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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, June 21, 1945, Image 3

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- - TAI L ‘ PIP ES 'AI"u" MHI Western Auto 5“ ‘ l
“was rs) m the tWO , Jgular and Luifetime ' ‘ u ers Olav I. Otheim, Authorized Dpegery ‘
mas Boats '
5... In Appear
g. liver Here -
mains Boats. civilian models
of the famed PT Boats and mg.
m Landing Craft, will soon
”be their appearance on the
m and streams of this area, ac
mdmg to an announcement re
fined by Mr. Cecil L. True, vice
.ptelident of True’s Oil Company
in Spokane.
There was contained in the an-
Went of the formation of
True's Distributing company, a
division 1,0! True’s Oil Company.
The new company will distribute
a variety of other products in ad
dition to the complete line of
mains Boats. Franchise dealers
are already bemg appointed in
this area. '
Referring to the company's se
F 0 R SAL E.
wad Blue Tag Netted Gem
_ ; SEED .
Earle Williams Prodqu
I. EA n n 'r o rI. Y.
in a Piper Cull
—-‘Sunup to Sundown Service ‘
Call or Write
Half Mile NW of Pros'ser 'on Highway
~ Phone 1114
fiat»... Dynamo: mans
man mom: . 6°32“ or gym. ms
'0“ ' Two and one-bl“ . ‘
' you: mm. In GOLD mt
MO“ ”I. m CH!“ m
mama _ fim
—' "gm“ ‘ ‘ =-+
ammo ~
. m stucco L°°u up you:
ammo won: “011 mm
' M W “'0 mow mm
”no: $333: 3: '" Imm. mum m
2333‘ th_° year mam: :01: m
340 Ave C East an Highway . ...
l E w
' 1945 Model
and Pickups Available llowl;
We prepare your priority application with
out obligation. Place your order now for
the truck or pickup you will need for harvest.
S. é-J. Motor Co.
Telephone 1321 _ Kennewick
lection as Qdealers for Higgins
Boats, Mr. True said: “We feel
justly proud to bring them to this
area. Although the product is
new here, the name Higgins, has
become almost a household word
because of its PT Boats and Land
ing Craft. Said to be the world’s
largest builder of pleasure, com
mercial and resort boats, the im
mediate postwar line includes 19
models from small moulded auto
carry boats to 45-foot cruisers,
and includes the PT Juniors, civil
ian counterpart of the famous
nay; model.
.“Our company will stock the
entire line,” he continued. “Pro
duction for civilian use will begin
immediately upon authorization of
partial reconversion to peacetime
production. We are gratified at
the interest already shown in
them. We have received several
inquiries from parties Wanting to
become dealers, as well as from
people wanting to get order-of
deiigery priorities now being is
su . '
True’s Oil company was found
ed in 1898 by Mr. L. L. True and
his two sons, Burt A. and Arthur
L. In those pre’automobile years,
kerosene was the chief product
of distribution. With the coming
of the automobile, othe company
built the first drive-in service
station, as well at the first self
measuring gas pump in Spokane.
It now markets its Rainbow Pe--
troleum Products, and distributes
Quaker State Motor Oils and a
line of batteries and tires in this
Buy Another Bond --
You will find it in the classified
ad section of this paper.
Easy Ways to Stretch the Beef Dish
.'~_-_ _ .___._—_———————
"”l —lahe3B -or6tosSa-vin¢sot —or.Bßervin¢sof
"”6“ m 1.5”." 111 I! 111 M
;. K;— \ " Mamuflmd quiaMtMmlnll. w.withlalptolledm
; 9- “ \ Windmills!» “minimums” lupuukandlex‘andm
,- "%) deW.Cooku 'luypnhenmwhhdmphis- tinewithdnmalmfim
' “ . J‘mlummedmnotwefl cmchturudhb. Mindormflfl'l'o.
E 'l',‘ ’ I‘an: .
“Mn"ou' CHUCK —llah34tosßew'mpof —quSu-vin¢sof —otGServingso£
WNW ”SIN manna:
,4 "» multhlflaz‘mm ”Nadia-nu.“ “Emmanuel.”
/ 1 _ K : MKMMMafi m m onion and audftyuxmdmatbymun-
V ‘.' mmmum. mutt. “with” «in: in 1% no“ of tried
\ V ' mammalian. final-unm'w onions
. v mmmgm
K“ g , . . .
‘c'iousscwsmK “QWof . -or4senin¢sof ' -or4Bervin¢sof
A - - 111-INN” mum mus»:
' i “gamma Shaft-mum“. wmwfinvithhud
;- J _ ‘ mgmuum Multilingual-l- “ultimatum-um
L“ , 4.6!“.Bunoubdd “haul-mane: mam. Sundanese:
my: I. .4 :9 nudist. with m. hm M with honendish. mashed)udddl.hvn
‘-,/ém mmmmu.m.
E ~§ ‘ l i.‘
'M‘mliuu' —labaGS_u-vingsoi wSchinuof ‘ -orßservin¢sof
, mm ENS“ [EM-ll
' ~“ ; autumn-mm aththhmm'ifilnd mudundvegcuble
.S’\T,‘F/ 1! V 3 cup stock or use. Add Wanda manta-chop ”.mfihqwhuutit
K _-.3\.; f 2 “amnion“. unfit-nutmormm mane-amen.
