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W, January 9. 1947
Nurses to Elect
officers Jan. 14
Election of officers of Washing
ton State Nurses Association, Dis
trict 15, will take place at the reg
ular meeting to be held January
14 at the Nurses h_om‘e of Our La
dy of Lourdes hospital at 7:30 p.m.
All those whose applications
m complete and have been ac
aepted prior to the opening of the
meeting Will be able to exercise
gun powers as active members.
.The year 1947, officers of the
association state, promises to be
an eventful one, particularly for
District 15,, one of the most active
dbtricts in the association.
Noting the advantages that ac.
crue to nurses from membership
in the American NurSes Associa
tion, and through participation
in state and district activities, of
ficials of the organization stressed
that retired nurses ,will be wel
coined into the work now going
forward. ' a
Not only the wisdom and ex-.
perience of the retired nurses re-1
commend them to membership,l
but they often times have more‘
leisure than active nurses and can 1
give time to the development of
educational and profssional stand-;
ards. l
Retired nurses officials say will’
find an intensely interesting so-.
cial and educational program
awaiting them in the coming year.
New Strickler Motors
Construction Started .
Construction was underway this
week on a new building at 9 First
Avenue, East that will house the
Strickler Motors repair shop. Cost
of the 60 by 115 foot structure is
estimated at $22,000.
“We have set up a temporary
shop in our old building,” W. H.
Strickler said today,” and we will
have it open for business Monday
with all of our old mechanical
force on the job.”
.The old building, recently des
troyed by fire, is to be completely
razed as soon as the new repair
shop is ready, Strickler said. With
the excavation complete and the
forms set, it is hoped that con
struction can be pushed to permit
occupancy of the repair shop by
March 15. ~ ‘
A completely new building, 60
by 115 feet in dimension, is to go
up on the site of the burned
garage. Work will be started as
soon as weather conditions are
favorable. It will house the office,
the parts room, and the display
room, Strickler explained.
I January 22-23-24 I
' LET mm SEE 'l’ln mum
. EVERY Mother should bring Her
older Daughters— EVERY Father
should bring his Sans!
Glmsgrggaualous 'o'“
g“ f ‘ 1‘ ONLY
-MD M I u
, _ , mm.
4} .v . ".‘ ,:r ; . 0|“, at
New flOLLYWOOD Releasa 9P. "-
On Stage ln Person
Fadio's Fsamau Hyaena Wamelalr '
Ev .1 311214:'EMOBMW'ES-‘rf‘
; fiI/oy 7172/:
= l’fe-Iférfimfi?
'- may 00’6/1“,
\’ , .
~ }
, ‘l. ‘k ‘ ~
“ ‘ O\\ | g
r‘ a ' - - .
’46 l‘ x l -
' >2. L .“ oa- \-
: [gt “”3 I
Same fine quality as be- g
3 fore the war .. . 100%
3 American grain. Same *
fine flavor, too, from 2;;
‘ l 7 imported ingredients. g
a, Try it soon! .:g
2 41'5 Quart $2.77 Code N 0.37“: :3
5g Pluslo% war liquor tax 4
so Pm! q,
i; Distilled from 100% Grainllautnlsm ,2
iii. mu: anomms msmualues lllc- _2
Miss Nancy Lee Lindsey became the bride of Marion Prank
Markham at a lovely wedding in the home of the groom's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Markham of Kennewick. The bride is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lindsey of LaGrandy. The re
ception that followed the double ring ceremony was held at the
Markham home. (Day Studio Photo)
ACA Committeemen And
Officials Attend Meet
make recommendatxons in con
nection with the many federal
farm programs that they are call
ed upon to administer.
Typical of the practices that are
actually put into effect by farmer
committeemen in their own local
ities are two announced this week
by A. J. Thompson, chairman of
the Benton County ACA.
“This year,” Thompson said,
“Benton county has a special soil
building practice that has been se
ilected by the county committee.
It is to encourage the use of com
mercial nitrogen on legumes, cov
‘er crops or mulching materials.
