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With conversions passing the
5.000 mark, Evangelist Billy
Graham said today he would
continue his revival meetings in
a circus tent here as “long as
it is the will of the Lord.”
Opening his nightly meetings
Sept. 25. the 30-year-old Gra
ham Iplanned to close “the series
Oct. 7 .but extended the meet
ings three times, then announc.
ed they would continue as land;
as there was gogopular deman .
More than .000 persons al
reedy have jammed into the
giant tent. pitched on a site
where circum htunnellly 51:31;
Hollywood stare ave eer
83:): his theme. "Christ in This
,” but the evangelist -doee
not care to have people come
merely to see Hollywood person
Graham. a nephew of Dr.
Frank Graham, appointed U. 8.
Senator from North Carolina.
Breach” aa hla formula for eav
g the American home: 'An
01 -taahloned family altar and
a hickory atlck.”
Overflow crowds of 10,000
have heard him. many sitting in
their parked care as loud
apeakera brought them hla aer
Potluck Supper
Set For Sunday
Junior high Methodist Youth
l'ellowshiwltrhsgihilhhold aupftlttifik
supper e Paren n e
basement or the ennewiclr Moo
thodist church at 5:30 p. 333..
Sunday. Rev. A. c. Wischmeier.
pastor. announced Saturdayy.
The senior Methodist outh
'rellowship will meet at 7 p. m.
M morning and evening ser
_ vices, the pastor will be preach
ing for the next eight months
on the guns! theme of “Our
Faith." e month of November
' will find the emnhasis on “Our
Faith in God." Throughout this
glad of time in Methodism 20.-
Methodist ministers will be .
, china. onthesesubjects. This
Eta part of our Advance for
Christ program.
Ten teams oi laymen will at
tend trainin: meetings ,this
week under the leadership of
Dr. McConnell at the Christian
church of Kennewiek. Following
the training sessions. they will
call upon uprospectlve members
in the community.
1.23.5”. °§’°‘° “hinting“
a ' p. m.
Oswalt will review the boo
“The Greatest Story Ever Told."
The Marytha Circle of the
Woman’s Society of Christian
Service will meet Wednesday at
;~ p. m. at the home of Mrs.
I a... K' Oliver. 407 E. 4th Ave.
*,__...;‘1.1- i 1;; .B. 1. Campbell assist
as ' h , a. Siaugenhaupt will
~“‘: _ -ons and Mrs.
' ”g ,~; , which will
be' .1 «. apter of the
study ‘ ' ‘7 “Japan Begins
’ Again.” ies interested are
invited to attend. '
The choir. under direction of
William Ames. will practice
Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
Coming! The annual bazaar
and turkey dinner on Friday,
Dec. 3. Bazaar articles will be
displayed and sold at Grigg's
Brothers and the dinner will be
served in the Methodist church
basement. starting at 5 p. m.
Church Loyalty
A Church Loyalty Sunday will
be obscured at the Richland Lu
theran church this Sunday, ac
ggdlpg to Pastor ;. M.‘_Grlmarud:
This is an attempt on the part of
' the congregation to have every
member and friend attend one
of the worship services on Sun
day morning.
Holy Communion will also be
'celebrated at both services, giv
ing every believer an opportunity
to publicly witness of his loyalty
to his Lord. The Pastor will speak
on the theme: “To Present Every
Man Perfect in Christ Jesus," and
the Youth Choir will sing “Hymn
of Youth" (Finlandia) by Sibel
ius. The Senior Choir will sing
“Breed of the World" by Vorse.
A new devotional booklet en.
titled “Our Lord. the Preacher.”
for the Advent season. will be
given to all who come. -
Church Loyalty Sunday is a
part of Richland Lutheran's pro.
gram of Evangelism, Wherein
lay visitors go out regularly to
invite people to take part in the
Christ-centered worship an d
work of the Church. Members of
the Committee in charge of
Evangelism includes: Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. DeLong. Palmer John
son, Carl Fruh. Mrs. Clarence
Lange, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Rhy
neer, Emil Kolebar, Glenn Johns
ton, Miss M. Knapcik. and Rev.
