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Uh: Krmmmtk Glam-irritant!”
Issued Thursdays by The Kennewick Printing Co.. 217 Kennewick Ave. Kennewick. Wash.
- Member of Washington Newspaper Publishers Association. Inc.
$2 .in Benton Co., $3 outside The Courier, est. March 27. 1902
Entygmd as second class matter M“ MAL. The Reporter. est. Jan. 24. 1908
April 2. 1914 at P. O. Kenne- [AIIO Consolidated April 1. 1914
wick. Wash. under Act 01 Mar. Rolfe Tuve Publishers
3. 1879 Carl Anderson
Memorial Day, 1945, was a sol
emn occasion, yet it was a day
fraught with a tremendous prom
ise. It is hoped that it marked
the last war-time ’obsemnce 01
Memorial Day.
Every generation since the day
was first established to pay honor
to the war dead of the Civil War
has witnessed a war-time observ-‘
ance. And every generation has%
prayed that it would be the last. ‘
Now the peoples of the world
have before them the responsibil-‘
ity and the opportunity to make;
that prayer a reath . . . .to make}
the world free from the burden‘
and horror of war for all time‘
to come. i
We can start by eliminating alll
defeatest talk. We’ve all heard it:
“War is inevitable every 20 years
. . . ” It is NOT inevitable
if we make up our minds as a‘
collective commonwealth of na-F
tions and as individual citizensq
that we. can find a solution. Our}
children and our children’s chil-}
dren may look at moss-covered
graves in memorial cemeteries and‘
shake their heads in wonder as
they say: “What tools our'fathers
The Mighty Seventh
Most of us are working long
hours managing only occasionally
to sneak away from our chores
long enough for a quick round of
golf or an abbreviated fishing
jaunt or whatever our particular
choice 'of recreation happens to
be. It’s going to be that way for
some time. .
But the time will come when the
picture will change. Maybe we
~ I! on e I. oA n s ‘
' Firs! Federal Savings and
Loan Associalion
_ of Walla Walla .
Applications for loans on homes in Kenne
wlck & vicinity may be made at the office of
‘ Harold G. Pyle Agency
215% Kennewick Ave. ‘ Phone 1231
Kenncwick, Wash. ‘ ' .
The Willows Trailer Camp _
' Back of White Kitchen
0 Several nice spaces now available _
0 Clean heated shewers
e We furnish the washing machines
m naconxrnm, ‘:‘ “ -
sma- nocx ma ,7
Fisher&Southern J~’‘ ‘‘s
phonemuaw -, 1151':- . '
20. Box 497. Kennewick ' \ ‘
My s Ruchfield Semce Slahon
Complete Battery service
Washing and Simonizing
Goodyear Tubes and Batteries
. Phone Kenn. 3717 Cor. Wash. & Ave C
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. \ .-_. - - ”‘s‘“:
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. . I .. __ ...-.-,.:.::-c-:-:» ..'-v ~i‘3 "f 1.2
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» 3 -n; , - .....,-.~.'.-.-,-.. ..'. -. ‘:m'.-.-.-.~.~.~"-'->" ‘ >__.-'.-_--,-:\:. J'- -« W -
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. . . W .... 3 .- -.;-: .:. . u
a 3> ‘ .9.....,..........,.\.........,..,N : ”’..-“...,.”... .. -- I ._ §:::;:-:.:;-,:; ‘.;ILI. . s
time and really enjoy ourselves.
In looking to the future mhny
community leaders are already
laying plans to furnish the re
creation facilities that will be de
manded. _ 7 ,
Spokane is preparing to restore
the historic Spokane House, first
fur trading post and white settle
ment in this area, as a state park.
Seattle is preparing an elaborate
plan for an integrated program of
recreation and civic development.
Portland is debating two similar
plans. Tacoma has a plan that
will knock your eyes out.
Kennewick doesn’t yet have a
plan worked out. But with the
construction of the Umatilla dam
Kennewick will be handed a gift
of enormous proportion . . . a
huge inland lake.
Possibilities for recreation are
unlimited. The time to start plan
ning to take advantage of this
opportunity is along about right
The Mighty Seventh {
assrmcrrous LIP-mm 1
Welcome news comes from the‘
War Production Board that con-1
trols will be relaxed in many in
stances. A large number of the
limitation orders have been re
voked and it is expected that about
half of the 420 orders existing on
April 1 will have been revoked
within the next few months.
After the first of July delivery
will be permitted without CMP
allotments of steel, copper and
aluminum with preference given
to small manufacturers and vet
But there is a slight catch to
all this. We still have a war
to wage. There will be no civilian
goods or raw materials made
available at the expense of the re
quirements of that one-front wan}
And that’s as it should be.
