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Two Dances Scheduled asienelils ‘—
ljge Campaign [or March oi Dimes
.Dimes are to pour in from many
directions for the March of Dimes
campaign in Kennewick, judging
from activities planned for the
event. '
Two dances were scheduled!
this week in the Kennewick area
for the cause which provides for
care of those stricken by Infantile
Paralysis. Basketball games also
helped to boost the fund.
First dance will be Saturday
night, to be given by the Kenne
wick Teen Agers club. The club
is extending a special invitation
to their Pasco and Richland Teen
Age neighbdrs to the dance which
will be at the recreation hall in
Parkview Homes here, Saturday
night. Dancing will be from 8:30
o’clock to 11:30. Admission _will
be one dime but those who come
may toss in as many dimes as
they wish. Or they may throw
in larger silver and even bills.
The Teen Age canteen will be in
operation to dispense hot dogs,
doughnuts and coffee.
Kennewick Active club in co
operation with Norma Jean and
her orchestra, in arranging tor a
big dance at Vista field hangar
in the Highlands west of Kenne
wick, Monday night. January 31,
which is the regularly scheduled
night for celebrating the late
president Roosevelt‘s birthday.
The Active club will have its
expenses for this dance cut to the
bone so that practically all money
taken in will .be turned ’over to
the cause. Norma Jean and her;
orchestra are donating' their serv-\
ices. Dancing will,start at 8:30}
and continue to 2 pm. .
Norma Jean is especially inter-l
ested in promoting the campaign'
for funds for the care of infantile
paralysis victims, since. she is a
cripple and knows what it means'
t 6 suffer from impaired use of the;
- 5" ‘ " x .. ‘
i_\~, ’m -’
. I “‘s';- V." “g
l 2759' "if-r? '
Just .a .few leisure lzours can '
give” you a nevw hobby—a
new career—a new thrill!
Use them to learn to fly in
our training, school. Safe.
new planes—instructors who
have flown in the armed
forces—a thorough program
you'll enjoy!
TWin City
School of Flying
Telephone 5531
ADD A noon . mmsn Tm:- ATTIC
_______“_ .
a . Insulate 0 Remodel
. IN SULATION— In Bags or . ‘
Rolls. No Job too Big or to Small.
Z’éfifi‘mgmm Just Call 5171 10% Down
0 WALLBOARD— mm... . ‘ ,
L’rgxg'gm; 31:? “W" . AND UP TO 36 MONTHS _
. MASONITE—An Types and . .
55..., Tmporfils 5., a... me}... No reason to put off those made
gm: M’ Tm °“* ' modernization jobs any longer.
You’ll be amazed at the number of
‘0 P_INE SELECTS— Ponderosa things you can do on the inside
£221,32ch 3°?”xftw' 3‘" where it is warm and just how little
. . ' , it will cost each month. The. KEN
and a: Any price You Want to Pay. to Help You! ,
O.SASH&DOORS m - ' -
Eng-train nu £l.ch Area. And “Chen minds
v '8 8 You an I
....-..: 'n'f- " “' ‘ ‘8: Bull-Ins
O PAINTS by Schorn A Kennewick Lumber Yard Has .. Com.
I ° plate Line of Materials to Finish The:
O CABINET & DOOR - ’ Cabinet or Bum-1n in Real Style. Your
‘ ' puns and 10% DOWN“ Puss an. m.
HARDWARE 1 toxin! in You: Home 80 You Can Go:
_l That Job Done. Come—flan Us Help
[ You Wish You: plus.
Fruitland Ave. ‘ * Phone 5171 Between the Tracks
limbs. She has had a crippled arm
and leg for sometime. She urged
this week that everybody turn,
out and give their best‘ to the
the March of Dimes campaign.
Film Shop
United Press Staff Correspondent
_Hollywqod (U.P.) - Despite
what you have read in the papera,
free time kicking policemen,
not every movie star spends his
time smokmg marijuana-and-get
tin married. The veterans’ hospital
tours prove that a lot of those
who work hard all day work
equally hard, tor free, at night.
Tap dramatic actors, the na~
'ticn’s leaamg funny men and star
ilets who aren’t expected to do
{more man look oeaunt‘ul haVc
!pitals. Mostly, they report, me
ocen takmg nullywooa w me hoa
men just want to see the stars
and talk to tnem about. Hony
wood, its people and how they
make movies and radio programs.
Linda Darnell apClOgized to pa
tients in Oklanoma (.‘ity because
he couldn’t sing or dance. That
was okay, the fellows said; just
let'them look.
