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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, July 11, 1946, Image 9

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h .131; 11, 1946
E _izc per word—minimum 50c. Subuquént insertions three times for thaw-ice of two.
Wanted V V U
'1 p . ms WANTED
, .dle popular line of
I dies’ and ,Men’s
.'ty to earn good in
,. full or part time wk.
, particulars, write
1 Watkins, 420 Duane Av
! . .d, phone 52%?16
- p
1} ~ . _.
‘ n —— Small acreage with
l .v. near Kennewick. Out- .
1 limits, write description“
cus, Rt. 1, Kennewick}
‘ - 15-17p‘
‘ u 2 passengers for car
1 as far as N. Carolina. Will
= .. “game this month. In
! 45 Park View Homes. 15p
1 ANTED: Part time; 19 or
! typing . experience. Box
1 i. ewick. United Finance
1 3 15¢
l ow Furnished or unfur
l . house fgrrgfirmanvgnfitgug ‘
I' . n
B '3“ and a y 13-15p§
, - “Lawn mowers to grind‘
ws to file. Mackfs Agate‘
‘ .velty Shop, 4% mfles west
’ er Road. 13-15 pi
- M
. . D TO‘BUY: A work team‘
7' harness; also a two-horse‘
: row. Write Box R, Cour;
.- _______________———
‘~ D: 3 car passengers to Ne
,2 .raska; leaving Monday a.m.,
3 y 15. Write Box M, Courier
porter. 15p
i Rx WANTED: Girl will work
1:33 33 housekeeper’s helper; Wlll
si” 22 e care of litle children. Bev
..- Miller, phone 2621. ‘
" ' ANTED: House trailers. Call us‘
c; to: an appraisal without oblige-l
[ Magnuson Motor Company.
. ‘.l l ' 2926. u
.2 2. no fRONING by the piece;
1:33 housework, 60c hour; child care
. hr., day and night. 1236 Syc
. mare Ave. .
ANTED: A beauty operator at
once, good opportuni or per
firm-ant. position. Apply at the
u.» -. __ Phone 1871. 14-16 c
ANTED: Used cars, highest
§ pricelpaid. Let us bid on your
or. Magnum Motor Company.
.- Me 2926. t!
,_ . ‘ .u Desk clerk. Apply at
r Kennewick Hotel. . 15c
lost and Found U U
, SI'RAYED ANIMALS: 2 horses
havebeen turned in to the Sher
ilfs Office akKennewick. Owner
max have same by identifying and
mm: expense of their care and
. this advertisement. Contact Depu
l! Sheriff’s Office, Kennewick;
2;, Wash. ' 14-16 p
: 1091': Man’s brown billfold last
is? Wednesday morning on Avenue
7 Col-Pasco bridge. Reward. Call
[255 Charles Stevenson, phone 91 or
g; Inte P. O. Box 231. 15-16 p
lost—English, Spaniel, gold and
3 white. long tail. Lost at Y, re
% lard. A. H. Lee, 1424 Haupt, Rich
land. phone 703-w 14-16p‘
'.For Rent. ' V
+- 793 RENT—Basement apartment
5: , mKennewick for lor 2 people,
"i ““33” Plumbing. electric stove,
- > Munster. Call 2957 or 2971 or;
= at 319 E. Third. 15p
. ‘1 RENT; Flérglaizhedlatwo room
4 'i" "V“ - y wn. Ave.‘
,3 11 Phone 2172. c. A. Carpenter“
5 , l
Wood's Key Shop
‘ ;..J 9"! and Lewis
.'..: e 612 Pasco i
.- ’ \h—
Me; i
- 31’ Post No. 33
- ' ht and 3rd Thursday.
j \“m' “d members welcome
; gunewick Lodge
mogul“ F.&.A.M.
Third Wednesday
-. éCPat) Owens. W.M.
~ to .
“E- 2485, Kennewmk
3"“ and Third Thurs.
“In“ Hill 8:00
V 9' m.
- ”'9‘" Gringo“. w. p.
. K ,
Neglck 1.0.03,
“non”:- 222
onn migovgrslu a an.
g W Welcome
FOR RENT—Cabins and trailer‘
in K 8: P Auto Court, opposite}
Columbia Market on the highway
in Kennewick. flc‘
FOR RENT: ,Clean, comfortable
sleepmg rooms, close in, air
conditioned. Phone 3847. 29 Sec-1
ond Ave. East. 13-15 pl
FOR RENT Three-room house!
with bath, electricity and water. ‘
Garden if desired, phone 3341. 1
L. Matzat, Route 1.“ M-15-C
FOR RENT: Stock trailer, by the
hour or day. See Hotmeister,
by the Y. or phone 18x3. 34th;
FOR RENT: Sleeping rooms forl
men. 108 First Ave E. Phone‘
3846. Alsc‘
mostly furnished. 341 C. Avel
East, Kennewick. Wash.
