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I g E Aggggt 1, 1945
. . , .‘ .‘\. ( I
Want . _ i e ‘
“1.?” pet word—minimum 50c. Subuqumt muons three times for the price 01 two.
i" ' Wanted v v v
‘3 - 'ediately a woman to
3?; lira-m elderly .woman and
light housekeeping. A good
SI“ and wages: £3ll 308‘: or
' w m on s ee in
W as 17-13;)
1mm): Home for nice female
' - ‘er good watchdog. Prefer
“'25 ’home in country. In
ch?“ at Nob Hill- Market for
ngpleton. 19p
am RENT. three bed
{will unthg'nished house. . No
W no dog. Sgebeai-y glubbs
- abut, Richlan e are p.m.
4” 18-20 p
31111910 me Wish to adOpt
'35! girl. Age one day to three
werences furnished. Box
anwick, Wn. 18p
mm: 8 m. or 10 m. bench
'n‘, with good motor. Will pay
cull- Rgply Box M, Courier M112;-
W ‘ c
o I
" ' undry, washing of all
”gym curtains, dry on
' W; glso take ironing. Rose
Imm], phone 3771. 16-18 p
s’lsi'lelit):employment. Apply Na
tional Bank of Commerce, Kenne
wick. 17-19 c
m: House trailers. Call us
'm‘mjppraisal without obliga
grammar: Motor Companfi
" "29”.
‘ -c
m: Uud cars, highest
hpdd. Let us bid on your
my 113 mm Motor Commit.
WANTED TO BUY or rent: a
room three or four bedroom
muse Call 663 R, Pasco. Plßc
WANTED TO BUY: Baby bed.
Plane 3861; - 18 p
I! Lost and Found. '
11$}: 2111;:I dbilmliggd, cgnltfaining
my little money. Finder please
m pictures and papers to
Courier-W office or call
2351: - 18 p
our.» Rent v v v
I'o3 muzw or oflgces in
Mind 8 on 111811-
I’Iy; size 20:32 and 40:40, re
”my. Will remodel to suit
um. 31“ Finance 00., 13
Ave Glut, 'Kennewick. 16
403 m: New cement block
building 56:25, glass front, lo
” Moment of new Safeway
store. m'xAvo C. Inquire Miller,
Auto Court, 350 Ave. C. 16-19 p
m::“f¥fl%£d ““22
A _ oppoa
m Met on the highway
hm- til:
II‘D-[Reaping : Chat] in, urge
rooms, ose -
mm Phone 3847. 29 See
andevelut. " 16-181:
FOR RENT: Stock trailer by the
hour or day. See Rainwater.
”he! or phone 18x3. 34th:
! ! Miscellggg‘ no V 'A
m petty throu th
mg“: 33an Real gum:
WWW” “sax:
bane: ilhmediat d
to Im. Phone ego? are mfg
FOCAL and Lou Dutan’ : m.‘
Phone Kanugewick 942, Pasco 2100:
Wood s Key Shop
9th and Lewis
Phone 612 Pasco
lodge Notices
"m W- my Post No. a
"W 1» and m rum
Ind members volcanic
Kennewick Lodge
”1:0. 153 F.&.A.M.
Ind Thu-d Wednesday.
E it (Put) 3wssu w M
\G. A‘ my, S’eco ° .
EOE, 2485, Kennewick
"W fin: and we “thus.
Wand. am 3:00 1). an. '
‘ "Ii! Helm. W. P.
“Y!!! Masters. Sec.
Kennofivick 1.0.0. F.
o. 222
83):}? 111$?) 8 PJL
0&1”! Welcome
Small and Large
SSO to, 310.000 .
ts; ‘:.:szasmm m,
on an , , ,
and any approved egolgt‘eral.
Real estate loans and all ”go
of loans for repairs and -
improvements. at 5%.
10 Ave. C East Kennewick
Auto and Home Trailer
Kendrick Iltt
Gail and George .
Phone 741. 214 Kennewick Aveh
. ._
Roofing. free estimates. as
phalt shingles. built up roof.
aluminum painting.
All work carries a maiden.
" ance agreement.
Call 9493. .Pasoo- "
DON’T FAIL to see the garden
tractor and rototiller demonstra
tion at the Howard Door ranch,
one mile southeast of Kenne
wick, Saturday, August 3' at 3
p.m. Durocher’s Implement and
Appliance Company, 300 Avenue
G, Phone 1291. 18c
-. makes typewriters and adding
machines. Prompt service. Pick
up and delivery. Henderson Ql
fice Supply, Henderson 8; Brain
man, 306 Kennewick Ave. Phone
4441. ’ , _ lat!
