ graduating from
high school, regardless of whether
they are going to school at present.
Those having these qualifications
should see Principal T. A. Trow
bridge at the high school, for further
information, and to receive admis-l‘
sion forms. for the test. ;
Sports News 31nd Views
By Roy Voiles .
Richland has certainly won a good
share of publicity this past week.
Getting back to our softball school}
league the sophomores won their;
first conference game firom thei
freshmen 17-2. The field-trotting
juniors defeated the seniors Tues-l
day afternoon 7-5.
Let’s take a look at this year’s
senior team. Joe Alberts and Wayne
Supplee are co-pitchers. Joe is just
a natural for sports of all kinds. He
is a great deal to blame for this
year's tourney. He is also captain
of the 10 members squad. Wayne
is somewhat like Joe as far as par
ticipation in sports is concerned.
He occupies these positions part
of the time: pitcher, right fielder,
and first base. Leona Arrestouilh
has played .softball a good many
years. She was on the winning
softball team in 1941 and 1942.
“Nannie” is rated as one of the best
softball players in the high school.
Gertrude Baumg'artner can say
practically the same thing except
she plays third base while Leona
occupies the short stop position.
Ruth Kron strings right along with
the two former playérs in her ability
to play softball. She gum-ch second
base. The owner members of the
team—namely, William Galbreadth,
Ernie Shreve, Ruthellen -. Fergin,
John Skelton (substitution because
of the lack of seniors) and Yours
Truly—have beenadded to the rest
of the team to make the selors
one of the best in town.
ping pong tournament was held for
the boys in the'RlchJand High
School At that time Art Sitcoloumh
won first place with Joe Alberta (I
told you that fellow 'had his finger
in almost every “athletic pie”)
walked of: with second place. I
think it would the only fair if some
»body who thinks they can beat
either Joe or Art should challenge
either one-of them to a. Itwo out of
three game match. The winner
would therefore occupy either first:
or second place. '
And' What about the girls? Now
that you gals have your ping pong
table why don’t you have a tourney
to decide who is the best female
player in school? You all have had
plenty of practice. The winner could
play Art if,_sthe wanted.
Did you ever hear that joke about
the two :foothall teams who were
playing for the state championship?
The winner caught the ball and
carried home the “bacon.” (Corny?)
Word has been received that
George Snow of Kennewick a former
Richland resident has returned to
the Veterans’ hospital in Walla
Give Your Car
an Even Break! '
It’s one the your most
valuable posses'siofls to
day! But your car is no
good Without tires.
Let us check your brakes
and stop that sudden grab
that burns up precious
rubber. .
Bill Conwell, Prop.
Richland, Wash.
} The Guy Conwell and Demitruk
families have started moving to
’Touchet, where they have rented
'places. .
An 8% pound girl was born to
’Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Van Fossen
‘in the Pasco hospital Wednesday
‘morning. 1
L Dr. and Mrs. F. .1. Damon of Seat
tle were Richland visitors this week.
‘in the interest of their property here}
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Culp were!
among the home seekers up the
valley during the past week. They
report having rented a place betvfeeni
Presser and Grandview. While in
that vicinity Sunday they visited at 4
the home of Mrs. Culps' sister. Mrs.
Lawrence Harrison, in Prosser.
Fred B. Markham. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Markham. and Ramon
McKenzie. son of A. C. McKenzie.
both of this town, were among the
30 Benton county inductees taken in
at Spokane this week.
Jerry Dillon passed. his final re-T
quirement as a second class scout?
at a court of honor held in the cqurt‘
house at Pasco. The following boys?
have now completed work as sec-l
and class scouts, and have received
their badges: Jerry Dillon. Eugenel
Fergin, Claude Collins and Alvin
Olson. 1‘
Elsie DeWilde has entered the‘
seventh grade transferring from}
Porter-ville. Calif. }
Robert Hilstad entered the second
grade last week. He has been at
tending the Flnley-Hover school.
