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Flight Training
Course Approved
, Commercial flight training and
flight training leading to instruct
or’s ratings began this week at
the Twin City Airport. Thirty
iive student pilots have enrolled
to take the training under the G.
1. Bill of Rights.
The opening of the flight train
ing center climaxesveleven months
of negotiations, Johnny Sawyers,
of the Twin City Airport said. The
school has now been approved by
the State Board of Education, the
CAA, and the Veterans Adminis
In addition to Sawyers, Walt
Belter, Paul Duncan and Gerald
Loranger . will instruct- student
flyers. First students will be Bob
Jackson of Kennewick, and Chas.
Brewer and Ray Hossack of Rich
The commercial license is the
highest granted to flyers, Sawyers
noted today. One hundred sixty
hours are necessary to qualify, 25
of which must be night cross coun
try range flying. And additional
40 hours of flying time must be
logged to qualify for the instruct—
or’srating. - .
Students throughout the area
surrounding Kennewick will be at—
tracted to the school, Sawyers
predicted. Other schools offering
similar instruction are located at
Spokane, Walla Walla and Pros
Mrs. M. M. Moulton entertained
the Kennewick Bridge club Wed
nesday afternoon. Two tables of
bridge were .played with Mrs.
Howard Whitbeck holding high
Insured Up In $5.000
Liberal Earnings
We' invite you to open an account, large or
small. For further information write to
12 So. 2nd Ave., Walla Walla, Wash.
INLAND l'llllNl'l'llllE CO.
Custom Builders of Upholstered Furniture
ammua comm
Rebuilding, Restyling and Recovering Service
_ nu. ma: sinner names
1517 Woe: Kennewiek Avenue (Roar)
“m. Service The: W.
x» - '
, O 0
land Title Registration .
' Not Adapted to United States
Whenthefirst eEortsweremadeto adapt
the Torrens Plan of land title registration to
our American recording system, many per
i ; sons thought it would simplify titles. They
: believed that by its use a transaction in real
‘ property would become as simple and in
expensive as the purchase of an article of
2 personal Property.
. The basic reason for the failure of the
' Torrens Plan in the United States has been
that it does not fit into the system of record
. 1 ing transactions in land titles. ' ,
: Common complaints against it are: .
i No originaleertificateisgoodunless based
upon an expensive judicial proceeding, with
- duenoticetoallpartieshavinganyinterestin
the land.
Fraud in thesecuringofthe certificate in
. valid?” it. protecn‘ against claims of
t oes not ’ve 'on ‘ '
parties in 8‘ 'n or other oE-record risks,
as is done B: title policies.
After a few transactions, a Torrens certifi
' atebeeomesasoomplicatedasanabstractand
requires a lawyer’s interpretation. '
Making the Torrens System compulsory
would force people to use an expensive and
oostlymethodwhichtheyhavebeenun- ’
willing to use voluntarily. The people would
whether they had occasion to use it or not.
- nfpfifi'mfis‘ssfirfififigs 33:: I’3:
' ‘s’L‘iJJ 13.,‘g’3a1mm '° °"' "m" "”5“ “ ‘o’
‘. V Capital $1,350,000 .
3. W. F. LUHMAN. Manager
Presser Phone 3245
“Del-ad Ills Best-It Costs’ No More”
The Merry Blue Birds had their
Christmas Party December 19 at
the home of Mrs. Gail Mclntosh,
assisted by Mrs. Edora Lewis. We
recited poems and had a gift ex
change. Mrs. Carlson, a guest, told
us a story of “There Is No Room.”
We were served ice cream made
in the form of a Santa Claus.
Saturday night, December 21,
our Blue Bird group went Christ
mas Caroling, accompanied by
Mrs. Jones, a campfire leader, and
two girls from her group.
Gail Mueller, Scribe.
Joyful Blue Birds met at the
home of their leader; Mrs. Safford
on Thursday, January 2. There
were eight members present. Of
ficers were elected for the com
ing year. The girls told what they
got for Christmas.
Barba Bleichner, Scribe.
Troop 27 held their regular
meeting last Tuesday night in, the
old Elementary School house.
There were 18 Scouts present
and they had a series of relays. .
Just after Christmas Mr. Colyer
the Scoutmaster and three Scouts
Roland Denny, Philip and Norman
Vorvick went on a 3-day canoe
trip. They started at Kiona and
camped on islands. 0n the third
day they paddled down to Clover
island where the trip ended. Nor—
man Vorvick, Scribe.
Double Amputee Devises Sports Aids
Wilhed G. Holsbetg, contact notesentotitre in the lotion VA Regional Office,
refuses to pennit his double leg amputation to intaiere with his love lot sports.
He is shown above on the golf come conlpleiing a change out on the ad
justable golf club he devised. On the tight Holsherg exhibits the winning
aids he pedected to mvide buoyancy an propuk‘".
Method Described to Test Lighfing
In Home: With Exposure Meier
If you have access to a photo
electric light meter, such as the
exposure meters used by many.
amateur photographers, you can‘
check the illumination in your‘
home to see if you're getting
enough light. .
