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6. wine. Bu: how amid—
Do wing is on do bold.
com: "as: I
The Olympic was built ':
by and is being operated
for the benefit of you
citizens of the State of
You eonte first with
us! Help us give you the
service you are entitled
to by making reserva
tions as far in advance
In possible. but. rememo
her. in any event, the
Olympic is your Seattle :53
Hotel. l“ ‘V 33'
~ if?
x EBB? m". /
.1 257/ E ‘
'/ , I
e HOT E l
... _ '.z.‘ - ‘ v. . ..'_. . ‘... (9
I", l R...- I , ":T‘ I 7z' . §l, : ...
~ I, *' cl . 2’5 “W" ._ ', .\ I ' e
' it w. \\ ."4 s‘: .
aI“ $3.1 Pfi'i/fi\ Il’ >§u i\" Eu?" 2
-a. a“ . , s . x m ~
a ‘2’ MW“ ‘= 7 3;:" «We, *.\‘.-\.&?<s/ 473'” a
. rm ~ e» an. 2. ':*.>‘~§¥“r*
lg “..vll {lll / ~x‘\ l .; I / /é//J/fi%?flfiw (a
gay llllil‘lgrw &"l 2"? ‘ [/L//////’ y?!“ 5434/ a
.':r‘ 5/’ ' . o =‘
E / EE Merry Chmstmas g a
We've go+ if on good a
a aufhorify {hai fhis Run is among the a
" firsf along Sonia Claus' roufe. and
a ihai he's scheduled 'l'o make a long . a
slop herel .
a We hope {ha} "Sanfa Claus will be a a
" good to yiu." and {ha} ihis holiday .
g ' lime will be one of exceptional joy 2
_ and happiness io you and your family. 21
E .. Alex Bier -., l a
a ' E?
I ~
Ro a d t o Grl e f
Pav e d WI t h
Good Intentions
THE TYPICAL American always
“intends” to leaVe his busmess af
fairs in good shape for welfare of
heirs. But too often he doesn’t do it. a
He just lets it “slide.” And often the
I'CSUItS are tragic. Disaster comes
from inexperienced administration.
Business these days is complex, ex- .
Do the thing you should do—the ~
thing you “intend” to do.
For many years The National Bank of Commerce
of Seattle has been serving the people of this com
munity as executor. of estates and trustee under wills
and trust agreements. The knowledge gained by us
through these varied experiences may prove helpful
to you in planning your aflairs. Oun concern is pri
marily with the business and administrative side of
estate management. Matters of a legal nature, and the
preparation of documents, sltould be referred to your
j Trust. Difirtment '
_ o f Seat tl e
Resources Over ”
Kennewmk Branch. Kennewnck
Hember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
ance that will be given to a fel
low who can't afford to live on
what he is worth.
According to polls on public
opinion. a lot of people have
forgotten the name of a vice
president even before he is el
t t 0
You've got to hand it to Hitler.
at that. Nobody else could have
developed an army that could re
treat faster than it advanced in
the sweep into France in 1940.
It would be interesting. after
the war to hear Hirohito and
Hitler explaining to each other
how he lost the war.
SEPTEMBER: When mama
passes the buck back to the
. t #
He: “Please?”
She: “No!”
He: “Aw, please!”
She: “No!!”
He: “Not even if I tell you I
love you more than anyone in
the wide} world?”
She: “Definitely, no!!!”
He: “But Mom, all the other
Sophomores stay out until nine
* t t
One for the money.
Two for the show.
Three to get ready.
But no gas to go.
II t *
“Lay that Pistol down” is sug
gested as the national anthem for
the new Churchill-Roosevelt-Sta
lin world. -
The First English Lutheran
Church is ringing its bell this
week, and next week the Naz
arene Church will ring their bell.
At six o’clock each evening one
of the church bells in our city rings
as a call to prayer for a just and
lasting peace and asking God’s
blessing and protection for the
men and women in the service 0!
our country who are fighting
under the banner, “In God We
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
619 Ave. A
Rev. Leo W. Dyson
Fourth Sunday in Advent: 9:00
a.m., Sunday school; 10:00 a.m.,
morning prayer.
Christmas eve: 11:30 p.m., cele
bration of the holy communion.
