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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, June 20, 1946, Image 11

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Dr. George Harvey
: Veterinarian .
Lm m ca; Vine St.
’ n. w. ZEN'l‘
may I! LUV
W. “I" 351'}, 8‘ 153.8%:
’ F. C. Klopfenstem
”Tod D. M. Crosia-r
' once mm. 11;. 7%4 32sec
woman - Res. 2431 Kenn
ld E. Olsen
D" Egguagms'r
WII BY. 6:; 9m
5' n0“"3149.“ !
ua. ’3' 'phon. on!
°Monlton & Powell !
l oflloo m sumo Baum i
DR; 1. G. KNABE !
0910 mm.“ 1
W 37' cm" ‘
31 AM“ 1
“:11. M ”£l3. Wn:
. \
y .
i mJ. GAFFNEY- j
! amalEY-AT-LAW j
we... “3'
on on NIGHT mom: 1
”......wmw :23. mi
314 First Ave. i
m at L" i
m Banana 1
013'! ”n . nos. 10511
Russel. R. Ridenonr I
Attorney-at-law :
u n. §th St. PW- Wn-i
Phone Pasco 975 i
common a BUILDER !
Bonded Jobs !
Phone 2592 1
Movie: Ave. !
Horrigan and Leavy j
. Attorneys at Law !
mush. m. Pasco zoo:
___—__.. ___—i
on. c. BRUNN }
mum musician i
on.» at Residence '
on Me. A. Phone 1321 :
. “ !
. w. WICK, M. 1).:
Physician and Surgeoni
no me: ave. :
mom: i
can. «a: i
Roddonco «a: i
omen nouns: i
0:30 to 9:00 p. m. i
, . i
Bookkeeping and !
Accounting Service !
N" Systems Installed !
Medical Audits !
WWI-=1: u: SERVICE :
' “is. Ell Smillli
0 l
M Public Accountant :
Room !
Mm 3. Bank :1“ 1
. P. 0. Box 247 ‘
”I. no to cm
Re“ Stu-en Optometrist
hind—Glasses m
“in ham nupncma
“may“ "
102 first at residence—
-33h hugvfibgfim 1861
ll Wmfimésw
V V ' Wanted ' v '
WORK WANTED: Experienced
composition roofer and sider
wants to__ contract_ _lahor on all
types mating except built-up roof
ing. New or remodeling jobs any.
where. Free estimates given. Ray
mond Haigh, Rt. No. 2, Kenne
wick. 10-12 p
WANTED: Receptionist for new
optometric office. Prefer girl
who has had some office experi
ence, no optical experience nec
essary. Contact Dr. Selby at 318
Kennewick Ave. Between 9 and
5 Friday. 12-C
WANTED: To share expenses go
ing to Eastern Kansas via High
way 30. Will make round trip. Be
gone about 3 weeks. Can accom
modate three riders. Leaving about
June 26. Call 1721. H-12-C
WANTED: Girl or woman to care
for two children 4; and 10 years
of age and to do light housework.
Good wages, also room and board
if preferred. . 12-L4p
WANTED: Tractor, home made
preferred, or any other make
in good condition. H. P. Pickrell,
Route 2, Kennewick. Phone 2749.
WANTED: By fall, five to ten
acre cherry orchard, good house,
West Highlands preferred. Cash.
Write Box R, Courier-Reporter;2
member of, Kennewick high
school faculty wants two or three
bed room house. Phone 1441 be
fore sp. m. ' 12p
WANTED TO BUY: Old house,
no objection to run down condi
tion. Address Box 0, Kennewick
Courier-Reporter, stating location
and price. 12p
WANTED: Competent, experi
enced help for fountain and
sandwich work evenings. Town
House, 314 Kennewick Ave. 120
WANTED: House trailers. Call us
for an appraisal without obliga
tion. Magnuson Motor Company.
Phone 2926. _ , ti
house or are interested in buy
ing small acreage. Write Box L,
Courier-Reporter. ' 12-l4p
WANTED: Woman or girl for
housework two days a week.
Pay 80¢ per hour. Phone 2806.
. . 12-l4p
‘WANTED: Used cars, . highest
prices paid. Let us bid on your
car. Magnuson Motor Company.
