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Min Mariorie Garner, Mayian ‘
Mills Wed At Church Of'The . .
Nazarene; Honeymoon On Coast h
’'’'’7 ' ’ 7 ' I
with autumn tints as the color
lii. the wedding 0! Marjorie
Jean Garner, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Garner of East
Kennewick. and Maylan Mills,
son of Mrs. Charles Mills and
the late Mr. Charles Mills of
Hover. took place Sunday at 3
o'clock in the Church of the
Nazarene. Large baskets of yel
low and white dahlias and rose
and orchid dahlias and lighted
tapers in seven branched cande-t
labra were in the chancel to
form a background for the wed
ding group. Greenery and
lighted tapers decorated the
windows and white satin bows
marked the front pews reserved
for relatives. Shirley Conrad.
cousin of the bride. in rose col
ored satin. and wearing a tiny
wrist bouquet of white carna
tions, and Gerald Azeltine. ne
nhew of the bride, lighted the
Don Sanders at the solo-vox.
)layed the nuptial music ac
..ompanied for Lynn Mills, bro
...ier of the bridegroom, who
sang "I Love Thee" and “Be
cause." The Rev. J. N. Tinsley
read the single ring service.
The bride was lovely in a
white slipper satin gown of her
own making, fashioned basque
style. buttoned down the back
and with buttons on the fitted
sleeves. Chantilly lace trimtned
the trout and edged the Wide
peplum and extended the full
length of the long train. Her fin
ger tip veil fell from a Juliet
cap which had clusters of white
flowers at each side. A white
Bible on which rested a purple
orchid with white satin strearn.
ers caught with tiny white
'rnums, was harried by the bride;
also an heirloom handkerchiei
which belonged to her grand-
-‘ fl '
. ' I
710 the Greenway o 711 G. Washington Way
Richlqnd 0 Phone IO; ~“ . ‘ ; g
. u: . um . mu! . um“ . ammcam . :v-én .‘aimt’nbu’. RIGIL'AND
r 7 - . .-..
A? “Ml-m
. . A -~:.:-,';’-.'-:-:1‘.-.‘-."-:~_'.‘:?.:-2-'mi»: .
. §{ {3’3 , 'lt-Ij .
. -or . 4,. 'sz ““34. 3,:
.’ v ,1. «.Ing .-" ,3 a“. '-. ' .:-'.-' , I?
.~ »1 I.' -. * J . '9»...
_.._..,..,._1-,;.:4:- x.» ,rv 3 ...., .
- ‘.'- :~ W‘ffl‘ “'5 “‘w 5.1..-.2:=.=.:::‘-‘;-.=- .
H 15;. 2* .
' .‘5.;at.»'351131-33325".1/511411251- V2l: 4*}s‘. ";.1".,-' ,1; . .1.3 , . .
» ' .-..'..;.‘_- _.':_:-..---;.:,-.:,.;.;.1.3-. .1 45...? ‘-..'"'_ ._ '-.' {.04. ,-
- unfiqgfifi‘ii“ 19:12:“ .;-.-,-:},lg. 1 ~» --
' "" '-;‘-‘-'..'-I'-=<~‘.-..- v".-.-"v:~.' -"‘"‘.s 3.1.. ~- --"" ~:
A ”30:13.21.“ @éfia --'
~ . ...~. . r . 36:5." -.;.” 44:75:35}... "1.1: '
-'.....v'.,;::«:.~=..-.1 15:25 @Wfim ' it»; »
. ""-"?’"ff’.¢¥3";}.v.°“‘ ' 4443' "‘33 \z- . '1
v: ~_. 45" g i
A” a .1’ ’s‘ ”:4. ‘ '.:l'.-; s7l. ' ’ ’WN
.I‘. 'V ' ~ _, {4l‘l"2l‘“ I , £55" ,3, ‘
NR 1‘ AB“ '3'l'l"? ~f. Q . {5,53%
' COMFOPJ 4 5 ... .32" £5, a1~.:"
' ~-r‘ 5 .-;>'-_; .Z-E'lég .1 '“" ' ‘ 1
V 1 mp A - - ‘H’é'szisffivts-I};
. ’ 'O ' ' vow... ‘“m
‘l. .. 2% -
, "$5“, .’ ,‘
" 3'" I- ' I ”51‘3“" :30 ’I -
. ~ _. _. a _ - - 9.1.: at. a,
"g . 1 5 1.. _ _'~._ , 1 5 '. " ';
\._. .- 355: _._..,..'.-,'. V 'l"< 1” . _ ~.,;».,_‘ . :3" . ‘
I If}: .-":"'."-""":-"-’:. -'."-'.":":.".'~1 ‘... -' ' I ‘lé‘flw?- 2' p 34,?» ; 1
1' -'i. I -'-" 3;:‘33-1‘9'13. .._"Y:-'~.3.1.'..., “‘9 “”“b,‘:‘tc’%‘.u if“??? ”'33:: -- '
«1 '- ' - - . :1; , -._ 5 USpy,_,-,".1:;.'-'.-:v‘-.-'.-:"a"‘ _?-’ji;fil:f;;§.;.,s.;.-"4' ‘ t~ .gfl ‘ .
