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Taxpayers Soon to
Receive the New
Tax Statements
Copies of form 1040-ES, declar
ation of estimated income for the
calendar year 1943, have been
mailed to 785,038 taxpayers in
Washington and Alaska by the
office of Clark Squire, collector of
internal revenue. It is estimated
that between 250,000 and 300,000
taxpayers in the district will be
required to file -the form on or
before September 15 and make
payment of at least one-half of
the balance of 1943 income tax
estimated to be due at that time.
While most taxpayers will not
be required to file the declaration
because they are paying their tax
in full through the witthlding
deductions made by their employ
ers, it was explained, all tax
payers were cautioned to read the
instruction sheet accompanying
the forms to determine whether
they are required to make a dec
laration so as to avoid penalties
for failure to file or for making
substantial underestimates of ’43
It was pointed out that many
persons do not realize the with
holding tax does not automatically
place all taxpayers on a full cur
rent payment basis.
Generally speaking, single per
sons earning more than $2,700 a
year or married persons earning
more than $3,500; those with out
side incomes such as from divi
dends, interest, rents, professional
fees, or business profits; and those
classes not subject to withholding
such as clergymen, domestic ser
vants, and farm laborers will all
be required to file a declaration
in order to place all taxpayers
on an equal footing.
The Internal Revenue Service
asked every employer to be pre
pared to give employees a prelim.
inary statement of the withhold
ing deductions for each payroll
period and the amount of victory
tax Withheld within the first six
months to help them compute
their estimated withholdings ,for
the year. While the law requires
employers to furnish a written
statement to employees only at
the end of the year, persons liable
for filing a September 15 esti
mate must have this. ingorma-~
tion and may need assistance from
the employers to this extent in
filing the required return. Since
only a relatively small propor
tion of employees will he required
to file a September 15 declaraf
tion the furnishing of the amounts
withheld to employees is not ex-
. l {5252 352 . 2:;
'32-. '1 '7 _:§:§:_ $2.22 ”.- :;:; .
‘<=:- 1222535253E2:;::::.;:;.;:2:2?:35E$3sizfaiaizgzszéiiazzazszazsiésizizisfsi. s?.:E33:2l:22:2:lEs2lssEliii:Ea:ss232232§EgfgigEgiiégEgEgégigigizi£22:g33333s3332;igi;£§3;i;§g.;..
“235553255525353333332551:12333:335:33:5332533353335533232525535353535 ‘E55:53235333335353535355255323a55:225:553-3:2:32;:532:22:::5:5:5:5:5:2.~::5:i:2:2:i:3:2:5:2:2:5:3:.=:5:.~
~. ..;.;.;.;.,3,;:.3.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;...;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.:._-.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.-.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.; ' :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:’:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:g:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;
1:225, "S3S32:E=E:E:E:E:E:L~E=E=E:i:i:S:=:€:E:E=E;c-'?!E:§5:E12:232:35£23223:Et-1:5:55:3151:19:E12:2:3:5:213:522:523:325:E:E=E:Z§=E:E=5=:=:1:21:15:=:1:=:1:=:22:21:34::t;:~::t-.‘
Mr :-:.:-:-:-:-;-:-:.:-2‘-.»:-:-;-:-:-.’-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-:-:~:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:~:-:-:-:-;-:-:-:-:-:-:-:;:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-,-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4:;:;:;:-:':;:-:-'---:-: 92+:-
ii).-"-'-?Z'f-'-'-'-Z-I-§-Z-:-'-'-'2’""715‘21'-'-'-'-'-'-‘-Z~Z~I;>Z-Z-""'-'-'-"3:21:Q:'1:Z5:::2:."-'-’-'-"::Z:."-'~"'-"fiat-*2" .
1‘ 1; 25:1. .3 :-':3:~:3:1 :-:-:-:-:=:-:-'-:-:- -:-: :-
:5 ' +3 -3- 1:14:11: :2-Z:Z'I'Z;I::EZ-', . :2; I, -'
"-33. '3 5:3: .....5: 315:3: :Ezizizgzizizizii'ri '3; -’ , _ I
'42:: <4 21:1. 5:35:23: '23:! -:=:-:-:=:3-:"- ""9r... .‘
- ~ . n .-.-. '.'.'.‘.'.'. '.'.' .'.-.‘.'.‘ '.w ' a
1:- "3 $3: -:-:- :-:::-:-:-:-$ >z- 54-2459? : g < 5;
;-.;:;,_.,. :121: 45:2 11:45:21; '5 -:i:1:5",. ’-: -, -, '‘ . 4. /
:-.--:v: :-;-: -:-:-'::-:-: - :37" -: n-.,;..,,~ :5;
53’1"" 5:1: ' ::::‘y‘.-:- 3 ' '¢,.,"rv.--
‘:':l:i:i' .’-:3: :3.- ' fi' .- :1" (5 "'33,”: ,
1357331 .. "'3l .‘l.’ 1:1. 5:32. ; 3;; "2?? th
_;vZ-I-;? ‘75 ~4 93-11fir. 413? ;!:.$: _.3‘ 13;. n?“ . _-«\.., .
