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Food Production
Need Eases Wire
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will necessarily' be fairly 'small
here because the great majority
of rural dwellers 'in this area al
ready have electric service.
Typical of the. new extensions
that the Pacific company has built
recently to aid the food for victory
drive is an instance where in
stallation of a transformer and
span of wire enabled a farmer to
operate a milking machine and
other equipment on a leased place
adjoining his own and thereby
increases the size of his dairy
Before a new farm line exten
sion can be built, Skill pointed out,
the contemplated farm production
must come within the scope of
the war production board’s limit
ations and the applicant must se
cure a certificate from the county
war board. The proposed exten
sion must also meet regulations
approved by the state regulatory
War-time construction require
ments are very exacting and each
applicant must comply with all' of
several qualifications, Skill said.
He offered the assistance of the
local Pacific Power 8; Light com
pany staff to farmers who plan to
apply for electric service and urg
ed all applicants to consultsboth
the county USDA war board and
his office for exact requirements
of the WPB 'ruling before investing
in electrical appliances or equip
ment. -
Escaping Gas
“If I could get at the Gas com
pany I’d make ’em change their
“From long to .short meter, I
presume." . .
Wifey (after the 'spat)—— You
should have married some stupid,
credulous girl. '-"" , ' _
Hubby—well, my- dear, I did
the best-I co'uld. . _
—B'efofe they marry he calls her
sweet'nothings,‘ after marriage hp
just calls her'.{ ' ’ _" _A
One-fifth of Ceylon’s old rubber
trees 'will be sacrificed to meet
production demands, Cblombo ad
vises. These "trees will be tapped
without interruption 'until they
have giVen their very‘lite in pro
ducing the last possible drop of
gum rubber. ” Replacements will
then be planted.
WOO!- ‘ ’
Light and
Luxurious. I
And such 1
' values. _
*, .
Supply'very limited
~ *
No More for the
1 *
Buy More :
War Bonds! 1
Hardware (r Furniture Co.
Russell Bros. 3-Bing Circus to
Show in Pasco. Sat. Aug. 14
Bringing an interlude of joy and
cheer to relieve the tension of
troublous times, Russell Bros.’
Great 3-Ring Circus, one of Amer
ica’s largest, will be the center of
attraction for many people of this
community when it exhibits at
ffsco, one day only Saturday, Aug.
And here is a brief outline of
the imposing array of thrilling and
alluring features which the “big
top" will have to offer:
Jorgen M. Christiansen, Europe’s
foremost master of equitation, and
his world renowned South Ameri
can Criollo horses, executing intri
cate military maneuvers without
riders; the epitome of equestrian
excellence? and elegance.
Winston’s Equestrian Sea Lions
featuring Slicker, the famous movie
seal, with a group of sleek deni
zens of the deep that perform in
credible feats of balance and jug
glery on cantering ponies.
The Flying Valentinos exempli
fying the poetry of motion in the
air in a sensational exhibition of
aerial agility on the flying trapeze.
Buddy, the celebrated talking sea
lion trained and presented by Wal
ter _ Jennier. The most highly
trained sea lion of all time. _
Miss Aerialetta, America's fore
most lady gymnast offering a soni
ersault in midair from the flying
trapeze to a perpendicular rope
without the aid of safety devices.
Miss * Esterita, top-ranking expo:
nent of breath-taking heel and toe
catches performed at dizzy heights.
The Duttons, galloping steeds
and glorious girls in an equestrian
revue of rarest beauty.
The, Amazing Excellos, the Free
hands, Bassett and Bailey, Lind,
Otaris, Floyd and Acevedo troupes
of acrobats, jugglers, tumblers, and
wirewalkeds. A
N Sénors Alexandra, Mauricio, and
Arturo, three dashing Latin Amer
ican daredevils of the slack wire.
