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‘J'HURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1949-
Want: Adls
RATES—4c per word—minimum 75c. Subsequent insertions three times for the juice of two.
SEWING WANTED: Alterations,
plain sewing and make pretty
aprons. No. 29, Parkvlew nouns,
Kenne‘vlck. tic
WANTED: Cotton rage, no socks,
we pay. 151: per pound.
Kennewlck Printing Company.
t 1
WANTED I'o BUY: All kinds of
antique glassware, furniture and
china. Mrs. Dorothy B. Hanson,
Lleble road, West Highlands.
telephone 2740. t!
WANTED: Custom plowing and
discing. Contact Robert Jensen
816 Ave. 0 East. Phone 4471. 1
_ 4-61)
WANTED TO BUY: Beef and‘
dairy. cattle of all kinds, also
horses. Contact Lande Brothers,
Rt. 1, Kennewick, phone 2186. tfc
10R RENT: 2 modern extra nice
apartments. Everything fur
nished. Hard wood floors and
venetian blinds. Living room with
kitchenette, bedroom and private
bath. 4 miles east of Pasco. Fran
cisco Apt's Burbank, Wash. 4-p
pianos—Lesters, Jesse French
and bother famous names. No
down payments. Terms to fit‘
your budget. From $425, bench.
CENTER. 121 First Ave., Kenn.
phone 5801. Call write, or wire
collect. 4-6 c
I'OR RENT—Apartment. One
room, furnished, furnace heated.
Close in and handy. $32 per
month. 116 Benton St. South. Tel
ephone 491. 5-p
FOR RENT: Walt’s Trailer Cablp,
modern facilities. Large 50 X
35 It. lon. Located at Ave B a:
Gum St. Kenn. tic
APARTMENT for rent suitable
for one couple. Close to main
section. 224 2nd Ave. W. Phone
3251. . s'p
I‘OR RENT: Latest model High
Speed Floor“ Sander. Also
Edger and Floor Polisher. Low
grates Western Auto Supply. 22t1
W W Miscellaneous W W
Electrolux Cleaners 8; Air Puri
fier the originator and leader
$69.75. Terms if desired. Why pay
more for others worth less. Phone
5912. E. H. Laird—lßo6 Lehnard
Rd. Kennewick. 4-9 p
AUCTION sales every Saturday
beginning at noon, bring your
turniture. cars, and miscellaneous
items. Across street Farmer’s
Exchange, Alfred Amen, Clerk,
Here! Russell, Auctioneer.
' 3-5 p;
/—————'— \
Good Stock ot Fresh Batteries
at All Times
I! No. Auburn St Phone “81
Kennewiek tic Wash.
Small Kimball Piano will b.
availahla la Kannada. Wait.
a! one. 10 Hoffman Bros. Music
Co. 810% Blunt“. 8;»ka
- 2 c
mschLENEOUS: Compute
Wm memo. repair. '9“
mm. by m‘°"‘"““°° ""
chum tot all makes of wanna.
Bunch man. me. 0“ '3” ‘V"
I“.- pmnc 4801. “c
____.__.._——,. _ ,
SPECIAL! Baby chicks, every
Friday and Saturday. Austra
White and Black Australorp and
New Hampshires. Sunnyacres
flatchery. Phone 5501 1-5.:
A compute sign «nice to:
m Tri-City nun.
116 8. Tacoma Pasco Pb. 199
D. P. Jones—Cal Schusu:
flay Gofdrnen. pianist and ec
eredtted teecher. often without
obligetion euthentic tntorme
flag on pianos.
tad Avenue “C“. Phone 696!
new PLUMBING & '
Pipe. Velvee end Fitting
tron Firemen Coel Stoekere
numbing end fleeting Suppflee
us let. Ave Tel. 411
on Beater. Norse Quaker or
mtemationals also floor turneceul
an be seen at Durochers. We also‘
Save a fine stock 01 beautitul:
combination radios in light or‘
dark wood. tic i
Automobde Loans
! Furniture Loam
Avenue C Kennewlck
' n. L. mam .
