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in; Sidewalk
By The
£3001" CLUB
: The Downtown Shoppers’ and
|tenor Mailers’ Division of the
local complaint club took over
the joint meeting of the several
Hubs this week. One particular
member with a foghom voice
fairly summed up the lament in
words something like this: “I
(have down Kennewick avenue
boxing for a place to park, see,
I drove down all the way and
back and there was only one va
cant meter see? But could I get
mo it? No!” Here he paused just
m enough to blow his nose for
emphasis; “No, I couldn’t get In.
Why? Because the car in fitont
and the car in back had both
chiseled on the space, see? And
there I was with a penny just
,ming a hole in my pocket,
“In Business -
v- Platt Ballaine and Sons .have
"solved the building shortage by
modeling the old Shell station
on Benton street into a small, but
presentable office and shop. As of
,today it is ready for a stucco job.
Rumors are still flying as to new
buildings to be built as rapidly as
gamble and they seem to be much
‘- ore than just ordinary rumors.
OLD 8m -
As this was our first New Years
'ln Kennewick, perhaps we would
be out of place in mentioning that
in police report no accidents or
other infractions during the cele
rhration. In view of the accounts of
no accidents, brawls and general
disturbance in many places it
all! to he a fine record for Ken
nalck. However, it may be that
this not unusual here, so we are
closing it under the heading of
“Old Business.” _ ‘
m sums '
may building was one of
Kennewick’s biggest enterprises
during the past year as can be
seen train the report 0f the Fire
Chief who handles the matter a:
tuning building permits. Nearly
$300,000 worth of construction in
I.) year with so littil'e available in
“mm materials no mean ac-
Wt. s 0
panama .
We are dimming with pride
when we-eonnider the activities
oi the may formed Model
Pinch). The activity has prov
ed m__withlen ever increas
ing nunher‘of aspiring nym, de
duce and mechanics. The KCR
window is this week tilled'with :11
min of samples of the hoys’:
york which are ethactinz coneid-{
nhleattention. Congratulations;
mu. ma also to Bus and Bobl
W and to Jet! Atwood for
mun; leadership.
mm 1 ominati
0:11 on
a M’s new Master
“settled down to a matter of
as to the appointment. We don’t
know whether the holidays have
any hearing, but no doubt thehead
post office in Washington is over
worked and behind schedule just
gike everybody else. , .
8103! 0? THE W!!!
it local father reports that his
asked if there was .any work
he Guild do around the house to
mwmm “1?: :2: e:
e co 0
M” the little fellow sug-
Mum about putting me on
alums? ' ‘ Seal
til-pain Ends
While the Christmas Seal Sale
mi, closed Christin” Day.
the m are still coming and
will continue to come for weeks. If
M have. not sent in your contri-
Vortex: may complete their rec
“ Last year a friend found the
filamedeskinAugust and sent.
1; the money. finial? yours 1‘“:
tome orgo p ce or
”$1..“ to
report for the county up
Shrug. is as follows:
Benton City ...................3 203.25
30m Heaven 66.50
Plump .............................. 25.00
Pronu- .......... 428.90
We .m.............- 2.00
whilst-an .... 186.22
Rest 01 the county ............2090.81
Bonds --- 175.00
Blane - 83.43
Mouton is Speaker at
First PT-A Meet in ’46
The flat meeting of the Kenne-
Wick P.-'r. A. for the new year
win he held January 9 at 8 mm in
“19 High School auditorium. 11A
Very entertaining program as
been planned. Mark Moulton Will
be the guest speaker. His topic
“11 be “Juvenile Delinquency.”
:11 parents are urged to attend.
C. P. Winkonwordor was a guost of honor at a family rouniou
and dinnor hold in tho Masonic hall on Docomhor 16. It was in
rocognition of tho Judgo's 15th birthday on tho 17th as won as tho
25th wedding annivorsary of his oldost son and Vito. Mr. and Mrs.
B. J. Winkonwordor. A docoratod birthday coho was toaturod ot
tho dinner. Pictured horo aro. front row. Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Winkonwordor. tho Judgo and his yito. and Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Winhonwordor. Socond row: Richard and Dorothy Ann. and thoir
paronts. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. thhonwordor. and Lloyd. ton of Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Winhonwordor. Back row: A. B. Sottorland and
Lawronco Winkonwordor. Hrs. Sottorland. tho ’Judgo's only
doughtor.wastooilltomakothotriptrom Bitsvillo. Anothorsou.
