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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, November 13, 1947, Image 9

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re November 14, 1947
Warmth Adls
”1'35 3c pet wm—mmmum 75c. Subsequent martian the times for me price of two.
v ' Wanted ' v v
. rtment for working
M'ngpghildren; non-drink
w’gil 3526, Kennewick. "
aw’wema.“ as was
, l 1 ve ,
Inc 27tfc
/"l—:t-ate: List your
‘ ”50’ sl2ll eus and see how
M 1? will be sold. Goodearth
Co., 107 Ave C, East. "
man. Rawleigh
'mpen nearby. We put you
$63, 'Territory available
'9 y, Experience not re-
Wcu necessary. Write
W Dept. 292, Oakland 7,
. for particulars. G32-35c
’lm-gp; Washing and ironing
do at my home. Mrs. M. A.
m 200 Fourth Ave. East, cor
of 4m ad Beach St. 33p
’flm- do hoto coloring at
Mlle-I Nea’t work and very
m, Mrs. Edythe Eordt
. A, basemen ap .‘
"‘l' 720 Ave 31-33 p
/t in Phonei
WANTED: TreectoPintg. Brown‘
70L Baton l y 31-33p1
W" '— l
/ . '
am BUY. Used Smgeri
'flm m'rghines, regardless of}
or condition. Please write‘
“5:“. Sewing Machine C 0.,. Box}
¢.o Courier—Reporter. Singer‘
wutive will be in Kenne
. November 17 and 18. 22tfc
AM” TO BUY: Horses of all
'm also cattle, both beef and
m, Contact Lcfincifh Bragg-g.
. ewi . one .
#5” L m 22a
’ “(rm—until: 1 Homes.
g'ms. business‘sprgpertiea. We
handgun. 1. Mitchell. 101
Avenue C, Kennewick, Phone
’3 tie
mm 'lO BUY: Livestock
'W kind cattle, hogs, anytime,
gm pla up any place. Herrnan
m plum= e 2688, Kennemgltrt.
ANTED to b used gas ranges,
'hutu's and rue’trigerator. Butane
ad Propane Gas Bottled Filling
Min, 333 Col. Ave. Phone 433:1
' ”or Rent U. U U
RENT: Cabins and trailer
' hx & P Auto Court, opposrte
M mam on the highwaj‘r:
m Fidel-Bad model Also
r er.
rand Floor Polisher. Low
ab. Western Auto Supply. 22a
U Lost and Found U '
MIND: Upper plate. Owner
may have by identifying and
will: fol-.this ad. Call at Cour-
W office. 283
!! Miscellaneous U U
modem ladies’ apparel shop for
sale. Reason for selling death m
M. New stock, fixtures, 3-
Mhue; home available. Priced]
Wll. 103 Ave C East. f
mascara YOUR HOME: Let
“Mm what and where to
Mt. Washington Nurseries Co.
Mullah. Wash. “Builders or
." Phone Cy Miller, Ken-1
4591. 32:35ci
{Sunday nite at 8 p.m.i
“,Chrlstlan church, presenting
E kinda WOOd. contralto, Leonard
gum tang: “51m Robert llamas-1
'mt- 0 a ission c arge.
m..... ___—{W
. ' and clean'n . Boxl
In Webster. ‘ g .‘
mRIGERM'ION mams ‘
ma: ian; Household 1
es \
MM. Guaranteed Service l
30m Bros. & Blevins ‘
. Phone Pasco 1085 2“ .
'O3 “WAG deliv tact
Mam“, m3"'l£'£ea.
a" Rm“ Masada", eleca
gag-m 335 Avenue C Bash:
\ Mallow 4301. Quality;
excavating or all kinda
Meats, septic tanks, dig-i
ditch”; top soil for sale.‘
“will: Francis. phone 2743,}
0311!!! PLUMB
l,lmfmll'rmc; cg“; 8‘ {
in. mm“ and Fittings 1
M. :1 Coal Stoakers .
ll! 1“ A M Heating Supplies ‘
"3 Tel. 411
IINN Dealfirs for
1‘3." MONTAG and
's‘!!! Furnaces
Cum. -
mStalintion on au
hut heat—gas. oil or coal
"‘1 'llth metal work
2 Mb, “76, Kennewick
east Bridgeview Inn
‘\~ 31th
_ Real Estate
"We Cover the Valley”
Income Home—ln Pasco, 6
bed rooms; lot 100x120; shade,
nice lawn. This is a buy at
$7,500.00 -
HomebAnd it is a beauty—
brand new. A dandy apart.
ment in basement; oil furnace,
close in.