=— ‘hr'.’:‘ m men. cu: continua AddChiuucnoodlesfotCh' ammonium-yum
if t ; www.mm Ile’u. . mm.:m°r.wm
,‘ u m. ~
Housewivel harassed by the
.wartime problem of makin the
family meat go 'round, mil find
in the above table a number of
Meas which will help to accomplish
222122_ .
Kwpm '
22222 ,
* ——-
7a2a a a -
zuxt «or» We W:
cm: sum-é ~~ ,
a a a 2 am I
: ——— .
a a a 2 am 1
—_— ‘
a 21 1 1m
- (3%???-
' foxt.snru-'oepmoW-- 9
w . smasuu
‘ " mammals!!!-
' cup rm: cunnmmumm
Sealed bids will be received by;
Mrs. Winifred Campbell, city clerlfl
at Kennewick, Washington, until
8 pm. P.W.'l‘.,'June 29, 1945, for‘
the' construction of an Interceptinm
Sewer designated as Project No.l
45-311-N, for the City of Kenne
weick, and will then and there be
opened and publicly read aloud.
Bids received after the time fixed
for the opening will not be con
Plans, specifications and form of
contract documents may be ex
amined at the Engineer’s office,
G. D. Hall, Larson Building, Yak
ima, Wash., and at the City Clerk’s
office, Kennewick, Wash” and a
set of said plans, specifications,
and forms may be obtained at the
office of Mrs. Winifred Campbell,
City Clerk, Kennewick. Wash, up
on a deposit of sls, which will be
refunded upon the return of the
plans and specifications within a
reasonable time.
Each bid shall be accompanied
by a certified check, cashier's
check or bid bond (with autho
surety company as surety) made
payable to the owner in an amount
the bid. Surety bond (or bonds)
will be required in accordance
with the terms of the contract
The City of Kennewick reserves
and to waive informalities.
No bidder may withdraw his
bid after the hour set for the
opening thereof or before award
of contract, unless said award is
delayed for a period exceedina
80 days. ‘
M“ “W “-‘.-33......
City Clerk, City of
First publication 645-45
Last publication 6-21-45 _
Plans and specifications will be
jissued only by the City Clerk.
For Bids
this purpose and at the same time
pmude mtge‘meat dishes. This
table descri some ingenious
ways with four diflerent cuts of
beet—hamburger, arm or chuck,
Local Girl Remsters
For Cadet Nurse Course
LaVill Keller 'Ol Kennewick was
among a large group registalng
at Whitworth college for a six
month ple-cadet course.
Following the college work the
students will spend 15 months in
clinical experience in the Wen
atchee Deaconess hospital, six
months in the Spokane Deaconess
hospital and three months in East
ern State hospital, Medical. lake.
Wash. Their diploma in nursing
will be granted by the Wenatchee
Deaconess hospital. The last six
months senior cadet period may
ilian hospital.
noun -
Pmbing and Heath:
Pipe valVeS. .
.. Shims. .
‘_ oil Burners. .
.. narrative ..
\coolers ‘
'l'h cyt equal wartunity ti
er. 1: o '1
other cuts of begrotlut my be
available. as well u with cuts of
pork and lamh.
Don't Get Caught With Your
Points Down!
With the last days of the month
drawing near. one begins to won
der it the red points are going
to stretch enough to let us enter
tain Aunt Sussy. or not. Then
loaf. But meat loaf may be
what Aunt Susy has been sus
taining hex-set! on for the last
week, so new ideas are helpful.
One way to stretch a meat but
is’to add one cup of coursely grat-
. i W “‘— ' 'T‘ _ ‘ ;
. '. i
h Wu \ .3?
I ~.
‘ g .
:7: I
~ P
Colorful // 7"”? I .
- . _éfi: //:‘\_.;J .- ‘ .
CORGI! . A M ,/“(-9} s;
w Rugs y, Mala-d w ,4
+ 5249 s on», 1”" 1 ‘i:
10,5 Yuanuuthuedmwumm
WM'meduh2x4feet, ;
.FortheFoyer fMWhWMMMfi
o For the Bedroom which %m.m.sé:?yfiguwe .
Gnu-them mm collection 'chisu'ge?
OFortheNm-aery mauyrgnrunfidm
- .
Buy One lore In: Bond film 151.
ed carrott, to the meat loaf. or if CLICK TO SPEAK
you like a juicy loaf, try adding 3 Walter Click. county agent. will
cup of chopped apple. For differ- speak at Highland Grange Thurs
ent seasoning, add $6 teaspoon of day. June 28m. Anyone wishing
chine powder and a % teaspoon to have a weed identified may do
of curry powder, and even Aunt so by bringing plant and roots.
Sussy won’t mind meat loaf - ——- -————
again. Read the Courier Classified Ads
. lo .0 '3“... ...o 0...
Scan out Illa Sun—lot in the luau!
V» g®\w\ -
. (I fiffim
. .' 7%“? 3
:_- ‘ \qugf‘“
«. 3%. __ «a .1; ‘fi . 'I
.35: *‘ .
f I W .
1 ' ‘ r ' ‘.‘
i . ‘ a! 2.93
l. 6 For cool-u in m
pun. dump a m
5 WWII-tripe. .
2 $5 at 1.98 ..
‘ ‘ ' M'shuhulhduylo‘
3 - inherhimdpcm- ‘
, 'iq . ‘ Inn! All ova- M
g ' For carefully styled
/ _ noun... ooh
‘ -' ’ * ' _ «mm-argon:

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