.:3;'-:?:-: 35.; . ' _:§;3:'I.;"-' 5 - '_:;:;:::; . - :55; -.,,_.:, v ~-,.,“.:~ ~
3:25:55 :32}: g, (35?; ' ;:;;:§:_:;:;:;;;: ;: g 55;: W',
-':';l;'-: 5:1 '.’a 3:§=:3:¢:3:1:1 . figs-3:525:35; :3: ~ :53}: " .~ ..:-' ' 43-",
:.::'-:§; 'r-L: ”"5": : _E fizz-.3233 :33. 3'5? 33355;; - ‘ .3:g;g:g:g:g:,. '. _. “91”,, V
{liviv >2l 6". . : ;.-,; ;.:.:.;.;.;.j. 3.; .- .:.;.:.;. f -.;.;.;.;,j.;.;.- ’v.;., _
~‘ :2123’ "3:1 3:1: :2 §- 4;.-:-:-:~:-:-:-:-: ~:-:-: 3., .-:-:-:-:‘:-' --' '-= --:-:‘:‘:c-::-:- fir»,
~/.- :-:-. a: n. :-:.- , -.-:-:-:~:---:-'.:.:-.,-- ~ -.-,«:-:‘:-:-:-.-:-2:- ~.
-:»:-:"%:-.I -, ;‘-; 2.1%.:~:-:-:»:~:-:-:-:-:-:‘:-:-:-:‘:4-:-: .I-.-:I: :cfz-r:-:;:;:;:;:;:-:v:;:;:-:-:-:;;;:;'-:;'-;.:‘->_:/£;:~'fk-:-'s§;£:fi:::fi .. v’x-z;:;:;:;.,¢:;:;:;:; 4 . v
-3'3:§.E"’"""~.‘i:§:§¢ .'.'i"r'.l.-'_'T5:1:i:1:1:1:3:1:3:3:4:-"i:=i‘-'.-$:-:=:?:1:~:«:;»;-:123924123239:-:-?-%-:-§‘-: -.-:":s'l's-:~"-x5 ’73? .115}, L". _
Every day INVASION battles are taking the lives of
gallant boys fighting under the Stars and Stripes.
Your dear ones—sons,husband,sweetheart, father,
. brothers, relatives and friends—are, or soon may be,
engaged in those bloody battles where the scythe
o! the Grim Reaper flashes in every volley of the guns.
The 3rd Warloan of 15 billion dollars mustpay for
the equipment, ammunition and feed our boys need
so desperately—and you must raise the money!
Buy at least one EXTRA SIOO War Bond in Sep
tember besides your regular bond purchases. Go
all-out with every dollar you can scrape up and
keep right on slapping every cent into the world's
safest investment—War Bonds! 4
Make the 3rd War Loan a quick success—back
up your soldier, sailor or marine ALI. THE WAY!
[— mm m: Arm“ Mm WAREZ/w: ]
Hardware 6' Frniture Co.
pected to involve much extra
Work on the part of employers,
and their cooperation in this re
spect would be greatly ‘ appreci
ated by the internal revenue of
fice. In order‘to secure assistance
in the preparation of Form 1040-
ES, it is absolutely necessary that
each taxpayer furnish his own
estimate of income for 1943 and
know the amount of tax already
paid or withheld.
To Speak Here Soon
Under the sponsorship of the
newly formed Mid - Columbia
council of churches, Gov. Arthur
M. Langlie has accepted an invi
tation to speak at a regional mass
meeting of all interested citizens
in the First Methodist Church of
Kennewick. The date set for the
big meeting is_ Tuesday, Sept. 28.
An invitation to the council to
hold this meeting in the Kenne
wick church was extended by its
pastor, the Rev. John B. Coan. On
the same evening that the gov
ernor speaks the new council will
meet to complete its organization
and elect officers and commissions
through which it will function.
Definite plans for this meeting
have not yet been announced, it
was stated, but all churches which
desire to cooperate in the new
council are requested to have their
five representatives there.