W W Miscellaneous ' "
. Auto and 'House Trailer
. um'rsn nuance co. 1
Kennewick Iltt|
Gail and George .
Phone 741, 214 Kennewick Aveit
Roofing. free estimates. as
phalt shingles. built up roof.
- aluminum painting.
All work curios a mainten
ance agreement.
Call 9491!. Pasco '
TWIN CITY Paint Shop painting,
and paper-ing, Venetian. $1333,
cleaning. Kennewick and .
Paint Service. Signs; Ole and
Painter. Phone 3712. 340 Ave. C
East. .- 32d
Official Factory Service for .
Eiseman, American Bosch
Fairbanks-Morse, Wieo' . , ,
Don Skirving Phone 881
.. 51th:
LOANS: Sales financed on auto-‘
mobiles, trucks, and house trail
ers. Personal Mans. 'Unitsd Fl“;
nance Co., 215% Kennewick Av?
phone 821, Kennewick: ‘ _ . 1?
LOCAL and Ibng'Distance' Haul
ing: B&N Transfer, 416 West B
St., Pasco. Phone Pasco 1051 or
Kennewick 3708. ~ 58th
FOR FUMIGA'I'ING, xterminat
'ing, septic tank cleaning. Li
censed operators. Phone Kenne
wick 3483 or 2218. A. A. Chilton.
2841 c
. .
LOCAL and Long Distance Haulfl
ing, moving, packing and erating;
for shipping. Richland Transierq
Phone Kennewick 942, Pasco 2100.1
4511 c
M \
- Autos, fire, life, liability. .
Harold K. Higgins Agency {
- Office in Penney Building
Phones: Office~B6l Res. 3244 1
—Guaranteed repairing .on all;
makes typewriters or adding mar
chines. Ribbons and carbon 8?“.
Henderson Ottiee Supply, ens
building, telephone 4441. 5c

the new real estate company,
Miller and Campbell, aekvenuelgé
___—___— 1
GUARANTEED Electric and Ace
tylene welding; tractor repair
work. All kinds. .Richmond .1111-
plement Co. 33"
hay mowed on time. Call 14F11,
Pasco. Leroy Haste. 14-1513
R. Vitek, 18 E. Kennemck Ave.,
Telephone 4486. 15-39 P
W 1
FOR SALE: Domestic water .
tems for deep and shallow W 3
A water system properly hit-“’o‘
will give years of service. nga
inston Hardware. ‘
M .
FOR SALE: Early Red June Apt
ples, also apricots, now ready.
Mrs. Charlotte Aguilar. last house
Avenue G, Garden-Tracts. 14-16 P
FOR SALE: Empty wooden bar-1
rels, $2 each; steel arming:
Kennewick Bakery- 3c‘
E: Cocker Spaniel
Fgfips.s%dephone. 15x6. Calll
evenings. David Bemhart. 15-17p‘
Free reports sent to Interested
Persons on United States Gov
ernment land, much of which is
now. Open to Citizens, for filing
mining locations, in one of the re.
mous gold mining belts of Cali
fornia. 1
These reports were compiled
fljom. excerpts of U. S. Geo. pub-1
lication. professional paper ’ 73,1
Calif. State Division of Mines and‘
Engmeers’ reports. ‘
since 1355, the old timers with}
their limited methods, worked the‘
easxly accessible gravels in these
ancient channels. , 3
Modern methods, and the ad-l
vance in the price of gold to $35,
per .ounce, makes much of this:
‘unmined land desirable for large
scale operation.
