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shr Kennrmttk Qlnumr-Ewnmr
Issued Thursdays by The Kennewick Printing Company
217 Kennewick Ave. Kennewick. Washington
Member Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Inc.
$3 year in Benton County, $4 outside. Entered as second class
matter April 2, 1914 at PO. Kennewick, Wash., under Act of
March 3, 1879. The Courier, established March 27, 1902; The
Reporter. established Jan. 24, 1908. consolidate-4 April 1, 1914.
Rolfe Tuve. Publisher
_ By Hal Clark
Things are steadily improving
along Avenue C. The new side
walks are going in rapidly, and
street surfacing“ is in the offing.
# t It 4!
Meanwhile the heart-quicken
ing, spine-tingling game of Jump
and Bump goes on for pedestri
ans who frequent the thorough
fare. I’m beginning to be as cagy
as a wild thing myself, and it’s
a quick driver who can bounce
me off his fender.
t 8 It i t O
This week the standing pools
of rain water for which adequate
drainage has not yet been pro-
s. 8 VA .
Dec team {0 éermce
5 . autumn CHUlCH,li¢hmond,Vo.
' ‘ MM luyuncgowiihcmombu
flip 0! only M, I! In: grown in lhou
' _ run to o nombcnhip of over 2600
- "‘ and now occupiu
.\ ’ Chowfifulhouu
;' ' ‘ ofvouhiphnsi-
I I L-: “f, \W [Edmond
3: . ‘ . 7 A,
‘25:: ”1"," l‘“ \.
I L?) I? ' -,’77-;;H1=‘5:~
\, ‘ "I? 5::- Q“'*».. - '
5H l 1 Hun-z;
;' 'al; _J 1 ._ ‘. “Minn" L
0‘ 73;" , “Mgr, "“""‘_
/ “In lib .0! Mon descent
h ...iifiomphflcnfim
iv. b mind; lilfl' “nil.
M in a min units into
a fig d mmhln bum So il
in with all banana] limonsiu
with m Mandi-toll] h
w «Ling or night
[ ’4‘ __ wi‘ '7‘” 7 7"! —_]
:‘L‘g ‘ 7cmc’zcd' flame
“9‘; Serving Benton County ‘ince 1910 ,
fig»; 3103445 3727971 :31_4-Ist. AVE“;
‘ ' ({ d (I. d/ / (1%? J
V , , The Opening on. Novemyer 5 , Gimr:
WSales and ServlceW
s°“fiee‘iifin‘; “‘l‘? All Refrigeration Equipment go $219533; i 1;;
FIIIIIIIIIIIIII All Air Conditioning “Wham
R. W. Sirawhun I 320 Avenue 0 East Telephone 2996
vided enhanced the gamey spirit
of the whole event. ‘ '
t I It * t t
This week the drivers splatter
you and then shatter you. . '
t It It # it t
I confess that I have been
lnaive enough to state that two
traffic lights, breaking the flow
of cars at intervals, would im
prove the situation. City and
state traffic authorities have been
unanimous in telling me that
Isuch an installation would da
mage the situation more than
help it.
t at i =3 10! I:
’ I guess I was just wistfully
Ithinking of that split second of
:safety in which I could dart to
sanctuary on the other side. But
I apologize, Traffic Authorities,
it’s really more sporting this way!
It at It It II *
Instead of my wife wondering
WHEN she’ll see me again she;
wonders IF she’ll see me again;
And for this life-spice I’m thank
It 36: =3 111 s|! *
The increasing number of park
ed cars along the teeming street
also adds a dash to the situation.
The current of cars is thus forced
into a narrowed canyon at points,
and if you have to be faster, you
\o —_m
INTRODUCING -- - ' ‘ ’4st w
' . {f‘fi-‘Hfflx, :2 ‘
Representative and Consultant For x fig"
Merle Norman Cosmetzcs Wag
Who will be a Permanent 3%,”? ,
Memben of our Staff ‘ 34%;” 1'
You Are ,lnvued $2.:
To Call For a Courtesy
Instruction In Home
Demonstration In Home M j
Beauty Care *5
Phone 1281 ‘_
/ 7
don’t have to run so far.
Q =¥ 3 * ’3:
Mr. Clarence Shain, Director of
thways for the State of Wash
ington, told a dinner group re
cently that off-street parking is
one of the most challeng’ng
problems confronting cities in this
S! (a I: i< * 4:
At first, recalling a much
younger period of my life, I was
wont to take a dim view of the
situation. Because at one time I
had' a number of off-street park
ing sites spotted.
As time passed, they became
harder to pre-empt. Some of the
393's got started earlier than I
*1 I. It at t t
However it ensued that Mr.
Shain was talking about an en
tirely different kind of off-street
parking. And he shortly made it
apparent that towns in which
planning for suitable parking for
shoppers are not being made
are on the way to bucolic obli
* It i t t t
Once you* give it a bit of
thought, it becomes obvious that
spenders are going to go where
'spending is the easiest. In other
towns and cities that has proved
\to be the super market, where
1 parking lures the motorist to a
one-stop shopping experience.
It! 3 It i! *
Super markets can be located
considerable distances from the
business heart of a community,
and still make money. Because it’s
easier to drive ten miles than it
is to walk ten blocks.
