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1% i . .
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' or an
‘H I.” Risers Plox Phan
; 3% . d~w club took over
3" . "ion of the Valley
t w .ya} masse to register
a fi‘ mual plaint. “It’s
~ don’t love man's bat
. , a,. . . reporteé.
.‘:: 18:; lnm better 11
V3* - bk es somewhere
ya out flower and vege
“p“ . and as for those
mm parent organiza
. “an admonishmg bull
dimmed: “Don’t be too
. .:’], chickens. They did
”fl!“ us when beef was
’.‘ fi pt. Remanber? And
N”? 'eontinued, “All
‘ ‘ 16’! tighten up our
{“‘u'll even toss ’em a
, . ‘mt once in a while.”
im ' ‘ifin, favorite wit of
flit?” (did we get that
mm quipped on the
PM She compare! the
_ may b 0 the modern
2 of the speakeasy. She
m ‘9l! mussels “89
..me trick they’ll get
sump-int it gown“ ten
gm it e risht 011
g bill. ’Butldon’tthinkthey'n
a butter the way sin “896 ‘0
_hflh. It would be pretty hard
fig a cow into a bathtub.”
ll.” --.
“..ka is yelpinz for
H II! six ment additions to
! myelping for new
_- nptm an even dozen of
‘ m [ln terrier Pup.
“humanly. Theyesnbe
{flat 10 Ruth Avenue West.
“would be pleased to find
'.'-nun for the little fellows
quilt-possible. Who
htnptothodog house.
km to numerous requests
b m the Kennewick
M We allude extrava
r - “um um
mm in 'there are
“gum who have
III: there are a few
mm in the east.
mm 11l
Ileana mesm'l'hisisthe
ml): huffing];
Idem bmflrstof‘the
M welllng y en. ro-
W here when this takes
mwwmgfipagrtgg guest
fillet Doversp e eßen
~ on Tuesday, Wednesday
I’M.Mleast he-andhis
“mattinthetheatre fora
Mammmam: over
mm for your tickets
'2 508.1111: weekugmfi‘ran
mm” former director
’ .
in m that she is enjoying
‘3 new work as a recreation dr-
W ill and around Tacoma for
Who flannel. She says (mod;-
G‘U haircare .ot flit: siliifirtigge
Pk . required a
“‘0? Room at dances. She
“mm that Edwina Crute is
M'H‘drcle oi friends with
b M in California. Greetings~
“MI: from a host of Kennewick
Huh. at
'l6: am:
3 In, 9 “MB per dozen. Butter,
a" 9" Wind. Typographical
a"! "We- 'l'hat’s the straight
'3 quoted from an adver.
m in the Parker, South Da
an: Enid TESKlitem was
’ - 'ppes, w o
(The he! from Parker 3 number
”.’:“! ago and still gets the home
to “.9”- Oh. We almost forgot
“mum—the item appeared in
V “50 Ye”! A 80” column.
4mm ten.
h 0? THE
”:3 0! sax]
o .
it. if you 0‘0?) tags,
maififimf 8w“:
n’ttioglde mid:
.fi .
a ~ aft
m' ‘
l"ll‘lletljfets Emoy I
1‘“ Christmas Dmner 1
fire“ Pulliam and Marion Da
-I"ij Mumed to civilian life,
Imam honor at a belated
M dmner last Sunday. On
..., 25', the boys were over.
h“ but their families promised
Way dinner with all the
he. whenever they came
“a: E- q. Pulliam and F. L.
w h“lilies and friends made a
g. ”:1 18 seated at the table in
5. Vi: home in Pasco tor the
, “Muted dinner.
@ll2 Kmart-nah Olnurirr- imam
Funds Restored For .
Umatilla Construction
In Senate Measure
'Constructionof'the Umatllla' Damfillstart inthe near
.future if House approval is won for Senate amendment call
ing for funds for that purpose. . .
