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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, March 20, 1947, Image 11

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March 20, 1947
:'.Wanted ' ' '
r - .
d obs of any land.
WW j 50-52-c
Lad for hght house
WW innd cogpanion for elderly
lady G°°d ”marina WE??? 509
' 11 St. one . -
WW B-51-c
'Wwashmg and ironing
adoat my home. Mrs. M. A.
m zoo-4th Ave. E., Cor. Beech
”a 4th Ave. 51-1 p
“TED: Owners for shoes left
'10;- ”pair at the Shoe Hospital.
11 you have lost your txcket come
in and identify your shoes. 51c
v’“ aragus pickers
wmd 131‘. Good field.
wOAve. 34 mile N. W. 5111’
m: Woman for house work
Wu C. 0. Day, 717 quumbia
A”, Hone 2036, Kennewmk. 11
main“ , have. room for both hus-
Mild and wxfe. 50’529
I used gas ranges.
'fi‘mggdbréfigmtor. Bgtane
'“‘ “'"'" 681309;: F4931l
O. ne .
My. 838 Col. V so“
If 7
Wm: Housekeeper to take
. .mpute charge of home. my
”'13.: go home Dish“. Sam:-
M “more Write Cour
wm ce, Box L 126. 9
_ ___—_i
'”‘-m : am to do good
Wm log celaning once week
. Wtiteßox 1, care of Courier-
Mo . V C'50'526
' Am: Custom tractor work.
3,... am, a. L. Durbin. 4341
Wm; Adding Machine in
w °r emblem?”-
er- .
Write, Box 2. , 50.52;)
All'l'lD-I'O BUY: Used turni-
Wm Phone 3757 _ 2741.
WAM‘ID _“ Salesman, 25 to 35,
married. Preferenceto ex G. I.
A W training course. Start
at 3200 a month. Work in Pasco-
Xennewick area. Write Box z-s,
c/o erier~Reporter giving back
ground. Salas experience not an
absolute necessity. 50—52-1
:UUFor Rent U 2 U
4193 RENT—S room furnished
home including washing ma
~ chine and vacuum cleaner. In
Garden tracts. Will be vacant
about April 1. Can be seen
Sundu. March 23 at 813 North
Harland. Owner, Mrs. R. E.
Boldt 1320 Malian, Riichland. 514}
mu RENT—Duplex, close in, un-i
furnished with hot and cold
water and circulating oil heater
furnished. Apartment, furnished
furnace heated close in. Suitable
for married couple without ‘chils
drcn orlpcts. 116 Benton. Street.
Phone 49]. 51'9‘
FOR RENT—Sleeping room -
warm, comfortable close in. 29‘
‘ Second Ave. E. Phone 3847. ‘
ron ram—Furnished 3 room;
cabin. Back .of Bremmersw
Prank Gillard. 51-9;
ma RENT: Post hole digger; nts'
raid-Ferguson; Kizer Road, one
mnemth on Washington St. lst‘
Mutton south side of road.
’Jdln B. Stelzel. ' " 50-52 p;
”rm-cam "...“:
u op
‘ Gambia Market on the hi we
in Kennewick. ' ‘ gh tile
. FOR RENT—Sleeping room, close
in. men preferred. 201 First
Ave., Kennewick. 50-529
! ! Lost and Found 1 U
LOST—Small Ladies Bulova wrist
watch with snake like band.
Blind. Call Richland IZOI-W. "
IDS'r—Gold Shaffer life time
ll: Kennewick business ding:
name Diantha Randal on it.
Sim Please return to Randal
Mic. Suitable reward offered.
10614:? Fi‘rla‘l‘sssaplat Pomona
MSG ey. ease return
to ma L. Keller Rte. 1. ' sl-p
! ! Miscellaneous U U
’ Lawn Mower grinding. Bicycle
& and reconditioning. Parts
fanatics. Rube's Cycle
h shop. Ave. C‘ W, Phone 816. 36“
1: EARL LODGE, will not be re
Wattle .tor. .any‘ debts in
am“ 9y Mary v. Lodge after
'l. 1947. Signed Earl
WK , 49-51 p
chfla'and‘ Long Distance” Haul
. “‘3. mowing, packing and crat
a? "g ébinning. Richland Trans
-2160 - 13.0119 Kennewick _942. Pasco
K ' ' 50tfc
Wow Complete
' “811 mg machine repairs and
Sarvice, by 'factory-trained me
ws.” .all makes of washers.