TWIN CITY Paint Shop, painting,
.. and paperin’z, Venetian blinds,
cleaning. Kennewlck and Pasco.
Paint Service. Signs. Ole and
Painter. Phone 3712. 340 Ave. C
' A fiflwfifi. ”
‘ u . e, . .~
v Harold mpfligglnsnhgency '
1 Office in enney uildinz
1 Phones: Office 861 Res. ”$4
. : ammo mains
Ofl‘lcial Factory Service tor
Fairbanks-Morse, Wieo
Don Shining . Phones 18:2: .
LOANS: Sales financed on onio
mobneo, trucks. and house trail
ers. Personal loans. United Fj
nanoe Co., 215% Kannada Ave”
phone 821. Kennewick. ‘ 171:1
LOCAL and Long Distance Haul
ing: B&N Transfer, 416 West B
St.,‘ 'Pasoo. Phone Pasco 1051 or
Kennewick- 3700. , ' . sure
inc, septic. tank cleaning. :1.
ceased operators. Phone Kenne
wick 8483 «-2218. A. A. Chum]
GUARANTEED Electric and'Acc
tylene —welding; tractor repair
work. All kinds. Richmond Im
plement Co. attc
R. Vitek, 18 E. Kennewick Ave.,
Telephone 4486. 1549 p;
FOR SALE: Domestic water '3
tems for deep and shallow
A water system properly instalisd
will give years of service. Wash
inston Hardware. 21“
FOR SALE: New two bed room
» house, water and lights in. on
1-2 acre of land, $3500. First St.
north of airport, fifth house on the
left. A. L. Smith. 10-10 p
A&A RABBITRY—Ango‘ra rab
bit pets. Some good bucks and
bred does and tryers. Renae-1
wick. 10-18 pi
FOR SALE—Several tracts, 91 land ‘
.to be set out _in fruit trees anm
grapes. Nurseryman’s Exchange,
W. B. Saunders, phone 18x7,‘River
Road. l4tfc
FOR SALE: In whole or input 8
acres irrigated land, 2 miles so.
of Kennewick. Write to Melvin
Dickinson“, 518 Ave. F, Kenne
wick. 10-18 p
FOR SALE: By owner, nicertwo-l
bedroom, modern home. 513‘
Columbia Ave., Kennewick. Tel-1
ephone 3917. . Blfitic
FOR SALE: Rochester peaches.l
T. C. Browne. Phone 2191. l
‘fHE aowaoea‘le- ,
n: . g
.5 . s-‘z
Free reports mt to Interested
Persons on United Staates Gov
emment lantg, gggh of {vi-high:
now open 1 ens, o
mining locations, in one of the fa
?otgisa gold mmm' ' g belts or Cali
-0 I
, These reports were compiled
from excerpts of U. S. Geo. pub
lication, professional paper 73,
$311!. State Division of .Mines and
gmeers reports. .
Since 1855, the old timers with
their limited methods, worked the
easily accessible gravels in these
ancient chamels. '
’ Madern methods, and the ad
vance in the price of gold to $35
per ounce, makes much of this
unmined land desirable for large
scale Operation.
Mining laws require that 8 per
sons constitute a Martin; group
for a 160 acre claim. e want
several groups to locate on these
clamp, engaging our engineering:
servlces for. the discovery work,
surveys,_filing notices and record
ing, etc. We then wish to lease
:all of these claims on a royalty
basis for large scale operation,
which is necessary tojustify the
large expenditure required, to tun
nel under these lava capped an
cient channels for their treasure
of_g_old_. _ 7
, We have leased, and are now
opmthgmon than 3,000 acre; on
a similar plan, in another locality
in California.
For full information, write‘ the
Northwst Mining and Engineer
ing Co., 422 Smith Tower, Seattle,
4, Wash. 5 13-191:
FOR SALE: Two bedroom house
with bath, closed in back
porch. Small basement, laundry
'trays. Family garden, lawn,
young trees and flowers. Garage.
