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Def. 7. 1919
Veterans Favored
qu House Proiect
A resolution favoring the ad
mittance of distressed veterans
to the local Kennewick housing
project, Parkview homes, was
passed by‘ the city council at the
Tuesday meeting.
J. B. Vinge, who represented
the Veterans of Foreign Wars
m the case which brought about
the drawing of the resolution.
told the council that veterans
weren't selfish. He asked, under
’he resolution. what body would
‘2O responsible for admitting
'.lch veterans.
After some discussion. the
)uncil passed the resolution,
‘ciding that a Welfare depart.
ent could be the deciding body.
The Aurora Borealis is a dis
”:xy of light in the high levels
’ the earth’s atmosphere, asso
ated with high sunspot activity
nd world-wide magnetic-elec
.-ic storms. -
There are about 651,600 steel
workers in the Unitetd States.
Don't Be o Jock!
DON“! let your Insurance
problems cue for them
selves . . . perhops lose
your Investment in home.
business. oor or other
Coll on us. let us give
your lnsuronoe offoirs ex
pert attention. let pro
vide you wirll dopendoble
Horrford insuronoe.
Fyfe &
Spoulding. Inc.
Phone 1231
' Z‘II Kennewick Ave. .
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sissiséséeéssii I I y I
i'iisiiéfsgzz m 0” o
1. “om. to any Ford Deane} dis
playing poster shown below.
2’ 2.. Get am, Car-Safe‘y Check. ’
gigfggggglgigig' Free Safety Insignia and Free Entry
5 Blank
i 3. In 50 words or less on entry
i, (Oman 0! any make of car
???iiiii La) Use only official entry
3 :lank obtained at any Ford
5335;. dealership disgialtying the
§ mster shown ow. Print
§;§;;s§;g§._ lame and address clearly.
tb) Contest limited to contic
_‘jggjggfgg, nental U. S. and Alaska.
£335??? (c) Prizes as stated on entry
? blank, will be awarded on the
éggir‘ggiggz oasis of sincerity. originality
5332:5335: and aptnem Jugigec’ decisions
“ are final. Duplicate prizes in
case of ties. Entries must be
§§3f§§§§f§f§§§ submitted in the name of the
Ef-§§§5;§;?;SET; registered owner or his desig
nated representative. Only
; s .13; ' . RRQEV“ " ,VV 'I VV VO9O
"- ‘Wg ”sign” 20060 “am“ 3““
W m... , cg! ‘,3 w; @me-«u V I 350 £25 M£&wm Ban/as 5' j
...23'.‘7.'... "”me ...- Drive in today! Get your Free Safety Check, 69! your Entry Blank! i
,s & J MOTOR co.. Kennewick
RICHLAND MOTOR co. Richland l
County Agent's Column
By C. F. WEBSTER! Exiension Agen!
The exhibit. coming back
from the State 4-H Fair at Yaki
ma showed a fair sprinkling of
blue ribbon winners. Casualties,
one way or another, prevented
many would-be Franklin county
contestants from entering the
fair, leaving only three clubs to
A tally of the. winners showed
that from the Kahlotus Handi
eraft clubs the following mem
bersfbrought home ribbons:
. Robert Bangers, 1 red ribbon;
George Goodman, 1 blue; James
Herron, 3 blue. 2 white; Erwin
Lewis, 1 red, 1 white; Yvonne
Van Hollebeke, 3 blue; Joanne
Elledge, 2 white; Marlene Mar
stad, 1 red; Bobby Peot, 1 white.
Some or the exhibits of the
club entered in this division in
cluded capper work, textile
painting, weaving of yarn and
other materials, trimmed jewel
ry boxes and jewelry fashioned
from sequins and other metals.
Next, from the Ringold Sewing
club was Kay Bondurant’s ex
hibit of a wrist pincushion that
won her a red ribbon.
The Weed ’Em and Reap club
brought home the following rib
bons from the garden division:
Jerry Rinehart, red ribbon on
green tomatoes and white ribbon
on green beans; Dean Jensen,
blue ribbon on dry beans; Glen
Simons, blue ribbon on sweet
corn, red peppers, green toma
toes and red tomatoes; red rib
bon on ripe cucumbers, yellow
onions and sweet peppers; white
ribbon on white slicing cucum
bers; Ronnie Ayres, red ribbon
on 3_ pie pumpkins.
