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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, May 10, 1945, Image 7

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WE Anionomy and Nation;
“Mon ls Mitchell Plan
l Valley Aulthgritln
. ate Bil , s an
“and gagged to bring to
omnl” Northwest the respon
m P 813“, operation of Feder-
Sbfl"! ls effecting our natural
W all the agepcies op
“.cuwfll in the Palelc North
mm d upon Washmgton, D.
we“ ”Man. The National
‘ Cr fifl' is 3,000 miles away, and
‘ W diam unpossible for of
} it ‘3 LC
mm mm
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. fr?“ % p
O p '\ a O ,_. "
Avenue A, Kennewick
you cut um: .
Real Juicy ‘ ~
S 'l' I: AK S f
u ,
On the Highway
Kennewick, Wash.
Famous For
t‘ \ \
on ’T EAT
- -
You don't have to won-fiend
or GAS PRESSURE dieeomfoxtn
won'tletyon ent. Instead otteel
g'nmnn—Nne or bewildel'ed.
e duh at
gee—to I 0 en en
ble bowel movement. 313? that
clean, rehenhed feeling t lifts
men e. on
new bathom Mime min.
Caution. use only a directed.
a m lun your deflated today}
3 CBA TI H G__ .
or ALL ms ,-
Fllmiture and household goods at specialiv
Tires - Tubes - Tire Repairs
On the highway at foot of Benton Street
by “Kennewick” Sign A
ficials located there to know in
detail the day to day needs, or
even the year to year needs, of a
part of the country so far away.
With the best will in the world
an annual or semi-annual visit of
five or six days is insufficient to
inform anyone of the detailed and
intimate developments of a part
of the world so different from the
national capitol or from any other
part of the nation. Aside from
distance, the time element is im
portant. Having to refer an ac
tivities to Washington, these agen
cies can never make immediate
or prompt decisions. .
An organization acting on the
ground and having a thorough
knowledge of the region is needed.
This need has led to the wording
which determines the the type of
authority set up by my bill.
The Bill creates a Corporation
which will be operated by a board
of three directors appointed by
the president for staggered nine
year terms. It also creates a COl
- Valley Advisory Council
ycomposed of seven members four
to be selected by the respective
governors of the states of Idaho,
Montana, Oregon and Washing
ton; and three to be selected from
the Pacific Northwest region at
large by the president with 'the
advice. and consent of the senate.
The board of three directors is re
quired to advise and consult regu
larly with the Council.
Area of Control
The region over which the Au
thority has control is the Colum
bia River watershed within the
boundaries, of the United States,
plus those portions of the states
of Washington and Oregon which
are not within the watershed.
This is the region within which
development can mean so much
to all the people. Development
must include a plan for the control
and utilization of the water of the
Columbia River watershed. Plans
made by the Authority become ef
fective within four months from
the time they are received by
Congress, unless the Com dd
initely rejects them within that
period. All its activities are the
sole business of the Columbia Val
ley Authority, once its general
plan has been approved by Con
gress- . '
The corporation is granted broad
powers to construct and operate
projects in the region to carry out .
the purposes of the Act which in
clude reclamation, flood control,
navigation and power production.
The corporation may also dispose
of surplus electric energy in ac
cordance with policies already
made familiar in the Pacific North
west._ It may also dispOSe ofliza
ter according specific DO 98
which are established in the Fed
eral reclamation, laws.
How and through what person
nn‘l ‘honn oM-Icfiflu alas-“ I‘ll. Oak.
How and through what person
nel these activities should take
place is left to the discretion of
the Authority, since all, the indi
viduals in key places must have
expert knowledge of the region.
Unhampered, the CVA activity
will quickly start a program of
regional development.
One National Board - .
The only brake on the free a
ercise of power by the CVA will
reside in a National River Basin
Development Board. This board is
established by the Bill to act on
a national plane and to coordinate
all the reginal activities that may
result from the establishment of
many regional authorities. This
board is composed of the Secretary
of Interior who acts as chairman.‘
The Secretary of Agriculture, the‘
Chief of Engineers of the War De
partment, and the chairman of the
board of directors or TVA and CV
A, and any subsequently created
reagional authorities.
The chairman of this National
board is specifically required to
direct the activities of the author
ity to the extent necessary “(1)
to insure effectuation of policies,
regional in scope, set forth by the
Congress; .(2) to insure conform
ity of regional plans and pregrams
with national plans; (3) to coor
dinate the programs and under
takings of the corporation and
those of other Federal agencies
having related functions within
or affecting the region; (4) to re-
ceive and transmit reports from
the corporation to the Congress
and to the president.”