O t t O O t
The suggestion came to the at
tention of the Chamber of Com
merce, where one alert citizen
suggested that inquiries should be
launched to discover any possible
ways of securing vacant lots on
Kennewick Avenue for off-street
parking. The matter is pending.
# 3|: t 0 II: t
If it does not pend too long,
Kennewick may still avoid the
wate of becoming the little town
just a few miles beyond the
super markets of the area.
* t t t t t
A trailer at the Benton Theatre
has been urging its patrons to
ask the Manager the meaning of
8 t- t t I: t
While I failed to follow in
structions, and cannot report what
the mystic meaning of this set
of initials is to the Manager of
the Benton theatre, I have de
cided that it could very well
mean “Favorite Aversion."
tttt t t ‘
And the niggling, naggling an
noyance that has finally raised
itself to the level of my “Favorite
Aversion” is the neon sign at the
corner of Bentm street and Co
lumbia Avenue.
3 O t t 0 ¢
This sign, pointing its neon tin
gQrs southward, says “Kenne
wick.” Unquestionably, if Kenne
wick is to the south of that
point, then the passing motorists
have reason to ask where they
are when they see it.
Q 3 I t t, t
As nearly as I can find out,
they’re in Kennewick. ~
Hold a blotter upright next to
the mop boards when you wax
your floors. This will allow your
getting to the edge with the wax.
but will absorb excess that might
stain the mop boards.
I From The Past
Oetober 25. 1911—
A. thrift contest conducted in the
schools produced 47 reports from
the high school and 21 from the
grades. The scanty replies indi
cated that a total of $8,946.01 had
been earned by the students. High
school students earned $6,293.53;
ggzpilg of the grades earned $2,-
Ladies of the Shakespeare de
partment of the Woman's Club
were otfering tickets to the two
coming performances of the Ben
Greet Players. School children
were to be excused at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon to attend “The
Palace of Truth." The evening
presentation was to be “The Mer
chant of Venice."
With a great big sigh of relief,
the district draft board wiped the
slate clean and adjourned sine die.
Since their organization on July 31
they considered and passed up
on more than 5,000 cases. Unless
some of the cases had to be reop
ened. board-secretary C.'L. Hol
comb said. the board would not
have to meet again until the sec
ond draft was made. ,_ __ _
Arrival time of the OJ” train
was changed from 6:20 am to 7:55
am. The latter time. it was pre»
dicted, would permit residents of
i: ‘
/\ K .
Crossed fingers
I dofz’t help
‘ Keeping your fingers
crossed will never prevent
your property or posses
sions from being damaged
by fire or some other
cause. Rather than trust
to sch “blind luck” it is
far wiser to depend on
stock fi r e insurance
Pyle and
Spanking. Inc.
PHONE 1231
211 Kennewick Avenue .
Wallula and Attalia to do theirl
morning chores. come to Keane-l
wick, transact their business. and
arrive back home shortly afterl
Your Savings Insured up to ssl“
Liberal Earnings
We invite you to open an account, In rgg or
small. For further information writ. to
I! So. Boeond Av... Walla Walla. Wuh.
.--w» ‘
. .'V.' . ‘ 310 g 3 ~ ‘.)\’;~ .s‘l” .‘- “12¢". .. .- ‘ _ , _ . ~ ‘‘7~ ._ -
figs)" .‘fi . f .k» 343%} : :22.wa ...; \wa %\ 3%: v g} “a"! 3.},-
3;; ‘33:? _...;:::¥N‘ ~. ‘\ $530“ ,;
. .. a; 3"“- $3 4|" 7’
a; ' ”13- .335 "7’ >3" " é” , '5 .. . ‘
> _3 . 3‘5...‘ $2.33.. 4'33“.“ .. 'im' ‘O. ‘'» kl? I
. ‘ .4.
‘_ Our Evomng Gowm—Lovoly- as the 6.
Sharing Mommts they were made {or
- - p --.- 4. «..' jg- ‘l‘3*-:§s>?s.§‘W; . .;, ~ . f
. ..’ ‘3 T" 3 .4. : ..._ , 9.3 «:5 . . ~
.. .. x 3333 M? 3“ ’é e,,
;;. ~ ~~. 1 x. ' “ “..‘ r" 3.'5w w‘ ' h 0 Jr
5:. ‘m‘N‘ , wing-‘11.“; -~ 2.11%!"- ‘ I‘.» #4.“. .1: 3‘ i 5, ‘
2‘ I. I“ ‘.- " .»,. 11'“ ‘Kfiugi’w‘ ""29”? fig .1“: lA,. a f
_.3\ $.13“? #(kgffk ”Mfi‘fig‘gc‘}; .- . ‘l’.“ I. h,
M .
I i I
First Church of Christ Scientist
pasco. wasmnc'ron
Free Lecture 0n Christian Science
Christian Science: A Religion of Revelation,
Reason, and Demonstration
Ralph Castle C. S. of San Francisco, Calif.
Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother m
The First Church of Christ. Scientist. in Boston. um.
nut. in the
Pasco Recreation Center
On Fourth St.
November 3rd. 1947 at Eight O’clock.
The Public is Cordially Invited to Attend
Thursday, October 30. 1947'
The “Weekly War Intel-cur“;
column prophesied that m
would not be called upon to a“.
war work. The. estimate w” 5t
ed on the experience or Cunu
———-’- ”r“

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