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Dehydrating mm Definite
Possibility tor this Region
Establishment of new dehydrat—
ing plants to utilize pea vines, cull
fruit and vegetables and other
agricultural wastes in the manu
facture of stock food is a definite
new industrial prospect for this
agricultural area, 'H.' W. Derry,
manager of the Pacific Power a;
Light company new industries de
Without qualification 0 -
we believe this to be
the world’s greatest ' _
During our many years of doing business in >
Seattle we have had numerous opportunities '
to merchandise various hearing aid instru
ments. Heretotore we have not done so. simply
because the instruments themselves were not
what we expected a really good hearing aid
~ to be. or because we thought. the price too
high. Now. at last. we have found what we
truly believe .to be the world's greatest hear- .
ing aid . . . at a price that is actually ONE
' FOURTH the cost of the better vacuum tube
' instruments of today! It is the new Zenith
Badionic Hearing Aid. an amazing vacuum
‘ tube instrument of highest precision quality—
small compact -- wearable . . . the audio
section of a radio receiver in miniature. com
plete with miniature radio tubes. crystal mi
crophone and batteries . . . for only S4O!
This is the instrument for which we were '
waiting. It you are hard of hearing. we hope
that you will come in and investigate this
amasingly low priced key to better hearing.
Restored hearing would be a grand gift for
' .
This new aid, complete, ready-to-wear ..
Seattle: 51: Olive Wily. 'fiedical-Dental Bldg. man: 5119
Bremerton—zas Second Avenue
-,_ ' f";
Call Mr. Casey -
. Phone 91, Room" 108, New Pasco Hotel
Now. Ends Friday, May 12 Sunday - Monday, May 14- 15
__.13l ‘ ' . ,
. ' l . ll
___‘POl______—_ 1W Filmed in Technicolor .
Saturday Only, May 13 - , SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS
_V ___._ ”E ““ole FINGERS Tuesday - weaneflhy, May 16'"
'..i"t:.:a§~iEziti33322;:s33i==§gjgs§é' \\ 2;;3213; v’ “.‘:“r .._.";i", "' - "I" '‘- ‘=:’
a. i w g“ ’8 ;aln em :. um 1
‘ .. Ka, ”$5 fiwwmxn - \ \ _ . J
3“? ea. \ DETECTIVE i. _. ‘ ti
' . * KW'M” __ ~
s. ‘1 j . I
“4 ~ r" z/ GEORGE MURPHY
§w§i "3K *téx b
‘1 3» ~ «’th ANNE SHIRLEY
- ..‘: “Meg: “SSSCA f , ,9 . _.__—___—
V 3: s§§§W y . “5:3 aw I
;. g" Starling Thursday May 18
t ' « "i . -. ‘ u I u
. ~ “r“ N lll'l'LEß S CHILDREN
partment has advised R. H. Skill,
P.P.&L. district manager.
Such a dehydratingplant, Derry
said, would also be mterested in
contracting fresh cut am has:
and could handlefthe' crop
from 1200 to 1500 acres of alfalfa
land. Capable of reducing green
hay bulk to one percent of its
original weight without appre
ciable loss of vitamin content, the
plant would supply alfalfa con
centrates for poultry and livestock.
Derry has just remrned from a
trip of several week; through the
east where he contacted manu
facturers and industrialists at the
request of chambers of commerce
in the territory served by Pacific
Power & Light company. Eastern
capital is turning to the Pacific
northwest for post-war expansion,
he said, and two of the greatest
selling" points this area now have
are increased consuming‘ popula
tion, brought about by war activ
ity, and the prospective availablity
of new markets in the Orient for
products manufactured in the re
gion. . , t
A leading manufacturer of farm
machinery that has been con
templating a new plant in the
Pacific northwest for several years
now has its expansion program in
the blueprint stage and is looking
for a site. _' ' .
Four firms are definia'tely in
terested in develdping lime- de
posits in the territory served by
Pacific Power & Light company
and the head of one of the con
cerns will make, a preliminary in
spection trip soon. In addition
to its uses in agriculture and build
ing trades, lime is an essential
chemical and metallurgical reduc
ing agent.
