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' D‘ecember 30, 1943
”- Julia Hume was a shopper
”1811’ Walla last Wednesday.
in Lot! Miller is spending a
a.“ vacation in Longview and
”:5, Miller is spending a few
w, in Milton-Freewater, Ore.,
m busineSS.
’4 m. and Mrs. George Turner
W this week for their new home
in Wallace: Idaho.
ll!!- Charlotte Aguilar returned
m from Seattle where she
«ued her sister, Mrs. Cates.
Mrs. Beverly Wilson of Okano-
I“ visited with Mr. and Mrs. W.
L Eann the first of the week.
! 58L Lynn Brown of Ft. Lewis
’ who recently returned from duty
>3l Alaska is home on furlough.
‘ 'Mrs. W. S. Miller 'and infant
m returned from St. Mary’s hos
pill. in Walla Walla, Wtednesday.
uiss Betty anes, who has been
'igiting relatives, and Mrs. Julia
‘ Hume returned to Seattle Tuesday.
Vernon Cates was inducted into
the army Dec. 26 and left for
P 0111836 to enter a medical school.
‘Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brill and
may of Yakima, visited at the
_J. E. Mulkev home over the week
' Pic and Mrs. Joe A. Brown
gunned to Seattle Thursday after
Ming the holidays visitin w'
friends and relatives. g Ith
'Mr. and Mrs. Newton Mulkey
.md‘daughter, Sylvia Mae, spent
Christmas with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. 'J. ‘E. Mulkey.
Mrs. Vern Stanford and children
at Richland, and Mrs. Vern Carl
son of Hanford visited the J. E,
rim home Thursday.
Lt. and Mrs. Lester Brovfn and
infant son of Mt. Vernon arrived
Wednesday and will spend New
Years with home folks.
@632 -\m . g
... ‘* .3, fits.
g flflPI’Y nEIIJ mm 2.2,...1.____.. a
2\ 1944 if} W a
Q ~9l4a~®¢+der ‘:4
—::;_.::::—_—i__:_l “Vi/“KV I
g __.. --_. _x/ , a
a with the launching of a New Year, we . a
la announce the launching of a new a
g MEN'S APPAREL snow 3?
g which, like the year, We. hope to see sail on a
to victory and success. , _
g The new store will feature Black Bear cloth- a
ing, Fashion Craft Cravats, Reliance shirts,
a Timely Suits and Ton Coats and Farwest a
Sportswear, as well as other nationally ad
g vertised brands as soon as they become avail- ?
g able. . a,
' . MEN’S'WEAR a
g 209 Kennewick Ave. Hover Blk. 9
' ..', .- . I
. + "-'.-.'--.f-;-. .a
a ' , ‘ l' / _
p /A 4* /’ / I
a fi
2 i Qi/v" \
g The past comes before us in review
g . . .memories of peaceful New Years';
’ memories of rainy New Years’, and
of New Year's Eves when the wind
i shrieked like a banshee and sleigh
a bells inngled along country roads;
' memories of when this town was .
9. young. Yes, we have . seen many a
! New Year’s come and go. ~
' To the oldest inhabitant, to the
I"). youngest, and to all the good folk in
' between, we say now, as we have -
a said‘so often,
' Mrs. Caroline Klitten, Owner and Manager
Harry Benson is confined to his
home this week with the flu.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. House of
Portland, spent Friday and Satur
day at the R. E. Red home at
1021 Kennewick Avenue.
The Highlands Womans club
will hold the first meeting of the
new year in the club house on Fri
day afternoon, Jan. 7 at 2.
Miss Mona Marie Monroe, who
is attending college at Whitman,
spent the past week with her
mother, Mrs. Warden 'Fann.
Mrs. Ross Willsey, son Jimmie,
and nephew, Dannie Willsey, spent
Christmas holiday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Olbrich.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rutherford
spent Christmas with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mulkey. Mrs.
Rutherford was formerly Joyce
Misses Audrey and Adell Slay
baugh are visiting their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Slay
baugh, during the holidays in
Doris Lewis came home Dec. 25
from the Sacred Heart School of
Nursing in Spokane, to be with
her folks at Christmas. She re
turned the next day.
William Mills returned from
Spokane this week where he had
been visiting his brother, Bert,
who has been seriously ill in the
St._ Luke’s Hospital.
Dare McMillan,’ son of Mr. and
Mrs. K. A. McMillan, who is at
tending college’ at Whitman this
year, spent the week-end with his
parents and returned Tuesday.
