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Thursday, April 15. 1943
“gm—2c per word per insertion—minimum, 35 [f prepaid, five times for the price of tour.
m For Sale 111111111 l
pO3 RENT or Sale—Two good
mg“ diversified farms near
Spokane. Mrs. Gertrude Peers, w
1714 Manon, Spokane, Wash. 1t:
FOR SALE—éo-acre farm near
Finley school on main highway.
Haney Schwartzkopf. Inquire at
130 N 10th street, Pasco. Call 393 i.
337 p
yon SALE—2O acres, 3 mi. north
of Benton City. Open. cultivated
grounds; 7 room, 2 story modern
house. Cflmd brooder house, other
equipment for chicken farm. Price
and terms right. Good buy if you
desire a good farm. Immedrate
pogession, L. E. Johnson agency,
Kennewick. 2tf
om: CENT SALE of nursery stock
in Kennewick at 340, Pasco
nighway and at Richland Nursery.
Choice table potatoes at 4 cents.
Home Nursery, Richland, Wash.ltf
103 saw-room house, 23 acres
4 and, building suitable for barn
and chicken houses, on Rt. 1, Ken
na. Write or inquire Box A at
my cum. - 50'549
103 mug, m with 7%
M W, 1,4 mile from city
limits at Sunnyside. White A. 0.
mm. at. 2, Sunnyside. 3:)
Moon hOuse with concrete base
ment md 3 acres suitable {or poul
u-y, peppermint and unnatoes or 5
use with vineyard, berries. Terms
u an. more!) mmm. biz
discount if terms cash. Greenhouse,
service station adjacent. Also serv
he station and frontage Ken-Pasco
m on similar terms. Also store
roan and apartments in Richland.
Special inducements. Home Nurs
ery, Richland. Nursery stock ‘at
'ucriiioe prices. Also house for rent.
Perry - Bros.
r Established 37 Years
,Write for Quotations
‘Regulaung _. Repairln
Benton City
Appointment by Mail .
o Med-:Ghsses Fitted
at residence—4o2 15!; Ave.
1361 HOURS 9 to
, ‘ DR. C. BRUNN
own at Residence
503 Ave. A Phone 1521
Moulton & Powell
Olfioe in Havstad Building ‘
Your AVON Rep.
Phone 611 or write to
No. 16 Everett Street
licensed Morticiana
Lady Attendant ‘
Phones 2201 - 2202 s
Abstract & Title Co.
’N-er State Bank Buildinx
Attorney at law
"5 3 Fourth St. Phone 375
Pasco, Wash.
Over Permey Store
o‘l Phone 2671 Res, 262
FOR SALE—Furniture, at the Fer
. gin home in Richland, consisting
of: dining room set, iron beds with
'Home Comfort range, davenport
band chair and other articles. 5p
iFOR SALE—IO acre ranch in Yak
! ima Valley. 4-room house, large
Ilscreened porch, lights and water;
outbuildings, good soil, cheap wat
er. $2500 cash. Write.P.O. Box 87,
Kennewick. - 4p
iFOR SALE—Profitable‘farm for a
, family; 37% productive acres.
9% asparagus; 20 alfalfa, 21/2 to
matoes; remainder for spuds etc.,
greenhouse, good barn, favorable
location, partly stocked and
equipped. McAlister, Rt. 1. 3p
FOR SALE 2O acres, all im
proved on paved highway, house
and ham and outbuildings. As
paragus, grapes, alfalfa. etc. Good
place for right party. Inquire at
this office. '3-4
FOR SALE—Small house and 6
good lots, with berries of all
kinds, and peaches and apricots.
Good place for chickens and cow
or goat. Call or write Mrs. Maude
Gardner, Box 183, Prosser. 3p
FOR SALE—Small fruit and hay
ranch, 16 miles from La Grande,
Ore. Commercial cherries, berries,
apricots, good pasture and wood
tract, water, six-room house, good
condition, beautiful location, call
or write for particulars. L. E.