The rate of payment is 6c per lb.
of available nitrogen, but not more
than $1.50 per acre. To qualify
for payment, when used on as
paragus mulch in 1947, the nitro
gen must be applied and the re
ceipts in the office by March 15th.”
The other is a new practice, in
troduced for the wheat areas of
Washingtonr Twenty-five cents
per acre will be paid for the cul
tivation of small grain stubble
after harvest. Fifty per cent or
more of the stubble must be left
on the surface. The practice will
be effective, Thompson said, in
conserving soil moisture as well
as checking wind erosion.
Mr. and Mrs. John Egger, of
Spokane, are the proud parents of
a baby boy, born Jan. 3.
The young man was named Wal
ter John and weighed in at 7 lbs.
4 oz.
The Kennewick grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowen.
Mrs. Eggers will be remembered
as “Millie” or “Our Girl Friday”
who used to work in the office of
the Courier-Reporter. '
Washing Machine and'Oil Stove Repairing.
Phqne 1941 —22 Benton St., Kennewick .
All Work Guaranteed Pro. Pickup and Delivery Sonic.
nomv nnsxunm
Thursday. Jan. 16'
é5% (“I High School
C‘ IHA ‘ I
of,” 5;» Cm ‘ “Y“!
~ L.
”‘ smnM
‘ . Jack Moore’s Trained
if? '\ Donkeys
- -7 ’lB ~ vs.
Local Business Men
Preliminary—7 :00 p.m.
81 Ma. Harmon Wilcox
Phone news to Kennewick 1239
before Wednesday
Mr. Lloyd Michener and son.
Roy, returned home from Port
Angeles, where she was called by
the illness of her mother, Mrs.
Frank Roberson.
Dean and Clifford Judd return
ed to their homes Friday from a
two weeks’ visit in Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Montague
and daughter Alice were dinner
guests Sunday at the L. Martin
home in Finley.
Mrs. Clifford Judd and sons
spent Monday and Tuesday at the
A. E. Mclntyre home in Kenne-
Mrs. Orval Butterfield called at
the home of Mas. Nellie Britton on
The Benefit Club will meet, at
the home of Mrs. Carl Evans on
Wednesday, January 15. The pro
ject will be prang work.
Austin Schubert of Finley called
at the Dean Judd home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stinnett had
as their guest Mr. Stinnett’s bro
thg-kof Walla Walla visiting last
w . - »
Mrs. Edna Mills and son Harlan
Evere Walla Walla visitors Mon
a_y: _ _'_ _ -- __ - _
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Skaggs and
children left last week for Ansted,
West Virginia to live.
Mrs. Clifford Judd, Mr. and Mrs.
George Bafus, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Nunn, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Nelson,
Mrs. C. Butterfield and son, Dar
rel, and Tom Lawton were guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Har
mon Wilcox New Year’s Eve. The
gccasion was Mr. Wilcox’s birth
The area of the state of New
York is 49,170 square miles.
It you are having trouble get.
ting soap these days or paying
higher prices for it when you can
get it, you should have a talk with
your grandmother. She knew how‘
to make her own soap like you
know how to make pancakes and‘
without much bother. 1
But if she doesn't remember,l
here is just about the way she
made it and the way you can make‘
it today at the cost of a cent or two
acake Allyouneedisacanof
good quality lye, such as Lewis’
Eagle, American Indian Head or
Dixie ,which you can get at your
corner grocery store, and six lbs.
of clean grease, lard or tallow.
‘ Slowly empty the contents of
‘the lye can into two and a halt
pints of cold water in an enamel
ware or iron vessel (never use al
uminum ware.) Stir until the lye
is dissolved. It will heat up. Then
let it cool to room temperature
(about 70 degrees).
Then melt six. pounds of fat and
let it cool sufllciently so that you
can hold you hand in it (about 100
degrees) or until'the fat offers re
sistance.to a spoon Add the cool
ed Lve solution to the grease in a
small. steady stream. with slow,
even stirring. Pouding in the lye
too fast or stirring too vigorously
is apt to cause a separation of in
Continue the stirring until the
mixture becomes too thick and
syrupy ,then pour it into a mold.