Home——s7,soo.oo with High
way frontage.
Home—Z bed room, hard wood
floors, large lot, close in . SB,-
Large Home—Right in town.
A good buy. $3,000 down—
balance easy terms.
. Home—ln the heart of the
- business district; also 5041:.
lot adjoining.
Building Sites—For homes or
business, on hi-way or 01!.
Wanted—More homes, farms,
businesses to sell. we have
buyers who are ready to put
their money down, so please
~ help us help them.
Farm—lo acres, new home, 5
acres grapes, 5 acres aspara
Farm—s.6s acres, asparagus;
nice home.
Farm—ls% acres, grep”.
.alfalfa, pasture, good modern
home. '
Restaurant $2,200 down for
drive-in restaurant in Pasco.
Restaurant—Best spot in Ken
newick. Get details at our
Home—with 34 acre ground;
2 bed room 1A basement; beau
tiful yard. Worth more than
$6,850.00 but owner says to
sell it. He transfenjed~ This
is right in Benton City.
101 Avenue C. Kennewick
Office Phone 2921
Home Phone 4260
te Glass and Auto G!!-
1%; Available Ante Gil-
919 w. Lewis boat I: Imm
Ph. Pasco 880 Ph. Kain. .I‘Gul
Only 7c per lb.
You wash it °
For 35¢ per machine
22 N Benton Phone 1941 1
3211 c ‘
General Electric Dish Washes-i
American Sinks and Cabinet'-
Single and Double Sinks
' Electrical Appnanecc
Kennewick Plumbing 8; Heating
Phone 981
3‘5 KW
Columbia Mann“ Co.
Complete Mattress Renovating
New Matti-m at factory price.
120 So. Waldomar St. Pasco at
East City limits. 1931 c
LAWN MOWER grindinc. Bi
cycle sales and reconditioninl.
Parts and accessories. Rubo'l
Cycle Shop, 9 Ave. C W, Phone
816. 44!
for: SALE
Radiant flesh-Electric and Oil
Floor Furnaces
Oil Heaters §
;l-lot Water and Hot Air W 1
Kennewick Plumbing 8: Heating
Phone 981
i 315 Kennewick Ave. mt}
‘ /—_.
W's any a complete!
line or! home furnish!!!“ no
eated at 103 W Ave. lst.“
FRUIT and nut trees, berries,
shrubs, roses. evergreens. °°m"
plete assortment—send for free
catalog—special prices to com
mercial planters. Benedict Nur
sery Co., 735 N. E. 87th Ave. Port
land, Ore. (Since 1890). 2911!:
Automobile noon
l'urnituro noon!
Attractive m
N gmmkum“ Ph- 8"
Ile ' 11m
Real Estate For Sale By
Kennewick’s Oldest
.Excellent business opportun
ity on Kennewick’s busiest
corner. Nice income. Two
can handle. B-6.
Fine 2 bed room . home on
small acreage. View excep
tional. Electric heat. Aero
age in asparagus and orchard.
Modem home on Kennewick
Ave. Large corner lot. Apts.
in basement that are rented.
A real home. H-8 '
15 acres with fine modern
home. Acreage in young or
chard and some improved land
—-Souna investment for your
money. F—6 .-
14-38 acres in mint and or
chard Modern home on this
farm may be purchased it de
sired. Favorable location. F-13
17.77 acres with small three
room house. Outbuildings in
good condition. Acreage in
asparagus, peaches and grapes
This is a real buy. F-ll
Good lot on First Ave. with
50 foot frontage. Ideal build
ing spot for a business. L-12
3 bed room modern home
with 1% acres in cherries.
House in good condition and
within walking distance of
bus line. A-7
20 acres at Springdale, Wash.