Lot 60x150. Priced $3,500. Also
some furniture. Pelmer’s garage,
just north of Kenn. Airport. 20p
KENNEWICK Community Auc
tion—Sales every Saturday be
from Farmers Exchange. You
bringitwesellit. A.C.Amon,
clerk; Mere! P. Russel], Auction
eer." Phone 3576. . la-lsptlc
FOR SALE: 15 ft. Century out
board .motor boat ,and trailer,
both in excellent condition. Ap
ply 1409 Heine: Ave, Richland,
or: phone extension 1528. ' Mlac
FOR SALE: Cucumbers and dill.
Make your own dill picks.-
_Place order few days inad
vance. Howard Door. Route 1,
’phone 2463“ , 16-181)
Eh? SALE: Rochester Peaches,
5c a pound, pick yourself. C.
D. Durdle, Ave. H. off Hartfolrg.
'_ . _A c
FOR SALE: Empty wooded we
rels. $2 achr'steel Granny“.
Kmndwick Bakery. 32th
fbfi 'SAIJEE 8 acres of mint:i :3-
mm m prunes an '
lam, J. B. Boiq, Wat mgllq’axlag;
FOR SALE: Cantaloupes. 137101115
‘2463. _I-loWard Door, Route 1.
' ' _, ,yls-zop
ibsT naming range; _l3ens_ap
' 'sfiivsfifiikér" Sets, $12.75. Gel:
Kennewick AVe. 17-19 c
Faisal: Tree-ripened peaches
on Ave. F in Garden Tracts.
Phone 1731. A. C. Amen. 17-191)
FOR SEE: 22-foot. yard poles.
Neon 8: Electric Service Co.
Phone 51. Pa'sco. 17m:
FOR SALE: 42-45 Harley David
son motorcycle, $450.00. Phone
3242. J. E. Barrickman. 18-20 p
FOR SALE: Just fresh, very
gentle milking Shorthorn cow.‘
Also others. Phone 15x2. cl7-19c§
FOR SALE: Electric Hot Water?
Tanks, thirty gallons. Neon m.
ectric Service 60., Phone Pasco
51. . 14::
FOR SALE: Easy wash machine,
no motor on it.‘ Mrs. T. A.
Bishop, 129 4th Ave. East. Phone
4321. 18c
FOR SALE: 1937 Chev. car radio
and air conditioner to fit any
make of car. Call 2258 after 2
p.m. Friday. ' . 18p
EOR SALE: Full set of trapl
' drums, SIOO. -'A. E. Gilmore}
Rt. ’No. 1, one mile north of;
Finley. - 18-2opl
_—_—————__ 1
ORDER your tree ripened can-g
ning peaches and tree ripened
prunes now. H. ,c. ..Sschmidt, Tel.}
2101, .Kennewick, Wash. 18-20p‘
FOR SALE: Choice Hale peaches,
‘ tree ripened.‘ Place your order
now. Ready last of. August. Phone
301 or '2131. , G-18-tr
m mama: panama-
Two acres, asparagus, some
grapes, berries. small house,
light sand water, wired for
electric range, household fur
niture, garden tools. etc.,
$2,850. ~
New 2 bedroom house, hard
wood floors, full basement,
furnace, fine location. Can oc
cupy at once, SB,OOO, terms.
About 65 acres, alfalfa, pas
ture, house, barn, other build
ings, good well. $5,000—51,500
down, bal S6OO per year.
40 acres, asparagus, melons,
spuds, five room house, ga
rage, chicken house, barn,
farm machinery, SB,OOO.
5 acres, asparagus, mint, pas
ture, large house, barn, ga
rage, chicken house, lots of
nice shade and lawn, near in.
10 acres, grapes, asparagus,
alfalfa. One five room house,
one two room house, good
cow, horse and farm machin
ery. Also hay and grape crop,
$8,500. Good location. .
5 acres, aspar’agus, alfalfa,
small house, $4,000. -
About five acres, 3 acres as
paragus, some alfalfa, 5 room
house, barn, chicken house,
garage and farm machinery,
$3,950, terms.
40 acres, pasture, alfalfa, some
fruit, house, barn, chicken
house, garage, good well. 16
head cattle, several hogs,
chickens. All farm machinery
including tractor. $12,000.
About 3 acres on River road,
2 small .houses, 2 chicken
houses, broader house, Some
alfalfa and grapes, $4,800.
2 Bedroom house, full base
ment, furnace, hardwood
floors, $7,000—52,000 down.
If interested in a good paying
grocery store, nice fixtures,
lots of refrigeration, good liv
ing quarters, fine building,
come in and get full details.
5 acres, very near in, lots of
nice shade, on school bus,
mail route, oil road, 5 room '
house, barn, garage, chicken
house. .311. new concrete pipe,
$4,500. .\ I.