A wooden or heavy cardboard box
lined with a damp cloth is best.
Cover this with a blanket or car
net and let it set in a warm room
for several days, then cut it up
into the size cakes you want. Age
10 days to two weeks.
One important thing—your fats
must be clean. Salt and other
impurities can be removed by
boiling the grease in water in
skimming it 01! the top after it
cools The soap you get from this
recipe will be suitable for toilet,
dish washing or laundry use. If
desired, it can be perfumed or col
ored. This mixture makes about
nine pounds of soap.
Ice skating parties are in order
every night this week as shallow
ponds have frozen over for the
first’ time in five years. Favorite;
stretches of ice are found at the‘
mouth of the Yakima river, at‘
Hanson’s pond in East Kennewick
and at what is known as Elliott's
lake south of town at the foot of
the hills.
'l‘ h e Kennewick Recreation
Commission will hold its regular
meeting Monday evening at 8
o’clockat the Recreation Hall at
Park View Homes. The meeting
will be open to the public.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington in and for Benton County
CATHERINE V. POLICE. Plaintiff. vs.
The State of Washington to the said
Victor Frank Polich. Defendant.
You are hereby summoned to appear
within sixty days after the date of the
first publication of this summons. to-wit:
within sixty days after the 9th day of
January. 1947. and defend the above en
titled action in the above entitled Court.
and answer the complaint of the plain
tiff and serve a copy of your answer upon
the undersigned attorneys for plaintiff. at
their office below stated: and in case of
your failure so to do judgment will be
rendered against you according to the
demand of the complaint which has been
filed with the Clerk of said Court.
The object of the action is to secure
a decree of divorce of the parties.
Moulton and Powell and Thomas B. Gees.
Attorneys for Plaintiff. Office and P. 0.
Address. Kennewick. Benton County. Wash
ington. 1 :9-2 :13
In the Superior Court of the State of
Washington. ,in and for Benton County.
J. E. JONES. Deceased.
No. 2562
ters of Administration on the Estate of
J. E. Jones. deceased. were granted to the
undersigned on the 30th day of December,
1946. by the said Superior Court.
All persons having claims against said
estate are required to serve them with the
necessary vouchers upon me at the office
of Moulton & Powell. Kennewick. Wash
ington. within six months after the rate of
the first publication of this notice. to-wit:
within six- months after the 9th day of
January. 1947. and file the same with the
Clerk of the above entitled Court. together
with proof of such service or they shall he
forever barred.
Dated at Kennewick. Washington. this
9th day of January. 1947.
ALTA E. DILLON. Administratrix
. mom 8. GESS. Ber Attorneys
THOIAS B. 6388
Attorneys for Administratrix
Kennewick. Washington. 1.9 a.”
SAT. andSllN. Jan. 1142
..;:.-3T-;';' (0' \H} 3"” - .20. ‘'- ¥ I‘ I ‘ vi. 9? i:
- M. 7 DfiiißLE- AND MORE!
I. ' '
- ADVENTURE! Chapter No. 2
w FOREST” 1n
gl, .\ "S of
x.%% W" , on rm:
w: , . nu“ sunnnsmu"
'3 Ell-I0"
"’ «-:v7'*“‘+%..93?§ ‘ fl’r‘l
3?» I" ”Q N ‘5
L;j¢i;"” (- RED RYDER
(ff-S3IK, "-v ‘ m
$333 WM
«xv - ’.':
‘¢—! WW 5?
157.5“ ‘' ‘ s‘. ..e“ . - i“-
Royal Neighbors Plan
Combined Installation
The Ideal Camp 5322 of the
Royal Neighbors of America will
hold a joint installation of offi
cers with the Pasco Camp in the
Kennewick Masonic building on
January 24.
The new officers that will be
installed are:
Oracle, Lucille Kisick; Vise
Oracle. Leota Stairs; Past Oracle.
