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Phone news to Kennewick 2442 before Wednesday noon
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hulet with
Mrs. Hulet’s sister, Mrs. Gertrude
Gedney of Burbank .went to Cash
mere Saturday. They attended
the wedding of Mrs. Hulet's son
Willis Taylor and Miss Elizabeth
Tertsagian. Lowell and Daphne
Drug Bargains
Electric Heating $4.50
G. E. Electric; ' $7.95
Heaters, 1000 W.
A. C. or D. C. Current
Hot Water Bottle $1.19
B b H t W te
Bitt’l’esfMillzr r 690
Vacagen Oral Coldsl .35
Serum Tablets . . ,
20 Tablets (one immunization)
D lC Id
nglileso . . . . . . 49¢
flicKesson Aspirin Tab
t .
2(03f0r 490
35 V' k’ .
Vafpollciu: 270
75 ST. 37 :
50futi0n....... 590:
For Sore Throat: :
SI.OO I -Phedr' l
Nose ISJorops . .m 7503
60 c T ° ’
thuglfeg-yrESDm 48°
Buy-Bile Drug
Co. .
10 Kennewick ave.
W. B. ARNOLD. Manager
and Registered Dmggier
. . . the talked about home [reezer .
S .
u h M I I . 9:)!”
‘ l ‘ 4I .V V’ .
M '- " .- ‘
w .= - w a
<€° ' 3* ._ .' ";~
in ~ i ' - - A - ~ 1 .. f «‘«s
gfik 7>7-- f '1'?" 2' li‘i": - ‘3‘: -I1 .. I's i' -- .a.
- “ ' ~ .- g.
‘ w s -' ~ - . . .2 mm?"
< 3WI; " M; m}; , fig.»
*2“ $6 ' . M «atztmfiey
:2 ' ” ~‘- :.éts‘i‘“ #122; 5&4,“qu -"2 -f :'-"".: .3“ 3*fix
, Ws§~fi
Why you need a Home Freezer: va you need the Deepfreeze:
Shop less often (only when convenient and It's the leader—the home freon! file! are
on nice days.) talking about—.the one With the most ex
perience with thousands of units already
Save .money on tood. Have better food in happy operation. .
(through top-of-the-market quality bought Beautiful. distinctive round design. '1'!” 3°“
at bottom-of—the-tnafket prices). aces round and round. The food :3 com
. - ‘ inletely "wrapped" with cold. Food never
No more monotony in leftovers. more than nine inche(s {30,339.3th :1 ctofi
‘ Just the right capacity over 1c ee
3"" 9"“ mm“ ““”M’dly' double unit and every we}! storage space).
no You mg in advance. Opens at the top. Cold gan't_sptll out and cause
Pill! mm If m 1.“ minute. circulation of want 8!! which (hits out
food. . .
I! In mm 3101'. freedom ’Ol YOU a better Minimum amount of defrosting ("we I your
way of lite. is usually enough.)
. - 4
Taylor returned with tern Sunday
evening. Miss Daphne will be
home two weeks before returning
to the University of Oregon Med
ial school _ofAnursing at E’ortland:
Rev. Carl 0. Beiderweiden and
wife from Vancouver, B. C., were
over Sunday guests of Kennewick
friends. The Rev. Beiderweiden
preached two sermons at the an
nual mission festival at the Beth
lehem Lutheran church. 'This is
his first visit since leavng at the
age of nine years, when his family
moved to Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Sisung
brought their tiny daughter home
from the Pasco hospital last Sat
urday. Susan Marie weighed 2
lbs. 6 oz. when she was born, July
27 and was kept in an incubator
many weeks. She now weighs 5
lbs. 2 oz.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor Jr.
and two children of Long Beach,
Wash., were recent guests at the
F; A. English home. Mrs. Taylor
is 3 niece .0! MI; English- _
Mr. and Mrs. M. Gibbs from Sa
lem, Mo., came Saturday to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bean. They
left Thursday, returning home by
way of Colorado and Arizona.
Mrs. Frank Mills and Mrs. W.
A. Moraine motored with Mr. and
ers. Fred Mills on a business trip
to Prosser Monday.