- '2." ._ ‘ .. ”a”, - 3: ‘- “A'W ' /2'. V‘- "jaw-'2O" r, .
' 5...".3’ w; .. ~;.,.....,.. 'l. a ..--' ‘ ' '
. .6? «411%,»: ”fifww. ..._ _ _ .5, .- ='-=<-=:sa-v'--.- ~
"£1: {s~’,}z' {a - , ... 1 “-13?" ’”-‘~ .
, 3 5.1:: .'.-' ' - ~:;;:1;_~.-'.-_.12W ' ~ We.
' t ‘l'3lll:?'E'-' -.‘~:‘-:'.'.".‘-:-:-.... ‘c '» -> 1.. "<3.-.- '
i. g :EEEIEiz-z-‘Eili'iiZlE-1 ' - "2:, ’51..,\ J
' ‘-‘--:.':.;'~;f .‘iv ". :x. 51:35.2». m .
-2.< 'v1211'21t~1:'.3.1.-:'-'-2- *' ~.. "'.:".'-:":3' '
‘ .. .3. , ' . ["1 .1:;-:‘ "- V" '
~ v"'»:'-:»'.' .-w - . ,I ‘'~ -
I 41;, . .3“. -. «1.. ”47;; _‘ :5: fl
. '_.-,_, '.l “«.- ' ' .
- -'"~".N" b ,' . ' - .
«xx-'3 1 ‘.. ,_ .n - ‘
. A: .. ~.§d%liz'” _'..«
~ W23fiwa‘f ,
t O 0
Weather Sirlppmg .
PL? :2 i ‘ "
Felt and bronze weat erstr p
ping. 20 feet for 51°20
Stripping. 17 ft. package 20¢
0f felt and bronze to keep out the 45¢
cold wind and keep in the heat. 36”
Utility tape. A pliable plastic 29¢
weather stripping. 16 ft. package
Stripping by the foot
.....-._.-.-.-.-,_,_._,- CAULKING
~.~ ; //‘ |( . COMPOUND
w WASHING‘ION §_bg::::::z,z°:asfza
. f_. :3": HARD‘VARB . Quarts or gallonh
K 973212353”? - _ GLASS cur To 5:25
‘1: . f;— [IRIIITURB CO. Replace broken panes
fit—Wgfi‘od ' PHONE. KEN. so: Kennewickwuh.‘ “Pfiffiffi’gg”? 8‘
SE For instilgggr that oil
mother._,A wrist watch. the gift
of the-bridegroom, was her only
Doris Azeltine was matron of
honor for her sister. Her gown of
floor length green taffeta was
styled . similar to the bride's,
with matching mitts and half
hat. A bandeau of yellow and
orchid, fall flowers . was worn
across the back of her hair and
she carried a colonial bouquet in
the same colors.
School friends of the bride,
[ Joan Hartman, in green, Marcia
Bridenstine in gold color and
Darlene Van Scheick in green,
; were bridesmaids wearing gowns
L of taffeta in identical style. with
E matching mitts and half-hats
worn with 'an arrangement of
i fall flowers for the hair and
, each carried a colonial bouquet
_ carrying out the color scheme of
_ autumn tints. .
3 Ileeta Garner, young niece of
the bride, was flower girl, gown.
ed in floor length yellow taffeta
I and carrying a basket of white
, petals which she scattered down
, the bridal aisle. Escorted to the
_ altar by her father. the bride
, was given in marriage by her
father and mother.
a The bride's mother wore an
r afternoon dress of blue and
3 white silk print with white ac-‘
.< cessories, and .the bridegroom’s
3 mother was in black with green
:1 accessories. Both mothers wore
e corsages of rosebuds and gar
.l denias.
