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Thursday, Ma.v 20, 1943
We carry in stock
a large assortment
of new 1943
W 1 Girl’s Fly 91'
Husband Missing
Richland—A message from the
m department Friday evening,
I“! 14' informed Mrs. Geraldine
Ml 5 that her husband, Lt.
Richard L. Peebles, was missing in
”tion. For the past few months
u. Peebles has been piloting a
Spitfire in an American fighter
W“ in Africa. Previously}
he ”fired the RAF as a member.
of the famous Eagle squadron.
’l' October of last year he was
“signed to the American air
In his last letters to his relatives,
"man from the 9th to the 13thi
of April, he told of being in Oran}
during the historical Casablancai
meetinz. He also stated that hisT
buddy had been shot down on thel
50., The message from ' the war]
Went stated he had been
mug since April 21. His par
ants and one brother are residents‘
of Spokane, one other brother is
in the service in Colorado. His‘
wife is the daughter of Mr. and
m John Dam of Richland and‘
is a teacher in the Kennewick
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Deranleau
and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Carman
and daughter were guests Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hackney
and son.
._ Lloyd Chalcraft, son of Mr. and
Mrs. R. G. Chalcraft, was taken to
the Pasco hospital for an emer
gency appendectomy Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cloninger
were up to their new place in
Buena over the week-end.
Womans Club Funds
Given to Two Hospitals
White Bluffs—The last meeting
of the Upriver Womans club for
this season was held at the home
of Mrs. Claude Jones Thursday
afternoon. It was decided after a
gmeral discussion of how to dis
pose of the accumulated club
funds, a unanimous vote was made
to make a donation to the McCaw
general hospital at Walla Walla
and to the Children’s Orthodepic
hospital in Seattle.
Mrs. Ira Flagler of Vernita was
accompanied to Seattle by her
daughter, Mrs. Begeman, last
week-end. Mrs. Flagler remained
for the summer months to recuper
ate from her recent lilness. Mrs.
Beganan returned to her father’s
fruit ranch at Vemita. -
Mrs. Louis Kakaris, chairman of
the local Red Cross society, re
ports that the work of the Red
Cross has been definitely closed in
the Priest Rapids valley. The
voluntary work has been gathered
in and forwarded to headquarters
at Yakima.
FOR. SALE—One Hotpoint elec
tnc range $25. J. K. Hore, Rich
land. 13-209
FOR SALE—Fat pi; See Bert
c“1111mm. 1% mile south of Rich
-I‘9l ltp
FOR SALE—Colored fryers, 35c
N “L, call J. H. Comstock, 2722
RiChland. ltp
FOLKS - - -
. We enjoyed our business and patronage
1n Richland. However, we have beenforced
to close up and vacate but expect to open
PP again somewhere close by, and are look
mg fprward to continued pleasant business
relations with all of you Who might locate
near us.
Bill and Edith Conwell
Operators of
Richland, Wash.
Hostetter Motor Co.
Authorized FORD Agents I”
Phone 105 Pasco 518 Lewis
Wall Paper
Florence Montgomery
Librarian at Navy Base
White Bluffs - Miss Florence
Montgomery, librarian of the
Woman’s club library five years,
has accepted a position in the
library at the naval air station at
Pasco. Since accepting the posi
tion, she has been promoted to
head librarian. She will make her
home with her brother and sister
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mont
gomery, of Pasco. The Montgom
ery family are among the older
families of White Bluffs, having
made their home here since about
1920. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Fry, resi
dents of Riverland, moved with
their household goods to Yakima
where they will make their home.
The Frys have conducted a com
bined fruit and 'poultry ranch for
a number of years. Fry has se
cured a position with one of the
Yakima fruit packing plants.
Locust Grove Circle
Meets for Last Time
Locust Grove Locust Grove
Home Circle met Tuesday for a
social meeting at the home of Mrs.
