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Wm Willi ‘
Know - How
Will Blue-Ribbons
The 4-H’ers and adults with thel
know-how of keeping fruits and
vegetables in good condition from‘
the time they're picked, dug, or‘
pulled until they go on display
at the fair are the one: who usual
ly land in the blue-ribbon group.
That’s the opinion, at least, of
John' Snyder. extension hoftlcul
turist of the State College of
Washington. .
Most people, Snyder says, know}
the importance of selecting vege
tables of the same general size
and shape. They also know the
color, shape and size should be
typical of the variety. Form, size,
uniformity, and color, are impor
tant, of course. And each one ac
counts for from 15 to 20 points on
the judging score card.
In any fruit or vegetable exhi
bit, however, condition is usually
given the highest single score on
the card. For most exhibits, con
dition counts 25 to 39 points.
“Eb—nvdi t i o n, Snyder explains, I
means the fruit or vegetable must}
be in the “pink”. It shouldn’t 'bei
wilted or too ripe or too green.‘
And it should be firm and freew
from bruises or blemishes.
For people wishing to make a
pbrfect score on the “condition”
of their fair exhibits, Snyder;
passes along the following pointw
ers: _ ‘
Harvest your fruits and vegea
tables carefully. Pick the fruit‘
so there are no bruises, and dig‘
Wm-) 1
Action Every Minute 1
OAgricuuural Exhibits ‘
i OLivesiock Exhibits 3
Ofiollywood Sm: ‘
03 Big Parades ;
Chi: Show 1
KEN NE wlcx
senlo 18 ' 19 " Z“
‘"P‘R!S..DON',T IN'C'L‘UD" TOREK'Wk-G E.R-|L'L2.’T
“132131532923" K .
:.-;:;:;;:;:;:f‘sj:é3%f?" ’ , ~
~ ‘ § Breayßlack Sheers
‘ 7 ' i this -
' m
I 6 Here’s proof that high-style ‘
,1 I fix» ’2; . and good taste can be yours
’“(**§”“” ~ for little money! Fine black
f sheers with double tiers, pep
" 1 . " lums, side drapes . . . some
. ‘ _-:.~= frosted with white organdie
_ ;;i ~ touches . . . some with rayon
I satin applique. Misses’ sizes.
- \ Many others to choose
.. ; from
» 4.98 to 10.90
" “is , 5 .:.Z'
unms , A
. x ‘:2
. e‘l/ikifii;
Novelty ex ’ ’
“11' lm' '
9|“? Q,
All the latest styles, colors I ‘1
and fabrics for fall (1 ~ 4G’
winter an v
' 2.98 '
Advance fall profile beret in
black and new colors. ‘a,
A beauty with stitched exten- @I, '
sion soles. 41/2 to 10. ;\_/j,/ r
GAYMODE' 45-34061! 115 43/ 7
‘ I
lull-fashioned sheer, clear ny-_ /
,1, '
O. K. Wilbur !
[I Was IMB
Life has been difficultin the
KCR offices this week. A slight
jbreeze which passed through these
.premim last Thursday has
reached gale proportions. Frankly
we’ve been trying to turn out the
sheet in surroundings which are
fast losing the appearance of a
newspaper office and taking on
all the aspects of a Wright Field
wind tunnel.
Reason? Somebody, wholly un
informed and sticking his aero
nautical neck into the nearest
whirling propellor, went way out
on a wing and stated, in the
sacred paragraphs of the Side
walk Reporter, that Wilbur made
that by-the - seat-of-the-jeans.
fight at Kitty Hawk, N. C., in
1 Since then, old-timers, some
;who speak with the tone of an
'authority who might have help
ed the Wright boys assemble
that first job, have been zoom
‘ing through these premises on
leverything from an out-modeled
flying disc to the latest jet
propelled Batwing. Invarhbly
they barren-loop over the near
est Remington, and write, in
smoke letters which have been
choking the boys in the ‘back
room, “It weren’t 1911. Then
they’re off again, never stopping
Cliong enough to gie us the right
ate. ‘
Shucks, anybody knows that.
It was 1908.
carrots and other root 'crops so
that the skin isn’t torn or broken.
Use the same brand oof tenderness
in cleaning off excess dirt. Don’t
scrub.- That will probably break
or tear the skin or covering. If
you can, wipe off the loose dirt
with a soft, damp cloth. If that
won’t turn the trick, dip the'm
gently into water until the dirt
comes loose. But don’t leave them
in the water long.
Root vegetables such as carrots
and beets should have the leafy
tops trimmed to within an inch
of the top of the carrot or beet
itself. This prevents. moisture from
evaporating too rapidly through
the leaves. _ ‘
Store the fruits and vegetables
in a cool damp place until you’re
ready to take them to the fair.