But you can buy hundreds of
items without priorities—that is,
if you can find them. .
- —n. raglan Seventh
Pet Woodchuck Enjoys g
Life Down on the Farm ‘
Pl'l'rSVlLLE. WIS. Peter the .
Great. a pet woodchuclr of the ‘
George Yetters near Pittsville. has
become domesticated. and from all
indications he likes living on the Yet-4
home. J
Mrs. Yetter found the baby wood- ‘
chuck last June at Castle Rock near ‘
Sparta. He was huddled near a path. ‘
trembling with fright. She brought;
him to their farm. named him}
cine dropper until he became a ‘
seven-pound. playful little animal. ‘
One day last September. Peterl
wandered into the garden. dug his
first hole and hibernated for the
winter. In April he left hisden. and
was found wandering in the garden
by Joe Arnold. a road patrol
man. Mrs. Yetter was summoned.
and Peter seemed tickled to see her
Again he was fed with an eye
dropper. for he had lost four
pounds. but now he eats all he can
get. He is very fond of lettuce. and
has developed a taste for sweets.
especially ice cream and cookies.
Peter makes himself at home in
the Yetter house. When the Yetters
are too busy to play with him. he
amuses himself with an old rubber
ball. and when he is tired he climbs
up on the davenport for a nap. The
farm cats are afraid of the wood
chuck. but Peter'has, made friends
with the family's big yellow-haired
Loyalfy Sncer Leads to
Death, Murder Charge
MONACA. PA.-—One man called
another a slacker. They fought with
bare fists. One is dead. the other
held on a charge of murder.
Frank Lyons. 37. died of a broken
jaw and fractured skull. His al
leged assailant. Joseph Thomas. 27.
Monaca war worker. ls held to an
swer to a charge of murder.
The two men quarreled on the
street. Police learned Lyons called
Thomas a “slacker." Lyons was
knocked down with a blow to the
jaw and tell. striking his head
against the curb.
Buy Another Bond
The periscope atop Army tanks
is a favorite target for enemy
snipers, Ninth Service Command
Ordnance office says.
Every tank carries a dozen or
so spare periscopes and an addi
tional number of heads so that if
the sniper hits his mark, the dam
aged equipment can be replaced
quickly. The garts are replaced
from inside the tank.
_ Bug a bond _from a Coast Guard. man
i an get a nde free. Boat wfll be at
the Island below _ Kennemck - Pasco
budge from 1 to 5 each Sunday untll
. July lst.
Under 15.........52500
15 to 18 50.00
over 18 ....-.100.00
You may buy your war bond either at Wash
ington Hardware or m our store ‘
We suggest a sport ‘
; shirt in rayon or cot
ton with short or long _ . ; .
Sleeves. . hi: ,zrf';
“jams .. '
\ $1 In cotton or gabar
sfi " . a» ‘32 dine
is? :::-5* 'j: .. §§ -
§ '53:
i: N: Made like slacka
» ‘:ée‘t .§§ l
“.3 I 33-95
"THE “.01“ 133"
_An Amy Nun. Dunn a Soldier's Wounds
misundwmm WWI-Fm.“
“INA-«lmaging... '
County Agent's
.159 me
hay cutting time and perhaps
now is a good time to mention
that high quality in hay is lost
it the hay is not properly handled.
We know from chemical analysis
and feeding experience that quali
of the stem and that very little
Three things to remember in
production. of high grade hay.
are (1) cut early; (2) save the
leaves; (3) preserve the green
co or.
Most kinds of hay have more
protein when they are cut early.
“Three-fourths of the digestible
protein in the hay is in the leaves.
Hay in which the green color is
preserved is better liked by the
animals and contains more car
rotene which is the carrier of
Vitamine A.
Cut alfalfa when it is one-tenth
to one-fourth in bloom; red or
alsike clover when it is half in
bloom; timothy when fully headed
to early bloom. .
In order to save the leaves,
farmers should not let the hay
crop get too dry. This is especially
true with the legume hays. Put
is cut. It ia.a good rule never to
let the sun go down on your hay
in the swath, says Hegnauer. And
don't wait until the hay is as dry
as powder to get it into the bale,
or the stack, or barn.
Two things take the green color
out of the hay while it is curing.
One of them is moisture such as
dew or rain. The other, is sun.
When it comes to bleaching by
the sun the farmers who make‘
high-grade hay strike a happy
medium. Hay in the swath cures
quickest and bleachs most. Hay
in the large windrow dries slowest-
and blpaches least. For most
farmers the small winde is the
in-betwem method that will get
hay cured as quickly as possible
with the minimum of bleaching.