”W 2 com um VALLEY” _
101 Avenue G. Em Office Phone ”I!
2 bedroom home, brand new, within walking distance
of. city shopping center. This is something you won’t
believe. FHA valuation is $6,750. Owner is asking
only $6,000. Full down payment of $600.00, monthly
payments $38.00.
Located in the West Highlands. The acreage is in
alfalfa and asparagus. This is a bargain at $7,000.00.
$2,000 will handle this with $40.00 a month. You
can’t miss on this one.
D. 1.. Mom
we com was vans?" '
l 0! Avenue G. Em Office Phone 2921
W 0 Miscellaneous ' W.
FOR MAYTAG delivery, contact
Bunch-Finnigan. Inc. immedi
ately. Radios, tetflgenton, elec
tric ranges. 335 Avenue C East
Kennewick, phone 4801. Quality
merchandise It lowest prices. uc
FOR SALE: 1 Palamino mare, 4
year old.
1 Buckskin Mare 3 year old.
Phone l7osWs—Pasco. 4-p
FOR SALE: Antiques—glass
ware, China. furniture. Also
hand painted and hand made
metal arts. Beautiful in. dec
orating the home. The Antique
Shop, Lieble Road, West Hith
lands. (T.F.)
FOR 'SALE: Springer milk cows
'and heifers, I buy stock of any
kind. Bull service delivered.
Howard Ash, East end of 181’
Ave. Phone, 1911. "......“52-6p
FOR SALE: Several tracts of land
to be set out in fruit trees and.
grapes. Nurseryman’s Exchange
W. B. Saunders, Ph. 4524 River
Road. \ Hue
New moaeru homes in Gar
ber add.. Kennewick Ave
west to Olympia St. Two or
three bedrooms. tun hue
ments hardwood floors. ve
neuan blinds, forced air all
tumace. House: that look like
homes. restricted district, oe-
wen, mail delivery. .11 ’ city
convenience. 0: will build to
suit. I“. H. A. team _
See Mac mum. Conn. 00.
on tract or an 5971. 17m
FOR SALE: Two you old flan
Washington Asparuua photo.
SO.OO per 1000. F. O. 8. lion.
Lake. H. s. Yam-33m1, Box. 105
Moses Lake. Wash. _
FOR SAL]: or trade: 6 h p
Menu-y outboard molot ms.
12' Plywood Boat 375. mm
spotter 30-06 cal. Texan scope
Echo mounts also Redaeld te-\
ceiver scope 3190. Will sell on
above or trade all for a car ot‘
equal value. Kenneth Ramadell.‘
Lampson Homeeitea Lot No. to
Rt. 2 Box 316. ‘
In Vtho Superior Coat: of tho
Sun of Washington in and to:
Benton County 7 _-
ift vs. ELLA J. WILKINS. De
fendant '
No. ———- Summons By Pub
ljcation AW ___
To Ella J., Wilkins, Defendant:
You are hereby summoned to
appear within sixty days after
the date of the first publication
of this Summons, to-wit: within
sixty days from the 14 day of
April. 1949 and defend the above
entitled action in the Superior
Court of the State of Washington
aforesaid. and answer Complaint
of the plaintiff and serve a copy
of your. answer or other pleading
on the undersigned attorney for
plaintiff a? his office below stated,
and in the case of your failure no
to do, judgment will be rendered
‘against you according to the de
mand of the Complaint. which
has been filed with the Clerk of
the Court. The object of this
action is to obtain a decree of
ldivorce in favor of the plaintiff
and against the defendant umn
the grounds of cruel treatment of
plaintiff by defendant.
icy for Plaintiff.
