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Mr. and Mrs. Jim Belt and Mr.
and Mrs. Pierce of Kennewick
were Monday afternoon guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
George of the “Y.”
Mr. and Mrs. George E.Morgan
and family of Coulee dam are
visiting at the ome of Mr. and Mrs.
Manuel Pardini. ,
Mr. and Mrs. George Reutter
of Prosser, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis
Wheeler and children and Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Hall were Sunday after
noon callers at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. George of the Y.
Mrs. Tillie Woolford of Rich
land brought some friends from
Minnesota out to the “Y” to meet
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. George Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs. W. O. Hawn has been vis
iting in Spokane for a few days.
Eugene Tyrell is in the Walla
Walla hospital undergoing sur
Mrs. Ora Crutchfield is visiting
her brother, I“. M. Kelso.
Mrs. George Austin was injured
by a horse and is still unable to
d°_ yet-y "3‘15331- - _ _ _ -
Mr. 'and Mrs. J. J. Bohannen of
Yakima were visitors at the E. D.
Ggrgett hpx_n_e Sgtugdaz._ _ _
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Roberts and
baby daughter of Spokane were
week end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Riley Moore, mother of Le
roy Moore is in the Pasco hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Taylor are
visiting his aunt, Mrs. Wallace
The members of the Escolante
Club entertained their husbands
at the home of Mrs. John Smith
last Thursday evening. Mr. and
Holder Plumbing 8: Healing Co.
Authorized Iron Fireman Dealer
306-K Kennewick Avenue Phone 3651
- Residence 412
_ nonEI. oA n S
First Federal Savings and
Loan Associalion
of Wallh Walla
Applications for ' loans on homes in Rome
wick & vicinity may be made at the office of
l'yie 8: Spanllling. Inc.
211 Kennowick Ave. Phone 1231
. ' Kennewick, Wash.
. *,¢ spnclnn _
BA B Y and
g” Buy new while
msm if iriwsmw choice is com.
' AND plet‘e. Last
_ 5' hatch will be
mm: noun _ _ , my 17.’
We have several thousand two, three ‘ “ 't. I
and four weeks old starter chicks
well started and a good buy. - l-a.:;.::;..:_ ._
Phone 2392. 1% miles west on Kennewick Avenue. _' * '
. Kennewick Highlands. '
Mrs. R 1:. Reed gave a very in
teresting account of their trip to
Mexico, showing motion pictures
taken on the trip.
Mrs. Artie Lindsey of Black
Diamond, Wash., are visiting their
aunt. and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunt were
Sunday guests at the home of his
sister Mrs. Leroy Moore. Taking
them for a boat ride the the after
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Day, Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Irby and small
daughters Marcia and Gloria and
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Turner of Rich
land have moved into their new
house which was recently built on
the property where the Charles
Fiebke store was formerly located.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leach, who
have made their home on the Gus
Pearson place for the past two
years, have purchased the Harry
Love home on the River Road and
moved there Sunday.
Wallace Bateman and son Wen
dell spent Tuesday and Wednes
day transacting business in Spok
Mrs. W.‘ E..Rowell and Mrs. M.
H. Mclnturt of Mesa visited with
Mrs. L. Moeller, Friday.
Mrs. Roy Phelps is a patient in
the Lady of Lourdes hospital at
Pasco this week. ,7
Frank Berg returned from Se
attle on Tuesday. where he had
spent several days visiting his son
Ralph W Berg who is with the U.
S. Army Intelligence Corps who is
being transferred to Germany
very soon.
’ William Henry Harrison wasin
‘augurated president of the United
‘States on March 4, 1841 and died
ion April 4,184 l—serving only one
month. ~
Bth- well with
stick. Mix colon
right in cans.
TRED oi the color scheme . . .
things need ireshening . . . but
no place in the budget for redecor
atingt That's what paint cans are
tor—they’ll help you do the Job
yourself. inexpensively and costly
—il you take these cues:
paint dealer-.—with the help of color
cards and directions from manufaco
turere—will advise you about the
kind of point best torfiour purpose.
the amount of paint (that’s why
paint comes in large._ medium and
small cans) and the kind of brush.