Pease. Cove, Ore. _ , 3-5 p
FOR SALE— man ‘ gem seed
spuds, $2 per Sack.“ Harry Axtell,
Kennewick, So. Highlands. 3p
FOR SALE— 20 acre irrigated
place on oiled road. New build
ing, electricity, water under pres
sure in house. Chicken house for
250 hens. 2 acres grapes, 10 alfalfa;
4 acres good pasture, 4 acres open
ground. Water SI.OO per' acre.
Price $2750. John Stroh, ‘Rt. 1,
Prosser, Wn. .. 5p
FOR SALE—4S acres, grass mint.
12 acres potatoes planted, 2 sets
buildings, some equipment. Priced
fairly—immediate possession.
52 'acres-some pasture, alfalfa,
. buildings. Possession November
Ist. _ Harold» G. Fyfe Agency 3 tf
FOR SALE— Ice box and used
wood and coal stove. L. H. Ray
monds. Phone 2011 or 2356 3tf
FOR SALE-‘— Barn 24x30, torn
down ‘and ready ‘td be 're-built.
Can be seen 3% miles north of
Richland. Inquire W. S. Peters,
3 miles north and =54 mi. west of
Richland. ' 3-4 p
FOR 'SALE——3 acres 14-year-old
Bing cherry orchard with 4-
room house; netted over $llOO last
year. Near Benton City. Possession
at once. L. E. Johnson agency,
Kennewick. 2tf
Episcopal Guild, beginning April
23 in Twin City Garage~ across
from the J. C. Penney store. , 1-4 p
FOR SALE—Barred Rock hatching
eggs, $1.50 for arsetting of 15 eggs.
0. E. Stmdberg, Rt. 1. 51-3 p
. able. Standard Lumber Co. 51tf
FOR SALE—4O acres diversified
farm, 1% miles northwest of Fin
ley; good’six-room house and suit
able outbuildings. O. O. Conn Rt. 1,
Kennewick. 3p
EESALE—Good dry wood. Pot.-
latch Lumber 66. ' 431::
FOR SALE—Large dining 'room set.
All white enamel Monarch coal
arid wood range and various other
household articles. Phone 2791. Mrs.
Sidney Relton, Richland. 50:!
FOR SALE—Small two-bedroom
hpuse in desirable location, with‘
garden spot. Call _2126 after 6
o’clock. I_tf
FOR SALE’; Mast-ha Washington
asparagus plants, 2:50 per thous
and, C. H. Meyer. phone 2397. 45m
FOR SALE—lncbme property in
Yakima. Two houses and -stone.
Reasonable. To close out estate.
Mrs. L. E. Longshore. 712 S. Nachez
Ave., Yakima, Wash. 52-49
FOR SALE—One half section land
Troy, Mont., 140 mi. from Spo
kane... 4 mi. from Troy on creek;
17 acres cleared, rest logged off.
Lots of wood and ties left on place.
Plenty water, small lake. Will sell
either quarter separately if de
sired. Now is the time to get a
place in the edge of the hills,
where there’s water, shelter and
woods; on a creek- bottom; and
raise cattle, pigs and chickens;
S2BOO cash. Ralph Wickham, 221
W-Carlisle, Spokane, Wash. l-3p
FOR SALE Thoroughbred Pek
inese pups. Inquire Mona Mon
roe. It!
The tallest known tre ein Cali--
fornia is in Humboldt county and is
364 feet high.
FOR SALE—National cash regis-
ter in good condition, S6O. Elmer
Olsen. 3tf
FOR SALE—One domestic water
pressure pump. Completely ov
erhauled, $35. Eichner's Tin Shop.