4 bed roonr house, lots of
shade ,several lots, SB,IOO.
About 8 acres, asparagus,
some hay and open. This is a
12 acre tract, all piped, $3,000.
35 acres alfalfa, 8 acres as
paragus, some pasture, large
house; lots‘of buildings, will
sell with or without tractor
and "other farm machinery. ,
Gas and oil‘ station, grocery
store, several cabins and a
four room house, several lots. ,
Have " a very fine home for
sale in Pasco. Also a fine pay
ing rooming house.
Very fine home,‘ hardwood
floors, fireplace, basement,
urnace, several-good cottages,
furnished, lots of land ._for
more cabins.
5 acres open land, very fine
corner location, $2,500.
The only exclusive Real Estate
office .in Kennewick.
Roxy The-tor Phone 2488
' . . Noun Public
Kennewick Wish.
FOR SALE: DeSoto motor in run
ning order. Will fit DeSoto car:
or Dodge pickup. Call at 5, Park
View Homes after 6 p.m. C. H.
Mace. . ' 18p
FOR SALE: A building 14 ft. x
16 ft. Can be remodeled into
living quarters. Six miles south
east, of Kennewick. J. M. Lucas,
Rt. No. 1. _ 18-20 c
FOR SALE: Yearling hens, good
‘ for laying or roasting. Jack
E. Taylor, lst house west of the
Bremmer camp on Kennewick
Ave. 18-20 p
FOR SALE: 1936 Plymouth
Coupe will be sold at Kenne
wick Community Auction Satur
day, August 10th, motor in good
condition, fair tires. 18p
FOR SALE: Cucumbers, 6c per
pound. Bring containers. N.
P. Nelson, Ave I, Kennewick, Rt.
2,18-20 p
C 91?” " 42.” 13’ 48.” Ree-e
Concrete 'Plpe Company, Kenne
wick. Phone 1041. slttc
sible party, the smml
Hall on Ave C, Kennewick. See
owner on premises. 161:!
Real Estate
Five rooms, full basement.
hard wood floors, pipe fur
nace. laundry trays, auto
matic hot water heater, built
in air conditioner, clothes
chute. fruit shelves for 800
jars. work bench. tool board,
many other conveniences. Has
white picket fence. good
lawn, garden with berries, etc.
Good start on trees, shrubs,
and roses. This house is for
sale by its original owner,
9 Monroe, Kennewick
' Phone 3676
Business of Your Own
In Kennewick
Air Conditioning
W Refriggration and
Insttruction, Male. Opportunity
for; men interested in going into
own business to be trained by
large school. Great need for men
to install and repair Refrigeration
and Air Conditioning equipment.
Excellent earning possibilties.
Traning will not interfere with
present. job. Mechanically inclin
ed meii invited to write for details
and Free “Qualification Chart
Test.” Utilities Inst. Box L, care
Courier-Reporter. 18p
’NOTICE: A new invention called
i the “Quick Heat” oil bin-ner
Ichanges your present heating or
mock stove into a modern, emcient
iand inexpensive heating unt. It
burns 24 hours on one gallon of
’cheap fuel oil without clogging.
Has a life-time guarantee and will
‘not wear out or burn out. Call or
write for free demonstration. F.
’O. Haviland, Distributor, Benton
City, Wash. 16-189
5 every occasion. ‘ Beautiful hand
painted designs. Boxed asserts
iments. Humomus or sentimental
:motiis. Birth announcements. En
}graved wedding invitations and
announcements. Henderson Oi-i
iflce Supply, Henderson 8; Brutzm
Iman, 306 Kennewick Ave. Phone!
‘We are now taking orders 10!"
‘ Portable Typewriters and Port
.able Adding Machines. Immediate
'delivery on some models. We re
pair all makes adding machlges.
typewriters, cash registers. ve
word at the Courier-Reporter or
205 West Yakima Avenue, Yaki
ma, Washington. “tic
lona-n PLUMBING &
vos gs
tron Fireman Coal Stoker:
Plumbing and Heating Bundles
us is: An. , Tel. 411
' . 12th:
FOR SALE: Large selection of
‘ Lucite, wooden. leather. leath
fine“: Mutation mallet! an:
tems. ve your pom!
made today at our modern audio.