_ The Senate amendment passed Tuesday for an appropri
ation of $4,400,000 for construction work. Other funds for
m river development were also asked
£333 33...“? ‘i‘iim‘mm emu“
ingtheactionz. ',
”Melt Dam Umamla pro
ject am of “.400.-
ilien“. mgr-Mod
marks above can. Falls to
, maul-mun?!” De
‘Assuring residents of this area
333 mm wwmgafi
Congressman Hal Hlmes wired
the Courier-Reporter:o
"Common can he Md
9' “W '"'
an“ a wig.“
the W hold this item
into “MW
buses in the' m to.
pen." ' .
Last week the .Kennewick
Chamber otCommereeandother
ormiutlonsandindivlduals sent
stramgeotmeuatfizestothe Sea;
a requesting restoration
Todate ° ha t 1
ram Wmmm finer“
plans shouldthe funds he made
available. Itis’helievedthatwork
ways With neural dam construe.
north. 4 . . new. .
Umatilla manor Wall
gren’s Advisory Commission or
...... mm *- ......
tardy, has “Ii! 91'0-
mutfsedpowero‘. 91%:
eommissionh upotlSmeln
mwwm “...“. ms:
Wenatchee have representation.
Council Beiecls
Claims Main!
Avenue B Sewer
Disposal of business in respect
to the Avenue B sewer held the
spotlight at Tuesday night’s ses
sion of the Kennewick city coun
cil. ' A resolution was adopted to
reject all claims filed with the
city arising ”out of the construc
tion work. This was done on the
grounds that the .claims are cov
ered by the contractor’s liability
and property .damage insurance
or by his performance bonds tiled
‘by his surety. Claims are not
Irecognized as the city's liability.
‘_Work on the sewer itself has
been completed and the line is in
’operation. However, a' consider
iablie ”amount via: '3lqu work:
an e repa g ashington‘
‘street has not been done. The
‘city will inform the surety com-‘
‘pany of the present status of the
job and it is expected that ad
justmentwillbemadesoon., i
‘ Several residents of the area
traversed by the sewer visited the
council and pointed out that they
would not be able to proceed
with their spring farming until
the area is cleaned up rocks
and fences repaired. A_ section
of the main irrigation pipe serv
ing that region has not been re
placed and thiswillbe necessary
before water can be supplied.
The. city intends to withhold
any further cuts on the con
tract until aB claims for damages
or materials have been satisfied;
The repaving of Washington street
will necasarily be delayed until
the ground has had sullc‘ient time
to settle. However the council
will require that the street he
made usable for. the large amount
of traflc. , -
7 Aflnieextensionlnsbemmt—
9‘} :ng ‘9‘; cogncil for WW
‘of the job. However, that time
expired on March-18. It was re
ported that no work had been
done since March 12.
Because some minor technicali
ties arose in the legal description
of the property involved in tak
ing Green Homes and Nob Hill
into the city the council was forc
ed to delay until the next regular
meeting final passage on the en
abling ordinance.
Action was taken to vacate the
right of way for‘ Avenue A be
tween Kent and Lyle streets. This
was done contingent upon the
provision for right of way for
Canal street.£rom Kent to theeast
line peg-{y Recois lrds additionéundin’rhis
pro p attqd or a
addition which is to be started
soon. The one block of Avenue
A will revert to adjacent proper
ty owners. At the present time
there is no outlet for the street.
An application to change the
classification of property on Fruit
land and Avenue E to a commer
cial zone was -referred to the
planning commission. ‘
Tell Little 1: Jackson Day Speaker
Al Benton-Franklin Join! Dinner
Ted Little, Assistant Attorney
General of the State of wmg;
ton, will be the principal er
at the Jackson Day Banquet to be
held in the recreation hall at Rich
land, the evening of March 23, it
was announced by J. J. Berg, Ben.
ton county Democratic chairmanu
His topicwillbe“Jackson—Cham.
plan of Action.” .
Benton and Franklin counties
will join in the observance of the
178th birthday anniversary with a
Jackson Day Banquet, and a fun
land entertaining program is prom
ised. Highlight of the program will
;be the reception over special
iequipment of the Jackson Day ad
'dress which President Truman
will deliver at the banquet in the
lladacyflower Hotel, Washington,
Ted Little served three“ and one.
half years with the Navy in both
the Atlantic and Pacific theatres,
participating in landings at Tara
wa, Guam, Leyte, Phillipine Is
lands and Japan. He is a graduate
of a Washington, D. C. law school,
and is a member of the District of
Columbia and State of Washington
Bar. He served as president of the
Washington State Young Demo
crats in 1941-42, International
president of Active Clubs, ‘ mem
ber Grand Council, Order of De-
Molays in Washington, Mason and
The banquet is set for 7:30 pm.