‘ Mining laws require that 8 per?
sons constitute a locating group,
‘for a 160 acre claim. We want
several groups to locate on these,
clamps, engaging our engineering
servrces for the discovery work,
'surveys,‘ filing notices and record
‘mg, etc. We then wish to lease
iall .0: these claims on a royalty
basis for large scale operation,
which is necessary to justify the
llarge expenditure'required, to tun
n_el under these lava capped an
‘cient channels for their treasure?
of gold. ,
We .have' leased, and are now%
operating more than 3,000 acres on:
a smular plan, in another locality‘
in California. ‘
For full information, write the‘
Northwest Mining and Engineer-1
ing Co., 422 Smith Tower, Seattlei
4, Wash. 13-19 c;
FOR SALE: New five room mod-‘
ern home on 1% acres in Kenne-‘
.wick Highlands; wired for electric
range and heaters. Garage and
chicken house; plenty of water for
irrigation. Phone 4361. “
FOR SALE: Plums for canning,
plums for fresh fruit. 1:2 mile
south and 1k mile west trom ceme
tery. Come after 5 o’clock. V. O.
Humphrey, Phone 3466. 114-16 p
FOR SALE: 'Good cultivating
horse. A Sletkolen, 1% miles
west of Pasco, Lower river road.
14-18 p
FOR SALE at Burbank by owner,
three bed-room, modern home,
remodeled, redecorated, new lino
leum, lawn, shade trees, garage,
immediate possession. James H.
Hensel. ' ' 13-15 p
KENNEWICK Community Auc
tion—Sales every Saturday be
ginning at 1 p. m., across street
from Farmers Exchange. . You
bring it, we‘sell it. A. C. Amen,
clerk; Mere] P. Russell, Auction
eer; Phone 3576. 13-15pttc
FOR SALE: Pick yourself as they
ripen: Yellow Transparent ap
ples, Early June apples, apricots,
Red Astrakans, Gravensteins and}
‘Jonathans. Mrs._' L. H. Baymond,‘
Avenue G, Garden Tracts. Phone:
‘ 2356. 13-1513 i
‘FOR SALE: 18 acres Finley dis-l
trict; old- house, not liveable; 6’
acres farmed, 12 acres good pas:
ture. Inquire at Hover store for,
.C. I. Erickson. V 13-15 p
‘FOR SALE: Outboard motor, 33.4
h.p. Evenrude, electric starting,
lremoge, colntrciilnsir usled vesixy3 little.
00. e 0e one .
P 4 ‘ ’ p 13-lsp
: ___—___..—
FOR SALE: Electric Hot Water
Tanks, thirty gallons. Neon El
ectric Service Co., Phone Pasco
51. o . ' 14“
—Guaranteed repairing. on all
makes Whats or adding ma
chines. Ribbo .and- carbon paper.
Henderson omce Supply, Owens
building, telephone 4441. 7tlc
FOR SALE—Two I[a-acre building
sites just outside 'city 1191113 on
oil road, school bus and mail route,
good location. Call at 413 3rd Ave.
E. Phone 4271. Kennewick. 13-15 p
FOR SALE: 151/2 ft. boat with new
Johnston Sea Horse power mo
tor. C. G. Taylor or D. A. Speer.
231 Washington St. Kennewnck ‘
’FOR SALE—Transparent apples
for canning. Ray Marsh. Rt. NO- 1.
‘Kennewick, phone 398. 13-150
>FOR SALE—Several milk cows.
Would like to trade 1939 Chev
‘pickup for late model sedan 01'
five passenger coupe.,one .and one
half miles southeast of Finley on
Howard Ash place. DeWayne Ash.
>Route 1. 14-16 p
FOR SALE-—Store counters. glass
\ meat case. Large stel safe. Call
rc. F. Stinson, 79-J Pasco or write
‘30,, K. . , . ‘ 15-17 p
FOR SALE: Breakfast set—table
L and 4 chairs, $2.0. Phone 759‘!
EPasco, 710 Francis St.
mes, COURIER :mgg
A very fine home in Pasco, best
location, large corner lots,
large shade trees, flowers,
shrubs; all rooms are large,
two bath and toilets, full base
ment, finished in notty pine
for opts; outside entrance,
large laundry room, nice fire
place; house stucco; back yard
all fenced; furnace; air con
ditioner; hardwood floors;
near school; ' good garage.
15 acres, lé mile from city lim
is; good ‘soil, no rocks, all
piped, 5 acres young Concord
grapes, 4 acres asparagus, 2
acres alfalfa, ‘small family or
chard, 2 small houses, packing
shed, electricity, preasure wa
ter system; barn; chicken
house, some equipment, hay
in stack; team young horses.
Can occupy now. $8,400. .
lAbout 30 acres, 3a. prunes, 12 ‘
L a. alfalfa, 3 mint; concrete ‘
I piped; 5 room house, full
; basement; 2-car garage; chick- ,
en house; good tractor and'all
farm machinery; cows, hogs, ‘
sheep. $12,000. , ’
4 mom house, bath, utility room, ‘
' screened porch, peach trees,
\large chicken house, large lot,
nice shade, $5,750.
