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/- ...—u « __—
Want Adls
RATES’ZC per word—minimum 50c. Subsequent insertions four times for the price of three.
/”' .
‘ Wanted 111111111 l
Imm ...- Dressed poultry or
"v “be, kind of dressed meat
I push“ to sell. Waffle House.
”to post Office. 29tf
"Am-m at once—good reliable
girl or woman at Commercial
w" l4tf
: ll‘,l-31)...Standard pickup bed
'1“ 14011 Ford pickup. Model 39.
M Blair. Phone 9x9 29-30 p
’/ .
’_Congenial couple to
[flame and assist in house
M Inquire this office. 27-29 c
WANT TO LEASE small irrigated }
- wag, close in, improved with ‘
Mt trees or vineyard on. In- 3
Win at the Waffle House. Oppo- ‘
in post Office. 28tfi
’ f #—
meD—Beauty operator, full 1
w, Phone 1281. Evelyn’s
”a” shoppe. Edith Magelson.‘
”RTE-D TO BUY: Typewnterfl
6019" standard or portable, in‘
“a condition. Vibbers’ Rexallj
m Co. 29tf i
WANTED—2 or 300 tons cow or‘
M fertilizer, delivered or we}
could get it. John Stroh, Rt. I,\
mer. 28-9 pi
‘ [—_.-__.
WANTED: Small cream separator. 1
mars Exchange. 29tf1
WAN'EDz— Capable cashier at
Safeway store. Apply to many
agar.- ' 26tf’
WANTED Combination stenog- ‘
:3th and bookkeeper for
pleasant duration job. Apply this
m 28tf‘
‘.’—_._— ;
VAMED—SmaII furnished house ‘
or apartment; no children; Mrs.‘
Creek, Box B at this office. .28-9 p ‘
WANTED Experienced woolj
preset. Ideal Cleaners, Phone.
1241, Kennewick. , ‘ 26tf
WANTED—Spud digger. For Sale
Milk cows, DeLaval milking ma- .
chine, $175. Registered Aberdeen
Angusbull, 6 mos. $75. H. L. Cope
hnd, Richland. 28th
DR. J. G. KNA.B _
Title Trust mag. ' Phone 81
Pasco, Wn. for Appointments
maegulattng _ Repairing
Benton City
Appointment by Mail
In: Examined—Gum Fitted
013 cc at residence—4o2 lst Ave.
PHONE 1361 HOURS 9to _5
Office '4“ Residence ,
5035”. A Phone 1521
Moulton & Powell
0111 a in Busted Building
Your AVON Rep.
Hille 811 or write to
No. 10 Everett Street
Ills. mmON
"ounce Mon-tum
Phones 2201 2202
Attorney a law
115 8 M St. Phone 376
Pasco. Wash.
0V enne
0“-F'110:1¢;I2’671 y Stages. 262
WANTED: Small two-bedroom
house. Can be plain but modern,
in good condition and good found--
ation. Lydia Stickel phone 2173,
Garden Tracts. 29-32 p
‘mllm For Sale 1111111111
.FOR SALE:' Heating Stove; rug,
cot, couch, mandolin, ukulele,
music stand and. metronome. 117
2nd Ave. West. 29p
FOR SALE—Weaner pigs; fryers;
\Phone 2397, C. H. Meyer. 28tf
FOR SALE—‘Milk cows and heif
ers to freshen in the spring.
Love Brothers, Richland. 29-30 p
FOR SALE—Red fryers sl, L. C.
Bennett, Phone 1646. 23th
FOR SALE—Good weaner pigs.
Now ready. W. F. Luke. 29p
FOR SALE: 2 wagons, 1 four
horse fresno, 1 disc, and some
heavy lumber at Richland. Phone
.2351. Fred Markham, Kennewick.
FOR SALE —'— Winesap apples.
Bring containers: Mrs. Edwin-
Albrecht, 1% miles east of SP&S
depot. . . 29-30 p
FOR SALE—Wood and coal cir
culating heater. Radio, galvan
ized pipe. Cross cut saw, also want
a wood. sawer. Alice Garrett, 27
3rd Ave. East. 29tf
FOR SALE: Fresh cow and calf.