’ Still another new industrial op
eration will locate in the territory
to process phosphorus shipped
from Idaho for application to al«
kaline soils east of the Cascades.
The area has an ultimate market
for 330,000 tons annually.
Western Horse Heaven
Home Ec. Club Meets
I Western Horse Heaven—Mrs.
Lucile Henson assisted by Mrs.
Demmick entertained the local
Home Economics club at her home
last Wednesday. Secret Pals were
chosen for the coming year. Guests
present were Mrs. Grace Kinney
of Benton City, Mrs. Clara Root
of Locust Grove, and Mrs. Pat
Pettijohn of Yakima. The study
topic was child training and Mrs.
Ralph Wooden read a humorous ar
ticle on the effects of a certain
book in training children, results:
three young selfish savages. Mrs.
Gladys Bolon received the book,
“The Child in the Home,” by
Leila Wall Hunt and a fine article
on the different phase of child
development. A photograph gall
ery of childhood pictures of the
club "members were featured for
the hobby hour and Mrs. J. Tom
aske won the award for recogniz
ing the most faces. The June 7th
meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs. Hugh Bell with Rock
collections the theme.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Christen en
tertained at a family dinner Sun
day in honor of their son Everett’s
16th birthday.
I Mrs. H. S. Bell recently received
Lword that her father, Dan Trem
‘blay had fallen and broken his
hip. Mr. Trembley is at the Bell
view nursing home in Tacoma.
Mrs. Pat Pettijohn and little
daughter, who have been visiting
at the I. T. Fouch home the past
week returned to Yakima Sun
day. Mrs. Pettijohn is the former
Marian Fouch and lived 'in the
Locust Grove community as a
child. Mrs. Pettijohn and daugh
ter, Judith Ann, and Mr. and
Mrs. Fouch and daughter Helen
called Sunday on Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Amon in Kennewick. .
The fellow in Ohio who remar
ried his divorced wife at least"
won’t have to hear her forever
bragging about her first husband.
nu: ma: MAW
Finley—Mr. and Mrs. John
Fredricks entertained Thursday
evening with a turkey dinner in
honor of Henry Turner, who is
enjoying a furlough from where
he is in the Navy, stationed at
Farragut. chers present were
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Masters, Mr.
and Mrs. Stanley Cochran, Mr.
and Mrs. Burt Fredricks, Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Piert, Mrs. Arlene
Moore and' George Fredricks and
the honor guest.
Sgt. Herbert Piert who has just
returned from New Guinea came
Tuesday night for a visit with
his parents, -Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
iPiert, and with the Henry Piert,
and Albert Piert families.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gilmore and
son Jimmie were visitors Sunday
at the Sherry and Lande homes.
Mrs. Gene Howard and daugh
ters Linda Mae and Brenda Kay
of Hermiston have been visiting
Mrs. Howards’ parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Rolla Lanning. Mrs. Howard
and Brenda Kay left for their
home Tuesday and Linda Mae
will remain with her grandparents
for a few weeks. Mrs. Baker
and son Kenneth of Nampa, Idaho
who have been visiting at the
Lanning home the past two weeks
also left Tuesday for their home.
Father Schiller to Be
Assistant in chk
The ,Rev. Bernard Schiller, as
sistant in St. Joseph’s parish. Spo
kane. since shortly after his ordina
tion last Decernber. has been trans
ferred to Kennewick where he will
be assistant to the Rev. William
Sweeney; pastor of St. Joseph's
church here.
fhisfiis thfi‘stirst time an assist;
an 1) at been gssizned
Kennewick. Father Sweeney has
for some time been celebrating
three masses evry Sunday _.in
Kennewick, Richland. and Han
ford. A great increase in popula
tion in these three towns has
brought many Catholics into the
parish and one priest canno longer
serve the territory adequately.
AMBuHu_ETgmement at
Pretty Sorority Party
i Mr.‘ and Mrs. N. L. Foraker of
the Highlands announced Sunday
the engagement of their daughter,
Verdine, to Hollis Davis, United
States Navy.
