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About the State
By Guy LaFollette
Let Us All Plan to Attend to
Our Own Business in Future
"The election campaign just
Closed had one beneficial effect
it gave us an education in the
matter of government which would
not have been otherwise possible.
Its greatest lesson perhaps is that
all public officials are sensitive
to the beliefs and ideas of the pub.
lie, the voters, the people who hire
them and to whom they must
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201 Front Ave. Phone 1181
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7?: 54.43223??? ' .
’3‘? Farmers, Industrialists, Workers, Business Men, Housewives—each and
. ' ‘ every one of us, including our Boys and Girls in the Services, is a share
** .:? . holder in Public Powerland. Thanks to the Columbia River and Grand
gig Coulee and Bonneville Dams _we live in the number one Hydroelectric
» W Power region of all the world. With the full development of our Public
3 Utility Districts and our Public Power facilities we will have at our service
' . s2;an the world’s greatest supply of electric power at the world’s lowest rates.
32m: - ‘ ‘ _
Based on ourrichsndvariedresourcesplusourhydroeleeuiepomeeonomisuesti
[sn . mate thatdnisregionanmpporgsthighestliving standardsthreetimesitspresens ’
,1: population. In our Public Power program we hold the key to industrial growth and
(a, fluiculmrdsdvmcemmthuwfllmakethisturhorytbehvmdanpireofthem. '
‘l'! heamreymshsthubHchlmiltisyourinsunnaofeverinausin;
,« ‘\ ‘.‘ prosperity. ’
_x "I Hear These Public Power Programs ' .
U Sunday;- Sundays Sundays Saturdays Sundays Sundays
. 7 _ KIT Yam. KODL KPQ KHQ Spokane Astoria Aberdeen
fem-’ 12:00 Noon The Dalles Wenatehee 5:30 PM. KAST m 0
F.\ 7;; 1:45 PM. 9:30 PM. 3:30 PM. 3:30 PM.
'5 } 'x “ .
‘~ ~3~s§§§is332v --
. .m. 3. Preston Boyer, President . _ Guy J. Story, Secretary 1
1,9121“ Robert Johnson, Caumisuonsr
5 («2} J. B. Whitehead, Hanger, Prosser, Washington ‘
- j §§§§fi V: iii { .
\fi‘ai-1;.5_:.3;i~.i .3 i fix" g‘x 'gégfiigigw ......j '~ ~
mffiéfifi , r” .. a z '-§s%»:;;t 33‘” .- s
_5 :..,jfiag 1’; = ”“’ e 3 ""'" "“i ' -
II k -.. \3? 2“: E? ‘- §§§%\ $23. 53%
x- . :1: E. ‘ L sl‘ image . w
.Blfi£2;_._-_E}.§t_on Rln gs I saggy]! 3%??1111851‘ 21:12wa [giggly
answer for their conduct.
Faults of Officials
Due to Attitude of Voters
Conduct of those in elective of
fices is a reflection of the temper:
and opinion of the voters and if
things are done which are not to
the liking of the majority, they
have the power to correct these
matters by really telling the prop
er officials what they think about
the situation. V
Jt will be two years before we
again vote on members of con
gress and legislators and four
years for other officials yet we
have found that we are the last
word and in matters of legislation
and pending acts of congress and
our legislature we should keep
the good work going by making
Our wants and ideas known to
those who make our laws.
Newspapers Try to Keep You
Informed on Pending Matters
Your newspaper, this newspa
per, recognizes its obligation in the
situation and attempts to bring
you the meaning and possible ef
fect of pending bills. As writer of
this column we feel our responsi
bility too, and will in the future
even more than the past, give you
our analysis of many matters
which are under consideration.
A case in point is the federal
school subsidy bill, being S. 637,
which will be up for consideration‘
in the national congress in a few
days now. This bill would allo-
Late funds to every state for school
purposes and in turn would al
locate important federal control
over our state school systems. This
bill has been prevented from
passage in the senate for some time
now. We will report progress
when it comes up for consideration
State Legislature Will
Control Our Millions
While we know the situation in
the state senate insofar as its po
litical makeup- is concerned, and
its presiding official, in the house
of representatives we only know
that former speaker Reilley of
Spokane is not- a member and that
there will be a new speaker and
a new organization for there are
many new members this year.
Two' months from today the
1945 session will be upon us, and
much pressure is sure to be exert
ed on both houses for bills 39‘
propriating large sums of money
from our balances for many things,
good and not so good. .
We Can Do More
About State Appropriation
In the matter of state lsgisla
tion almost everyone knows his
legislatorsand while promises are
fresh in our. minds this is a 800':I
time to prepare to support our
members in doing the proper thing
with reference to bills appropriat
ing .these moneys.
The greatest service that we can
perform it would seem, would be
to keep the large balances on hand
for the day when the wars are
won and every dime and more
will be needed to assist in the past
war works that must be started
Our Position Unoxcelled
In Nation
Washington’s position is not ex
celled in the nation in the matter
of natural resources and future
opportunities for the men and
women who will be returning from
military service and work in the
war plants: Let us be in a fi
nancial position to take full ad
vantage of this situation. 0
While arrangements are not yet
complete, we plan to bring you
the best information possible on
the most vital legislation as it is
proposed in the legislature. We
can do no more, we should do no
"alley Woman -
Has Painful] Accident
Hover: Mrs. Guy Nelson had
the misfortune of running a sliver
in under her thumb nail down to
the first joint.