Pvt. .and Mrs. Thomas Beegle
and son, Michael, of Ft. Lawton,
are spending the Christmas holi
days with. relatives and friends.
Beegle will report back to his camp
Jan. 4. .
Judge C. J. Winkenwerder re
turned to his home Monday after
spending Christmas in Yakima at
the homes of his sons, Ray, and
Clarence. Mrs. Winkenwerder re
turned Tuesda’y evening.
Guests at the Lawrence Scott
home on Christmas day were Mr.
and Mrs. J. Bryson Brown, Mr..
and Mrs. Joe A. Brown, Miss Mil
dred Brown, Frank Scott, Sgt.
Lynn Brown and Mr. and Mrs. L.
W. Brown.
St. Paul’s Guild will hold its
first meeting of the year Jan. 6 at
the hOme of Mrs.Q Gene Baxter at
2 o’clock. The election of of
ficers will be held at this time
and all the members are urged to
be present.
Miss Loretta Mills of Hover, re
turned home Dec. 17 from Nampa,
Idaho, where she has been attend
ing college. She has spent the
holidays With her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. William Mills, and ex
pects to return after the first of the
year. -
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lenz an
nounced the engagement of their
daughter, Alma, to First Lieut. Or
val C. Olsen of (Appleton, Wisc.,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar C. Olsen
of Pulaski Wise. Both Miss Lenz
and Olsen have been with the
Pasco Holding and Reconsignment
Point for the past year.
Miss Mildred Brown of Seattle
was home for Christmas day.
Mrs. T. W. Payne spent Christ
mas with relatives in WallaWalla.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith were
in Pendleton, Monday on busi
ness. '
Mrs. M. G. Ball of ~Finley is
visiting in- Coeur ’d Alene this
Miss Mary Templteon is spend
ing her. Christmas vacation in Hel
ena, Mont, ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Boldt of Mil
ton, Oregon visited relatives and
friends ‘over Christmas.
The Current Events club will
meet with Mrs. Wm. Blair on Fri
day, Dec. 3lst at him o’clock.
Mrs. John B. Drake and son
Harbert of Walla Walla spent
Tuesday with Mrs. W. T. Payne.
Miss Ethel Mcßeynolds of Oly
mpia is spending the holidays with
her mother Mrs. A. V. Mcßey
nolds. .
Mrs. Ronald Pasche, Hazel and
Alice Pasche visited with Mr. and
Mrs. Howard _Horntvedt and Mr.
and Mrs. 'C. C. Williams Sunday.
Henry 'Belair who is in the
navy and has been stationed at
Farragut, Idaho, arrived home
Wednesday night for a furlough.
Harvey Pool is saying “hello” to
his friends in Kennewick this
week. He is home from overseas
on a furlough and spent Christmas
in Portland with his mother.
Benton County Pomona grange
will meet Saturday, January Bth
at_10:00 am. at Buena Vista. All
grangers are asked to notice the
change in the time of meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zarndt
and daughter, Joyce and Phyllis
were guests of Mrs. Zarndt’s par
ents Rev. and Mrs. L. C. Krug
in Yakima from Christmas day
until Wednesday. » .
Circle No. 2, WSCS will meet
Thursday, Jan. 6th at 2:00 with
Mrs. George Adams. Mrs. M. M.‘
Moulton, Mrs. Kenneth Hudson
and Mrs. Frank Green will act
as assisting hostesses. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Sherk of
Aberdeen came Thursday night
to spend Christmas with Barton’s
mother Mrs. Phoebe Sherk and
his brother-in-law and sister Mr.
and Mrs. E. S. McDonald.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith at
tended a Christmas eve dinner
and party at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Roscoe Richmond. The
guests present were Mr. and Mrs.
Shirley .Hussey of Moses Lake,
and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pruett.
The Highland Womans Club will
meet Friday, Jan. 7th at 2:00 in
the club house. Roll call is to be
answered by “My New Year’s Res
olution.” The hostesses for the day
will be Mrs. Bud Shields, Mrs.‘
Guy Story and Mrs. Bruce Lamp
The Fellowship League of the
Bethlehem Lutheran church will
hold a party Sunday evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Francis
Zarndt with Mrs. M. C. Kauth
assisting Mrs. Zarndt in the en
tertainment. The exchange of
gifts, and games will be enjoyed.