Bill Kleinknecht. 29p
9 acres in city limits; 2 nice
houses, modern, one 4-room,
one five-room; will sell to
gether or divide into a three
or six-acre tract.
15 acres, grapes, asparagus, »
cherries, alfa‘fa, mint; 5-‘room
house; electric lights, barn,
garage, chicken house;' can
rent 5 acres more. $5,600
half cash.
10 acres on Highlands; no
buildings; peppermint, pota
toes; piped. $2,250.
While attending Dr. Brunn’s
sale Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 1 p.
m., of his Registered Jerseys,
take time out and goover his _
85 acre farm I have for sale.
5-room house, good well, large
, barn; 40-ton silo, 2 cow sheds
milk house, priced for quick
sale, $5,000.
10 acres on Highway, alfalfa,
and pasture, 5-room house,
deep well, water, light; $5,-
000—$1,000 down, balance on
monthly payments. '
Have a few vacant lots to sell.
Good Chance to make some
- money on these._
75 acres—~3o alfalfa, 10 aspar
agus; 3 sets of buildings, barn
garage, chicken house; will.
sell with all stock and mach
inery or without. v ~
80 acres——pasture, alfalfa, as
paragus, small house, 2 car
garage, workshop, barn for
30 head; has irrigation, spring
pumping plant, 2 miles out.
Wanted—About 100 acres on
Highlands without buildings
or crop in 10 to 50—acre tracts
2 acres on River Road; fine
view; no buildings, $1,250
Assoo down. ,
Wanted—About one acre of
land with small house, not far
out. ‘ ‘ ‘
Have good paying business
for sale in Pasco; also one in
Two story building on Ken
newick Ave. for sale.
Buy More Bonds—Make War
Two, War Won! ‘
Roxy Theater Phone 2482
Notary Public
Kennewick, Wash.
‘ Used Cars , ‘
Gasoline -
Repairs -
S 'and J Motor Company
Kennewick Phone 1321
Authorized Ford Sales 8; Service
FOR SALE— 1940 18-ft. Schult
trailer house, built-in radio,
electric brakes, sleeps four, S7OO,
John Unger, Borgen’s Camp, Ken
newick. 29c
FOR SALE—2O choice gilts to far
row soon; also a few bred sows
and a OIC boar. Pete Lande. 28-9p_
FOR SALE 1936 Terraplane
Panel, good condition; see E. R.
Johnson. 29-30 p
FOR SALE—I young team, well
broke, also farm machinery. No.
of Richland, Hugh Vandine. 25tf
FOR SALE 6O young Leghorn
pullets, Hanson strain;' 30 Leg
horn hens, ready to lay. I. E.
Parks, north of SP&S depot. 29
FOR SALE—Team of horses and
harness, cheap. D. D. Mann,
Richland. 28-9 p
FOR SALE—First and second cut
tings hay in stack. Mrs. R. L.
Nelson, Phone 1749. _29p
30 acres, well improved,
grass, grapes, mint, prunes
and equipped for turkeys or
chickens. An ideal combina
tion of crops for a good in
come. . ‘
Phone 1231
Loan Representative ‘ for 'First
Federal Savings & Loan Assn.
FOR SALE—2O pigs, 12 weeks
old; one homemade tractor, 28
Chev. motor. H. C. Lucus, Rt. 2,
Kennewick. . 29p
Standard Lumber Co. 27tf
FOR SALE-15 tons alfalfa, one
4-wheel rubber tired wagon, all
good tires. Peppermint still com
plete, new steel tank, boiler, der
rick and coil. Harold Brooks,
Richland, Wash. 26-29 p
FOR SALE—Single, beds, com
plete, 718 Alder St., Kennewick.