‘nue, Ph‘onrilelgféidlmc" on the ave
\- ' EC
WILL YOU still have a
$133; tfie next wind
. a
on. use for tree
Phone Pasco 1123 4st:
15 day (1 very
14 Adams St. Phone 34102“:
'washing machine" repairs "and
service by factory-trained me
'chanics. For all makes of wash-
ers. Bunch Finnigan, inc: dififie
avenue. Phone 4801. tic
F 938 I‘II¥)I“}C§A'I.‘ING‘;I aim-ming
.? 8e c .mnk m‘. -
ceased operators. Phone Keane
wick 3488 or 2216. A. A. Chilton.
LOCAL and Long Distance Haul
ing: B&N Transfer, 416 West 3
St., Pasco. Phone Pasco 1051 or
Kennewick 3011. 50th
Pipe Val Gdcio‘ftflnss
, ves an
Iron Fireman Coal Stoakers
Plumbing and Heating Supplies
115 lst Ave. Talia?
‘ c
ehrubs, roses, evergreens, com
plete assortment. Send hr he
catalog. special prices to commer
cial planters. Benedict Nursery
Co., 735 Ni. 87th Ave., Portland
18. Oregon (Since 1890) ‘ 2m
Oillcial service station for ‘
‘ Amreican Bosch, Iseman, Wico, 1
Fairbanks-Morse and
Edison Splitdort 1
: Caterpilar and IHC 1
‘ No Battery Generators 1
‘l4 No. Auburn Phone 881
3. . " 45R
’ work. No‘ waiting. Weohavel
some fine prewar leather in stock.
Ournewly remodeled shop is log;
eated just "south of the Rani
theatre. ' “ tat!
' I N l I! R A I c; ‘
Autos. tire, life. liability; ‘
‘ Harold K. Riggins Agency ‘
Office in Penney Building ‘
Phones: Offices“ -—.Rss. 82:,
LOCAL and Long Distance Hank!
ing: B&N Transfer, 416 West 3‘
St., Pasco. Phone Pasco 1051 or
Kennewick 3706. 50th
R. Vitek, 432 Columbia Ave!
Tel. 4936, Kennewick. 407 mm
m- ‘
We have a few rolls of 45 lb.
and 55 lb. roofing paper. Farm-‘
ers Exchange, Kennewick, ngh.
KENNEWICK Community ~ Auc
tion Sales every Saturday be
ginning at 12 noon, across street
from Farmers Exchange. You
bring it, we sell it. A. C. Amon.
clerk; Merel P. Russell, auction
eer. Phone 3576. 49-51 p
makes typewriters and adding
machines. Prompt service. Pick
up and delivery. Henderson 01-
tice Supply, Henderson &‘ 3th
man, 306 Kennewick Ave. Phone
4441. . lat:
East Lewis Street and Elm
Pasco, Washington - ’
paper towels. towel dispensers,
soap dispensers, powdered soap,
wastebaskets, seat covers. tissue.
son 8: Brahman. 304 Kennewick3
Ave. Phone 4441. 221:1
...... m ' 1
Heavy Duck
1 Also Down-filled and Wool
-1 filled Sleeping.” .
1 Twin City Surplus Store
i 346 Ave. C Phone 2:21-
FOR SALE—6% acre farm 5 room
modern house basement and
garage, barn, packing, shed,
chicken house, 21 fruit trees. 2
acres asparagus, 4 acres culti
.vated land 1 mile west Benton
‘City cemetery. R. C. Bozone, Box
C 40, Benton Gity, Wash. 51-1-1)
FOR SALE—6 It. heavy duty side
mounted mower for ford—
‘Ferguson, also 5 ft. Swather.