Elmer Smith in.Kennewick. ‘
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Roscoe
Richmond served a delicious chickr
en dinner at 1 o’clock. Mrs. Gil
bert Edwards read _an original
poetic summary of the year’s work
during roll call. Bridge and pin
ochle were the diversions for the
rest of the afternoon, with prizes
going to Mrs. Irene Safford and
Mrs. Mildred Heberlein. This
was the last meeting until fall.
The club will meet again in Sep
tember with Mrs. A. C. Nicoson.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kratzer
and children of Pomeroy were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Kratzer. .
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Larkin and
J. C. Dennis were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Sim
melink. ‘
Grangers Hold Regular
Meeting Saturday
Richland—ln spite of the loss of
its hall, Vale Grange held its regu
lar meeting Saturday, May 15, in
the Lutheran church. Forty-four
faithful members gathered once
again to help to work out the‘ prob
lems remaining in the disposition
of the Grange’s property and busi
ness. Several of the committees
reported, indicating that they are
still functioning in their service.
The official receipt of the re
linquishment of the hall to the
government was read by the sec
retary. A demit was requested
by M. R. Smith of Touchet. Betty
Kemp sent in her resignation as
Ceres, from her new home in Cali
fornia. A new member will be
elected to fill that office at the
next meeting of the Grange.
It was decided to sell much of
th the personal property of the
Grange; to store the rest at the
home of Harold Copeland for dis
posal later. It was the desire of
the members to continue meeting
this summer if at all possible. At
this writing, the meeting place is
still undetermined, but some place
will be obtained so that the Grange
can continue as a body until the
probable final closing of Vale as
a Grange this fall.
Roy Allen took his wife and
youngest son to their new home in
Kirkland Wednesday. He re
turned later in the week to stay
until sometime next week when
he and his oldest son will join
the rest of the family on the Coast.
Mrs. Gladys Hixo'n and her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hack
ney, were Yakima visitors Satur
day. ‘
Mrs. R. R. Mclntosh returned
early this week from a fruitless
search in Spokane for a place to
live temporarily.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Supplee of
Pasco, Miss Vivian Rayhill of
Bremerton and Miss Alegra Ray
hill of Benton City were Sunday
dinner guests of . Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Dillon and family.
Miss Marie Roberts of Grand
view is spending the week visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. C. Cheyne and
daughter, Mary.
Mrs. Francile Marsh entertained
a number of guests at her home
Thursdaiy evening at a surprise
DIVERSIFIED FARMING is par! of our iob
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Economy - Pak:
6 roll wall; 16
rolls border
JAMES C. HAMILTON, Stinnyside District Manager, is on-theground with
Superintendent Chris Noltonsmeier to watch installation of big electric motors,
doubling mpacity of QuickoFreezing plant- at Grandview. Born in Goldendale,
Jim started in with PP&L Zéyumagm worked up as {hater render, trouble
shooter. clerk. Married to Northwest girl, Hamilton family includes daughter.
step-son and soarin-law who is now a Captain in the Army.
An unbeatable; combination of soil, climate and water has
made the lower Yakima Valley famous for its diversity
I of products. In recent years, the valley has forged ahead
still further with the development of canning, dehydra
tion, quick-freeging and other processing plants. Every
step toward diversification brings the valley greater year-‘
round stability- just as the much morewidely diversified
activities of all 12 PP&L operating districts make for a
strong, dependable electric system. Because PP&L serves
a complete cross-section of the great Columbia Basin,
users all over the system have their electric service pro
tected against local adversities. Through the years they
have found the benefits of this business-managed system
operation consistently reflected in lower and lower rates.
bridal shower in honor of Miss
Lillian Carlgon. ?
Mrs. Vietmierer, who has been
staying at the A. F. Koehler home
while her husband is employed on
the construction job at the Grange
hall, has returned from a short
visit at her home in Moscow,
Idaho. She was accompanied by
her son. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Fletcher and
daughter, Mrs. Francile Marsh,
were guests at the C. Cheyne home
Staff Sgt. Clarence Fishback,
who is stationed in Springfield,
Miss., returned to Richland Fri
day of last week to visit with his
father and brother until the 24th.
