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The Henry Smiths
Add to Their House
Locust Grove Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Smith are building an ad
dition to their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pruitt were
Saturday evening dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Simmelink.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Edwards
and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lyons at
tended the wedding of Cpl. Walter
Edwards and Miss Geraldine
Walker last Thursday evening.
The ceremony was held at the
home of the bridegroom’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Edwards in
Triple A Announces
Vegetable Support Prices
According to word received in
the Triple A office the following
are the approved minimum aver
age grower support prices for
vegetables for canning delivered
to the processing plant or to major
assembly points: All are per ton:
Tomatoes, $26; Snap beans, pole,
$110; snap beans, bush, $80; green
peas, $79; sweet corn, $29; Lima
beans, $115; beets, s2l; carrots,
Grade and sieve size prices will
be announced shortly for green
peas, snap beans and beets. The
grade and sieve size prices will
be determined at levels which un
der average growing and harvest
ing conditions will return the
average price to the grower. The
other vegetables will be on a
field run (culls out) basis.
The announced prices apply
only to the above-named vege
tables for canning, and are not
applicable to vegetables for freez
ing or dehydrating. Similar pro
grams may be announced later
for vegetables for freezing and
Growers must contract with
certified canners in order to as
sure themselves of the support
prices. A certified canner is one
certified by the state committee
as contracting at not less than
grower support prices and charges
no more than maximum service
‘Who Makes More than
Two Withdrawals a Month
I Should Have a
National Bank of Commerce
Special Checking A ccount
HERE’S wuv- . ‘ _
1. Your funds havo tho protoction of a strong NAIIONAI.
bank with capital funds in oxcoss of $0,000,000.00 ‘
oncl rosourcos ovor $270,000.000.00-tho fifty-third
honic in point of sixo in tho country.
2. You onloy tho facility of"roacly cash“ without tho ‘
dangor of carrying a lot of cash, thus avorting loss ,
through thoft. accic'iont or carolossnoss.
3. lnstoacl of having to go to tho bank to withdraw cash,
you simply writo a chock.
4. You loso no timo-thoro is no dolay. '
5. Your chockrprotocts you against having to pay a dis
putocl hill twico. A cancoliocl chock is a logai rocoipt.
6. Paying by chock ls tho sound, husinoss-llko way of
doing things-for individuals as woll as husinoss.
A National Bank of Commerce
Special Checking Account
is easy to open easy to maintain
/ a
D _._‘—-‘_ '__—”__—
Only Cost is for the Checks—in Books of Ten —as you Need Them
You Can Open Your Account By Mail
National Bank of Commerce
of Soattlo
labor lotion! Deposit Imuoo Corporation
I. crwnn'r.luuu
Highland Grange Meets
To Assist in War Relief
Highlands—The Ladies of the
Grange met with Mrs. H. E. Rey
more at her home last Wednesday
to recondition clothing for the.
Russian war relief. 1
Next meeting will be at the
home of Mrs. Clarence Sonder
man, Wednesday, March 8. ‘ Any
one having clothing, such as over
coats, suits, trousers, dresses,
Ishoes, mittens, underwear, any
thing that would have a few
\months’ wear left in it, would
be appreciated to have it turned
in to this meeting. The ladies will
recondition this clothing or make
over and send to a mailing center.
Beryl Shields of the NAS at
Pasco visited at his home over
night Tuesday.
Mrs. J. M. Ayers of Yakima was
a Sunday visitor at the Sam Pickel
Miss Elizabeth Story and Miss
Margaret Johnson of Whitman
College, Walla Walla, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Story last Friday
between busses on their way to
Miss Evelyn Cox, daughter of
L. A. Cox arrived last week from
South Dakota and is employed at
the White Kitchen with her sister
Officers Elected Next
Friday at Grange
Locust Grove—The Grange will
hold its regular meeting Friday,
March 3. All members are urged
to attend the election of several
officers, lecturer’s “Quiz Hour”
and to enjoy refreshments after
the business meeting.
Mrs. Henry Smith suffered a
painful ankle sprain last week
when she stepped on an article
on the floor.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Edwards
and Shirley were dinner guests
last Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kratzer were
Thursday evening dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Simmelink.
Tony Mayer of , Palouse was a
business visitor in the hills last
week. -
Mrs. Whifflettee (displaying
now lamp shade)—lsn't it per
fectly lovely? And it cost only $lO.