In San Francisco hospitals the
men whistled and stomped thexr
Leet when” Eddie Cantor and Dl
- Shore put' on ward shots.
They kept» western star Charles
Starrett telling stories an hour
:nd a half in Seattle. They whist
led. at Celeste Holm in upstate
New York', and she Whistled right
back. ‘
What's Sidney ‘Likq? l
i .“What kind of a guy is Sidney
’Greenstre'et?” they asked Peter
Lorre when he toured the West
Coast and the Rockies. Larry Ad
ler, who visited Boston area hos
pitals, reported he met a dozen
harmonica fans who wanted to
learn “Caprice Viennois.”
. Comedian Danny Thomas and
Marie. (The Body) MacDonald
toured hospitals in New York,
Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklamo
ma, Nevada and Arizona. . l
There’s nothing the veterans
like better, they reported, than to
see their favorite movie stars get
r‘nto the same kind of trouble
they’ve been in. .
That’s (beCause in the movie-the‘
heroes always get out. i
“The convalescent ve'ts want tol
feel that their problems someday!
will be solved," Thomas said. ‘
Guests of Mrs. Ellis Dorothy!
on Friday afternnon for a bridge
luncheon were Mrs. Charles Fox.l
Mrs. Milton Libby, Mrs. Harold
Stringer and- Mrs. Larry Oliver I
Third-year dental students conduct actual diagnosis and treatment
in operatory of new Health Sciences Building at the University.
The work is performed on volunteer patients. under supervision of
'ental professors.
Narma Lee
ims weer; one of our .readers
has an addition to offer to E.G.P.
on the saving of money. We are
always glad to get additional ideas
for two or more heads are better
than mine most any day.
Dear Norma Lee:
' I read your suggestions with
interest about how to save money.
I think you gave your reader on
ly part of the right plan of sav
mg. Besides keeping account of
where your money goes, get a
Good sized box. divide it into a
lot of little slots, lable the slots
“‘ren't”, “groceries”, “entertain
lment," etc., naming every avenue
through which your money will
go Then each week when you get
your check, split it into five dol
lar bills, and ilver, and drop 111-;
to these slot/ss enough to cover.
one weeks part of the period;
which_ your bill for same will.
cover At the end of every month,
you'll have your money to cover
every item. if you dron‘ it in ev
erv week and never take it out
except for what the lable says. 1
i A. Saver.
LDear Mrs. Lee, _
I What would be appropriate for
:me to give my boy friend for
a birthday gift? We are not en
gaged. but have gone steady for
several months.
Dear Happy, '
There are manv 'suitable oifts‘
in the moderate price range. What
are his hobbies? If fishing, ask
one of his bov friends to suggest
a piece of tackle needed or get
a book onfishing of hunting or
whatever the hobbv may be. Then
of course sweater sets are always
good, ‘along with pen and pencil
sets or good stationery.
If you know his interest, the
gift selection should be easy.
Anyone having a problem they
desire to have Mrs. Lee answer or
anyone washing to add anytmng
from their own experience that
might help a puzzled correSpon
dent should address letters to Mrs.
Norma Lee, Courier-Reporter, P.
0. BO): 126, Kennewick, Wash,
Cardguzing . . .
The cards stress tor t..e latter
part of ,the week the old addage
.. y wrsn a mug done well,
do -it $11M" and will apply to
the otter of well meaning friends.
Tneir intentions are nome, 'but
short on results. .
The' weekend will be a good
time for card parues, out. pcuj
quarrels may easiLy result. Child
ren born tms Weed wm be a...-
muous but will always have to
work hard for their success. I
Tne cards do not read well for‘
the iaeausuc people, for tne first
of the week will bring nusmrtun
ate cu'cmustances to upset their
ideals. A practical. viewpoint is
oeunitely neeoea. ;
'lhe cards tell of weddings to
come wim me many atmumg
parues. The rural area will come
in for many parues, me mu guns.-
ing parties or the new tug mak
ul‘; pau.es wm uc chtvcd
Neighbors will get together an-
many new unenaships will start.
The weekend warns or jealous
friends and lovers who can't
maxe up their minds. Guard,
against stubborness, for it does
no good to cut on your nose if
you only have to pow-oer gout
face again. E
5 Don’t let envy spoil a usually
I charming disposnion. in order to
maxe your ambitions come true,:
3 do your own planning and thenl
‘ follow through on your own. wen
.neaning friends will have advice,
out no ambition.