‘Down River Road. Dan E. Ger
‘ber. . 51-1-1)
MARCH 24, 500 White Leghorn
cockerels at Sunnyacres. Phone
4761. _ 51-c
FOR SALE—Several tracts of land
to be set out in fruit mes and
grapes. Nun-man’s Exchange.
W. B. Saunders. phone 1887. River
Road. Htfr
FOR SALE: Wood and Coal Kit
chen Range, white. Just like
new - Pre-war manufacture. See
at 600 Ave. E. or Phone 2277.
3-13, 3-20, 3-27
FOR SALE: 5-room house on ten
acres, close in, $3,750. Phone
11x4 Kennewick. 50-529
FOR SALE—Saddlé horse, 3 yr.
old. Inquire third house east of
Bridge View In. -- W-50—ttc
[v.B . complete
FOR SALE—Comle line of
kitchen sinks, priced from $12.50
up. Kennewick Plumbing and
Heating Co., 319 Kennewick Ave.
Phone 981. tic.
FOR SALE—Let us figure your
cooking, heating and refrigera
tion for your home. Butane Gas
2965.1 333 Columbia Ave. Phone
FOR SALE—B acres 1% mile from
Hover small House good well
Hen house. Call 2866. 48-11)
FOR SALE: By owner 4-bed
room house, double plumbing.
hardwood floors, venetiaoblinds.
full basement, double garage. 118
Adams, Kennewick. k-50-52-c
FOR SALE: One asparagus cart
, in soda condition. One single
harness, nearly new. 800 feet of
2-inch black iron pipe. Lee Bout
elle, Phone Kennewick 2266.
FOR SALE—Automatic electric
water heaters. 30, 40,50 and 66
gal. sizes, $69.50 and up. Kenne
wick Plumbing and casting. 319
Kennewick Avenue. Phone 931.
- e.
Also Matreeses, Bunk Beds
and Steel Folding Cote
Twin City Surplus Store
346 Ave. C Phone 2901
' 51-c
FOR SALE Tomatoe, pepper
and other plfnts. . Go out Kenn.
Ave. and turn south one block of
Twin City Golf course behind
Peterson: Carpenter Hill on the
alley. Ray H. Baker. Call after
5:30. ' 51-1 p
? Bette Austin
* Phone 4361
' 49-51 p
FOR SALE—AII kinds fruit trees
at reasonable prices. no order
too lazfle or too small. The Tuala
tin V ey Nurseries are reliable.
See Dan E. Gerber. down river
road for pmblnpt service.
With Flexible Spout I
$1.19 .
Twin City Surplus Store
348 Ave. C _ Phone.ng
\FOR SALE—6 it. hea du side
mounted Mower :3 Fdryd
Ferguson, also 5 it. Swather. Down
river road. Dan E. Gerber.

FOR SALE: ’4l Plymouth, z-door
sedAn, good condition, clean job,
radio and heater, new seat covers,
good tires, $1175. Phone 1467-W,
Richland. b-50-51-c
“18, $2 each; steel drums, $4.
Kennewick Bakery. - 32 th:
FOR SALE: Awnings,- Store and
Resident. Made to order. Stripe
and. white canvas, texts, heavy
tarps sleepinxg cots in stock. Ralph
Morris. 216 . 10th, Pasco. Phone
266-.1. so-tfe
FOR SALE: At Campbell’s custom
Cannery. Mixed lots of fruits
and vegetables,- while they last,
getting ready for the 1947 run. Can
1182 for further information 51c
FOR SALE: 25 Acres, 20 acres
irrigated, 4 room house, barn,
chicken house, concrete cave, al
falfa, asparagus, family orchard,
some mg, berries. Possession
at once. one 3049, Kennewick,
J. M. Locus. 511-529
FOR SALE: Two bedroom home,
full basement, furnished or un
furnished. 18 Adams St. Phone
337. m-Go-tt
1:03 SALE: Lam hem and try
ers. Kennewick South High
lands. Theo Abken. ID
FOR SALE: Two story homo, 5
‘ rooms downstah'a, 2 opts. .up
stairs. Two sets of plumbing. Also
‘a 2-car garage. 55x14!) lot. 123
‘Third Ave. East, eKnnewick. tele
phone 1172. 51-19
iron SALE? 1941 Chev. business
couge. Motor in good condition,
Snow Ave., Richland. Price 31050..
