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u~vv-~~l at.) ----
’v’6LTl, NO. 4
Diary .. . '
of A Busy
. . . Hostess!
By Alma Hicks
Hello—l’m so glad to be with
you all again. I almost missed
making the paper last week, I
took my news, .(such‘as it is) in to
Lillian Tuve at 6:00 p. m. and
found the door locked.
Whew—the razzing I would
have had from Tiny if they
hadn’t Opened the door for me.
He always wants me to start
writing on Wednesday for the
next Tuesday.
Dr. and Mrs. Compton
Are Guests of Honor
Bib things here at The Farm
Tuesday, ur. and Mrs. Compton
of Washington State College were
guests 01 nonor at a luncheon.
Other guests were
From Kennewick: U. L. Keol
ker, Paul Richmond, Erwin S.
Black, Lawrence Scott, C. C.
Wimams, Hone TuVe, Ross H.
Frank, Bruce Lampson, Frank
D. Maupin, Mrs. Norma Gross
cup and Mayor J. C. Pratt.
From Richland: Dr. Winton
Patnoue, F. Ellis Johnson, J. W.
Mahan, David F. Shaw and J. 12.
Travis. _ _ ~ _ .
From Pasco: Dwight Thomas,
Clarence Booth, Hugh A. Scott,
L. Bates. Hill William, W.-
A. Henson, Lawrence brown, E.
W. Newman, A. T. Hostetter, E.
argonnston and Gordon humer
fo . ‘
Did you know that Lois Renee
Bailey and James Stuart McKin
nis were married last Friday,
Jaguar! 2th? _ - - -
The wedding took place at the
home of the bride’s parents. Mr.
and Mrs. L. R. Bailey of 419
Columbia. Kennewick.
The marriage was per-towed by
Elder (Z. w. Jachon of the
L. as. church. after which a
wedding upper was served here
at The Farm. - -
'Mrs. C. E. Ether. of Hurricane.
Utah, sister of the bride, was
matron o: honor and Bob Mc-
Kinnh. brother of the mom. was
Those 7 attending the wedding.
Dresses .for‘
~ Stylish Stouts
181/2 t 0 2.4%
$8.95. to $16.95
£l“':.r’.‘33.":"'“’ "“ “'
r! g ”d 1?- rour Dr!
Boulevard Watches Pearls '
Diamonds 4 Cigarette Lighters
Brooches . Earrings
Watch and Jewelry Repair
Crystals of Every Type
Hours9A.M.*toloP.M. ' ‘
Coney Island Plyer
Call at “THE Y” For
Delicious ' .
Coffee ._. . —Soft Drinks
Come In
Under New Management
Homer and Vivian
OpenFromfiA. M.to 10PM.
Mishaps Plague
Hillside f Family
Even the patience of Job—in the
face of adversity might have been
.taxed by the series of misfortunes
that have afflicted the Thom
burg family of Hillside trailer
court, writes Correspondent Mrs.
Cecil Jones.
“It all began,” runs her re
port, “when Linda Thornburg got
infection in her ear, which lasted
off and on for several weeks.
“Then the whole family, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomburg, Linda and
Rickey, were poisoned by some
food they ate. They just got
over that when Linda broke out
with the chicken pox.
“Then Rickey had tonsilitis and
an ear Infection. While he was
still sick, Linda came down with
the mumps, along with the chick
en pox, tonsilitis and ear infec
uon again and all at once.”
The gamut of mishaps was not
complpte, however, Mrs. Jones
continues: ~
“Linda was getting along pretty
well when Rickey.broke out with
the chicken pox on Christmas day,
ind‘tWO days before New Years,
hengamefiqwn w_it_h _t_he @mps.
“The doctor told Mrs. Thom
burg Linda had to have‘her ton
sils out. So, on Friday of this
week, she took Linda to the hos
pital to have her tonsils re
“After the operation, Linda lost
a lot of blood and had to have a
blood transfusion. She got along
fine then and she came home from
she hospital Saturday evening
Noting that Linda is now get
ting along fine, Mrs. Jones con
cludes “I hope this ends their
iand the supper were:
1 Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Melanin“.
