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Issued Thursdays by The Kennewick hinting Co.. 217 Kennewick Ave” Kennewick. Wash.
r Member of Washington Newspaper Publishers Association. Inc. '
$2 yr. in Benton Co., $3 outside The Courier, est. March 27. 1902
Entered as second class matter NATI (m The Reporter. est. Jain. 24. 1908
April 2, 1914 at P. O. Kenne- Consolidated April 1. 1914 ‘
wick. Wash.. under Act or Mar. Rolfe Tuve Publishe
3. 1879 W____Carl Anderson } ’3
Last week in our news columns
we presented a picture of the pre
sent status of the hospital plans.
Many people, hearing of the can
cellation oi the $350,000 federal
grant, made the observation that
we are “right back where we
That is not quite a fact. It was
nearly four years ago that the
Kennewick Chamber of Com
merce first appointed a commit
tee headed by Urban Keolker “to
see about getting a hospital for
Kennewick." That committee has
worked diligently against gyer
whelming odds of time, red tape,
federal bureau complications and
many other stumbling blocks.
They got the grant of $350,000.
000 ' ‘
Lét Us Do Your
- O ‘
B a k I. n 9 ~
For Yo u '
__*__. I
Ask your favorite grocer for
Belair’s Better Bread
. .. . it's deleclahle
Kennewick Bakery
(Home - one!”
I ‘ Store Hoanfl-T; to 6p. m.
. (Daily Except Sunday)
_ 1101”: Lens
First Federal Savings and
Loan Association ‘
of Walla Walla , ‘
Applicatioqs .fer loans on homes in .Kenne
wlck & vicmlty may be made at the office of ‘
' Harold E. Pyle Agency
2151/. K‘ennewick Ave. ‘iihone 1231
Kennewick, Wash. .
- ‘ Q T:
m DECORATING ;._’ . ‘7 "'
‘ »-\.., _‘ ‘
SHEET ROCK FINISHING . k 1: f t g; g .
' . a K: I 11.2 ‘1: I
fisher & Southern y3' ‘is. g
x '1- - . " .3 :.
Phone Pasco 538 W - 3‘ -‘ a 2 ‘5
s i ':
P.O- Box 497, Kennewick .
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-:i: 5:15;.:...-:;-::“’<:.:,:::1:..‘:»T:':-':':':':;;-:;.;;‘:‘:‘1:-*"1:-‘~. -."Z.~.~:.;.-;::-_.a.,::.' 13:... .. .. 232': 3. " '
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~_. . U m,,._......,w_m' ..y...Wn.-W~—u " .. . ‘ -
They exerted every feasible effort
to get the construction figure
within the limits of that grant.
They did a swell job and the com
munity owes the committee a debt
of gratitude. .
Their efforts were not wasted.
Much has been learned—most of
it the hard way. We are not “right
‘back where We started. We are
up against a stumbling block
which can be surmounted. Re
vision of - plans and of procedure
are necessary. We are going on,
not starting over.
' But it will require the help and
understanding of the entire com
munity. .‘The Chamber of Com
merce committee and the Hospital
Association plan to place the mat
ter fully and. squarely before the
‘citizens of eastern Benton county.
They want a full discussion and
the cooperation of all.
Every evidence points to the
fact that Kennewick will grow
steadily and soundly in_ the post
war period. Our excellent school
system provides one of the comer
stones for that growth. A good
hospital will form another.
.t'We need the hospital—let’s get
1 .
Buy Another Bond
‘ Bill Wilmot, enterprising editor
and publisher of the Ritzville
Journal-Times, has published for
several weeks at the head of his
editorial column an eleven-point
ten year program for his commu
nity. . '
It is an ~amazing observation
that except for the first point and
minor substitutions in a couple
others, the program could have
been laid out for Kennewick.
_ First point calls for the erection
of a modern grade school building.
But before you smugly “point
with pride” notice that Ritzville’s
plan does not include a hospital;
That’s because they already have
a hospital and are now engaged in!
a plan to increase its size. ‘
Following is ‘fThe Journal-1
Times’ Ten Year Program” for our
sister city: 1
1. Erection of a modern grade.
school building in Ritzville. .
it Estabhshm' ent of a local air
po .