Christmas morning: 9:00 a.m.,
holy communion, Pasco:
Thursday, 7:30 p.m.: Sunday
school and St. Paul’s Guild
Christmas party at the rectory.
Bethlehem Lutheran Chuteh
(Mo. Synod)
The Church of the Lutheran Hour
M. C. Kauth. Pesto:
Mr. D. Moeller. Christian Day
School teacher
3rd and Benton Ct. Phone 59!
Divine services Sunday at 11
a.m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. On
Sunday evening, Christmas Eve,
at 8 the Sunday school chil
dren will present their Christmas
morning at 11 special Christmas
Eve program. On Christmas morn
ing at -11 special Christmas serv
ices will be held. In this service
a special offering will be lifted
for the work of the church at
large. You are .cordially invited
to these services. Tune in on
“The Lutheran Hour” every Sun
day morning at 9:30-10:00 over
KUJ, Walla Walla.
Second and Auburn
P. J. Luvaas, minister
Residence 604 Kennewick Avenue
Sunday school Christmas tree
festival, Saturday evening, 8:00
o’clock. Sunday school 10:00 a.m.,
Mrs. W. F. Hanson; supt.
Morning servicé, 11:15. Sermon
Eat/70W“ wf a
g i i?
a All during 1944 we have , -.
a 3333;335:3275 3
.community, as they hat: , a
E 35;; :'zxazfrgaf“: _A 3
é . 3:;iefyf‘sz’zzizzzz’: . . a
1 .. . our gratitude to you ' a
in ane great big wish for J
a ‘
} .. a big, happy, merry , . a
’2 Christmas. ' a
'2 *
3 1.61331"! amen ; g
93393353539 me
% AY the biesgings of; \W/ 3' I %
é M God be with you, :Ué 2 a
’f’ as.“ friends, and with (:3 7/'\E '-
2 :f us...in our $0535 and [’6‘ A' . a
g :20" our heartHs. Wefan /'l“\ Merry %
er no more gruuous ,_ .
g greeting this luletide. klrlStmaS g
% 2nd Floor, Bank Building a
topic, “A New Testament Mystic
Speaks to Us." Festive Christmas
service, Monday morning, Decem
ber 25 at 11:15. Sermon topic.
“Heaven Stoops to Conquer."
Confirmation class Saturday
morning. 10:00.
Junior choir practice Saturday
morning 11:15.
The U. S. Treasury at Washing
ton, ship’s out ’each day three tons
of sl, $2, and $5 bills to the Fed
eral Reserve banks.
No. 2337
In the Superior Court of the
State of Washington in and for
Benton County.
In the matter of the estate of
John E. Vertrees. deceased.
Notice is hereby given that M.
M. Moulton, administrator of the
above entitled estate has filed
his petition praying for an order
of adjudication of heirs and for
distribution of the assests of the
estate and that the court is asked
to determine the persons entitled
to receive the assests of said estate
and order distribution thereof.
Said petition will be heard by
the court at the courthouse in
Prosser, Benton County, Washing
ton on the 18th day of January.
1945 at the hour of 9:30 o’clock in
the forenoon. A , i
M. 'M. Moulton, administrator.
Moulton 8; Powell, attorneys for
administrator. 12:21-lzll
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington in and for
Benton County
' No.
John N. Shepard and Nannie E.
Shepard, husband and wife,
plaintiffs, vs. Ida May Haussen,
and the unknown heirs of the
said Ida May Haussen if she
be now deceased, and also, all
persons and parties unknown,
claiming any right, title, estate,
lien or interest in the real prop
erty described in the complaint
herein. Defendants.
To the said Ida May Haussen
and to the unknown heirs of
the said Ida May Haussen if
she be now deceased. and to
all persons and parties un
known, claiming any right, title,
estate, lien or interest in and to
the real property described in
. the complaint in this action.
You and each of you are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty
days after the date of the first
publication of this summons. to
wit: within sixty days after the
14th day of December. 1944 and
defend the above entitled action
in the above entitled court and
answer the complaint of plain
tiffs and serve a copy of your
answer upon the undersigned at
torneys for plaintiffs at their
office below stated and in case
of your failure so to do judgment
will be rendered against you ac
cording to the demand of the
complaint. which has been filed
with the clerk of said court.
