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Building Gets Under Way
At McNary: Bids Asked
Bids for the design, fabrication
and delivery of equipment for the‘
navigation lock at McNary dam‘
on the Columbia river near Uma
tilla, were issued this week, ac
cording to notice sent out by the
district engineer, Walla Walla dis
trict, corps of engineers. Prospec
tive date for Opening the bids is
March 15 at 2 p.m.
The equipment will consist 01
one metal-enclosed power center
and two metal-enclosed weather
proof control stands, of which
specifications and drawings can
be obtained from the district en
gineer, 19. E. Poplar street Walla
Walla, Wash. The contracmr will
be required to make complete de
livery 1.0. b. cars at North McNary,
Wash., on or before April 1,. 1950.
'Due to revisions in the specifi-
DR. S. 8. 331.3?
318 Ken. Ave. Phone 4571
Kennewick, Wash.
Visual Analysis, Contact
Lenses, Laboratory Service
Hours: 9 to 5 daily except
Sunday. Wednesday: 9 to
12:30. Tuesday 8: Thursday
Evenings by Appointment.
Soldier . . . Sailor? What will
your son become? Success or
hihre? Cameron-job? It’s often
just a question of education
and training. .
Make sure your boy gets a good.
start towards success. Invest in
3 Juvenile Assurance policy of
the Sun Life Anni-once Com
many of Canada today; Call
Phones: Office OBl—Ros. 2191
24- No. Auburn .. Konnewick
(ya/051‘” . ' 79- . '
' '’- W ' .‘"ss%fsf:~ ,A
W A.-:-:~;‘;-;:;i;r:-..-amt};.“.f...,v,.,.g.__.‘:;:'_,_._V,___3_,__ '2‘. ~v ‘
iW- . ..; 1* '4 '
file KIN 12,320}
o , "ELLE“ HOME..._
9 I z : {WWI-g? ,Moii'fi’,
s: -:-?:',ng;-‘ .‘ _ ,-Vj:-:" ‘WW '_t .5 ~2- ‘:‘hi-"rw 4 I-‘Z'H‘
'3: '- $139347??? f 3”? ' “'5": "i . ' “ufi 5:3?5553:55 :""i
--é_..:AL}.l37’?!-"rf':‘:':'-t,;,”.’f‘s';';'.'i':'Z';‘;fiiij§fiiiii§§;:ilii'"‘-~--.4._.::;§'1 »: Win-ti :;.""‘~
x2-:1#21::455:2E1-5:31‘52::‘55::552-:-:-:-:3:-;-:-:-'-:---.-.-.-.... *‘mvt’f‘w_~ ~71: 3:25, "*"3‘".
.::-:;E;::s3?ssss23z?2ss23372Efiéz’ss€sss???ss2?E§zss=ssfifiz§tfiifi2‘s33??? -' a. :.35553222 5;:-21:24 ‘= vls:
. «w f~°‘-.;
:" ..l g, »- . ,42; - ~;.a.::::;:-:-:557353§$§W€%3333:5:553353313555551" (wig? ‘ :1;
an” ' W
,fi - _-*---~-..-- m --~; (2» g; h-- git-2552333..§:§'§'§;}3§:;s§§- - r-“Ji:
- - ’6." ’°AW»«»W ~, ’ v. 'Eviztzfié-r---'~‘-' -. ':sr£:::.:.-~‘::.:1:22;;'--.-~-4-~---~.---r~r"v‘ .;
. xii-5 ' ‘52.} m." ‘" ‘ “‘ I. ~ ‘0? :;:;:::::;:i:&::E‘E-'E5353’55
gay” i " '-‘;;.;;jjjj, _fl, 3; 'E§E§:;:;E;\.,,-3‘~ ...:{23é§E§§§?s3s§s;:; §3E:§E§:§: 9'3l;:§:§§s§§,.,. 3§i§l§E?§:§£§;s'i.Q-§=:
.':; :I.W :3 32313523112352. « ';;§:3”'V.ss§::: -: 32-.1:3:?:2:.:"£;3? "V,"Z323:‘Ak;‘l'~..-I--"2:1-
g” ‘E; ', . , 3553233553539'3-‘l6 “fig" “533;; '.Eigijggiitgggfi ,zgigiitivk‘2':"i-;f“-"_
;W’ ;~” é: E‘W‘W‘ 4
53* Www 3 '33'59???5.525333%? ~52". '22 "325% ..;-521533.-.....-.-:~:‘~iii3313131i1313:?'--¢
-..;:;=;;.-“,"_.".... Am ~15? i?;:3¥;9l:%:;'::i.=fs?é’ ' :H-::'-- .. 13"“ ~,
Mm». i I lH U " ...;.;.:.;~. ggi 5 r 3:; . -.'--'-"if§'="§-=.
