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61hr Kennemirk Glnurirr-Brnnrtrr
Issued Thursday: by The Kennewick Printing Company
217 Kennewick Ava, Kennewick. Washington
Member Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Inc.
$3 year in Benton County, $4 outside. Entered as second class
matter April 2, 1914 at PO. Kennewick, Wash., under Act or
March 3, 1879. The Courier. established March 27. 1902; The
W. established Jan. 24. 1908, consolidated April 1, 1914.
Rolf. Tuve. Publisher
7W 4W
. By Hal Clark
It is recorded that a newcomer
to the art of poker once failed to
bet four aces, watching the siz:
able pot go to a lad with two
pairs. ’
OOt t t
Listening to the reproving
words of his ' companions, he re
laxed with sublime confidence
and declared that he’d bet ’em
straight through the next he got
9 II t It It
Well, he left some time later
without his small change, his fold
ing money, his gold watch and
his old fraternity pin. Those aces
never came again.
#tt t t
His plight might be compared
to that of Kennewick today.
If ever a town held a winning
hand, it is Kennewick. Only a
lack of awareness or absolute
slothfullness can prevent the
reaping gt a rich reward.
If we could look at two sign
posts, the situation might be al
tered. If there were two choices—
whether to stand still or go a
/ K _, \
:. I. 7 \ / §'s ' ‘
M} U) 'HI \/7V /I' Hm?)
, WW Ur 'Le (49’5/I'4‘” "‘ i
~ /L/ \ e. ~ ‘ I ‘
' . "z-‘a‘n‘ ‘x, .:.-st»: ; ' A
’ ‘t " ‘2 35‘» ’ ' 'l‘
Pretty Eues Ilke KS {a
\ 7 . /%
tSIULIZED ////’//a‘
7., , ‘t‘fljl‘ [:27
' stnsses' \ =
I \, 4;,- -- 7
This is important too . . . 6* I
because your glasses are a \v ‘
scientifically prepared in- _x M
strument to provide perfect ~/ \ 7
vision when you wear them %// y
. . . and you’ll naturally wear 1
them more if you look well Office Hours ‘
while you see well. 9:00 to 5:00 Daily
Dr S S Selby Wednesdays until 12:30
0 o 0 only
0 S .
Formerly Associated 19200112133203?"
with C. Johnson & Wagner convenience
of Yakima “ swings by
318 Kennewick Ave. Appmmmem Only
A d ' 1
World’s Largest Manufacturers of Radio
-Phonograph with Automatic record changer
Electric Phonograph, with “Childproof”
Automatic record Changer. An outstanding
' value '
. 5W]. '
Rekrmdn Qew er/
There is no reverse gear on
time. Kennewick cannot wheel
backward into the past. Indeed,
the most powerful circumstances
order its advancement. The single
choice we have confronting us is:
shall our development be planned
and ordered? Or shall it be hodge
podge, helter-skelter, hit-or-miss?
It at 8 II! #3
The obvious answep' is—let's
plan it!
at a: '1: as a:
We have the most reasonable
assurance that we could sell a
thousand houses to permanent
residents in the next one or two‘
years. We have also the most rea-‘
sonable assurance that we actual
ly CAN build those houses.
It * t t #
What would they mean to Ken
a: a z;- :3 a:
Related to city income, we could
figure that the average home
would be valued at $7,000. One
half of that figure would be taken
for tax purposes, resulting in a
taxable value of $3,500 on the av
erage. The city tax of 15 mills, or
one and a half percent, would
produce $52.50 from each of these
homes. ,
* It It It It
That would produce an estimat
ed $52,500 in additional revenue
to the city every year.
:1: a a: as :1: ‘
Although municipal expendzir
tures would inevitably go up, as
more homes were added, the in
crease in revenues would still
.make possibfe many of the im
provements we have long desired.
3 t t * OI
We could employ a full time
city manager, to relieve the ‘al~
most impossible pressure of work
upon our voluntary and‘ unpaid
municipal officials.
It at * t *
We could build parks, possibly
a swimming pool—the school sys
tem could be expanded. There Is
no foreseeable limit to' the advan
tages that could result. '
It * t 8k t .
Yes, Kennewick holds four aces.
* t * * It
What do you say we play them
for all'they’re worth.
Al “I e Churches
St. Paul’s Episcopal. 617 Avenue
A, Rev. Nelson Atkinson, Rector.
