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' By The
“an" 61-03 \
11h ' Sidewalk Reporter was
”musk by a group of the
M wagons members of the
W Club for reporting activi
flog the club only once and' then
W the matter drop. Said one:
m-mt wear our lungs out on
.‘ M 8? subject. Everybody
'.’; that's a good idea and that’s
.muit gets. I think we should
W an inner circle within the
dllb to be known as the ‘harpies,’
“at Ma it would be to keep
.m" Specifically mentioned,
- ' a ample of course, was a re
a Ingestion to eliminate the
jot machines from in front of the
W and providing a loading
me. and a curbstone mailbox.
‘93., fellow“. keep harping.
];m 003
a min a long tirne comes to our
.f. a letter in which the writer
ham“ us to print something
it other.” is amazing that these
1w am never signed—not even
r...” “this; We are a little sur
,‘ they are written in long
f instead of the safer typewrit
-3” m or perhaps with letters
mm out of 'a newspaper
" gated in irregular lines like
(I man notE. But it must require
a. Mus amount of courage
,fiapel'm to write such a scorch
». in the first place and perhaps
33 b any modesty that prompts
's'“ to shield himself with an-
We necked such a communica
tln this week in which Mr. x
m !a' the good old days when
in“ lead was publishing the
“macaw-paper in the who”
”with (and here we quote
w‘gen mostly to advefi
mI: Pasco papa” We
“any? that Ralph did a fine
job i his honors from the
WW State. Newspaper As
mtoplove it. We make no
.dmm‘utobeing thebest in
mm However, it is amaz
mmmckly people yell if they
min new: of the KGB.
We have Weredfiefpre and ye
W .7!!! an offer for any cit
llm tolie heard on any subpect
uptothehorderline of libel. Just
write a “Dear Editor" and talk
about anything you please. We
must heist, however, that letter:
be m. n the writer wishes we
\yill vithold his name on pumice--
two but we want that signature in
our files. We are responsible for
every word that goes into the pa
“You get all excited,” remarks a
rude. “about all those little ce
ment block buildings down town,
but how about all the homes being
maul?” He’s right. Those
hues are not only mighty impor
'§lnttotheowners but also mighty
Wt to the community. g:
catching up we are pu
Killing in another column a story
on bane construction in process
and recently completed. _
- 3M the same the cement block
building; continue to grow apace,
Mahler's building is nearing com-
Dletion. ucnomld's starting to
on First Avenue. Albert Kent’s
We next to the theatre is
M to become a show place
authemaindrag. 88; J willsoon
h ”a! ‘0 occupy its new garage.
gm his buildings on Ave. c‘
f my fine and blocks are
$33.; mgr-em fiogerh do
. are e an
theme I
0") Tm: ' ,
A M of the Kennewick city
M W: that Ole Brue’s name
3 the fifteenth to find a perma-
M place on a residential addi
h‘ 30' many can you name
“(it 'O3? Check your memory
W the following: Amon, Lay
h' Webs, Moraine, Leibee, Ho
'"- 0m Beach, Stanton, Men
m Tomkins, Moore anal
€01.03 _
“Did M notice the neat “change
mg!” munplished by the Nor
‘MC? We refer, of
“emu”! ‘0 the new paint job on
”‘9“ from the well known
mm” a cram with suitable
"“7 or ma wm
Tm Willie, please tell me
What it h When I say, “I love,
M 1°"- he loves." .
"mk- That’s one of them tr:-
U” 's‘" everybody gets shot;
Cl i" ”Em. Answers Two
'"9. Damage Slight
Mm Fire Department received
Mm“ this week. Neither
Via “a! damage. The first
and ““3 Cronin's Trailer Sales
“Sum and one of his build.
Mm fire from a defectve
he. ' “mutedinaszsm
“he The Econd was a trailer;
Mmflm in the ““th g?
u .‘ '
B 810 We This resul 1
@ll2 Kmnrmirk Q'Lnurivr- ZRPpnrtvr
Many Houses In
City's Current
Building Boom
Kennewick’s building 'boom is
not exclusively business construc
tion. More than 25 homes are un
der construction or have been
very recently completed in the
city and nearby rural areas.
No particular part of the city
is favored with homes going up
in nearly every section. Many
more houses are being considered
and some are awaiting FHA ap
proval. .
A quick run-down of recent
building permits for names shows
Alfred L. Smith, east of Gum
street. . -
W. Hubbard in Larson’s addi
C. R. Stranahan, back of the
Serier home on Kennewick Ave.
