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23, 1943
It‘- umon pibby was a Port
“ “tor this WBBk.
I,” and Charles Kinkaid are
fl” this week of their cousin.
Ann Nelson.
“m “one: left Monday f 0?
'3‘“ Mont. to spend a week
”with his father.
W” and Mrs. A. 'l'. Belair who
w w week on a vacation trip)
home MondaY
flmfldm Zamdt family has
I!” m the sick list this week
mt!" imprOVing at this time.
word was received this week
w II!- J. E. Mulkey of the death
‘be ”other John Maul)in in
W Ana. Calif. Maupin lived
>h Wewick quite a number of
pi! me time ggo and will be
”I Inna by a irea; number of
_ ewasao rank M
all.“ father. Mrs. Mulkey left it:-
“dimly for California. No more
“a, have been received up to
this time. ______________
Don't Forget! Time's a Wastin!
‘ "I'll. CHRISMAS!’ ‘
Your overseas Christmas Gifts must be
‘ ’ mailed before October 15th
for all particulars—even the gifts to send!
:37, ‘l‘ . O _ _ I
1 .1: 1111?”); 9 .‘.V 1111
, gig 11113313113 "
' ’3:*%91 1 ”33’ 1151113“ 1 1 113 45:11“
s2l-35 35:3 Wm 33% .' 111‘
“‘ '1 -11 "55333:. 13 .'=':. .113 :13?“
«3 "E "1* '3 1
»1» 331 3”” .333 , 111131
‘3; 1,. 2’l 1 113,531 111 ;::.u"'?'f:3";. 453:: f 1 11; ,é‘
' ”3.3" 2113-12. ’:n': #1". £315; 1 M 52511 13111;... " {afimc 15,1117;
' 2% ' li} 113‘ 3”»
~ I“ .- 113 7* 1g 113 '
S than-1.; l!” 1‘ 1";11-11ggz; £lsl ,1; ; <3“ ’l
- - 13 J ”
0933553553535??? - “ s: * .:555é'133:35:323255535333253: 111‘;“:-:;:'12;3 1
ST ‘1 11, a 3 .
a 5 . 1
1,11“ 1
i 1 ”“11 -
L 1“ 331‘ 1_
1 "(as
.I I '
I )
Tyis is the kind of c'oat you should own.
'_ Flrst of all its fabric should be strong
and. reslllent enough not to need pam
- o o 1 _
pgrmg, Then Its tallormg- should be
EWING, but ruggedly servlceable. Lastly
it Should be so becoming that It looks
- correct whether it rains or shlnes.
29.95 to 39.95
. O
Rag. lan effect coat in cotton garbardme
With velvet trimmed notched collar, three
big buttons, two deep pockets.
¥ 7
Nissaki Camp Fire Girls Will
meet at their hall Tuesday eve
ning, Sept. 28th at 7:30. All
girls be sure and come.
Mr. and Mrs. Penney Ferrel
moved into the house at the
corner of 2nd and Benton streets
this week.
Richard St. Laurent stopped on
his way from Bremerton to Far
ragut, Idaho, for a few hours last
Mrs. J. A. St. Louis of Bruce,
Wis., arrived recently and expects
to spend the winter here 'with her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Joe Olbrich.
,Mrs. S. S. McHenry left last
week end for Anacortes where she
will‘visit with her son-in-law and
daughter Lt. and Mrs. Lester
Brown, for several days. '
The 4th Friday club will meet
Friday, October lst with Mrs. Jim
Johnson. Mrs. Odes Sloan and
Mrs. W. I. Hudlow will be assist
ing hostesses.
Frank Visger, son of Mr. and
Mrs. F. O. Visger left Saturday
for Seattle where he will resume
his studies at the university.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kinkaid
and sons James and Charles and
Mrs. M. S. Kinkaid were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
'Dr. and Mrs. P. 0. Stone and
Nancy were Walla Walla visitors
Tuesday. Dr. Stone attended a
dental meeting held there Tues
day night.
Mrs. C. W. Records, mother of
Roger Records accompanied Mrs.
Roger Records home from Port
land last week. She left Wed
nesday for her home in Umapine.