Harvest Festival, 10:00" a.m. This
is our way of giving thanks to
God for His go'odness towards us
during the year. Text: “Honor
the Lord with thy substance and
with the first fruits of all thine
increase. So shall thy barns be
filled with plenty and thy presses
shall burst with new wine." Pro
verbs 3:9. Everyone is welcome to
attend this beautiful festival. Sun
day school, ll:15 a. m. Nursery
accommodations. ‘
Church of the Nazarene: First
Ave at Everett St. Sunday School
9:45 a.m., Mr. Francis Ludlow,
supt. Sermon, 11: “Cleansed froml
All Sin.” This will be Commun-‘
ion service. NYPS, 6:30 p.m. Eve-t
ning worship 7:30. _
Bethlehem Luthiran Church:
The Church of the Lutheran Hour:
M. C. Kauth, pastor. Mr. H. C.
Lohrmann, teacher. 3rd & Ben
ton St. Divine services Sunday
at 11 am. Sunday School at 10.
Walther League Wednesdays at 8
p.m. Christian Day School Mon
day through Friday from 9 a.m.
to 3:15 p.m. You are cordially in
vited to our services. Tune in on
“The Lutheran Hour” every Sun
day morning from 9:30 to 10 over
KUJ, Walla Walla.
Methodist: Minister, John B.
Coan. At the Church of the Glow
ing Cross you will find good ‘fel
lowship, inspiring music, vital and
timely messages, and a friendly
greeting. The Sunday School op
ens at 9:45. It is an efiective
school in the study of Christian
teachings. The morning service
opens with ten minutes of organ
prelude at 10:50. Sermon subject
“Prosperity in Spite of the Devil.”
Evening Youth Fellowships meet:
The Jr. Hi group at 5:30 for de
votions and play time. The Senior
group at 6:30 for devotions and
recreation. Both are active and
strong. Monday Scout troop 24.;
Hall. Wednesday, The Womens’
Society in the parlor in pot luck
luncheon at 1 p.m. Program £Ol
- . The choir meets Thursday
at 7:30.
First Lutheran: Second & Au-1
burn, P. J. Luvaas, Minister, Ream
604 Kennewick Avenue. Sunday,
School 9:45 a.m. A graded Sun
day school. Morning service 11
a.m., sermon theme: “The United
Mission Advance.” Choir prac
tice Thursday evening, 8. Ladies’
Aid in the church parlors, Thurs
day afternoon, October 16. Hos
tesses, Mesdames L. A. Tweedt,
Lauren Tweedt and John Elles
tad. Confirmation classes and
Junior choir practice Saturday
1 70
>B - 0
E 5 TH E
1 5.. [ND 1
B .
@t :1 . :- 1. ..1 ‘3‘: f. z)0
- .1' 1 , fl
t»— ‘\N -/ ,/ «I'. ““‘“? '\ \‘ll
' \' I
1.7. I . ’— ’ii"\éi\/ A
a ‘1
.. i, If you want to join an excitedg happy .
\ crowd of women. come to our store. They're noun;
the astoniahing new BENDIX—Ieehg fat than
‘ selves how this weehdny marvel weahee. rims.
'\ damp-dries. cleans and empties itself and chuteof
—all My! ' Please come, too—and bringa
- friend. We welcome you!
"*‘ £3111?”
' '1 ‘.~ ..
‘ ~ ”3% 33"
1 exam rum acne» 1:1 1
' ° """‘" "‘ '° W “”' ""' ”Ea-i“? .. £373???
What the BENDIX does: 1%“.
:filb itself. tumbl- deth- daen. the. 511:3”? ' . - . “:13 '
oughlytumblerhdrhdehmdy ":':: _.V,¢l.v;.‘__.fl_6z-.;‘_§: 1 . -
floor M M h Elfin.
bathroom. am no. er s*.
automatic ,' La . 1.5“ I
BEN DIX Home as: . _
Trade In Your Old Washer on A New
Bendix, And Buy On Our Easy Payment Plan
To The Editor:
A. W. “Nellie" Nelson
Dear “Nelliez”
I have before me your article
published in the Union Bulletin
of Sunday, September 21, 1947.