J. M. Grimsrud.
SIOO Gift For
Hospital Fqnd __
Gift or SIOO to the Kennewick ‘
Hospital building fund was an
nounced Saturday by the Luth
eran Daughters of Reformation
of the Kennewick First Lutheran
The SIOO was the proceeds
from a rummage sale Oct. 21-22
the general chairman. Mrs. Geo.
Church NeWs Of Pasco, KennewickAnd Rich/and
Nov. —5." 1939
3 Photo nhovo shows part o! tho grout: ot 20 young inun
' bars ot tho Nothodist church oi turnout and church loadors
who last Sunday wont to Lowiston. Ida. via rnotor cavulcado.
to viow tho now Itothodist church rising at Lowiston Orchards.
now irrigation district. whoro thobptcturo was tohon. Pivo cor
iondo ot adults and young.“ ado tho trip. Attor viowing
tho Orchards church sito. group wont to tho rirst Mothodist
A second project in coopera
tion among many churches of
the Tri-City area will ”if“
Sunday, when the Vlslta on
Evangelism Campaign will be
{funched in the three communi
Dr. H. H. McConnell. field sec
retary of the Department off
Evangelism of the , Council of
Churches will be in the Pasca-
Kennewick area to lead in the
visitation in the two cities. Dr.
L. R. Shiklel will lead the in
ftnaction conferences in Rich
an .
The plan calls tor each church
to select local visitors who will
give themselves to calling in the
homes or thmprosrcts or that
church for detin te Christian
There will be evening suppers
held for.. the pastor: and visi
tation workers when the leaders
will give instruction and direc
tions for the cells.
The Kennewick Christian
church will serve supper to the
pastors and callers from the
Paseo-Kennewick area. and the
Central United Protestant church
will be host to the Richland pas
tors and, workers. ,7 A
Immediately at 'I p. m. each
evening of the Visitation. callers
will leave the host churches for
the homes that have been as.
:igned to them by the local pu
This coodperative movement is
the secon in the Evangelistic
mom-am of the churches of the
'l'rivCity area during the fell
months. Each church will feel
the deepening of its own even.
genetic emp esis u it moves
together for the tip-lifting o! the
Methodist Men
Serve Banquet
Some 54 persons attended the
first annual youth banquet this
week or the Pasco First Methodist
church. The banquet was served
by men of the church.
The Rev. Ac Wischrneier, Ken.
newick Methodist church pastor,
spoke and “A Date with the
World.” The Rev. R. A. Anderson
addressed the group on “Cooper
ating Together in Building a Bet
ter Community."
The program also included
grace by Evelyn Mayer. a wel
come by Joyce Winterschied, pi
ano duet by Miss Winterscheid
and Janet Beck. a talk. “Goal of
MYF," by Joe Moyer, guitar duet
by Jim Clark an dDanny Love.
Joan W_i_s_e was toastrnistress.
Miss Winterscheid is president
of the Methodist Youth Fellow
ship group. Evelyn Moyer is vice
president. Advisors are Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Ingram and the Rev.
and Mrs. Anderson.
R. Dewing said.
It increased to $415 the total
donations by the church to the
building fund. ' .
Hrs. 9 to 5 daily except Sunday
Wed. till 12:30 13.11:.
Evening by appointment only
3|. Kenn. Ave. Phone 475 l
Kennewick. Wash.
K ennewick Methodists Visit Lewiston
Rev. J. N. Tinsley, pastor of
the Kennewick Church or the
Nazarene. returned from Coeur
d’Alene. Idaho and will sneak at
both services in the local church
Sunday. Rev. Tinsley spent 12
days with the Coeud dAlene
Nazarene church. He reports a
fine Mission with a number of
additions to the church.
Rev. J. N. Tinsley left Thurs
day for Wenatchee to attend a
two-day Ministers Conference to
be held in that city. He was ac
compenigd by Mrs. Tinsley. The
convent! n will be presided over
by Dr. 'Hardy ’O. Powers. one of
the five general superintendents
or the Church of the Nazarene,
gig; headquarters in Kansas
Richland Men’s
Club Sets Program
, A special program is to be
given by the Men's club at
Richland Lutheran church Sun
day evening at 7:30.