Miss Elizabeth Lynn returned
Tuesday from Seattle and South
Bend, Wash., where she visited at
her brother’s home. ‘
. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Blott and in
ilant son from Kalispel, Mont., and
Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Edge and
daughter. of John Day, Oregon, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H.
White. Mrs. Edge and Mrs. Blott
are daughters of the Whites.
Mrs. Ethel DuSair with her son
Bobby leave Saturday for Connell
to visit her daughter, Mrs. Warren
Johnson. She plans to go from
there to San Bemadino, Calif.,
where she has bought property
and where they will make their
Miss Ceoria Motter, supervisor
at the Albany, Oregon telephone
exchange, was visiting this week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Matter. ‘
Miss Nellie Beckett from Port
land is visiting this week with
Mrs. G. W. Sherk and Mr. and
‘Mrs. E. S. McDonald. On Wed
mesday the McDonalds, with their
guest and Mrs. R. Q. Macmahon
were picnicking at Langdon Lake
and called on the Carl Deflen
baughs in College Place.
Mrs. E. S. McDonald, assisted:
by Mrs. R. Q. Macmahon and Mrs.’
M. Desgranges, will entertain the
Sojourne'rs cub of Pasco and Ken
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Winkenwer
der left Tuesday night to visit in
Dakota. Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Alma Circle OBS meets with
Mrs. John Wallace in Richland
next Monday for a dessert lynch
eon. -
Mrs. Harley Peter returned re
cently from a visit with her
daughter, Mrs. Prater Hague and
family in Seattle. The Hague:
are moving to Ellensburg.
Dr. C. H. Momingstar of Minne
apolis is a guest this week at the
A. J. Thompson home. Dr. Mom
ingstar is a faculty member of the
School of Medicine at the Univer
sit_y_ of Mjnpesotg. _ _ _
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Green vis
ited Mr. Green’s brother in Al
bany last week end. They also
visited in Portland and at the Har—
ry Linn home in Oswego, Ore.
Carole Louise Grove of Spokane
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. J.
Thompson and attending school in
Kennewick during the time her
parents, Dr. and Mrs. Grove are
on an eastern trip.
On Sunday, Sept. 25 Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Siegfried, Mr. and Mrs.
C. C. Williams and Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Amon celebrated their 37th
wedding anniversaries by having
dinner together at Hotel Pasco.
The Siegfrieds were married in
Kirksville, MO. The Williams andi
Amons were married in Kenne
.wick at a double ceremony. Mrs.‘
\Williams and Mr. _Amon are broth-l
‘er and sister.
. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Otte and
son Michael accompanied by Alice
Pasche of Spokane, spent a weeks
vacation at Honeymoon Bay.
Lorenz Neuman was a Thurs
day night dinner guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Otte.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Given 0!
Morrison, 111., arrived Saturday
evening for an extended visit in
the home of their daughter and
i 2: husband, Mr. and Mrs. Alson
Mr. and Mrs. Burce have been
Visiting at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Shangh
nessy. Mrs. Bruce is the former
Betty Shaughnessy. They will
leave for San Bemadino, Calif.,
on September 25, where Mr. Bruce
wi_ll_ repor§_fg d_u_ty in _the aptly:
Mrs. R. H. Perkins returned Fri
day from an extended visit with
her daughter and family, Mr. and
Mrs.. C. F. Ebsworth, the former
Barbara Perkins, in Cleveland, 0.
l’A son, Charles Frederick Jr., was
>born Aug. 17 to the Ebsworths.
‘ Douglas Jones went to Spokane
'Attention Union Labor
Those Barber Shop: are 08-
PAIR to Barbers Local Union
Oliver's Barber Shop. Kenn.
Armstrong Barber Shop. Rona.
Bill's Barber Shop. Kenn.
Paid Union Adv.
m MICK mum-mourn
Wednesday to enroll at Gonuga
Mrs. Clara Bartpn from Dodge
City, Kansas, is making her home‘
with Mrs. M. S. Kinkaid. Mrs.
Barton is the mother of Loyd
Hammitt of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whipple
came by air from Orofino, Idaho,
to spend the week end with Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Drew. ‘
Jack Morehouse arrived last
Tuesday from his separation cen
ter, Fort Lewis, to join his wife
and small daughter, who are living
here. He served in Korea.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Faulds are
parents of a son born Sept. 14 at
the Pasco hospital.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Britton, a daughter, on Sept. 13,
at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital
in Pasco. .
