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Serial " Secnnly" ' ' Summary Released
Slowing Payment In Benton County
The quarterly summary of fed
eral old age and survivors insur
ance benefits in force in this dist
rict has just been released by
Anton R. Boettcher, manager of
the Yakima field office of the
Social Security board located at
315 Post Office building, Yakima.
This report shows that 83 men,
women, and children in Benton
county are now receiving regular
monthly benefits under the fed
eral old age and survivors insur
ance program. These benefits in
force are goingto3B retired wage
earners; 10 wives of retired wage“
earners; 23 children; 4 aged
widows, and 8 young widows with
children under 18 years of age in
their care.
Total monthly benefits in force
throughout the six counties served
by the Yakima office numbered
‘ ?
$95 »% '
-. * (m N;
Mother 3. Day
' , May 12.
301' Penn APPLIANCES .
m M An. Phon- 741
. > A'
I ' ,r‘lo'fi ?
I”"(‘\. 4 .
[s‘:“v , \ ‘_/ A , .
’0... ‘0 , 1 w/ ,/
. 009“ .‘,\ u )I.’ ' .
l (\ o/“Y , ' 7/
_ ofl\nl,' I." ‘”I 'L' ’1”
'0 \‘II ,1 3 M 1,6,4
Mflw 5&1»: .5
‘ ,/;§m~’,ss;£\az\[email protected]: ‘
_ , :- . \‘ V .
’ 10'.~::j:!::,-'.‘7ié7{fi{¢:¢)§§3 -; .
>:.'Tl::',. '3" V‘z‘ ‘l'. ‘ H. y .
" ' “(t/"3:?" 3E: ‘53“? . ‘ _
“ may. we“ :
, . ‘ \\‘ - -ln-v-nx é -
uplalilgforbueydoys oheodnhefomerflnda
. allottAMeer-vmpullonthehleplmwl
'2: mlfinhounofneedlestrovelondofioflhordw
- » heme-s or m to m town m w.
- Mwalm'formdmolhloplm
, ~ _ unleawfllbewoleunembollprogrealvefom
. " i ' \ I '0“
Kellewlelt Valley Telephone Co.
' Our 40th Year In Kennewick
. We . 54w.
- . xv . x: V ' .
' . 3-. .. W w
n e: . w’= .n
. - 7‘: ' A at» . W .
' 7X a .3*
.. , ~ SECOND CHOICE .. . .
~ When new suits and topcoats are available, returning'service
- men have a right to their purchase. Therefore, it's prudent .
L , to care well for the clothes you now have. lnsist on Quality
Cleaning to preserve their shape and appearance. It's not
' only wise . . . it's economical, as well, to have them cleaned
. often.
Pickup and Delivery in Kennewick ‘
M 8134)” Serviceand Special Service If Desired.
1,774 as of April lst. This com
pares with 1,272 one year ago.
In 1945 as of April Ist, 64 resi
dents of Benton county were re
ceiving benefits. .
The average monthly old age
and survivors insurance payment
to retired wage earners in this
district is now $23.57; to wives
$13.08; to children $11.74; to aged
widows $19.08; and to young
widows $18.95. '
Throughout than entire service
area of the Yakima office benefits
are now payable each month to
837 retired wage earners; 227
wives; 451 children; 89 aged
widows; 161 current widows, and
9 aged dependent parents of de
ceased wage earners.
Northern Pacific Reduces
Debt, Improves Finances
Northern Pacific railwa'y’s long
term mortgage debt has been re
duced $56,152,100 since 1939, sav
ing $4,085,466 in annual interest,
and additional refinancing is plan
ned to further reduce fixed
charges, President C. E. Denney
reported to stockholders at their
annual meeting held recently in
St. Paul. 7 , A __
The company’s outstanding re
funding and improvement series
“B” 6% bonds, amounting to $86,-
687,600 on January 1, 1945, were
retired last year by purchases in
the open market and by selling an
issue of $55,000,000 thirty-year col
lateral trust 4%% bonds, result
ing in a decrease of $31,687,600
in the outstanding long-term mort
gage debt and an annual interest
saving of $2,726,256.
The company now plans to ask
for bids on a new issue of $50,-
000,000 collateral trust 4% %‘ bonds
due in 1975. __ _ _
Six company directors were re
elected at the meeting. Arthur M.
Anderson, Francis H. Brownell,
B. W. Scandrett, Henry B. Spen
cer and Samuel A. Welldon were
elected for terms of three years
and Robert S. Macfarlane for two
years. ‘
our linoleum-at upin ionis- mmfhothm Tot-um
Finley Holes
Finley Grange will start at 8:30
p.m., beginning at the first mee
ting on May 12th.