Mrs. Babe Jones of Pasco vis
ited at the home of her niece, Mrs
Harmon Wilcox Thursday.
Miss Patty Thomas visited with
Beverly Wilcox after» school on
Friday. _
A. S. Mprtyre 'retumed Fri
day evening from a hunting trip
to Republic. ’
Robert Mclntyre left Wednesday
for Portland to spegd _l_:he__wi£lter.
Mrs. Stewart, Mr's. Emily Lau
dell and children Louise and Mari
lyn spent Saturday in Walla Walla.
J. R. Ayres spent Monday near
Walla Walla looking after a band
of sheep he has pastured there.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Butterfield
of Pasco, were visitors of their
daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Wilcox. Monday evening.
The Benefit club will meet at
the home of Mrs. L. Donnelly next
Wednesday, Nov. 15.
Mr. and Mrs. William Nunn
and Era Rose and Mrs. Arnold
were dinner guestsat the William
Mills home in Kennewick.
Mrs. Emily Laudell and two
daughters and her mother made a
business trip to Walla Walla Sat
Guy Nelson and Carl Evans and
Lula Hampton worked on the gen
eral election board Nov. 7.
“Bunny” Chavez Now
Wears Sergeant’s Stripes
Cpl. Louis H. Chavez, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Chavez of
Kennewick has been promoted
to the rank of sergeant in the
Southwest Pacific.
Sgt. Chavez’ promotion makes
him the squad leader of a rifle
squad. He has been overseas near
1y 14 months with an American
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Aging. ’ ' l, .
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Vacuum AW J )2 (1.4;; 9’ /
fflf MOI/£3 mag/ M "(:’fl/A/f/é/[ ~/~ aw ”'.'? “c f
, ,1 (, P4l /// 4‘ 14 ///}/[‘v/- ww SWEET COR
moms mm mum and moan“ m"c ‘ 'N/
Brooms N3eh.............51‘.29 '
llaveyonbeenlooklngtornllroomf—Getseuplom --
. , _ SHURHNE H. 003
Calumet umwor‘a.w.n. 16c soul-“ 25 .... 1'"
no Favorib Baking All] of Round: of Homewlm ”um SNOW ,
Dina-Mite “womania n. 18c ““1"“ 1M"
To Keep Well Eat minus—‘Naenre'sunavem .
C office 5wmz............-...................11i. 30C figmfi 22‘
A blend of shot the world’s finest coffees . 5uam....... 10 lbs. 63C
scum' ”Mam ... °
Marmalade Citrate“: lbs. 19C Wang: H
Adeflcionsmarmaladeataveryeoonomlcnlprlce amylase:
Lunch Me at ”ammunu-os. 326 - 8'" ‘9‘ 8'" 47‘
Handy for sandwiches and flaw guest "INKH POWER
Durkee’s nfi'er'”.r"‘...............-.....10.0.. 2. 9c WW 2 ‘7‘
A favorite dressing for meat, fish or salads . CANND My
' A.“ 6 can. 51C
P 3 as swarms - ......m... r 1 WWW
A fancy We of the finest selectbdgellm‘ __ . ml‘l 5c MIRAGE “I? "‘ls:
Swain Mac-Cheese
TOMATO SOUP cmnm's.....3 ter 25‘: m'm WAX m, ”“3 29
4,: Pt. 33‘ or [4" Noodle for C
BABY FOOD amps—4smm- 3 tor 20C '3‘ 1' j k
m swanky 8m VANO UNI! Olllifo ll 2
CHEESE Pimento, Olive-rim. 2.l’olnts 2 tor 33C «216 «’.‘n 49: serene-........ 3 ’33 29c
fill-mam CORNSTABCH .._...”n0. Be
A“ KEIJDGG’S--.................. 111-or. 18C '
comm“ “W--. Lb. 41c . “WISH“: DAY ~
BECANS Looking Glass Black Eye............ 2 Ills. 21C SPECIALS A
I“ E Looking Glass California Pearl... 2 lbs. 21C
APPLE BUTTER immunmesaszh 51-103” 3MB“
MD. SANITARY NAPS Regain-z for 35c and .
FEES GRANULATED soap ............s. Large 26C ‘ LEGS 0‘ PORK
division and is a veteran of the
Bougainville campaign. During
most of the operations there he
served as a scout in his squad. He
has been on numerous patrols into
jap territory and often under en
emy fire.
“Bunny" Chavez attended the
River View high school and in
1941-42 played guard on the
school’s basketball team. Now.
when he is free from hunting out
the japs, he plays the same posi
tion on his company's team which
has won eight out of 10 games it
has played.
He belongs to an infantry regi
ment composed of men who also
went through Guadalcanal, taking
part in the first offensive action
my any US. Army troops against
the enemy during the pment
war. Members of this unit re
ceived a Presidential unit citation
for their assistance to the marines
during the hard fighting there.
The WAC named Bath was es
pecially happy with her promotion
to the rank of corporal because
then she was no longer known as
"Private Bath”.
A fool and his money are 'Kenncwick Cuuricr-Remrter 3
some ’."'! I Thursday. November 9. 1944
I. 0 A N S
Sales Financed on Automobiles.
Trucks. and House Trailers
* t *
' as * *
Second Floor Nat. Bank of Commerce Bldg.

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