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WAY, MAY 5, 1949
-iVoting Records . .
‘ Here's how Senators voted on;
these important issues:
To adopt Backer-Cain amend
ment prohibiting segregation or
discrimination in government low
rent housing projects. ‘Defeated
49 to 31. Cain, for Magnuson, for.
To adopt S. 1070, national
public housing bill. Passed 57 to
13. Coin. against; Magnuson, for.
Horse Renal;
Last week. after several
very windy days and resulting
“blows,” several farmers gather
ed at the Guy Travis place 1601:-
ing for Bart wheat. The demand‘
has been quite heavy this spring:
and is getting difficult to find?
One farmer has had to need}
some at his acreage three times‘
because of the wind. It was not
long until some Bart wheat had
been located over west in the
flan-inn district, some in Battle
snake, and Operation Reseed was
under way again.
Guests at the Wallace Ander
son home over ‘ the week-end
was Mrs. John Grow and two
children at St. Marlee, Idaho.
15 st' 11
336223 3‘
Our Entire
Line of Ladies‘ ‘
2 Big Groups
S2O and S3O
m- m. ‘ I
Take advantage of this
saving while we still
have a wonderful se
lection. _ .
Discontinued 11116 in this high quality. suit Single and
double breasted models. ‘ 3 _ .
Will E s
Prices Slashed
m S3SM
Our Entire Spring Line 0‘
Mrs.Growis asbterotMrs.
Anderson. Other visitors were
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rake of Yaki
ma and their sister who 18 visit
ing them from San Jose, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Christenseni
of Kennewick were visitors in the‘
community Monday, callinz a'!
the Henry Smith, Ed Tyacke and}
Guy Travis’ homes.
Don and Dave Haworth have}
been doing a great 'deal of work‘
on the county well. They were
pulling the pipes for some re-i
pair work when the pulley hook
broke, dropping the pipe. The?
Tucker Well Drilling Co. oq
Presser came out and got the‘
pipe out and then; installed a new‘
pump head. Haworth has torn
down the old mum and plans‘
to erect a new shed over the:
The county well has been in op-i
eration over titty years, having
been dug when this was still‘
Yakima county. .
Frank Lenfle‘ at the Lenzie
ranch, down toward Paterson,
:purchased 90 head of cattle this
ispring to add to his herds.
D Chester Benson and Clint Mc-
Bee have purchased a new Piper
airplane which they plan toms.
todusttheirtieldswithto de
stroy weeds. The plane was pur
chased from the Thompson Fly
ins service.
Ross Davis 0! Yakima was a
visitor of his brother, W. L. Dav
is and family recently.
The golden wedding anniver
sary of Mr. and Mrs. Sam White
was celebrated recently. The
White’s, now living in Tacoma,
were early residents of Horse
Heaven, hving here in the 1890’s,
raising cattle and horses. Many
of the local riding fans know
Sophomores Lead
The sophomore class was well out
in the lead ,in the number 0;
students placing on the honor roll
for the last six months period.
according (to an announcement
from principal T. H. Bennett.
The sophomores had 42 honor
students. the seniors had 25, and
the juniors 21. , 1
Barbara Bachck, Vern'
Bailey, Mary Ellen Block, Mar-l
jorie Bolton, Martin Brace. Donal:
Brewer, Raymond Byse, Evelyn?
Edwards, Ronald Friedman, Jean
Goldsmith. James Kauth, Louise
Laudel, Harry Lucas, Leona Lava
as, Marilyn Oliver, Barbara Owens.
Jessie Pendergrass, Ken Silliman.
Frank Smith, Lenny Spitzer, Don
Tinsley, Bonita Wagenaar, Jerry
Williams, Jean William m
,Williams. I
Jim Elder, Roger Felton, Richo‘
ard Flaten, Vernon Gramlinl.
Rosemary Hatzenbeler, Claude
Hooker, ;Nancy Ann Johnna:~
Glenn Johnson, Janice Kidd .
Marjorie Lortz. Mary Messerw.
Ann Mokler, Bonita Mulholland.
Marjorie Pasche, John Pedkins.
Gene Reavis. Loretta Schmelzor,
Jerry Sleater, Bob Spurzeon, Jan
ice Strawn, Roger Whitson.
John Alexander, Wanda Arnold.‘
Sally Baird, William Baird, Janice]
Begley, Floyd Bond, Thomas
Brutzman, Mavis Bunoe, Jewelli
Burns, Stella Byers. Fern Callazo‘
han, Mary Anne Churman, Dalo‘
Comatock, Billy Conrad, Joy Beth
Deeter, David Dickinson, Robert
Erickson, Marjorie Graves, Norma
Gregor, Sally Harvey, Jack Hol
den, lrvan Lindy, Shirley Jones.
