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THURSDAY. m 3'2”“;
L ’ ciafion is
W.“ In Belle:
Trailer Business
Movmg swiftly to correct con
ditions described by representa
tives of the trailer coach manu
factufing industry as “shocking
and “appalling" the trailer park
owners and trailer dealers of the
KenneWiCk community Thursday
night formed an association for
the improvement of trailer park
L. M. Cronin was selected tol
act as temporary chairman of‘
the infant association. I
‘ Speaking to an audience siimd
med by the imminenee of the
Columbia river flood, Jean Jae?
qua, editor of the “Trail-R-
Nm”, urged that planning be
kept beyond a ten year projec.‘
tion into the future.
“We've had proofs last night,"
Jacques said, "of the value or the
trailer coach. What other type of
homes could have been evecuat
ed as quickly as trailers?”
fie commented on pictures of
trailer park scenes in the Kenne
wiek and river road localities,
stating that the conditions de
picted were “disgracetul”. Trai
ler parks, he continued. can be
an asset to any community.
$2 '2‘ we must not approach the
eveling at: periodionly to find
shun areas in the trailer settle
ments. ‘
Jacques said that no organized
local planning has been directed
toward the nation's third largest
industry—the tourist industry.
Admitting "that it would be' folly
to attempt to bring more tour
ists to an already over-populated
area at this time, he nonetheless
canceled that the - objective
should be kept in mind for the
future. ~
J. Lee Brown, 10110qu Jae-1
que- on the speaker's M‘supq
ported his stand on the need forl
immediate correction of trailer
park conditions in the Keane-J
wick area.
Speaking as a representatlw 01l
the 58 trailer coach matmiacturm
ere who in 1947 did a $200.4
000,000 business in trailer coaches
and trailer equipment. Brown
commended the work of the Ben
ton-Franklin County health dis
trict, and urged immediate action‘
to improve trailer park condi
tions_in the city andythe sur
rounding territory.
mom 10 Harmony
The assignment of Bear Ad
miral W. S. McCaulay, U. 8. Navy
(Retired) to the staff at the Han-‘
m: Atomic Works was an-
Thursday by R. C. Muir,
Gonna! W.
~ ~p/ , \ ‘ezgagza-Ezag.
= . f y
" . x . . 22229232?
~ ’ - <1 ‘ :3E;i§;.‘~;:_
. v“ " , ,5"
i Q;
.4125. ~‘~‘3t7."."/o o. o ‘,'1:5::.':2§3553251§1§:?3r " '
, . ;3:33;:::§:.;;55§§;;43,3;:;.;.;.-.-- .
fl " ' MY
a Way ‘0 SOV emo .
here 5 0
‘ cut- that
th'mflmwho M2l”. is.
age you Coal Heating Service. n“. m: ‘ . m
thitntoerrenge foreservicenun ' mm: 22.3:
In Inspect your coal heating system. em"
“I it. and make any needed re- MW- “.. 1......»
:23. :dm investment now to tut .
II I condition your heating "m. m, c... ....
m will pny big dividends in eervee to tut S.OO var-I n.
M“ M 5““ m" Vim"- AM" Henlelflul heat. can mo
nee er boiler that’s regularly hope m’ weal. tile he
MM aim even greater heating “*O." W .
“am...“fl greetercoml'ort W.¢enlldemfl|
.0 . . "In more economy with cofl— your hello. ple-t. to not
the low-cost fuel! tut-o. um- «no-0|? 7::
So give your budget . break. on ‘ ......”‘w". " """"' ' .
7°" C9O! Heating Service retailer “My m n “-.. n M
0' equipment dealer today, or .'- . . .... .°. ...“.. '
COAL 241 . outs-um whet...”
SERV'CE for better home heating
SDOnsored by 31 Yakima Valley . -
Leading Fuel Merchants
E rommn mans, m.
W. F. Hanson, Mgr.
' ‘ - ' ‘ A. ' 3., ‘ ‘; _' w . . ~
« ‘ h . ' - - '5. . ‘ ”5‘ ~- .\f ;..".;v
‘ ‘ ' .‘. V ' .1 _‘j .‘ - 0 _-,‘~.~'_ >v. B'. u
~. * V _ an _. 4 ,
-X‘ « v
" - .
' VALE“. ”a; W __ Y _._
_-‘.~.un_ V., ~~ ~
‘ m- ._ .-.'..«‘»; ,‘-*.\' t. -. . . - ”q... .. 3. V ‘:“‘»"P:::;:..;";:z.'
M ‘- "V''\P '" ' z ’ ',‘-.'\. .".'..'.. ‘ _
- ’ ‘ --§--:.vs§‘: ;-,: ._M 31‘. _
*- ».-' [email protected] ,I ..y; 3 m,
. ‘ » ' o. \ -.
--.. _
" in: 4 WM}
-. .v M' ‘ .
' .-'. ‘ “a.“ ‘ mw/
" o x. ~__.... -_ N
.. ,A .