Willis Cawley is back in school
again. He has been absent from
school several weeks because of ill
ness. -
Second graders welcomed Bobby:
Allen :back to their room last Mon-l
day. Bobby has '.been attending
school in Kirkland, Wash.
Jene Morgan has transferred from
the first grade to Lind.
Wanda Freuhling, Vernon Ainardi.
Clem Albert, Loren SloppY. Vivian
Bernier. Lois Galbreath, Alvin Gaw
ley, Sherman Bundrant, Pauline
Foster, Freddie Paw and Virgie Sim
ons have returned to school after
being absent because of measles.
Suzanne Swingel entered the sixth
grade last week. 7
Marvin Groves entered the sixth
gradelastmek. Hehasbeenat
tending school in Spokane.
Mabel Baniett visited in Chelan
on Monday.
, Comm-nl9: PM cm
Sunday school 10 a. :11.
Morning wormp 11 a. m. '
Youth fellowship 7:30 pm.
Mission study class 7:30. -
The chum and the church school
will eontlnue to serve the people of
Richland as long as there are people
living in the area to whom it should
Each Thursday evening at 8 o'clock
during the theater: season there wlll
be a. vesper service at the church.
The total number or person: now
owning life insurance policies is
CAN Pagvm Moon; house tor)
family employed cutting and Ma
inc asparagus on my ranch at enn
nyside and furnish pasture for fam
ily cow. H. W. Kludas, Rt. 1. Sun
nyside. Wash. 18-25 p
FOR SALE—6O acres, all good land
with tractor and equipment, lo
cated between Prosser and Byron.
Two houses in good condition, one
new. George Evans. Rt. 2, Prosser.
FOR BALE—Good hay derrick. $80:
a good Smalley ensilage cutter, :30:
horas wt. 1550, S6O: 3 tons choice
ear corn no nubbins $35 ton or SIOO
for the lot; 2 or 3 m chodce buy
at $22.50 per ton. P. L. Griffith, half
way from Yakima bridge to Rich
land. opposite grape Ymeyard. ltp
m- —n—.
FOR SALE—W coal oil
broader used one year. g 5. Mrs.
Eva Demitruk, Rdohland. ’ 1w
WORK HORSE for sale—wt. 1300, 8‘
years old, also 2 3-year-old colts,
partly broke. Geo. Goney, manna.
‘ 18-251)
FOR SALE—Barnyard manure, apJ
ple wood, steel couch, 20-gauge‘i
shotgun. J. W. Ehrenberg, Richland.‘
FOR SALE—IO acres on Highlands,
modern house except for heat. 3
am 01’ 8006 81388. Terms, Gas-‘
octane as We. Ins. 50-519
FOR sums—2s tom good barman-{i
fertilizer in pile. Henry Eat-bung.
Mahmud. ltu
WANTED—Brood sows, feeder pigs.
Box 491. Pasco. 1m
WANTED—Man (or farm. Yearly
Job. Married man preferred. Ad
vise salary M 96. ML?
and are a «any. 2'5 any...»
Grade School News
The Roy'Allen tamny and Dave
Allen were Sunday guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shelton
and family. V
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tome and
daughter of Seattle are visiting at
the home 03 ms 'llowne's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Luelloff.
Last Friday Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Mercy. Sr.. Fred Mercy, Jr.. and
Paul Mercy, all of Yakima were
guests at the B. J. Sulvely ranch. 1
Mr. and Mrs. George Gross and
Elizabeth and Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
McCarthy were Sunday evening;
guests at the Luelloff home. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johnson of Pasco
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Perkins Wednesday evening. ~Mrs.
Johnson is Perkins‘ aunt.
Mike MoClendon of Seattle was
a guest at his mother's home here
the first three days of the} week.
Ralph Long and family of Yak
ima were guests Sunday and Monday
at the home of Mrs. Long's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Worden.