, —Photo by D. K. Randal
Kennewick People Enioy Holiday
Social Events; Parties. Visifing
Guests at the A. W. Brown
home Christmas were Mr. and
Mrs. John- Chase Jr. and family
of Athena, Ore., and Mr. and
Mrs. Bob Holden and family of
Kennewick. ~ _ _ _
Glenn Ludlow is home from
the Nazarene College at Nempa,
Idaho, for a holiday vacation
his parents. Mr. end Mrs. Fran
cis Ludlow.” _‘ _ _ _
‘ Mr. and Mrs. B. B. 'Treshami
'Ol McMinnville, Ore., left Satur
day after a holiday visit at the
‘Francis Ludlow home- Mrs. Ludo.
1:; and Mrs. Trosham are also
t. ‘ .
A Christmas Eve party was
held at the O. O. Coan home.
Popcorn and candy making and
games were enjoyed by Mrs. Ar
deil Manley and Muslim and
Myron, Mr. and ._ Mrs. Harvey
Galbraith and daughter Ramona.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Sellars. Rus
sell and Veraiean Mae and Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Rowiey had din
ner with Mr. and Mrs._Grover
Farris and family'in Grainger.
Mr. and Mrs. Rowley'were holi
day, visitors at the Seliarshome
from Philo Calif. "2-, ' =
1 Mr. and Mrs. Theo Reese had
as Christmas dinner guests Mrs.
‘E. F. Reese, Miss Hulda Reese,
‘Otto Reese .and .Mr. and Mrs.
‘Robert Tweedt and son Carl.
‘ ,Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Tweedt
{and family and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Tweedt and son were din
‘ner guests last Monday evening
‘at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.
M. Tweedt.
- Mrsand' Mrs. Russell ‘3. Love
‘of Leavenworth, Wash, spent
‘Christmas week with Mrs. Love’s
parents and sister Mr. and Mrs.
.34» uniquely; _
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Byrd spent
Christmas day in Walla Walla
with relatives. Mrs. Byrd rennin
ed there for a week’s visit. A
Carmen George had Peggy .Mc-
Lean" of Yakima as her house
gust from Wednesday until Sun
3;?ng McLean is a student at
Wayne Smith was an over
night guest of Roger Felton New
Year’s Eve.
Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Felton and
sons spent Christmas in Seattle
with Mr. Felton’s parents.
Billy Gravenslund left for the
University of Washington Mon
day after spending the holiday
vacation with his parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Wilmot Gravenslund.
Mr. and Mrs. Olav Otheim and
Miss Inga Otheim entertained on
Saturday evening with a dinner.
The table decorations followed
the Christmas motif. Pinochle
was played later in the evening.
High score went to Herbert Lent:
and low to Robert Kelso.
A Christmas party was held
for the Lutheran Fellowship
League members at the Art Sim
sen Home Sunday with Mrs. Carl
Anderson as assistant honess.
Thirty two members were present
and gifts were exchanged. At'the
end of the evening Santa Claus
and Father Time came in and
grflosented each one with a special
} Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tweedt
entertained with three tables of
‘pinochle New Year’s Eve. High
hanors went to Mr. and Mrs. Art
Glasow of Pasco and low to Olav
Otehim and Miss Inga Otheim.i
Holiday guests at the George
Bvrd home were Mr. and Mrs.
William Byrd of .Yakima, Mr. and
Mrs. M. O. Barnes of Olympia,
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Byrd of
Yakima and Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Buchanan of Kennewick. Mrs.
Barnes and family will visit here
. and Mrs. John Neuman en
tertained with tour tables of pin
ochle at a New Year’s Eve watch
party. High prizes went to Mrs.
Alma Rammeier and Ed Dam
meier and .low to Mrs. Viola
Strege and Francis Zarndt.
Neill Davey, yeoman first class,
Bellingham‘, who spent the holi
days at the M. Simmelink home,
left Wednesday for Seattle, where
he will resume his navy’ service
until-his discharge. in the early
Sindhi. .
« Tommy and. Rambert Simm' cunt,“
Frances Lieser Mary Ellen
Dickinson left Tuesday to re
sume their studies at WSC, Pull
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hill, Rich
land, were New Years Eve guests
at the M. Simmelink home.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert William
and two small daughters were
week-end guests at the C. C. W!!-
liams home.