Jess Hale at 204 Howard.
Harold G. Larson, Owen’s ad
dition. ‘
"’biifn. w. Kite, Olmsted addi;
_ Paul Horsley, two houses of
cement block and stucco on East
E. ~8. Gilbert, in Owens addi.
tion on First Av-ue East.
E. F. Duff on Avenue A in
Arggn’s addition. ‘
Clement ”617235 and A. Mark
go gach starting homes on North
en , ‘
Paul Drew, City Homes edition.
Paul Drew and F. E. Elder,
three houses in Layton’s 9de
J. E. Layton is building in hi
on addition.
Freeman Fishback has stung!
two homes on Third. Among“,
Christine Gussenhovenonn'ow
ard street.
y In the ruraliare‘as a‘m’unber
of places have been started in
‘cluding W. s._ Green, Paul Doer
’inx and Ben Hack. Milton Roper
recently completed ‘a home west
‘ofthe'city. .J. B. Boles has fin
‘isheda shOp behind his home in
’th‘e‘West Highlands. 'Bob Chal
craft has been doing some repair
and additions to his hatchery.
egidgk’to “these"in additions to Ken;
I) s 2 space apartmen
above the two'newhuildings on
First Avenue and over Grave's;
newly started garage. Other
apartments are in. the blueprint!
- Latest groundbreaking for new
garages. J. W. Graves has start
ed his building on Auburn street
.and another garage building is
getting under way next to the
Sportland block on Avenue) C for
H. W. Magnuson, who has been
operating a used car lot on An
burn street. A
Workers Needed
For Red Cross
i More, workers for the Red
Cross drive are needed to success
fully put over Kenneivick’s p?
of the campaign. Mrs. Harold .
Fyfe requests that anyone who
feels he can devote some of his
time to this work contact her at
once, or attend the organization
meeting at the Arrow Grill next
Wednesday at 8:15 p.m.
At this meeting the organiza
tion of the campaign workers will
be formed, and the instructions
will be given relative to the so
licitation. Moving pictures on
Red Cross work will also be
shown. _ 7 1
On Monday evening, February
25th, at 7:30, there will be a
“kickoff" banquet at the Lewis
and Clark school at Richland to
make plans for the drive. Those
wishing to attend this meeting
should call Mrs. Fyte so that res
ervations can ‘be made for them.
The campaign opens formally
on March lst and workers have
hopes of putting Kennewick over
the -top in a short time.
State Grand Master Here
At I. O. 0. F. Meeting
At the regular meeting Monday
evening of the 1.0.03. lodge, the
State Grand Master, Robert J.
Taylor, Grand Secretary, L. J.
Jana, Grand Conductor, Jack
Crawford and Past Grand Master
Dave Mclntosh, were introduced
and spoke to the lodge. Many vis
itors trom Walla Walla, Pasco and
Kiona lodges were present. The
first degree was conferred upon
seven candidates. '
Ole Brne's Name Finds Place. on '
(3in Maps; New Addition Approved
Answering a need for building
lots in Kennewick a new addi
tion has been platted and accept
ed by the city council. It will be
known as Ole Brue’s addition and
will embrace the area lying be
tween 4th and 6th Avenues East
along Washington street. The
Icanal cuts across the southwest
corner of the addition and a‘
short street has been platted to
connect Washington and 6th av
enue. This will be known as
Brue’s Place East.
Thus the name of another old
time Kennewick resident will be
remembered for years to come
along with some 14 other, Ken
SimmWiler..o£llamvm.. mrammwnmwm
hot. nmummmmmmm V .
News from Our Ken and Women
manna HO“
Cpl. Dale Higlefl grandson of
Mrs. Emma Higley, is back and
discharged after two years of
service, 21 months of this spent
i He served with the-.Blst In
\fantry Div. as an anti-tank” pla
y-toon cannoneer and saw action on
:Palau Island, Peleiu Island and
the Philippines. '
He wears the Combat- Infantry
Badge, Asiatic Pacific with two
battle stars,. Good"'Conduct. Vic
tory Medal and the Philippine
Liberation with one star" . _‘
Yadhirds to ,
lan Work'l‘ee
Sunday morning. starting at 10
o’clock the. Yardsz Amalga
mated Association of Airport
Cleaner - Uppers Will strut their
stuff at Kennewick’s Nob Hill
municipal airport.
A work be has been organiz
area around the field of a collec
tion of debris, auto bodies, junk.
tin cans, etc. This collection is a
definite hazard to flying as well.
as an eyesore on the ground as
well as from the air.