' . 3p
FOR SALE—Hampshire Red set
ting eggs $1 for a setting of ‘ls
eggs. Ed Lum, Phone 2243. 3tf
FOR SALE—Good horse, work
double or single, price reason
able. Dan E. Gerber, Finley. 3p
FOR SALE—Good. 20-acre tract,
improved, fruit, crops, stock and
machinery. House and out build
ings. A good buy. Inquire at this
office. - 2-3 p
FOR SALE—2O acre ranch. 2 acres
asparagus, 1 acre grapes; alfalfa
and open land, water under pres
sure, electricity. Good location, 2
mi. west of Prosser. C. A. Webb. 6p
illilllll Miscelififieous 1111111 l
STRAYED—Yearling steer light;
brown with white markings, stub-i
by horns. When found notifyi
Murray Hardware, Richland. 3-4c‘
TWEEN 25 and 35, pleasant ape
‘pearance and personality and with
at least ‘a grammar schooleducaf
ltion, we can fit you for a position:
in our organization as cashier in;
‘one of our stores. ' Apply at the
‘Safeway Stores, Inc., Pasco and
Kennewick, Wn. 3tf;
Get YOUR cedar posts now at
Standard Lumber Co. Sltf
PAPERHANGING General house
cleaning. including rug cleaning.
kalsominlng, wall paper cleaning.
reasonable. phone 2467 utter 6 pant:
s2}me mom repaired by
expert. Leave your orders ,with
Kennewick Printing Co. B. 5. Miller.
IF YOU are thinking of having a
public sale we would be glad ho
handle it ' for you. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Ash Auction 00. 3p
HATS AND CAPS—Hats cleaned
and blocked 60c; caps cleaned 260.
Petterson Dye Works. phone one
two-three. Pageo. ' 321:!
111111111 l Wanted 111111111 l
WANTED—Man and wife with
trailor to irrigate morning and
evening. No children or dogs. Mrs.
Wm. Hanson Rt. 2 Highlands. "
WANTED—Women for light store?
.work. Full ’or part time. -State
age and address. Box V 3tf
WANTED—Cannery workers. Ap
ply in .person.’ Spokane Valley
Cannery. ‘ . -' ‘ ‘3tf‘
WKfi'i‘ED—Boy or man to mow
lawn during summer months.
Dr. Stone, Phone 1631. 3p
WANTED—Asparagus cutters ‘for
8 acres or~ to cut. and pack on,
shares. 0. W. Engles, phone 2576
WANTED—A young gentle work
horse, weight about 1200. Pete
Lande. . 3P
WANTED—Second hand tricycle.
Notify 323 Washington street or
this office. ' 3p
WANTED—Large pressurg cooker
or home canner. Inquit‘e at this
office. 3tf
WANTED—SmaII organ. Inquire
at this office. 31;:
WANTED—Repulsion - Induction
electric motor from 1;; to 3/ 11.1).
G'len Dawkins, Kennewick, tit. 1
2-3 p
WANTED—Responsible party to}
irrigate five acres of cherries in
Garden Tracts—part time basis.
Box L. Care'of Courier, Reporter.
WANTED—3 or 4 peopleto bar;
vest 5 acres asparagus. possibly
9 acres; also reversible orchard
disk. Joe Shula ,Rt. 1 2—3 p
WAN'JSED—Good used small wood
or coal range with water coil.
Phone 2132. 2-4 c
WANTED—Good cook and house-
keeper. Attractive proposition.i
Either old or young. Red Cross‘
woman without children. Call on‘
or address Fred P. Freeman, Rich-‘
land, Wash., stating qualificationsfi
' I“;
WANTED—AII kinds ~of green
vegetables and chickens. turk
eys, rabbits. Highest cash prim at
the White Kitchen Cafe on the
highway, Kennewick. 1t!
WANTEW woman or man
cook also waitress. at the White
Kitchen, Kennewick. It!
WANTED—Stenographer at Trip
ple A office in Kennewick, cap
able of taking dictation. Steady
job to right person. 2-4 c
WANTED—Twin or ,single bed.
Mrs. Geo. A. Purdy, 12 Fruit
land. Phone 1062. . 3c
WANT TO BUY from , owner—l
modem small house; will take’
cm: with small acreage not far
from town. Answer PO. Box 21.