0. H. Olson, former County Chair
man ot Franklin County, member
of the Legislature and Former
Ceremonies. Alice Hogan, National
Committeewoman of the State of
lo Mexicans For
Grass Season
No definite agreement has yet
been signed for bringing Mexican
farm laborers to this area this year,
Walter Click. county agent. has
been informed. Mr. Click states
that even should such an agree
ment he reached now it would be
time for asparagus cuttinco
However he states, that workers
provide adequate housing. He
urges growers to make every ei
fort to provide living quarters for
these workers.
The 28 Mexican Nationals here
now will stay until a definite
agreement is reached.
mun mm a
in the program. Members of the
Franklin County Democratic Club,
Benton County Dmmfic Club
and Benton Cpunty Young Demo
crats will enlist and solicit mem
berships in their Various clubs. Ad!
vnnce ticket sales indicate that this
banquet at Richland win he one of
‘the outstanding ones in the state.
ncdmhmgmmmnfumn' 1;. mgfkwwmwmwm '3' g'n'm'
"Choir of lhe West" to Present
Concert of Music 0! “any land:
the Columbia high school, Rich
land, the Pacific Lutheran College
“Choir of the West” from Tacoma
will present a concert of the finest
Wills Apprnval
For Martel News
Rep. Hal Holmes, Washington
Fourth District, won Home ap
provalrecentlyonaflfloo annual
{federal expendi’ ture\ for establish
‘ment of a federal-state market
; Holmanmtheaervicenotoniy
‘1 l and. shining: in th
\ or were e
Yang: alley, but for the Kittitas,
Wenatchee= and Walla Walla val
leys and the Kennewick High
‘ Theaervice. hesaid.wiilgive
daily Wolf, mail. radio and
button, arrivals, terminal market
prices and free board price in
liollnee won the service by ae
curing Home support to his
parunent appropriation hill.
Growers Urgedlo
Lisllabor leads
Farmers are urged to place their
needs for aspsragm‘ cutters with
their farm labor office as early as
possible. Phone 1802, from 7 am.
to 4 pm. After office hours phone
1331. As no central housing unit
will be available for the transient
worker this year, the job of getting
the worker and farmer together
will be more difficult.
The demand for stoop labor will
be greater than last year as a large
number of acres have been added
to the asparagus fields.
Housing still seems to be the
greatest drawback in the farm la
bor picture. There will be a farm
labor office opened in Prosser
about April 1. Mrs. Pearlßurnham
of Prosser will be in charge and
will give all assistance possible in
gglping «the fanners to secure la
Midge! Bani-’9
Is Coming Here
Nearing completion is the new
midget auto racing track on the
River Road adjacent to Smitty’s
garage. This sport was becoming
highly popular before the war
started and is now facing a revival.
The new plant here will attract
well-known drivers in the North
west. It is planned to stage the
opening race here on Memorial
Day and the stands, built to ac.
{ah-grate 4500, are expected to be
[ The track is one-eighth of a mile
to maintain the high speds these
small cars attain. It has 20-foot
banks and 45 degree sweeps. Smit
ty, a racing driver with years of
experience, has one of the ears
test the track. Any safety weak.
nesses shown in these tests will be
The plant will be complete with
a hard surfaced track. turfed areas,
bleachers and concessions. 'lt is
planned to stage events in addition
such as soft-ball _and outdoor
smokers. Floodlights are being in."
stalled now. 3
Baritone Walter Cassel
Appears in Concert
On Tuesday night, March 20,
Walter Cane]. famed baritone, will
be presented in concert at the
Kennewick high school auditorium
under the sponsorship of the Ken
newick-Pasco Concert association.