40 acres of pasture and bal
ance timber. Cabin and spring
water. S3OOO. F-14
Good paying restaurant on
Avenue C‘. Small home at
rear used as living quarters. ‘
B-8 1
4 acres. 3 bed room home un- ‘
der construction on this pro- 1
perty. Also 2 room house. 1
Place is liveable. $6850. A-lo
Your headquarters for FHA l
Fyfe & Spanlding, Inc. 1
Phone 1231
31 1 Kennewick Ave
CARLBERG’S new combination
store and warehouse is now lo
cated at 103 Kennewick Avenue E.
. 12tf
GET .'l'OP price for your car. We
”31111.: b‘uy your car for 'eash or
or you on consignment.
Columbia Finance Corporation. 14
Avenue C, Kennewick. lstfe
8:00 p.m. Sundays
Park View Homes
Recreation Hall
Public Invited
31-33 p
Kennewick Community Auction
sales every Saturday commenc
ing at 12 noon; you bring it—we
sell it. One block east fire station
on Kennewick Ave. A.C.Amon,
clerk; Merel Russell, auctioneer.
Phone 3576. 29-341)
:Nsunanes ’
Autos. fire. life. liability.
Harold K. Riggins Agency
Office in Penney Building
Phones: Office Bel—Res. 32::
NEED MONEY? See us first for
any type of loan. Real Estate
and Insurance. Columbia Finance‘
Corporation. 14 Avenue C. Kenne
wick. 1311 c
MacMiilan Construction Co.
Comercial and. Residental
Buildings ‘
Estimates Cheerfully Given
320-Ave. C. East -
Kennewick, Wash.
Home 3091 Office 2996
washinz machine repairs and
‘eervice, by. factory-trained me
chanics for all makes of washers.
Bunch rinnigan. Inc., on the ave
nue. Phone 4801. tfc
Oil Heaters, Norge, Quaker '
or Internationals; also floor .
furnaces can be seen at Duro
chers. We also have a fine
stock of beautiful combina
tion radios in legat or dark
wood. ' TFC
1 Complete Bathroom
} Sets
‘ With Toilets
\ 315 Kennewick Av. Phone 981
\ ' 2411 c
vv v For Sale U
FOR SALE: Norge Oil Beaters.
Neon Electric Service Company.
Pasco. Phone 51. tfc
SALE: See the nice new gas
refuges on display at the Butane
Gas Co, 333 Columbia Ave. Kem‘
newick. Phone 4931. tf
R SALE: Fresh eggs direct
1‘01”me to you. Friday de
livery. Phone 4282. ‘ 34c
No. I—TAVERN: Sale price $15.-
000.00——510,000.00 down. This
man enjoys a very good trade,
is located on the Coast in a
fishing town, a new cannery is
just being built there, togeth
er with the trade that comes
from loggers, fishermen and
local trade. 5-yr. lease with
privilege of renewal at $25.00
per month. During the slump
month he is doing $2,500 per
month and says he is netting
approximately $1,000.00 per
month. Equipment, stock,
business, including lunch room
and equipment all goes at the
above price.
Sale price $17.000.00—510,000
down. This is a stone struc
ture 22x60 feet floor space—
lot 40x160 feet. Consists of
card room, 3 room apt., net
ting sßoo.oo.per month. busi
ness can be incmsed.
\ Price $20,000.00. This is one
section of the country. He is
doing over $6,000.00 net per
| month now—a dandy lease at
1360.00 per month and lease runs
to 1960. Lease alone is worth
1 $250.00 to $300.00 per month.
price has recently been reduc
ed from $25,000.00 to $21,000
because of illness on the part
of the owner. It is a well
equipped place-—ll room rent
als, besides a feed store on
the premises that rents for
$50.00 per month; gets $1.50
per day for rooms or $5.00 per
week. Has osewood back
bar and stools.
Monarch Electric range, bu
tane grill, 3 leatherette booths,
dish cupboard and counter, 8
x 8 foot walk-in cooler, auto
matic oil furnace. About $3,-
000.00 stock all goes at above
price and terms.
ERN: Sale price $35,000.00 Av
erage net per month is now
better than $1,500.00. 4%-yr.
lease- with renewal clause at
‘ SIOO.OO per month. Leases his
lunch counter out at SIOO.OO
per month. Bar is 60 feet
i long" 6 large booths. Bldg.
is 25x90 feet, 2 pool tables,
snooker table, good cooling
system. Price is plus inven
tory of stock.
No. 7—TAVERN: Sale price $20,-
000.00—terms. Now doing
about $2,500.00 per month.