Phone 2926. . t 1
WANTED: Woman to do laundry
in our home one day a week.
Modern equipment. Phone 3407.
- sstfc
WORK WANTED: Well, digging.
See George Bagin, 28-10 Alder,
Kingdom Hall. 11-13 p
WANTED: Good steel trunk. Call
_1241. Mrs. Chapman. 12p
W 21“!!!
LOST: English Cocker Spaniel,
answers to name of “Butch,”
yelow and white markings, long
tail, one of Armstrong’s litter. Re
ward. Call or get in touch with
anyone at Bridgeview Inn. 104 pr
LOST: Toy Boston Terrier. Ans
wers to name of “Jiggs.” Please
return. Reward. Trading Post.
336 Ave. C East. ‘ 12p
Lodge Noting
Robert w. my Pout No. 3:
mm m and m nun-y'-
Viniton and manhu- m
Kennewick Lodge
No. 153 F.&.A.M.
first and Third Wain-dun
Masonic null
H. F. (Pat) Owens WM.
G. A. Purdy. 30¢-
F.O.E_. 2485, Kennewick
Moon m and Third Thurs.
Highland: Hall 8:00 p. In.
Wanda! Gunman. W. P.
Virgil Mm 801:.
Kennelquick 1.0.012 J
um Ives-:31: an. “
onn wows mu.
Visitor- Woleano ‘
[.f ’- mm at
FOR RENT—Cabins and trailer
‘in K 8: P Auto Courtyoppodte
Columbia Market on the highway
in Kennewick. W:
FOR RENT: Gentlemen’s desirable
sleeping rooms, close in, shower
and separate entrance. Phone
2881. 10-12 p
FOR RENT: Clean, comfortable
sleeping rooms, close in, air
conditioned. Phone 3847. 29 Sec
ond Ave. East. 10-12 p
FOR RENT: Furmsh' ed basement
‘. apartnent,closein,useofwash, -
‘mg machine. 916 Kennewick Ave.
Phone 3056. M-11-lz-C
FOR RENT: Stock trailer the
'hourorday. Seellofmeistel'by .
by the Y or phone 1833. .utfc
Miscellaneous ' U
scribe to Reader’s Digest at half
price. Also seven months intro
ductory subscription for one dol-.
lar for non-veterans. Those in
terested send penny post card to
agent—Larry Sharpe, Kennewick,
Wn. ~ ' 10-12 p
Auto and House Trailer
Kennewick lltf
‘ ' GRIGG 330 m
Gail and George
Phone 741. 214 Kennewick Aveit
Roofing. free estimates. as
phalt shingles. built up roof.
. aluminum painfing.
All work carries a mainten
, ence agreement.
Call “SR. Pasco
A LE. 33%? m...
u e, .
e ce ey
Phones: Office 861 Res. 3244“
uaranteed on
makes Wm- ma
chines. Ribbons and carbon paper.
Henderson Office Supply, Owens
building, telephone 4441. Se
TWIN CITY Paint Shop, painting.
and papering, Venetian blinds.
cleaning. Kennewick and Pasco.
Paint Service. Signs. Ole and
Painter. Phone 3712. 340 Ave. 2%
East. ' 3
.mamo mama
‘ Official Factory Service for
Elseman,- American Bosch
‘ Fairbanks-Morse, Wico
Don Skirving Phone 881
' 51tfe
LOANS: Sales financed on auto
mobiles, trucks, and house trail
‘ers. Personal Loans. United Pl
nanee Co., 215% Kenn ewlek Avea‘
phone 831, Kennewick. 17
We are offering a market for
all kinds of crocheting. knitting,
needlework. Call 3931. Helen's
Style Shop. 71:!