P. O. Box 417 Kennewick.
Washington . , _ _
671-7716 —Kennewlck Avenue East
Kenn‘ewick, Washingtont A _ _--
Notice of Hearing on Petition
for Annexation of a portion of
Benton County. Washington. ly
ing contiguous to the City of
Kennewick. said petition praying
that certain real property he an
nexed to the City of Kennewick.
Washington pursuant to the pro
visions of Chapter 128. Session
Laws of the State of Washington
for 1945. y
that a petition has been filed with
the City Council of the City of
Kennewick, Washington praying
that certain real property situate
in the County of Benton and State
of Washington and lying contigu
ous to the City of Kennewick and
not heretofore incorporated as a
City of town, be annexed to the
City of Kennewick, Washington.
pursuant to the provisions of
Chapter 128 Session Laws of
Washington for the year 1945, and
the said City Council has deter
mined the same to be sufficient in
all respects, and that Tuesday, the
13rd day of May, 1949 at 8:00
‘o’clock P. M., in the City Council
Chambers in the City Hall in
Kennewick, Washington has been
set as the time 'and place for public
hearing upon said petition, and all
interested persons are invited to
appear at said hearing and voice
approval or disapproval of the an
lnexation prayed for in said peti
The real property described in
said petition and proposed to be
annexed to the City of Kennewick,
Washington is situate in the Coun
ty of Benton and State of Wash
ington, and legally described as
follows, to-wit:
That portion of the Northwest
one-quarter of the northwest
1 one—quarter of the northeast
3 one-quarter (NW’ANW‘A
‘ NE?” of Section seven (7),
w Township eight (8) North,
Range thirty (30) E. W. M.,
‘ lying north and east of the
Columbia Irrigation District
‘ Canal right of way, as such
canal now exists in said sub
‘ The north one-hundred feet of
the east one hundred feet of
i the southeast one-quarter at
n the northeast one-quarter
} (N 100’ E 100’ SEIANEIA) of
Section seven (7). Township
eight (8) North, Range thirty
(30) E. W. M. and ,
Northeast one-quarter of the
northeast one-quarter (NE%-
NE%) of Section seven (7),
Township eight (8) North,
Range thirty (30) E. W. M.; ‘
East one-half of the North ‘
west one-quarter of the north
east one-quarter (E%NW%-
NEVA northeasterly of canal
in Section seven (7), Township
eight (8) North, Range thirty
(30) E. W. M.; Northwest one
quarter of the northwest one
quarter (NWMNW’A) in Sec
tion eight (8), Township eight
(8) North, Range thirty (30)
E. W. M.; Tract seven (7), Put
nam Tracts, according to the
reedrded plat thereof. record.
ed‘in‘Volum'e' l of plats, page
43: records of said County.
DATED this 19th day of April,
A Municipal Corporation.
By Marjorie Miller,
City Clerk.
Dates of Publication 4-21; 4-28.
Note: A copy of this Notice is post
ed in three public places within
the above described territory
proposed for annexation. _ -__
Wax (WASH). comm-manna
OF.‘ ‘ :
Section 1. Definitions for this
ordinance are as follows:
(a) GARBAGE; The term gar-l
bage; shall be and is hereby de-'
fined; as follows: Garbage shall!
be held to mean and include alli
accumulations of household waste‘
matter which has been discarded;
as of no further value to the;
owner thereof, including ashes,
cinders, trade waste, lawn cutt
ings, grass, rags, bottles, papers,
broken household furniture, smalli
dead animals, boxes, barrels,‘
shrubs, small trees, small limbs
of trees, scraps of boards or lum
[ber, hollow material or ware,
rubbish in general, and every
accumulation of animal, fruit or
vegetable matter that attends the
preparation, use, cooking, storage
or handling of meat, fish, fowl,
fruits or vegetables; but shall
exclude earth, sand, gravel, build
ing materials, building waste,
trade waste occasioned by goods
condemned in case lots or greater
quantities, manure, night soil,
tsewa'ge, large dead animals, auto
mobile bodies, large trees, slaugh
ter house waste, cleanings from
public and private catch basins,
fire refuse and extraordinarv
waste not resulting from natural
waste of ordinary daily living;
land also shall include swill.
term heath officer shall mean the
local health authority of the City
of Kennewick or his duly auth
orized agent or representative.
