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Pomona Urges
Study of ‘
Tax Sources
(Gontinued From Page 1)
cers team will put on the 3rd and
4th degrees next meeting. Offi
cers attend 100 percent nearly
every meeting. There are 113
Finley: Held regular meetings.
Had booster night with about 100
out at the open meeting including
old timers and new people. Have
sixteen candidates. Eight were at
the last meeting and were initi
ated by the officers. 0n the 22nd
the ladies’ degree team will put
on the work in the 3rd and 4th
degrees. Bro. and Sister O'Hearn
were out booster night and sold
$9,025 worth of War Bonds to
the members. The June report
gave 150 members. Juvenile is
still meeting with some new mem
bers. The Auxiliary met with
Sister Kerr and plans were made
for a carnival to be held soon.
A quilt top was donated and will
be sold when completed.
There was no report from the
Rattlesnake, Vale or Kennewick
The home economics chairman
urged all subordinate Chairman
to send in their report for quarter
ending September 30 as it is over
due and only two have been re
Special attention was called to
the new grange radio program.
Members are asked to help fi
nance this program by contribu
tions. " .
Pomona expressed a willingness
to support the program financially
and requests each subordinate to
do the same by means of a silver
drill or any way they see fit.
The annual meeting with in
stallation of Pomona officers will
meet in December at Benton City
with Pomona assuming the ex
pense and the subordinates fur
nishing the dinner. The commit
tee for ‘arrangements is Bro.
Hartman and Sister Swaze.
Sister Hughes urged the lec
turers to make use of the leg
turer’s library which she has at
every meeting.
Locust Grove was given a rising
vote of thanks for their hospital
ity. The delicious dinner was in-
1 Seattle artist .
j NOW in Pasco
POl'traits Hand-Painted
in Oils '
w ' ’ .~k *'* -
| Call 755 or Write Box 383, Pagco
‘. W. @4SUM-1 ‘:.....zr..-,..m .._.....u.
"g‘swg WET LNsUE R
if”? \. '
1% Wear- Ever 2
Brighten your aluminum utensils in '
a jifiy with this scientifically prepar- .
edpowder.Alsogood for sinks,bath- BIG 80XES
tubs, etc. Just sprinkle it on and rub
with wet cloth. Startling results, with ¢
little efl‘ort. A product of the makers
of famed Wear-Ever Aluminum:
Back the Allack!---Buy War Bonds!
’Afill "L
deed a “Victory Dinner” as the
only dish served that was ra
tioned was butter and that was
made at home. ‘
George Taylor of Finley and
Guy Lyons of Locust Grove were
initiated in the fifth degree.
The next meeting will be a;
2:00 p.m. November 13th with
Kiona-Benton. ' The special order
of business will be election of
officers at 3:00 p.m.
HS Students Have
Opportunity to
See Naval Station
Plans for selected groups pf
high school students from Ken
newick and other communities
throughout the Inland Empire to
visit the naval training station
at "Farragut, Idaho, each Satur
day have been completed by sta
tion officials and officers of the
Inland Empire Navy Recruiting
district. .
Lieut. George 0. Hackett, in
charge of navy recruiting in the
area, said that approximately 100
boy students in the 16 and 17
year old brackets will be guests
of the station each week. They
will be taken on a tour of the
station, have lunch in one of the
giant mess halls and witness the
Saturday company review.
Each high school thrOughout
eastern Washington and Oregon
and the Idaho Panhandle will be
invited to send a selected group
with a limited number of teachers
and parents. Transportation is to
be provided by the school or some
other local source.
Lieut. Hackett said the plan is
aimed at familiarizing ,youths, as
well as adults, with the station’s
training facilities and the navy’s
varied opportunities for young
men to make a career of the naval
service or to learn a valuable
civilian life trade while serving
his country.
Details 6f the program are being
sent to all high schools in the In
land Empire. ‘
During the first year of the war
japan invaded China to the ex
tent of 2390 miles, the next year
they invaded 418.5 miles and the
next 178 miles. During the fourth
year they retreated 93.5 miles.
Quayle as Possible
Eran [or N. W.
New Under Study
Can guayule become a rubber
bearing crop that marginal lands
of the Northwest might produce?