Margaret Hall of Grandview
spent her Christmas vacation
with her grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph 'Olbrlch.
eriss. M (3:31: hot Buflalg’,
o. 'vmm (‘ " or para:
Mr. and mil," M.»Lucus during
thaholidex lan-1n - _ _ _
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elder and
daughter of Moses Lake were vis
the: at the Bob Holden home last
w I
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Brown and
daughter from Burbank were din
ne‘r guests at the Bob Holden
heme New Years.
Lester Blair Marries -
Denver Girl Monday
Caroline F. Davis of Denver,
Colorado and Lester C. Blair, son
of Mrs. H. C. Curry, were united
in marriage by Rev. M. C. Kauth
at 9:80 New Years Eve. The double
ring ceremony took place at the
H. C. Curry residence. Dr. and
Mrs. Curry were the emples only
attendants. The bride wore a light
greytravelingsuitwlthalapel pin
that had been worn by her mother
at her wedding.
The bride came by plane for the
wedding. The young couple met
in Marta, Texas, where Mrs. Blair
was engaged in parachute packing
and stationed there.
Lester recently received his dis
charge and the young couple will
make their home here. Lester will
assist his brother, Bill Blair, on
his Horse Heaven hills farm.
139 m: 00991 me
P 131! quthly Meeting
Richland’s recreation ball will
be the scene of the monthly
meeting of the Benton County
Democratic club Saturday for a
dinner meeting.
Prospective speakers are Jerry
O’Connell, state executive secre
tary, Tom Smith. of Walla Walla,
John Gavin, chairman of the 4th
District Council, Lon Leeper, or
Pasco, and a representative of the}
state department of fish and;
game. ‘
A meeting of the Benton Conn-l
ty Central committee will follows
glothigg Workshop to
'Start January 10
Mrs. Bolon is starting a clothing
«workshop for women interested in
making dresses. The meetings
will be held every Thursday at
Finley, befinning January 10, in
the Community Room at the Meth
odist church. ‘
December I'ires
Tops For Year:
Angus! Is Low
Kennewick wound up the old
year in a blaze of glory according
to an annual report of the city fire
department. Fire loss in Decem
ber topped all other month: by a
comfortable margin. reaching a
total of $15,252, more than half of
the year’s total of $25,641.87. All
amounts are estimated figures.
Three fires accounted for most
of this December loss. in the Polly
anna Cafe, Kennewick Hotel and
Park View Homes.
August took -honors grim five
grass fires and no loss, ' followed
closely by May with a SSO loss.
March was runner-.up for high
score with $4,040 and nine calls in
June resulted in a loss of $2,500.
Within the city limits the de
partment answered 77 calls in the
year, running from 10 in February
to three in May and September-. 1
Seven was the popular numberl
with four months reaching that“
number of fires. ' ’ ~ ‘
The city trucks {answered 16‘
calls outside of th: city where
fires accounted for loss of 313,-;
285. June was top month in the
ruralareawithaloa ofs33oo.ln‘
May, September and October no‘
loss was reported. Shortage of;
water proved a serious handicap
outside of the city. 1
n’f’he department was annoyed by‘
0 three false Only one
‘of thue could fled to an
‘April Fools day prank with one in
’May and one in December.
‘ Kennewick’s Fire department
Ihas enjoyed an expansion program
lfire station has been completed
large enough to house four trucks
with a recreation and sleeping
iroom for firemen. _ - _
‘ Tribute has been paid in many
cases to the department and to
Chief Herb Malcho' for the ex
cellent job they have done. .
'l'wo him-Ell In
River Road Crash
‘ Chester Hugh‘llafiwell of Ken-l
newiclr and Dean Heints otPsseo
are bothin the mint
after suffering serious injuries in
an auto accident which occurred
at 8 pm. Wednesday three miles
west of Kennewick. '
1 Maxwell’s car was in a collision
with a car driven by Elliott Bailey
‘of Richland, who was accompanied
Isenger in Maxwell’s ear. Tim
IBaileys were treated for lacerao‘
‘tions. Both cars were damaged to
‘the extent of about S3OO.
Maxwell is charged with driving
while under the influence of
liquor. . . 4
State Patrolman Del Flint with
Deputy Sheriffs Al Crow and Ted
Wagner anewered the call
In another accident on New
Year’s Eve on the Plymouth Road
near Morgan’s 'eorner.- Wm. 1".
Martin suffered minor cuts about
driven by Vera J. Kirk of Kenne
wick, which was involved in a
head-on collision with a vehicle
driven by Edwin Carson of Rich-
Both cars were damaged to an
extent of more than SIOO.