FOR SALE—I93B Olds, 2-door
club sedan, or will trade for late
model truck or pickup; 35 head,
one year ‘old ewes. Wallace Bate
man, Kennewick. ‘ 28-9 p
FOR SALE—New two bedroom
house. Immediate possession,
718 Alder street, Kennewick. 29p
FOR SALE Modern 4-room
home, full basement; reason
able; 820 S. Alder St., Kennewick,
Phone 1707. ' 29p
FOR SALE—;Weaner pigs. Phone
3044, George Milligan, Finley.
_ 29p
YES they have nails at Standa-IE
Lumber C., Kennewick. 27tf
FOR SALE Purebred Chester
White boar, fine animal. Also
have a boar for service at all
times. J. P. Long. 29p
NEW HOMES for sale. Small
down payment. Phone 1672. l9tf
FOR SALE: The Fred Stickel 5-
acre farm, Garden Tracts, Ave.
H. Asparagus, some alfalfa, few
cherries, also shade trees. Good
buildings, electricity, good well,
city water ,available. Lydia Stic
kel Phone 2173. ‘ 29-32 p
FOR SALE—Good milk cow; also
about 50 dry pear stumps and
branch wood; four-wheel trailer.
L. A. Cox, West Highlands, phone
2767. - ' 27tf
FOR SALE: Size 10 boys over
coat, practically new. Exchange
'3O-30 bullets for 12 ga. shotgun
shells. Phone 3307, Kennewick!
FOR SALE: 20 acre farm 3 miles
west of Pasco._ Call 779 or
187 J. 26tf
FOR SALE: One boys bicycle,
S2O. and one white enamel drop
leaf table and four chairs, ’BIO.
516 Ave. G, Kennewick. 29c
W 1 Mrs... and m.
cabin in Pasco, phone 2467—4511
after six o’clock. 27tf
FOR SALE: Canning beans 5c per
pound. You pick. Phone 2688
- 29 c
FOR SALE—Potato digger and
potato planter with fertilizer at
tachment. Brand 8: Fyfe. 30p
FOR SALE: 5-acre tract with 6-
room house. Bath. Close in.
Phone 2466 29tf
FOR SALE—Delicious apples, also
want orchard sprayer. Phone
2736. M. E. Whitney, West High
lands. 27-30 p
FOR SALE: 400 4-months-old
Rhode Island Red chickens.
Phone 38, PascmDrug Co. Pasco,
Wash. 29tf
FOR SALE—White Leghorn fry
ers, 3 pounds; also two male
English pointer pups. Phone 2246,
Chuch Wheeler. 27tf
PAINT, inside or outside, Enam
els, etc. Pittsburgh line at
Standard Lumber Co., Kenn. 27tf
FOR SALE: New house, 2 bed
rooms, full basement, lawn,
Will sell completely furnished or
unfurnished. Electric range and
refrigerator. 919 Alder St., Ken
newick. Phone Kl7ll. 29p
FOR SALE: Two new houses.
SIOOO down payment each. Bal.
$35 per month. In Kennewick,
_Wash. Churchman Investment Co.
Pasco, Wash. 27tf
FOR SALE: Coal and wood cir
. culating heater, oil heater, box
springs, dining chairs, sewing
rocker, small'radio, leather daven
port, 2-burner oil stove, gas bar
rel heater, large oak dining table.
Call 2463. Tom Knight, Rt. No. 1,
Kennewick. 29p
FOR SALE—I 4 & 80/100 acres
-1% acres asparagus, 4 acres al
falfa, 2 acres permanent pasture,
balance to be seeded. New mod
ern house with bath, hot and cold
water under pressure, electricity.
Barns, 2 hen houses and out build
,ings $4500 cash. C. T . Thalman,
Hover. 27-30 p
FOR SALE by owner: 4-year old
house, finished basement. Tele
phone 694-R, Pasco, for_ appoint
ment. 29-30 c
MAKE SURE your roof is tight.