Mr. and Mrs. 6 Cheyne of
Grandview and Mrs. Bertha Bald
win of Sunnyside were guests at
the Dr. Benjamin home Thursday
of last week.
Fourth circle WSCS will meet
Tuaday, Sept. 24 at the home of
Jean Campbell, 8 p.m.’ Eunice Os
walt, Lois Ford assisting.‘ Note
change of date—Tuesday, Sept. 24.
Auto Grills _
Sealed Beam Adapters
Body Solder ,
Floor Mats front & rear
Thermostats, full line
Seat Covers
A. 0. “Sandy“ SAND
348 Ave. C. Phone 1296
I ‘ in“ FL 'ce ” Minnow: datum hall: 1
3 SB PROD“ (9)} 2 L; «l vegetable: on m u»!
’_\/ ' v 0
1 W F 3‘} _2 f? 1 Fancy Canlaloupe
[s4s ‘ Golden, thick- meated sweet
1 L 1... ”7:"! , I Hearts of .Gold. Safes- 4
‘g(\s‘§°l€\l§.3.;§\§ ’ way’s low price. Lb. ... .. 0
£..---.:- .‘.-II _AIOIIE s%S_‘R\\\N\Avohasa\ . \ 2 Green Be . lb. 12:
: anhlell': .9." E” I- ‘ I Garden fresh tender young moan banal
IIH , .
a with [all produce it Crisp Celery . 'lh. 56
3. .‘:?nfitfli‘fihmrgmdfifii‘v’x 5 LAST CALL FOR FINEST “mm, .:.... m “.1... M m
: tablviis._'l‘hns beet‘aoup may-ewes- : -P h ad L m lb 1
:"' ‘ ""’°“° ”°‘" - Cannmg eac es ea e ea c
: aussmc aoaaell : . a a
E 2 Lg::l:'l:ee:tbeef ; 2:113:31: M E 2??” .‘:d 30%;. ‘ghwrm Loo. heads. young. tender. wall-trimmed
. 2V; taps. salt cup! 0 Y a price . .
E Leer;- 323;; 2 3.131.123? reel! E Cannmg Tomatoes an 16 lb. flats! Green Peppers Ih. k
: yflzflle-sgnbeetas gagam, 5 B ARTIEE‘E‘T EEbélEfls, box 339 Stuff and bake for a really tasty dill!
I ‘juice ""3““ . In large ! - apps 8
5 “’°'”,, , E 111111: 111.111'11 W 219 5.“:‘321‘323119133
' mm r , d h ' ar . .
E anteriozai quatdrzf'Strain: mean. E
s.Kfik'éfitpfifl'ififéfi‘fignlrfifi 5 ~FI 5; mu. 111 l cannuqo sol-pun A'l’ sumac amen:
: beets and .lemon juice. on green . - I 119:“: > 7 .- 1
4 1.1111111111113121311133 i ('2 2711?: 1 ”New 54 FE um y mm: um 7‘l“. 1
Y beets. Cook 15 minutes longer. Add a - ' '. '~ _.7
; s . o -- , u - - - - poem
e:1111‘1111°:'::§:E::p:df°15 maymmmm, mm. ~
plain sour eream on on sur ace. . _ 1 '1! p
' rin ew: se . 6. al- MI ' ‘ ,
5 wghpztmuifm s"m “'1 m ,/L. ”K
: 31mm" you hgve lemvg'ffg: E BLEACH % Ga'a 21¢ . Inseam
I toss it up an serve agaan . '
: way. . HISKIES ___.S-lb. *
a 500‘!" PI!" I “III“. 111-I In m.
= WWI::..W :1 1111.11.11... E ......
= HE [£s 55.: W 11...
1 tsp. sa .
E Mix squash pulp, melted shortening. : 1 "I'm“. 14... a w ... m a
I salt, pepper, cinnamon. sugar. and I A" ' ”Ll-Ml 4h
' sli ht] beaten egg. Bake in well- :
9mm: BUTTER ; 21: 1.1 "’1... #
. (450° .)2 to mm: .1 a " I . .
a 1" g
I CIFIBII‘E D' . “Imam ‘
111111111111” 1 [MAKER BATS g. 23, m” ......151121:
I” .