" - A. .. . tfiij‘ U ,s' new ‘"’ c l“*"‘;:‘
...... ' .. 3.":.::-‘-:;r:-.';;;.;L;J;;73;.;.I:-'.._;m;§;:_ -~ I. _‘:j, ':_ §-."" V
1. ;.. W» - 2;..57 _ ‘323s:2=l~*"*="'
Light duty GMCs are built by olt means a nationwide
the world’s largest exclusive parts and service network .. .
commercial vehicle producer. specially manned and equip-
That means plenty! ped for truck work.
olt means manufacture by olt means the biggest, most
workers whose sole interest is modern six cylinder engine
commercial transport ... in installed in trucks under one
design. engineering, testing ton .. . the finest cabs .. . the
' and production. best engineered chassis.
O .lt means special facilities ' In.a word, it means extra
for truck development .. . qualnty.extra craftsmanship,
such as the industry's finest ”“78 value “"OUShOUt
truck dynamometer labora- . f
tories and proving grounds. "l! K" I’o GREATER ’
Kennewwk 13 Washington St.
cations for slide gates and opera
ting machinery for the McNary
dam fishway on the Washington
shore, the date of opening bids
has been postponed to February
25 at 2 p.m. The date originally
was set for February 8 and later
changed to February 15.
The district engineer also'an
nounced that notice to commence
work on the construction of a
permanent administration build
ing at McNary, the dam townsite,
had been sent to Eiring and Pro
thero Of Hex-miston, whose low
bid of $163,518.80 had been pre
viously accepted. The contractor
will have 140 calendar days in
which to complete the structure.
Hawn’s Court
By Charlotte McCuiston
One night last week, one of our
most popular tenants was struck
down by a car, after he alighted
from a bus and had crossed the
four lane highway in front of the
court. He was Fred Bond, 17 years
old, a Kennewick high scchool
student and son of Mr. and Mrs.
B. J. Bond, who with his brother
Floyd, was just returning from
a high school basketball game. The
car, after striking Fred, swerved
across the highway and crashed
into another car head on, sending
four persons to the hospital.
Miracously, 111 four hre still
alive and out of the hospital, but
Fred, who received a right crack
ed pelvis and deep head lacera
tions will be confined to his bed
for a few weeks yet. He will try
to continue his studies at home,
'in hopes of completing his credits
for this year. More power to
Fred, and all of the good luck and
best wishes from the entire court.
If anyone ever deserved the best.
we all feel Fred does.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Bond, Floyd
and Robert would like to extend
thanks to everyone who so willing-:
ly and gladly offered help at the}
time of Fred’s accident and ever
since. Fred would also like to say?
thankstoall ofhisfriendsand
neighbors who have called to
and help speed him on to a quick
and complete recovery. Among
his guests were a group or his
fellow students from high school
Larry Lucas, Jerry Williams, Jer-_
ry Waffinder, Peter Luvass, Iver
Elison, Don Persinger, Bob Father,
and Norman Vornick.
We were all sorry to hear of
little April Kriefels recent illness
and subsequent hospitalization.
Her pep and smiles were surely
missed while ,she was gone. April
is now home again and we hope
she will continue to regain her
health very rapidly and be her;
own sweet self again, very soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Poling took
a trip to the Treton Range last
Thursday, to see the hungry Elk
come down from the hills for
their winter feeding. They were
very much surprised and pleased
at being abie to see so many elk
and deer at such a close range.
They are planning another trip
soon. They estimated a count of
some two or three hundred anis
We all feel greived at the terri-lv
ble tragedy that struck in south-.
west Kennewick last week, with
the flash flood. We hape that the’
situation may soon be cleared,
and all of the residents, who left'
their homes and belongings behind!
will soon be back again and.
ready to live in their newly re-x
modeled homes by spring. Fred Me i
Cuiston started to work on thosel
homes at the very beginning of
construction and has been work
ing day and night in and around :
them, since the flood. He helped
to evacuate many families, and}
witnessed their grief stricken
faces and ~'pitiful plight as they!
tried vainly to save as much of‘
their worldly goods and prized
pocessions that they had time fonl
Mrs. W. A. Hawn spent a day]
last week visiting in Pasco with
her friend, Mrs. Lillian Brain, and
also called on Mrs. Avved Ostofin
and her two weeks old baby,
ißichard Allen. ‘ 1
The Birthday Club of the courtl
celebrated last Wednesday with
the February birthdays, honoringl
Mrs. Mary Jackson, and Mrs.