IMr. and Mrs. M. RI McKinnis.
\r. and rs. L n. Bailey. Elder
;Carl W. Jackson, Elder Jack W.
Dowdley Miss Janet Adolphaon,
‘Miss Carol Bailey, Miss Alice
Renae Riber. _ ~
Out or town guests were Mr.
3:21;“ C. E. Riber Minna-lean.
The W pianrvto make
their home in Kennewick.
Good luck to you both;
TOUGH “I“ .. ._ .. ,
‘ I had a littletouxh luckiest
week. I cut the endo! ‘a. finger
of! with a large butcher knife.
and ran a fish hook into an
other tinsel: Ibrdkethe fish.
hook or: at the barb. _Bothm
pretty sore. but getting; '
along fine.
nun-m . . 7,.
" Our mim- {or new ends.
Galen Freed, ~01 Richland. has in
fection in his thumbyso Gray<
Heiser, of Shady Nook is pinch
hitting for him.
Ed Miller, Mayor of Pros
ser, was here again, he said the
food is worth the long drive.
Report From .
Hillside Cour!
By Mrs. Cecil Jones
As Mr Guy Moose was coming
home from Rlchland Saturday
“ "ar "as sideswiped by
another car. Mr. Moore was very
fortunate in not being hurt.
- al’ Mrs. Ross Kohl pur—
ehased a new trailer this week.
They_ sold __their _olgl _one to_ Mr.
I"*_ "(‘2l: O’Neil who have
“em livimz in Sunnyside for the
past couple of months. Mr. and
Mrs. O’Niel are former residents
of this court. Mrs. O’Neil is the
WWW” of Mr. and Mrs. M.
Unkrwood who also resides in
h co t Both trailers will re
main here.
! Mrs. w. A. Whitehead 0‘: Pros
!ser was an overnight guest of her
---.. Mrs. C. B. Coleman this
week. .
Mrs. Carl Lawrence was hostess
- v ‘ridav afternoon.
Guests were Mrs. Homer Strles,
.... Y e neth Lechelt, Mrs. Mel
vin Blocker, Mrs. Frank Sacks,
Mrs.hDave Smith and Mrs. Murl
“INN .
Mr.- and Mrs. W. E. Jeter of
’3. ran were Saturday evening
lr'ests of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Beas
Mrs. Homer Stiles, Mrs. Kay
“locker. Mrs. Lee Galbraith, Mrs.
Leo , Lesrnister, Mrs. Kieh
”Mnbs. *9. Joe Rosicka were pot
luck dinner guests of Mrs. Ben
Kinsey of Richland Wednesday.
‘(err of Pinevine, Ore.,
has been visiting at the home ,of
Meek. and Mrs. George Hinek this
'r. and Mrs. Ndnnan Mc-
Intyre and son Darrell of Rich
land were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Marl Short.
Mrs. Dirk Thornburg and Mrs.
Dave Smith were visitors of Mrs.
Albert Lux Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Kannlth Kroll gave a
birthday party for her dam
ter Barbara Saturday afternoon.
Guests were Mrs. Carl Lawrence.
daughter Carla Jo. Mrs. Carroll
Fort and daugter Patsy and Bar
bara’s sister .
Ilr. and Mrs. Can-on Port and
daughter Patsy, Mr. and Mrs.
C. R. Cole and chm Bud and
:t‘ayry motored to Wallula Still-
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thorn
burg of Pasco were Sunday via.
gore of Mr.aners.chkThorn—
-1 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Blaylock
land children of Kennewick were
Sunday evening guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Moore. .
f Pamena Simmons. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. George Shamans.
has boom]! the past week with
an ear ‘
Mr. “mama were
Saturday eVeuingdinner guests
of Mr.aners.ankSacks.Mrs.