The temporary officers of the
council with the Rev. Charles Hat
ton of Pasco as chairinan, have
requested the governor to address
the people on various phases of
youth and child welfare as they
are related to these stressful war
times. He indicated that his ad
dress would give considerable at
tention to this important and time
ly theme.
The Council of Churches con
tinues its twice-a-month publica
tion of “The Christian Challenge”
as a medium of invitation and
cultivation among the thousands
of newcomers of the region. The
Rev. Rev. Coan is editor _and the
Rev. Leo W. Dyson is the circu
lation manager. To date 3000 have
been printed GJCh issue. Survey
cards are now being printed for
the use -of the workers in their
visitation activities. It was an
nounced that the school authorities
would be asked to cooperate in a
child and youth census of all
COME IN” Sooner
By the Aid of Nempapei"
Louis Hayward it a daredevil adventurer and George‘Sandera is a
villainotu dictator In Edward Smhll‘a “The Son of Monte Criato.” the
swashbuckling admixture mantle]: will have Its-local premiere
Gets Good Conduct Medal
Aviation Cadet Paul D. Luvaas,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Peder J. Lu
vaas, 604 Kennewick Avenue, has
been “awarded the good conduct
medal and ribbon at the Pacos
army air field, where he is sta
tioned for his basic flight training.
This field is one of the largest
flying fields in the Southwest.
Estes Aviation Mechanic
Harry D. Estes, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest E. Estes of Route 2,
has completed his course of stud
ies as an aviation mechanic in
the school at Amarillo army air
His graduation froin this tech
nical school now fits him for air
plane maintenance and he. will
be sent to some air base where
he will assist in keeping America’s
Flying Fortresses in the air for
Allied victory.
In addition to completion of the
Tschedtile of academic and prac
tical studies as an aviation me
~'l'-'o'-'l'-' < - . ." ' . ‘. ". ' .'-'.. . '. .'.. .. .. ~ « ‘-
mew: is: '5- j;;.,, . 2.2., -' 2,,» __.j._::;
\i?) .::-=- ""4145?" ‘-';f:-= , "1:-:?:3:1:l:?;;-:-:-;-‘$-.5'7" ”+-.-"3'l.‘v:2<,'3:s;i-3:i'
..l . - . ”v ..- . -.'.-.'. - ..‘r.’ ,4 j.;.-_. .- ~.
' --':-I;,'-:-'-' .;-:1:? ”If . --;-.';-
*:.;:;;; : ~25 .'-'I;-. “ - . - V -.1. .5 "-23: - .
0" ' f - - 3‘33 -.--.."""-‘r""-"=: “-.';v;-:7 25.9“
. -._Z~;:: .' .::;321 2'5" - . '::Z:I::ES::'. ‘ ' ‘u-' ' ‘ '
. ‘ . ‘ .'. . a - -.;.-. '.;.;.' '
. . . _. .. Magi},
. . ,5"? w“ ‘ . ,
31:125.»; 4: ' * yer 1" ,
~::l:*"I:.: 1 ::1. '“"--<" 31.93;“
1231;313:1323; . --‘-;-.;_.;
'l4 :E53‘E‘::.5EE£-:3:_‘j- ‘1 ’
3:553. .551"- ':’l:iii 5:.
‘ 21:255.; ;I;.:.‘1::::,;::1317:
SE; s’,EZ'EEE;§gzgiinggzzégl;-Zl
- .42.? use: 5.5:::; ;:_.;.-
. .-.-.- -'::‘.'~'.-.‘ :11}?sz:.-A;:E.7,'l:~";I"
~. I : :> ;:;:;:_;2:-_:;:g.' ;.;.:,;._.‘_:;.
‘-:-:-:~:‘;-:v;-:-;-' *;‘;:;;;x,-,;.;.,, -I;I 7; .34.;.;.;I:;.¢.::;;;.
'"--':I:3;Z:I'J:‘E-:l:gfacafihfifi. -:-:-:-:‘:v/>.:‘.-.*,_-.4
~\ .'-::-.-'
aTt-the Roxy theater on Sept. 9-10
chanic, he has been thoroughly
drilled in military tactics and de
fense and a course of physical
training that. has conditioned him
to meet all requirements ‘of an
American soldier.
Prosser Man Joins Engineers
Robert V. Nelson, 36, Prosser,
has joined the ranks of Benton
county men volunteering for mili-
laborless labor Day
How about a laborleee Labor Day
for you, the Homemaker? Truly you
deserve relaxation along with the
rest of the family! And it can be
done. you know.
