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no Christmas
Shopping for '
Semce Men How
‘post 'office urges your
attentiqq to regulations
for mallmg _
The Christmas shopping season
b nae—even though the weather
a still M' .
' Wotgiftsfor Army and
HIV! personnel overseas must be
\ gin by September 15, if many of
"v the!!!” and women in our armed
gvices are not to be disappoint
ed; lndseptember 15 is not very
m away.
Christmas gifts may be mailed
”pm-31 post to Army men .and
women overseas only between
Wm 15 and October 15.
mthe latter date, such parcels
m not be mailed unless a writ
” request from the soldier for
the article is presented with each
Fwd No soldier should have
to ASK for a Christmas gift; so
613 must be mailed on time. The
Navy 3150 urges that gifts be
mailed bewteen September 15 and
October 15.
Reasons for the early mailing
. . ::
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:Washington Motor Coach .
System '
Kennewick Hotel Phone 71’
_ Fo]? [NI/AS] 01V
0 Put a circle around the date—Thurs
day, September 9th. For that’s the day
the 3rd War Loan Drive starts.
On that day, you will be asked to go
the limit to back our valiant fighting
men. You will be asked to do your share
in the greatest invasion the world has ever
seen. Answer your country’s roll' call!
Your part is to back this invasion by
investing in at least one EXTRA 8100
War Bond in September. That’s in addi-
Twin City Creamery
dates are: The vast distances that
the parcels must travel to reach
our men at yar fronts and sta
tions the world over; frequent
transfers of thousands of men
from one location to another,
which means forwarding of the
mail and consumes additional
time; the necessity 'for . giving
preference to reinforcements,
arms, munitions, medicine and
food in allotment of shipping
space, which often means that
the shipments of gifts must wait.
And it is 'most urgent that gifts
be delivered to the men IN TIME
FOR CHRISTMAS, to keep their
spirit' high. .
The only way to insure against
disappointment for the fighting
men is to buy at once and mail
early—mail your gifts as soon as
possible after September 15 start
ing date.
Those who have relatives or
friends in the service should re
member that we have fighting
men in Alaska, Greenland, Ice
land, England, Sicily, far-separat
ed regions of Africa, the Near
Eastern countries, Australia, many
of the South Pacific islands, India,
China, South America, and other
Weeks are required for a ship to
reach many of these stations.
There can be no assurance, of
course, that the first ship sailing
for any of these locations will
have space available to carry
Christmas parcels. Gifts may
have to wait until vitally needed
supplies and equipment have been
shipped, to assure victory and to
save the lives of our men. If
the parcels are not mailed early,
that delay may prove to be just
enough to prevent- their arrival
by Christmas day, ’with conse
quent disappointment to the men
who are offering their lives for
their country and ours. -
Mail of all kinds is vital to the
spirit of fighting men. Every
officer who has inspected ° our
Army and Navy postal facilities
overseas has reported that thou
sands of fighting men disregard
mess call when it conflicts with
mail call, and get their letters
first. Officers at our large mili
tary and naval stations report
that the spirit and efficiency of
their men receive a distinct lift
when mail is distributed, and that
a delay in mail service caused a
decided decline in spirit with a
consequent letdown in efficiency.
A disconsolate soldier or sailor
who thinks he has been forgotten
at Christmas obviously is not at
his best. So the gifts MUST be
mailed on time so that they can
arrive on time. .
Rules for Christmas mailings to
the fighting forces overseas were
made public in June for the
guidance of early shoppers. They
include: '
The parcel must not exceed
five pounds, and must not be more
than 15 inches in length or 36
inches in length and girth 'com
bined. It should be marked
“Christmast parcel” so that it may
be given special attention to as
sure its arrival before December
Not more than one parcel may
be mailed in any one week to the
same member of the armed forces
by or in behalf of the same mailer.
The parcel must be well and
strongly packed, in a container of
metal, wood, strong fiber board,
or similar material, then' wrapped
in strong paper and tied with
twine. The cover should be such
that it can be opened readily for
censorship. The contents should
be packed tightly.
Perishable goods, such as fruits
that may spoil, are prohibited.
Intoxicants, inflamable materials
such as matches or lighter fluids,
poisons, and anything that may
damage other mail also are pro
hibited. Gifts enclosed in glass
should be substantially packed to
tion to your regular War Bond purchases.
Invest more than sloo—a Io: more—if
you possibly can.
The'job is big. Everyone must do his
full share if we are to put this drive over
the top. . ‘
War Bonds are the safest investment
in the world. For your own sake, for
your Country’s sake, put every spare dime
and dollar in War Bonds during the 3rd
War Loan Drive. '
avoid breakage. Sharp instru—
ments, such as razors and knives,
must have their edges and points
protected so that they cannot cut
through the coverings and injure
postal personnel or damage other
_ Since the armed forces are be
ing plentifully supplied with food
and clothing, the Army and Navy
recommend against these gifts.