Miss Dorene Higley, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Higley
who is attending a. beauty school
in Spokane, spent the week end
visiting home folks.
George Lewis of the U.S. Navy
and his parents Mr. and Mrs. A.
V. Lewis were dinner guests at
the Nelson Lewis home on Thurs
day, Sept. 16th.
Mrs. Carl Hess (nee Dayle
Lewis) and daughter Karen are
staying out in Horse Heaven with
Dayle’s aunt, Mrs. E. Safford for:
a few days. \
'Mr. and Mrs. Carl Andersoni
are the parents of a son born.
September 18th in the Pasco hos-4
pital. The young man weighed
7% pounds and has been named}
Robert Lewis. 1
Charles Duncan, E.M. 27c wrote!
his parents Mr. and Mrs. Thos.‘
Duncan of having met his uncle‘
somewhere in the South Pacific.
The uncle is in the navy on a
submarine chaser.
Clinton Jacobson was picked up
this morning in Prosser by the
police after having stolen Marvin_‘
Skeene’s car here. The man gave!
his address as Pasco. ‘
Corporal Harry Conway who.
has been stationed at Fort Tay
lor, Key West, Florida, was a
Kennewick visitor thisw eek. He
was accompanied by his sister
who lives in Spokane.
_Mr. and Mrs. 0. O. Coan have
received word that their oldest
grandson Corporal Lloyd Mein
dorf who is with the paratroopers
is somewhere in Europe. Another
grandson is in the Pacific fleet.
All members of Rainbow are
inyited to a TOIO party to be held
at the Masonic Temple Monday
night, September 27th. A scaven
ber hunt will take place after
which there will be dancing and
Mrs. Wilbur Ash and Richard
Foraker were delayed last week
and did not leave for their home
in Bremerton until the first of this
week. Richard is waiting to be
called to begin training in the
Air Corps. ’
A group of friends charivaried
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Ford last
Sunday night at the home of Mrs.
Ford’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Wil
lard Campbell. Mr. and Mrs.
Ford returned to their home in
Opportunity the first of the week.
Mrs. D. M. 'Deeter and two girls
Joy and Kay of Seattle came this
week to join Mr. Deeter and make
their home here. Mr. Deeter, who
is connected with the National
Bank of Commerce was sent here
from the . main office in Seattle.
At the regular meeting of Alma
Chapter OES last Tuesday night.
Mrs. Clarabell Safford, a member
who has moved to the coast, was
an honored guest. Four tables
of bridge were played following
the meeting with Mrs. Rilda
Owens holding high score. Mrs.
Séfford was presented with a
‘small gift and also with notes
from all present. Refreshments
were served at the close of the
evening. 0 '
l. :1 ll ' i
0 ye chaos }
Nook la and 81d Thursday! ‘
Lodge of Perfection
2nd Tuesday
Bose Croix
04th Tuesday
8 15.111. Masonic Hall
Kennewick Lodge
No. 153, A. F. & A. M.
First and 3rd Wednesdays
Masonic Hall ‘
. R. Ayers, W.M. ‘
P. 0. Stone, Sec. ‘
Order Eastern Star 1
lst and 3rd Tuesdays ‘
Masonic Hall
ora Reed, W.M.
T. Winkenwerder, Sec.
Mrs. Fred Giard of Vernita met
her sister Mrs. J. G. Mingle of
Indianapolis, Ind., in Kennewick
last week end. They both left
for Vernita the first of the week
after visiting relatives and
Mrs. Gordon Hille who was re
cently married is back from Port
Townsend making arrangements
to have her wedding gifts and
the rest of her wardrobe sent to
her new home. The young couple
expect to occupy their apartment
by the 28th of September.
Mr. and Carol Pratt returned
yesterday from a trip to Mt. Ver
non where they purchased the
chasis for another bus. They will
build _a body for the new equip--
ment, much needed on their up
river routes. This will make their
fifth vehicle.
Mrs. Elizabeth Hembree arrived
home Monday from a weeks va
cation trip. She met her son
George at St. Louis and visited
her sister and a niece there. She
also visited her son Frank at In
dependence, Missouri, before her
return here.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Hudlow were
week end visitors in 'Walla Walla.