Gilbert Kimbrough, Gordon‘Kaaa.
Bonnie Kieper, Delinda Merriott.
Delores Mendnger, Peter Miner,
Robert Myers, Arthur Nyborg.
Bob Patzer, Naomia Payne. Rich
ard Rambo, Esther Reese, Care
tina Romero, Dorothy Stradlinz.
Pat Tinsman, Harriet Vorvick,
James Wakeford, Francis Whoa.
Jerry Woffinden.
Bids Asked 'on Repair
0! Old Pumping Plant
The Bureau of Reclamation to-‘i
day called for bids for repairing‘
and modeling the old Bur-banks
pumping plant building, 5 miles:
east of Pasco, to serve the 1,200-'
acre Burbank Unit of the Colum-‘
bia Basin project. The unit is ing
northwestern Walla Walla county!
and will receive its first irriga
tion water next year.
‘ Bids on the work will be opened:
lat the Project’s Irrigation Divi- i
pion headquarters, Ephrata, at
210‘ o’clock the morning of June‘
‘l, said Supervising Engineer 311
A. Parker. I
Cmpbell to Press '
Ugseating a! Bung:h_ _
Former councilman Arthur W.
Campbell said this week he
would press his charges made re
cently at a council meeting ques
tioning whether Fred Bunch, Sr.,
is legally entitled to a seat on the
city council. Campbell said he
had turned the matter over to
the county prosecuting attorney
for investißation. He contends
that Bunch does not llvein the
ward he represents and therefore
is not entitled to sit on the coun
cil. . ,
Real Estate Sales in
Kennewick Boon; Aqgip
”am can." «In boom-«1' In
Kennewick on: tho I»! wak
Modorn Home. officials-:0-
porud um 31 of their new
tion WON-1016. rm of that.
“Would?!" I!
Unity Study Group will meet
Thursday at 2:30.at the Episcopal
Parish hall. Buelah Ivon Scott
of Yakima is the teacher. All
interested persons are invited to
"attend. ‘ '
A new well to supply water for
the Pacific Power 8; Light Com
pany water system in Kennewick
was tated Tuesday by the City
and Power company officials and
it was found that with a flow of
from 450 to 500 gallons a minute,
there was no decrease in the seven
feet of water in the well. It will
be tested for purity before it is
turned into the system.
TO__DISCU_BB_£O_9L _ -,,
The men's Highland Improve
ment club will meet Monday. May
19. at 8:30 p. m. The discussion will
’be about the proposal tom 3
community swimming pool.
Arthur Whimn Takes
Role in College Play , 7
Arthur Whitson- o: Kennewick
was recently cast in the College
of Puget Sound’s play, "If I Were
King." Whitson ls a member of the
Campus Playeratters, which pre
sented the production.
“It I Were King" is a story of
the colorful fifteenth century
French poet Francois Vinon, and
his adventures when King Louis
x 1 makes him his Grand Con
stable for one week.
Whitson is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. James H. Whitson, Rt. 1.
Kennewick. and a freshman at
C. P. S. He is a 1948 graduate
of Kennewick High School.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Russell
at Lourdes hospital in Pasco on
April 27, a daughter. Linda Lor
Leaving Wednesday «naming
Miss Bess Hendrick went to
Montana to visit her brother Ward
Hendrick and family.
Mrs. Annie .Sutton and Mrs.
Dave Palmer drove to Seattle
last week end. Mrs. Sutton to
attend a Unit Organization and
Activities committee meeting of.
Washington Educational Amun
tion,«and Mrs. Palmer to shop.
Mrs. Alvin Cheney's mother.
Mrs. R. W. Huntley of Comm
Ore., and her sister Mrs. Cliston
Wallace of Seattle. left Saturday
iting for a week wih the Cheneys.
Alfred Mosher who has spent
the past two years in Yorktown,
Virginia, arrived Sunday after
noon to visit his mother, Mn.
Mae Mosher.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellie Dorothy re
turned Monday evening following
a ten-day vacation which took
them to Oroville, on the Cenedm;
border where they were pment
for the unveiling -of the Peace
Marker sponsored by the Kiwanis
Governor General Johnson at
British Columbia and Governor
Langley of Washington took part
in the ceremonies. The Dorothy:
also visited in Portland in the
home of his sister Mrs. Kater-
Chapman and in Everett with his
sister and family. the Walter
Lordges. Both sisters formerly
lived in Kennewick.