(c) PERSON; The term person
shall mean any person, firm, cor
poration, association of persons
or organization of persons.
Section 2. It shall be unlawful‘
for any person to deposit, throw,
place within the City of Kenne
wick or to burn. within the City
of Kennewick (except trees, weedsl
and grass may be burned in resi
dential districts) any garbage in any‘
lane, alley, street or other public
place within the City of Kenne-1
wick; or to dispose of garbagei
on private property by incinera
‘tion; or to deposit, throw 0!“
Place e{my garbage upon any
privat property, regardless of?
owners ip, unless said garbage
shall be placed in a metal water-J
tight container, not exceeding 30
gallons in capacity, fitted with a
tight cpver which shall not be
removeid except when necessary
for the depositing or removal of
garbage; provided, however, that
boxes, barrels, shrubs, small
trees, small limbs of trees, scraps
6’15 boards or lumber, all hollow
material or ware and rubbish
in general, may be broken, cut
up and placed in bundles se
curely tied, or in boxes, cartons,
or other receptacles reasonably
easy to be handled and loaded
by one person onto a collection
vehicle. All cans, bundles or
other garbage receptacles, as
above specified, shall, on the
scheduled garbage collection day,
be placed at the rear lot line
where alleys are adjacent thereto,
or, where no alley is adjacent to
the rear property line, shall be
placed at the front property line.
It shall be unlawful, however,
for any can, bundle of refuse or
garbage receptacle to be placed
on any sidewalk, or street. If
necessary in the opinion of the
Health Officer, garbage cans
shall be secured as to render
the said garbage cans inaccessable
to all marauding animals. This
shall be required only upon the
written instructions of the Health
Section 3. All domestic garbage
before being deposited in a gar
bage can as hereinbefore provided
shall be drained and wrapped in
paper or other material in such
manner as to prevent, as nearly
as possible, moisture from such
garbage from coming in contact
with the sides or bottom of the
metal container.
‘ Section. 4. It shall be unlawful
for any person, or any agent or
employed thereof, other than the
authorizi officergflgg'ints and em
ployees the co actor, to haul,‘
carry or convey, through, along or
upon any public street, alley or
sidewalk within the city, any gar
bage as defined in paragraph one"
of this ordinance; except- as noted
in Section 7 hereof; No person,
except for purposess of collection
under proper authority shall in
any manner interfere with any
garbage, or refuse container, or
contents thereof, nor any bundle
of refuse.
Section 5. That the Mayor and
City Clerk of the City of Kenne
wick are hereby authorized and
directed to execute in the name
{of the City of Kennewick the con
itract following with the persons
married therein for the period
7therein set forth and upon the
terms and conditions thereof; that
before said contract shall take ef
:fect, the contractor shall file with
the City Clerk and keep in full
Iforce and effect during the term
of said contract a bond approved
as to form by the City Attorney
and as to surety by the Mayor and
Councilmen of the City of Kenne
wick in the penal sum of $5,000.00
rwith the contractor as principal;
conditioned that he will faithfully
perform the contract and pay all
laborers, mechanics and material
men and all persons who shall
supply said contractor with pro
visions, equipment and supplies
for the carrying on of the work;
conditioned further that the con
tractor will indemnify and save
the City free and harmless from
any and all loss, damage, claims,
suits or judgments of every kind
and description which may accrue
to or be suffered by any person'
by reason of or arising out of the
performance of the contract and
that the contractor will apnearl
and defend any action or suit in-‘
stituted against the City arisingi
out of the said contract. which is
in words, letters and figures as
follows, to-wit:
WHEREAS, it has become nec-{
essary for the City of Kennewick,
Washington. to arrange for the
disposal of garbage collected with
in said City. and
WHEREAS, it is necessary that
provision be made for the care,
maintenance and operation of the
garbage disposal at the garbage
dump of the City of Kennewick.