W ~ .. .. N
. ~-
‘l'wn ‘
Hun equipment and crews from tho sown! contact»: in nich
land and North Richluu! ioinod town to fight the avidly m
wators in the Columbia and Yakima. tints that thmtoaod and
viow monrauymmmummummm
lovelotthomldfm thoYtotlu Yakima 21mm.
MfluMJMnnhowsnhavysmck mum on: the
brink at tho uh'od' ems-way. ‘
(PW _by £O5lOl Johnson for 111-ion! Works In.)
Mr. and Mrs. Moulton' ‘
Celebrate Anniversary,- ‘
"Mr. and Mrs:-~M. M. Moulton’s
family were all home on Mon-J
day which was' their forty-third
wedding anniversary. ‘ .
‘ Mr. and Mrs; 'Be'ntley -'Galli
gen and two children came from
gßedmond, Ore.,- m. and Mrs. c.
‘E. Connell ‘and fthree children
[and -Miss Patsy .Moultoh' "from
‘Seattle and Mr; 'and ~Mrs. Walt
[Knowles and children from Ken
[he-wick. .' ‘ ' '
Miss Patsy left ior Walla -Wal
la where she has" been transfer-'
Names of City’s War
[Dead Are Requested
The families of Kennewick
boys. whose lives were lost‘in
the service of their-"country. were
requested [this week to communi
cate with Mrs. Paul Richmond of
1107 Kennewiek Avenue, phone
1313. «er3. Roy Harris. 111
[Third Avenue East. phone 1812.
Mn. Richmond and Mrs. Har~
[rig appealed: “Please do this at
once, as the mother of one of
[these heroes desires to have a
plaque enscribed with their name
[and dedicated! to the memory of
her son.“ ‘
The combined: Mex-noon and
Evening Toasunistress clubs win
meet Friday, June 11, at 1:30 for
luncheon at the Arrow Grill. The
re will be an election of officers.
The Sidewalk
Due ‘to the fact that many
members of the club were en.
gaged this week in flood work
and others were spending all
their time rubber-necking there
was no official session of the
Groaners. However a hand-full
of the faithful did gather on
meeting night only to discover
that the basanent headquarters
was rippling three-quarters full
of water. One at them mused
to save the battered gavel that
was lodged on a window sill and
the little group ruemliy plodded
homemrd.‘ agreeing to cell the
next session to order in the gem:-
in: summer quarters.
8119 me
There are“ so many interesting
sidelights to the devastating flood
of the past week that it will be
impossible to record many of
the day. Reporting a disaster of
this nature, whlch covers so
much territory and involves so
many thousands of people is a
task that would require the com
binsd ettorts or“ hundreds of
writers, photographers and radio
men. Add to all this the ann
culty of traveling over the dis
aster area and readers may be
able to understand why many
mistakes are made ‘and many;
discrepaneies appear.
‘ Add to the difficulties men
.tioned above the stepped up out
put of the rumor mill. “The wa
ter’s rising." . . . “it's going
down . .7; " Rumors of 11m
lost, people missing, boats cap
sized. people marooned on is
lands or buildings, equipment
lost. roads closed or not closed,
and a thousand others. We can
admit to the general belief that
‘.‘newswriting' is such interesting
work!" But it’s no bed of roses.
It seems ridiculous that in spite
of the tremendous volume of
water that has been cascading
down our valleys that one of the
most serious-threats to commun
ity life was the possibility ot<a
shortage of water. The PP&L
was .tortunate in having wells
in operation and the K 11) under
Ed Brand’s guidance, fought a
Isucceatul- fight against the tor
irent' to keep water running in
;that system. The community owes
a lot ‘0! thanks to the operators
of the . utility systems. 3
The public health is also ser
iously menaced during and espec
ially menacing flood conditions.
Dr. Charles Tudor and his stat!
have worked diligently and it is
hoped successfully to keep the
area free from any major epi
demic. Their final success will
rest more with the sane and full
cooperation of the citizens than
on' their own efforts. No one
should in any way minimize the]
{threat to health. i
The citys flood, committee,
headed by Mayor Pratt, has re
ceived a 'haskettul of volunteer
help from many local citizens.
Their efforts have aided in a
thousand ways to reduce confu
sion. The Red Cross has alleviat
ed a lot of‘suifering. The Nation
al Guard. city police, sheriff’s
force and other agencies have
joined in the allout each-t to
solve flood problems
meet Thursday. June 10, at 2 p.m.
‘with Mrs. Frank Wright. 423 11.;
Third. 1
run: a‘ cm can 1
The Pink 1; Green Club win‘
meet with Elle 'Peue. ThursJ
day, June 10. a p. m. 4
Toastmistress Club
Meets at Cronin Home
The Toastmistms club met"
with Mrs. L. M. Cronin at 8:15
Friday, May 21. Mrs. Lance Read
presiding. Mrs. L. G. Wagy was
a guest. Hrs. Herb Owens as
table topic mistress iintroduced
the subject of costumes for var.
ious occasions. ?
Mrs. J. 1". Sage gave a report
on the speech contest held at
Coeur d’Alene. Mrs. Paul Hors
ley was toastmistress. Mrs. Don
'Kirk gave a ten-minute illustrat
ied talk on clothing and colors.