Good lighting is an invaluable
way to protect your priceless pair
of eyes, according to Edwin L.
Rupport. head of the Environmen
tal Sanitation Section of the State
Health Department. Good light
is especially important, he said,
since today we sometimes “chain
our eyes down to small print
stitches and other exacting work
with only 1/1000 as much as out
door daylight.”
‘ The first step is to check the in'
struction manual to see that the
meter’s scale reads in foot candles.
The_rnost _popula'r meters do.
‘ “Place the meter wherever you
wish to check the illumination.”
Ruppert said “Turn the photo
electric cell toward the source of
normal light, and read the scale
The reading will be the number
of foot--candles of light”
The following standards have
been adopted by the State Health
Department for adequate illumin
ation: Rooms where fine detail
work is done, such as sewing or
drafting, should be illuminated by
‘at least 25 foot candles Reading
land general working areas. such
as the kitchen, should have at
\least 16 foot candles.
Rooms not used for studying
or detailed work require six foot
Mrs. Inez Cox is a patient at the
night. Her daughter and husband
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pooher came
from Glenwood, Wash. Sunday,
expecting to take Mrs. 'Cox home
with them for a visit and found
she was ill and in the hospital.
Her granddaughter and husband,
Mr. and Mrs. Russell 'Sprague of
Huntington Park, Calif., also came
Sunday for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Doyle are
parents of a 7%-lb. daughter,
born Dec. 27 at Lourdes hospital
in Pasco. The little lady has been
named Sharon Colleen.
The Finley Grange will hold its
regular meeting at 8 o'clock Fri
day evening, January 10. Kiona-
Benton Grange will give the pro
gram. We hope to have a good
Mrs. Louiza Seltzer was born
June 8, 1858, in Canada and came
to the United States when she was
seven years old. She moved to
Kennewick a year and a half ago
making her home with her son
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Selt
zer at 205 Howard Ave. She took
sick Sunday morning and passed
away Tuesday, Jan. 7, at her son’
home at the age of 88.
Surviving her are her son H. A.
Seltzer of Kennewick, two grand
children and two great grand
Funeral services and interment
will be in Tacoma.
/,7{‘.7',. ,
:1“ you SERRYWG
V’h Mogfssuotfl
‘§ , NOW-A—DAYS '
-lodl¢ol Payne-h; Ironc
flon hr 01.- 01 well on
yours." It vlfclly Impah
9.09. Add“ 90 your FARM
cosh Cor only I kw can
a wool. Call.—
Dist. Mgr.
Inter INSURANCE Ex'fiang
NON 115555534815 pouc
candles, while corridors, stairs and
passages need four foot-candles.
Ruppert said
George Washington University
was chartered by Congress in 1821
under the name of “The College
in the District of Columbia.”
George Rogers Clark was the!
first white man to visit the site of I
the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, hav-i
ing done so in 1780.
The total number of federal em»
ployees under Civil Service during
the administration of Rutherford
B. Hayes, was about 3,500.
3 ~ The late Champ Clark. former
‘speaker of the House of Congress,
bag: first elected to congress in
100.000 Conceal Gap. Plush New Available
Hurserymen s Exchange
For Immedlale Delivery
Something DIFFERENT in Bath Tubs
\ L Large and Small Sizes ‘
i , Showers Sinks Lavatories
‘ All Beautifully Chrome Trimmed
No down payment required Terms to suit ‘
your convenience. .
Phone 981 319 Kennewick Ave.
’ 3056 a '
It's Budge! Time Again .. . -
the best. That’s what you do when you
use our service. RAY-D-ANT KLEEN
is not cheaper, it’s better.
\\\ll l//// .
“:3" I M -—-—‘
H"; a d/fl/“M' IR‘
Phone 3971 - Owens Bldg.
10th Is Deadline For
1947 License Plates
(Continued from Page 1)
plates, and no further documents
are necessary. However, if the ve
hicle has changed ownership. its
present owner must present hi
title also. Owners of out-ot-state
cars must present both their reg
istration certificate. if the state
that last licenesed their car issued
cerificates, and their title. In ad
dition, their cars must be inspect
ed by the Washington Sate Patrol
before new license plates can be
issued." .
Sgt. Geer cautioned that out
of-state motorists are expected to
get their new plates before the eu
piration of the 10-day extension,
just a Washington motorists must
do. “We are not going to make
any exceptions for out-of-state
owners," he said.
The Kennewick Needle club met
Fiday with Mrs. O. W. Eagles and
elected officers for the coming
year as follows: Mrs. Ida Stone.
president; Mrs. E. A. Linn. vice
president; Mrs. Reuben Gest, sec
retary and Mrs. Jenny Elledge.
treasurer. Mrs. William Blair is
the retiring paident. The club
was oganized 38 years ago on the
first Friday in January 1909 with
a membership of 25. Mrs. E. R.
Carnahan. one of the charter
group, is still an active member.