Pvt. Russel Desgranges came
from - Camp Hood, Texas, and
spent several days with his par
ents Mr. and-‘ Mrs. Walt Des
granges before reporting at Ft.
ord, Calif.
Payton Reid, who is a radio
technician first class on a mine
sweeper arrived Wednesday
morning and surprised his par
ents Mr. and Mrs. George Reid
and his wife. He is home on a
week’s furlough. His wife is em
ployed on the local rationing
board. . ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Cheney
were Kennewick visitors over the
week end. Mr. Cheney was former
manager of the local Penney store,
but for the past six months has
been a lieutenant in the navy
supply [department stationed at
Sand Point. They had also visited
with Mr. Cheney’s parents at Spo
kane. ‘
nvely Dresses-“ Love“ Pnees'
. - -- ~--:-:
' ' SW,,_,LZ:;‘{E3?T3 ‘ ‘ s .
_, "3 “mg " _ Bond buying and tax paying should lun' it your buying of
.. M? I anything else these days. But when you feel you really
'25-: », fi~;:?:E:E}E§E»"-""”' . . .
. :.. g , \\_ j - need a new dress, and Wish you could 1)le up something
-? . , 23M“ under ten dollars we’ve a selection that 8 Just what.
’ . 1 ‘ you’re looking for!
cgfi‘ggfifi" ‘ga “ g " . - 6‘ ° on
1 ‘.3 -‘ : . £3?” 31..
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(s _/' - 895“P‘° 24 95 T° “‘6 mm?!“
,g . / \ . up to g . War Fund
gfig 1;; fi g figs \ g ' g
- *fim ‘ .- ~ ~ -
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15% °’ N‘ivfisi’ ~ wl
F‘Whifigf- :'-:I'- ”12.2:I:?:>§-:i:i~~.-. ‘-_~.4§:?:?:1:'~:$:§:':13:E:E::. -:I:':1:?:::5:1:'~$¢: /_ ‘ I
ssh *Mfifiwfi ‘ , 1 ’ 6
fi‘ggfi :fig fig- ‘fifig ~ ' \éfi . > I fi -. "
w?- '.->.~. 's'. infieezészzsi,§:sia:zs§2§':§é?:§ai;'lSEEEEEiElfi.;.:iziz':;f:;’§-fi., ’ w ' .:z-fi ‘ 7 « ' ' ,‘ ‘ ‘
Mi I§l§ ~ “M's . «vs-“f (a if -‘ .'
.22-s:- .""'-*‘s‘% x“ .;:;:852:22fisz:fi.z~z= . :.rzazzzzszezzasfi of ’ fl , . ,- . v a , ' fi
sfi‘§diifisus‘§ «l, fig. ‘ . ~ ‘ \-. ‘ « ,
v!“ "“" s ' "if *9”'.'»- ‘..: ’° 2: 2: ’ ‘.‘/W2 ’ . "
sl}: " " ”'5 ,f "I N4' “"5: o ' .. . :- ‘ ’9 ‘ .
-‘ - ~‘ .. ;, V " e ‘oji. " g " n '1»: 1. -. ’ A z. ‘
gI" . gfiw g.fi ». g«g - , ~ , DI. ' - ‘u g‘
. - / 1x “ Mo ‘ -‘ n I ' i 1‘ 90"” . t ' I. 'I V ’.' iI; ~*(
g, ‘I vx1“( A 6" ..'. o __ - ’ f' I, p ~ I " I.g‘ ('.’. .‘.:
‘ ' .‘g‘.’ x 's‘, ”..‘ .;. :-~ "' ' 1 I ,I‘(':'
. _-;*,,g A 4“ “i I .‘, r _ ' ~
M! g g ,
, Q. q, *‘ .'.. ' fi- . :.. ' A ‘
" 6 g g ’5 A h' 2 g ' , fi v.
.3 y.g s. g .- g, A‘ g ' ' 9 ' ..gg 'g .
_. ‘ ' g ' vo V q > > _ , . .