The singer has had a wide fol
lowing in opera, radio and con
cert. He toured with an opera com
may if.“ a?” local people hear;
him 8 m a pearance
“‘3 “Desert Bmg.” p -
choral music under the direction of
Prof. Gunnar J. Malmin. The 10.
cal appearance of this inmounsinz
ing organization is sponsored by
the Lutheran Churches of these
' The program is made up of the
great choral music of many lands
‘tury saw a marvelous develop
ment of unaccompanied singing
WTh «lghlyirn the
e o sing
deep}? moving “Tenebrae actae
Sunt by the italian composer, In
}gegneri. Sixteenth century Eng
‘land is represented by the bril
liant “M to the Son of
“Mméafimm: a,
o .
teenth cenmryGermanmusicare
found in the joyful'“o Sins Unto
The 10rd,” by Hassle:- and the
highly dramatic “The Righteous
mamas“? mu
un o e
Bach, 3:233: eighteenth tury
composer, whose jubilant “All
Breathing Lite” openstheconcert.
Turning to more recent works.
we have the deeply reverent set
‘ ‘
the great Russian choral music.
“God's Son Has Ilade He hue,
byEdvardGrlec. . 1
Modern Banish and American
composers contribute l,the lovely
“Sleep. Holy Babe. 1 bunch
y ward SUD?! 3-3118.
“The Lord Blees ou,” by Lutkin.
The distinguished founder of the‘
St. Olaf Choir, F. Melius Christ
eansen,isrepresented bytwoueat‘
chorale arrangements. “0 Won-1
drous Type” and “0 Bread of
Life.” Theconductor oithechoir,}
Mr.Malmin,isresponsible for-the
arrangement of the great Ameri-i
an hymn, “My Faith Looks to
Of special interest is “Da Pacem.
Domine”—“Grant Peace, 0 Lord,"
by Carljohan Schwenn. contem
porary Danish compoaer. Mr.
Schwenn composed his Prayer for
Peace just before the outbreak of
World War 11. He wrote a letter
to Mr. Malmin about the work in
the fall of 1941—4: letter which
was delivered four years later.
Coming from one of the occupied
nations of Europe, and expressing
the universal longing for peace,
the song is most timely.
A fine contribution to the pro
m prominent Tacoma violinist,
a student at Pacific Lutheran
Spring Festival to
Provide Fun For All
show, white ephants. homemade
candy, entertainment and other at
we??? “#333535”;
a e prmg a
Christian church starting at 7:30
on Friday, March 29.,
The general public is invited to
this gala affair at the church, lo
cated at Third and Washington.
Mice Supply. Fish Market lead
Us! 0! New Kemwick Business
Acute shortages of finishing ma.
terials has slowed the completion
of the several new business build
ings under construction. In spite
of the building headaches however.
Kennewxck’s boom is continuing.
A permit was issued this week
for the construction of the new
laundry on Ave 8. Arthur Camp
bell is financing the structure with
‘Schlichter and LeGrant handling
the construction. Floyd Hodgson is
to be the operator.
On Avenue C Art Carpenter's
used car business was moved 100
vice station on the former site to
be built by Bee Mcßeynolds tor
Audley Evett. ‘
' .Clifford Gregory and Matthewi
Garcia, both ex-servicemen, are
preparing to open a wholesale and
retail fish market at Campbell's
csbin camp site. They intend to
W the entire area wifli fresh
“m the upper tloor o: the
The Red Cmu clock in Gd“
Brothers window shows it is a
little past seven o‘clock in the
lected to date in $4,040. about SIOOO
This week’s contributions in
amdoingumwork. Each and
h—not beausetheywenessked—
jbut becametheywantedtocive.
to help others though the
Omit-nylon! volumes-work
been proud and pleased to have
There have been may cont-lo
buttons turned in at local heed
quarters this week by widens
.Fyfiem opulent-y
‘ Saturday 1:54!
on a : .111.
Worm hfiefilvomnot
neededtometthoquoh. ‘11:.
Police Department HI!
Good Score for Month
mfimm w
ors: Otthhmlm
drunkand‘cdmy m
govemmmtcheck. 'l!me
verand thethietwum
mthatha bemstolmlnfllch-
Parking meters paid of; to the
tune of $876.88 with $53 added in
fines for meter violations.