The cards warn that happiness
-nd marriage can be lost by lis
.ening to gossip of supposedly
good friends. It is time to be taci
.ul with loved ones and avoid
Love affairs and weddings will
prosper this weekend. Letters
will be received from' old friends
‘ .emng of planned visits.
The first of the week warns ofj
loss. Many small things will be
misplaced, causing loss of time
and temper. Second marriages
contemplated at this time are to
be happy, not too much material
things, but good eompaniomhip
The cards warn against flirting, ‘
for it may cause the loss of-a
very dear friend, and it just isn’t
~worth it. ° J
follow ambitions. with good solid 1
work. Gambling and day dream- 4
ing will not bring unexpected 1
wealth. only disappointment. ‘
letters from unreliable and self- '.
ish friends desiring favors, most t
of which Will take the form of 1
demands for money. If refused. a
fi I .31 Good Food
.. " V/,;
F i9‘ .71 Anyhme You
,-, “85':! 4... .
M'" Mum,
mum's g. ? ‘
mu: mus - , &
Columbia at Fruitland "27°
Lamps Getting Bigger. “ore for
Your Money. Say Manufacturers
United Press Staff CorreSpondent
New York (U.P.) lf you judge
by size. you’re getting mom for
your money in the latest modern
lamps. They‘re bigger.
“We are making some of our
table lamps 36 inches high." com
mented one manufacturer at the
New York lamp show. “and that’s
a lot of lamp."
The shades are deeper. but nar
nower. Many of the new designs
have plastic or parchment shades
measuring up to 18 inches deep.
Few new lamp fashions showed
up in the hundreds of models on‘
display at the show. The onlylj
thing to leave a visitor murmur
?ng in wonder was the amount or
electricity that must be used to
keep a lamp display burning on
seven hotel floors.
1 Plastic and fiber glalss shades!
ipromise to be the most durable or
lall lamp coverings. The two mate
rials are combined to make beau
tiful shades which are resistant to
almost any stain, the heat. to light
‘and even to lipstick. The cost w
less than belt that of a genuine
parchment shade. - ?
Plenty of Variety
' ‘For families who like novelty
designs as well as light with then
lamps, the future holds plenty ot
variety. Weird wrod' cutouts in
're shapes come both in natural
wood and brilliant colors. There‘s
a floor lamp made' to resemble a
Icoachman's lantern. Plastic wire‘
screen is used for the bottom or
the lantern. with a red plastic
fabric hooded top.
: Three grinning fish are piled
up On a wavy sea blue base to
form the base of an inexoensive'
modern lamp. And for the chil-*
dren, the popular merrv-go-round
lamp has been animated. A mo
tor like that in a children's pho
nograph is put in the base of the
lamp with a switch separate from
the lamp switch. The merry-eo
round base spins almost sound
lesslv when the motor is switch
ed on. "
\ The manufacturers say there
M 11131! a slight twice dron In
china lambs this spring, but metal'
IPmn's will cost as much. It not,
Kim Earner
was readmé taepther day about
a designer who is worrying hbout
the unmentionable. She felt that
they should be mentioned. Her
point was that no matter what we
pay for our dresses, we usually
wear cheap underthings. To correct
this. she has designed menuonable
unmentionables. to range in cost
from 20 dollars to $47.00. It a
woman pays that much for he:
underthings. you never can shut
her up. ‘
One of the tips in her-designs
was a drop seat pantie, which she
described as being like Juniors‘
pajamas . . . How drafty, if I re
member right.
The climax was that of these
unmentionables were washable . i
imagine not being able to
wash your underthings . . . and
thinkofthecieanershill.. . also
of the path you would wear to his
door with your everyday trip
I wonder who pay: that design
er's salary?
Kennewick women have been
treated to some real bargain: -
the first sinc'e the war. The sale:
revived word. —Remember the
good old days when a sale meant
everyone went to town and al
ways eame home with a lot of
things they did need and always
just couldn't pass up not a
bargain like that . . .
How about it girls. has the tug
making erase caught you with
your stockings down, - or are
you using yarn? I started making
a crochet rug from cotton rug
yarn, and it insists on shedding
in over my wool slacks. 3—lll bet
m the only one in town with a
air of aneora looking slacn—.
empers will rise and they will
be slow to forgive. but your bank
000“!“ Will be healthier.
more, than last year. And even
in the china lamps, there still will
be plenty of intricate $l5O mo
dels with elaborate taffeta shade:
—for those who prefer delicate
china figurines to less expensive
mpmition bases of modernisttc
The days of the mattress cover
may be numbered. New mattres
ses. manufactured by the Sealy
company. have ticking desimed
by Mme Schinporem. tamed Paris
dress designer.