Louise Dean. A lovely birthday
cake was made by Mrs. Gussie
Poling. Cake, ice cream and coffee
was served in the recreation to
the ladies of the court. Due to‘
Mrs. J ackson’s recent illness, she
was unable to attend, but the cake!
‘was taken to her, so she couldi
*cut the first piece for herself. :
Eddie Rydstrom left for Spokane
last weekend to spend a few days.
Monday morning Kenneth Ke
lever left for Chicago by car. There
he willpickup a newtrailer
and bring it back to the coast.
Last Sunday, Mrs. Minnie Buch
anan wiled on the W. A. Hawn’s.
Making up a table for contract
bridge were, Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs.
Vandla Bergh, Mrs. Beulah Car
ter and Mrs. Hawn. At a late
hour a delicious luncheon was
served by the hostess to Mr. and
Mrs. James Carter, Mr. and Mrs.
Bergh, Mrs. Buchanan, and Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Townsend
and children of Hermiston, called
on Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hall and
Ida Mae last Sunday. -
Coming from Sunnyside last
Sunday to call onithe Louis
Dean’s, Robert and Kenneth,
were Mr. and Mrs.. Jack Wolfe,
Judy and Mickey and Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Dean and Sandra.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gibson
of Pasco stopped for a visit
Sunday, with Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Hawn. '
- Spending last Sunday evening in
North Richland, visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Nelson, were Mr.
and Mrs. Franz Hegrtburg.
Livestock men of Benton county
were urged by County Extension
Agent Frank Webster to keep a
careful check on the condition of
their animals because of the ex
treme and prolonged cold this
winter. Even though the stock
may be getting a normal winter
ration the long cold season may
have depleted reserve stores of fat
and energy, he suggests, 'so the
animals may be in worse condition
than they seem to be. ..
Earl Ludwig, local general Pe
troleum distributor, was in' Yaki
ma Tuesday attending an all-day
meeting devoted to discussing
selling techniques. The course
was conducted jointly by W. N.
Davis, assistant manager (retail)
and SE. M. Pearson, manager of
sales training.
“Q 3. Give your partyplenty
kg ‘ ‘ of time no answer the
Q // relephone.
I ”m ‘ 4. Speak 'distincdy nod
' in n normal converse.
'0 Answer promptlyo tional tone of voice. '
Otherwise, the person
calling may think you _
are net there and will 5' 5M “‘.‘" the “0“?”
hang up. piece With your 1190
about one inch from it.
2. Be sure of the number .
before you call. If 6. Hang up genzly after
you're in doubt, check making 5““ the Other
the direCtory. person has finished.
~ :39
KENNEWICK (WASH) coumnmnnmargt
Outlook for Farmers
Is Reported Goad
Opinion that the “outlook for
farmers in 1949 still looks good"
was cited for the attention of
Washington farmers.
Special reference to the wheat
and meat outlook. as expressed
before the Senate agriculture
committee. was mentioned by
Senator Warren G. Magnuson as
being of interest in Washington
state. ,
He referred to the statement
of Agriculture Secretary Brennan,
who testified that “we see noth
ing in the basic economic situa
tion to warrant the current mar
ket break.” I
Testimony of special interest.
in the Northwest. Magnuson said.‘
included this statement: “Farmers
know what their incomes are‘
not made in the futures market
and the current decline in wheat
futures involving, speculative in
fluences should have little ef
fect on 'whent ”producers."
. l'
lst and Everett. Rev. J. N. Tin
.sley. Sunday School 9:45. Services
rYouth 6:30 ppm. Mid-week, Wed
jnes‘day at 7:30 p. m.‘
I First and Washington. Stanley
|Hunt pastor. Sunday school 9:45
.am. Services ,11:00 a. m.'§
land 8:00 p.m. Young peoples at.