Thisthset-up for a - CVA t«Enter:
from e existing organize on o
TVA particularly in the existence
of the national board. TVA is
completely autonomous and re
sponsible only to the president.
However, as we envisage a large
number of new. regional authori
tics Operanrs lu various secti :.s‘
of the country, it becomcs i'lcfi'il’m
able that some supervis n y cou'i
cil, on a national level, will be re
quired to balance and coordinate
all these regional plans. The ex
plicit regional power of the CVA
this national hookup. The Author
ity is tree to proceed to develop
the resources of the Pacific North
west according to its best decisions
providing that its plans do not
Icontradict or unnecessarily, ham
per any plans for the national
‘good that Congress may see fit to
.(Nert article: Economic Devel
opment of the Pacific Northwest.)
The ' second edition of the
“Hymns from Home” folder has
been distributed by the Office of
the Chief of Chaplains to all
service commands, ports of em
barkation, theaters of operation,
bases and departments, Colonel
J. L. Blakeney, Ninth Service
soolmmand Chaplain, announced
A sketch of the Fort Douglas.
Utah, chapel, built in 1883,
appears on the front page of the
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rm: Join in
“SC Institute
Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Walla
Walla, Olympia, Pullman, Mos
cow, and other towns are sending
speakers to the Institute of Public
Affairs which is to follow immedi
ately after cominencement, Chair
ayan C. 0. Johnson announced to
“ This 24-hour gathering which‘
runs from Monday afternoon, May
28, through a luncheon meeting,
Tuesday afternoon, May 29, is?
a citizens’ institute to discuss:
‘Government, the Citizen’s Busi-\
ness’ ” Dr. Johnson explains,‘
warning, “this is not for the ear-1
perts, but for the average civic-‘
minded person."
Those planning attendance are
asked to communicate in advance
with Glenn Jones, WSC., execu
tive secretary of the committee,
so that attendance of those in
volving travel may be limited to
fifty, in accordance with ODT
rulings. Local attendance is un
limited. _
This is the second annual post
commencement institute. Hon
George F. Yantis, Olympia, speak
er of the house of representatives,
is to give the keynote address
Monday evening on “Government,
The Citizen’s Business.”
John H. Binns, Tacoma, WSC
regent and former state admin
istrator of the National Youth ad
ministration, is to chairman one
of the two simultaneous discus
sions that will open the institute
Monday afternoon, his section will
deal with ‘War and Post-War Se
eurity for American Youth’. [in
panel will include two distin
guished speakers—Mayor Herbert
West. Walla Walla. an expert on
youth centers; and George El
wmer Brown, Spokane attorney who
{as an advisor has created nation
wide interest in the noted Hill
yaxd Booster club-
Leading members of the Ameri
can Egon and heads of depart
ments ding in the employment
of veterans will conduct the par
allel Monday afternoon discussion
on ‘Government and Private Aids
for Veterans’ Empioyment’. I
‘Monopolies vs. I-‘ull Employ-1‘
ment’ will be discussed in the
opening phase of the Institutm
Tuesday morning, with leaders
professors E. M. Dummeier and‘
Fay W. Clower. ‘Cooperatives as
Enemies of Monopoly and Unem
ployment’ will follow. Then lars
Carlson, regional manager. com
mittee for economic development,
Seattle, will tell of “Prospects for
131111 Empoyment in the Postwar
“A Federal Fiscal Program to
Promote Full Employment,” is to
be discussed by Dean H. H. Farm
er, University -of Idaho, at the
‘ciosing luncheon.
Warning Issue]!
01' 0“ Healing
If you are buying a home with
fuel oil burning equipment, check
with your local War Price and
Rationing board before you buy
to be sure you can get the fuel
oil you need. This warning came
from Dave S. Oohn, district direc-
It previous fuel oil rations have
premises. e local —be
cause of the ehortue of fuel oil—
cannot issue rations. Cohn ex
plained. “We have been running
into cases where discharged vet
erans buy homes'which have been
‘baited' with oil heating equip
ment for which no ration has
been issued on those premises,"
Cohn said. “On completion of the
l' A B H E B S!
Bring us your dressed ‘
Poultry and Rabbits ,
. ___.—
‘deal the veteran ia confronted
with the fact that becauae no ra
tion has been issued previously
for the pemiaea. he in “out" so far
as getting fuel oil is concerned,
and so far as the extra money he
has paid for the equipment. also.
“A prospective buyer of any
property with fuel oil burning
equipment—or a prospective pur
chaser of new -Or used fuel oil
burning equipment—should first
check with the local Board to be
sure he can get fuel oil rations."

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