Cans are the most convenient
containers for paint because the
opening is wide. you can mix colors
in the can and paint right from
it. Cans are the safest containers
because they’re unbreakable and
lightotight—pigments won't tade.
Remember that deep or bright
colors as trimmings will make a
room seem smaller. Remember that
color over a large area looks darker
than it does in a small sample.
GET SET: Arrange the scene—it
you're painting walls. see that turn.
iturewdraperles. etc. are removed
painted are covered with newspa
pers. it it's a piece of furniture.
and a place where the painted an
gels can remain undisturbed until
‘ “WE”.
Many homemakers are consid
ering the replacement of their vac
uum cleaners, now that the war is
over and household machines are
again on the market. Certain tun
damentals should be considered
before the purchase money is tin
ally laid‘ on the counter, points
out _Mjss Helen Noyes. extension
specialist in home management at
the State College of Washington.
Some makes may be best for cer
tain types of homes; others _ may
be_t_:etter for _other types: _ _
The new cleaner should incorJ
porate these features: If an up
right model is planned. the handle
should shift easily to three differ
ent positions, for straight floor
cleaning and for going beneath
high and low furniture. The ma
chine should be easy to guide and
control. It should adjust easily
to different heights of mg piles.
It should be light, especially if it
Foi- tricky «9003‘
Use shield to pro
tect «hunt our
painted is clean and smooth-re
move old paint or varnish in poor
condition with paint or varnish re
mover. Smooth rough auruees with
of loose hairs. Slap the bristles
across your hand. dip tip into paint
end brush it back and forth on
heavy paper to work out loose
GO: Dip about one-third of brush
into paint. press against rim of
can to remove excess paint. then
stroke back and iorth with broad
side. first with grain oi wood then
across it. and finally with grain.
Use down stroke to finish vertical
surfaces. Enamel and lacquer are
fiowed ou—not brushed out as
thoroughly as paint.
Use piece of cardboard or tin to
protect surfaces not to be painted.
when painting a trim or border.
Wipe oil edge,oi cardboard before
moving it along.
All through? 'l'hat leitover paint
retouching later; wipe paint from
rim of can and lid grooves and re
place lld firmly by the hammer and
board technique shown in the draw
Clean brush in solvent. then in
fiat—don't make it stand up on its
bristlesi. -’
has to be taken up and downstairs.
It should be fairly quiet when in
operation. A good length of cord,
rubber-covered is 16 feet or more.
A rubber strip around the base
will protect furniture from bumps.
The bag should be dust proof and
easily cleaned, and the attach
gxlents easily attached and remov-
Remember that a vacuum is pri
marily a dirt-remover. Don’t be
§taken in by claims of germ-re
{moving or germ-killing tenures.
TAlsopsk the salesman whether it
‘will require frequent repairs, and
whether the parts are very expen
sive and how long you can expect
the dust bag to last.
Delicious pear dessert: Peers‘
canned in heavy syrup, topped
with vanilla ice cream and chocoo
late sauce. ,
Instead of individual towel rods
in the bath room, why not have
a continuous rod extending en
tirely around the room? Three
‘fourths inch in diameter is a
{good size. -
The new_Bo per cent flour. tote
used in all bakers’ goodsuntil at
least the end of August, will be
enriched just as was the former
72 per cent product. Itwill be just
will toast as well. The only differ
‘ences noticeable will be a slixht
decreasing in volume of cakes and
loaves, and the cream. ofl-white
color of the finished product.
Many types of curtain material
become weakened with sunlight
and with the action of gases from
winter coal, oil or gas heating
systems, so that when they are
cleaned the weak areas become
slitted. Since the action of the
sunlight is partly responsible for
these weakened places, hanging
the various pairs in a set at differ-
' Int-m
Malta's Bay
Hill - Suggestions
Colognes .
Shell Pins and
I: ..
Buy-Bile Drug
- fie‘W‘wfi'ée.
_f Buying is Saving”
Store loflovor
paint In "'39
clout an. Replace
Nd. covor with
board. can hm
moral-omm odou-
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Birnstahl ot‘
Walla Walla were Sunday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holden.