See Standard Lumber Co. at
Kennewick far all kinds of shin
gles or rool roofing. 27tf
FOR SALE—Is-acre farm; six
room house, barn, chicken house,
and garage; also 30-acre pasture
to lease. One mile north and 1-2
mile west of Finley, Wn., or 6%
miles SE. of Kennewick. Harold
O’Hair. 29c
FOR SALE—9% acres on West
Highlands; 2% acres asparagus,
1 acre peppermint, 1 aére aspara
gus plants, balance in level plow
ground. Four peach trees, 3 large
shade trees next to a basement
hole 14x18 feet; water piped up to
basement, phone and 220-volt line
up to driveway; first class septic
tank, clear title. Best reasonable
offer takes this place. Melvin
Glasow, 107 No. Kent St., Kenne
wick. I 27tf
FOR SALE—Alfalfa hay. in the
stack at Richland by Fred P.
Freeman, 340 Pasco highway, at
Kennewick. . *
"ml"; Miscellaneous llllilll
LOST—A and C gasoline ration
bobks, tire inspection blanks, all
in black folder. Finder send to
Simon Carlson, Rt. 1, Richland.
, - 29 p
DOORS and sash, all sizes at the
Standard Lumber Co., Ken. 27tf
WILL TRADE—37 Dodge pickup
in good shape, 4-speed trans
mission, for good coupe in A 1 con
‘dition. Inquire this office. H. H.
Stairs, Kennewick. 29p
GEORGE WlLSON—Plumbing &
'Heating Service. Phone 2091; 23
Ave. C. 28-3lp
LOST—GoId nugget necklace, val
ued as a keepsake. Reward ot
feted. Bring to this office. 2940 p
IVORY Coated Firtex for your
walls and ceilings. A beautiful
insulation board. Easily nailed on
and easy on your bank accorziéittf.
SIO.OO REWARD: for the arrest
and conviction of a‘ small house
or apartment. Young couple.
Care of this office. 29-30 p
LOST, strayed or stoxen: a black'
and white heifer about two or
three weeks ago. Liberal reward
offered. 320 N. Benton St., Ken
newick. 28-9 p
NOTlCE—Campbells Custom Can
nery announces that \all canned‘
goods MUST .be taken out within‘
seven days after canning, becausei
of lack of storage space. 21:1;
,3... ' - l
Doctor—Before each meal take
a pinch of the medicine I will
send you, about the size of a
Sick Farmer—Clover or peach?
' —lnd-
. Made to Order '
Mattresses, Spriilgs,
100 fine samples to -
. choose from
See us or drop us a card and
we will give you the service
. ,
0. W. LEVI'I'I'
108 No. Tacoma Avenue
Pasco. Wash. .
In By-Eone Days
Being Items Culled from Our
Files of Ten, Twenty, Thirty and
Forty Years Ago.
l 9 o 3
The Columbia Courier for Oct.
16, 1903 reports that—A. F. Brown
.was a North Yakima visitor last
That Station Agent Potter
moved the office of the company
into the new depot- yesterday
morning. The new structure is a
beauty and many cities with 30,000
inhabitants cannot boast of a de
pot of such size and elegance as
this one. Next spring the com
pany will put three nice parks
around it and will make it one of
the prettiest spots along the line.
That—William Dirckson of Spo
kane has rented the Kennewick
Market and will open same for
business today. The market nas
been closed since the demise of
Otto Kitzman its former pro
prietor. - ,
.l 9 l 3
The Kennewick Courier for Oct.
10 states that Recognizing the
superior transportation advantag
es afforded at this point, the
Standard Oil Co. has decided to
make Kennewick its distributing
headquarters for the territory be
tween Grandview and Ritzville.
That—Nearly an inch of rain
fell Monday afternoon and eve-
That—This week the high school
enrollment was increased to 94.
l 9 2 3
The Kennewick Courier Report
er for.. Oct. 11, 1923 tells us that—
The new steel bridge across the
Columbia river four miles below
the city will be initiated to the
train service Satunday evening of
this week when all night OWR&N
trains will be routed between here
and Wallula over its own tracks.
That—Dr. F. M.. Crosby has
sold his residence property on
2nd Street to J. W. Vickers.