at which there shall be maintained
a sanitan fill, and
and N. E. MORGAN. dlbia Kenne
wick Disposal Service have at
their own expense caused im
provements to be made on said
garbage dump and have secured
the necessary personnel an d
enuioment for the proper opera
tion and maintenance of said gar
bafie dump in consideration of an
exclusive cnntract for the collec
-Ifirm of garbage within the City of
‘Kennewick for a nerlod from the
date hereof to July l.‘ 1954. upon
the terms and conditions herein-
after set forth. exceot persons re
siding in said City may haul. for
dimosal. in their own vehicles
ashes. garbage and other inflam
mable material. including brush
and small trees. from nremises
owned or occuoied by themselves.
The City of Kennewick, Wash
ington, hereinafter called “the
city,” in consideration of the pro
mises herein contained in behalf
of H. R. McKibben and N. E.
Morgan, dlbla the Kennewick Dis
posal Service, hereinafter called
“the contractor,” and further in
consideration of said contractor
having agreed to pay to the city
an annual fee of one hundred dol
lars ($100.00), does hereby give
and grant unto the contractor the
exclusive right to collect garbage
in the City of Kennewick for that
period of time commencing on the;
date of this contract and terminJ
ating of July 1, 1954, upon the
following terms and conditions:
(1) The contractor hereby agrees
to maintain and operate the gar
bage dump of the City of Kennes
,wick for garbage disposal and to
‘maintain a prOper sanitary fill
‘at said dump, and to furnish all
labor and equipment therefor.
(2) The term garbage whenever
used herein shall be construed
according to the definition of
garbage set forth in Ordinance
‘No. 542 of the City of Kennewick
’and authorizing the execution of
this agreement, and that all pro
ivisions of said ordinance shall
remain in iull fierce and effect
during the term of this contract.
; (3) Employees in collecting
garbage will be required to follow
the regular walks for pedestrians
while on private property. No
trespassing by employees will be
permitted, nor crossing prOperty
to neighbors’ premises, nor med
dling with property which does
not concern them. ,
Extra care must be taken in
loading and transportation so
that none of the material collected
is left either on private property
or on the streets or alleys.
Collections must be made as
quietly as possible, especially in
the early morning hours.
Collecting of garbage shall -be
made as follows: Daily, except
Sunday, if necessary.
Provisions must be made by
the contractor to take care of
emergency complaints when gar
bage has not been collected upon
the regular scheduled trip, and
to take care of all; other special
0r emergency calls.
(4) The contractor, _;.shall furn
ish vehicles specially designed
for the co‘fl‘ec'tién and hauling of
garbage and waste products. The
contractor must keep the vehicles
furnished clean, sanitary, neatly
painted and in good running
order, and shall wash them daily
when weather permits. At inter-‘
vals deemed necessary .by the
Health Officer, the -contractor
shall steam clean and disinfect
all such vehicles entirely at the
contractor’s cost and expense.
‘Said equipment shall be subject
to inspection by the city at all
reasonable times. Each vehicle
shall have a tight metal body, and
shall at all times be, provided
with a suitable canvas or other
approved cover having eyelets
provided so that it may be ae
curely fastened over the load, and
such cover shall be fastened
whenever {required to exclude
dust and prevent scattering of
waste paper, or when necessary
to prevent exposing of unsightly
refuse after the loading of the
vehicle is completed and it is
enroute to the dump.
Vehicles shall Be painted a
uniform color and numbered con
secutively from one upward and
shall have the contractor’s name
and the number of the vehicle
painted in letters of a contrasting
color at least .four (4) inches high,
on each side of the vehicle and
the number painted on the rear
end. No advertising will be per
mitted other than the name of
the contractor.