Garrett Studio, new Pasco thea
ter building. Pasco. Wash. - Us
mammal): :
‘ AUGUST 1.58801! '
‘yAdamsSt. , mail:
. :Otflc
KENNEWICK Community.Aue
‘ tion—Sales every 811 m
mm Exchange. You
bdngitwesellit. A.C.Amu.
eer. Phoness’m. 16-181»!
FOR SALE: Personal property of]
the estate of Mrs. Zaida Durbin.‘
If interested contact me at the‘
Columbia Electric or address post;
card for appointment. J. H. Glad
ding, Adm., Kennewick, Wn. 20p
FOR SALE: Cabin 122:16. Builtin
cupboards and closets, in good
condition. In back of No. 50
Campbell’s Cabins. . John Kir
sten, Campbell's Cabins, Kenne
wick, Wash. 18-20 p
FOR SALE: Corn binder, silage
cutter, hay loader, dinette table,
4 chairs, circulating heater, small
icebox, 54' in.‘ baby bed, mattress.
Mrs. C. A. Mcalister, half mile
west Hedges depot. 18-20 p
For first class tilton apricots.
Bring your own containers.
You pick for 5c a pound. One
mile- south of Sunnyacres
Hatchery. L. W. Schmitt. 16p;
FOR SALE: Golden Jubilee‘
‘ peaches ready about July 2nd
at Boutelles’ ranch 1% miles SW,
of Kennewick, on the Highlalde}
Bring containers. Lee Boutelle.‘
phone 2266. -Kennewick 16-19;»;
FOR SALE: Apples, Red Astrakfi
ham, Early June, Gravenstein,
Jonathon, Bartlett pears. You
pick when ready. Phone 2356.
Mrs. L. H. Raymond, Avenue G,
Garden Tracts. 17-19 p
FOR SALE: Two canaries, 1 white‘
female $5, 1 yellow and black
singer sls. Call 1261 or 316 Washe
ington street. 19p
FOR SALE: Golden Beauty can
ning peaches at the Thrasher
place. Phone 2212. 'l'ch
Ready for occupation. five
'room house. hardwood floors.
fireplace, built-ins in the kit
chm. aubmatic hot water.
bath. garage with lax-gesture
room. Large corner lot with
trees and nice lawn; Owner
leaving town so may have
immediate possession.
New. one bedroom home in a
nice residential section. Has
a large kitchen with built-ins.
wired for electric stove. Util
ity room with laundry tubs.
automatic hot water. Large
lot. shrubs and some ' lawn.
Good five room house and
29 lots in Eltopia. Only 2
blocks from the school. There
is a quantity of material on
hand for improvements on
the house. 51800. There are
several chickens. some tur
keys. ducks, rabbits. a lamb.
hog. and good cow that can
be bought if desired.
23 acre farm. 10 acres of
com. 2 acres of cantaloupes.
2 acres of melons. 4 acres of
alfalfa. 55 young cherry tress.
Four room house with sleep
ing porch. Good irrigation
syStem. Close to the ditch.
2 wells with electric pump
pressure system. 2 hrooder
houses, barn, and chicken
house. 1500 turkeys with a
feed contract can be bought
if desired. Owner must leave
country due to health. Por
seosion can be immediate.
Miller & Campbell
551 Ave. C Phone 2701
1 new Remington KMC (Keyboard
Margin Control) typewriters. It
waiting r—an more. Reming
ton Rand Authorized agents. Hen
derson Oflee Supply. Henderson
{8; Brutzman. 306 Kennewick Ave.
Phone 4441. Mt:
‘FOR SALE: A money maker. 23
fertile acres. soil built up for
immune... Warm ......
miles southeast Kennewick. .No
:3? alone $033.32.:- brought
over $3,000. One-bal! mile west
of Hedges. McAlister. Route 1.
Kennewick. 1048 p
typewriters. adding machines,
printing calculators. Danonltra
torsondisplay. 60to90dayde
livery. Remington Rand Author
ized agents. Henderson Dulce
Supply. Henderson 8: Brumnan,
308 Kennewiek Ave. Phone 44411“
FOR SALE: Unable to continue
farming so win‘sell my 22% acne
farm. 5 acres asparagus. some
prune trees and Idiom. All
around under animation, »3W
right for mint or grapes, fourth:
mile west of Hedge: depot. R.‘
H. Perkins. ' ' 189‘
KENNEWICK Community Auc
tion—Sales every Samrday be
ginning at l p.m., across street
from Famers' Exchange. You
bring it,lwe sell it. A. C. Adan.
clerk; Merel P. Russell, Auction
eer. Phone 3576. 18-2lp
FOR SALE: Dry onions, lc'a
pound. You pick them. Bring
your own container. Two miles
west on Kmnewick Avenue and‘
half mile north. Leßoy Bowie;
FOR SALE: 22 ft. factory built
trailer house. Sleeps tour. all
builtin cupboards, radio, air
brakes. At Willow Trailer Camp.
see Mrs. Searles or call 3931. mm
Combination table and floor
model radios - phonographs.