Pob Mason. who redeived his
discharge recently in San Diego,
returned to his family Wednesday
after serving four years in the Pa
cific aea. Wednesday evening
Evelyn Bowker and Kenneth
Schmidt were hosts at a skating
party in celebration of Bob's
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith went
to Spokane the first of the week
where Mr. Smith underwent a
major operation at the Sacred
Heart hospital on Wednesday. Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Liebel, grandpar
ents. are staying with the Smith
children while their parents are
Syt. Gerald Mowery called his
parents from Seattle to say he is
receiving his discharge and will
be home soon after serving one
year in Korea. -
New officers of the Kennewick
Active club will be installed at a
Saturday evening in the Recrea
-Ition hall at Park View Homes. A
‘brief entertainment will be pre
‘sented during the dinner. The
{program-dance will be informal.
Optometrist Opens New
Office in Walla Walla
Dr. Bryon Friedman, optome
trist. announces the opening of his
new office in Walla Walla Jan. 4.
The location is 22 West Main St.
The interior has been com
pletely remodeled and the front
months. or as soon as all the ma
terials and labor are available.
Dr. Friedman has installed a
large amount of the latest eye-ex
amining and diagnostic equipment
in his new quarters.
The new resident moved -here
from Klamath Falls. where he has
been for several years. He began
his practice eight years ago and
has been in Washington and Ore
gon since. ’
He received his education at the
University of Washington and at
the Northern Illinois College of
Optometry in Chicago.
Dr. Friedman’s wife and two
sons have joined him here and
glaeay $335" purchase: a honvive at
First treet. alla
Rev. and Mrs. John Finkbeiner
had rather an eventful time dur
ing the holiday season. They and
the children went to Okanogan to
spend Christmas with Mrs. Fink
benner’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. B.
E. Gregory and her sister, Miriam
Gregory who had come from Chi
cagoonavisit. Onarrivingthey
found her tether ill and on the
following day took him to a hos
pital in Spokane where he under
went surgery on Tuesday and is
nowontheroadtoreeovery. Re
turning home the day after New
Years they discovered their house
flooded. Evidently the water in
zen and thawed. creating a leak
that spouted to the ceiling. For
tunately the water had gotten into
the bathroom and bedroom only.
The Highlands Grange Auxiliary
meets with Mrs. Frank Lampoon
on Tuesday. January it.
. I I (-
, 9‘
I R“: $73 32:. 3, 5
' «c 3 3 "" f.
:0": R“;- (A; 3 ‘3"
35” «EEW'J ’-
Q: 3133
'a “hat” .5’ .-
"§§:f‘{:i 3
(Lg-7;: 3", ‘ .
u, a(a f... j?" 5‘ , . "
u ; 33 ‘ ‘
I I , ”(Q3 3: '3 “ ~ .
/ \"3‘53; 3 1 ' 5r '
:mgV”: 3 1.3? is
. :gfizfiiggi - ‘
’3.“ “(I .-
qu #33:;f /
.. {l3:3}: 23;: : c , f
...-.2 :2" -
. - 1- '~ i
ggggx. 2;; BIG NEWS
' ‘ for
' Just Arrived!
It’s cotton time thg year around 2.80
Rel 'h llect' ” 'thf h
bfighwtggmgotheselgggg Er Migessesi
Jumors, omen! "
on sturdy 811936118 in ~- ’° 33;»2312355 ' é..."
. ~ 3 $3» _' J ,g
Thursday, January 9. I.“
Farm Labor Meeting to
Be Hgld Ngxt Monday
The Benton-Franklin Farm I‘,
bar Association meeting: win he
held Monday afternoon at 2 o'.
clock. Paul R. Spechko, Emery.
ency Farm Labor Ottice assis
announced today. urging thaw
interested farmers attended.
Continued cold weather du
the past several weeks has red-:2
ed activity in the farm operation.
Spechko said. although some my.
pruning has been underway. with
a break in the weather. pru
will begin in earnest. he said. 33
for farm labor during recent m
have been few, he noted.
Kennewick Rainbow Am”,
66 at their meeting on Friday avg.
ning held a Majority Service for
twelve of their members. no“.
lar oflleers of the term gave the
degree to Patsy Moulton. who u
now attending Whitman collqu,
Pat Sonnenberg and Wilma Gav.
enslud attending the Univenlg
of Washington, Erma Pratt Miller,
Dorothy Ann Reed Scott. Joyce
Peter Hicks. June Notman Mam,
Rebecca Liston Ritter. Mary Bmm.
Lewis, Mary Soper Robinson, Ra
mona Neilson Murray who am
married members from Kenne
wick and Barbara Perkins Ebe
worth from Toledo. Ohio. The
meeting was open to the publk
with many friends present. Fol
lowing the meeitng was a social
hour when Ruth Simmelink and
Jean Osborne. former members,
served refreshments from an at
tractive table decorated with
greenery and lighted tapers. The
next meeting will be held on Jan.
13 with iniation and election 0!
Do Butlers Change (ii
Watch this space for tumm-

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