Jerry Sherry, who has been em
ployed at the State Fish Hatchery
at Goldendale, has been transfer
red to the South Tacoma Fish
Hatchery He visited his parents,
Mr and Mrs. Ernest Sherry here
last week. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith have
moved to Prosser.
Mrs. Howard Munson made a
business trip to Seattle Friday and
returned Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Volland called at
the home of Mrs. 'l‘. M. Gardner
on Thursday.
1 Mrs. Bert Fredericks gave a
birthday dinner for her brother
‘in-law, George Fredericks, inviting
‘Mrs. Lenna Fredericks. Mr. and
A' check-up wlll' Start
May 1591! the conditign
of cars on the higfll'ways.
Don’t get caug t wlth
a car in faulty condi
tion. _ ’
For brakg repairs, see
. TRAVIS . ''.
- Brake Samoa,
comm. nun- mm
. . . and that includes the best in ice
cream and dairy products. Take home
a brick 0f DeSota Ice Cream . and
. when you take her out to Dinner ask
~ for an ice. cream dessert. ‘.. ‘
Ask For Twin City I’roducts At Your Grocers
m m com-m
Paul R. Spechko Marries
Walla Walla Girl April 7
In a double ring ceremony, per
formed amid a lovely setting of
pastel-shaded blossoms, Miss'An
ita Benefiel, of Walla Walla, be
came the bride of Paul R. Spech
ko, Sunday, April 7, at the Pio
hweglrla Methodist church in Walla
Miss Jean Benetiel, sister of
the bride, acted as maid of honor
and the groom's brother, Philip
Spechko, was best man.
Mr. and Mrs. Spechko are at
home to their friends at 218 Bon
neville, Pasco. Mrs. Spechko. a
graduate of Walla Walla high
school. is employed by the US
Maritime Commission there, and
IMr. Spechko is serving as busi
‘ness manager for the Benton-
Franklin Couny Farm Labor as
sociation in Kennewick.
Mrs. John Fredericks and daugh:
ter Lenna Lee.
Mrs. Ellsworth O'Hair enter
tained :tha dinner Wednesday eve;
ning a er home. Those
‘were Mr. .and Mrs. Howargrfilz
son, Mr. and Mrs. Don Sherry,
eswmnss 2...
Q: We -
Had two new applieitions: Four
new members received the Brd
and 4th obligatign and-two receiv
ed the lst an and obligation.
Mrs. Don ~(‘iiel'ber was elected as
alternate to State Grange as Erw
est Shem. Who had previously
been elected. ”would be unable 'to
attend. A good program was pre
sented by 'e Juveniles and their
basket social .was a real success.
A group of young folks surpris
ed Mr. and Mrs. Lindel Watson'on
Tuesday evening with a charivari.
Mrs. Watson was formerly Doro
thy Smith. -
Mrs. Jesse Lande and Mrs. Mar
jorie Paulson were Walla Walla
visitors Tuesday. . .
li-Schol Honor
Student Ila-led
The Kennewick, High School
Honor Roll for the period ending
April 12 has been announced and
the students qualifying are listul
below. The figures given at the
beginning of groups of names in
example, that the students are ear
rying six subjects and have qual
ified in all six of them for a place
on the Honor Roll.
Straight A’s Ninette Evett.
Janet Hillier, Imogene Spurgeon.
6.6—Francis Dickinsen. Marjo
rie Garner, Henry Hammack. Jew
el Henson, Lou Keene, Hamid
Long, Arline Lundberg, Jean Os
walt. Don Pick, Lenore Thomas.
6-s—Annabelle Britton. Jean
Oswalt. , _ 7 __ _
5-s—Rosella . Albrecht. $51883”
Ash, Esther Beinhart. u w
man, Jane Byrd. Mary Cole, Ward
Felton, Del Fisk. Olive Gridlth,
Wilma Hacker, Leah Hernhree, Pat
M 1:33 MJefin
len Larson, Stanley Lewis. Pat
Long, Betty Lucas, Joy Michener,
Ramona Neilson. Barbara Nation.
Shirley Patter, Nancy Stone, Daph
Shirley Patzer, Nancy Stone,
Daphne Taylor, Carolyn Travis.