The news was formally an
nounced at Sunday dinner in the
Tau Kappa Epsilon house in Pull
man, when cards attached to the
;bottom of cookies bearing a navy
insignia and the names “Verdine
’and Hollis” were passed during
dessert. The ring was discovered
on a corsage of white gardenias,
and was placed on Verdine’s finger
by her roommate, Eileen Busek of
Chehalis. The surprised girls of
the house responded with the tra
ditional singing of “I Love You
Truly”. "
The table was centered with a
bouquet of white snapdragons and
pink carnations, and the napkins
and place cards carried out the
’spring motif.
1 Campus guests were Tommy
Simmelink and Virginia Smith of
South Hall, and Frances Bird of
North Hall.
Verdine is a student of Wash
ington State College, and was
formerly employed at the Na
tional Bank of Commerce. Davis,
who at present is stationed at the
Pasco~ Naval Air Station, is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Davis
of Albany, Ore.
Henry Turner, U.S. Navy,
Is Home on Furlough
Officers Elected and
Installed Friday Night
bocust Grove—Grange held its
regular meeting Friday, May 5.
with fourteen members preaent
with Lyle Simmelink. master in
the chair. The offices of Ceres
and executive committee. pre
viously declared vacant were voted
on with Leatha Abken elected as
Ceres and Marty Abken as execu
tive committee. Installation cere
monies were conducted (or Lyle
Simmelink, master: _Gilbert Ed
‘wards. assistant steward; Marty
‘Abken. ex. comm.; Leatha Abken.
:Ceres. and Pomona. Clara Root.
1 A committee of Edith Smith.
;Beulah Nicoson and Mary Kratzer
was appointed to purchase a wed
iding gift for Inna Pratt.
j _ After the meeting deiicioug _re-
treshments were érved by Mrs.
Clara Root and Mr. and Mrs. Gil
bert Clodfelter.
The lecturer presented severe:
members with copies of a three
act play'to be given in October
for the Pomona program.
There ‘will be only a few meet
ings left for the new members to
become acquainted with their
grange before the usual discon
tinuation of .meetings until fall,
so come on out grangers and meet
your neighbors!
Miss Emma Mae Tolliver of
Wapato was a week end guest of
her sister and family. Mrs. Ralph
Mary Ellen’ Simmelink visited
school Friday as a guest of Sherry
Ann Larkin in the second grade
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Abken and
family of Bingen, Wash., were
guests Tuesday and Wednesday of
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Abken.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Sirnmelink
and children, Mary Ellen, Carol
and Allen were Saturday evening
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Kratzer. .
Mrs. M. S. Kinkaid was an all
day guest last Friday at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. Roy Kratzer.
- Vera Nicoson, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Nicoson has been
ill the past week with the measles.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Clodfelter
and son spent Tuesday and Wed
nesday of last week in The Dalles
visiting with Mrs. Clodfelter's
mother, Mrs. Louise Edwards.
- John Owen and children, Jackie
and Bill were last Sunday dinner‘
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
' Roscoe Richmond, Budd Larkin
and Lyle Simmelink were business
Knights in Walla Walla last Thurs.
Mrs. Benton Famum of Palouse.
in Kennewick to attend the funeral
of J. C. Dennis, was an overnight
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Sim
melink last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. McFadden and
‘son were visitors at the Carl
Evans home last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith visit
ed at the home of Mrs. Smith’s
mother Mrs. Waters, Sunday.
Clell Ashby left for Colfax where
he will visit his mother, Mrs. Min
nie Ashby. From there he will go
to Eolville where he has purchased
a ome.
-- on -
MAIN S u n
" ‘qm ;. {‘..:}.
,' \AuO' —_ -. A
:' - - r -' l ’l
“ .': .’.:rri .lr ‘r
_ I.'. :1: “I I I "'.‘ a
—“ :3 355595;" ‘;j" ‘l l e . '
' $95 ..'-I. 't ..
That second front across the
Channel has 601' to start soc:
The are running on! P" '
ing ’places in England for all
the vehicles. and other equip
ment we are sending over.
. ale 0 %
Our soldiers are reported _lo be
superstitious, and refuse to ride 13
in a Jeep.