To make sure the day will be free
from cooking, plan your menus for
the entire week end so that practi
cally all the meals can be cooked
Saturday. Holiday meals needn’t
follow the regular schedule. With
breakfast later in the morning and
heartier, too; and a substantial din
ner in the offing. lunch can be
merely a snack or left out entirely.
vd’é“ 9
”WT m . .. 53%
~ -.;.;----.»:-t~1~_'- :. ._-_ 3:451:21 '-.'-'.'-.'-."'5'».‘.1':;1"117-1133513231?ifiififl. ‘
Red Stamps .H
x and Y am» 20°“ _
z valid Sept. 5‘ ‘
Blue Stamps '.
u.v.w valid “‘6‘ \‘
3.5-1 still good!‘ 1
Elberlas. 32 lb. bx. 2.59
Elberta flats . . . . 1.49
Oranges . . . . . . . 11). 10c
Peary-i:- -, -_- :25-15. lug 2-19
BARTLETT’S, choice fruit, low prlc'edl
CaulifloWer ____ __ _ _lb, .l’c
Choice heads, well trimmed!
Revier, Mains: Grapeo.-...............1b. 13c
Onions, Sweet Spamshlb. 5c
Potatoes, No. 2’5....-.......-.50-lb. sack 82c
If you are not devoting all your titne to a
vital war job—see your local Crop Corps
Agency today. Help “deliver the goods" for
victory by working in the fields. Help harvest
the “food for frwdom."
Choice, Select Tree-Ripened
(Price- subioct to market)
tary duty with the army corps of
engineers, according to Lt. James
Corke, Seattle engineer recruiting
officer, 700 Textile Tower.
Nelson offered his civilian skill
to the army engineers and was
accepted as being highly quali
fied, the officer said. His assign
ment takes him first to Geiger
field, near Spokane, where he will
train in an engineer aviation bat
talion in the army air forces.
Nelson, a construction foreman,
will assume military duties cor
responding to his civilian trade
while serving the colors. Respon
sible for military construction used
throughout the world by United
States forces, army engineers have
accepted Nelson to build and fight
in connection 'with installations
used by the air forces.
Radioman on Submarine
Lindley H. Llewellyn, 21, radio
man, has completed basic training
at the Submarine School, Sub
marine Base, New London, Conn.,
for duty with our growing fleet
of underseas fighters.
The new submariner will be en
titled to wear the twin dolphin
insignia of the submarine service
after further experience aboard a
submarine during which he must
demonstrate to his commanding
officer that he is fully qualified
to carry out the duties of his rate.
The insignia is regarded as a mark
of distinction throughout the navy.
A former efudent of Kennewick
senior high, where he lettered in
basketball, softball and managed
the football team, Llewellyn came
into the navy in January, 1941.
He received initial training in San
Diego, Calif., and served aboard
destroyers. “I wanted submarine
duty ever since I joined the navy,"
he said, “and feel now that it was
well worth waiting for.”
The submarine school, the only
one of its kind in the navy, is
attended b y a picked group of
men who must pass special phy
sical, mental and psychological
The school work takes place
not only in classrooms and labora
tories, but also in numerous train-
g ".l"1:'-‘1'3’:-7:14.351+?!» ’': , -:"‘:?:".7.',‘ -.‘.l ; , , ’- Y. - . , .
s9s.3s?'a'"‘7l'§'vl3‘.<-5: 7".1.“ ‘,at“.-"‘-.'::F‘-‘2E"‘-i+:3'.f:"h - _,,; '?::‘-.1;3'."¢:'$:."-. v - "5ki.73:33.3“:»:-x:r.-'.'u .; V -' . ‘ ' . :-.\ ‘7- ::
Jam-xx; . H ' “-ozuvwxawmflx-a---:-,;-‘~m-.<<rw-»»2-~:-.v- v-H.'/f"/ .9; ‘. .. v -‘ '- , ".~..‘€;::t;.;
~'7~::~':5;:;:-, :-;.;'..:;:-,:__':7_‘ -‘ f-:- -'-'-.~.-‘.-'..:~:~' ,-:.,;. 1' ‘- ».
a?“ i““‘* V. ~ 2,1 ,' ' =
‘ . «5 , J v. 'l' .
' 0 ’
Peanut’ Butter . . . . . em 31:
Beverly; fresh selected ground meats!
Nu Made, cmmed and touched Just right!