With the fair season now com
pleted 4-H members are busy
getting their record books filled
out and turned in. October lst
marks the completion of another
4-H club year.
4-H club leaders and older
club members are planning on
Achievement exercises and the
date for this annual achieve
ment event has been tentatively
set for October 291 _ .
The county 4-H leaders' coun
cil is slated to meet this Satur
day afternoon to make tentative
plans for Achievement Day.
Franklin county will be one of
nine in the state which will get
expert help in working out plans
for building or remodeling
homes this fall and winter.
These Extension housing
workshops have been slateq at
the urgent request of farm peo
ple. -At least 10 families will
have a chance to study basic
farm house planning principles
and develop a house plan at
each or the workshops.
Other counties in which the
two-day housing schools will be
ma include Benton, Cowlitz,
blank finish this statement: "All cars
and tracks should be safety checked
periodically becau5e..............” j
4. Mail entry before midnight,
October 31, to Ford Car-Safety _Con
test Headquarters, Box #722, Chicago
77. Illinois. -
'or truck may enter contest) I
one entry ger car or truck may .
be consi ered. All entries 5
become the property of Ford 5
Motor Company. Contest sub
iect to Federal, State and
ocal regulations and to con
test rulw on entry blank.
(:1) Winners' names will be ;5
frosted at all Ford Dealers’ not :2
ater than December 1, 1949. 3%
(0) Contest is open to all
residents of United States :2
except employees of Ford 3
Motor Company, Ford Deal
ers, their advertising agencies
or their family
Wahkiakum, Klickitat, Skama
nia, Grant, Kittitas and C 131.-
Workshops scheduled for oc
tober and November include
Benton, October 18-19; Franklin,
October 20-21; Cowlitz. Novem
ber 15-16; and Wahkiakum. No
vember 17-18. x
Families moving into new ir
rigated areas are requesting
help in developing housing plans
suited to the region.
The workshops are arranged
by county extension staffs. The
study and work sessions during
the two days are directed by a
trio of extension housing experts
from the State college. They are
H. E. Wichers, specialist in rural
architecture; Helen Noyes, econ
omist in home management, and
Arthur J. Cagle, economist in
farm management.
The nine county workshops
are part of a statewide series
which the Extension Service
has been conducting in the state
for two years. The purpose of
the training is to enable farm
families to break the main bot
tleneck to improved housing—
family agreement on floorplans.‘
Progress in controlling smut,
lodging, and winterkill, major
production hazards of winter
wheat in the Tri-state Palouse
area, has been assured by the
release of two new wheats de
veloped at Washington State
\ The two new short-strawed
soft white winter wheats, named
Elmar and Brevor, were devel
oped at WSC by Drs. S. P, Swen
son, dean of the College of Agri
culture and former head of the
department of agronomy; and
Orville A. Vogel, U. S. Depart
ment of Agriculture agronomist
stationed at WSC. Plant breeding
at the WSC stations is carried
on cooperatively by the State
college and the U. S. Department
of Agriculture.
Announcement of the release
of the two wheats was made by
Dr. Mark T. Buchanan, WSC’s
agricultural research head, fol
lowing successful commerclal
scale milling and baking trials
of the two new grains. Both
wheats have been proved to pro
duce excellent pastry flours.
Robert Fletcher, Walla Walla,
field secretary of the Pacific
Northwest Crop Improvement as
sociation, stopped at the office
and told of these tests. The asso
ciation sponsored the tests in
cooperation with the State col
lege and Pacific Northwest mill
ers. Milling tests were passed by
both wheats earlier this month.
Elmar wheat, in particular, is
welcomed as a valuable aid in
the Pacific Northwest’s anti
smut campaign. The new wheat
has the Hymar resistance to
dwarf smut and to apprOXimate-
W“ W 1
wow ’
v It’s your big charlie to win -
one of these 700 prizes!
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5; ' 'u ~ @zéL-fi ' '.a with Radio, "Magic Air" Heater, Over
' drive, and While Sidewall Tim. ‘
111-u ":3" x ‘
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Q 1 '7’ xf" General Duty Model F-S, V-I engine.