FOR BU'I‘ANE heating and re
frigeration see Bradley 8: Bow]:-
er, 513 Columbia Ave, Kennewick
’Phone 3917. «(c
at 128 Cascade Street, use side
street door. Phone 1151 for ap
pointments afternoons and eve
nings. . ' 11-13 p
IDCAL and Long Distance Haul-
W Transfer, 416 West B
St., . Phone Pasco 1051 or
Kennewick 3708. 50m
ing, septic tank ele-alas. Li
censed operators. Phone Kenne
wick 348301-2218.A.A.%
GUARANTEED Electric and Ace
tylene welding; tractor I'er
work. All kinds. Richmond Im
plement Co. We
HOME Laundry. washing of all
kinds; wash curtains, dry on
stretchers; also take ironing. Rose
Kreitel. phone 3771. ‘lO-120
LOCAL and LO“ Distance Haul
ing. moving, packing and man:
for shipping. Richland Transfer.
Phone Kennewick 942. Pasco £3
V ' ' For Sale ' v '
FOR SALE: 5 pairs casement
windows, complete with fixtures
and, screen. Opening size: width
32 inches, height 48 inches. One
screen door, 6 feet, 3 inches by
34 inches. One single panel in
terior door, 6 feet 8 inches by 24
inches. 418 Third Avenue East.
Phone 2687. 13p
FOR SALE: Fifteen acres, a house
15x30 can be moved on it. Some
grapes, three acres of A-l alfalfa,
two acres of new-seeded alfalfa,
several small buildings. 1,5 mile
South of Nob Hill Grocery. Jack
Scrantbn. Call evenings. 11-l3p
9 Iron Fireman Oil Burners
v iron Fireman Coal smokers
3 Plumbing and Heating Supplies
- 115 lst Ave. Tel. 411;
' 12tfc:
- FOR SALE: Harpoon hay fork $5;
I platform scales $5; large oil cir
- culator SSO; some miscellaneous
2 itchis. 3% miles southeast of Ken
- newick on old Elder place. John
u L. Lewis. 10-12 p
I FOR SALE: Red friers. See
' Bellomy, west on Kennewick
Ave. to City golf course corner.
turn left 3-10 mile, house on the
right. Phone 3976 in advance for
dressed chickens; no Sunday.
sales. 2tfc‘
t OFFICE SUPPLIES: Filing equip-‘
ment, . bookkeeping supplies.
' staplers and staples. Southworth‘
papers. Typewriter supplies, rib-l
bons and carbon paper. Repairs:
on all makes and models. Hendero‘
son Office Supply, Owens Bldg.‘
Phone 4441. Rte
evaponam coomns. um
I blades, copper tubing and fit
. tings. Kennewick Plumbing 8:
Heating. ltfc
FOR SALE: Mush-t grape cut
tings; get yours while they last.
Phone 183 W. Pasco, evenings.
» batic
r FOR SALE: Dunesflc wow
, A tentsufor deep and shallow
we system installed
will give years 5%.. Wuh
inston Hardware. m
ogre—36 " 42." an? 48.” Reese
, Concrete Pipe Company. Kenne
} wick. Phone 1041. 51tfc
1 FOR SALE: Three h. p. air cooler
' and pump, all combined, 3 inch
. on trucks, almost new. Henry
[ Dilts, Cabin 1, Duffy’s Parirl.2 14
I - P
FOR SALE: 33 apple boxes; Can
non No. 300 model airplane en
gine, complete. William Speer, Jr.
_Rt. No. 2. Phone 2374. 10-12 p
FOR SALE: 26 it. trailer house
with Butane stove and‘ dollies.
4 mi. west of city on River Road.
I. W. France. 10-12 p
FOR SALE: Fifty~two acre farm,
Hedges Depot. Charles Sapp.
. 11-13 p
YES WE HAVE irrigation gate
valves, 15.-inch $1.35; at-inch.
$1.75; 1-inch. $2.75; lid-inch.
$3.75; Its-inch, $4.20; 2.inch 6.25;
ass-inch 8.25. Kmnewick Plumb-‘
ing 8: Heating. 315 Kennewick
Ave” Kennewick. lttc
FOR $3: Several milk cows,
some to freshen soon; weaning
pigs, sows, some ready to butcher;
also young saddle horse. Call eve
nings after 5. John R. Svangren.
‘35 mile south of Finley Grange.