6:30 p.m. Mid-week Prayer and
Bible Hour, Wednesday 7:30 p.m.;
i 102 'Kennewick avenue. Rev E.‘
James Cornwall. Sunday school
9:45. Services 11:00 a.m. and 7:45
pm. Youth, Tuesdays 7:45 pm.‘
lPrayer meeting 7:45 p.m. Thurs. {
Second and Auburn. P. J . Luv
?t/éé/ ?
E - ’ 1‘ "
;§‘\—~~- ' £3/'
(4‘50"9 QC“ ' 1
{a _
l ”(ARK
Anytime . . {Anywhere
For relaxation and comfort,
for economy and convenience,
leave your car at home and
‘ travel by Greyhound.
daily at 7:10 a. m., 9:40 a. m.
_ For Yakima and way points
10:15 a. m., 12:35 p. m., 3:20 p.
y m., 4:55 p. m., 8:15 p. m., and
10:05 p. m., with all schedules
. except the departures at 9:40
. a. m., and 8:15 p. m., continu
. ing _on to Seattle.
For Walla Walla and way
points daily at 8:30 a. m., 10:50
. a. m., 4:15 p. m., 6:10 p. m.,
' 8:50 p. m., and 11:45 p. m., with
1 additional schedules to Pasco
1 leaving at 7:50 a. m., and 1:45
3 p. m.
- Inquire for convenient service
i to Spokane and all the East.
: via. the Northern Route and to
é Portland and California via
r Yakima.
3 ‘ Motor Coach Lunch '
1 Phone 461
‘ W. L. BROWE l
: Wozfl’éatcx' m
aas. Minister. Res. 60. Kenne
wick avenue. Sunday school 935
a.m.. Morning Service 11:00 a.m.
Luther League meeting 7:00 p.m.
Conflhnation classes Saturday
mornings. Junior choir Saturday
morning. Senior choir Thursday
8:00 p.m.
3rd and Benton. u. C. Kauth,
pastor. M. S. Pohl and Miss Leona
Huss, teachers. Divine Worship
every Sunday at 11 a.m. Sunday
school and Adult Bible class at
1. a.m. Walther League every
Wednesdayat 8 p.m. Adult Mem~
bership classes Mondays and
Thursdays. 8 p.m. Choir rehear
sal every Thursday 8:00 p.m.
3rd and Washingmu. Rev. E.
C. Hawkins.. Sunday School 9:45
a.m. Morning worship 10:20 a.m.
Meeting temporarily at the Ben
ton theatre.
Kenn. Ave., at Dayton. Rev.
John B. Coan. S. S. 9:45 ami.
Services, 10:50 a.m. Youth Fel
lowship, Jr. Hi 5:00. Seniors 6:30.
7th and Gum. Rev. C. D. Hook
er. Sunday School 10 a.m., Serv
ices ll a.m. and 7:30 p.m. M.
A. Tomlison, General Overseer.
e I I I
Proie ssmnal and Semce Dlleciory
e I _
for Kennewmk
Benton Conntyc Chalky’s Cycle Shop Dr. H. 0. Curry
.é'mw “...“..t . .2;. .2tß.tt.2-.t:t.t;t.tt:.2:t2-. «tattered Optometrist
mEgd yuhgwmt J& K Window Eye. Emmeo—Gpi‘asiiecsxdtted
Penneeipigi‘uwd Kenneng Cleaning Service Established Many litem-a in
Phone “01 Ilnitor Service - Floor Waxing Kennewick
___—___..— Venetian Blinds Cleaned Optical office at residence—
Ernest R. Crntcher (an. e Paaeo Pin. em xaan. «I: am ”open. name as.
Among-rm -—--—-—- 2 3m. tram P.O. Phone um
Ineuna Tax m. Help Yourself Laundry m;—
‘°°' grass:- m Columbia Washateria ' (”WMt
-————————-—— HOMO‘ILMC’.‘ beamed
D. L. McKeown Monday tin-n Friday .'. ”my“,
BookkeepingSysteinsDuln- (Wimstlml amp-m W
10 Fit Each Business Phone Isa Phone can
an. we , m It. Benton _.-—___. ___—___
—————-'——-——- ELECTRICIANS Dr“. Harold E. Olson
R. M. WILLIAMS CO. W onomf
PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Columbia Electric Analyßeal Eye Examinations
no w. Colombia Strut . A,” BM. mp. complete Optical Sea-vice
_____..... “2 2"” ......w. ...“...tmttgm...
AIR SERVICE M?“ :‘.?An on; Bt. :3 Ptli'one on
, mcm AIRPORT ___—— _
of m m E? domestic, cotangent-dd 0: MOVING STORAGE
. 3%ng .mm °r Wm- Richland Transfer
.m m can - Lea: and exam-Me Movlne
a. 33mm" an... em LOU BAILEY fig; ”mtg“.
ustggfieégcn mam E 328... ......'--.:-2.--.......