At the regular meeting of Althea
Rebekah Lodge Monday night, the
Rebekah degree was conferred on
ten candidates from the Kiona
lodge. Plans were completed for
the joint installation on January
10th. All Odd Fellows and Re
bekahs are urged to attend. Dainty
refreshments were served to sixty
at the close of the meeting.
The Misses Hazel and Alice:
Pasche of Spokane spent the
Christmas holidays with Alice’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Pasche of Kennewick. Hazel, a
cousin of Frank Pasche, recently
came from Columbus, N. Dak.,
and is employed in Spokane at
the rolling mill. Both girls re
turned to Spokane Monday morn
ing. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Douglas
and children were guests at the
Louis Brown home on the High
lands Tuesday. .
Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Edge left
Christmas day to visit at the home
of his parents in Bend, Ore.,
Edgar is in the army air corps
and has been stationed in the
south but is being sent east for
more extensive training. Mrs.
Edge will reinain here with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith en
tertained with a Christmas din
ner for the following guests: Mrs.
Marie Smith of Prosser; Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Smith and three chil
dren; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Saf
ford and two children; Mr. and
Mrs. Ellrie Safford and four chil
dren; Mr. and Mrs. George Saf
ford and son Gary; and Mrs.
Verda Safford all of "Kennewick;
and Pvt"and Mrs. Thomas Beegle
and son Micheal of Seattle. '
Dr. and Mrs. M. O.‘Barnes. and
children of Olympia, Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Byrd and Mr. and Mrs. Nor
man Byrd and Beverly of Yakima,
children of Mr. and Mrs. George
Byrd and Dr. Barnes' mother, Mrs.
H. P. Barnes of Lewiston, Idaho,
were guests at the George Byrd
home for Christmas festivities this
year. Dr. and Mrs. Barnes and
Mrs. H. P. Barnes left Wednesday
for their respective home 'while
Kay, daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
Barnes, remained for a longer
Kess Campbell Family
Moves Into' Kennewick
Locust Grove— Mr. and Mrs.
Kess Campbell and family moved
recently from their ranch home
into town. Mr. and Mrs. Marty
Abkin plan to move into the house
vagated by the Campbells.
For more than two years now,
some church bell in Kennewick
has been rung at 6 o’clock every
night. A
The purpose of 'the bell ringing
is to call attention to a moment
of prayer for our men in the serv
ice, on the part of citizens where
ever they happen to be.
Some of the churches have no
bells so they have borrowed from
the institutions which have bells,
and' have taken 'over the job of
ringing them in their turn“
On New Years Day at 6 o’clock
in the evening, all the bells in town
will be rung at the 6 o’clock prayer
time. '
God bless our boys in air, on land
and sea!
Full well we know how dear they
are to Thee. ’ -
Where’er they go, whatever they
may dare, '
God ever keep them in Thy gra-
Grant us our prayers and bring
them safely home.
God fiess our foes and cause their
. eyes to see,
That peace alone can only come
from Thee. v ~
. ‘Finleya—The Grange will meet
Friday night, Dec. 31, with a 6:30
pot-luck supper. Business meeting
will follow and the program will
be put on by the men. All Grang
ers are invited.
Mr; and Mrs. Harry Benson
spent the week-end in Sunnyside
with Mrs. Benson’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Fern Crain. ‘
Donald Sherry Sl/c, who has
been,‘ on Pacific waters the past
nine months, and Miss Virginia
Dye of Vancouver and Mrs. Harvey
Paulson of Seattle, are visiting this
week with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Walter Hughes _of Tacoma came
Wednesday night for a visit over
the holidays'with his mother, Mrs.
Irene Hughes and family. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Paulson of
Seattle and Mr. and Mrs. George
Taylor were dinner visitors at the
Ernest Sherry home Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Whitney and
children of Bremerton and Mr.
and Mrs. Buddy Schwartz and
children of Tacoma, left Wednes
day for their homes, after visiting
the past week with Mr. and Mrs.
C. G. Whitney and family.
All Bells to Ring on
New Years Day .
cious care.
God guard our lads and though
just now they roam, .
Grange to Hold.
Pot-Luck Dinner Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Arlie. Glassner of
Yakima left Tuesday for their
home, having visited with Arlie’s
father, Clint Glassner and Mrs.
Glassnejr’s parents in Pasco.