Insult-Dunlap _
Ceremony Bead
At a quiet ceremomr in the
presence of only a few friends
Gladys Dunlap become the bride
of Clarence E. Hinaon on Decem
ber 10 at 7:15 pm. with the Rev.
J. Lyle Bromblet. Baptist-mini-‘
Iter of Paaco, officiating. The
ceremony was held at Reverend
Bromblet’s home in Paaco. s __‘
The bride wore a gray suit
with black accessories and s coro‘
sage of pink rosebuds. nose
present were parent of the im
mediate couple, the bride’s sister
Frances Dunlap. and Dennis Nor
row, friend of the bride and
The bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Dun-
lap of Kennewick and is upland
at Richland. , ,
The groom. is the son of llr.
tinned at San Francisco awaiting
assignment tor possible see duty.
After a short honeymoon on
the coast. the bride has continued
her work at Richland. the groom
toreport backtoduty. l
commotion: ‘
A new year day message reach
ing the Rev. John B. Coon family
brought the welcomed news that
their son. Royce, had just landed
in the States and expected to be
home within the month.
\ The last word received from
him was dated Nov. 6th and he
was still at Salsburg, Austria with
the Air forces. His wife and yeerfi
old son, whom hehasnotyetseen,
are making their home with his‘
parents here. The message was
sent from Camp Henry. Va. Royce
expects to return to school at Wil
liamette University.
News from Our Men and Women
In the Armed Services
Cpl. Victor Kippa. son of Mr.
and Mrs. M. L. Kippes received
his discharge from the Army Air
Forces. December 29th at Fort
Lewis. Cpl. Kippes recently re
turned from Leyte after spending
one and a half years overseas. He
was an oxygen operator and has
been in the service three and a
half years. His brother. Leo, re
ceived his discharge about a
month ago at Fort Lewis. Leo
had been with the Coast Anti-Arr
Craft Artillary for four years. He
had three and a half years of
overseas duty in the Caroline Is
lands and Hawaiian Islands.
Pfc. Ted Gifford, son of Mr.
and Mrs. K. C. Gifford. received
his discharge from the Army Air
Forces at Fort Lewis recently.
Ted is home for the first time in
four years. He spent the last
three years in the South Pacific.
Sgt. Jennie Linden. sister or
Mrs. R. W. Woods. received her
discharge from the WAC's recent
ly at Camp Bean. Calif. She had
been in the service three years.
11! STATE!
Mrs. Carl Hens received a wine
from her husband. Sgt. Carl Hen.
saying he has arrived in the
States from France and will be
home soon.
Christmas m.onthe27th ot
Capt. Jooeph A. Batch of Ken
the Army Air Ponce at Sacra
‘ Lincoaneyishomewith
hisparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Wey of Route 1 after two
yearqservieeinthe armored in
‘tantry in the Bum theater.
inc arrived home on the 28th
and plans to remain in Kenne
L 7 ~_ .m-__
wick. served aboard the Nb
has been deeommiuionedAgnd
Philippine are. and the Indo
total of 71.000tousanddumflnc‘
additional llmwmotlap
m‘A,m'mhu-. n‘
of the U. 5. Navy arrived home
mmdsanm Heal-rivet!i
seas. Hehubeminthenlvy
smut-noun i
Cpl. Rolland Bender.eonot
the South Highlands. arrived
received hlldhelnrgentrort
Lewis. Hemedtwoyeersln
Purple Heart andanteStnr.
Hemmunded whileonthe
Solomon Islands and spentthe
has been oversees tor nlne‘
Clarence Bumell Sellers. SK
maswlthhisperents. Mnend
spenneeven-day vewlth
nggnronm of
Mr. and Ire. HeKlnley Des
grenaee. managed to nuke it
with three hours to spare. It
would have been his tourth
Ihenotrnndeitholne. Heexpecte
r Cpl. William (Bud).Waltea,sou
of Mrs. W. S. Walters. received
yearsmice. Hearrivedhomo
with Mr. and “Joe-Allen.
Mrs. Walters is Hrs. Allen's
M J. Olbrich. nus/c
Clarence J. Olhrich. MM2/c of
the Seabees. son of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Olbrich. entered the ser
vice Oct. 6, 1943. He took his
basic training at Camp Perry at
Williamsburg. Va. Then he went
to Camp Endicott in Rhode ls
land where he was a tire instruc
tor. Leaving there in May of ’44
for a leave which he spent with
his parents. his company was
shipped to Oahu near Pearl Har
bor. He was there eight months
Marianas when he mained un
way of Saipsn and two Jlma.