WANTED—PaneIs 8, 10, 12 or
14 or 16 ft. Phone 9x9 2-3 p
WANT TO RENT—Farm near Kem‘
newick. Write C. G. Whitney. Sr."
Rt. 3, Box 5280, Bremerton. Wash;
. 3p
WANTED To BUY—AII the old re
cords you have around the place.
Must have old ones to turn in to
get new ones. Bring 'em in—mck
ed, scratched or worn out—doesn’t
matter. Any make. Benz-man, 49d
Wages GOOD.
It now in an essential industry,
please do not apply.
The Pae. Tel. 8: Tel. Co.
WANTED—Housekeeper for small
1 family; no heavy laundry. In
}‘quire Box A, this office. 2t!
FOR RENT—Dandy 135 acre div
ersified farm, 65 cultivated, 7
alfalfa, ‘45 seeded pasture, build
ings, ample water, 27 mi. Spokane,
10 thockford, 18 Coeur d’Alene.
Owner W 1714 Mallon, Spokane,
Rafi—SEQQWSmn A:
Telephone Operators
525 W. Lewis 8!. Pasco Wn.}
Friendly Interviews 9 to 5 Daily;
2-3 c;
WANTED—lmmediately, House to
rent by Mark Brown and wife.
Call 3331. 21:!
“MIMI! For Rent‘lllllllllm
Sonny Spauldilig Down
With Measles
Highlands Sonny Spaulding
has been quite ill with the measles.
Mrs. R. W. Woods and Miss Jen-‘
nie Linden visited with their moth
er in Goldendale last Saturday
and Sunday. .
Trip to Walla Walla for
Business and Pleasure
4 Finley—Albert Piert and Henry
Turner were business and pleasure
visitors in Walla Walla and Wes
ton Friday. While in Walla Walla
they were dinner guests Tuesday
of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Witham.
Mrs. Clara Kingsbury and
daughter, Jennie May of Salmon,
Idaho, came Tuesday for a visit
with her mother, Mrs. L. Sellars,
and family, and her sister Mrs. G.
Locust Grove Residents
In Spokane This Week
f Locust Grove-—Mr. and Mrs. A.
“A. Edwards and Mrs. Guy Lyons
and two children are spending a
ffew days at Spokane. '
7 Mrs. Charles Cawell was a vis
itor. at the Henry Smith home
Mrs. Doris Hess is_ staying a
few days at the Ellerie Safford
home. ' - ‘
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Edwards
were Sunday dinner guests at the
J. C. Pratt home in Kennewick.
Two EelnEwick Boys
Spend Sunday in H. H.
Locust Grove Calvin Leibel
and Jim Pratt were guests at the
Henry Smith home Sunday.
The small daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Bertie Tyrell is ill with pneu
monia. .
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Clodfelter
attended a meeting at their church
Monday night.
Many Attend Pomona '
At Horse Heaven Grange
Finley—Those who attended Po
mona Grange at Horse Heaven
Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Ayers, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sher
ry, Mrs. Irene Hughes and Mrs.
Lula Hampton.
_Mrs. Irene Hughes and family
were dinner visitors of Mrs. Clar
ene Thorpe and children Sunday.
Ethel Edwards Hostess
To Home Circle Tuesday
Locust Grove—The Home Circle
will meet Tuesday, April 20, at
the home of Ethel Edwards. A
luncheon will be served at n00n...
Mesdames Rosco Richmond“
Henry Smith, Gilbert Edwards,
John Owens and Guy Lyons were
all-day sewing guests at the Elmer?
Smith home in Kennewick. J
Soil Conservation Column
The purchase of large areas ot‘
land for use by the army for mili
tary projects in the Richland.
White Bluffs. and Hanford areas
has necessitated considerable ne—
organization of the Soil Conserva
tion Service in this area. The
plans at present are to close the
White Bluffs office and to take
Otto Schnellhardt from the dis
trict office at Kennewick. Mr.
Schnellhardt's position in Kennel
wick will be that of district farm
planner. In this capacity Mr.