Sacks served Tacos a Mexican
dish which was sent toher from
Thank you, Mr. Miller, we love
to hear things like thgt.
ser, was here again. He said the
the record (for our juke-box) “I
on weight, Tiny is trying to get
Don’t Want _I-ler, you can have
ner, she’s-to fat for me." Please.
Earl Magelson if you are a friend
of mine, keep that record away
from The Farm.
Mmm—we had seven very
nice looking. good nautred ladies
here for Sunday dinner. They
seemed to enjoy themselves so
much, I hope they come often.
You want their names- All right.
here they are:
Mrs. Norma Gosscup, Mrs. Trier
Mrs. Raymond, Mrs. H. R. Vib
ber, Mrs. F. N. Morton, Miss
Loretta Cowden and her mother,
Mrs. Cowdal.
FAREWELL 'ro ousnmn‘
We have lost part of our farm
family. We had to sell our guer
nsey calf “Queenie”. She just
wouldn’t stay at home. '-
Mel Chaney and Bill Hunt of
the Tri-City Herald were here
for Sunday dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strum, son
Auto '
P rt ' ' -
a S |
am 111
We built our reputation the
hard _gvay. ProViding hard-to
get, top grade Auto Parts. For
what you need—always try us,
first. You get what you need.
when you need it, here. And
motel—you’re sure of Parts
‘ of first quality. At fairest
‘ prices. ‘
Benton Auto Parts
308 Ave. C. Phone 1290
Post Office Bids
Desired From Y
R 0 'l' Remrds, Kennewick
Postmaster today renewed his
call for bids on the contract post
office at the Richland Y.
Zooming business activity in
the area, he stated. makes the
new office more essential every
day, particularly .in the ligh.
:r -a con’htions in th:
Kennewick post 'office.
:"s " ill be "“"ve'l at t‘w
office of the Postmaster until
c. clrck on the morning 0
January 20, and are to cave
i 1 nt space convenient for
the public for the trasaction of
postal business. The contract per
iod will run from April 1, 1948 to
Ap_ril l_, 1950. '
'The business of a contract of
ice is to handle money orders,
parcel post, stamp sales, registry,
and other necessary duties.
".v 01 forms and additional
information can be secured,
Records said, at the Kennewick
post office.
The flow, When
And Y 01 It
By Georgia Fishn-
Mr. and Mrs. James Wood will
observe their fourth wedding an
niversary .Wedfgfgoy;“§v§gone
ms .n wis ...g you many more.
the next couple at weeks with
Shirley Fisher, while her folks
“e at AOWa ou busmess“
Miss Blanche Larson will spend
with pneumonia tne last couple
of weeks. We or eglad to hen-she
is improving. Catherine is an
eig‘clfih grade stuoent in Kenne
Thursday laat there was a do!-
inite shortage of buaineu men and
women (around the noon hour) In
. ese parts. luey were mvued to
attend the Chamber o! Comm
team and were well represent.-
mm‘ tootin'Jlmmin'
nvin' union was held in' “YeOld
Bin." Qt Wu Sal'-
dny night. Then my. aunt
.. z... .lah ‘supertlmewasl
had by all. nuslc was by Nero
vin Graeh'a Range Rldcsa. Dale
.-ununenter was the very able
chel while presiding over the
......‘ourger anu cottee booth.
Lyle D. Woodworth ls home
after serving two years in the
navy. lie will loan” to God:-
rbagtoh. Penn. to Mt his m‘
ore. m here.~.
Mr. J.’ 11. Hccornflch had a hlt
ol had‘luck wnlld t has way
here from Pomeroy visit hls
wife and baby. when he hit a
patch of ice this side 01 Walla
Walla, rolling ms car three tunes.
Lucxuy ne was unnurt.
Mrs. Richard L. Mahon is the
very able guardian of Richard,
Delbert Jean and Ruth Ann Moh
deck, whue their mother 1:. m
the hospital welcomin‘ another
auditlon to tne Mpyy manly.
Gwen Mondeck was the sheet of
honor at a baby shower last week.
and received many lovely arts.