Fifteen members of the Cham
ber of Commerce had agreed
Thursday to appear. Many more
workers are Wanted and individ
uals are invited to Join the task
force in this civic enterprise.
Workers are asked to provide
themselves with shovels or forks.‘
Trucks will be provided to haul
the collection away. . 1
The committee_ is working out:l
affaiigeirimts to have coffee and
fidwiches for sale during the
Rainbow Girls Hold
Sweetheart Dance
Tuesday evening, February 19
the Rainbow Girls held their an
nual Sweetheart dance at the
Highlands club house. About 40
couples attended and everyone
{enjoyed themselves immensely.
{This is an annual affair, held
laround St. Valenitne’s Day. Chas.
Blackman, Jr., was chosen as the
Sweetheart and amidst much
cheering, he accepted the, gift at
a record album of “Oklahoma."
Dr. and Mrs. Stone, father and
mother advisers, kept the ball a
rolling, seeing that everyone not
to dance and announcing the
winner after the grand march,
led by Jane Byrd, worthy adviser
and' Charles Blackman.
inewick pioneers whose names ap
pear on city additions.
Several of the lots have al
ready been spoken for as home
sites. A protective covenant has
been established that will make
the addition a credit to the com
’ Homes to be built at the.pres
ent come under the plan of FHA‘
Title 2-A houses for owner ocr
Sewers reach part of the addi
tion now and will be extended to
the entire plat.
on 50 by 140 foot lots.
Six homes are to be construct
ed immediately.
STATIONS!) A? mean
‘ Lt. Comdr. Lester B. Brown,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Brynn
Brown of East Kennewick, is now
stationed at Pensacola, Florida,
where he graduated in '4l. Hog
has been assigned to duty involv
ing flying, as executive officer ofl
the Flight Brigade~nehasre
cently' been presented with an
Air Medal and Gold Star in lieu
of a second Air Medal for duty
with Squadron 152.
His wife is the former Martha
Chenis, who was supervisor of
sm°mfi£f ”i.“
. , 9 year 80
with her husband and their son
Captain Wilkus Hawn find
home Saturday from Camp Bob
erts. California. and is now on a
two month terminal leave. Cap
tain Hawn'has been in the ser
vice 44 months. ten of thug in
the ETC, returning to‘the State;
in October. He won the Bronze.
Star in action.
T-Sgt. Albert Ayers is here vis
iting his aunt, Mrs. Austin Dan
nest and relatives. He has been
in the service 7 years and in the
ETC the last two years he served
as a platoon sergeant with the 2d
Infanttry. ‘ He plans on going
back to Europe March lst, as an
ordinance man in the , occupa
tional forces.
Clarence J. Olbrich, formerly
with the Seabees, has received
his discharge at Bremerton and
now plans on workingin the Spo
kane district.
S-Sgt. Walter L. Edwards, son
of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Edwards,
of Kennewick, airplane mechanic
stationed at Okinawa. received
his discharge at Camp Lewis, aft
er three years in service.
‘ Pic. Gerald Mower-y, son of
Mrs. Clarence Vandine, left the
States Friday for Korea. Mrs.
Vandine was able to spend sev
fle‘limurs with her son before he
Pvt. Lloyd Robinson received
his honorable discharge January
31 atl-‘t.,Lewis. Hehasbeenin
the Army 3 and a halt years—lß
months overseas. He received
the Good Conduct Medal, Victory
Medal and the Asiatic Ribbon.
He joined his wife Lucile at the
home or his pants, Mr. and Mrs.
C. P. Robinson, where she had
been staying. ;
' Marvin Kerr. T 5, son'ot Mr.
‘and Mrs. Harvey Kerr of Finley
received his dischage at Ft. Lewis
January 29 and returned to his
home here. He hag! been in the
service nearly 3 years. Spending
19 months overseas. He was in
the alst Engineer Combat Divis
ion, seseing action in the Palms,
the Philippines and on Leyte. He‘
went to Japan in September, be
ing stationed at Aomox'i. Then
on to Yokahama, where he took
the General Garden boat back
to the States.
After spending a few days
here he went to Portland to visit
lacuna-01m. hm
Airport, Plats,
Heallh. Keeps
Council Busy
Kennewick’s city council push
ed a lot of businm through its
continually filled hopper Tuesday
flight only adjouming at a late
Don Knowles appeared before
the body on behalf of Common
wealth Airlines to urge early ac
tion on Vista Field. He reported
that his company is interested in
the field for the establishment of
feeder airline service. The com
pany also markets a plane for
private flying. He pointed out
that Vista offers one of the final:
flying fields in the country. The
council explained that it is study
ing plans presented by the Navy
for turning the field back to the
city. However the Navy wishes
to maintain certain rights on the
field and consideration is being
given to plans of operation.