(5) All employees operating ve
hicles or collecting garbage shall
at all times be courteous and
shall not use loud or profane lan
guage, nor be loud or boisterous.
(6) All salvage or junk of any
kind or nature encountered in
the garbage being collected, shall
become the property of the con-
(7) The contractor will be re
quired to maintain during regular
Kennewick business hours an of-
fice provided with telephone and
such attendants as may be neces-‘
sary to take care of all complaints
or orders for special service.
(8) Collection, removal and dis
posal of garbage from the fire
station, police station, city library,
watershop, and city-owned build
ings used strictly for government
al purposes, and city parks within
the city limits, will be collected
free, provided the same is placed
in cans conveniently located for
(9) All garbage and refuse col
lected by the City from any of
its streets for other public places
not included in the provisions
of paragraph 8 above shall be
delivered by the City to the city
dump and will be there processed
by the contractor without expense
to the City.
(10) The contractor shall appoint
and pay the wages of one full
time garbage dump caretaker who
shall have complete charge of
the operation and maintenance 011
the city dump, subject to the
orders of the contractor. Only the
contractor shall use the city gar-I
bage dump except that he shall
permit its use by private individ-‘
uals upon payment of a small
fee to help defray the cost of
dump maintenance. This fee shall
not exceed 25 cents for small
two wheeled trailer loads, nor SI.OO
for truck loads. Any person using
the city dump for private dumping
shall, however, do so in a manner
prescribed by the dump caretaker.
Flagrant violation of the dump
caretaker’s orders pertaining to
the use of the city dump shall
cause the. person so offending to
forfeit any right to use of said
dump, and the dump caretaker
shall refuse him further access
to said city dump.
(11) All garbage capable of
‘being burned shall be burned at
xthe city dump with reasonable
promptness after collection there
of. Any garbage diverted for
feed shall be handled in a sam
tary manner.
(12) The rates to be charged‘
by the contractor and paid by?
persons served in the collection
of garbage shall be as follows:
For the weekly collection, remov
ing and disposing of garbage there
shall be a monthly charge of ONE
DOLLAR ($1.00) for each 30-
gallon can of garbage and one
small container for ashes, etc., and
FIFTY CENTS per month charge
for each additional can, ting
charge to be based on a weekly
collection and to baton-eased
in direct proportions the num
ber of collections per week. It
shall be unlawful for any person
to deposit garbage in any but
his own garbage receptacle.
(13) Accounts for garbage and
and refuse service shall be
due on the first of the
month and shall become de
linquent if not paid on or before‘
the 10th day of the month followa
ing that during which the set-i
vice was rendered. For conven
ience and economy to himself and
to his customers the contractor
may bill customers in the resi
dential districts quarterly, how-
ever, the contractor may not con
sider a customer delinquent ex
cept as defined _in__this paragraph.
The contractor shall not be obligedlf
to render service to anyone who ;
refuses to pay he scheduled rate'l
or who is delinquent in the pay
ment of bills for service until 1
‘such bills have been fully paid. 1
The removal of garbage at any a
time from any locality may be I
ordered by the City Council or
by the Health Officer where it 1
is decided that such removal‘
is necessary for the prompt pro- ;
tection and preservation of public 1‘
health and sanitation. In all of'
such cases, the contractor shall!
have the right to charge and;
collect from the customer, the'
person who caused the deposit
of garbage to accumulate, a sum
equal to three times the amount
usually charged therefor. The
contractor shall make, at his
own expense, all collections due
under this contract.
‘ (14) The term of this contract
1 shall be for a period from the
l’date hereof to July 1, 1954.
A (15) Neither this contract nor
’any interest therein shall be as
signed without 30 days written
notice to the City of Kennewick
and consent of the City Council
by motion.
(16) The contractor shall at
all times comply with the lawn
of the State of Washington per
taining to industrial insurance.