”Ar galnfiuzzofnon Columbia Photo Lab. Agent for
314 First Ave. ’ out: gag!!- c Spokesman Review
ATTORNEYS In a: mo On! a: me ELL—3.I%
Manlton and Powell Wm WM
Law- Office WM 3°“ 3‘”? PHOTOGRAPHY
Ofifitte in 38'8"“ 3W : gnaw: flow-r- COLUMEIA PHOTO LAB
Rigsgl R. Rig-egg!“ ‘o Tam:r moan-nu M
A r ' e
.. first?” .. .... . mama-'- W
one Pasco - m MEMBER e 088 O!" SERVICE
KenE. Serier Phon- use So. 1'! Cue-d- Home-l mendmgdoto 35533.. ”
ATTORNEY-AT-Law ___-__— Authorized RCA Victor Dealer
Is ngwick a“; Best 2.4.1) Phone 3251 as First Ava.
Willi—. 2: Expert Airman;l Application. _ElAfiefg—Effge ___.
‘ Also furnished any quantity . .CR ‘
ngggMA'T-uwvy ‘0! Wm “WM” equip- Lieensed Real Smog-ell)”
Pasco, Wash. Phone Pasco 200 mm m First Ave. But
W Ym SEED CO. Kennewick Phone 701
Corner of sth a: Lewis Streets HOTELS SERVICE ......
A‘g-ogfffiyw comacuu. HOTEL Interstate
Title & Trust Bldg. Modern -- Reasonable Rata- Retugeration
Pasco. Wish. Phone 763 Phone 8818 Kenn. Ave. 820133;; £9om
ELIVERY -——-—~'——-—'———-——
Graves Auto Service Inland Ice (30. W
Guamteed Service 3m 8, W 10. Denver“. ZGbS HI'LIIId
On All Can a Truck- Anywneoe in Twin Cities Radiator Scrvi e
15 1'- Amr- PM W“ Po. em as wash. so n. mmm West or HiLano
.._—__.»: sKIRv ING 's W “mm“c‘mm 2'-
to II Ronni-game: Pin. on C. H. YEDICA ——-—-———-—-
BARBER SHOPS Suitable we «Blown TI-I: sI-IOE aosPrrAL
City Barber and “......“ meal? m 1 “' :m‘mbnfitzfp "“
Beauty Shop _:'—T‘m— Men's Work Shoes tor sale
wwfm’ “m 2 3;.“ A..... TITLE INSURANCE
”5:11“. min". New York léiie Inm- Washington Title
BEAUTY SHOPS , ‘25.“ 47 ...liiflia'fiff. CREW...
m “___—___” ...... M”‘ WEWANS‘“
M m 3; Menu. c. Yedica Insnr. Agency W
Kennewick. Wash ALL 3st COVERAGE Dr. J. L. Frederirkmn
Phone ‘9O“ Room 8 Richmond Bldg. Residence No. Stevens Drive
Min: 3:: (:‘ylyAppom- Phone 5301 Kennewick Phone 2634. Richland
81'. PAUL ”1800?“
617 Avenue A. Rev. Nelson 11.
Atkinson. Service: Sunday 10:00
a.m. Sunday school 11:15 a.m.
Hour communion first Sunday
each month 10 a.m.
Route 1 Pasco .
moms—pasco 171545 and lan-we PASCO
.. . ‘ ‘ i... 'o‘. ~ . . .
I I _ .' ' . .I. .
Painting *‘IE 1% «
. 5l“ “ f 5“, ,-
saasr aocx nuisance ‘. ‘ ..
'mm nncoanmc .; W' '- fl 'ff -
' r" . ’ mg - Ira.
‘ . W" 'o‘.- '
o "I x i I , ‘ ~‘. .
Phone Kennewwk 2794 ‘l’ -. d ‘
Box 497 - Kennewick
mat-nova comm
Rev. Pierce Roberts mm
Bun. Sch. )0 an. Services 11 l
m. Youth. 8:30 p.m. SW
7:30 p.m. Wed. Scouts 7:18 at
School. Choir 7:30 and Prayer
11 a.m. Service w:00 a.m. #_

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