._ ‘ 9 A'sv" .’fi V‘ R ‘. I. ' .- '
__ 9 o it 9g. s ‘ g ' ~‘. ' .
I _. 6k- ‘a a a ‘ <- - ‘ .
. '0 3 ~ o g‘ x A _. '
'i * “ K " . : a I
. ‘. x x , " ¢ t x Q ) a
V! J» oo ‘6 ”1 >l4 .. il ’ > ' g W
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.-:=;g:;:s>l:3§;s§?._3332E'Egigigz ;g:;EjE;Z;E';:=_-.g':32=3§ riiéagégfgfih . g g g
i . fi. ~ square 0“ your head for that sculpt?"
a ed, clean look. They’re all headhne
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i gs I " . news for Fall!
'a. - -
| ,
can help us. When you know an item 0! Interest. tell us about
ltpemnallymrbyphme—wefill mate it. Our “lemme number
Mrs. Rea Mcßeynolds and
daughters Marjorie and Bonnie
and Dorothy Reed were Walla
Walla visitors last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Ford of
Opportunity whose marriage took
place recently were guests Sun
‘day at the home of Mrs. Ford’s
parents Mr. and Mrs. Willard
Campbell. During the day they
attended the wedding of Mrs.
Ford’s bridesmaid, which took
place in Grandview and where
she acted as matron of honor.
Dr. and Mrs. Stemsrud and sons
left Tuesday for California where
he will report for sea duty. Mrs.
Stemsrud and the boys will visit
for a while in California, then
return to their former home in
Minnesota. Dr. Stemsud has been
one of the doctors at the Pasco
Air Station.
Glassner’s Leave for
Two Weeks in Yakima
Finley—Mr. and Mrs. Arlie
Glassner who have made their
home -at the Clint Glassner home
the past few months left Mon
day for Yakima where Arlie will
assist for a couple weeks at the
Yakima State Game Farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lande and
daughter Betty of Portland came
Saturday for a few days visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sherry
and Jens Lande and son Pete.
They returned Thursday to their
Miss Gladys Kempf and Harold
Holm of Kennewick visited Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Lande at the E.
Sherry home Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Carl Schmelzer visited
Mrs. Carl Walk Tuesday. -
Kenneth Kuh and Ray Kuh
motored to Seattle Friday where
they spent five days visiting their
sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Norman Laugham. They re
turned home Tuesday. .
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kuh and
small son‘ enjoyed a trip to Celilo
Falls Sunday, returning home the
same evening.
Robert Lewis of the U.S. Navy
writes home folks that he is sea
man first class now and that they
have arrived safely at their base
somewhere in the North Pacific.
He states that he keeps well and
plenty busy. He also says he is
getting the home paper quite reg-‘
ularly for which he is very grate-1
£lll and enjoys reading every word
of it.
. ._ ~
0: , /
!:{s;\w’<' \\
" iv”: w v
. x)» :12!
av 7 /‘ )/ l l. }‘
FIRES resulting from
Windstorm, explosion and
‘ other perils are not cov
ered by your fire insuranc
policy. Unless you have
your fire policy extended
. to cover such dangers -
, you’ll have to stand such
loss yourself. ~
Ask this Hartford agency
to add Extended Cover
age to your fire insurance
NOW. -
Real Estate Loans—Representing First Federal
Savings & Loan Ass’n. of Walla Walla
HAROLD . 11. TYPE Mill“
2151/2 Kennewick Avenue
Kennewick Phone 1231
The Weather
Beautiful fall weather has been
the rule for the past week, with
one night —Sunday— when the
temperatures really began to in
dicate what is shortly in store,
with a minimum of 37, accord
Mr. Morgan. His records for the
past week with those of the cor
‘nesponding week a year ago, are:
Date 1942 1943
Thursday. Sept. 10.3441 90-50
Friday. Sept. 17......08-49 83-00
Saturday, Sept. 18..75-38 78-4?
Sunday. Sept. 19 ....80-40 81-37
Monday. Sept. 20....89-42 82-02
Tuesday. Sept. 21....89-47 88-48
Wednesday, Sp. 22 0043 88-41
I 2

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