They landed in Sauml Bay
where they remained anchored
for three days befiore being al
lowed to go ashore. Then they
made their headquarters at Ya
kosuki Naval Academy about-20
miles from Yokohama.
furlough below reporting back
Won! has can of the dia
mirth 9!an
ur . aeaman.
Charles 8. Kitchen. aviation
Roger 3. Gillian. aviation
. 1
Manna Waco-day V.
at home with melaflvea and
Spokane. Humanism
dacoandwaaverylucky that
ported. {
Happy New Yunnan-aunt:
mum 4
University of Washington the}
cum I
ottheussannquapln arrived
mm MM”:
cave. paw
leaveathome. He beam
aavedasananti-tank (tanner.
mama umthlhthe
battle stars. Combat Infantry
Conductmedala. '
HOME 03 maven
Pic. Gemld flowery, son of
Poraker Daughter
Upholds Record
0! Highlands
"Konnowick Highlands—Fin!
With the 3.81."
That slogan has again been
proved with the news that Lois
Elayne Foraker, born at 4:47 am.
January 1 .is the apparent wm
net of the Kennewick 1946 Baby
contest. Proud parents are Mr.
and Mrs. Vern Foraker. whose
home _is on the Highlands.
A close contender .was also a
girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Taylor of Richland at 6:22 am.
Ne_w Year’s Day.
However the contest will be
held open a few days longer Just
in case some early contenders in
the outlying precincts have not
yet had an opportunity to report.
Contest sponsors were given a
scare last week when it was re
ported that the stork had got
himself entangled in power lines
while on a tour of duty. However
it is apparent that the stork ser
vice does not suffer the wartime
shortages of equipment that beset
other transportation enterprises
and a substitute carrier was on
hand to keep things rolling.
‘ In answer to numerous ques
tions it is planned to ‘make this
icontest an annual event. Prospec
‘tive contenders have been espe
cially curious on this point.
The large number of valuable
prizes offered by Kennewick mer
chants will be on display at the
Courier-Reporter ofliee this week
end before being deliverd to the
winner. .
Clerk. Treasurer
In New Offices
The City Clerk and Treasurer
have moved to their new quar
ters in the former fire station.
Council rooms in the same space
are nearing completion. A new
arrangement of police and sheriff
offices is under way.
The council has suuested that
an opm House be held when all
of the changes have been com
pleted. ___ _ _, 7 A
Kennewick’a City Council held
its first meeting of 1m Wedneap
day night. An annual report of
the Fire Chief on tires and build
ing permits waa heard. An ordin
ance flowing aged on the high
waytromthe ‘rldcetotheweat
pity limit: was given first read-
ling was given nuthoriution to
grade I street near the water
ot the newer project and heard
the work on Washington street
ammo-rapidly u poe-
my. he; 1.73
Building Permits
Kennewick’o year of building
just completed show: that 173
building permits were tuned for
construction at an estimated cog:
“3199;090:27- __ _
} Public stones was the number
one item accounting for 17 permits
‘at a cost ‘0! $141,120. On new
Additions. alterations and re
‘patnwereoonstmcted ataoostot
$85,505.27 In 80 permits. Garages
and hams made up the balance or
the total.
largest item in the Decanber
and apartment building to be con
structed on First avenue by Leon
aul Mahler.
Wedding Wednesday
5 On Wedneaday evening after
‘Chriahnaa in the preaenoe ot a
email party of trienda and rela
‘tivea. Frankie Simmonda of Ken
newick and Melvin D. Strand, tor
pnerly of El Reno. Oklahoma, were
united in marriage in the Kenne
pvick Hetbodiat paraonaae.
‘preaaive ring rite. The bride waa
tinned in dark blue and carried a
ahower bridal bouquet. The groom
pecta to have shortly tor a North
Camlina army post tor further
Dr. Arthur Wegner
Vbite In Kennemck
Capt. Arthur Wegner visited in
Kennewick this week utter re
ceiving his discharge from the
Dental Corps after 52 months oi
service. Dr. Weaier is well known
here. having practiced in Kenne
wick 17 year. before enter-inc
the service.
\ He was stationed at Fort Mac-
Arthur. San Pedro, Calif. Dr.
Wegner has not yet announced
plans tor his return to civilian
NO. 40

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