.- Harlan, twin brother of the
rt bridegroom, was his best man
e and the ushers were Glen Lud
e low, Ed Scovell and Wallace
e Nelsony each wearing a white
L~ carnation boutonniere. -
e Following the ceremony, Mr.
3. and Mrs. Mills greeted friends
if at a reception on the lawn of
l- the Garner home in East Kenne
a, note of
\ The well-dressed man
selects his glasses with as
much care as he does
'1 he}; orfia' tie. He knows
; ._ goodgrooming anda
‘: ’ winning personality start
\ with the eyes.
a" ' ‘°“""sp¥féi€’iétiii‘z
r\\ ‘ summit: in sxmmmons
a; l , , mmm
.2, l, ' ‘
Stove Fl‘H‘lllgS -
We have an excellent stock of all sizes
and varieties—joints to turn .any corner
and a damper for any stove. '
3". 4!" 5!" 6"
Both comgatig gm acslj'ustable in 3".
1 n or
' mm. mm was. WAYLAN mus _
wick. With them in the receiv
ing line were Mrs. Garner and
Mrs. Mills Sr. and the bridal'
group. _ . _
The wedding cake, . made in
the form of a cross, was decor
ated with pink rosebuds and
white latticed ornaments and
was topped with a miniature
bridal scene. The initial cut was
made by the newly married couc
ple with a silver knife which
was received as a wedding gift
by the bride’s parents 36 years
ago. The cake was served from
an attractively appointed table
by Mrs. Merle Wright, Mrs. John
Mills and Mrs. Emery Aman.
Mrs. W. E. Conrad, aunt of the
bride, presided at the punch
bowl. Mrs. Donald Garner was
in charge of the guest book and
Mrs. Ed Scovell. and Miss Loree
Sanders had the care of the gifts.
Mrs. Mills attended high
school in Kennewick and North
west Nazarene college in Nam
pa. Recently she has been em
ployed as bookkeeper at Duroch
er Appliance Shop. Mr. Mills at
tended high school at Hover and
spent some time in the Merchant
Marines and is now in charge
of his mother's farm. _ - _ _
The honeymoon trip is to
points on the coast, Mrs. Mills
wearing for going away a gray
suit with matching shoes, red
hat and purse .and orchid cor
sage from her wedding bouquet.
Out-of-town guests for the
wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Bri
denstine of Zillah. Mr. and Mrs.
D. Benson and nephew, Port
land; Mrs. Linda Bishop, son
John and daughter Edna and
niece, Barbara Wilmot, from Se
attle; Mr. and Mrs. John Mills,
Portland; Miss Gladys Jensen,
Wenatchee; Miss Joan Hartman,
Seattle; Miss Darlene Van
Scheick. Nampa; Miss Marcia
Bridenstine, Zillah.
Mr. and Mrs. Mills will make
their home in East Kennewick.
Doris Wiley And
W. Irish Wed
In the presence of a smail
group of guests, Miss Doris E.
Wiley and Walter J. Irish of Ken.
newick, exchanged marriage
vows rat 2 o'clock, Oct. 1, in the
Methodist church.
' The Rev. A. C. Wischmeler
read the service and Mrs. E. E.
Ferguson played the nuptial
music. .
The bride was dressed in a
light blue suit with which she
wore black accessories and a cor
spge of rose buds. The couple
were "attended by Elsie May
Hague and Loren E. Winton,
both of Kennewick. Mr. and Mrs.
Irish will reside in Kennewick.
Wedding He'd
l The marriage of Patsy Grant,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. D.
Grant of Pasco, and Lloyd E.
Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. P.
'Miller of Kennewick, took place
Oct. 1 in Coeur d'Aiene, lda. The
couple were attended by the
bride’s sister-in-law, Mrs. Jerry
Grant, and Dick Miller. Others
present for 'the ceremony were
Glen Miller and Jerry Grant.
Mrs. Miller attended high
school in Pasco, and Miller was
graduated from Kennewick high
in 1946, attended EWCE at
Cheney for a year and a half and
is now employed at the Hanford
Works. Mr. and Mrs. Miller will
live in Pasco.