50 acres, 20 alfalfa, about 4 a.
asparagus, 5 a. mint; other
crops;-2 bed room house, barn,
chicken house—withfarmma
chinery and stock—slo,soo.
40 acres, 2 miles from Ranch
club, this land will be under .
, High Line ditch. $2,400. 1
45 acres, hay, grass, spuds, etc. §
,four room house, chick house, 1
: barn, lights and water. $4,- 1
i 300. Terms. ’ ‘ ‘
‘3 bed- room house, 2 car garage; 1
, barn. $5,000. I
iNice 3 room house, new, 1% a. 1
‘ land, house wired for electric ‘
range, oil furnace, hot water i
heater, basement finished,
V land piped; will leave electric
1 range in house. $3,000.
Have a very fine 32 room apt.
all rooms furnished and a four
room apt. for owner’s living
quarters; several lots; steam
heat furnace; rooms all rent
ed; very fine income. $20,000
—erms. -
‘ l
Have a new building on Kenne
wick Ave—fine location.
30 acre orchard, peaches, cher- '
ries, apricots, prunes; modern
home and other buildings; has
‘ always been a money maker;
place all equipped with trac
}» tor, etc
Here is a good investment— the
furniture in a 39 room hotel;
no dining room; income about
$2,000 per mo., expenses six
hundred. Can get a five year
lease on hotel building at S2OO
per mo. Priced at SIO,OOO. -
Cafe for sale. Con¢rete block
building, lots 503150; cafe is
. equipped; 3 room house partly
furnished, $7,000.
Have some very good business ,
property in Pasco—good in
come and ican be doubled. l
A very fine 23 bed room house, ,
can be bought with or without 1
furniture; fin; llgeet‘ifi'i? fur- j
nace, air con ~ un tubs, 1
double garage, two bath—can
occupy soon. . 1‘
'SO acres, cherries, grapes, as- ‘
paragus, alfalfa; 3 bed room
' house; fine location; very near
30 acres, alfalfa, grapes, aspar
agus; small house, $7,000.
7 acres just out city limits, no ‘
buildings; fine soil, grapes.
asparagus, mint; owner Will
farm this year’s crap and give
you half. Priced at $6,500.
20 acres apples, some pears. You '
get crop, and it’s a dandy.
The 0 exclusive Real Estate
:Ffiee in Kennewick.
Roxy Theater Phone 2402
Notary Public .
Kennewick Wash.
{GE‘s—___— ALE-About7a mooning
river just west of city hmjts.
deep, rich soil in grapes _and mint.
Also two highly produmns tract!
in Highlands. Guy. Story. phone
2791. . 14439
FOR SALE—Several tracts of land
grapes. Nurseryman’s Exchange.
W. B. Saunders, phone 18x7, River
Road. 1430
FOR SALE—Practiqally new three
bedroom home, nice yard, 800 d
location. Call 2251, Kennefinilg. tfc
Real Estate
. New two bedroom home— .
hardwood floors, electric
range and refrigerator; lawn
and shrubs.
Large modern home, com
pletely furnished with new.
high quality furniture. Three
bedrooms, living room, kit
chen with dining alcove, two
baths; hot air furnace and ex
cellent inside air conditioner;
insulated with rock wool and
has interlocking weather
sttripping throughout. Good
garden soil with garden, lawn
and shrubs. Two car garage.
City and irrigation wafler.
Immediate possession.
Large, close in city lot. It is
in a good residential section.
Three bedroom home in Pas
co. Pre-war consttruction, 8
years old. Large living room
and kitchen. Bath. Full base
ment with an extra room in
it. Large lot, 84x133. Lawn,
lots of shrubs, flowers and
trees. Has a small house in
the rear that rents for S3O
per month.
80 acre farm, 20 acres water
ed. 5 room modern house.
barn. Near Benton City.
10 acre farm. Five room mo
dern house. Two large chick
en houses. Near town on a
good road.
15 acre tract, located one-half
mile from Kennewick city
limits on arterial highway;
heavy soil, no rocks; piped for
irrigation. Five acres young
Concord grapes, 4 acres good
asparagus, 2 acres alfalfa, one
acre spuds. small family or
chard just beginning to bear.