Mr. and Mrs Felix Robert. who
have resided on the old Fannie B.
Lewis place west of town for the
past ifew years. moved this week to
the Walla Walla district.
Mr. and Mrs. Harland Burgen and
daughter were here from Vancouver
Wednesday of last week.
Pete Dennis of Audubon. lowa.
arrived Wednesday to spend two
weeks looking aiter his farm in
this district but upon arrival he
found that the government had al
ready made other plans for the
use of his property so he started
back for home immediately.
The George Prcdson family, who
moved recently to the old Rouse
place left Thursday for Conway.
Wash. Fredson is employed by thei
Austin 00. and was to be employed
on the his air port on the Renae-1
wick highlands. 1
‘ Mrs. Wm. Rader of Vancouver.;
drove up Sunday‘to bring her two
”sons to spend a week visiting with
‘their grand parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Supplee. ‘
1 m. and Mrs. R. B. Stevens. who
Ihave spent the winter living with
IMr. and Mrs R. B..Dighm while
;Btevens was employed in Big Pasco
‘will return to their home in He
iKenaie Bridge. Oregon. n-iday.
; Mr. and Hrs. nation Muncey and
in. B. Dishton were visitors in
‘ flies mar-y Cheyne left for Van-l
of her skier. 1113. Kenneth Hoot?
Cecil Boothe from Camp 'Hathaw
my. Wash. was home recently «>1
spend a short turlomh from toe
army. . I
Four Tables of Bridge
Played Friday Night
Highlands—Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
lampson entertained tour tables of
Bridge Friday night. xenon-a went
to Mr. and m. Wallace Preston.
Mr. and Mm.‘Jce Watkins and Mr.
and Mrs. John Penman.
gum MEWS ~
| _ ‘ ._ 'areNeutru\’ I
'I'III “lull”! Alli I’ll! IAII‘III! 111 IIIFEISI'
Ens. T. A. Hall Burned
In Airplane Accident
Richland—Friends of Ens. T. A.
Hall xeceived word this week noti
fying them that he had been badly
burned in a recent airplane accident
near New Orleas. La. Complete
details 0! the accident were not
available but it was learned that
twd other cosine were killed in the
sale accident. Ens. Hall and his
family lived in the McClendon
apartments while he was stationed
at the Pasco at! station.
Kr. and “its. Art Sewers. son
in-law and dmghter of Mrs. Floyd
Pctkins. have moved back to Kenne
wick from College Place.
Mrs. Gantenbein and Mrs. Olive
of Pasco were guests at Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Caldwell's home Thurs
Bob Pace and wife of Kennewlck
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Perkins Sunday.
We Buy Cattle, Hogs, Sheep and Pelts and Hides
Your Guess is as
Good as e. . . .
as to how long we will be in business here.
However, we are still well stocked to take
care of your requirements on your farm and
in your home as We have heretofore.
Farmers who have had definite information
that they will be permitted to operate their
farms this year can depend on us for re
pairs, ec. .
x“E “f"? ”
We Carry All Kinds of
Mr. and Mrs. Paskey of Grand
view and Mr. and Mrs. Work and
daughter of Bunnyside spent Bun
dsy visitinc with Mr. and Mrs. 0.
Chem and daughter. Mary.
Karma: Kinda. oi Bunnyside.
brother-in-iaw of A. K. Koehier.
spent. Sunday and Monday visiting
with Mr. Koehler.
W. B. Shepard of Kellogg. Idaho.
tamer Richland resident. was I»
visitor here over «he week-end.
It Is understood that Mrs. Wels
enbach has purchased a home in
Mr. M Mrs. Arthur Leonard.
brother-ln-law and sister of Sher
man Muncey. Walla Walla. and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Munoey of Free
water. ore.. visited the Muncey
families here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Robinson
and son of Hover spent Sunday
visiting at the J. Q. Hamby home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. 3111 mm»: vis
ited Saturday and Sunday at their
son's home in Sunnyside

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