Implement and Appliance Co.
Phone 1291 320 Ave. (is
FOR SALE: rectory-built 1m
gm “gem. ‘°° ....
m . :- amp 1
or tourists. Cost: $275.00 he“:
:Will sell for SIOO.OO. Gall attu
‘s p.lll at 813 Kennewick Ave. ‘
1 315th:
FOR SALE: Coleman gasoline
table top range. Four burners
and oven, S3O. Also two kitchen
tables, one $7 and one sl. C. GA
Skillin, Rt. No. 1. Three miles;
west of Richland, Wn. 18-20p‘
FOR SALE': Bartlet pears will
be ready August Bth. They are;
good large tree from worms. Also
tomatoes. Please bring container-a 1
No deliveries. Wm. Frazier. South‘
Highlands, Kennewick. lib-20;)i
F 911! SALE: Electric Hg; Warner-l
ants. thirty gallant. eon -
ectric Service 00.. Phone Pasco}
51. 141211
FOR SA‘letE: Mush-t We cut-1
“388; M" While they lilt-
Phone 183 W. Paco. evening...
FOR SALE: 22-foot. yard poles.
Neon 8; Electric Service Co.
Phone 51. Pasco. 1m
BY. m 1“! owner
acme? _
Beautiful t hree bedroom
hone on Kennewick Avenue.
Full basement, oil furnace,
75 ft. lot. Nicely and com
pletely furnished, SIO,OOO.
One of the best building sites
on the West Highlands. 3%
acres, with about an acre in
bearing fruit trees. Property
measures approximately 500
front feet by 300 feet deep,
Thirteen acres in diversified
crop with a five room house.
Electricity and pressure pumn
Smell family orchard. This
tract is near Hover and is for
sale for the exceptional price
of $2,100.
Two story single dwelling to
gether with duplex on same
property. Both units complete
ly furnished. Well located and
present income is $120.00 a
month. This is a good buy at
Ten acres in West Highlands
with partially completed base
ment. Good soil and with
grapes and asparagus, $5,000.
A couple of weeks ago we ad
vertised 20 good residential
lots. These are fine building
sites and are selling rapidly.
They are large lots. some
measuring up to 50 by 180 ft.
and priced at $450.
31 acres with 8 acres of new
grapes and balance open land.
Good location and excellent
soil. Small modern house and
some buildings. SB,OOO.
Me & Spauldinfifllgnc.
1m Agents and
Real Estate loans. Representing
First Federal Sailings and
Loan Go.
FOR SALE: Gentle pony. 5 years
old. 700 lbs. Light and heavy
chicken fencing, 12 it and 14 ft.
‘outside feeder nd 2% hp Stove
engine, 6 RPM. Phone 2718.
, 8.18-ch
JUST ARRIVED: Parker Pens at
$8.75; Parker Sets. $12.75. Get
yours now at Buy Rite Drug, 19
Kennewick Ave. 17-19 c
FOR SALE: 22-foot. yard poles.
Neon 8: Electric Service Go.
Phone 51. Pasco. 17t1c
FOR SALE: Misc. furniture. 520
Avenue A. Kl'mc
FOR SALE: Electric motor, 2 h.p.,
3 phase. Completely overhauled.
new bearings. Call 111. 18p
NOTICE: 1 will not be responsible
> for debts incurred by anyone
other than myself. Tom Agap
suwia. . 18p
Phone 707—cPasco
Garbage Semce‘
John Dietrich, Mgr. é
Rabbi-h, Dirt, etc. Removed‘
from Buildings and Yard: on‘
Short Notice.
We Serve Others Well,
Why Not You?
1513 a. any Pasco. Wash.
S & K
Drilling Co.
Qrilling Water Wells
Curtis Court, Rt. No. 2
Kennewick, Wn.
Phone Kennewick 1453
hand operated
will! 1190
an and 0i1........812.50 on.
' m remnant.
fin-proof“! covers.
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Art Carpenter
Kunowlck Phono 2288
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