Mrs. D. J. Jones .lett last week
for Reedley. California. to attend
the wedding of her son Dewey. to
Miss Lenora Berg, which was
solemnized April 25 in the Full
Gospel Tabernacle. On her return
Mrs. Jones will visit relatives
along the way.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sligar and
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kramer visited
over the week end 1!! Kalamath
Falls, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Personette
and son Richard went to California
and brought Mrs. Richard Person
ette home. The Richard Penson
ettes will live in the Parkview
homes in Pasco.
Mr. and Mrs. John Slimer are
hapm to announce the adoption
of a daughter. Joanne. She has
entered the first grade in school.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Davis opened
their new store on Tuesday. it is
to be known as the Third Avenue
East Market.
Ed Fitch and daughter. Mrs.
Damelson and children of Prosser
recently bought the home at 216
Maplewood avenue. Mrs. Daniel-
dillerentdegreesot umliahhm
mmmofie S.Lusk,
extension textile expert at the
State College of Washington tells
us. .
the twosideootthecurtainsex
actly‘alike. Thustherishtolgand
will occur on a diluent place.
The homemakermayalsoflnd it
practical to make curtain-ma
tubes in both top and bottom hem.
This will-enable her to hang them
upsidedown one year, right side up
the next.
' "Y" cm:
24-Hour Service,
Ray Emma
___—#3 com TIIB
_ ' 1.3“ '3’ ,3. ‘(E 7 ff
5 23., /’ *4/ I? @M. 3
f— &:°'"-)- *3 ‘s‘ f‘ ' 3
- i‘ {WNW w, ~
a, 2‘ 3‘ - ‘33 33/ “332.33.. . . 2.
- . 33.3.5321: 3 {/13 f d "‘l.”
b 2 - :1. - ./ ,3 ~
_ .‘0 ' //)/// / \l [31,,
- 33 3/ W 3
Donilum-llh.oallyw_ 3 fl
amwlmmmw ~ ,3 23 ;
pagoddsoflckmh‘dluuflm- ‘ “ ,3 ;
. WHWMW.MM , 3 35-3
WMMm—nmm 3, 133
WWW—con hmcflfi- z 31, \\ ~ 3
' (”4’ \\\
Him 3 5 mxxxzwmmfim
3,. . , hwwmm 3.
' \\\i\\ , .
Babcock ‘ Oil Comm”
422 Ave. C ' - *‘ ~ ,1
’son is connected with the weltare
office here.
LaVeu-ne Knox, Daryl Jones and
Kenneth Silliman attended the
music festival in Walla Walla last
Wednesday. LaVerne is a member
of the Richland hand while Daryl
and Kenneth are with the local
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Silliman
were Wednesday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wiegands.
Carol Curtis. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. Curtis, is confined
to her home with measles.
The Lute Camp Fire group met
at the home of Shirley Green. Ver
della Mueller explained a number
of Indian symbols which the girls
are to memorize for their next
meeting. Other rank requirements
will be reviewed at the next meet
ing, which will be with Juanita
Burnette. .
mum lot “if ‘
Our Cleamng Semce ' I .
will lighten her heavy ~
work . . . the RAY-D- “gm .
ANT Process will make %' g”
curtains and drapes look Q; % g _
like new . . . restores é
delicate colors, protects fabrics . . .
For all cleaning say “RAY-D-ANT
\\\\\\\\\\l l////////
‘ C LE A N E R 5
For service anywhere in the Kennwit-P‘
, mfiw ...-m ._
f" menwgsam m ....
Thursdaz El I
Wisconota Cafe I.
Hands, Now i
The Wismnota Cafe, .3 ‘
enue C, East. has been -
by Mr. and Mrs. John 3.
who will operate it
name of'thc Duck 11m,
mans came to Kem_
Ilwaco. Washington, m
operator! the Top Notch
Court lnx'i u _v‘ctznz. ‘
Their__ c mum er and \,
Mr. and Mrs. Bob MGM
sisting mom in the 111.
Lu} c, their youngest M
attending I-chmewick HM "
Mrs. anic Selen, m“
aged Um Wmconola Cu“:
tumor! 10 her old home“ ‘1
num. Minnesota, when 's‘“
engagv in farming. ‘
Peter Cuoper, 1791.1.“
structed the first 10%

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