All manner of trained animal
acts including the only troupe of
trained Great Dane dogs in the
world, Madame Maree and her
cunning dog and pony revue,
George Cortello’s Hollywood Mim
ics,.marvelous high school dancing
horses, .Jack Joyce's Hollywood
Playmates, tons of performing ele
phants, pert military ponies, and
Bagdad, world's only high school
camel. . ' ‘ a
And, punctuating the entire pro:
ceedings, the . merry-mad monkey:
shines of the clowns. v
Doors to the menagerie and horse
fair open at 1 and 7 p.m. wch the
big show starting at 2 an 8 o’-
clock. '
Experience with fire bombs in
Britain has changed the blackout
rules. So that any such bombs
which have fallen in houses may
be seen at once by fire guards,
householders are asked to uncover
blacked-out windows in unoccu
pied rooms as soon as fire bombs
begin to fall. The ministry of
home security in London reports
that fire bombs destroyed one en
tire building because the fire could
nOt be seen from the'street until
too late. '
A- J. F. Critchel,.recently elected
president of the Society of-Auc
tioneers and Land Agents in Eng
land, declares England‘ is nearer
agricultural self sufficiency than
for "centuries. . '
! .Ceci,l oldest lion of the London
200, who has died at the age of 21,
was distrant- and savage toward
visitors, but always willing to pose,
thus earning the title of “The Art
;ist’s Lion.” _ -
5* Satin covered
* Nicely quilted
* Four beautiful
Cedar '
Monte Blue
Dusty Rose
So Soft and Billowy!
* 72 x 84
* Priced at only
Colors" Mark Departments
Of Largest Office Building
The Pentagon,~ that monumental
structure of the war department and
the world's largest office building,
located in Arlington, Va.. across the
Potomac from the capitol. is an
awe inspiring edifice, both to visi
tors to Washington and to its newly
arrived tenants. ESpecially -is this
true it they are seeking one of the
individual 40.000 occupants which
the Pentagon was constructed to
house. ’
,The Pentagon has five floors iden
tified by theirreSpective colors. The
first floor interior walls outside of
the offices themselires are painted
“yellow bufrfi" The second floor
walls are painted in a green shade,
the third floor walls in a rather
deep red, the fourth in a gray tone.
and the fifth in quite a decided blue
_—all. done with flat paints. . The
painting of adjacent hallways and
corridors on the respective floors
has been done in corresponding col
or schemes to further reassure visi
tors and occupants of “where they
are at."
Approaching the Pentagon build
ing in a taxi, one wonders hpw, he
is going to get in.- The taxi' man
solves this problem by driving right
into a tunnel nearly 1,000 feet long
under the building where you are
startled by a collonade of seem
ingly interminable huge round col
umns of reinforced concrete with
metal~ shells which are painted a
brilliant, glossy red.” When you
alight in this highly modernistic tun.
nel at the Pentagon. you face multi
colored ‘doors; the color of which is
to identity the- entrance to the re
spective ramps which lead upward
from the concourse to the five floors
of the building.
Use Clever Substitutes
For 1943 License Plates
The nation's civilian automobiles
will be identified this year by an
unprecedented combination of new
and old plates, metal tabs. wind.
shield stickers—and even wooden
plates. Shortage of essential metals
is responsible for these develop
The largest number of states will
attach- metal date tabs to 19m li
cense plates. Pennsylvania. which
last year had a license plate in .the
torm‘ of a geographical outline of
the state. will use a date tab out
like -a keystone. Vermont will use
1943 date tabs made from salvaged
tin cans. Arkansas is providing data
tabsfor passenger cars and license.
plates of treated wood for trucks
and motorcycles. 7
Only nine states are issuing new
plates for 1943: in most cases they
are reproceséing a. single plate re
tained from last year when owners
were given only one 1942 plate. Wy
oming is the only state to issue two
new steel plates, manufactured be
fore the WPB order "took eifect. Illi
nois is issuing two plates made of
fiber board. Delaware has put ‘its
registration plates on a permanent
basis with expiration dates indicat
ed by changeable inserts. following
the practice of Connecticut. where
permanent aluminum plates have
been used since 1937. -
Strong New Fabric
4 To meet the need for an extremely
tough uniform fabric for clothing for
mountain troops. textile experts at
the army quartermaster corps in co
operation with textile manutacturing
companies have designed and deVel
oped a new sateen material with an
extraordinarily high tearing strength.