The mattresses win be sold with
the suggestion that they be left
‘uncovened. minus, bedding and
tsnreads. during summer months.
“They're too pretty to cover up."
lcommenter! a company spokes
lman; “the housewives can aua
sheets at niaht."
One mattress. called “bouquet.”
has a large, colorful buncn 01
field flowers in the center, with a
white background. Another is cov
ered with a design of ribbon
knots in “sleeping blue."
The ticking will be available by
the yard also. And there even are
plans to put out companion silp
covers. so the bedroom chairs can
match the mattress!
' '~ Mi
1 emg .
——AIV 1)
3mm~.u"~‘w {I #l, ' *’
Essa-attics, 2, ' ..~__ :;
fix, '~ "7;. r"
m'- 5?: ‘ i
was .‘ Cm
" -I\B‘“‘l‘[’l{;g:g:«
2': i :7'l‘”"e"' '
r. 5,4" sILV‘R . .m” 1 13;: iv]
law A W ‘fl?
' r..- .’ ,5; .2 (I
--a ; t 5
3w . 1 ®l' -. 4 J
“y if 1 £3l; I
. J 5; @ L
mm "Cu - -' .. 'l2 :.:‘ {'l
, - co-Hn
A magma;- or rznnom
. Roland Winters ' ‘
. , u .
, in
. u
- wan '
Key Luke
SUN. ONLY! JAN. 30 ,
Randolph Scott i
Barry Fitzgerald
Robert Mitchum
. —at ..
A >"?‘122f.:“.§;—1‘77‘2:.= '., F
" s 0
a. u LOO ° G cl.
3H: m Léff‘
._ m ..
Ray Milland -
, .‘— h
I WED. '1: [GET
8" comb Datum
J Ste
11:?“ . wart
Martin: _Snllivan
"Hex! Time
In nu: ma:
ARK °‘ "‘F [A S H
THURSDAY, .1» NUAm' .17. 1g
'1 "8' .
.v 0.5;!) ~ IBa(.I'QIJ
fmrc'gim 3 and Um >
Mn 0 , (ranger
The Most Exciting
Seafaring Adventure
of Your Life!
ammo WHALES. wanna.
u u
Actually Filmed in the
Arctic Wild:
snnamc ___
John Bromfield .
Alyce Louis
Patricia Garrison
James Cardwoll
_ commune —_ ,
2;. .. . . . ‘9l ‘11.}:1-1-1wz1'“ ‘
‘3'”: ’ A‘r.‘ ~
_ {2'l" " . 1:1;9
1 1 sl"'l"\'.'lssx\\'?"ll 1. 11¢
:."”~.1:;.’m -‘~ .a .» ._ w
114% \‘fi?l~f:‘.“,'_.‘:-,;..= =‘- - -. “-2?
‘ Ig".:.l\\‘3 "_ . Im}. \t- '~' . I'.
2;. 1111111113,.111 w.“ ‘ 1".“ _ r
:1: ~*‘“fi:‘ef:l<}3-""§ .
E: i Il :1 “1. j 3
' ' w: 1‘ {ff-w;
E; , 17,1531??? "1, 1
911111111 ‘ ‘ 1 Jul
f} f hil‘lrl'll'llllllllllll
@lls. .- Ni“ 1 11’ “RR‘SE‘ . 1.11.2“R‘
115:. 1"» .#1 ..'.{J{{l-10‘* m“
1111 2‘19 ' “11111111888 m.“
9:2. - m SURPRISE!
-‘-‘s'. ‘. ~4l~léll WVVvv—mv
- "’W ' .‘4‘l‘l‘33? '
if: ~ f WlltlAM '
@lll POWELL .
,5?” ; ANN BLYTH
. Mn fava/ “‘l'
J. V’
' EeabOdy ,9...
MW ’91.. ...--m ‘11“ ‘
W 9“ -1
& TUES., FEB l
A Stung. Story of tho Black
Devil Panther—tho Sullon Killer
of the Jungl. and a Woman
Cursed . . . with Eternal Youlll
1 George Brent ‘
‘ Vera Ralston
Brian 'Aherne
Constance Bennett
- CO-Hfl' ——
, mum
I stylus
' mm _
FEB. 2 - 3 - 4
m ll‘
:: a m
' 7 M. SHE‘S
.11 m
Gm Ann ’

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