Those attending were seweu a
. -.., heucltlus luncneon 01 co!-
fee, fruit jello and cake at the
close or a very emoyable after
Mrs. Ellis Wooawam, everyone
contributed towam a cam: pane
and bread box set for the lucky
may" mrs. menaru human, as
hostess, served xce cream, cake and
conee. meryone reported a
grand time. _
Jim and Miss Anne Armstrdng of
Richland were here tor amner
aupuax nigm. _ , _
Jim'is in the navy, on ship
Tarawa, and is stationed in San
r‘rancxsco at pnesent:
. Our good friend. and neighbor.
Mrs. Ernest (Betty) Spears, of
ehady Nook Trailer Court had
a heart attack Monday mgnt. bne
Get well soon Betty, we mix you
at The Farm. -
Mr. Dewitt Giiftin of Richland
had a dinner party Monday at-
The Farm for his sixteen oo
workers, sorry, I didn’t get their
names, but I understand they are
all from Richland.
m ALI.
Guess that is all 01 the news
for this week, Russel just came
in from school. and, as we are
going out, I will say ‘
‘ Good-bye now
1 See you all next week. ‘
By Bunch. Milky.
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Pinion have
a nice selection of used trailer
homes and cars for sale right next
to the highway that is called “Del:
Trailer Sales" and just back of
that. *8 “91‘!!er Cqurt’f. _ _
Mr. and Mrs. Max Lewis had
as guests Jan. 3rd and 4th their
son, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R.
Lewis and family of Garrison.
Judith Linn Borgen. small
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dell
Borgen. Jr. has been confined with
the chicken pox but is setting
along nicely.
Mr. H. 8. Meyer has a new
“Generator Shop” toward the
trout ottheoourtthatisopen
lfor business.
Chamber Members
Attend Luncheon
A} Goalie School ,
'rne Kemmwick Chamber of
.:ommerce wul lorego Ats regu
lar meeting today to attend the
.enton-Franklin grape school
ancheon at the Highlands club
Urgin__g_ th_at as manyimemibers
3 possible be present, Chet Dur
ley requested them to attend the
:ntire school agenda. which op
md this morning at 9 o'clock.
and will continue throughout to
day and tomormw.
Sponsors of the grape school
re the Chamber of Commerce,
the Benton County Extension 01'-
fice and the Church Grape Juice
tompany. Its purpose is to teach.
through lectures and practical
lemonstrations. methods of im
flrovine both nuantity and quality
~f grape yields.
Among authorities who will
~weak during the session are Dr.
'oseoh Jacobs of the irrieation
branch experiment station at
"’osser: Dr. John C. Snvder of the
‘xtension service: Dr. M. R. Har
~is. extension plant patholoeist.‘
'md Dave Brannon, extension ‘
‘ervice entomoloeist.
All grace growers in the com
‘wnfiv 3‘an Men invited to at
‘ond the sessions.
TMaV's Inncheon at the Hilfi
‘ande ”akin!” i! gnnn‘ied 5V
‘Fe (Skunk Gram .‘hflm mmnonv
gown- nr panama or
mu. anon-r
'1“: 311'". OF VHSNINGTON
Con Van Nunn. «and.
that theflnflnportmdl’eflw
flaunt-Distribution inthenbom
entitled estate has been filed
git: glut of aid court: and
a caring noon aid mod
ald court at m. Baton
theatthduotrebnnry. 19a.
forenoon. or as soon as there
Courtlhlph Anew-LAM
'I2A North 4th St., MW”!!-
ington. l-lStol-zs
S~C O -
on: - Inmgan ‘ .
”£l3” ~t- 's .2.]. ~-“,~. 1‘ A:&’f~fl"~§:‘“iga'§'..;s; .sb_ ‘. fit-‘7‘ AI “fflt‘fi " 23‘ .....ug, ° 2?". -'_ ‘.- I _-.