Mrs. Eleanor Minnich and son
David returned Sunday from a
week’s vacation spent visiting rel
atives in Portland.
Too Late to Classify
FOR SALE: 60 chairs, 7 small
tables, 4 large tabla, suitable
for restaurant use. Arrow Grill,
Kennewick. 6-c
An Ordinance of tho City of
Kennewick. Washington. annex
ing a portion of Benton County.
Washington. lying contiguous to
the said City of Konnowick. said
annoxation being pursuant to tho
provisions of Chapter 128. Sos
sion Laws for tho Stato of Wash
ington for tho you 1945.
WHEREAS,‘ the real property
described in Section One of this
Ordinance is situate, lying, and
being in the County of Benton,
State of Washington, contiguous
to the City of Kennewick, Wash
ington, and has not as yet been
incorporated as a city or town,
WHEREAS, a petition has beenl
filed with the City Council of the,
City of Kennewick, Washington,‘
asking that the said real property
be annexed to the City oi Ken
newick pursuant to the provi
sions of Chapter 128, Session
Laws for 1945 for the State of
Washington. and the said petition
being regular in form and as
prescribed by said Chapter 128,
and having been signed by own
ers of more than 75% in value
according to the assessed valu
ation for general taxations of the
property described above. which
said petition is on file at the ot
tiee of the City Clerk of the City
oi Kennewick, Washington, and
‘ WHEREAS. the provisions of
‘said Chapter 128 o! the Session
:Laws for 1945 have been followed
rin all respects. and due notice
having been posted and published
as required by law that a hear
ing would be held in aeobrdanee
with . the provldons of said
Chapter 128, and
WHEREAS. at the time and
place fixed for said hearing all.
interested persons appeared be:
fore the City Couneil of the City
or Kennewick, Washington. and
all such persons were in tavor
ot the City of Kennewick enact-.
ing an ordinance in regular torn:
whereby the above described
property should be annexed to
and become a part' of the City of
Kennewick. Washington, and no
person appeared and registered
any objection either in person
or in writing and
WHEREAS, the said real pro
above described appears
0 be residential and suburban
roperty which will be benefited
1y annexation to the City of Ken.
newick and that the City of Ken
newick will be benefited by an
nexation of said real Pm
now. theretore.
Section One. That the following
described portion of Benton
County. State of Washington,
shall be and hereby is annexed
to the City or Kennewick. Wash
ingron, andinadeapartotthe
said City of Kennewick and sub
ject to all or its laws and ordi
nanws now and hereafter enforc
ed. to-wit:
That portion of the northwest
one-quarter of the northwest
one-quarter of the northeaSt
oneoqu'arter (NWMNW'ANE’A)
of Section seven (7). Township
eight (8) North, Range Thirty
(30) E. W. M., lying north and
east of the Columbia Irrigation
District Canal right of way, as
such canal now exists in such
The north one hundred feet of
the east one hundred feet of
the southeast one-quarter of the
-northeast one-quarter (NIOO
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People and Kennewick Development
EIOO' SEKNEM) of Section nev
en (7), Township eight (8),
Range Thirty (30). E. W. M.
Northeast one-quarter of the
northeast one-quarter (NEM
NE’A) of Section seven (7),
Township eight (8) North.
Range Thirty (30) E. W. M.;
East one-half of the northwest
one-quarter of the northeast
one-qu.arter (BIANWMNE’A)
northeasterly of canal in Sec
tion seven (7), Township eight
(8) North. Range Thirty (30) E.
W. M.; Northwest one-quarter
of the northwest one-quarter
(NWKNWK) in Section eight
(8), Township eight (8) North,
Range Thirty (30) E. W. M.;
Tract seven (7), Putnam Tracts,
according to the recorded plat
thereof. recorded in Volume one
of plats, page 43. record- 0!
said County.
Section M That no property
within the limits of the above-
described territory shall an: be
taxed or assessed to pay any por
tion of indebtedneaa o! the City
of Kennewick contracted prior to
or existing at the date of the do
fective date of this ordinance:
nor shall any of the annexed aro
perty above described be releas
ed from any taxes or Went:
levied against it or trout liability
for payment of outstandin‘ bonds
or warrants issued prior to the
effective ‘date of this ordinance.
lactioa Three. This ordinance
five (51 daya from and after its
W. 8W and publica
tion in the official newspaper or
the City of Kennewick.
day'otnuy. 190.
Marjorie Miller. City Clark.
Appmved this 811! day at M.,.
1949. 0.1.; Keolker. Mayor.
Approved" at to form: Kenneth
E. Seder, City Am. 5:8

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