Owner states it nets him about
$1,000.00 per month. 2 story
. bldg., with upstairs furnished
and renting for $109.00 per
month with living quarters.
On main street of mill town
with good payroll; well equip
ped—everything goes for the
- above price. A good deal.
On coast; sale price $16,500.00
terms. Frame building;
rental at $75.00 per month.
This place is well equipped;
living quarters with bldg. \
Sale price $22,000.00. This is
' a new concrete block bids.
with notty pine finish inter
ior; restaurant is separate
room from Tavern with op
ening between. A good spot;
plenty of drive in and. a nice
place. Monthly gross receipts
are $6,000.00. \
price $30,000.00. Monthly in
come at present, $800.00; has
42 trailers on location equip
ped for 35 more; 3% acres of
land, valuable loc at ion.
Charges $4.50 per week for
trailers. Has laundry, and ‘
charges 50¢ per hour for use
f of washing machines. About
half down.
No. lI—AUTO COURT: Price
$50,000.00—% down. This is
really a nice court and always
filled; has 13 units, 7 singles, .
6 doubles; rents them for $7
and $5 per night; winter rates
are $15.00 and SIB.OO per week
—has a store building on the
place that rents out for $125
per month. Over 4 acres.
Laundry room, work shop,
chicken houses
No. 12—AUTO COURT: Sale
price $40,000.00—-$25,000 down 1
Gross receipts yearly $14,500;
nets Yearly SIO,OOO. 19 rent
alspus 5 room house for the
owner, in heart at good town;
frontage 92x265 feet; 80 feet
from Bay beach on ocean.
No. 13—AUTO COURT: Sale
price s4s,ooo.oo—terms. Grou
monthly receipts $1,200.00—11
rentals, 2 doubles, 3 place cot
tages, 4 2-people cottages, all i
completely furnished, gas heat
equipped; kitchens in 0 cabins, ?
5 room house for owner.
'Roxy Theatre Bldg. Phone 2402
Kennewick. Wash.
For Sale
Eight acres, 4 room house. four
chicken houses. A dandy
place for the money. $5,500.
2 bed room house, large lots 85x
140. $4,800.
120 acres grazing land and fir
timber, about 40 miles from
Spokane. s3,ooo—terms.
vacant corner in Kennewick
5 acres good land on Highlands;
very fine view and near in.
Will have a new service station
for sale as soon as finished,
in about 30 days. Long lease
with large oil co. Fine spot
for lots of trailers. This place
will be sold on easy terms.
1 acre land, four mom house,
20 acres, some grapes. alfalta,
‘ pasture; 2 bed room house,
bath. new stove, Laundral,
tractor and equipment, chick
ens, etc. SIO,OOO.
5 acre tract mint. asparagus. a
very good tract and near in.
“poo—sl,soo down payment.
{2% acres, grapes, asparagus,
i berries, small house, furnish
ed. $4,000.
About 3 acres Benton City, cher
ries and plums, seven years
old; 3 room house; small base
Have several nice homes for
sale—2 and 3 bed room.
Have a good paying restaurant
in fine location.
‘ ”REALTOR - -
Roxy Thom. Bldg. ~ ”In. “I!
Kennewick. Wash.
FOR SALE: Approximately half
acre of land and 3 room house
on West Highlands. Two prices.
Phone 4247. .
FOR SALE: Factory-built trailer
house; sleeps four; furnished.
713 Sanford, Richland. 85p
FOR SALE: New 20-ft. trailer
house, aluminum covered;
painted plywood inside; no built
ins or furniture; finish to suit
{1? wid ;igdtfieswmém but; gin:
. e ' a
lbs. Has third wheel to take all
weight of! ear. A bargain at 81200
SI3OO delivered at Kennewick.
Write Ray C (Connie) Isaaaon,
Care Gaston Equipment and Mam,
:ufacturing Co., Gaston, Oregon.
‘rßox 385, phrone 1603):. 32-33 c
FOR SALE: Beautiful pure bred
' St. Bernard pups; sire imported
.from Switzerland. AKC register
ed. H. Hubble, 1302 Potter. Rich.
land. Phone 871-J. 34p
FOA SALE: 120-base accordion:
will sell cheap—sloo; in good
condition. Phone 2532. 34p
FOR SALE: Two oval electric
stove: dinette set. 4 chairs. 118
Park View Homes. 84p
FOR SALE: Gibson tractor and all
attachments; used very little,
$725; coal and wood range like
new. Phone Kennewick 2138.