_ 11-13 p
imam! DRUG' has Dr. Peter
1 Fornis’ Alpen-Krauter. Viz-14C
FOR SALE: Two bedroom house,
““1 $158333: 1:“
garage, e 0 .
small fruit and shade trees, 5'31
ily garden. See at Palmer’s Garage
north at Twin City airport, Ken
newick. 11-13 p
FOR SALE: Red or white tryers.
One mile west of Hedges. Pete
Lande. 10-12 p
FOR SALE: 80 head weaner pigs,;
take your choice. One mile westw
of Hedges. Pete Lande. 10-12 p
FOR 313112.15: clllimpty wooden bar.“
rels, ea ; 80881 drums.
Kennewick Bakery. 32th
FOR SALE: Three-acre tract on
River Road, close in. Call at
201 First-Ave. _ 11-13 p
FOR SALE: Gas pump and tank
‘ at the Farmers Exchange. 11-12 c
FOR SALE: New Hampshire Red
tryers. Second house west of
Highlands Club House. F. N. Giles.
‘Phone 1642. ,7 A" 7 12§c
Real Estate
2 bed mom house in Garden
Tracts in, city limits, large lot
16515200. nice lawn. some
asparagus, shower bath and
tub, chicken house, cabin,
house in fine condition. $5,500.
20 acres, 12 acres early spuds.
3 acres melons, 4 room house.
lights, water, wired for elec
tric range, another two room
house, barn, silo, chicken
house, new concrete pipe. mun
machinery and crop. $12,000.
10 acres on Kennewick High
lands, 4 acre in mint. $2,500.
You get crop.
4 room house, utility room.
bath. several peach trees. lots
of shade, nice lawn, large
chicken house. extra large lot
63x210. About 2 blocks from
Kennewick Ave. $6.000.
Very fine three bed room
house, hard wood floors, full
basement. fumace, air con
ditioner, fine carpets. drapes,
house furnished with extra
fine furniture, radio, electric
range, refrigerator, etc., nice
lawn, double garage, back
yard fenced, nice garden. Can
occupy in a few days. Very
fine location.
Here's one! 52 acres, alfalfa.
asparagus, mint. melons, 4
room house, lights, water.
barn, chicken house, an farm
machinery, stock. crop. Can
move in anytime. $10,500.
A real apple orchard. 20 acres
trees loaded, also some pear:
produced seventeen thousan
boxes last year. Priced at
about half what the crop
should bring. You get crop.
Drop in for information.
How would you like to buy a
$13,700 contract on a $25,000
investment for 810.500. Month
ly payments $350.00, int. 6 per
cent. Party has never missed
a payment and payments are
Made at Nat. Bank of Com
merce, Kennewick.
Have a very fine investment
9n Ave. C. New building. good
Just listed this one! 4 room
house, shower bath, lights and
water, egectric pump, .2 bed
rooms, hvmg noon, Intchen,
telephone, etc" over one acne
land, some young fruit trees.
chicken vhouse, garage, store
room 12x20, cow, can, about
300 chickens, garden tools.
lots of furniture. About 3%
miles out on River Road.
$6,000, 1,5 cash. Can occupy
The only exclusive Real Estate?
office in Kennewlck. ' .
Roxy Theater Phone 2468
Notary Public
Kennewick was. {
FOR SALE: Four wheel wagon
trailer with removable hay rack.
Trailer hitch fits any car bumper.
Thomas Duncan, Rt. No. l, 1,6
mile East of Bryson Brown conical!"
FOR SALE: 2 suits, coat, dresses
all size 12, reasonable; 1 pair SBj
black pumps; brown oxfords 555:
Call 481 or 114 Kenn. Ave. after
2 p. m. 12p
FOR SALE: Five and a fraction
acres on River Road. Telephone
2106 in Kennewick or write Mrs.
Frank Martin, Box" 316, Rt. No. 1,
Walla Walla, Wn. 12p
FOR SALE: Spartan Sting Ray
Electric Fencer and batteriu.
Kennewick Auto Supply, 316%
Kennewick Ave. 120
FOR SALE: Automatic electric
record changer. Kennewick Auto
Supply, 316% Kennewick Ave. 12c
FOR SALE: About 200 crates,
some cantaloupe crates and also
‘appleboxes. Phone 2477. 12-14 p
Nissan DRUG has Dr. Peter
Fornis’ Alpen-Krauter. VIZ-14C
FOR SALE: Three 75-tt. residence
lots, sewer and water. Close in.