superior wearing equalities and ex
cellent windvresisting characteris
tics. The new material is now being
used in trousers for mountain troops
and other special forces, with the
expectation-that it may be extended
to other military cbthing uses where
fabric of similar characteristics may
be required Exhaustive tests have
proved its suitability for the uses
now being made of it and have dem
onstrated that it affords an extra
measure of protection from wind and
cold to the mountain and cold weath
er troops now wearing it- It is treat
ed with a water-repellent chemical
material so that it will not absorb
moisture, an additional masure of
protection in cold climates. ‘
' Soybean Flour
New bread ‘ containing soybean
dour is coming to the grocers:
shelves. Addition of the soybean
flour makes the protein of the bread
a more complete food. and more
nearly equal in value to the protein
of neat. Supplies of skimmilk for
making bread may be short of the
quantity needed under the recent
food order of the secretary of agri
culture. Claude Wickard, which es~
tablishes a minimum percentage of
milk to be included in bread. Bread
and potatoes will be two of the main
stays of life, he says, and will pro
vide a great share of our energy
Save Soap
There are many ways of saving
soap which will help in the war et
tort. Keep soap dry after each use
and only-useas much as is needed to l
overcome the hardness of the water. |
Use a soap shaker for soap scraps
and pour boiling water over them in
a bowl. The resulting jelly kept
near the sink can be used in wash
ing dishes and clothes. For the bath,
small bits of soap in a thin bag
are List as good as a large cake of
soap. A thin cake can be pressed
intn a larger cake when both are wet
and the small cake will become a
122 m of the larger one.
Extension Service
' News
Prepared especially for the Courier-
Reporber by Miss Dorothy Recugh.
Home Demonstration Agent tor
Benton County
More Wool. Less Rayon for
With the War Production Board
doubling the quotas of wool allo
cated -for production of essential
civilian goods, as much yardage
as was made in normal peace
time years will be available this
fall and winter, according to in
formation received.
.However, the theater of war
may change at any itme, and it
would be foolhardy to buy more
than is actually needed in the
face of a possible shortage.
The War Production Board
eased 'restrictions on wool when
ships returning from Australia
brought unexpected amounts of
the fiber with them, thus making
Elarger quantities of wool available
Lin the United States than Were
anticipated 'a year ago.
Already a higher. percentage of
wool is being found in wool blank-
.. point: m Money go further
- when yo’u shop a! SflfEWAy
RATI 0 N Blue Stamps N, P and Q Expire Saturday ...
R, S, T Blue Stamps Now Valid Through Sept?
'lnform of io n 133.5.“ arm: 32:: s§£,Tv:.sz:nzrfizzsa"::."m'a
N. P and 0 before Satunhy night.
RED STA:.:PS T and U
new valid for canned and
fresh meat: . . . om, lat-do,
choc-tunings, etc.
sucAn‘ swamps 1:, 'ls
and 16 good (15 and 16 for
canning sugar). '
Pure Lard
11.33.30! Point- ”: .‘“-ll
pkg. 38‘: pa.
Pom“ mile“!
'22.: “- .... "'2“
jar ' 22¢ pm.
pom-rs unucnm
Wesson Oil,
“0 h *0 8m ’O.“-
fit. 27C 4, pts.
GELATINE ... . ' LARGE 18¢
Plain—Knox fa'vorlte quality.
U G: I SUGAR . . 5 L3,,34c
Ute Stamps 13-15-16! (10 lb. 06¢)
Sunshine soda wafers. Fm!!!
CAKE FLOUR . . . 0“... 25:
Centennial for better pastry!
M. c, P, 955 g. gander“.-.
Wail-c? Paws
Waterm'aid Lou'sinn—a— Rice“
Duchess Salad Dressing ..............L.........pint 23¢
Paul Dog Food, Dehydmad................8-o¢. 10:
Brown Sun:- or P0rt1and......................1b. 8c
Golda: Grain Eu N00d1e5"..............12a0z. 14c
Kool Aid Bevel-ace P0nder.............4 pkg; 16c
51.:qu {39W Powder---~---3 Pig'- 29°
meal!!! 9.“ PW~
VIVATERQAELON' -- . I»; . lb. 41/2:
NEW CABBAEE - - . . . . lb. 4: 1
Local crop, solid round he: garden fmh!