Mr. (1 Mrs. Bob Turner and‘
two da ghters, Tana and Terri of
Sistersii‘eg' who spent a week
visitig I . _Turner’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Schaffner, also
‘the Bill Gerber, Frank Gerber and
‘for their home. -
Mrs. Fred Brodbeck will be
Albert Piert families, left Sunlay
hostess to the Finley Grange Aux-
canhelpm- Whenyoumwanimotmmtenmwout
ltpersonallymrbyphone—we'nmchtc it. Our telephone number
iliary at an all-day meeting Wed
nesday, Jan. 5. Pot-luck dinner
will be at noon. All Grange ladies
are invited to come.
Mrs. Charles Mills and Mrs.
Billie Mills were visitors of Mrs.
Bill Nunn Monday. '
The Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Smith
and son, George, spent Christmas
day with the Smith’s daughter and
family, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Manett
at Grandview. The Smiths re
turned to their homes Saturday
night and George remained for a
Miss orothy Auman left Wednes
week’s visit.
day for her home in Port Angeles
to spend the holidays. She is a
teacher in the River View high
Mrs. Irene Hughes and family,
Mrs. Clarene Thorp and children
and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ely and
children were dinner guests Christ
mas day of Mr. and Mrs. Chuck
Neel and family.
Locust Grove Grange
Outlines R.C. Work
[ Locust Grove Home Circle club
‘met Tuesday at the home of Cath
ierine Nicoson with Marie Smith
assisting at a dessert luncheon. The
;Red Cross project was planned in
‘full detail with Rith Simmelink
‘supervising. All members volun
iteered in the making of a quilt,
\kniting mufflers and sweaters and
‘making shirts conforming to stan
ldard regulations. A “galloping
tea” was suggested for the con
struction of the quilt blocks and
iGrace Edwards and Edith Smith
iwere appointed to take charge of
the details. The club welcomed
two guests, Mrs. Shirley Hussey
and Eleanor Safford. After the
business was completed the ladies
enjoyed an exchange of gifts. Lela
Owens extended an invitation to
her home for the next meeting
on January 18, when the quilt
is to be .tied and all completed
work turned in.
Mr. and Mrs. John Owens and
children left Wednesday for Pen
dleton where they were over-night
guests of Mrs. Owen’s parents. Lt.
Wayne Thorpe, brother of Mrs.
Owens, who is on furlough from
Fort Sills, Oklahoma is also visit
ing his parents. '
To clear the floors for the ar
rival' of the new spring mer
chandise, we .are cutting the
prices on all our present stock.
This ‘is all new merchandise
and is the tops in quality.
Reductions have been
made in—
100% all wool, in sizes from
. 12 to 20
Every suit is 100% all wool
and comprise the Dressmaker
and the Casual. Sizes 12 to 20
Both the dressy and casual
models are included. The sizes
will range from 9 to 44.
All new models. See thu!
Find what you want. The
price will suit!
The new spring Jersey Prints
are arriving daily
0 _
Ellery Stafford purchased a home
and is moving in this week.
' g G 'l‘4 E
. I F what value is gratitude if it'
_ forever remains unexpressed?
We are grateful to you for the
‘. loyalty which has enabled us
I“ . to make measureable progress
\‘J’? during these difiicult times.
‘\§R\i§\ And we want you to.know it.
"'1 ‘WE WISH FOR YOU IN 1944
e . It
- 3A toms or soon lucx
\~\ 8
\ .
// WEE
__ mm n “I“ ._ g
fs; V * W):
' \ ‘~ '3“ 6 * 111/w
r‘ "(SNS a”) - fik/ {l’
I Wm": ,\t <2l“ . E 1775“
' With the Hun on the way out,
there is unusual cause for re
joicing this New Year’s of
1944. So, let us make merry
. - in the fullest sense of the
We wish you a Happy New
. Year, and look forwartl to
'greater service to all of you
in 1944. '
(SN '

3931‘ Wish“
community! We want everyone to know
that we regal-(the popularity at this store
responsibility. We will meet that respon
sibility by making every elfort to improve
our service in 1944. -
The Ladies Aid of the Bethle
hem Lutheran church enjoyed a
Christmas party last Tuesday at
the home of Mrs. Herbert Mal
chow. A Santa Claus, the exchange
of gifts. and games provided the
entertainment for the afternoon.
The hostesses tor the party were
Mrs. Ruuert, Mrs. Gertrude Sta
ley, Mrs. Lulu Anderson and Mrs.
Leda Zamdt.

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