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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, June 14, 1945, Image 7

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Billy Agent's
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_ warning.
lon E l. OAII S
first Federal Savinjs and ‘
‘- - ' loan Associaliu ‘,
of Walla Walla . ‘
APPHwfigqs for loans on homes in Kenne
‘nck & Vicinity may be made at the office of
Harold G. Fyie Agency
215% Kennewick Ave. Phone 1231
Kennewick, Wash.
‘ ‘Bedside’ 3 Mechanics” Course
VeteranconaleudngntPel-cy mmmmm,m
mechaniawhichiabeingconductedum thunk-mm
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“These salient points, should be
borne in mind:
“In cases of Cholera, the hogs
will not eat when amused; ery
sipelas hogs will eat.
“Cholera-sick hogs are dull
don’t care what happens; erysipe
las hogs have bright, alert eyes
which watch everything that is
going on.
“Death losses start slowly and
increase steadily with cholera;
but in erysipelas outbreaks, the
major death losses occur immed
iately, and then decline. ‘
“The cholera threat is especially
serious this season. All spring
hogs, should be vaccinated against
cholera around weaning time.
“In localities where erysipelas
has been a problem, young pigs
should be vaccinated against this
disease soon after birth.
—Buy Another War‘Bond—
Tips Given for
Summer Safely
The good old summertime - is
sun time andfun time for the
whole family. But it also can be
danger time.
Since travel restrictions limit
focal point of family activity for
the summer, the National Safety
Council has prepared the follow
ing 10 tips to housewives. for di
minishing hazards which might de
‘stroy the pleasure of vacatibning:
1. Store winter equipmentsafe
ly—not on stairs of basement or
2. Repair broken outdoor fur
niture, broken porch floors, or
steps. '
3. Check ropes or chains on
swings and replace if defective.
4. Pick up all broken glass, old
boards, rusty nails and debris in
yard.- Pay special attention to the
sand pile
5. Be sure window screens are
in good condition (no broken
frames or weak wire) and that
they are fastened securely to pro
tect children from falling out.
6. Make sure garden tools are
picked up after each use. Put
insectides out of reach of children
and carefully wash all vegetables
sprayed with chemicals.
7. If you put down summer
throw rugs, sew fruit jar rubbers
on under side or use non-skid pads
beneath them. '
8. Have guards for all electric
fans and place out of reach of
9. Be sure kitchen curtains are
tied so they do not blow over
10. If you put up food. follow
canning directions carefuly. Do
not use oven.canning method!
Buy Another Bond
With the Westinghouse electro
static air-cleaner—the Precipitron
—installed in the postwar railroad
car, passengers will ride without
annoyance from cinders, soot, dust
and tobacco smoke. '
Getßuu'lb '
On the eve of infantile paralysis
summer outbreaks, a recapitula
tion of the figures available, show
that the number of poliomyelitis
cases in the country is running
about fifty per cent ahead of a
year ago, it was announced today
by Dr. Don W. Gudakunst, medi
cal director of the National Foun
dation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.
As of mid-May, the number of
new cases this year ,were 642 as
compared with 424 cases for the
same period in 1944.
Sharp-increases have been re
ported in the New England states,
Middle Atlantic states, South At
lantic area, and the East South
Central states. In the Pacific and
West South Central. areas which
have been hard hit during the
past two years, there has been a
noticeable drop in the number of
new cases. The remainder of the
country is running about the same
as last year. '
While the fact that there are
fifty per cent more cases in the
period in 1944, “this is not an
alarming situation but it should
be watched caretullyff said Dr.
Gudakunst. The medical director
also declared that “the National
Foundation, based on its experi
ence of assisting in severe out
breaks ot infantile paralysis dur
ing the past years, is in splendid
condition to render real service
to medical and public health au
thorities in an epidemic of intan
tile paralysis wherever it may
occur. We stand ready and willing
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V.; . . ‘ I-T'.’ I“a ( *wjgv‘f L"; .I-S, if
d. .' ‘ ml, “”4 I. v: ’l. t'. _ ,
V‘. «7. £13.43 ~0,,-11»/:§T‘*‘ “v ‘ - ,
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“ Myron: no» quality n n product mm" FIN m. P” MD!
TheSagnoftheWnthnlannlleynhehinot-yof Botinetnfewlnontlulntct.whileGoveenoeStevent
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beginning. {gunmenddltheOlegonhnndldowntoTheDnfleg
We,nowknownntPioneetß:ewtn§' Companydaegn htokenontinopenwnr.
s'“ "Y 9; Mthe'Tmim o‘, «mutton-1w HowGovetnotStevenstetnMlni-ptitingdieaent
«MumofWMs-Mbyfiuht amusmmmummmm
“'l'“ Wm"- _ . —howheheld_nvititofftiendthipwid|theNuPetcee—
In the two yeanwhichptecededugllniotlanc howmeteuonhloutconditiontwu'erightedcothotinen
StevengG‘oYetngdtiifWuhgngtonTettitot'yhnndSopeti‘o-nf ofgoodwilloonldwotknndtilltheeoilnndcnnfocdneit
tendent oln an Afloat. organized expedi w ° .fm d.“ B|.” (ton tine
whichexnloredtheroote-fanmkondfcomtbem oncttn . do.”
sippitothePacificOcecnmthenol-thetn ofthe Mitmflhmmwmndntnllepinof
continent. Rebuildin‘ieoftheNot-thenl’ncisgnilwny Moon-send.chmdmwhfundeddnnm
followeddnthemain'. .linetofthiuntvey. “0‘5““-
In 1854,09: belateonr Wuhfi Gm Vo.3habufiom‘ninmpu o] :bisaru.
Stevensestimtedmnnmhcroflndinnuanhingo «Wtkwmnhdpfidwm
ton‘l'ehitoryuZiJlZnndthennlnhetofwhitem MhhhefingvflwaoltbcMa-JIM
83.965. mmqmmwmumd.
. ‘ . L {6/
I 1. _ \
Paralysis Is On
Decline in NW
hhelptheshtgcountyand local
health authorities at a m?-
no ce.”
As a further aid in the tight
against infantile paralysis, the Na
tional FOundation is distributing
hundreds of thousands of bulletins
entitled “When Polio Strikes"
which includes new helpful hints
for parents. It also includes a se
ries of simple precautions to he
taken by parents during the surn
mer months.
M m won:
Specialising In am m
6 Washington Street
Pruuipligl fillol
our 15 Million lilu
RM mdoimt two thing
relieve constipatio- ull p- .
THEM ' bu
aw mm?” a?
Ems?“ a:
mmcmd forold and m
Ctution. In: only a dimmed.
Minus \
mascouma ' =
‘\ _1
*5 “
am: nocx rmsrmm % 3,, /‘ a I
‘_.i‘_ '6‘.
- {K r ‘_ «
Fisher & Southern J _ .A \ ‘ll
PhonePasco new ’5.“ l‘ 3 1 ’s. n
o \ 1'
no Box 497. Kennewick '
2%»!- D vim/é—
--//////I\\\\\\\" b
1 C LE A N E R S
For service anywhere in the Kennewick-Pasco
area, call
for pick-up 311% 23323 tsvzircé; week

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