That—With 215 teachers en
rolled, with nearly every phase of
the public school system presented
by the educators the Annual Ben
ton-Franklin Institute held here
this week is regarded as one of
the most successful institutes held
since the joint county plan was
l 9 3 3
The Kennewick Courier Report
er for Oct. 12, 1933 tells us that—-
The newly painted walls of the
enlarged warehouse and elevator
at the Kennewick Flour Mills are
bulging with wheat, the grinders
are working a 24 hour shift and
the office is happy with sales
booked for all the flour the mill
can grind in the next two months.
That—Names on the high school
honor roll include: Patricia Helm,
David Tweet, Ruth Goodnight,
James Giard, Lorene Belair, Doro
thy Larkin, Vivian Peter, Alice
Altrogge, Edna Goodnight, Ruth
Mitchell, Pauline Struve, Euarda
Vinson,- Fruno Mueller.
That—The preliminary work on
the Coulee Dam starts this week.
That— One of the Highlands
fruit growers reports that he has
one of the biggest crops of apples
he has ever raised.
That—J. H. Siegfried left Mon
day‘night for a business and pleas
ure trip to the Century Of Prog
ress and St. Louis. He will join
Mrs. Siegfried in the East. She
left several weeks ago to attend
the national convention of .the
P.E.0., held at Kansas City, as
a delegate from the local chapter.
St. Sgt. Claude Walk
Now in United States
Finley—Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walk
received word Friday from their
son St. Sgt. Claude Walk, who was
seriously wounded on June 13
over Europe and who has since
been confined to a hospital in
England, that he has arrived in
the States and is now in a hos
‘pital in Denver, Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith and
children came home from Banners
Ferry Monday where they had
visited with friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Sherry were
dinner visitors Sunday of Mr. and
J . R. Ayers also visited Sunday at
the Masters home.
- Burt Quigley of Walla Walla
was an overnight visitor of Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Jonhson Satur
day. HealsovisitedattheClint
Glassner and Sherry homes.
Mrs. Gene Howard and ,daugh
ter, Brenda, of La Grande, were
over-night vistors of Mrs. How
ard’i parents, _Mr. and Mrs. R.
Lanmng Friday. They left for
Spokane Saturday.
Harry Schultz of Prwer was
an overnight visitor of Mr. and
Mrs. George Taylor ,Monday.
goxt,heaaS.yws Mn.
(Held over from last week)
Byard Slocumb and Howard
Smith were visitors in Yakima
Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Schultz in Prosser. .
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Gowing,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Petit and Mr.
and Mrs. Alam Schriner all of
Walla Walla visited 111'. and Mrs.
Virgil Masters Thursday night.
Miss Helen Mahaffey mtumed
home Monday from the Lady of
Lourdes hospital in Pasco when
she underwent an appendectomy.
' What a pessimist he is! ‘
Yes, indeed. Even misery shuns
his company. -
Notice is hereby given. that by
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners of Benton County,
Washington, and approved by the
Director of Highways, Benton
County Road Project No. 04, a
top course surfacing project for
various County roads in the vicin
ity of Kennewick, was completed
in February, 1943.
Following is the Final Cost
Top Course Surfacing on
Roadway 5000 cu yds.
@ 0.6186 $309332
Construction Engineering $ 220.07
Total $3313.39
Dated this 7 day of October. 1943.
H. E. Chapman. County Auditor
and ex-officio Clerk of the Board
of County Commiss‘ioners of Ben—
ton County, Washington, - 29
NO. 2183 '
In the Manor of the sum of
Norman Anglia. Deceased
that Letters of Administration on
the estate of Norman Anglin, de
ceased, were granted to the under
signed .on the 6th day of October,
1943, by the said Superior Court.
All persons having claims
against said estate are required
to serve them with the necessary
vouchers upon me at the office of
Moulton &. Powell, Kennewick,
Washington, within six months af
ter the date of the first publica
tion of this notice, to-wit, within
six months after the lib day of
Ocober, 1943, and file the same
with the Clerk of this court, to
gether with proof of such service,
or they shall be forever barred.
Dated at Kennewick, Washing
ton, this 14th day of October, 1943.