The basement or cellar is a good
place. And if you’re afraid either
is too dry, add some moisture
yourself. Just put a gunny sack
over your exhibits and sprinkle
it with water.
Girl From City
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localities, however, indicates the
necessity for protecting the auth
ority of independent judges.
Unless this is done, contest hon-.
ors are often awarded to the can
didate whose adherents are most
active in her behalf, often re
sulting in the choice of a less
qualified contestant.
In evaluating contestants, the
judges will give the greatest at
tention to their smiles, and here
after to grace, poise, beauty and:
Itheir hair styling. The Queen can
didates will wear formal gowns
for the contest.
Smile Queen candidates for the
coming year will be sponsored by
Shirley's Beauty Salon, Day’s Stu-.
dio, J. D. Doverspike, contractor,|
the Pink Cameo, Ray-D-Ant;
Cleaners, the Arrow Grill, Super
ior Electric, the Pollyanna Cafe,
and the Kennewick Active Club.
Anderson is still conferring
with other business heads of the
city, who will enter a probable
total of five additional contend-‘
ers. Representatives of firms or
organizations desiring to enter
a Smile Queen in the contest are
requested to call Anderson at the
Benton theater.
Glenn Felton, chairman of the
Festival Queen Entertainment
committee, is developing plans for
the coronation ceremonies and the
program of activities that will en
gage the Queen and her Princesses
throughout the three day celebra
Family Dies In _
Crash Near Here
Tragedy struck a death blow to
the holiday flight of a young
Roseburg family, when Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Lund and their two
small children crashed to oblivion
near Ritzville on Sunday, August
3rd. ' 1
Investigators who examined the ‘
wreckage of the two-seater PT-23,1
Which was not discovered until‘
last Saturday, stated that the‘
death dive had occurred when a
14-inch section of the plane’s pro—
peller had fallen off in mid-air.
The intense vibration resulting
apparently threw the small craft
out of control, __‘ _ _
? Officials at Vista Field were
:the last to See the Lunds, who
touched down at the local airport
that afternoon to refuel their
plane. Since they took off from
Kennewick shortly after 2 p.m.,
the good tail wind which was
then with them should have
placed them in the RitzviJJe vici
nity some 35 minutes later, Vista
field spokesmen reported.
The Lands, with a 4 year old
son and a 5 year old daughter,
were enro'ute from Roseburg to
Shelby, Mont. Although early.re
ported overdue it was three weeks
before searchers discovered the
plane’s wreckage. .
Bichland Youths
Crash Here
Four teen-age Richland youths
were involved last Thursday
evening in a near-tragic smashup,
when their car failed to negotiate
an oblique turn at the corner of
First Avenue and Fruitland St.
Apparently traveling at excessive
speed, the car ran out of control,
ripped across a lawn, carromed
off a tree, and then burst into
All four youths have been
booked by local police on charges
of intoxication. Two will appear
before juvenile authorities, while
the cases of. the other youngsters
will be heard at police court in
the near future.
One of the youthful passengers
sustained 'a broken foot; another
a broken nose and loss of blood.
A third boy ran from the scene
of the accident, and was found
by police about an hour later,
hiding in some bushes near a
residence on Kennewick Avenue,
three blocks away.
The youth told officers that
the boy, who ran from the scene
of the crash, had attempted pre
viously to restrain the driver
from starting out with the car
again. The driver is 'reported to
have struck the objector several
times, insisting on continuing. ‘
' ' . ' 1,532".
‘éfi' "'2‘; $O.l (‘..: > .g
‘ ;;gfilsn SPICY mus _
:;-»"$"-'._«:;_.'1’.}}_.‘-‘f IT ‘
'7' .-.~ v. 3, «
- kg?- .:9 WING .
7' “;rrt. 'j. ‘.__ ‘V J
’l‘] Ivan-t 2": v
s‘¢;vd:¢§-§ ‘ I ~
I‘;ry‘f:€éw“k ‘- "*- H '
rr.";&‘_ ~ “)"“ -. .4 '
3314:; am. '- r._
Elx-ifi%fimg" II ' llllllnu W" ‘_
;ggén_.::£s;§£::'i~' , a”; A.
“am“ "i..- " _" ‘
- W 173 ; '=-' "far—"*l; '3 ~ :
..; :5: Z ”We? '- -: ' ,
‘s' :1 ‘ .-
~ ~ anuoun "é" "
”;;"" F 7
,/. ' .1 "_ ’-;
f” A BILLS ~ E?‘
3‘? “.:':mumf-fww 5% .