‘Mrs. A. C., Deflenbaugh held a
{word drill pertaining to clothing
and materials. Mrs. Robert Marsh
was evaluator and critic.
Mrs. Marsh was elected club
‘repmentative to attend the
Council meeting to he held in
Spokane June 15. ‘.
Vista Airfield has been oper—
atint nilht and day since Sat
urday night. mine. mm
across the flood waters. netween.
350 and 400 passengers have‘
been flown in the three daytime‘
planes and the two planes flying
at night. I
1 Twin City Airport has alsoi
been on.a 24 hofir schedule. (13-1
ingzsopeopleout ottheflood‘
estimated that the to plane: fly.
iing front the field have carried
[I.OOO pauengera. Flights have
Walla Walla. Pendleton. Port
land. Spokane. Chehalis, Yakima
and Wenatchee.
Five of the Twin City planes
are equipped with navigation
I Oneteatureotthenoodperiod
was a flight‘ot fresh produce
.trom Walla Walla to food store:
?c£ Kennewick.
Both ail-pom will remain on
One expectant mother was
flown from the Twin City Air
flood area. .
Breakfast nights from the
Twin City field will be flown on
June 8 as scheduled unleaa oth—
erwiae announced.
alumna: moment)
Mr. and Mrs. P. Herrera of
Route 1. announce the marriage
of their daughter Carmen, to Den
nis roster alao of Route 1.
I. Too Late 'l‘oCla-lfy
IBM—m in ma. Jun;
2. Finder please return the pa
per: and licenses. May keep
money and hilltold. Wendell Ba
teman, c-o 12 Fruitland, Xen
newick. '
@Oll SALE—Fisher 18th pi
;ano. Mrs. IJoyd Allen. 5311 10—c
s33qu material for
. Include; in
aulation m and doors.
$600.00. Phone 1911. 1041-121:
2}\ ‘\‘ Big find of the
QQEM.‘ , ‘ summer season!
" \ \ F Precious white san
’l‘? . ‘ dals °° ° highlights
”I" ‘1 ‘“\ MM _ ~ , infashion .. . high
‘Vi‘ \V‘ ‘:K\\lighting you! -
‘v 4' /3 V, ' . 35-95 _ .
, WANTED. 3mm -' mm... . .
Contact us at the'oid Walla Walla
Hawn's Cour!
Hello Folks at Hawns Court!
You asked me to write a col
umn about my trip, so here goes.
The train trip from Washing
7:40 and arrived in. St. Paul at
7:00 Thursday morning. The Em
pire Builder is one grand train
to travel on.
On th etrain there was a boy
>about two years old. named Gre
gory. He got a silver dollar mom
a man and called it his “80!!
. The altitude of the mountains
bothered me quite a bit. It made
my ears ring just terribly.
We traveled through Glacier
National Park in Montana. It is
very pretty at this time of the
year/In the depot at St. Paul
we had to wait three hours. That
was very tiresome. l spat snore
lmoney in that depot than any-
We had to chance trains in
St. Paul so we took the Rock
Island Rocket another fast
train. From there the trip didn‘t
last at all. . . .
train and am all sold on travel
in; for a while. Nuts to it!
Friday night my brother gradu
ated from high school in a class
the school. We had a receded
for him afterwards. l-le recdved‘
many gifts. (I wish I were hhis.
place). The reception ended at
2:00 o’clock in the morning- 31'0"
ther! ,
Well I'll have to sin of! now
until next week. Bye now.
w .
{Shirley’s Beauty Salon ,
,fomefly located at 2! Km:
Beauty salon at 215 Manet
wenueand mtomtor
'Watldnsandxuuke opmted
barbershopwuopented at 21
‘mmm .
[D.toraoneo'dock annual!
PhoebeCircledm-ing Julyand
Augut. . ‘
I Ml}: I. 0“ S
IRA. or Conventional
Call 861 Pm Wash. 3rd & Clark
unl'mu: - y s
mammo § :1, ‘" ‘
m vacant-ma : V 1.; '.
Phone’Kugewick 2794. f 3 i
hiking Welding Works
'Allo Code Tull!
Price- W on M
Phone 4871 WM. Wash.
nu m um
memo nucx RENTAL ‘srs'rm
our: non. mm
lino as m " m Pan. I‘.
' I mm
moan am '
Ohm—“__fi'sjmffm—‘fioio‘filrmj' '
- John Diotrich, nu. '
m on. It. not" In. til“ and tab on
u in... AB. m m d 0... he 1..-
ruin! ...-h. than. Dan M
M & Halal Drilling Co.
M's. '
Box” MM”! mun-u
licensed. Bonded and Insured '
Phone 1113 . J Kennewiek
lam-Sulfifinvol Co.
managing-:11 'Mortor, PW“
Pit an! .-' -- - : Drivcway Grave!
‘ _ M
,mnm his!“
But of he Twin City Airport
Custom lads Furniture
aneriu—SEpCom—Auto Upholstery
”'.u'. M I|.
min-... m‘u um

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