In that article you have something
to say about the fact that Nima
Hoadley was crowned queen of
Kennewick Grape Carnival held
in 1912, and that “ a highlight of
her reign that year was that Scott
Henderson, then a Kennewick ed
itor, oyciated as prime minister
and placed the crown on the
queen’s head.” Either you must
have misunderstood the present
Mrs.oß. C. Mounsey or her mem
ory was at fault. I have before
me a copy of the Kennewick Re
porter of Wednesday, September
27, 1911. That paper is full of
pictures of as fine exhibits of
Thursday, September 21, 1911 nd
I quote:_ _ _ p
states that the carnival began
grapes as was ever exhibited and
“In the evening the fun started
in earnest. Promptly at 7:30 ueen
Tokay and her attendants formed
in line at the Hotel Kennewick
and to the excellent music furnish
ed by the best band in the state,
marched to the exhibition hall.
In the prencence of 1000 people
Arch-Bishop A. R. Gardner placed
the precious crown on the head
of Princess Nima and crowned
her Queen Tokay 1. Prime Min-t
ister. Sly then read the Queen’s
proclamation; Mrs. G. E. Hanson
sang a beaeutiful coronation solo
and a chorus of thirty girls joined
in the ode while the crowd cheered
itself hoarse.
“Miss Nima Hoadley had been
elected queen and the ceremony
of the crowning was gorgeous. The
stage setting with the pages, flow
er girls, thirty NILE girls and un
iformed attendants from the
Knights of Pythias and the Can
ton, surrounding the dainty and
pretty queen, made a picture which
will be _long remembered by the
immense throng which packed the
building to overflowing.” '
Having been City Editor- of the
Walla Walla Union and later Ed
itor of the Evening Statesman
prior to founding the Keennewick
Reporteer _I might be rated as an
“old newspaper man" and that
may account for the fact that I
enejoy reading accurate accounts.
With kind regards. I am
Very truly yours,
Scott 2. Henderson.
Dear Editor:
It has been a real pleasure to
associate with the Kennewick men
who are interested in the Boy
Scout program. In the past two
I. 0 II N 5
Autos. Tacit:- Fixtures.
Equinox”. Jowolry. etc.
Any Amount
Low Rates
Real a.m. Contact
Columbia Finance
14 Ave. C Konnowick
Phono 3888
Cash for Your Car in
. Any Condition
years I have gained many friends
in this city. .
I feel fortunate in finding em
ployment in this immediate terri
tory. so that my family and I can
continue these happy associations.
I am enjoying my work in the
General Electric Construction
Purchasing department at Rich
land. And, Mr. Editor. I may be
able to put some of my printing
experience to your use when the
need arises. Thanks for the way
in which you handle publicity for
all the youth groups of this terri
It was a privilege to work full
time for the Boy Scouts of Ame
rica as a field scout executive.
Kennewick has a considerable
number of outstanding Scouts who
wOuld be outstanding in any part
of the country. They are strong
campers, and are always high in
mamitivs ratinGS- i - -_
Well, it’s been fun working
with you Kennewick people. I
believe I'll stick around and
watch things happen!
Your friend, Lynn Hebron,
1704 Hunt Ave., Richland
P.S.: My successor will be here
early next month.
l v -. "‘.Y';
w OCT. 15, 16, 17,13
Remit ‘ oNLYoN (E A Y EAR. ~
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,\ ~ ~ 'v, “5-5... «a
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arge {—’”" I —4 1. ___—___—
size.‘ ' 2 '.'l 76‘ ‘_ ‘-
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gag; . . noun 0 W .. V
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g 8gmfi.u¢......2ma~ ”ha-”““‘
251% D mmmu:........::::::
W.6¢- - . . - .
a ammmwmaw CHECK
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our store! m.
Gill" "Kill It “I! CONTEST '
gum ‘ l. noun-mum . '
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tmntfllllml wmudufl,‘
«summit-nuns “'Mmiouua-V'
“..:umdcwwugn .%mmfihudfl I“
lan-l. “chum-“mac‘-
-.___-.-________________s_l.oo ml: 27...,
I I ’. U
Evangelistic .-'
- '...
Semces 3
Now In Progress At ‘3 l
I I '
Pnlgnm Holiness \
Church l
212 Third Ave East
Hear Rev. E. E. Storm a". Bmm
magic; superintendent of Idaho - Washington Did.
Messages Nightly a: 7:30 and Sunday
ngdultes of God's Bible School will sing Old South".
songs in the Old Southern Style.
Thursday. October 9 “I?

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