3. Building of a Ritzville-Colfax
link of the Crossstate highway,
and a modern highway between
Washtucna and Walla Walla.
4. A new postoflice for Ritzville.‘
5. Better street lighting in the‘
city’s residential district. 1
6. Early action on the Columbia
Basin project to insure a rosier
future for Adams county includ
ing Ritzville. ‘
7. Improvement of the Ritzville
public library.
8. Completion of the oiling of
main travelled county roads.
9. Community hall for Ritzville.
10'. Improvement of Sprague
11. Beautification of highway
lapproaches to Ritzville.
j Buy Another Bond
lFour Churches Jom For
\Vacatlon Bible School
Sponsored by four church
schools of the community the un
ion Daily Vacation Bible school
for boys and girls ages 4 to 19.,
will open next Monday morning,
June 11 at 9 o’clock. Associate di
rectors of the school are Mrs. E. E.
Coulter and Mrs. Claude Winter
scheid. ,
They will be assisted by super
intendents for the departments
and a staff of workers and teach
ers. The sessions will continue for
two weeks on the five school days.
The daily programs will be from
9 a. m. .to about 11:45.
The major sessions of the school
will be held in the Methodist
church, though some activities are
to be held in the Nazarene church.
In addition to these two churches
the First Christian and St. Paul’s
Episcopal schools are joint spon
sors. The pastors of the four
groups will have a part in the
general assemblies. ' _4 7 7_
According to the directors the
school will cover quite a range of
activities including Bible studies
for various ages, arts, crafts, re
creation, music and chorus sing
ing, worship. periods, manual
crafts of ’several kinds, and oth
ers. .
Plans are also being made to
serve milk and light cats to the
younger groups at mid-morning.
Rev. John Briece will be glad to
know of any who can furnish some
milk daily, in any quantity.
Registrations for the school
have already- opened and points
.to a large enrollment. Pupils will
tend daily. It is stated that the
amount of Bible study and work
of a two weeks vacation school
equals a six month Sunday School
We have a° ' _ .
Limited number of l
. _ -
for large and small homes
M 0 K I. E R
Plumbing 8: Healing Co.
116 No. Tacoma St., Pasco
Phone Pasco 51 ’ Res. Phone Kenn. 412
Columbia Valley Aulllorily May
Provide Unemployment Cushion
articles in which Senator Mitchell
explains what sort of CVA is
proposed in the bill he recently
introduced into Congas.)
37 Hugh 3. Mitchell
U. 8. Senator hon: Washington
Unemployment is a dreaded
spectre. Memory of the depression
which followed World War I is
still vivid. Everyone wonders
what definite plan has been pro
vided which will assure a job for
every man after the war, or in
deed for any man. Post war unem
ployment threatens even those
who do not depend on jobs but
have businesses of their own
which will suffer. When there is
no purchasing power the economic
life of the community bogs down.
In the Northwest the question
of jobs after the war is particularly
important because of the war
growth in population. Washington
and Oregon pre among the twelve
;states of the nation which show
‘an increase in civilian population
Ltor’the years between 1940 and
[1943. Although the civilian popu
lation of Montana and Idaho has
decreased by about 140,000, the
increase in Washington and Ore
gon of over 270,000 is nearly twice
that loss. The metropolitan coun
ties of Washington and Oregon
show a 20 to 25 per cent increase
No. —.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington in and for Benton County
HORAN. husband and wife. Defendants.
fendant: ‘
You are hereby rummonded to appear
first publication of thia summons. to
wit: within sixty day: from and after
lay 24. 1945 and defend the above
entitled action in the above entitled court
and answer the complaint of the plain
tiff and -aerve a copy of your answer
upon the undersigned attorneys for‘
plaintiff at their office below atatcd and
in care of your failure so to do judg
ment will he rendered against you ac-‘
cording to the demand of the complaint‘
said Court. ‘ ‘
cover judgment against the defendants
Arthur B. Koran and Leta lnea Koran.
husband and wife and against the fol
lowing deacrlbed real property. to-wit:
Lot ~48. blur South of Kennewlck
Irrigation District canal right of way.