' Addresses must be written clear
and complete. In addition to the
return address of the sender, a
parcel for an Army man should
show the name, rank, Army serial
number, branch of service, organi
zation, Army post office number,
and name of post office through
which the parcel is routed. A
typical address for an Army man:
Private John R. Doe (Serial No.)
Company F, 167th Infantry
A. P. O. 810, c/o Postmaster
'New York, .N. Y.
The address on a parcel for a
Navy man should include the
name and rank or rating of the
addressee, the Naval unit to which
’he is assigned and the Navy num
ber assigned thereto, or the name
of his ship, and the fleet post
office through which the parcel is
routed. A _typical Navy address:
John M. Jones, Seaman lst class,
U-. S. Navy '
Naval Air Station
Navy 199 (one nine nine)
c/o Fleet Post Otfice
Argentina, 'which eight years
ago had to buy tomatoes from oth
er countries, raised so many this
year 'that it supplied all its needs
and had- millions of pounds for
the rest of the world.
Panama has just instituted post
al insurance for mail and merch
New Religious Workers
Arrive this Week
' In addition to Miss Betty Jane
Thompson who arrive?! about two
weeks ago, two more trained re
ligious work directors and pastors’
assistants have arrived this week
to become members of the staff
of the Methodist groups in this
Miss Jeannie Hannah, a former
school teacher whose home is in
Vancouver, Washington, and who
has just come from the denomin
ation’s training school, Scarritt
College at Nashville, Tenn, arriv
ed last Sunday morning. Miss
Hannah has had considerable
experience in working with
youth grouths and in visitation
work. -
Miss Mearle Hoppock drove in
on Tuesday from A Baltimore,
Maryland. She is a trained Dea
cones and has had much experi
ence in many phases of youth
and adult work. For some years
she has been the personnel direc
tor with the Good Will Industries
in cooperation with the State and
Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has
worked in eastern cities including
Baltimore and Philidelphia and
with several large churches.
Miss Thompson is a graduate
of the University of Oregon and
has had some years experience as
parish assistant and in journal
‘ism in Eugene, Oregon and in
;Yakima. '
These workers will be assigned
one each to Kennewick, Pasco and
Hanford. according to present
plans, stated Rev. John B. Coan
of the local MethodiSt church.
The major portion of their time
will be given to work with new
comers in the communities, and
with youth groups. Much of their
work will be in a inter-church
nature and will aid all religious
groups as well as their own, it
was stated.
Mr. Coan is establishing his
study and office in the church
this week which will also be the
central headquarters for these as
sistants in the community.
About 22,000,000’perso' " in; Zttend
Sunday schools regularly through
out the world.
Again We Need
Cascade Frozen Foods
Phone 3322
U. 5. Tim") Dcpirtmcnl
War time requirements call lor every
, particle ol lood we can save. We are
now processing and need lots ol local
help. Will You do your .. part?
* a: *
NIGHT SMI'I‘S 7 o'clock tor as
long as you can stay.
, *- i: *
Part time workers accepted!
‘ ti o experience is necssaryl'
~ - * * 'k .
Come tomorrow-and get your triends
to come-all are needed
* * a:
Western Auto Supply
OLAV l. OTHEIM, Authorized Dealer
Grange Drill Team
Meets for Practice
Finley The newly organized
ladies drill team of the Finley
Grange met last Thursday night.
Mrs. J. C. Swayze of Kennewick
met with them to assist them.
Mrs. George Taylor is the leader
of the drill team.
Mrs. Lou Messenger and daugh
ter, Lorainne. visited relatives in
Spokane last week. .
Miss Ryan, who came Saturday
from the East, and who will teach
in the River View high school. is
staying at the Carl Schmelzer
home for the present. She was a
dinner guest Saturday of Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Benson.
Miss Thelma Kinchloe and Miss
Jean Davis of The Dalles, Ore.,
spent the week-end with Thelma’s
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Falque. They also visited Satur-
Don't Forge! the . . .
“'29,? £55.53”
nmm pm: a! noun
day at the Mrs. Eudora Johnson
and the E. Sherry homes.
The Rev. J. H. Bennett is driv
ing a school bus for the River
View schools this year.
Mrs. Buddie Schwartz and two
children of Tacoma. and Mrs. Roy
C. Whitney and three children of
Bremerton are visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Whit
ney this week.
The Misses Marie Friday and
Wilma Biege} visited friends in
Yakima a few days last week.
Sticklers for correct English in
England are criticizing Anthony
Eden's use of the expreuion “by
and large" and one ‘publication
has offend to pay SSO to any char
ity it he will explain what it
All road transport vehicles in
County Mayo. Eire, have been
pooled to conserve gasoline and

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