Two small houses; pressure
water system, electricity, barn
packing shed, chicken house,
farm equipment, one team of
young work horses. Imme
diate possession. “
40 acre farm, 3% miles from
Kennewick. Six room modern
house with bath and basement
lawns. flowers hnd shrubs. A
. large barn, equipped for Grade
‘ B dairy; milking machines
and cooling system OK’d by
Health Department. Silo.
sheds, machinery. 26 acres
in alfalfa, 5 acres of pasture.
Garden and berries. 10 cows,
- registered Guernsey bull, 7
calves, good team of horses
and some chickens. 12 tons
of hay. Some wood. Imme
diate possession
-551 Ave. C East. Phone 2701
We are now taking ordms mos
Portable Writers and Port
able Adding Maehines. Immediate
delivfi on some models. We no
‘typewrlters, cash registers. leave
:word at the Courier-Reporter «-
‘205 West Yakima Avenue. Yaki
-Ima, Washington. . 84th
Remington, 60 to 90 day a“:
livery. Remington Adding la
mmxf.“ “f... “"3“”-
as as ey are
available. Henderson one. Sup
le. Owens Bldg” phone «a.
‘ 7th:
stones nuisance &
Pipe. Val aidcg'iflings
vss ,-
miron man Coal sashes-s
115 is: Ave. Tel. 41!
ment. bookkeeping sum
staplers and staples. Soujthworgh
papers. Typewriter 8“ P 8.
boas and carbon popes Repair:
on all makes and models. Hender
son Office Supply. Owens Bldg.
Phone 4441. 7th:
FOR SALE: Large selection oil
Incite. wooden, leather. leath
erette frames, photo mana and
gift items. nave your portrait
made today at our modern studio.
Garrett Studio, new Pasco thea-l
ter building. Pasco. Wash. sq
FOR vans-rum Em ‘
14 Adams St. Phone 3412‘
FOR SALE: 4-wheel trailer with.
rack; good tires, 17-inch; milk;
cans, two gallon, five gallon and‘
ten gallon, and one truck tire. 8-1
ply, 700x20. 1216 East Lewis St..‘
Pasco. phone 71M. 134511
FOR SALE—Choice milkoted fry
ers. Call 2779 or 3756. Fergu
14-16 p
FOR SALE: New bantam luggage
trailer; tail gate; new tires and
stand. Reasonable price. Phone
4401. '
FOR SALE: Red Fryers. Turn-S
at end of golf course 1% mile.
Phone 3462. K. R. Hastings. 15-17 c
y .
Two modem homes on one
acre of land; garage and small
barn. 25 fruit trees. lots of
lawn and shade trees. Fine
living- and income property.
Forty acres all piped tor ir
rigation. Has been used for
past three years as sheep pas
ture. Good modem three bed
mom house. 'Large lawn—
shade trees. many goodvbuild
ioßß on the property. Ex
ceptionally good buy for $6.-
Five acnes of grapes on the
River Road, piped for irriga
tion. No buildings.
0 Large two bed room house on ‘
fifty toot lot. lawn and shade
mm” “a"? s3}: 33“” ”w
men a . per mo. ,
Can easily be reconverted to
a single dwelling. Thirty-day
possession. $6,500.
Five acres of alfalfa. two ac.
ipedgrgopes: 3x03333121 “1
p :- irnga no
buildings. This is one of the
best pieces of view property
on the Highlands. $2500.00. ‘
One of the most choice vesi
dential lots on Kennewick Av.
for sale for the first time in
fifteen years. Fifty foot front
Ten amass: Eood 23d with
grapes, wa melon pas
ture land. Modem house and
sood Winn Thirty day
pmession and terms.
Another ten acre tract with di- .
,versitied emp. Team of homes
and farm equipment. $3,000
Fyfe & Spanlding, Inc.
Insurance Agents and m
Real Estate loans. Represent!"
First Federal Savings and
Loan Go.
FOR SALE Modem flour-heft!-
room home, good district. With
in lyé mile of school. church. stores.
grange and highway. 45 acres with
’l2 irrigated. Some auaua, 'aspar
‘agus, corn, garden. Remainder sub
‘irrigated pasture. A reliable little
‘dairy or diversified farm. Seven
‘miles out of Kennewick, 1/3 mile
South of Finley Grange. E. O.
‘McAlister, Rt. 1. 15-l7p
IFOR SALE: 1935 Plymouth coach.
good running condition. new ov
yerhaul job. new tines and new
seat covers. Sold only wih two
city lots with water in. electricity
and sewer available. 110 North
BeechN’aseo. 1547;)
FOR SALE: factory-built luggage
trailer; built-ins and ice box—-
metal top. Suitable for camping
or tourists. Costs $275.00 new.