The plat of Ole Brue's addition
to Kennewick was presented and
endorsed by the council. It has
previously received favorable ac
tion by _the planning qornmission.
J. R. Michener asked the coun
cil tor oooperation with the de
partment of health in an educa
tional campaign to start the elim
ination of outdoor toilets in the
city according to the recently
passed ordinance banning thcoc
edifices .
Paul Horsley. contracteor on
to the matter of the completion
of that project. Mr. Henley re
ported that the job mild he
completedinahout ll dm'l'he
replacing a so-toot section of
hte pipeaccordingtospeciflee
ground was considered to he
the causeAnestimate otthe
costotrepairwasrecelved bye
FederalWorksAgency. ‘
terredtothe planningcommian
Passage of bills and othet rau
tine matters rounded out the ev-
[Ming Produces
Tali Revenue
A report issued by E. C. Smith.
director of the Kennewick Federal
Housing project shows that the
agency paid‘last year $10,929.00
in taxes. Dunng the year an aver
age of 170 houses were rented
averaging $64.29 tax per tamily.
In addition sewer charges were
3:?! to the city on each occupied
An average of 600 people lived
in the project paying the various
indirect taxes such as sales tax in
trading at local stores.
A breakdown of the tax pay
ments showed how much was-paid
to various departments:
State of Washington $55.76;
Benton County $2659.17; City of
hanewick 3499.89; School Dist
rict 1? $3257.48; Port of Kenne
wiek 891.38; Public Utility Dist
rict 285.92. ‘
Iwo Local _Bog Scouts
To Attend Conference
Stewart Houston and Richael
Smith, Boy Socuts prominentin
Pasco and Kennewick hoops.
Arrow." Theywmattendasy
dayconference otallthelodcu
of Oregon and Washington a‘
Yakimathisweekald. W
c ationalfiomryCamp
society. Themmnbeuwm
ceremony mammalian
son. .
SixScoiltstromWalh Wall.
and Richland will company
thuntotheeonterence. ‘
Aeordial invitationlsextend
ball, given by the Sea Scout Shlp
’ShangrioLa on Friday. February
22nd at the Pasco USO. com
skipper andvisitorsaboard.and
the presentation of the ship's
charter and installation of the
when. Walter Johnson and
mate. respectively.
’Green Homes Petitions
For inclusion in City;
Hearing Set March 1
Lions To Play "
Yakima In Valley
Tourney Friday
it. w. Poling
Final Lover Yakima League
Team Won Last Pct
KENNEWICK a 2 .800
Pasco 0 4 .400
Richland 5 5 .500
‘Grandview 4 6 .400
‘Pnosser 4 6 .400
Sunnyside 3 7 .300
‘Grandview won the playoff
Monday night at Mabton. defeat
ing Pmuer 40-32, thus qualifying
for the 4th place to represent the
Lower Yakima league.
The Yakima Valiay tourna-
Paluuan 82. at 0:13 p.m. with
Clo Pasco va “all: 04; 7:80
0 p.m. va :
‘ M V: W J 76
p.m. m va Yakima.
All gain. will to plan! in Rina
Wapato m with ill. chan
pionalnip gala. W (or
Friday. Hatch lat. Tho aaeond
placa can will Ila played on
Dutch Bth. Gan. night are
I rob. a. 2:. m 1. a and o.
W CF'CIIC Will. 8.
Playing the! last home game of
the season, the Kennewick Lions
avenged the earlier defeat by the
Wa-Hi Blue Devils. before a small
crowd of “loyal follower-s”-witth
a few visiting firemen thrown in.
romping off with a 48-29 victory.
last Saturdny night on the Lions'
floor. This evened up the series.
as Wa-l-li won the game there a
week previous by a 42-29 score.