Barney Inngle, former Richland
resident who now resides in Port
land, was here for a short visit
over the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Vandine,
who were “forced to vacate their
home in town and turn it over to
the war depardtment, have moved
into the Rex Bell place for the
remainder of the year.
Carroll Harding, eat-Richland
resident who moved to Spokane
very recently was back on busi-
in the Sunnyside district!
.. .'I V .IV 2:
‘. «..::fi-‘V’ Hf: vs." 54 ‘
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. , .5 .J ' «we». '.‘ ‘s' " " ‘
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(1,1,3 .-5 ."-‘r""§l'.f7-’3s}i-vl' ",C' ’4'”: - - ‘
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.’_. -.:-».-;- ,1 . , ~1 .- _. ~. .- ~.' ,- .-, 4. , g-:-‘ . ; -'
r r . ‘ .‘l..'. .‘ .. . V ‘ ‘- '-" ‘
.- a. .4 ._ . v _ . ." /.-' _, ' , 'v.
' ~,.- , .~', ' .' . , 7-. . P 1
:.. ~ 7": ‘ x, -. .. ~ .1 ,- - -. .' . V, »'1 we.
'- ’3‘“- ' '6'" .' ' 1:” 3‘,’ , -, . - : 7;": >-:‘9l¢:
. V 4 1",. ' /'-"’ I v -' 1 -' ”- '
’1 , ' p“ ' .' .. ‘
I o o 0 ~- .-.. : :' ‘ - ">
, -. ~, . 1 9 ;. (
~,; ~ . . . _ . A
i I : . “1.. ‘
'4 ,- ~ V " . - ‘1 /
. l
Also Craftway
Wallpaper tool kit
for home decoration
new for a short time early this
Mrs. A. L. Vandine was taken to
the Pasco hospital Monday suf
fering from a slight stroke.
0. Z. McKenzie and his family
moved from the Berta ranch on
the Kennewick ditch bank eight
miles above Richland to Daisy,‘
Tuesday. His son-in-law. Rebt. L.
Cobb a former Richland resident,
came down to help him move. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Bell were
down over the week end from
their new ranch at Mabton to
spend a few days at the J. F.
Bell home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kemp and
family have returned from Cali
fornia, where they moved a few
weeks ago, to live on Elmer
Kemp’s farm near Finley. The
E. E. Kemps have moved to an
other ranch .at Wallula.
Glenn McGhan was taken to
the Pasco hospital Tuesday mom
ing to be operated on for an acute
case of appendicitis.
Superintendent R. H. Fergin
states Richland high school's an
nuals may be obtained by calling
for them at his home.
Western Auto Supply
OLAV l. OTHEIM, Authorized Dealer
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Billingmn
moved, Saturday to Benton City.
where Mr. Billington will be em
ployed this coming year as jani
tor at the school there.
The Wm. Fruehling family has
moved to Prosser.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kramer have
_‘ For 65 van: k
”M ”
One of a series of twelve advertisements
about the men who manage PP&L business
in Oregon and Washington
C If you could spend a day with one of our men
covering the Sunnyside district—you’d get a real pic
ture of just what diversification means.
Out through the country, you‘d see farmers working
with almost every possible crop. And, in the towns
near-by, you’d see industry following suit—helping to
process and market the district’s many products.
As a part of all this picture, you’d see electricity
doing all kinds of unusual jobs. But. the PP&L organ
ization is accustomed to meeting unusual problems
and has the System resources of man-power and tech
nical knowledge to back up every one of its 12 operating
districts. More than that, every one of the key men
who is responsible for your electric service gained his
’working knowledge here in the Northwest.
This learning right-on-the-ground. plus the team
work that goes with it, are the main reasons why ydur
PP&L electric service has been able to take such an
active part in the development of the Northwest—why
it is now able to supply residential service at rates
43% below the national average!
moved into the big house on the
Fuller place just up the river from
Fallen bridge.
Mrs. J. C. Cloninger has cone
to Sunnyside to live. Albert
Anderson left Saturday for Pros
ser where the welfare dpamnent
provided a room for him.

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