Phone Pasco 716. Gl2O
FOR SALE: Almost new baby pen,
measures 28 in. byglo in. SB.OO.
Gene Spaulding. Phone 2317. 12p
FOR SALE: Baby buggy, baby
bathinette. 226 E. 3rd Ave. 12p
PAYS “0“
500” CABS
I'AlaaausAsk Forl
lAlvoua‘a‘R'b'cms |
non am
4 smog): 30KB
“shin to till“: 4 bedrooms,
lam vin; dining mun
combined. in: sonny kit
chen. glasaed- porch. fruit
and ttraceable storm in base
To go with this is a rumpus
roan for the kids all tin
ished inside with sleeping
room for four people. Built
ins fairly new in Ad repair.
Both houses just newly
painted. large lawn. lots of
flowers and shrubs. plenty of
shade, about 5‘ acne of land
with a fruit tree or two and
'large garden.
This place is within five
blocks of the heart of the
business district along Colum
bia Ave.
Price $7800.00 cash as de
‘l‘his place could be pur
chased with about $4 acre of
land it wanted. Would deal
furnished it you wished.
Shown by appointment only.
Phone 8927.
. W—ttc
We are now taking order- tor
Portable were and Port
able Adding chines. Immediate
delivery on some models. We to
pair all unhe- edding new.
word at the Conner-Reporter or
205 West Yakima Avenue. Yaki
ma. Woehington. . “tic
makes rebuilt typewriters. Early
delivery on new Underwood type
writers. Sandra-and adding ms
ehines. and cash registers. We
repair all nukes at office ma
chines. Kirk's Olflee Supply. 205
West Yakima Ave, Yakima, 3'35
ITYPEWRW about the
invaluable. Hae'ndamnmsg
“23:11:41.3: lax-mm of
gut itansu'ml your pox-:23
Gama Studio. new Pasco thu
mbmumWa-h. dc
‘ —Guaranteed on
mikes WWI-1m ma
chines. Ribbons and carbon swung.
Henderson once Supply.
building, telephone 4441. Rte
FOR SALE: New 20 and 22 foot
unheated telephone pole. also
suitable for building houses or
garages, $230 and $2.90 each Lo.b.
Ordnance. Oregon. See Red Wil
liams. Ordnance. Oregon. Tele
phone Hermiston 3859. 10421)
IFOR SALE: DDT wood preserver.
1 containing carbolineum, kills
and repels blue bugs (fowl ticks).
‘mites. termites; stains wood and
shingles; seals all pores in wood,
‘forming' protective film. $1.75 a
Igallon. Benton Auto Parts, 348
Ave. C., Phone 1296. 312 C
FOR SALE: fl‘wo “acre building:
1 sites just outside city limits on
on road, school bus and mail
route, good location. Call 4271,
Kennewick. 10-12 p
iVISGER DRUG has Dr. Peter
; Fornis’ Alpen-Krauter. Vl2-14C
‘FOR SALE: 2 auto tires, 6:001:16,
one' new; one No. 2 iron, Walter
‘Hagen stainless steel golf club.
Phone 3471 or call at 526 lst
Ave. W. 12C
FOR SALE: Red uyen. Out Ken.
Ave. to Gel! Course turn south
about 1% mile. E. R. Hastings.
Phone 3462. 10-12 p
SEED SUPDS: Justgeceived a
few choice single drop netted
Gems at the Farmers 13%
FOR SALE: Heavy duty 4-wheel
trailer with flat bed. Call Mag
nuson Motor Oanpany. 102 Ave
nue C. Phone 2926. ti
FOR SALE: 1937 Harley-David
son, good condition. Bob Criss
man, 614 S. Sycamore, Pasco. 12p
FOR SALE: Must sell this week
3503mo.oldi'ryers,about 150
oi! them are nice _pullets. Mc-
Clearens Trailer Court. back of
Richey's Cafe at Richland Y. 12p
FOR SALE: 555 foot self rake
Deer-ing reaper will be on sale
at Community Auction, Saturday,
22nd, across street from Farmers
Exchange. 12p
FOR SALE: Twenty-toot Alma
trailer house. like new. 1515 Me-
Pherson, Richland, Wn. 12p
FOR SALE: 6-foot Case combine.