1+ ‘ mos/“Q“: -.
"-’ ..' 7 75:7 835’) 3;: '
r : - _ I" —%:;E§~_ __ <'
‘ «353‘ ~.
, “ “4 _7 mm ,
Guard Units 'l'o
(Continued from Page 1) ‘
weapons with vastly greater fireol
present and the future.
In reply to numerous questions
about the status of reserve offi
cers who enter the national guard,
General Llewellyn repeatedly ex
plained that the reserve is the
national guard. The new national
guard, he emphasized is being es
tablished by and from the re
Officers commissioned in the
{national guard from the reserve
will, upon returning to the re
serve, be given the highest rank
they have held either in the re-‘
serve or the national guard.
Recruiting and physical stand-l
. ards for service in the national
[guard are exactly the same, Ge
;neral Llewellyn commented as
those of the regular army. All per
sonnel will draw drill pay each
week equal to one day's pay in
l In addition enlisted men and‘
officers will draw full pay and
allowances for their 15 day sum
mer encampment. Quarters for the
wives and families of enlisted men
and officers are now being estab
lished at Fort Lewis, the General
announced, to permit them to ac
company unit personnel to sum
mer camp. The action is taken, he
said, to remove the objection that
the annual training period sepa
rates men from their families.
Each of the three units will
Ask about our
permanent Finish
Oak Flooring Available
Wilson Floor Co.
mom: me an Jude: 8:.
9‘. - - a _ “if 3:” --=-*:’~;,pf ;;“-“ . a:
“é “\J‘ ‘f/w if \\ " '3‘: “a fix «3‘?
V g 3 : .., -/: _
y... \s‘ E ,57 "372' ~_
u; 3'3 lABOR DAY VAL“ ES 33 «
1 g ’ “:4? ‘, ‘.....“
’ 3?" ' snrrwny
I , i l. "K. '. .
(a Stock up early at your -
3% Be sure you have a plentiful supply of good food in your pantry to tide you :5 W
<1 4,“ g over the holiday. To help you prepare for the long weekend ahead. we've I£3_l i; ‘
)f E assembled a whole store full.of the quality foods you’ll be needing. Stock up s33ng ‘;2 ,
\ » “vs?" g now. Check these money esvmg values at Sefewsy. 3W?" 3 .
“—= x? a.
g Pork 5: Beans -. 2 for 35¢ All St 3“
g ce s tempting baked beans In tasty sauce, large tine! ores :1: 15-3" . ,
§ 0 e E< ..
a; Dull Pickles ... . . cuts. 33: CLOSED :
“C? ' “I:
; Mom s whole :llls. crisp, juicy, extra oholoe flavor-3. Monday, Sept. I E"
3 Sandwich SPMd qu- 49¢ LABOR DAY! “=7: 3.
I}; ‘2; Lunch Box, expertly blended with mayonnaise! 5% ‘:§%§E§?3‘:?‘""'='~lf
,~ \ v: - t,, 1" _ ,A, - r V: -/_,-.. Rx; . ; _ p __ ,1 ‘ -:., \r:
3555533535” \, v m ‘l'“ V“: /' 3‘ /,j.."~vw \‘ Ml':':""'.":":5:-'-.;2;;-1133::{fgé-Iififi‘fi “Maw ~‘l l "U. "
I’3 ' / ~" ‘ ‘(ti jig/(1 ”-’-‘/2; l , Mgvzé‘r. ghfivsfl’i‘iin. “J/ i ''x"“J 3.:
5332” “i ‘n :3';?;‘;n*:4§fi??2.r_—. —:3?“ “3“ fan}? n? 3 .‘..». "
Vi u, in. ~//‘ ~ .k‘fipv "~. 7.-. '. '—-‘/é ~ .'"// ~—.,‘ ‘I r] I. '7’? ._
, fl/M/r, // 3 / bur/J? Mt! 31w 3 /7r 3/ - ,
. - ~ _ (d
Halley: Polalo chips. .. 5 01. 250 “gvgzomii
' ' . one ng
Libby: Pickle SIIGOS. .21 oz. 43: sßeverages
"(tail Amer. cheese . 24b. loaf 91c ;figfififlofl
Breze -( I. e‘c se Food 245, 3) : "m’ gmfcfiam'“
._,' . 32 oz. bottles
“awards Rich coffee. ..I lb. 411: 2 for 27¢:
anlerlmry Black Tu Hi. pkg. 22¢ Case of 12 151
Foa Timer crackers. I-II: box 21: .