FOR SAuLE: Empty wooden be;
'xennewiek Bakery. . 32tfc
{ About 10 acres, one of the few
? ' rillnaining view points, avail;
a eon South Highlands,
‘ would make a fine subdivision
for future home site.
‘Fine lOacre‘aa‘itzalsoau
acre tract, on . Highlands.
i close in. Ideal building not
‘ Old established feed, seed .
} and farm supply busines.
fire proof building and e- \
quipment. Income that will ‘
satisfy. Price $30,000 plus in
‘ ventory.
1 10 acres on Highlands 5%
acres asparagus 2 a. grapes.
balance in mint; 5 bed room
modern home, new 3 car gar
age and other buildings. This
is a fine little ranch and very
close in. $16,500.
South Highlands. 5 acres in
mint; good place to build a
home. Just out of city limit.
’ S3OOO.
Listings Wanted—City resi
? dence property. If you wish
i to sell, give me your listing.
Kennewick. Wash.
120 First Ave. East Phone 7!
A very fine home, best of loca
tion: dandy income property:
modern in every way.
Trailer Court doing fine bus
iness; good home; also income
from business property.
Two homes and several cabins;
ideal place (or more cabins or
trailers. Very fine location.
Have the best river {cont pro
perty on highway. Good in
gme. Can be greatly increas»
How about 50 acres to subdivide
—bsst of location; very near in
10 acres. all fruit. cherries. ap
ricots. prunes; 3 bed room
house. bath. wired for range.
About 1 mile out. ”2.500.
20 acres. ll a. asparagus, about
2 grapes; alfalfa. 5 mom house.
barn. $13,500.
This tract is very near in—
consists of about 50 sens. 80
acres pasture; 5 room house.
basement, barn, chicken house.
garage. $15,000.
Ilene is a good deal and can oc
cupy now. 5 sues mint. and
cherries. Has 2 bed mom
home. bath, full basement.
garage. chicken house. new
barn. Case tractor and all
equipment. cow. chlckms. dz
hay. Will sell 0 Means. 'l‘o
'tal pricessfioothlsweekonly
A very fine 45 acne tam near
Pmsser. plums. peaches. cher-
L‘: “mam ""2""
; car
it. $14,500.
3 room house. wired tor range.
Mia. wata. new. finished in.
natty pine, cedar siding. '4
acte land. $2.000.
breakfast to 4 chain to
match: floor fagace; 48—gallon
electric water heater; 2 compan
ment sing with linings; domestic
ephone 19x8. Kennewick 85::
FOR SALE: Pumice mortal-lea.
beauiy. Phone 4521 or see at
Strout Realty. 8 miles weal ct
Manual-“ 81489
a. Royal 4 door sedan: fluid
gamma hgaterJngnm
new urea, rates, the,“
generator, distributor. radium:- &
exhaust; excellent mechaniul
‘condition. 31m. PhoneKcine
{wick 2391. e
‘90:: SALE: Ganges. sum Pie-z
’ out 18:80. overhead door. wh-l
dow. $279.50. See at 818 sth Ave.‘
lam, mm - snap:
FOR SALE: Smoinhouaeinvery
fine location. cloae in. Lawn.‘
shade, garage. ”mm—mu;
down payment. balance like mt.
‘Phone 3548, Kennewick. °
imnsmngom. .Pboneilxl.
} 81-889
FOR SALE: Welding out“. coni
: prim ’ifi‘i’i» a
era r, .o ;
Vm‘»: 3%“qu
‘ v p a
Planes. Kengewick. 85])
FOR SALE: Silos, one 8‘ by 11
£3l,??sz ‘2‘: ...... *
oo .
son,'Jr. Phone 386. K%
FOR SALE: 1 1/8 aeraa mand
side material; on has mp: beau-1
timl view. Inq. Boa-e] Avenue.