This question is raised by the visit
here of Dr. L. R. Powers of Sal:
inas, Calif., who is USDA prin
cipal geneticist and head of the
division of plant breedings and
genetics for the emergency gua
yule program. '
The guayule grown at the Pull
man experiment station under the
direction of Dr. E. H. Steffen,
head of the forestry department,
has had a remarkably fine growth,
Dr. Powers reported in an inter
view just before leaving the cam
pus Oct. 5. He says the question
of the practicality of this as a
new agricultural crop for the
Northwest simmers down now to
determining whether the guayle
plants can survive the Washing
ton winters. _ -
Last winter here killed off some
commercial guayule plants sent
up from the Salinas valley of
California. Following this failure
Dr. Powers personally went into
the hill country of Old Mexico
and Texas in search of a wide
variety of native guayule plants
and last spring sent these to test
stations in the Northwes located
at Hermiston, Ore., and Pullman.
He is hoping these native plants,
which grew high on southern
mountains, will prove hardier
than the tender irrigated guayle
holdings of the valleys.
Native rubber, from such plants
as guayule, must be mixed with
synthetic rubber for a number of
uses, including heavy duty tires,
reports Dr. Powers. '
Dr. Powers says guayule is be
ing extensively grown on irri
gated lands costing as high as SSOO
per acre. He cites the case of one
concern in his valley—the Con
tinental-Mexican Rubber com
pany—that just harvested a ton
an acre from a 500 acre holding.
He believes, however, that gua
yule 'should be grown on less val
uable land and thinks it may be
come a marginal land crop.
Dr. Powers is a W.S.C. grad
uate having taken his master’s
there in plant breeding and gen
eitcs in 1926. While there recently
he visited two of his instructors,
Dr. E. F. Gaines and Dr. Hannah
Aase. He also saw Dr. Stanley
Swenson, of the agronomy divis
ion, who was a major under Dr.
Powers at the University of Mine
nesota when the ~ latter was an
associate professor there.
A camera has been perfected
by the Bell telephone laboratories
that will take a picture with an
exposure of 33 millionths of a sec
ond. In accomplishing this un
heard of feat the film must run
through the machine at the rate
of 70 miles an hour. This speed
will produce about 30,000 pictures
a second. The average motion
picture camera produces about 16
pictures a second. The camera
is used in photographing high
speed war machine parts for the
purpose of revealing frailties not
visible to the naked eye.
To get even a steak well-done
in Kennewick, it is rare!
“heirs do!
We Can Be of
‘ Assislance!
. * .
Oppoaite Postottice on Main Drag in Kennewick .
' help e _deye tee: _
- On Main Drag in Kennewick
Good Clean Bede . Reasonable Mel
Open to the Public
Make Reservations at the
The Waffle House
a $354.15: 3 . gigisfi
'fi’fsisisggimtgisr six-«. 1
The First English Lutheran{
church is ringing its bell this .week ‘
and next week the Nazarene‘
church will ring its bell. , ‘
(Mo. Synod) . ‘
The Church of “The Lutheran
M. C. Knuth. pastor
E. Bach. assistant '
3rd and Benton St. Phone 591
Divine services Sunday at 10:30
a.m. Adult Bible class and Sun
day school at 9:30 a.m.
You are cordially invited to our
Unity Metaphysical Canter
The Unity Center of Yakima an
nounces classes at the Mona Mon
roe Dress Shop every Tuesday
night at 8. Everyone is invited.
Second and Auburn
P. J. Luvaas, minister
Res. 604 Kennewick Ave.
Sunday school 10:15 A.M., Mrs.
W. F. Hanson, supt.
Morning service with celebra
tion of the Lord’s Supper 11:15
Confirmation class meets Satur
day morning 10 o’clock. .
Joint meeting of the Kenne
wick and .Pasco groups of the L
DR at the home of Mrs. Melvin
Glasow, Wednesday evening, Oc
tober 20, 8:00 o’clock.
First Lutheran Ladies Aid
meets Thursday evening, October
21, 8:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs.
T. J. Boyd, 72? Hartford Ave. N.
_ m ._.-.__:—
cr-nus‘rran cmmcn
Corner 3rd and Washigton Streets
J. A. Pine, minister
Bible school 9:45 a.m. Church
services 11:00am. Sermon theme
“Christ’s Call to the Ministery.”
Christian Endeavor 6:30 p.m.
A cordial welcome to all to
these services.