The most complete line of flow
Farmers Exchange, Kennewick.
Wash- 51-1-c
CANVAS. co'rs
From. $2.95 to $3.95
_ ' Army and Navy Stock
Twin City Surplus Store
346 Ave. C Phone 2991
FOR SALE—Fence pickets—any
size. Washington St. Mill. 116
Wash. St. 51-2-1)
FOR SALE—Fence pickets—any
size. Washington St. Mill. 116
Wash. St. 51-2-p
FOR SALE—lrrigation plugs 96
inch and 1 inch. Washington
Street Mill. 116 Wash. St.
FOR SALE—A nice lot of Gonna
Bulbs. 8. J. Campbell. 201
Wash. St., Kennewick. 51-1-1:
Very fine four bedroom house
with dinette, living room,
rooms in attic, nicely furnish
ed full basement, furnace,
tul'as, heater, air conditioned,
double garage, fine location.
Large home in Pasco, base
ment opts” fine location, large
lots. House has hardwood
' floog furnace, fireplace. tur
nish . i
5 acres, five room ‘house, other
buildings, good well, electric
' pump, lots of nice shade, some
peaches, cats, $3,500.
Furnished home, two bed
rooms, full basement, furnace,
:30ng sized lots, furnished,
' I
'New 3 bed room house, fine
location, hardwood floors, full
basement, garage.
Can occupy now: New home,
gag: ”5' din tte, 111193 an
rooms, e
room, kitchen. nice bath
equipment, (all basunenh.
fiery fine furnace. air condi
tnoned, SB,OOO, terms.
5 acres in cherries, grapes, as
paragus, all concrete iped.
Good sized house, hath-fights,
water, garage, chicken house,
fine location on school bus,
mail route.
34 acme, some asparagus, alt
alfa. pasture, six room house,
baseman, barn. garage, chick
en house. tractor and all
equipment, $15,000.
Averytineso acreflmnwith
tine couns home and lots of
other mpg. pep
permint, asparagus, (me pas
ture, near in. -
14 acres, grapes, cherries. alt- i
alta, peaches, nice country ‘
home, ots of other buildings. 1
Fine sporting goods sto do- 1
ing tine business. finenioca- ‘
. tion, long lease on building. \
low rent. Will sell at inven- .
tom- 1
Aparment house, 30 rooms {
1% heat, several . ‘
tine lots, income proper- w
ty- -.
Grocery store, new concrete
block buildgigga living quarters
. in rear, refrigeration,
fissures, groceries.
Have some good business lots.
also residence lots.
Have buyers for 5 and 10 acre
tracts. .
All kinds of listings in my ot
., iice. ' .
The only exclusive Real in»:
V. _, office in Kennewick.
Roxy Theater hone ass
Notary Public
Kennewick Wash.
FOR SALE—lrrigation plus: 9‘
- inch and 1 inch. Washington
Street Mill. 116 Wash. St.
FOR SALE—I 4 it. Covered Wa
gon trailer house 8400. A. Whit
School. _ 51-p
FOR SALE—Fine quality Butt
walnut bureau with large mir
ror. Solid mahogany Victorian
curio shelf. An old Victorian
rocker. A silver tea service; also
misc. articlesleGM Thaycr Drive
or phone 365- , Richland.
. ’ ‘ ~ 3-50.514:
FOR SALE: _Hgt Point Electric
Range, wood, an coal glass
fruit jars. Phone 1932, amne
wick. d49-51-c
FOR SALE: belie“, cedard siding.
Best num one gra per
pectly clear. Plenty of itePhone
2681; 49-51-c
model. one .14-tube console.