Richland. 81-889
SHOULD 33.0001) IDOK- 4
} moans ARE! 3
‘ 60cars,avarietyofmakea& ‘
‘ modelstocbooaetmoln. ‘
1946 m Tudor Sedan, lob ‘
of extras on a nice clean car 4
$1995.00. ;
‘ Weoperate'tbeonlyuchflve ‘
‘ Used car reconditioning abop ‘
1 nthearaa. A
‘ You'll drive a bargain when
i you driveaeariromw.
i s a; J moron comm 1
1 mm: m Dealer 1
1 PhonaKennewicknzieml
I lO?AveC,East
{broom home and one acre.
close in. only S2BOO
. 2 bed room new home in Km
-1 newick. $5.500.
1 acre homesite in the Hidi
3 bed room home. Kennewick‘s
best location.
Tavern in live Washimton
Good warehouse property
(railroad frontage).
Two choice business building
lots on Avenue C.
Apartment and business bldg.
in Kennewick. Income now
2092 on investment.
One of best equipped stock
ranches in valley. Livestock
and furniture included.
. Some excellent building lots .
‘ron SALE: Early 1947 lode!
i Ford, Super DeLuxe convertible
coupe, radio. etc., 82,000. Write
>or inquire Dorm M-B. Room 111.
Richland. 32-84 c
FOR SALE—Let us figure your
cooking, h. and "trim.
ltion for your ti‘i'o‘me. Butane Gas
$908.1 ”3 Columbia Ave. Phone
' A name war.
FOR SALE: Used coal furnace in
good conlition—some pipe and
;coal: priced to sell—s3s. Phone
\2806 evenings and Sundays. LB2“
‘FOR SALE: Several tracts of land
grapes. uraeryman's x .
W. B. Saunders. phone 1837. River
Road. lettc
ron SALE: I good used heating
stove. Wood and coal burner.
$25.00. Mrs. Edith Witherrite.
508 Everett St. N.. Kennewick.
Wash. 81-83:)
FOR SALE: 10 aches. 4 room house
with electricity and well. Lo
cated at Prosser. Price $3,000.
Will consider gootd 3?: as part
Plymul . Call a Baum-d
Ave.. Richland. 889

FOR SALE: By owner on West
Highlands, 2 miles out: 5 acre
tract. 3% uses mpgztbalanoe in
cover crop; acre peaches.
plums. alfalfa. Either tract “.-
building, nearg new, to be mov-
Ted. Phone 27 . u-Mp
71'03 SALE: Coal mes. ION
‘ condition. Inquire at Wuth
Road and Katherine. 81-889
TOR SALE: Eastern Built 30%
ft. Peerless ahminum trailer
house. See at Hawn's Trailer
Court 8 miles west Kennewick
1m Riva- Boad. 81-88::
breed Collie m
} champion t
‘ents; line do; for children. Vla
liters m. an. 11. am
'3.“ Road betweui
telephone 8801. “mm
FOR SALE: Monardi 'wood and
do M. hence. 1. Phone is: .
I'oß SALE: Remington as alibi.
mddle rifle (88-inch has-I‘ll [4-
man mm um: minia
as record . practically new;
Arms No. 3 camera. 85mm. with
14.5 '3'.” «m. ““138“ saw.
“gloating Vaslues 31d Quasi:
glue 2108. m mini
appoinuiait. Your local Real
Silk we”. 0. E. Hubbard
108 SALE: Mose pu all
ages. Kathryn's [Cerium
1134.. . 8148 p
”B BALI: All slam and Up.
u no: Cartons. Cuuam «do
Bras. than :3 Lookers I'll-a
981. «4 Gun It. &
FOR SALE: A 8: A Bunnyland
”Rabbit”. Rabbltsmanitl 7%?
“it e lmn . I
tion at mand Y. A. 11. Gru
stead. a,
Gibson Electric Ranges. lame
Ms. Bah-m
One Ilinute Washers
m Pl &
urnblgl M
815 m Ave. 3‘!
FOR BALI: New Iloon trails. in
good condition. Vern Clam, 000
S. 9th St., Sunnyside, Wn. 88p
I'OR BALI: Step up door lay
racks. o ft. high. Vibber-93¢-
all Drug Co. 88c
m BALI: One 4 year old milk
cow Wll come trash Nov. 34.
W. L. Plates. West Richlands.
FOR SALEJO-toot U-grivemVa;
save sir you moving expenses.
Call motion 3921. 88c
FOR SALE: Thanksgiving tux-hm
} M. L. C. um. phat:

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