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. .Sepi'. 16. 1949
It": That Old
CHAMPAIGN. 111. (UP) The
coin vending machine idea he
gan in 200 B.C. in ancient Greek
temples. according to the Univer
sity of Illinois economics re
search department. The v'Greek
temples used similar vending
devices to distribute holy water.
Spokane, Wash. Deafened
people are hailing a new device
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without making‘ them wear a
receiver button in the ear. They
now- enjoy songs, sermons,
friendly companionship and bus
iness success with no self-con
scious feeling that people are
lookingat a buttonhanging on
their ear. With the new invisible
Phantomold you many free your
self not "only from deafness, but
from even the appearance of
deafness- Ray Parnell .1: Aso
ciates. 335 W. _Sprague, Spokane,
Wash., are so proud of Beltone’a
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plain wrapper) and explain how
you can test this amazing invis
ible device in the privacy of
L your own home without risking
a penny. Write Ray Parnell, to
; day. adv.
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| sues ' ssavuce I
I=- -xx «.smxauw uwwmcx .m I
Benlon Pomona Grange
Sessions Resume Aller
Iwo Monlhs Vacation
After a vacation through July
and August the Benton County
Pomona met at 10 a.m. Sept. 10
with Kiona-Benton Grange.
All officers were present ex
cept Overseer, Gate Keeper, one
Executive Committeeman, Home
Economics Chairman and Juven
ile Matron.
Those present were: Finley 8,
Kennewick Valley 5, Kennewick
Highland 8. Kiona-Benton 13, Lo
cust Grove 5, Buena Vista 6.
There was no representation
from Horse Heaven or Rattle
snake. : r A -
‘ The Chaplain reported the
death of W. C. Travis of Horse
Heaven Grange.
The acting H. E. C., Nellie
Sherry, announced the U. a I.
sugar contest at Locgst Grdve
the next meeting. _ . __ _
Lecturer asked that the forms
be in before the 15thvand report
on achievements. She called a
lecturer’s conference during re
The following resolution was
submitted "for consideration:
That we approve a system that
n 5" .
will make it mandatory for a car
owner to have his car inspected
by some reliable garage of his
choice; that the inspection shall
cover the same points as cover
ed by the Inspection Lane; that
the inspection _shall be made
not more than 30 days before
issuance of new license plates;
that the garage owner making
such inspection is qualified and
that the car meets all qualifica
tions made by the state; and that
the inspection slip be turned in
before a new license plate is
issued and that as soon as ap
propriation is made by the State
the above policy be discontinued.
Approved byrthe legislative com
mittee. Report not sustained by
the Pomona.
The agriculture committee re
ported that the farmers are mak
ing their own program as Con
gress “did nothing for them.”
The power committee called
attention to the fact of the REA.
energizing their lines over much
of Horse Heaven. Those reported
as having the power turned on
within the last few weeks are
Gilbert Clodfelter, Wm. Thomas,
Fred Mills. Harry Owens, Russell
Blair, Bennie ' ‘Blair, "and J. R.
Ay_e_rs._‘ __ __ _
The legislative committee re
ported by reading an editorial by
National Master A. S. Goss in the
National Grange Monthly. - ,
Subordinate reports:
FINLEY—Have held all regular
meetings during the summer,
National Master ‘A. 'S.‘ G 055, 'a
member of Finley Grange, _visit
ed his home Grange at a special
meeting Aug. 3rd. 'A dinner'for
members, who were in the
Grange years ago and were
Brother Goss’ neighbors when he
lived at Finley, was served at
6:30, the business meeting fol
lowed at which Brother Goss'ad
dressed the meeting. ‘ .'
Floats» were entered in both the
Fair at Kennewick and States
Day at Prosser, had a 'booth at
the Fair, have two applications,
received two members by demit
and draped the Charter for Geo.
Hanes and W. 0. Meals. The
Grange Auxiliary held a meet
ing at the hall Sept. 7th and
began . their fall quilting, plan
ned a cooked food sale for Sept.