V-» ‘ stake body, Isa-inch wheelboee roan
Trucks equipped with Radio and "Magic
% Mr" Heater. Optional as prizes to the top sof the 25 car win
ners who specify preference for a truck on Contat En Bleak.
Q ,4: 61mm: BON
”mn- ,:
_J. ~ rewmmtésrfl 100 #lflfl ’ls:
Prosser lalioralory ls
Popular Wilh Farmers
Veterinarians and farmers are
making a lot of use ct the year
old livestock and! p ultry dis
ease diagnostic labératory at
Already the laboratory has
had what Veterinary Dean R. E.
Nichols of Washington State col
lege called today “an excellent
growth of function which should
be of considerable value not only
to farmers in the area, but to
practicing veterinarians, and the
teaching and research people of
WSC.” He said the laboratory
also acquires data useful to
teaching and research while pro
viding services. _
Actual work at Prosser is
carried out by Dr. H. A. Trippeer
as veterinarian in charge. The
laboratory is the result of co
operative efforts at poultry and
dairy raisers, feed dealers, the
State Department of Agriculture,
the division of veterinary scr
ence of the WWSC agricultural
experiment stations and the Ir
rigation experiment station,
Prosser, where the laboratory is
located. _ 7
Dean Nichols pointed out that
the diagnosis and control of in
fectious disease of animals is
important also to the general
public and that the laboratory
works with public health units
to further common aims. Efforts
are made to restrict the move
ment of animals having diseas
es transmissible to man, and one
of the goals is to secure 100 per
cent vaccinations of horses and
mules for sleeping sickness.
Diagnosis at the laboratory
began about May, 1948. During
the first year approximately
2,000 subjects were submitted
from farms and ranges. But the
1y half of the other known races
of smut. The rapid spread of
dwarf smut during the past two
seasons has been of particular
concern to growers and research
ers. Only control for this type
of smut is to plant resistant va
rieties. _ A _
Brevor is also highly smut re
sistant. It has moderate to high
resistance to all of the known
races of smut. -_ _
Like Elgin, both new wheats
have short straw and outyield
present varieties by 10 to 15 per
cent. Elmar is a white club wheat
and Brevor is a common white.
Both wheats are adapted to pro
duction in the winter wheat
areas of Washington, and other
Pacific Northwest states. :2-
cause of their short straw, they
are resistant to lodging. Both be
ing winter-hardy, stand up well
under severe winter weather
Dr. Buchanan said Northwest
wheat growers will not be able
to obtain planting seed of the
two. new varieties until 1950.
work involves much more than
diagnosis and practical advice.
During half of the current
year 141 consultations were held
with practicing, teaching and re
search veterinarians, 23 with
county extension agents on lo
cal disease problems, and Dr.
Trippeer attended numerous
meetings related to animal hus
bandry and disease control.
During that period the labora
tory received requests concern
ing 1,240 cases in cattle. includ
ing 755 samples from problem
herds, 24 cases in swine. 36 in
horses, 114 in sheep, 1,208 in
turkeys and 136 in chickens, and
also rabbits.
Will Meet
Pasco JayCee-ettes will meet
Oct. 12 for dinner at The Manor.
Following dinner a business
meeting will be held and later
members will enjoy a game of
The board of the JayCee-ettes
met Wednesday evening at the
home ofAMrs. Warren Jackson to
discuss the year’s projects.
At the last general meeting of
the group it was decided to have
one regular meeting and one
board meeting each month. The
club will also take on civic work,
the first of which will be to fin
'ange_a tree for the park. .
Officers are: Mrs. Ivan Hast
ings, president; Mrs. Robert
Welsh, vice president; Mrs. War
ren Jackson, secretary; Mrs.
Ralph Gordon, treasurer; and
committee heads; Mrs. George
Dyer, historian; Mrs. Chet Juven
al,.courtesy chairman; Mrs. Don
na Henderson, publicity chair
man: Mrs. Stuart Mullen, Ways
and Means; and Mrs. L. A. Sim
monsen, social.
The JayCee-ettes also plan to
put outa monthly publication of
their activities.
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