The Bulletin “High Quality of
Alfalfa Ray" is available at the
Agents Office.
Word has been received that
ceiling prices for watermelons
grown in 1945 will be the same
as the 1944 ceiling prices—s4s
a ton from beginning of the season
the War Food Administration ad-
In keeping your garden in top
shape this spring. give some
thought to prepartion of a compost
pile, which is a practical necessity
nowadays to the home and market
gardener points out John Dodge,
Extension Horticulturist.
the garden where you can dump
the waste leaves, carrot tops,
weeds and Other organic matter.
Pile a few shovels of dirt over
this matter. It helps to sprinkle
some fertilizer on .the compost.
the horticulturist says. Besides
commercial fertilizer. you may use
horse or cattle manure, poultry
litter, peat and other materials.
The use of six or eight pounds
of ammonium sulphate to each
half ton of vegetable matter will
hasten decomposition. Super
phosphate should also be used.
Pile the materials in layers of dirt
and organic matter about six in
ches deep. A compost pile should
never be allowed to dry out. It
made early this summer, it should
be in good condition for use by
next spring. See your county
agent for further detail.
Buy Another Bond Today
A German factory. capable of
producing typewriters to write
virtually every known language,
has already turned out more than
2,000 machines for the United
States W since its capture. the
Ninth Service Command head
quarters has learned.
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z ”i//// ’ I "
/// // '
27 6%
”I'/ é/7/f/(I/ .
:Zl”’7/’ ,=“
1674 ’3.
32b 6
$ .'--:
C / é
The Lost is Found
By Out Want Ads
WhenTyou lac 'n' «Innis:
Thy 090': Say Lost Lon.
Sales Company ,
E PhoneorD‘ropaCudnndPlaceYom-OrderToday {
E' Open Evenings and Sundays after 12:00
5 m.- on wmnow comm comm
E (Includes Electrical and Water Connections)
E 1500 cll3l. .....mnmmmso 1000 cam. “$67-50
E mess on 3mm mt: coonm
E 2500 mm. "WNW”.Wmunoso 3500 cm. ”12950
E 55°” C-FM- mummmwwwm 7500 C.F.M. 325.00
E .PRICBS on 3mm m pants
= One-third RP. Motor 10" Fan.... 32.50 . 2500 GEM. Blower 1,4 up. M0t0r......5m
E One-fourth HP. Motor 14" Fuzz.“ 3500 C.F.M. Blower Third HP. " 69-50
E On Highway No. of Kennewick—P.O. Box 495, Kennewick, Wil-
E - Phone 3311 or 3161
111111111111111 l A
WMS Entertalns With
Banquet and Program
The members of the Woman’s
Missionary Society of the Church
of The Nazarene entertained their
husbands and a number of in
terested friends at a banquet in
the Recreation Hall on Tuesday
evening at 7:30.
Mrs. D. I. Vanderpool, of Walla
Walla, District President of the
W. M. S. was present with several
young ladies of Walla Walla who
presented a missionary program.
A number of selections were
_ —— ___—.—
Rugs. Ru gs!
Get those scatter. rugs .you have been wanting
NOW whlle prlces are DOWN
K., swsflfié‘v ~
I H t":‘;:':::‘:T;i;.;. fid‘é
27” x 48” guaranteed fast to washing, boiling
and sunhght
Regular Price $8.65
Speml Pnee . . . $6.49
Shays are . g g
popular ' i
for every Ԥ
room in the g J“
house ...?
wm E’M “W
- _ “*”‘\§i% ._.,:: '~ 7"
GOT EM! . 7 5;:
Here’s the fastest selling 'rug in the scatta‘l
rug hue. Two slzes m a shag rug 1n beautifll
pastel shades of blue, rose, peach, green, yellow
and whlte. They must be seen to be apprai
28" x 38? SIZE
Regular pnee. 34.65
_ a a
Special Face . . . $3.29
34” x 54’: SIZE
Regular pnee. 39.49 -
Spend Pnee . . . $1.19
We Have Many Other Numbers
l I ' 1
cm " BIG s .‘ ~»
Buy One More War Baud! Phone A
Thursday, Milka
also given by local Ml:
Miss Lurottn Mills PM!!!"
the piano 4: part of the 4
About 75 people were?
Cust uf supplying an “I!
soldier fund. Clothing, “MI
and barracks vuipmem for"
your has tin-roused 14.8 p"
over 1944. it was announced;
at Ninth Service COWh
You will find it. in thou.
ad section of this m_

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