3.2 m: Swami; ' . ' ... 15"
akégmmg: ' ' "*2"
Enrichedlmdoo-o-i 9:
Julia Lu‘ Wright. alway- flulu i. loan
Mayonnaise . . . . . . . l"_27}:
0 ; “My Swat M 45:
3 Tomb W Go
2 ) V 8 Vegan“. lie-.....18-os 14c
:13 Lam’amrmmmz“
274'. 17c
(16) Highway Pen ............16-os 11c
(16) Fancy Cream C0rn......20-or. 14c
(10) Chopped Boats, 3043., 2 for2sc
(10) Chop’d Cinch, 20m, 2 for2sc
( 0 ) Tomato Slices ............29-ox. 27c
Red Point V clue
Toilet Soap
For delicate skin and
beauty care.
3 ban 20c
m wmmm‘figan . s“ng
ing submarines in which students
master the actual techniques of
operating the powerful fighting
Many students at the submarine
school already have seen battle
as members of surface ship crews
before volunteering for submarine
duty. Others are fresh from
training stations, but all graduates
are sure of action once they are
assigned to a submarine due for
offensive patrol. Large numbers
of recent students now are serv
ing in submarines which have
sunk enEmy or merchant vessels.
Wounded in Action
Word was received Friday eve
ning of last week by Wesley But
ler of Richland that his son Homer
had been badly wounded in action
at Guadalcanal. Homer enlisted
three years ago and for the past
year has seen service in Hawaii.
Walter Kibbo Married
It just recently came to my at
tention that it has been a long
time since my last letter to you.
In the meantime, the paper has
been coming very regular Ly. It
always has news of some of my
old friends and acquaintances.
As for myself, things have not
changed very much since my last
letter to you, except that on March
14, 1943, I got married, and then
on June 1 I was advanced in rate
to an MoMM 2/c.
My work is still the same, repair
work and complete overhaul of
Diesel engines. We repair any
size or make, from 135 11.1). to
4000 hp, also straight tour to
V-16 cylinder types. It is very
interesting work, and I plan it as
a future.
My news is dull, because I have
never been “over there” yet. How
ever, we do see very interesting
Since I have left there Kenne
wick seems to be growing very
rapidly and I would like to come
back for a few days’ visit. ‘ But as
my wife is a riveter on 3-24
Bombers and the navy dictates my
time off, it is simply out o! the
question to get away.
Well somehow it seems I just
Snowdrift Shortening-‘---_-3-lb. gun-6'B:
Blue Plate Broken Shrimp- - - - - _ -7-oz. 5‘
Libby’s Deviled Meat-------_-5%-0I- 9:.
in bulk
Brlng your own
21c gal.
( 5 ) Sh: Kilt Tm...............1gl
(3 ) Cove 0y5ter5............1%“
(0) com-.'. nu. Fatwa-s!
(0) Se- Munch ............toy§¢l=
(o) Kraft Cottage “4*
( 0) Cncot Goth“ w,“
( 1 ) Chung. or W '
Canned Milk ...........nl d- l
(12) Ron! s-a. Shah-h. ust
( 2 ) Pm Lard ...-......_......1 5'
~ ”KW" .
Bun; them to our and“
i wnunauuuq
Armour’s Asst. Lunch meat . . -ll
—4 Points \ fl
Armour’s Link Sausage . . . . .
—6 Points .
Mon-en’s Spiced Ham . . . '. .
—7 Points . ‘
Sliced Halibut...... ”fl
Frankfu'rters. . . .
—5 Points .
Thursday. Septem J
rumblv nn. PM here “.m‘
‘o]- "10 In (1030 at “I“ m
I “181) I" [-x'”:es§ m
sincere “PT“‘l‘Clauon MW.“
newick ("uurier mit
news, a\\';.y from hm.
Sincerely yours,
I l gpportunig
. “Wig?“
i | READ the Ans 'JI
54:" , S? R M
"aim ‘L
. F Y
y, A
' oth
25:34: film“.
the West’s but new;
Engagesm't Ifi. .
a comb uh
icon 103%. 6:"th
PM. or Mal! Your “I“.
H. E. omu
unfit on «Mu...
Phone 2512
Your local representsw 'v 1
STANDARD of omm: 3
ALL sronss an. ,
1.1301! n“ .-
(Sl'tlnun ‘m .
5° 9"" “ud- In as. .
4 "3°“ 0“" m .... .
. ' ‘11.".
Mustard ...............1“
Nancy’s to: all M .‘j
Wax Paper.......fl,
500 sheets W . 1' I:
Melted Milk ....Ib.“
Homers; a low ”I. “
Peanut Butter ...JI:
2-Ib. Jar Raul m. .
Corn 5tarch........1b.&
Argo; a favorite IW.
Coffee .......~....1b.!g
Edwards uncut W I"
Airway Coffee, lb. 2“}
An economy blend!
Rd 6'an Mn
f" “as

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