Olive Olbrich; Recorder, Marietta
Dague; Aeceiver. Barbara Black
burn; Chancellor, Bertha Lewis;
Marshall, Nellie Britton; Assistant
Marshall, Mary Wallace; Inner
Sentenel. Eleanore Saiford; Outer
Sentenel, Bertha Foraker; Mana
ger, Jeanette Persinger; Physi
cians, Dr. deßit and Dr. Shirey;
lag Bearer, Anna Struve; Drill
Captain, Freda Brodbeck; Juvenile
Director, Jean Anderson;‘Juvenile
Assistant, Annabelle Britton;
Faith, Jeanett Persinger; Courage,
Jean Anderson; Modesty, Garnet
Wheeler; Unselfishness, Martha
Jansen; Endurance. Annabelle
SOLE owner:
The partnership, under which
the P and M Shoe store has oper
ated since its opening in Kenne
wick, has been dissolved. G. W.
“Tex" Parmely, who will be em
ployed at the Hanford Engineer
ing Works, has disposed of his in
terest in the 'firm to his partner.
Joe Mylar of Pasco. Mylar will
henceforth be in personal charge
of the Kennewick store.
56¢ ? ‘ ‘
«~66 £0551?!” I'3;
W " "
/»p,Lflw2R sump
\ 62%- Ia 56
> 17 «cum (MADE
only one. a you"
T u ssv “x
Wind 8. Weather lotion
u. m. silken lotion once and
£011“ nevertbc witOhou; it!
mmwamm' a”
a I make-up b".-
8 swumom
mu ¢
‘ ..
u ' .
”343% _ ame
.3? ms:
1"“ 3?,1'13133.‘
|\l!.!!/ ammonium
Buy-Bile Drug
[I Ken-0M 5'.-
w. a. mama. mm
“a 3mm! omm
Ed Botsford and wife and son
wene afternoon visitors at the O.
0. Com home last week. Mr; Bots.
fond and Mr. Conn homesteaded
in Franklin county, Mr. Coan in‘
1902 ad Mr. Bouford one mile
west in 1903. Mr. Botdord still
—Shows Continuous Sat. and Sun. from 1 p.m.——
I'll! .- SAT. Jan. 10-11
A Dynamic Story of a Strange
...».1. _‘ A STAR-LADEN HIT
'i -. w . LU c I LLE BALL
.I' 432‘ The DARK
-' tr": “ "gig;
.»‘:" 1.3:. CO R" E R
It has that Rhnmba Rythms and Samba Swing!
Des: Arnaz and Inns orchestra
S“. " no". Jano [2.13
That Langhafle Loveahle Scamp Wins His Spurs!
3% .T. ~ U; BADME N,
._ m: uTT , ‘. .
I'm . "a.” I .' v lA.; 2;:ffg“
J.. ' s
3a..“ 111-II 11111 . 111111 IIIIEIEI
\\ 'Wmm -~
” ‘ !~ ' News :Cartoon : Novelty
MSI'WEDI'TMI Jano 14-15'16
l I I
'1! s a Rare Occasion
lonflly ”command I film without lubiocang Maui! to con
pictun. Endurudngthhmuwmodme
I'o WED.“ It I such! Icmntng. I‘m pout!" of your unani
Paar ”can count ammuu' casrma
commons meow:
mean. mam
- 111 I! coal-II:
van Jamal. ll'rm mums. mam: ms nu!
Loam am
flood I Say um?
cum: mamas. Mgr. am Theatre.”
COMEDY... _.
fig“ Mi: _,
I , “ W 5&3; T 7
a; \1 A“ 3 “‘3 ..
‘ * 23W“ ... ifiggfi'w‘ “S . a“
easy '
'0 ' lon 1111 . Y
owns his homm' but the hu
ny is living in Yakima.
mum AMI“?
Finley Grange Auxiliary wm
sponaor a party given at Grange
hall Sunday. Jan. 12 at 2:30 pm.
Everyone invited.

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