Kennewick Baptist Church
- Rollin B. Holden, pastor
Phone 2072
. 10:30 morning worship with
Bible study in classes. Pastor’s
theme: “How to understand the
Bible.” Bible study 11:30 to 12:15.
8 Evening Gospel service. Gos
pel message. Enjoyable singing.
8 Midweek service Wednesday
eve in church parlors. Worship
with us in this house of God. Wel
come. ,
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's
10th and Alder street (1 block
east of Washington street)
Sunday 8 p.m., Watchtower
study. '
Wed., 7:30 p.m., Study of the
New World book.
Friday, 7:30. pJn., business and
service meeting. All persons of
good will welcome. These meet
ings are educational, for your ben
efit and no collections taken.
The Church of Jesus Christ
Latter Day Saints
IOOF Hall in Kenenwick
Each Sunday 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
IVIIA Wednesday evenings in
the Episcopal church in Pasco at
7:30 p.m.
Rev. W. J. Sweeney. Pastor
Mass Schedule
Kennewick: lst, 2nd, 3rd, sth Sun
day, 8 a.m.
Richland, every Sunday, 9:30 a.m.
Hanlord: lst, 2nd, 6rd. sth Sun
day, 11:30 a.m.; 4th Sun., 7 a.m.
Daily mass 7:30 a.m.. Kennewick.
Catechism for the children, Sat
urday at 10 a.m.
Confessions Sat., 7to 8:30 p.m. tr
An interesting statement from
a commercial airline ad: No spot
on earth is more than 60 hours
from your local airport.
Too Late to Classif.‘ §
FOR SALE: Two 25x40 ft. lots}
on Fourth Ave East. Esther
Fishback, sth and Beach St. 29p!
FOR SALE: Two bed-room very}
modern house, built with pre-‘
war materials, chrome fixtures.
etc., Has hard wood floors. oil
furnace electric stove. Will take
recent 'model car for equity. 26
N. Kent street Kennewick. Phone
3051. 29c
FOR SALE: 1937 four door Hud
son sedan. Recently overhauled.
Very clean throughout. Radio and
heater. Price $435. cash. Phone
3051. 26 N. Kent Street. Kenne
wick. 29c
56R m: s3l3qu circulating
heater, wood or coal. cast iron
fire box, shall of heavy dark
brown enamel. like new. Reason
for selling, have oil heater. Mrs.
M. B. Moret, West Highlands, 1%
miles west, IA mile northwest of
Kennewick. 29p
READ com-mom ADS
IA R EMfig/{W- .o
:..- {if STAMPS .. . «1i - \
gownes - ' AT
"fij- ~- " SAV
Safeway Quality is your assur- mcsj
ance of better foods!
. (1) Baby Foods -.- . - 7c “10’0":
Strained or Junior infants‘ food. medically approv3d! n ‘ 9““ 2 ~”’
. (6) Tomato Juice -- - . ...... 21. ':w‘ <2 bas
. Sunny Dawn .. . from lightly pressed choice ripe o’. 30‘
tomatoes! W .\ or»
s - ”0““ w
(8) Drred Prunes '. o 2 ... 29c - G 0...? \
30/40 large dried prunes; cellophane packaged! 3‘ “flail ‘
(8) Green Beans . . . . 19.... 15c aggro"
Osage cut tender stringless young green beans! 5008 we’d”
(10) Cream Corn - - - - - 17....12c
Del Monte choice golden bantarn. cream style! /
(4) Orange Juice ‘ 36c 3 (8) Chop. Beets 2-25:
Bruce's 46-02. tins; it's good for you: aegis-I°o3. 20-oz. . . . chopped beets
P . . .0! o .
(27) Higgfgl‘igsin delicioigs syrupz!oc (18) Peas ... . . 20431.12!
l-‘inw- -' ’ c ‘.‘""der we.
1 3 Food .. . ,
( ) Hcgbfvz-oz. strain: infants’ fgds (2‘) DPHWnltpkl'tt. . soul}:
.'. e one.aqua yyounow ‘.
u .. 29 -
(15) Schlil-oglgttlesgsoned just righs' (8) GGMI'GEIEQ Best!" I. 13:
a CHB e 'O2. c I'll.“
Bea e 4 . '
('4) HBegzlsgz-doz. tins . .'.‘ysegetariln c (19) SPII‘ICCII . . 27-ox. 's‘
baked beans! Gardensidc; natural fresh flavor!