Higfii’y Sliced Peacheslfloz. 25: £50,333,
finches: Salad Dressing. 41. 49: Eat.” 33"
; Rigady 'ro Can or Freeze E 4 “LUX
P EAC HES M sssss
r . V 12% 0z.31c
Fancy Holes 7 32; lE} 2.98 _*_
Finest large defuzzed Hae peac es. Y Mow: .
t . - or box 2.59
E!£fi:y2psc fancy Elprtas; last chance! PHOEES
ggergLefEEfsp°sflaetfs§'exi?at\o!ceb;la%:!B9 12% 02' 31c
Itqlian Prunes, 35 lb. 2.49
Toma—toes - 18' lb. flat 79: gm . 33,
Your bestgcanning buy; large, firm ripe quality! WM WIOMIDI’I
No. liGem Potatoes lb. 41/2: .23 oz. 29::
Smooth. cyan. good cooker. .. . No. 2 am, so lb. 1.3. ' -
Ripe Slidjng Tomatoes .._._.... u . . 8”}044’54’7794 (04H 6
Juicy lune Watermelon -........_1b. u [[oo '7’? awn-gm;
Mac‘lhhcaGm-J 18¢ W 7 BREAD 1
Yelow Dry 0n... -._._....n. u
has little Ila-l 81-15 ._I. u ‘ . k.- I“
have the fulltime services of a'
federal caretaker, probably with
the rank of lst sergeant. mm
earn up to a maximum of ap
proximately $3,000 a year with
drill pay and allowances. No ap
pointments to the positions have
yet been announced.
Legionaires of the Robert Elyl
Post Number 33 were hosts last
Saturday at a breakfast in the
‘Arrow Grill to General Llewellyn
and his- otficial party.
The general was accompanied
to Kennewick by Colonel H. R.
Baxter, senior air instructor for
the 60th wing of the Air National}
Guard; Colonel Dean Luce, artil
lery instructor of ground forces
[for the state of Washington; and
Sergeant H. H. Burchell, 60th
wing crew chief and regular army
General Llewellyn's headquart
ers for the Washington State Na
\f' ' m\\ '
q \ 0:35,
. 1 fl)”
. v I ‘ A _.
v“ /
,; ,3. U- ..
firms“ £0340...
Cromwell was a man who
believed all wealth should be
—But everyone believes in a
good haircut. '
usy, Kennewick Avenue ‘
tional Guam! an established a‘
Camp Murray at Fort Lewis.
Farm work is still qulet name
with little change in condition
from the last couple of weeks,
'howevevr the labor eituation will
change when the picking of
grapes gets underway. Then we
will be able 'to use all available
The grapes are very'good in
the Kennewick area this year.
Farmeuwmstarthawesting by
September firth.
To The
Pasco Water
6 Days Starting
Tues. Sept. 91h
1413"” II; Ja'efx'wmw
“.'"IEP snows
* t /
BIG w ...“; / scam
cl -_ s \
/< t \ t
Pasco J ayCees
The show you have been
—waitmg for—
West’s Biggst
Tented iryland
Fina Granulalad Sign 26b. 2..
1111 l Mill, Empire Vinegar.“ ll:
Kerr llag. ill. Frail Jars. .101. 111
llllarull Milk. . . lall ”gamut
Suzanna Pan. Flour 111-li. has 5
SII-E-‘l'ax Grail. Juice.“ a. ll!
Libby: Sliced Baal: 20-0!- ill it.
In lado Mayonnaise. .qallt 11"
Sandwich Buns. .pkg. Me 4
- Pineal: quelity et lowest prloael g?! '1
HEN TURKEYS . lb. ‘9‘
“CHOICE" Co-Op turkeys, 11 to 13 “'- M
_ Sugar cure, whole or half; flavorful. W n
Armoun Star tender, good eating wioMfl‘ ‘
Arm or Blade Beef locum». 47‘
Fresh Ground All 8ecf........1b. 3"
Tender Fryers. cut up........1b. 73‘
Juicy Sirloin 5teak5..........1b. ‘3‘.
Sliced Luncheon Me0i5......1b. 45‘,-
flavorful Sliced 8ac0n......1b. 1“,
Prices Good Aug. 29th and 809‘
.5; (Subject to market chum”
\/ 3:3 canal-minnow” :,
\, .
I I . "272‘5. ~ -.-r- ' ‘ ,"
Nu. m
20 7
~lqu 21 ..............:;:::::.7
“Cut 22 80]
A"? 23 m
2355“ 23.,»
‘t 2 no
fifigst 2" '
Ct ‘ . V
tg‘ ~ % fl.” ‘
”IN!” ‘7
’l‘ 5”";
\w‘ ,
:5” fl
G .
< 6
VA ' Ii

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