Meetings, Sales
Contests Soon
The Marytha Circle of the WO
- Society of Christian Serv
ice of the Methodist church will
meet Wednesday, October 12 at
2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Eva
Cresswell, 609 Kennewick avenue
with Mrs. A. A. Lucke assisting
hostess. Mrs. Engles will have
the devotions and Mrs. Ramsdell
the program which is the second
chapter of the study book, “Ja
pan Begins Again.” All ladies
interested will be most welcome.
Members are urged to be pres
en .
Benton County Pomona Will
meet at 2 pm. Saturday, Oct. 15
at Locust Grove grange. Entries
for the U. and I. sugar contest in
the county will be judged at this
meeting. ‘
The Joy Circle of the Women's
Society of Christian Service of
the Methodist church is having
a rummage sale in the Bateman
building Friday and Saturday.
The American Legion auxil
iary will meet Thursday, Oct. 6
for an all-day sewing meeting
at the home of Mrs. Jack Oliver,
19 E. Third. A pot luck lunch
eon will be served. -
A meeting of all former mem
bers of the Kennewick Woman’s
Club will be held Monday, Oct.
10 at the chamber of commerce
rooms, 12 Auburn St.‘ (Thompson
Bldg.) at 2 o’clock. This is an
important meeting and attend
ance is urged.
Farewell Dinner
! Employees of Kennewick Gen
; eral Stores of P P 8: L company,
‘, which has been moved to Walla
'Walla, gathered for a farewell
dinner Saturday evening at The
. Manor in Pasco. George Cloud
.acted as master of ceremonies.
’ Guests for the occasion were Mr.
i; and Mrs. George Purdy of Port
!land. Mrs. Cloud, Mr. and Mrs.
§ Rufus Veatch. Mr. and Mrs. Man
: uel Hille, Mr. and Mrs. Perry
1 Sickler. Mr. and Mrs. Odes Sloan.
: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowen. Mrs.
Emma Johns. Mrs. Mae Mosher.
Miss Beryla Bafus, Dick Fenger
and Bill Jordan.
Trout aré now being planted
'in remote lakes by helicopter.
150 At Special
Meet Of Order
Of Eastern Star
About 150 members and visit
ors attended the friendship night
meeting of Alma Chapter, Order
of Eastern Star, here Tuesday
night: - ~
Visitors .were present from
Benton City, Lind. Pasco. Rich
land and Walla Walla including
the W‘orthy Matrons who were
Mrs. Hattie Witt and Mrs. May
Reeder were reported ill. A card
of sympathy was sent to Mrs. E.
A. Lynn whose son passed away
1999.“?! - _ __ _
Visiting for the first time were
Mrs. Ruth Leyson of Cosmopoli
tan chapter 36, Gooding. Idaho.
She first became a member of
the Order in 1894 in Sioux Rap
ids, lowa, then became a charter
member of Cosmopolitan chapter
in 1911 and now holds a life cer
tificate in that chapter.
Mrs. Mary Atwood, lania Chap
ter 114, Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee of Wahcoma
U 1 of Cathlamet.
Jean E. Chausse, Key City 71,
Port Townsend. 7
There will be initiation at the
next meeting October 18. All
visiting Stars are especially in
vited to all the meetings which
are held in the Masonic hall on
Washington street the first and
third Tuesdays of each month.
Following the meeting a pro
gram was given and refresh.
ments served.
Rev. Zachary To
Speglg |-_le_re _ _
Rev E. E. Zachary of Spokane
will be guest speaker at the
Kennewick Church of the Naz
arene next Sunday at 10:45 am.
Rev. Zachary is the newly elect
ed superintendent of the north
west district of the Church of the
Nazarene. Before coming to the
Northwest he served as superin
tendent of the Australian work
of the Nazarene church, with
headquarters at Sidney. He suc.
ceeded Dr. D. I. Vanderpool as
district superintendent of the
northwest district.
Higher Wages - Higher Rates;
- Recent negotiations on wages and working conditions led
to a strike of telephone workers, which was ended when wage
concessions, beyond our present ability to pay were made in
order to assist a speedy return to normal service at all‘ Interstate
exchanges. '
Service is back to normal. The wage adjustments agreed to
are effective September 1, 1949, before any rate adjustments
could become effective. . .
To pay higher wages more money must be collected from
those people using‘local telephone service. Proper approval must
be secured.