Will sell for SIOO.OO. Call after
5 p.m at 813 Kennewick Ave.
. ,_ HlSttc
FOR SALE—Allis Choline“ W. C.
Tractor. rubber tires. 2-bottom
14-inch p10y,6-tt.disc.Csnbede
linen-ed to anyone who purchases
it. C. A. McCarty. Spray, Oregon.
. 15-17 p
at city limits; domestic water
and power; good proper” ler sub
division. S2IOO. 529 W
Ave. Phone 2871. 15-17 p
FOR SALE: ’3B Dodge ickup in
good. condition: '33“: time- &
stake rack. night e for trail
er'house. Irwin. 1419 McPherson.
Richland. ‘
FOR SALE: Locker beet. Phone
10x7. 15-179
FOR SALE: 200 gallons mot coat
ing; 300 gal. steel septic tanks: 8-‘
foot chicken netting; steel cable:
large size air cooler with motor.|
Eichner's Sig. Plumbing, fiesta
ing 8: Sheet etal. 15-17 p

FOR SALE: Sow with seven pigs.
Ray-Rice at Brick's Service sta-‘
tion. .- ‘1
FOR SALE: Pointer puppies. Co!
at 19 Jean St.. Records Addition
or phone 3701. Klsc
FOR SALE: 50 large hens. one or.
all. $2 each. Half mile west 023
way. H. H. Fryer. '
FOR SALE: Turnip seed; Globe!
Purpletop; hand picked and tree
from weed seed. $1 pound post
paid. H. H. Fryer, R 2, Kennewick.
' 15-l7p
FOR SALE: Dining room set; tar
ble, large buffet. 6 upholstered
chairs, all in good condition. SIOO.
Phone 3952. 312 Second Ave.. E.‘
FOR SALE: Second cutting altal
ta; cut and shocked. 318 in field.
L. M. Foraker and Gene Spauld
FOE SALE—Miscellaneous arti
cles of household furniture. 520
Ave. A. 15p
FOR SALE—2 Jersey cows, one
mower. one veal call. Earl P.
Story. Rt. 2, South Highlands. 15p
FOR SALE: Two serving booths
with wall tables. ivory finish.
Suitable for small confectionery.
Also store shelving. Phone 2132
e_v____________ enints. SIS-16¢
FOR SALE—Hopper bottom wood
en grain bulk tank, 150 bushel
capacity. See H. R. Cannon at
Kohlotus or phone Kahlotus 322.
FOR SALE—39 inch mattresses.
copper tubing and fittings, and
V 2" and 9‘" drive socket sets. Ben
ton Auto Parts, 348 Ave. C. phone
1296. 15c
F‘OR SALE-New army saddles.
fine for use as pack saddles.
Twin City Surplus Store, 346
Ave. C, phone 2991. 15c
FOR SALE: Tilton apricots. Bring
containers. One mile south of
Sunnyacres Hatchery. L. W.
W 9
FOR SALE-—3-room house with
full basement on 4th Ave. Mrs.
Dwight Valentine. Write Box P,
c/o Courier Reporter. 15-16 c
FOR SALE: Tilton apricots for
canning. Paul Pasche, High-
FOR SALE: 1934 LaSalle Convert
able; cheap. Needs work. Tele
phone 2‘77. Kennewick. *
FOR SALE: House with three lots
in garden. 202 Third Ave. E.
B. W. Randal. . 15-l7p
FOR SALE: 10 acres. tive room
house with bath. 1-4 mile from
city limits. 2% acres grapes. Phone
Kennewck 1982. Dlfic
NR SALE: One Holstein bull, 18
months old. John Bennett. big
W “W
FOR SALE Purebred golden
cocker spaniel pups. Phone 3412,
August Larson, 14 Adams. 15c
EOE SALE—Apples “C" grade for
pie and sauce, SI.OO per box.
$1.50 delivered. Phone 898 after 6
p.m. Ray Marsh. 11-lop
FOR SALE: Electric Hot Water
Tanks. thirty gallons. Neon El
ectric Service Co., Phone Pasco
51. Mt!
£O3 81:23. Hush: artahpa cut
flnll’ while ey M
Phon'e 18$.“ Pasco. eveninu
‘ M
Concrete Pipe Company Kenne
wick. Phone ion. ' mm
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