Highland- Plat 8. according to plat
recorded in Volume 2 of Plats. Page
8. Recorb of Benton County. Wash
and enforcement thereof by sale upon
execution pursuant to Writ of Attach
ment heretofore levied against said prop
erty. including plaintiffa coats and die
husements and attorney fees.
Attorneys for Pleintifl
P. O. Addreaa: Kennewieh. Benton
County. _,Waehington. 5:264”
B OX 3
N \BH :
CEL} ‘ ,
$72.37*; XE} ‘
{QQQ‘S/gflégi \ ‘.
Extra large. extra crispl'
\ '7 5 GOOD
in population. The particular dis
tricts where this increase has been
concentrated are in the Puget
Sound section and the Portland-
Vancouver section and Spokane.
The new fiopulation is largely
industrial, employed in war indus
tries. Shipbuilding has been using
about 200,000 persons, with ship
building sub-contractors account
ing for another 150,000. The air
craft industry is. second. the Boe
ing works alone employing some
40,000 people. The aluminum.
magnesium and matallurgical in
dustries account for: several thous
and more. Except possibly for the
last named group. all other large
war employers will throw the
bulk of their job holders onto the
labor market when the war is
over. -
This great mass of ex-war work
ers, plus the demobilized armed
forces, will certainly give rise to
a critical condition in the region.
A somewhat similar condition will
no doubt exist throughout the
It is, therefore, necessary that.
during the transition period, pub
lic works and industrial conver
sion both be maintained at a very
high level. Certainly a strong and
concerted effort in this direction
must be planned well in advance.
We hear of 60 million jobs, but we
have not seen even a portion of
them materialize.
In the Northwest there are a
certain. number of public works
projects which could cushion the
shock of dislocated labor, it the
projects are begun. If an over-all
organization like a Columbia Val
ley Authority could be established
at once, there would be some as
surance that the program of pub
lic works would be undertaken.
The question is extremely seri.
ous, for these projects can, direct
ly or indirectly, assure gainful em
ployment for several hundreds of
thousands of persons over a period
of ten or more years. The stimula
tion to the community of such a
core of job activity will keep the
economic wheels going around.
In its own relation to labor the
cmcus “ DAY in used
.I. - .
Worth Traveling
' ’-
; Mrles to See I ,~
Bring the Children
é with an MAYNARD a. unsou . ‘1
’ (i and "TARZANI' ‘SO Wonder lion. 1
3 "”qu wag“: , 1;
g cHAi'X'9li'ifr‘ieifiiiii‘i'.:m-: pi
_ 3 —————“;s;.?*s..:z£;s.:e"§::" ‘
§ -°6'6‘3's'#a'-";a".r:a:*a':::.. -.
, '33:}? 2. Immflflflm I '
' ginlSe::£w::§gnTv’:nux'lEno '
w ""uawmnmw
‘ Mr F \ .
g 7215;“ Dig?! V 5
§ /65// 054$ ‘)
‘‘ I UfliroakwngW) s7}
In 1 .- .r "LILJJJUuI‘JuIuw—L'L
Tickets on Sale Circus Day at
CVA which is established by Sen
ate Bill 460 sets an example of
fairness and solicitude for its em
ployees. The Authority may bar
gain collectively with its employ
ees. Standard wages are manda
tory, and existing seniority. pen
sion. and social security benefits
are assured. Politics is definitely
eliminated as a measurement or
fitness for occupation within the
Authority. The merit system. as
it has been developed, is the only
yardstick for securing jobs and
l E W
' 1945 Model j
and Pickups Available Now!”
We prepare your priority application withé
out obligation. Place your order now in
the truck or pickup you will need for harvest.
5. 5.]. Motor Co.
Telephone 1321 ' Kennewick
Thursday. June

The problem of the M.
the mnment. hnwever, t
the mere labor relation; 0
new organization. To prov:
somehow until the tn
period from war to peace ha
accomplished mugt be the
aim of every public-minded
cr at the moment. The 00
Valley Amhority is a sun
ment for doing this in a veg,“
measure for the Pacific 1‘“
(The next article: CVA IM‘
Future of the Pacific NM.

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