5-4—Beth Alexander, Edith Al
‘exander, Lorna Beanies, Bettijane
Block, Helen Cooley, Brant Elliott,
Doris Gusenhoven. Lola Halter,
Wallace Johnson, Leland Klineto
be, Betty Moore, Harold Parker,
‘Romona Potter. Reginald Back,
Marion Routh, Florence Smith,
Laura Stroud,
ILA—Dorothy Abkeri, Shirley
Bateman, Charles Blackman,-Con
nie Bunch, Marjorie Carraher,
Hamid David, June Higgins, Ma
vis Harp. Joan Howard. Shun
Houston. Georgia Jacobson, Gwen
Johnson, Barbara Jones, Marge
Kaufman. Lee Img, Lloyd Miller,
George Murphy; Shirley Mamie.
Betty Perkins, Betty Rutherford,
Ida Smith, Dick Smith. Betty San
ders, Mary Belle Taylor, Art Whit
3-3—Boots Weinnd.
Hon: Mention—Terry Allan, Lloyd
Aman,‘ Betty Bryan, Glendoril
Bier-knack. Eugene Cole, Curl
Dahlberg, Glenna Denny. Bill
Dickinson. Harriett hhrenwald.
IMendel Gnu, Don Grlmslnw,
gHelen Hanson, Dave Rudy. Alice
Kimbrouzh. Georcin eon
nine Paulson. Marlon mm
Roy Pacino, Dorothy Smith, Juno
Slim. Phil Vorvkk. [manl‘
Walker, Evelyn Weatherman, El
len Welch. Kendrick Welch.
null Guam-m W‘
,' W CAIN. IN vnur" 'fi
~ . .' . . ..
‘ ‘ G NEEDE"
£9a¥¥m’".‘.‘?s..m24c . m" ' i
fiw:.........-ém49¢ HERSHEY’S 'o‘ f
Scully’s 2 lb. 0 . . 1‘
CINCH '9 Red&Wl|ite........2|h.
‘ 11b. .....'.............. c ome 1*
TOILETSOAP' .. 20 . . “
Camaz.............3f0r C "m .
Palmolive 10° InhndVa'lley 19c .
GROUNDCHOCOLATE 33 N0.2”...............,.'
Gnittard’s Flavor Rich, 1 lb. 9 ‘ m
-- Burma POWDER < .
mm'rnu'rrm —————“’mmssns 21¢
SkiPPY’S ' 45c AnntDinnh........3202. ,_
llb MOMSSESBrerßabbit m
Nv' G01dLabe1.........3Z0z. w
Pheesent ...........80z. 2'6 uvnso" , ,
Ugene ..........No-. 2% 140 7.
Hunt’5....‘.......N0.2'/$ G
gfiAhN-GF "FEE...“ 03. “G 312: figfim. 2—2 for 2*
DRIED PRUNES. (fancy 34 BEETS, Pierces Sliced or 21‘
gfik’c%g& Whte) 21b. 6 3.0% T 0 mgr? 2—2 for ;
Va1Vita..........N0.2% 29¢ C.H.8.......\......460z.w
’ FLOYD HODGSON, Prop. . .
Avenue 0 Plenty of Parking 51““
New Slim-9°!
Commonwealth's new Skyranzer
roamed the local skies this last
by Columbia Airpratt corproation
was the first model of the Common
wealth oompany’s new aircraft.
Over 42 flying sportsmen of Ken
‘newick and Pasoo were given
flights in the new ship. which was
the first 1m model aircraft to
land for demonstration purposes
in this area.
* Monday the Ska-anger cruised
throughout southeastern Washing
ton. flying denomination flights
‘at Walla Walla. Dayton. Washtuc
no. Connell. and Richland. The
i‘Tdmmer” amphibian which is
Via! the Good News Center
Independent - Interdenominational
Headquarters for Christian Merchandise
Bibles, books, pictures, plaques, awards, my.
:' scripture greeting cards.
Open each day at 1:00 p. 111., except Mona",
We are now authorized agents for
and 'I'MI. PIPES
A Complete Stock of This wanna-j
Merchandise will be Offered.
' I I , .
Don Sklrvmg s
-‘l4No.Auhnm Phonessl W.
motile: Commoner“ ‘
will be shown in m. “N‘
mad the last of M”, 1h ‘
pony announces tint “I ~
ranger will be wall.“ ”I.
vote deliveries within it. ~
30 days : . . as they.“h~
shipped in earload lot I! .‘
sembly in Seattle the M at
Commonwealth air-cm is
distributed locally by the m
bia Aircraft corporation, 40‘ N
Bth street, Pusco. _The 1M 45.
tributors \VJU maintain I'll.“
and shops at Vista Field. Km
wick. Student instruction, M
service and fishing trip. "at“
amphibian Will be tum in
addition to sales and m
White men entered
from Lower California gm
co. Spaniards first expm
territory in 1523. '5

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