There is to be filed with the Public Service Commission of
interim basis, pending an application for a permanent increase
Washington a schedule calling for a moderate rate increase on an
supported by the results of a study now being made for that
It is not possible to state nowjust what this increase willbe
but it will be moderate. Rural telephone service and service on
party lines will be affected the least.
Wage adjustments caused sharply rising payroll costs: To
assure a continuation of dependable service it is necessary that
the soundness of the financial structure. be preserved. This
means that the record must prove and consistently show that
charges for local service have been and will be adequate TO
PAY ALL THE COSTS of rendering that service. OPERATING
CONSTRUCTION COSTS are financed by the SALE OF
to defray operating expense. ~ '
Interstate Telephone Co.
Wme W%
3s su wnos MW 1
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lowest bicycle prices since 1942!
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Matching chenille spreads and drapes
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resentative and let her help
you with all the order-writing
details by phone or In person!
Sales Representative
Phone 2357 1204 lmneha St.
Kennewick. Wesh.
Oct. 7. 1949
PTA To Conduct
Country Store
Regular meeting of the Kenne
wick Parent Teachers AsSociation
will be held Monday at 8 pm.
in the senior high school audl
torium. There will be a. speaker
and musical number. Each per
son is asked to brlng a now
perishable article of load for sale
at the Country Store. October 31.
Marriage Licenses
Divorces Granted
Marriage vows were exchanged
by Miss Cynthia Flagor of Red
ding, Cal. and Rhody A. Sage.
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Sage of
the Highlands. at 12:25 last Sun
day at the Methodist church. The
pastor, the Rev. A. C. Wischmeier.
read the single ring service in
the presence of forty guests. Mrs.
E. E. Ferguson played the nup~
tial music and Mrs. Frank Mau
pin sang “Oh, Promise Me" and
“Thine Alone.”
The bride wore a gown of
white embroidered nylon and
her veil of pastel pink was fin
ger tip length. She carried a
colonial bouquet of pink rose
buds and orchid asters.
Attending the couple were
Mrs. Calvin Bowiles and Glen
Ward. cousin of the bridegroom.
The bride’s brother, Robert Fla
gor gave her hand in marriage.
Following the ceremony a re
ception was held at the home of
the parents of the bridegroom,
with his grandmother. Mrs. Ado
die M. Lewis as hostess. Mrs. D.
W. Rood of Richland was in
charge of the guest book and
the gifts. ..
Rfiody A. Sage S/2c, on a five-]
day leave, is stationed aboard‘
the U§S Tole_d9. _I;Ig gra_r_l_uafgdl
from Kennewick high with the
class of ’4B. Mrs. Sage was gnu .
uated from the Richland high
school. She accompanied her
husband to California and will
live with her grandmother in
Redding while he is'on duty.
"Qualify Merchandise"
122 AVE. c PHONE 4801
Spon‘ing Goods
Winchesfer Shof Guns
Vlincl‘lesfer .22 Rifles
Winchester Hi Power Rifles
Remingfon Shof Guns
Remingfen .22 Rifles
Remingfen Hi Power Rifles
lfhace Shof Guns _
Marlin Hi Power Rifles ‘
Savage Fire Arms
Super-X all sizes)
Reminglon Express (all
Xperl-Shur Shel (lower
_ priced shells)
7 (complete line) {
.22 Long nine
.22 Long Rifle hp.
.22 Shark
.22 Shorts hp.
.22 am. Shay
’ .22 Autéma‘ic -
I .22 W.R.F. Special
l Aéme PainfsV I
0 Paint Brushes , 0 Paint Sundries
0-Wcll Paper f .- _ O Kemtone _
' ‘ Supplies
Carpenier Tools
Plumbing Supplies
Builders Hardware
Sunbeam Appliances
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Vacuum Cleaners
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' Waffle Makers
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Shof Gun Brushes 25c
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Tripalt Oil 25c
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Rifle Cleaning Rods 75: up
Cleaning Patches
Gun Cases $1.50 up
Hunfing Ha’rs 95: up
Gnme Bags and .
Vests $1.45 up
Sleeping Bags $12.95
Huniing Knives -..- “.75 up
Hunl’ing Boois’ " I l "
lConversel $6.95
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Heater and Cook: ' ‘
stove $9.95
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Copper Fiflings
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Mei‘al Toys

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