(17) The contractor covenants
’and agrees and does hereby guar
antee to save harmless and in
idemnify the city at and from any
floss, damage, claims, suits, judg
ments and recoveries which may
be asserted, made or may arise or
be brought. or recovered against
the city arising out of the perform
ance of this contract by the con
tractor and agrees that it will
immediately appear and defend
the same at his own cost and
( 18) This contact shall im
mediately become effective and
be in force upon the contractor
filing with the City Clerk a per
formance bond in the sum of
$5,000.00 to be kept in rorce
throughout the term of this con
tract, with the contracbor as prin
cipal and such person or persons
as fnay be satisfactory to the
Mayor and City Council of the
City of Kennewick as suretia.
together with policies of liabm-y
insurance on all equipment oper
ated by the contractor.
(19) It is agreed, however, that
either party to this contract may
serve written notice to the other
party on or before the 31st day of
December of any year of his de
sire to terminate the contract on
the next succeeding July 1 follow
ing, or for an adjustment of the
terms of the contract. Upon re
}ceipt of such notice of the desire
for adjustment, both parties agree
to immediately go into conference
for the purpose of negotiating any
adjustments that may be deemed
just by either party. Any such no
tice either by or to the City of
Kennewick under the terms of this
contract shallrbe given by or to
the City Clerk of the said city.
Should the parties fail to agree on
said adjustments by April 30 fol
lowing such notice, the contract
shall then terminate on the first
day of July next following.
It is agreed that any failure of,
or delay in the performance of the
contract necessitated or caused
by act or order at any military or
civilian defense authority, or act
of war, or inability to obtain com
petent workers, shall not consti
tute a default.
(20) In the event the contractor
shall at any time during the term
of this contract fail to remove the
garbage from the City of Kenne
wick in accordance with the terms
hereof, or shall fail to care for the
garbage dump in a manner in
keeping with the practices obtain
ing for such work, or in the event
the same shall become unsanitary,
which determination may be made
by the Health Officer, the City
may give the contractor thirty (30).
days notice in writing of any mat
default, and in the event the con
tractor fails to correct the matters
therein mentiaicd within said
thirty-day period; this contract
shall be terminated and ended,
and all equiplnent installed in or
used as a pennanent installation
at‘ said garbage dump and said
sanitary till, shall become the pro
perty of the City of Kennewick.
; DATED arm Washing
ton, this 12th dai dfipril, 1949.
H. R. mm and N. E.
sumo; .
. By B". R; flcKibben.
Bill. L Kcélker,
‘ _ _ Maydr.
{Attach W 45. Miller,
Section” 5. 3! air section, sub
section, syibdfirfldfl‘or sentence or
clause of this‘ «aims» is held to
be unconstitixflm 61' void, SUCh
éecisi' ’onshan ’ nof‘atfectthé vaud
ity‘ of tho re'no‘h'lbig portions
thereof. _
Section}. aiiy‘ mu violating
any of the We of this or
dinance shallfi be punished by a
fine of not male than Fifty Dol
lars ($50.00) or' by imprisonment
in the cityjail fora period of
not exceeding ten" (10) days, or
by both such fine and imprison
ment, provided however this ord
inance shall not be‘ deemed appli
cable to persons ”hauling their own
refuse material from their own
family dwelling unit or business
premises for disposal in tight-cov
ered containers and/or in tight
covered vehicles, which vehicles
are owned by such persons, in a
.manner as prescribed by said con;
tract set forth, in Section 5 hereof.
Sééfion‘si All Woes or any'
parts of ordinances of the City of
Kennewick pertaining to garbage
and in conflict to this ordinance
are hereby repealed.
Section 9. This ordinance shall
be in fullhfiékamljeffect five
days after its approval, passage
and'p'ublicatibn a: roéquired by
' pAssmnxmcmr com.
iWICK. this 120: day of April.
‘ 1949.
1 City Clerk.
i APPROVED this 12th day of
‘ April, 1949.
9 Mayor.
: City Attorney.
Date of Publication: April 28,
r 1949.
City Clerk.

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