Schnellhardt takes over all co
operative work between the Soil
Conservation Service and East
Benton Soil Conservation district.
with the possible exception of rel
atively large drainage projects.
In spite of the unsettled con
ditions brought about by the land
purchase program and the general
unrest which has resulted, the
East Benton Soil Conservation Dis
trict has continued with the plan
ning work on the Finley Drain
age district. Last Wednesday ac
tual work on the renovation of the
ditch was started and the county
Reports to Duty After
Visit With Parents
Highlands—Norris Shields left‘
Tuesday morning for San Frano‘
cisco to report to the navy after
visiting a week with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Shields. ‘
Merlin Giles Moved
To Fort Leonard Wood
- Highlands—Merlin Giles was fio‘
nally transferred from Ft. Doug-i
las‘ Utah, to Ft. Leonard Wood. ini
Missouri. 1
Norris Shields spent all day}
Friday visiting with Rosa Shields
and his little nephew, Gary, at the
Dave Lewis home in Kennewick.‘
' whom JUDGE SAYS...‘ . _
' “I wasjust tellin’ my brother-Fred this
n mning.hdge...there's neverbeenatin'ie
inourliveswhen wegottolive uptothat
' oldsayin"Unitedwestand.;dividedwehll'
' methanwehavetotoday.”
» “Howtruethatial-{ethAndhrflge
life ofme. lan'tfigureout why."atntime
tion like prohibition. I can't imagine any
thing that would tickle our enemies more
Produce Food for Victory!
" G ROW M 0 R E
I Growing Contracts Now Available ‘
Spokane Valley Cunning Co.
shovei. which has been leased
cooperatively by Drainage District
No. 6 and the Soil Conservation
Service. is progressing very satis
factorily. It is hoped that en-
largement of the existing facility
and the construction of additional
ditch can continue so that this
project may he finished as soon as
possible. The District is particu
lary anxious to proceed as rapidly
as it can with this construction
work as adequate drainage in this
area would materially increase
the productive capacity of the
The loss of relatively large‘
acreages of productive land in
Benton County means that the
people who are operating the land
that remains are going to have to
keep their farms in the highest
possible state of productiveness in
order to meet as nearly as possible
the production goals established
for the county. There will be a
meeting of the district supervisors
on April 1 and at that time a defi
nite plan for an active planning
program will be developed.
In the Matter of the Estate of
M. N. Hudnau. deceased.
No. 2000
1101165 3!; in; A
that in compliunce with the order
of court entered in the above
entitled cause. the undersigned
executor will, on the 24th day of
April. 1943, cell the following de
scribed neal property. to-wit: ‘
Lot 29. The Highlands Plat ‘
“B.” according to the record
ed plat thereof, Benton Coun
ty. Washington.
at private sale in the office of
Mouton 8; Powell. Kennewick,
Washington. All bids for said
property must be in writing and
addressed to the undersigned exec-
, M ' oquhgahontanissne
;. handstowinthiswarand‘wecan'tbe
wasting our minds. our money and our
strength fighting about something we
utur and delivered to him. or
his attorneys. at the address below
stated. or filed with the Clerk of
the above entitled Culll'l. at or
before mum ut' the 24th day (it
April. 1943. Said bids must Spe—
cify the termr: of the offer.
Said bids must be fur cash.
subject to mortgage to the First
Federal Savings 8: Loan Associa
tion in the sum of $2330.72 and
to irrigation district assessments
due aid payable in the year 1943.
Dated at Kennewick. Washing
ton, this Bth day of April. 1943.
Martin R. Hudnall.
Attorneys for Executor
Havstad Bldg.
Kennewick, Wash. 4:8-22
Save Heat!
Save Money!
Insulate that attic
NOW—while material
is available. And re
member—Balsam Wool
is the only insulation
sold on a money-back
We. Easy to ap
ply, economical, effici
Potlatch Yards,
Tel. 241 -. Kennewick
Canfcnnu OIAWI'C MI“ 1““. Inc-

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