Both ingo‘od condition. John;
H. Stebel. Kincr'Road. sozszp‘
y F‘-_———_—
LFOR' SALE: European and con
? cord grape plants. Phone 19x2.
William Gerber. 40-51-p
FOR SALE: Two bedroom home.
Nearly new, finished basement.
Many improvanents. Phone 3651.
. s-ttc
FOR SALE: ' 20' factory built
trailer house. good conditio
deg). tour. 1 block south 3!
Go Course Road. Lloyd Mount.
- - Mlop
FOR SALE: By owner, 12% acre
farm, newly remodeledbz bed
room modern house. dou le gar
age with '2 storage rooms. New
utility building 12:20 with base
ment. 200 capacity chicken house,
broader house All buildings new
ly painted. 4 acres asparagus. 3
acres alfalfa, rest in rye. New
lawn. Call Kennewick 2578.
50-52 p
Sunnyacres New Hampshires
Baby Chicks—Starter Chicks
two-three-four weeks old.
Now is the time to order baby
or starter chicks. 10% re
duction on all poultry equip
Phone 4761 51-ttc
wmim: gig? PANTS ’
Ideal for cooks, bakers, hos- .
' pital attendants or garden
Twin City Surplus Store
346 Ave. C Phone 2:21
Real Estate
gen acrg farm 5 miles from
fiasco. Three beddrogm house
. very good con on, com
pletely furnished with very
good furniture, including elec
tric range and refrigerator.
300 laying hens and 500
broilers. Nearly new tractor
and all machinery necessary
to handle this farm. 6 ton of
hay, cow and calf. 1 acre of as
paragus, 2% acres alfalfa, 2
acres grapes. $9,000.
fl, acrehaltvviaytoY.Modern
house. $5,000.
35 acres 7 miles outs room
house, 3 begrooms. flaw:
asparagus, acres 0 .
Will consxder some trade.
22 acres 4% miles from Rich
land. Very good 2 bed room
house. £ls acres grrigatad. 7
acres 0 pasture, asparagus.
Some furniture. 2 horses, S
cows, 100 laying hens, all ma
8% acres 5 miles from Rich
land. 4 room house and 3 room
cottage. Barn and other out
buildings. $5,000.
4 room house near the Y, with
cottage. ”.000, half cash.
15 acres 12 miles out. Very
good 6 room modern house. 2
I large hen houses. Dairy barn.
new cement block pump house
garage, 1% acres asparagus.
5 acres alfalfa. Balance blue
grass pasture. $0,500.
3 bed room house in Kenne
wick. 150 foot frontage on Col
umbia hiway. Garden space.
garage and other buildings.
Large modern 3 bedroom
house in Pasco. Three room
apartment in basement. Com.
3:” ”sfidi‘s.“ “$.33
very pe. '
consider trade on small tam
close in to Kennewick.
102 Avenue G East
Kennewick Phone 2020
1‘01! SALE—IO36 Chev, 1% ton
truck. good shape, good rubber.
Harry Ford. Rmte l, Kennewick.
FOR SALE: Typrewriter. excel
lent condition. Write Box 2.
”LL—___— W W‘
One Gal. Army Surplus 1
$5.09 1
Twm' City Surplus Store ‘
340 Ave. C Phone 2901
FOR SALE—Furmsh' ed house. lot
603110 Possession at once. 115
Third Ave. West. (11-51 p
FOR SALE: 1031 Buick Sedan.
Good condigan, ginger paint and
upholstery. . Chfi.
Phone 3049, Kennewick, J.
2“_°“‘*_________. “‘”’
FOR SALE: Blackca plan‘ best
varieties. V. Op .Humh'pm
Corner Frazier and Bartlett
on Highlands. Phone 3400. One
after 5 p. m. .50sz
3113838 STAMPS to order to:
umoses. Endorsemen
paid, si‘g’niture and numbering
stamps. Deters. printing sets.
stencils, stamp pads and. inks in
Sawfly”. 31% 8: Minna:
3 a kennewick Avenue. Phone
4441. 228
FOR SALE—Wood. in 2 cord loads
at $lO per cord. deliva'ed. —ln
quire Ken Gray, box 182. Pasco.