24th, will have a dinner later
and planned other activities for
the fall. Booster Night will be
the first meeting in October.
all regular meetings except the
ione that came on Fair Night,
ihave four applications, pledged
‘3IOOOO to the hospital building
jfund, took first prize on their
1 booth at the Fair. Cleared $784.78
on their hamburger stand, youth
committee is active,‘ meeting
regularly. Booster Night Sept. 30,
entertained all former Vale
members, had cleanoup day, have
a program each meeting and at
the next meeting will answer roll
call by telling what may be
done to better the Grange.
Kennewick Highlands a—‘Held
three meetings ‘ and a picnic,
have two new members and two
applications, took second prize
on their booth at the Fair, pledg
ed 8150.00 for the hospital. lost
one member by death, Hubert
Soper . I
Locust Grove—Held no meet
ings, _had a joint picnic with the
Locust Grove Club,‘ had 1 display
and float at the Fair. ' ' " '_
Buena Vista—Held all regular
meetings, initiated two in 3rd
and 4th degrees, have three ap
plications for initiation and two
by demit, had a float on States
Day, lecturer moved away and
newone installed, Booster Night
will be the fourth Tuesday in
September and 20 went to Finley
to see Brother Goss. .
' KIONA-BBmN—Held several
picnic open meetings during the
summer, had a float at the Fair.
have good cooperation, have two
applications, two new members
by demit, Booster Night date will
beset later. 7 - _-_ ‘
Marjorie Taylor of Finley was
appointed as chairman of the
agriculture committee in place
of the late H. E. Dilling of Buena
Vista. '
The invitation from Kiona-
Benton to hold the annual meet
ing with them in December was
A vote of thanks was given
What a Difference!
THERE is a decided dif
ference between Proper
ty Damage Insurance and
Collision Insurance.» The
former carries your legal
liability for any damage
your car may do to the
property of others. The lat
ter‘covers the damage done
to your own car. You need
both policies! _
Get them here.
Phone 123!
211 Kennewick Ave.
Horse Heaven News Briefs
HORSE HEAVEN. :Sept. 16—
Among the new pupils starting.
to school for the first time this
week are Patricia Travis, who
will go to kindergarten, Gary
Anderson, Barbara Cooper, Billy
Haworth, Ronny powd, Earl Bor
den and the young son of the
Glen Montgomery’s. The new
addition to the Riverside school
in Prosser has been completed
and the cafeteria is ready to be
gin operating which will elim
inate the carrying of lunches.
Eric Cooper and Earl Richman
are driving the busses from
Horse Heaven again this year.
Donald Haworth and John
Moon, accompanied by Norton
Grow and Harold McClure of
Prosser went to Rimrock last
week on a fishing trip. The Ha
worth’s and Moon’s attended the
Pendleton roundup.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moore and
Kiona-Benton for splendid din
ner and hospitality.
It was voted to have a gavel
program again and the lecturer
had each Grange draw for a date
with the following result:
‘ Kiona-Benton will entertain
Kennewick Valley; Finley will
entertain Horse Heaven; Locust
Grove will entertain Finley; Ken
newick Highlands will entertain
Buena Vista; Kennewick Valley
wi l l entertain Kiona-Benton;
Buena Vista will entertain Rat
tlesnake; Horse Heaven will en
tertain Locust Grove: Rattle
snake will entertain Kennewick
Highlands. _
Each Grange will arrange its
gwn date and :eport to the lec
urer. ,
The next meeting will be Oct.
8 with Locust Grove, with con
{ening hour to be announced
ater. ‘ -
surplus mag . -e} ~ gag»? fisponrs .
fig fl."'k-:&l;é‘:‘%{ék"-\\ ~
I, \\ «’75:. M“ ' . . .