GRAPEFRUIT - - - - ._, g - - lb. 8:
(:alfl'ol-ttgal seedless, summer crop, very juicy! W 7 'V,
Delano. chem aacou-mb- --; - - -- - -lb. 12¢ 4"“ right for “Mum
W 923 freshfl-a—i "----“2lb- 4c RASPBERRIES ”w
opscp ,nowae. ere ”.flmnfl
Oranges, Sunkut ------_---lb. 9c mafia?“ ”...?“ «a
Eat [plenty of fruit! daily! ‘ lb 12c ‘ fresh picked!
ee cm -------------'- 0
Coast 92h. unfir stalks! (Prices subject to market did"
A Partbulafly Choke Varldty This Week EM!
,_ , , A A _ n:
. Prices Friday Through Thursday, August 6 to 12, Inclusive .
ets than in those on the counters!
last year. '
Rayon is a different story, how- |
ever—just the reverse of what was i
expected last year. Shortages are
being felt in retail stores this:
summer. A year ago this fiber
was looked to for civilian textile.
use because at that time it was
not being used for war needs. Now
replacement for silk for para
‘chutes and cotton in tires for
peeps, to mention only two of its
‘many new uses.
As for the new fibers such as
aralac, which is made from milk;
soylon. made from soybeans, Palco
A, made from the bark of redwood
trees; vinyon, a plastic fiber—they
are being produced in limited a
mounts because machinery is not
available for manufacturing than
for civilian uses. Quantities of the
new fibers that are available are
being blended with wool, 'rayon
and cotton to stretch present sup
Blending should not be thought
of as adulteration but as a new
venture in the textile field. Auth
orities believe it can give a single
fabric characteristics which are
not possible in a fabric made of
one fiber. More of these blended
fabrics on the market.
(18) Fruit Cocktail. Hostess Ml 6: 1
(4) Grapefruit Juice pm. «.27: 1
(23) 'Peuches- Petite H'lvs M2O; 3
(4) Campbell's Soup 9....2 “.23! ;
(1) Baby M 3 a.m.-ammufi 1
('zi'm';.:.,' " ' ' “"M " i
(14) Apple Sauce, Libby’s M...“ .16:
(4) Blended Juice. Adena week-32c
(1 1) C!!! Green Beanie.“ _,...,,..mu§.1&
(0) Seuer Kraut Juice. Libby’u 4434*
(3 ) Hot Sauce, Gerdenside, 8-oz. mi:
(10) Carrots, Lord Mott Chonped, 2/25:
Buy War Bond:
Jul- la- WM
that at cult-l
wilt haul. .
13c -
....3 doc. 10:
..3for 23c
...2-ot. 5c
Leg 0' Lamb . 3k
Chalet - I‘* >
9.2! Saw: 9'...
Jowel Bacon . 1*
Po: sunning ' F‘.
Spicedfiam . . it ‘
Mann'- "A”
Pork Chops .. ‘
WC“ . j? ‘
BlaCk cod 0 ' . 21’
F.od! " .
..lb. 10:
..ib. 35c
Thursday, Aw I H
I _
'FOR SALE: Solid 9* '
set, full sized {our :h
'and Sealy mattress. 11. ~
St, Kennewick. C 1
FOR SALE: Glider “Illa \
22 ft. long, almost an, N
ably priced. Can be ...:~
L. Smith’s trailer can, 3 ‘
up River Road. 1
FOR SALE:—- Pum\'
White pins a mu. “up
Samsel. West High!“ “
The-03cc Zr Mam";
employment for humlxugqh
Workers and fishermen ha
501;}: X 613 mi.
cost of its “Bevan“. M'fi
under discussion. Whh
one-eighth of the M
tional income. ~
__ _ x
'n you mun: an
at this wnr? MI \I
no u: anything
‘9 vou persons:-
‘y.’ Then dl.
,ovn and buy
are and more
- Bonds.
12¢ It. ' "A
Juicy tunklot “' '
summer M "
Mmhlng calm
beverages! 'i

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