The object of the above en
titiled case is to - recover judg
ment in favor of plaintiffs against
defendants adjudging plaintiffs to
be the owners of the following de.
scribed real property. to-wit: ‘
Tract 4, Nob Hill addition to
Kennewick, according to plat
thereof. recorded .in Volume 1
of Plats, Page 62, Records of
Benton county, WashingtOn, and
quieting title to said real prop-‘
erty in plaintiffs and granting
to plaintiffs general equitable
tenet. J
’Attorheys' for Plaintiffs.
P.O. Address: Kennewick. .
Benton Co., Wash. 12:14-1:25
Notice of Betting on Final
Account and Position for
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington, in and for Ben
ton County. ‘
No. 2144 7
In the matter of the estates of
Lewis Coulson and Nancy Jane
Coulson, deceased.
Notice is hereby gvien that
Esther Bakker. administratrix of
the above entitled estates. has
filed her Final Account and Peti
tion for Distribution in the office
of the Clerk of the above en
titled court, and that the court
is asked to settle said Final Ac
count. to distribute the property
of said estate: to the heirs or per
sons entitled to the same and to
discharge the Adminutytrix. ‘
Said final account an petition
for distribution will be heard by
the court at the court house in
Prosser, Benton County. Wash
ington, on the 18th day of Jan
uary, 1945, at the hour of 9:301
o’clock A.M. .
Esther Bakker, 'administratrix.
By Moulton 8: Powell. her attor
neys. 12:14-lzll
J. F. Smoot and Mary E. Smoot,
. husband and wife, Plaintiffs‘ vs.‘
Columbia Irrigation District andi
also all parties and persons un
known claiming any right. title.
estate lien, or interest in and to
the real property described in
the amended complaint herein,
To: Columbia Irrigation District
and also all parties and persons
unknown claiming any right”
title, estate, lien or interest in‘
and to the real property de
scribed in the amended comJ
plaint herein.‘
You are hereby summoned to
appear within sixty days after the
date of the first publication of this
summons, to-witr sixty days after:
the 23rd day of November, 1944.1
and defend the above entitled;
action in the above entitled court?
and answer the amended com-l
plaint of the plaintiffs and serve
a copy of your answer upon the
undersigned attorneys for plain
tiffs at their office below stated.
' ms‘un 5 Qfirrrtm gs
, anhibrst msms .
. for H)? 329 m flmr
j . . ’ 1k
‘ o a iu. it ' ’
. momw*”w”wu .‘. ’ - ..‘-:.. 4f” 5 e--::inl,',i.filf.‘.' . ."" i
' r ‘0 O I I O
Preston Boyer, President Guy 1. Story. 80am 7
Robert Johnson. Commissioner
1. B. Whitehead. Mm. Proud; William "
Kennewick Courier-Reporter 7
Thursday. Decanher 21. 1944
and :2 use of your failure so to do.
ju ent will be rendered against
you according to the demand of
the amended complaint. which has
been filed with the clerk of the
above entitled court.
The object of this action is to
recover judgment in favor of
plaintiffs against defendants. ad
judging plaintiffs to be the own
ers in fee of the following de
scribed real, property:
The North 660 feet of the South
1320 feet of the East 660 feet of
Lot 3. except State Highway
right of way. also the East 79
feet of that portion at Govern
ment Lot 3, lying North of said
State Highway right of way. all
i 2 “‘29 3.9.39W5MP 9 Noah.
Range 29. E.W.M.. Bengton Co.,
. State of Washington.
Quieting plaintifls’ title thereto as
against said defendants and for
ever barring the defendants from
hereaner claiming or asserting any
right. title. estate. lien or in
terest in and to the said real prop
erty and granting to plaintiff:
general equitable nelief.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Office and P.O. Addrrw's:
Kennewick. Benton "3..
Washington 11:23-12:28
. .5 q’ ' .
,9 x_ I g {72
"3k ‘s' '
l" / .2" it ’ ’
iii/{:11 ‘&
“7%? .
,I'l/ , i ":3. -
“9'?” It; -\ flag, 5!
I I a ..M 3: (l
erry *Christmu is here. And
Cht‘ Stmas once more we find ourselves
at a loss for words to ex
press how we feel about
. your loyalty to us during
1944. But we know you will
. . understand.
Wewirhfor you and your
‘ family the best of Merry
Christmases, and the best
bring in both material and
~ spiritual blessings
. .' - ' ._.- .. , -
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