' _ 30.30 MARLIN, cum
$62.45 . v
3mm 9
$13.95 *0 $39.95 4
, ' Remingi'en en'd . Fer Ilg Game H
Super X Western 335°: """M'W3fi3
' £ 3 eve e' ...'..............-. "
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lb Gauge W 2.50 30-30 ~Wineluee§er......'.. 1.35
20 Gen . 2.35 8 mm Meueer ...-.......... 3.30
9 ................ Good Sleek Men! on»
_ 410 Geuge W I.” 4 Udell“ .__ . ‘3.
kw”) ' V ; _. l. .
spam"; WAgmq‘wN—fismng
Gaods - .EX‘fiI‘éRDWARB-g'racme
"if? «‘39— URNI‘IU ‘
fi%fiuofi ' maple. «mag. “"EEWEP.
Your Hunting Heudquari‘éré‘
Use Our Budgef Paymonf Pldn
son Carl of western Horse Heav
en have been visiting in Alberta.
Canada, with a brother, Dea
Moore and family. They plan to
return early this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Speck -re
turned to their home at Kent-
Monday, having spent several
days with their son, Tom, and
family. Sunday the two families
drove to Plymouth to see the
McNary darn, then picnicked at
Sacajawea. From there they vis
ited the site of old Ft. Walla
Walla and at Wallula, and came
home by way of the Oregon side
to view the dam from that side
of the river. Mrs. Speck lived at
Waiilatpu as a child and the
trip held much interest because
of dthe historic markers and leg
en 5. .
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Burk
hart and children spent the
weekend in Spokane.
Attending the “Jungle” party
of the Toppenish aerie of Eagles
Monday evening were Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Tyacke. Mr. and'.Mrs.
E. Tyacl’re and Mr. and 2 Mrs.
Vern Borden. Dungarees were
worn. the mulligan was served
in tin cans, and a good time was
the general report.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Wooden
who have been in Seattle for
several weeks. returned home
Thursday by way of Portland.
bringing two nie¢es, Phyllis and
Alice Keeney. back with“ them
for a visit. The Woodens visited
at the home of Mrs. Wooden's
“sister, Mrs. Lena Miller, in Se
.attle while Mrs. Wooden went
through the Virginia Mason
The Carl Smith family have
moved into their new home on
Memorial streeet ln Prosser and
are. getting settled in the mod
ern, attractive house recently
completed. Frank Richman, who
is manager on me rancn, uves
‘at the ranch _house. _
At the recent convention of
the Washington Flying Farmers
held ‘at Vancouver, Chester Hen
son was elected president. This
is the fourth convention to be
held by the organization.
’ Guests“ Sunday at the Guy
Travis home were Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Tyacke and daughter.
Sharon. The Tyackes are living
on Willow creek near Heppner
Junction where they recently
purchased a cattle ranch. They
like their new location very
Since the Snake river bridge
burned last weekend travei'has
been re-routed over the Plym
outh and Paterson ferries which
brings a great amount of travel
over this community, via the
Paterson highway. At night the
almost continuous stream of
lights resemble a fair way.
The Gould brothers have
started their fall seeding. Sev
eral farmers plan to seed some
rye. Tom Speck and Frank
Green will start soon. 7 _
Mrs. Ed Christen and Mrs. Guy
Travis were dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Littrell in
Richland Monday evening. They
ialso attended the opening meet
}ing of the Richland Writers'
.Workshop of which they are
‘members. Roll ”call was reports
Lot progress made? during the
,summer and brought out every
ing from gardening to the com
pletion of books. Mrs. Allison
Wallace gave . a report from a
book on writing technique by
lE. Blackiston. ‘C. E. Campbell
gread' an original manuscript,
j“'l‘he Man on the Blue Horse.”
‘Meetings are held every other
‘Monda'y.’ Election of officers
‘rrill. be a part of the next meet
ng;.: ;- . '
laihor Scabbard:
' $2.25 up
Government Tested Sand—Crushed Gravel
2 Grades 6 Sizes
New Telephone Numbers
Kennewick 10x11 ram 345:
East of Twin City Airport
r ’ vER '
9““ E Y 7’40:
Blue Bell
‘ Totato Chips
:::.':::;";'::.:’: [3%]
‘ , I'll-PAR ms
$1.50 in $2.50
gar}; Equipmenf—The
Perfecf Giff for Him
. ‘ cam-m:
' men mean
Spodd New '
79: '
a W Km

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