Mr. Whiifletree (desperately)—
If you wear that to church to
morrow, you go alone. There’s
a limit to everything, including
In the Superior Court of the sun
of Washington in and for
Benton County
NO. 2230
In the Manor of the Estate of
Julius Jacot. Deceased
Notice is hereby given that Let
ters of Administration with the
will annexed on the estate of
Julius Jacot, deceased, were grant
ed to the undersigned on the 19th
day of February, 1944, by the said
Superior Court. .
All persons having claims
against said estate are required to
serve them with the necessary
vouchers upon me at the office
of Moulton 8; Powell, Kennewick,
Washington, within six months af
ter the date of the first publica
tion of this notice; to-wit, within
six months after the 2nd day of
March, 1944, and file the same
with the Clerk of the above en
titled court, together with proof
of such service or they shall
be forever barred.
Dated at Kennewick, Washing-
' ' . . ’“
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_ ‘ :::='s:2:2:2::<;::::2:E=Ei=azz'rif:-'éz-:‘:"-*t:2:. m > , W.
*‘H -‘ M W»:
emf“; 5 ”w »“‘
,A fiiééiééi'iiiéiéiééis22s339323ss2.s3s2l33s3923s9ss2:63:?ziséEis23‘:Eiiifiéziifiiééféiifi”36:s'_iiizfzieiezaéiiiFifi"): 525 1* :- g. .
.. a <~:l?sii???sss??3s3sss???fl'???if3§i§s§3§§s§§§s§s§3§§§§_33siiiit"???Z:E§E§E§iii-:s;iiiéé—iiiiiéiiéijt‘QEEEFE2sss}gargafjr;3s;: .’:}; ,1 5; ..u - «333.; .
. A ",jét. “V 3335- ~ W 552:
' ” figflréfiere‘g ( a."
' New.» -:‘l:26;??2;'2239ss?iééééiézé::-§=232222§226292§§';;32;2:322:32;2225;232:2255: '22-. --«§’l.i [3535???" g 43:4 fif if};
-‘::i‘3'sl7i'3'l‘3'3'3'3'? 9’.-'aft-5:3:11:2:2:1351332:5Z'\‘:‘.‘-Z:Z:Z-I:i':‘;-." :ii'i 1:2:1‘- ' ‘2-"'-"-'Z'"-':-i-:3'3Z5::2::3;3Z3f-1-15513331531:2:212:25fi-Y:Z;Z;Z;:;S.‘:?;._Y.;.‘Z- '-'-'-;--H _3 . .:‘-J v- .::‘}: : ‘43:; .:.]: 12x5"
f 5?” ~ {if . 42% fl”
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A ' ' " .... x” @«9 ’>
y ''x 'h 1%;
" 3, y. : e “a nEt ‘ »“‘-*3
‘ 3‘“ \‘ , ~" -' 'l-':"‘4'21:3525:5252?233322532325:E:E=§:E:;.... - z; " "“7: -;-..3::’:£¥3??3=3.;:::3=~=:
3 " " ~ r a g
. ; ‘:‘“ Whiz egg
33. f 5? --s.<o¥4’g ' § ' ' ':',Lfifoiizi“::..
42:2:2222e;:‘..:-’. , ”‘o =:=-='7 - ‘ * - 3:223:22; 4'
3¢ 3 - .. ,5
':':-:':'1':':':':'x:::"'-’:"'#5$" " i . - "’ ' .. .-:-:~:~:-:-:-' -....'-:-:<::;:::::.'
5%; ,fim .. ~. gr
wii‘fi’gf' a... “v '- - ' ' '-- $235551?"
;x/{Nwtzfi ,fefif?”m%~ I}. . ' v _ 1.31. _, " ~' ,_ “33’
/,;~*§’%”§§ iyezfnxafi‘fé‘fifigfi " -’°:_ ““ H2s33:gzigzésés‘gaésieiaiz’:2l22':2* ) 4 , ~ ' _ “,sch
gewx>flfiwemv4 , , e . ' xfl,;g
e‘e"? «.t - - , ' . a _ . 2%
’x’i'v‘éewfip ~x 3.g -_ . ' ~ , e .- wk:-
-' “Wye“ ::3 * . .. ;g - .3 ( a ~
{“’sz“ 19’ x ii: . ' ; i ' ‘ ¥ 3 ¢ -,
"a2#53::E22522515:E:3:323:35:323:2:E:E:2:5:525:53:55gE5EE-135%353115355553122:E;3;E;?;E§§S§:$Egi~j§§g£;E;E=¢>_---,=g:‘-E: - .: 2;;- i;':; :7: ’x _ :5“, _ I, V ~ -sl33333zijézizizizisizjgigigi;. . ~ ”$3.33..