I! § 0
Our salute to bombs headed for
i 6 O as
The salesman. who politely gave
up his sleeping space on the coach
to an old lady. got off the train
at the next station and wired
ahead: '
"Will not arrive until tomorrow.
Just gave berth to an old lady."
ii O as
Then there was the bachelor who
was paying a visit to the house of
a friend, a married man, and found
himself rather bored by all the
talk about the son and heir of the
“Just \fancy,” said the adoring
mother, “he’s only 17 months old
and he’s been walking for nearly
nine months!”
“Really?” saidthe visitor, wear
ily. “Don‘t you think it’s about
tune he sat down?”
~ *6 O i
The police in Cincinnati don't
know what to do with an ec
centric guy who insists on
throwing 81000 hills out of his
hotel window. He might be
charged with impersonating a
government bureau.
is O at:
Green Onions.
O O 0
Concrete Blocks - Brick
0 0
Contract Hauling
8 O O
1021 w. Yakima St. Pasco. Wn.
Birthday Dinner Served
Honoring Babs Lanning
Finley—Mrs.‘Rolla Lanninz en
tertained with a birthday dinner
Friday evening in honor of her
daughter Babs 9th birthday. Those
present were Miss Shirley Larkin
of Kennewick, Patty Thomas of
Horse Heaven and Patty Warten
sleven ot Pasco, also Mr. and
Mrs. Wartensleven o! Pasco. Mrs.
Baker and son Kenneth of Nampa,
Idaho. and Mr. and Mrs. George
Taylor. A birthday cake halted by
Mrs. Taylor was in the center
of the table. The Misses Thomas
and Larkin were overnight guests
0! Babe. returning to their homes
Saturday morning.
Miss Doreen Brodbeck was a
week end visitor of her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brodbeck. She
returned to Walla Walla Sunday
night where she is taking a course
at a beauty school.
lone Street, 7:30 PM.
5 Where the Bible Speaks We Speak
; * * ‘k
1 Everyone Cordially Invited .‘ -
, E. E. MITCHELL, Minister {7‘
I. I B E R I' Y
’ ’ PAS C 0 ‘
Now-n'l'hrough Saturday
W His Greatest Role As Matrac The Outcast!
Hu mph rey BOGART _ .
' HAM‘HLL ' ’
x H iii'i'fis . MMijjii'EAN % ~ ,
Sydney GRHNSTREH _ ~
e v" ' a-
0 Doors Open Thursday, Fri. at SAM '
Starling SUNDAY for THREE Bays
3:; ”E -
. ff a fi
5% 9’5 , ' I“ ' ;
e” ... 0 Y
”NAMQKSWSO“ Jfi ' ‘..'”.
0 Sunday 12:45, Mon. 515,—1e6.‘ _
Wednesday Only! lull— .
IT’S MURDER .. . 'th “it"
Nine Beautiful (11an film I . '
ALSO: Screen Vaudefille Comedy Snmhd'
0 Doors Open Wednesday at 3:45 __.
-=...-,.:;;;g.; .. .. . . 93 X i ' i ;
Miami's nesm' Imm!
With Johnny Weissmuller and Name Kc ' ‘
Thursduy, a!“ M _
Mrs. irene Hugh“, W "I!
the week end with he: II
who was operated on . . .
Seattle. returned home ‘ '
night. Walter is rem
Albert Piert, and Hem, 7h.
were Prosser visitors M.-
Mrs. Harvey Paulaon Who N
the week end in seam.
home Monday. She -.
husband who is stationed
LPWiS. and other relau
Mr. and Mrs. Jim
of Kennewick visited ' -
Mr. and Mrs. E. O.
«.2: i“;" ...me
MrS- a one called ..'
Gene Howard Tuesday W h
been visiting at the ,
Mr. and Mrs. Howard g: 4
and children Billy and 3* 'fi
Seattle. were visitors w '
and Thursday of Mrs. m
sister and brother-in-law. 'l‘. ”E
Mrs. Fred Brodbeck. '
Finley grange will meet M h.
night at 8:30. -

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