: 111-, d. : Ila sun. as.
' O Givin o Hollowe'en Porly‘! : , .
5 3,39 1030;, We?“ ‘11:“; E um: um: mus, dad we}: 2: will! ..--mm!— 3*
I a owe’en or tea, ddrefl'l ”Slums m w PAID. m
: lowe‘en Parties, and Hollow-fen Party : m” . kg- It
5 geggfgngggemegm-g: Ima mu. lan Inn. ty.—«oz. n: ”5 :W"
101:1 1111111111111: 5: up
. ~ n anmsco . ma. . q I n
1...--.-.--"--..----.-----2""" | 604 RANUED my: 75 V?
m. 651: ’
EGGS-'- °"M m. Leg o'Lamb lb 48: LAMB STEW
- - '.- ' ° Fresh Lean
..,: nual" 3‘ 3 Grade a lamb. Grade u legs. 15. 50c Grade A c
BEER“ "m" ' " lamb lb
9 Lamb Roasts, lb. 42: and; Lawn: 25c . .
OFFEE 113%“ I'- 3 ‘ 31mm!" “I“ 2! man Spring lamb! . i
B , 1 Lamb Bib Chops 55c ‘ :
'4‘ w: GragerhopmGradoMchopalbfle nodxing
- .1 , 1 $3 a
1 /,1 ..:-11".. Slicedflahhullh. 511 SALMON ,
‘(i‘ ./ M Page: alieaa of halibut mun: Fresh 48c 4
, , m.,... fillet of Sole. lb. 45: 81105.1».
~ 1"“ Tender anon. mm W '
no aALaa to cause: Palaaa can ':luhy. wfl "’
I n |
W.S.C.S. District
M ' S 25
eehng cpl.
The local W.S.C.S. will be host
ess to the district meeting on Sepw
tember 25 and 26. The Locust
Grove Ladies Club will have
charge of the luncheon and the
banquets. '
Program for the two days will
be as follows:
Wednesday. Sept. 25
9-10 Registration and Executive
10-11 Quiet Hour—Mrs Jahn.
11-12:30 Organization, Introduc
tions and Welcomes and Re
sponses. Kennewick will
have a welcome.
12:30-lz30 Lunch.
1:30-1:45 Hymn, prayer and the
presentation of Life Mem
1:45-2:30 Missionary Education
demonstrations—Mrs. Hag
erdorn, Mrs. MacDermott.
and Miss Corner.
2:30-2:40 Recess.
2:40-3-10 Business.
3:10-3:30 Report Demonstration
and time for questions. Mrs.
Wm. Clem.
I ' “in 0
a BIG wars 1
OCT. 3-4 and 5
—ln Persoy—
and his cm sucxnas I
.1... 1
and his ORCHESTRA f
3:304:00 Dunonstntion of Chil
dren's Work. Mrs. Hoibmok.
0:00-7:30 Banquet—Fromm by
Richland WSCS.
8:00-9:00 Miss Conner will speak
on her experiences in India.
This talk will be held in the
Methodist church auditor
:ium and is open to the pub
Thursday. Sept. 8
9:00-9:15 Devotions.
9:15-10:30 Dunonstrations of
Christian Social Relations,
Mrs. Kliphardt and Mrs.
10:30-10:40 Recess.
10:40-11:10 Miss Corner will ans
wer questions on India and
tell us what we would like
to know.-
11:10-12 Business and election
of officers.
12-1:30 Lunch: Mrs. Williams
will be the speaker on
Parts and
Sales and Rentals
" Phone 816
9 Ave. C West

1:30—2:00 Instanauon W
tt‘ f h
3%: ‘°“ ° “mm.
FREE mom“
“Christians in the
Crucible” ‘
of 23%;?” tzzmg~
artholen mu. Com. “I!
waghic story of . a“.
Rep. of Watch 10'2“
23 mm 1n... 3%
Water Heaters
53:2. mizzezzmm:
321°21‘33“" grow cold . ..'..:
w “
Pvmmodiu: Mm ‘
Bunch - anign‘

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