FOR SALE: Three room house
with furniture located at the
edge of Kennewick near Knob
Hill at $2200.00. For particulars
call Russel R. Ridenour Real Es
tate Specialist. Pasco. film :75.
100 ,N. sth St. 37th:
ron SALE—IO42 Packard Clip
per 8 radio, ' heater, and
overdrive. Good- condition. Phone
Kenn. 2722 between 0:00 and 5:00.
FOR SALE: 10 Acres. modern 0-
room turniahed house. 2 ehickm
houses with 300 laying has. 500
broilers. some asparagus. grapes.
alfalfa ahd pashine. cow and call.
John Deere tractor and equip
ment. 'Water under hm J.
}s. Dishman, Burbank. Pasco
11024-1. . . 50—52-p.
It will pay you to use Vigor on
your lawn, on your flowers and
on your m We have a good
supply. ers Exchange, Ken
newick. Wash. 51-1 c
'l-‘O3 SALE: insignia {Vestal
view perty e
Canetargm on besgranges Road.
)Beautilul view of the valley.
@IOOO. See or call John Vibber at
iVibber's Renal! Drug Co., Phone
721. 504!
Cloth and Leather
$7.48 to $18.38
Twin City Surplus Store
340 Ave. C Phone 2991
1035 A“: Several 5 acre tracts.
Ea has irrigation water and a
well. Located 3% miles west of
Pasco on m River Road. Ex
cellent sites. or inter
mtion call Platt Ballaine & Sada
phone 3731. 3
FOR SALE—Complete line of
Commetoo Water Fall Irrigation
systems. Proven to increase pro~
duction 25% per acre. Kenne
wick Plumbing and Heating Co.,
310 Kennewick Ave. Phone 001.
FOR SALE—2S laying Rhoda ll
lnnd hens. 82.00 uch. Phone
2477, Kannada. 51.9
issue“. 119 mm. mug. New
in fe (lay:e gnu! post card
a w
with name and addm and
our repreuumflve will all.
909 Riverside Spokane, Wasgi 2
iron SALE—Io tube Gena-o!
Electric console radio 8 wave
‘band. Excellent condition. Rich
mond, 16221 or 1507 knell Line.”
FOR SALE—I93S Studebuher Dic
-Itator Sedan. All new rubber.
Performs fine. We: by Ken
inewick Valley Grange Kan. SH:
FOR SALE—SV: It. Norse elec
tric net. can see at 504 Wright
Ave., “and. Sl-p
‘ SALE—my in C.
Maximum, 121 Date 3.3%....
1191?. aux-p
FOR any t the
ranges on e
3.3?» Gas Co., :83 00W
Ave., Kennewick. Phone 081.
l TRUCK naps
WatavafooLATHdew-pm’odf and
mo . one.
mm“. a... m... m... ,
Size 23:38 at “be a foot.
14:21—63?” 10380-44580 ‘
“xii—Bßß.4o 18128—06730
m cm Surplus sm‘
846 Ave. C Phone Ml
23, 30mm Rodeo com
6 miles west of W .
“m. mam Wm“ 31:;
FOB SALE—Tenn meme. hey
mu. Phone Kane
wiok 1748. up
. Him
2| Will!!!“
' —Write—
. Sunnyside, WWI!
anamhmmamum— . 96
» —numwnhwmduyum
saint-mum .
mgvmlcx’ ‘ , - *mntm
J g\ g
, 1 Q, 1
\Kfltga 349 W
‘_. ‘ " - .
—' JV /
1,15 , /
' V Q \, w” a; «I
V’ 1‘
MO ‘ W
{mmfimgmfly \\\v
Minna. It'll ”Wam.m?y K;
mm‘fizfia'fmywe'm "
hop-dent. ~
The Courier-Reporter
will not accept Classi
fied Advertising over
the telephone except
an open account has
been established.
6. l.
m. and ‘
Spoiling. Inc.
211 M Amie
PHONE 1231 «

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