with pea attachment, lnquirei
River Road. 12.1491
FOR SALE: One Lang electric
grill and one large glass show
case. 1219 Kennewick Ave. Phone
1556. . 12p
FOR SALE: Good milk cows with
calves: also three head work{
horses. Tel. 1532. 12-14 p
FOR SALI: 3 sores under Irri
gtlon. 16 scnes «joining svsfl
sb . Modem house and chicken
house and other improvements.
”.500. Terms to suit. Also have
new Red potatoes ready to dig.
3% ml. West on River Road. J.
H. Hscen near Sherry's Gmgy.
' P
FOR SALE: 17 acres heavy soil.
two houses and a cabin. good
barn and other buildings, tractor
and other term machinery includ
ed in reasonable price. One mile
south on Washington Street. Will
sell all or half of place. 1218 E.
Lewis St., Pasco. Phone 71M,
Pasco. 12-14 p
ton W BLIND!
A 0608? LAW!
14 Adams St. Phone 8413
FOR SALE: Two bedroom Cape
Cod home in Kennewick. Four
years old, completely redecorated.
amongst new homes. full bane
ment. furnace, electric heater. on
ova-sized lot. Immediate posses
sion. Payments SB4 monthly. Pasco
2033. A-lz-C
FOR SALE: 5-room house at Kl
ona. Washington. Large shade
lot Included. Price SI,OOO cash.
Inquire at Shell Service Station,
none. Wuh. 11-13 p
FOR SALE: 320 acres stock ranch,
115 cultivated. water. alfalfa.
oats. wheat. young clover. SB,OOO.
SSOO for crop it taken at once.
Write Gil Erlewine. Southwick.
Idaho. 12-14 p
FOR SALE: “At Sept-:_Order Ot-
flee. 111 N. 3nd, Paco, new
plastic post-war screening, 9c per
sq. ft. for 10041. roll. Phone Ken
newick 800. 12-13 C
FOR SALE: on range (Meal
mute!) need only short time. As
good as new. See it at Bittrich’e.
next to Legion tan in Kenne
wick. 129
SEED SUPDS: Just received a
flew choice uncle drop netted
Gems at the Fume" Exchuigg
FOR SALE: Crosley able model
radio; also set of silver plate
service for nine. Phone ”gm-c
FOR SALE: Blackceps the big
juicy kind. You pick “mile
south, M mile west from ceme
tery. Phone 8466 before you come.
V. O. Hmphny. 12-14 p
FOR SALE: 1938 Buick sedan,
radio and heater. Ceiling price.
Jack Cornell. West Highlands. 12p
FOR SALE: Pomtewups. 19 Jean
St., Emma's A tion. Phone
8701. xl2O
FOR SALE: 200 white teed sacks.
can be bleached tor dish towels.
7% cents each. George R. Fred
Mm. 12p
FOR SALE: National pressure
cooker. holds 7 quart jars. ex
cellent condition; baby bminette.
flown: lea. complete with mat
uweu and hood. 218 E. 2nd Ave. or
Phone 3566. 129
FOR SALE: 2 wheel trailer. tires
good. 228 lst Ave. Tel. 498. 12p
FOR BALE: Cmm separator,
31?.00." John L. Lewis. 12p
\CARD or THANKS: We wish to
thank our many triends for
their acts of kindness and beauti
ful membranes in the loss of
our hnsband and tether, Edger
David Garrett. Mrs. Edgar Gar
rett and Davld° Mr. and Mrs. M.
P. nmm- Mr. and Mrs. c. c.
Lsmm. Jr.‘ Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
omen; Ib. and Mrs. Earl Dag
¢ett; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hud
kins; Mr. and . Mrs. Dick Rob
. 4
Shulospilal 3
llGKennewidxAve. i
ForQnickServiee §
polish. 4
Wood's Key Shop
' , 9th and Lewis
Phoné’ 612- Pasco
By nmwr‘cx BAKER

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