(.6) Diced Carrots . lie (2) V 8 Juice - - «a... ll:
‘ Monte 16 oz. . . garden fresh flavor! The juice of choice assorted vegetable!
(18) Peas -o 0 - 20-... 12c (4) Dried Prunes ".16:
Rosedale sweet garden peas; a value! Sugaripe large tender prunes; 14h.“
. Alber’s Pearls of Wheat , . -_ Kitchen Kraft 1
Via Farina -------.--..28-oz. pkg. 17c g 5? Flour ..........241/2-Ib. M 991
;@ Morning Glory WW“ Centennial Enriched 1
N 56 . 4
""" Oats 3-lb pkg. 21c é Flour ..--........49-lb. 880 k 2,1
Fisher’s Wheat Germ.....-.-114-Ib. 22c Harvest Blossom Flour, 241/24h 91!?
Roman Meal --.-.---..---...30-oz. pkg. 26c Gold Medal F10ur,_,,._,...241/2olh Ll 9?
Rippled Wheat pkg 9c Drifted Snow F10ur.__._.....49-1b.211
Quaker Oaties ----..............2 likes. 22c - Vinegar (your container)......£!-|-21¢
Gerber’s Cereals --..-...........--8-02. 120 Cinch Corn Bread Mi‘.i{..........pk!«1t
Honey Maid Grahams --..----..2-lb 33c Junket Rennet P0wder..........pk¢ *
Sunshine Krispie Crax.--"-----2-lb. 33c Bradshaw Honey .....-..1-lb. gig-fit
Dandy Oyster Crackers.------.1-lb. 19c Favro Twirls Macar0ni,,...,..1-ill.3‘i
Ritz Crackers ..pkg 25¢ Lipton’s Soup Mix............ BMu
sous (“53” u’ M) :: Wiwi 1
“Luann-1m...“ bars. 3 rats: GROUND BEEF ~........1b.s
BLUE TOP WWW“ 25c Seven Points ‘
“huts-.~:,- ."-"-:-;:.-:5-'gazes-p.-:-::::::.::.;-‘ _,...:r,.;:::::;:;:;-5;:-.:-..:'53;};z; :;:;--',,,‘:-:. 5.4%,;«.233?,’-'V.;.:;._;;:.:;;:;j-, BEEF ...eso. cOO ' ‘h ;'
{a ll”? omfi m... ngoisn'rm m... . _
3' Keowmww SIRLOIN STEAK .1.. ... .I. ‘
m.,.mwwmmn,m, _ 339.113.;""'°'°"°"."‘ _
”"“"ms ”mm“ ‘ROUND STEAK ”.....el'
00: lb. . 9c lb. Thirteen Points , l 9
Gem Potatoes, No. 1’5....1b. 3c hag?“ 31%? m-d- - --- '' ' ' '.‘
Ilg saving .....-....-..-.....-.....100-10. seal: a... - ‘
Squash ”_:_..lb. 2%(3 LIVER SAUSAGE .......lb.
.. Four Points
Home I'th Grape-......”Jb. 13¢ :3. 130143 '
Faster-rs Cranberries ..............lb. 27: __ ; _ NEW FAMILY CI
:..-liam, ammo. 15: g, , Don't Forget Your Free Con' .
slab-gas, firm ....................lb. to ”’../L7: “1?le - '
Sweet Spoils, No. 1 Jerseyth 12: b" ‘ mas 1w 8“
WANTED: Someone 'to dress live!
poultry and rabbits on their‘
premises. We pay extra good*
wages. Call at The Waffle House
for particulars. The Waffle House
opposite Post office. 29th
FOR SALE—Delicious apples at
my ranch. 1 mile south and 1
mile east of Kennewick. Leonard
Allison 29p
you a reading with the ards.
At Erickson Trailer Camp, back
of Trading Post on Kennewick
highway. Kennewick. Wash. 30p
Hostetter Motor Co.
Authorized FORD Agents
Phone 105 Pasco 518 [..'.
Thursday. Ochber 11, 15‘
the 20th. Room (or
4 passengers. P. O. ho‘ommh
newick. 253, A
FOR SALE— Weaner
Reymore, Rt. 2 H“ “-
FOR SALE: Ohio m.
table, two chairs. on
Road. The Manning PM
in each apartnent???“
$1.50 double. .100 p.
Make your man.
Waffle House next doc, ~‘.!

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