Using fast breaks and a very
tight defense. the Lions looked
much better and the team play
iwas much-Wmthat
‘ot the previous night. when they
dropped a game to the Grand
view Greyhounds. ,S‘Schults'fl
Blackman was high point rnan
“hometown”tearn. played one»!
the best games in which he has;
participated this season. All of
the starting five racked up at:
least 8 points and with Black-1
rnan's 12 points added to this. the
score on the electric marker at
the finish showed 40 points in all‘
for Kmnewlck. 1
The Wa-Hi team was handin
capped by the loss of their regu-‘
lar forward. Mead. thru sick-i
new. and their usual style of fast
breaking and good passing underl
the basket, was upset by the‘
close checking and rushing meth-‘
ods employed by the Lions. The
third quarter- was the big one
' (Continued on Page 6) |
Couple mm
In Murder Trial
‘ Jab?“ Superior m
acqm a
jury Wednesday on: charge of
second degree murder.’l‘hecouplel
had been charged with the nun-4
der of Wmuwblnthelrtraner
home in Kmnewick onthenlnlt
of Dec. 20.
tense. Thaw-enema...”
Got-gm mutton-hey
the defendant: with Andrew
Min Manama-1-
serfotthhjudytelm. Sewn
jurors in this cue mm
Warner. l". W. MAJ-Ia
utorernan. WWW”-
Mayne Bauha- ud his musk:
hunWalh Walla haveheenae
outaétheentnnce. Pam.“
MmWeudeu 11mm.“
LBhnton. awash-6g.
annual-them utens
-3 Bhutan of the on scout
' City Boundaries to Be
Extended to 10th Ave.
And Oak Street
Green Homes and Nob Hill will
soon be a part of the City of Ken
newick following the collection of
signatures on petitions for that
purpose presented to the city coun
cil Tuesday night.
More than 92 percent of the
property was signed up which will
extend the city limits south of tho
canal to 10th and east from lateral
No.‘ 1 to Oak street. This will
square up tre townsite in that area.
‘At present the limits follow the
March 1 is the date set by the
council for a public hearing on the
proposition in the council cham
bers. Following the hearing an
ordinance will be presented to the
council and when passed will make
this section officially a part oi
Pro in the area will be sub
jectedpgas higher tax rate. How
ever numerous advantazes will ac
‘crue, it was pointed out. The city
will be required to maintain and
iimprove sheets. provide tire pro
tection with s resulting lower in
surance rate, police protection and
other services that are part of liv
ing in a modern W.
Vslustlon of property in the
new sres is estimated at $115,000.
or this amount 100.950 is repre
‘sented in the Green Homes eddi
A check on fire insurance rates
revesls that savings will be sub
stsntisl. As an example on 38000
at the present rate is $24.50 Under
city fire protection the rate will
drop to $1750 tor a saving of $7.00.
While this action will change the
valuation of the proposed rural
tire district it will not alter the
boundaries inasmuch as the word
ing of the proposition states that
corporate limits of the city.
At present residents of Kenne
wick are paying taxes amounting
to 17% mills. However. the new
area. according to City Attorney
Ken. Seder, would not be subject
earmarked to pay oi: bonded in
debtedness of the city. leaving
area will not be subject to the
three mills proposed tax for the
rural fire district. _
The area will also be eligible
for connection to the city’s sewer
system under local lrnprovcmcnt
district or stral‘ht payment.
K & P Industries
In Annual Heel
K a: P Industries, Inc. stock
“:m‘” fiMfi'fi. 5'3““
m , . . ere
were 17 stockholders and tour
guests present, representing the
majority of the stock issued. Five
members were elected to the
board of directors for the ensuing
‘ Colonel Jerry Jager. who for
}the past two years has been Ex
ecutive Officer, provost msrshsl
‘snd settey engineer at the Pasco
Holding 8: Reoonsiznment Point.
was elected to the board and lot
er on at the board meeting. was
elected treasurer of the company.
Col. Jager M.bm a very euc
cesstul business man in Daven
mt.lowe. priortothewsr. Ho
sesrved 29 years in the U!
Army, with two yesrs’ oversees
record with the famous 48rd Di
vision. He will be released from
the Army within several months
todevote histulltimetothe
management of the W;
busheumdmw'prbee. -
hoerdotdtrecton. He'wuelect
hoerdmeeflng. pm ll
been! Jll Hmw
were um . -
dent; E. H. maven. first vice
Health Dept. Offers
Chic Sales Information
3 Anyone planning to replace the
lold outdoor toilet with the modern
sanitary version may secure help
and advice from the Benton-
Franklin county health depart
ment. A pamphlet. “Bow to Build
and Maintain Residential Sewage
Disposal Plants,” may be had by
contacting either J. R. Michencr,
health officer at the court hence in
Pasco, or Kennewlck Fire Chief
Herb Malchaw. 7
outlawing the old m m.
will find modern m of in.
muonotle kahuna].
fleldsthatare gamma;
monolith“. wi‘th'mudln
cverypoui my a... .
“11“” and m that house
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