And to mound out the activities
2?. Kennewick dogs were lieu-
Birthdays, Anniversary
Celebrated in Yakima
did some combined celebrating.
They took Mu. antic Meyers.
Mrs. Samson’s mater. to her
Yakimntoeelebnuherh .
onßeedJlu. emdsterwho‘
tier Mranduunobutm‘
nivemry. ‘
and Mrs. Walter Foul have open
ed photo gtudlos. The latest in
phomm‘pgcaequm In: hen
secured photo oer
viee will be omm
comp o cempp servings
man. 1: tion fiend-yup
ary quarters in the Superior
buildinzon Kennewick menu.
was I
Paco Herald. Ilr. Bmm in
Mum. .
'l‘inish .of
Survey is
‘ Word received here this
week points to near comple
tion of surveys for the Ken
newick Highlands irrrga' tion
project. Members of the
Chamber of Commerce _ Irri
gatron committee and direct
ors of the Kennewick district
have been invited to Boise.to
go over the final reports With
the Reclamation Bureau of
fice before submission to the De
partment of Interior.
They will make the trip next
week and will make 'a complete
study of the plans and offer rec
It is expected that with sub
mission of the completed report to
Washington a senate amendment
to the Bureau's appropristion bill
will be introduced to provide funds
for the project. Senator Hugh
Mitchell has signified his intention
of following this procedure.
A similar actiOn in December
failed because the report had not
been completed. It is felt now that
because of the immediate need for
land for settlement that the pro
iect will. be givm favorable con
'l' h e Bureau’s propr'lation
measure is in the He'lr’ae now and
Senate early next month.
A from m will
attenflugreeting Monday in 8 -
bane of the Columbia Basin £-
'mitteein the interests of the Ken
newiek project. Assistant Director
Ear-l Warneofthe Buroauofaec
lamation will be meant at the
meeting and time been allot-.
ted the Kennewick delegation to
meet with him and other reclama
tion men following the meeting.
Kennewick boosters for are pro
mo?“ 0 getting final appro
“for“ would. I: is believed that
years 0 promotion more
headway has been made now than
at any previous time.
Ments ot the Kennewick am
'ownin; land in the Columbia Ba
sin Project will meet in the 0.8.0.
building in Paco Monday. March
25. at 8 pm. with representatives
'.'": Columbio‘Buin Commis-
‘ Terms of the United States Bur
eau or Reclamation’a reewdable
contracts to:- irrigation waiter will *
be explained. Free notary aervice
will bemlded landowners who
Electing la betw “l 34%
‘ p ee een
pm. Monday. -
Jqu'Tum-ufl: -
. we:
said mm an rite nhould
amen meeting an sign con
tracts together. Per-om w o own
irrigable land in the Basin and
have not received a cont-act,
should write the Bureau of Recla
getgn at Coulee 01:: Meantime
o 'm ‘ 00!!!!) ”‘9‘: on
of their property.
Inn! Co
‘ Benton county’s cut-ment expenee
fund was enriched this week to the
extent of $75,000 from the State
We: lhneuency fund. This was
done in recognition of the fact that
the county has lost heavily in tax
revenue from the area now includ
ed in the Hantord proiect which is
W hon) county levies. Fur
thesmou the We of popula.
tion in the county has added eon-
MW to the expense of opera-
The 00111“! Will soon can for
bids on nova-l road oiling jobs.
be Mmmwgaded in the
oiling mm
Wanton- of roads
thug have_cauled maintenance
Wand of Hartfordm'eetu
Old West Is Theme
OgmdlhndOGram Meet.
02.3): Old West ““01“!th theme
mule: meeting e High
lends Grange March 14. Cowhand
songs. a leading and a play. “Mail
Code:- Wife." were presented. An
original western. poem was read
by C. E. Bldley. '
Pomona Grange officers attend
ed the meeting on a visiting tour
of the county’s Oranges. Commit
tee: gave reports and Pomona ot
flcere commented on Grange ac
At the next meeting, March 38. a
6:80 potluck annex-Whetst
tum. Mamba! we liked to
mmwfllm an
NO. 51

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