,754' ~-‘.A" ', "'~\? .\~‘.- .. " ‘-°» h ‘ .-;- -"." "'A' “-"d‘ Mu ~u
.. .. , ~35»... xm. = m . ~ .
42wa M .. a, .~.. » -'"' W m
if?" ‘ {2..- fli ‘.-'”“--—L.r‘.--*‘¢‘*'.3$'5"’-.7:=:"“~.,J‘ 3V"? tr L‘ XL x 9055“ M.- ‘l' ; innit; ’g; ' f ”3: w "
3"»‘gi”.f‘%r-‘ '": . ‘. ~93 -,- Jul”: a; .5" . r
55m P'X'E‘lzi'sg.‘ .715WE""‘”.L' 2%.. fig? . *"l**"--r':w :5 " .....-
' {s34. “W P 43.“ - x. f --\::..;=“-.f£§3 9233' ,-~_..‘~" "'ngW-g,.'v‘3.3%.?“ ‘41.:1 u;
.' . . ."a ._.. -_ v . ‘ . > - 4.. .._ 4 5 __ J. t ..4 * s"".v'f“ ." ’¢-'>':r"_"-’.(._‘, '.‘ ’.e ;1‘ ~'
57ft», 7"‘7‘ . 9‘5 ‘ «3&3: .. -‘§‘”e“§fia WW”? .al' ‘A ”...“ -
vw.-.~*~¢”.i“ ”h ' “”3 ~ :.-.=. 2 .3.» *1», .. .. “r. '. v ‘.. V"
.. * 2 ..;. .‘ "" I’2; ‘ -* ~' -- K» .2“ 3‘ 15.: U .r f 7 :1 r. 9.?" " . -- .‘Z 7
fit? "'54 :&;;~....-:.W?m -_. . Ex; ,Eagufiw £3 3’ 2,3,3: 3’3
W’% : '- ‘ a ....» Mu u .
. 2 ~e',*‘ »~' m”... »~2:,. '' ‘ '* .5 'r- u - r-i- ' fwflr . m -.~ . '”
‘,‘.‘w&:‘ ,r¢l~f__ 3‘” M._ 5.3:? ‘ , 4 ‘ 7345“ .. ‘:‘“!!- .._ww ‘ 3:” v*l v» “In..."‘bz ‘ \ 4“. .
1.; ‘:'». '92:.4 .:‘?“ ~E‘,:.sa~la (L; 3":“11- H‘ A f )6 A ' '..Q‘J‘£\';“. ‘ 1““:
§ -: i '1 ’7‘} ' its.
2‘l ‘ :Nn’J r. _
- ~33 ' P g "35?
. . s . «L: («w
i; > & .w “"77 $, 's
t '. "I i . >.
3.: '. ,‘fi .1.“ .1 '.
”a ~»-<$"0~: - 44‘”? '
w Ltd-3&3? . . “Kr-14 "~ ‘--‘Q ""“ - if 3%
:..»*g.m“* . - YWM 1...: {...j ? ‘3; l. .. ..M Q“; «r «a»
‘ ‘: 2‘"? ‘53": r? ‘Ndfiwi- a} ‘ ‘ .. I“ R “ .2.. ’2‘ ;e1" ‘" 0 NW)” WU"
.‘ ~?-;m‘gfsw-.~ » Winn - ""fi;W-» “':‘Jx‘i‘br-J'. 51$
' : i ‘. ‘-' '9 «V "' - "‘ ‘1 V”. W .:‘-n»- I: 1“?“ w‘ u .
‘ .. . . v» - ’
‘ 5 1““ _, _.“3.‘« 43.3., . '
more ar: nan ammo (mm
Genuine Maytag Washers
’ lutio to ashing hlem Whil ’t l
Heres the so It your w pro ! ewe can prom ae
. 0
you immediate dehvery of a new Maytag . . . the dependable washer
O .
that gets clothes cleaner, faster . . we can furnish you a genuine May
. ’ O '
tag to use while you re wanting.