- ' - E reta- 2 - , » 6 ~
.X‘ "5.532;? " ‘ ' _ ‘ " fl : , ~ 1 . . V p _
‘25; . _ ' y , . W 2???
' S 0 U s aid ° ..-...
oppose y . _
’ ’ R d C lI I
Let t ere eno 9 ross.
Of course, you have given before, gen
erously and from your heart. Of course.
you will give again . . . you who have
7 always given for others.
UPPOSE you turned your face away themselves and their loved ones as the Giving to the Red Cross has always
'. n e
. . . suppose you said, .'1 have done land they fought for . . . been ‘Bm proud habit ofthirty mum
enough”. . . Suppose there were no Red Cross to American families .. . proud that they
Suppose there were no blood centers march beside our men in every land .. . could give .. . proud of Red Cross thlt
.9o o o
...no plasma for the wounded...suppose no helpmg handto doamother swork. . . made the giving worthwhile.
there were no Red Cross rest homes . . . Could you sleep at nigh, mother? You, But this year, when the need is greener
nobedforyourhoywhenheisfnrloughed Mamie Abe service. than ever before . . . When
fromthefront... . e e a: it isyourownmweserve
No"cofi'ee and—”at the end of a long When you say, an.“ God 6"! 10 “IE .. . This year, when you
. I
march, no cigarettes, no magazines, no for the Red Cross!" men. figure hownmnch to 81m
0 n n
welcome Red Cross clubmobtles, no her this. , .1: is your Red think first, Suppoie m
booksinthe hospitals behmd the lines .. . Cross . . .Ym bandages and . were no Red Cross?
. 0
Suppose our men m enemy hands re- your blood. RED cm: Then dig deep and “pd.
ceived no weekly food packages - - - sup: Yes, My!” money, too! For wherever be Is
pose they were leftto scrape along, living
onalienbread...nocheeringmailfrom .
”and” i The RED CROSS OS 0" IIIS side
J M . u '
. 0]) e 5' .
This is one of a series of advertisements published in cooperation with the office of War Information and the U. S. M
Department, by the following public-spirited contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers:
A. D. E. Company.
Arden Farms Co.
Roy L. Bair 8: Co. General Contractors
Baker Bros., Grading Contractors
Cascade Milk Products Co., Yakima
Curtis Gravel Co., Kennewick
Empire Electric Co., Pasco
Eric Lundeen, Painting Contractor
ton, this 2nd day of March, 1944.
'Administrator with the
Will Annexed of the es
tate of Julius Jacot. deo
Moulton 8:. Powell
Attorneys for Administrator
with the will annexed,
Kennewick, Washington 3:2-16
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to the many friends who
gave their handness, sympathy
W E I. D I N G
At Your Place or
In My ShOp
Gilson Mariel!
13 South Pmitland 5:. Kennewick
Phone 1061
J. Frese 8; Son, Concrete Blocks
Hankee-James-Zahniser 8; Warren,
Piping Contractors, Hantord, Wash.
Jensen 8; Wright Construction Co., Con
crete Pipe 8; Bldg. Blocks
E. H. Kidwell, Pasco Union Oil Co.,
John W. Maloney, Architect, Yakima
and beautiful floral offerings at
the death of our beloved husband
father and grandfather. Mrs. Net
tie Evett, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ev
ett and family, Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Evett and family, Mr. and Mrs.
L. O. Evett and family.
Like to [eel
YOU‘LL he important—to your
country. and to your fighting
men—if you take over a vital
job in the Army.
In the Women's Army Corps
you'll get expert Army training
postwar career. You'll have a
chance to improve your skill
or learn I: new one—to meet
new peoplo. see new places.
have experiences you'll remem
her all your lite.
' Get full detalis, about the
WAC at any 0.8. Recruiting
Station. Or write for interesting
booklet. Address: The Adjutant
General. “15 Munitions Bldg.
Washington 25. 0.0. (Women
in essential war industry must
have release from their employ
er or the U. 8. Employment
***** * ir * *
'l' A X BET[I II N S
lAT A .
~ “was“ m u:;“a:;zl:ao::mmm
* *. *
* * *
' : A. . '
Office Hours ::d 831d}; 10 PM. Duly
* * ir
Kennewick Offices: Pasco Office:
commum HOTEL m LEWIS Bmm
ammo: nap-r. STORE Opposite 15am“ an
346 Ave. C East on the Hiway
Contractor: datum and hen
Thursday. March 9.
St. Johns Motor Expres- °°~ w
a. J. Sandbar Co.
soon. 3:. Union Ave» Wad“.
Webb motor a: 3“pr
YCPC. “Concrete Pip. for
Ynflnn unaware Coo YIHI'

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