Howard Anglia, Administrator
By Moulton & Powell .
His Attorneys.
Moulton 8: Powell
Attorneys for Administrator
Kennewick, Washington.
. 10:14:28
‘ln the Matter of the Petition of C.
> G. Whitney, and other holders
of title or evidence of title to
1 real property, for the organiza
tion of a local improvement
district within Columbia Irri
gation District and within the
boundaries herein set torth.
that C. G. Whitney, and other
Iholders of titie‘or evidence of title
1t!) the land hereinafter described,
:have filed with the Board of Di
?nectou of Columbia iii-iation
District their petition praying that
said lands be organised as a local
improvement district. the boun
daries thereof being as follows:
Beginning at the South Quarter
corner of Section 22, Township 8
North, Range 30; thence North
1320 feet; thence East 1320 feet;
.thence South 1320 fleet to the‘
South line of Section 2248-30;
thence South along the East line
of the Northwest Quarter 0! the
Northeast Quarter of Section 280
8-30 a distance of 1304.45 fleet;
thence West 2610 feet; thence
North 1320teettotheNorthline
of said section; thence East along:
said Section line a distance of 1820‘
It is pmposeé that the 'distrlzt
to be organized shall include all
the lands contained within the
F A 1! I! E B S ! . .
Order Your Turkey ponlls early
-~0 . O
-0 g 0
0‘ . 0
Let us buy your hens and fryers. We weigh
your chickens on your farm.
' Phon'e 1731
mm. W ... ..._i
lands are to he. uses-ed tor the
proposed improvement. . .
Petitoners propose the con
structlon of special irrigation
works for the delivery from ‘the
irrigation canal of the supply of
water to.wl;isrdmsuch lands are
entlitled in with the
established practice of water de
livery within Columbla Irrigation
District, such delivery to be made
to a high point determined to be
most feasible by a competent irri
gation engineer.
Bonds for such loal improve
ment district will be issued from
time to time “bonds of Columbia
Irrigation District, in such
amounts, as together with other
available revenues. will be suiti
cient to pay the cost of construct
ing said irrigation works.
Notice is further given that a
hearing will be held on said peti
tion in the office of the Board of
Directors of Columbia Irrigation
District in Kennewick, Washing
ton, on the 19th day of October,
at the hour of 2 o’clock in the at
ternoon, at which time and place
all persons interested may appear
and show cause for or against the
‘.ormation of the proposed local
improvement district and the issu
ance of bonds as aforesaid.
Given by order of the Board of
Directors of Columbia Irrigation
District this 4th day of October,
1943. Jean Spencer, Sec. 10:7-14
In The Superior Court of the State
of Washington in and for
Benton County
Notice to Creditors
In the Matter of the Estate of
flurry c. ness.. Deceased.
That the undersigned. Rena R.
Murphy has been appointed and
has qualified as administratrix of
the estate of Harry C. Hess, de—
ceased, and all persons having
claims against said deceased, or
his estate, are hereby required to
serve the same upon the under
signed administratrix or her at
torneys of record, Horrigan 8:
Horrigan at their office in Pasco.
Franklin County, Washington, and
to file said claims with the Clerk
of the above entitled Court to
gether with proof of such service
within six months from the date
9! the first publication of this no
ice, to-wit:
Within six months from the 30th '
day of September, 1943, otherwise
said claims will be forever barred.
Atmfi istraéorhEstate
. o a . ess,
Driscoll. Building
Pasco, Washington
Attorneys for Administratrix.
Lodge llohces
Robot-t v.l, Pod 10. :3
Root In and on Man
W and mentor: volcano
Lodge of Perfection
m, Tm *
8 p.m. Masonic Hall ‘
Kennewick Lodge
No. 153 F. & A. M.
First and 3rd Wednesdays
Masonic Hall ‘
J. R. Ayers, W.M.
P. 0. Stone. Sec.
‘ Order Eastern Star
lot and Brd Tuesday:
masonic Hall
(Eon Reed, WHM
T. Winkenwerder, Sec.

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