We can offer you the use of our help-yourself-laundry while you await
dehvery. ‘
Merely save your receipts from the laundry and we will apply them on
your new Maytag when delivered. .
Stop 111 today! . . . Place your order and a small deposit under our
0 O
Pnonty Agreement Plan . . . ander washing needs are solved.
News Items
Chewy Wood Court
By Bunch. Millage
Due to the continuous rain 15;:
"‘"esda" several were off work
(mm “The findson Coinlstméuia
Company". ey were r. . .
c “ Mr. A. A Gilbert
and Mr. Jake Baumberger.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Bezzio and
'aughter Patricia drove to Yakima
last Wednesday afternoon and re
turned Thursday evening. While
theme they visited his brother. Mr.
"“1 Mrs. M. W. Bezzio and son
Ronald. .
Kr. and Mrs. C. M. Donovan
v‘sved Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce and
family of Richland last Thursday
Mrs. Mildmd Sanders accom
panied Mudnd Mrs. Forest Tay
lor and son. Carl of Richland to
Walla Walla last Thursday to do
some shopping.
r Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Giles at
Richland called, on Mrs. Nellie
Cornelius Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Marie Donovan spent last
Thursday evening with Mrs. Ed
ward Girvan and Eddie of Rich
land while the men folks were
bowling at the Recreation Center.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stephens
and children left last Friday to
visit relatives in Walla Walla.
Freewater and Milton. Ore. They
planned on lemming Tuesday.
Mu. Nellie Cornelius quit work-
In" in Pasco where she was em
ployed us,- “try cook’ .
in: last week at “The Testy Drive
1 Mrs. Justin Severen and son.
John. were accompanied by Mrs.
George Schweizer and Mrs.Locis
Saunders on a shopping trip to
Pendleton, One. and Walla Walla.
Wn. Saturday. -
Mrs. Loren Repp's brother-in
law, Mr. Melvin Manning, has
been employed by Atkinson and
Jones at their warehouse in Pasco.
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Severn and
John end Mr. and Mrs. acorn
Schweizer and «lemurs, Susanne
and Marine visited Sunday with
Mr. Schweiur's sister. Mr. and
33'5.... in bin-sad
Mr. and Mrs. Lester “don
were dinner guests Sunday at Mr.
33am 0! the “anneal-t.
C. 3. Buck and daughter, Carlene.
\Paseo accompmhd Mr. and Mn
New Directors of
Chamber Will Be
Announced Today
Results of the Chamber of
Commerce election of directors
will be announced today as soon
a a final tabulation of ballots in
complete, Ron Frank. manager.
Nine directors are to be select
ed from the 21 nominees. The
new directors will choose a presi
dent and vice president from
their number. subject a) rectifica
tion by the full membership of
the chamber:
Receipt of ballats closed this
morning at 10 o’clock. Frank
? Nominees for directors during
‘1948 are H. E. Oliver, Don Sol
berg. Fmd Bunch St., Al Cheney.
H. R. “Tiny" Hicks. R. C. Rec
tor. Frank Mnuptn. Chet Durdle.
Hal Brutzman. Robert Mathem.
Odes Sloan. Austin Simonds. A.
C. Amon, Larry Garcia. A. T.
Belah', E. A. Sillman, Burns
Brown. I“. P. Meverden. Rolfe
Tuve. Robert Jones. and Gene
Richard Brighton of Richland to
the “American River Lodge” be
yond Yakima where they did
acme skiing over the week end.
Mu. Bruce Bon Durant began
touching Monday in the Kinder
garten enortment. for one period.
at the Moreno thon School In
Mrs. Lester Sheidon was both
ered 3 mt deal with arthritis
the put week. She was some bet
ter the first of this week and all
M!!! h.» wanton t 2 unwr-
Monday waning Joann non
land 1.
Mr. and Mn. Griffin of m
backboard» mand
Mamba». m
Mrs. C. u. Donovan’s math-r.
In. A. m of mm. M
Ismdumafldmwlth -.
and Mn. 0. :1. Donovan and

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