Al Miller. president of. the
club, will be in charge and
there will be a panel discussion
on “Men and Their Part in the
Church!" Those taking part in
this discussion include: George
Ericson, Orville Killand, S. M.
Rhyneer. and Lars Larson. with
a 5 minute presentation by each.
Mel Nellermoe will sing and the
program will start promptly at
3:215) and Will be concluded at
This is an “Open House"
meeting. and everyone is invited
to attend. A period of fellowship
and refreshments will follow the
program. and Orrin Sinderson is
in charge.
"5591}92'1302214 i,
John Goodyear of Sault Ste. Ma
rie, Mich., lost her purse while
visiting in Milwaukee. Al
though she had no money in it.
there was a return pullman tick
et to Sault Ste. Marie. A few
weeks later thetpurse turned up
in 3 Milwaukee department
store, minus the train ticket. but
richer by a crisp new $5 bill. 77
'l’“. him. 5P9“ ... Pop has liabilfly insurance wflh iho
w ssflm; ~ nouns msmumca
331 w. LEWIS PASCO PHONE: 3306
church In Lewleton for a Halloween party .etaged by the youth
o! the Lewteton church. Later the Kennewtckites were teted
at upper. following which they attended the evening worship
services. Rev. John Conn. who was formerg pastor of the
Kennewlcle church. to pastor of the Lawleton urch now. Rev.
A. c. Wtechrneler. Kennewtck pastor. urved tn the Lewteton
church hetero coming to the 'l'rt-Cttv area. (Herald engraving).
Choose ,
,PORTLAND, Nov. 5 (lE—The
Rev. Archer Weniger, Oakland.
Calif., was re-elected western re
gional head of ’he Conservative
Baptist Association of America.
Weniger, pastor of Oakland’s
23rd avenue Baptist church. San
Francisco, and Dr. Earl S. Kal
land, president of Western Bap
tist Theological Seminary, Port
land, were elected regional rep
resentatives to the national or
4 Dr. J. Palmer Muntz, Buffalo,
N. Y.. president of the national
association. was principal speak
er at the conference which
closed Friday. More than 1,000
delegates were in attendance.
LDS Services
To Be Held In
Pasta Sunday
Members or the Latter Day
Saints church. who have been
holding services in Masonic hall
in Kennewick. this Sunday will
hold services for the first time in
their near-completed chapel in
£1818”, located at 10th and Yak
Sunday services will include
the Priesthood meeting at 9 am.
Sunday school it 10:30 and the
Relief Society program at 7 pm.
ngjlljgwl'qld Too Much
PICAYUNE. Miss .. Nov. 4
(UP) -- Mayor Claiborne Mc-
Donald, Sn. took a 33 per cent
pay cut today after telling the
city board of aldermen that he
thought he was being paid too
much. The alderman cut his sai
ary from sls to $lO a month.
' Wesfinghouse
Sales and Service
CO. ‘
322 Konnowick Ave.
“Faith of Our Fathers" is a
play which demonstrates the ef
fectiveness of God’s Word in the
lives of the orphans, the maim
ed, the sorrowing and the de
This playlet, sponsored by the
E..D.R. or the First Lutheran
church of Pasco, will comprise
the program part. at their annu
al Birthday Party Tuesday at 8
p. m.
The cast of characters are as
follows: First Board Member.
Howard Lee: Second Board Mem
ber, O. 'l'. Bongsto; Third Board
Member. Art Glasow; Carl Swan
son as Pastor Nelson. Carmen
Lundgren as Susan the orphan.
Howard Baker, the boy from Nor
waY; Leland Stelneide, ban the
maimed sailor; Jeannette Nlia
the widow. Mrs. Thompson; the
delinquent boys, Adrian Ander
son, George Ring. Ronald Krueo
ger. and Lyle Quacken‘xush. The
narrator is Mrs. Ed Stout. and
organist ls Carol Baker. ‘ __
After the presenting of the
play. the audience will retire to
the church parlors where Mrs.
J. Glynn will display and speak
about her collection of Mexican
articles. Following this. Mrs.
0. T. Bongsto will take charge
of group games and refresh
ments. Birthday cake and ice
cream will be served. The public
is most heartily welcome. \
runs in? a: SMOO“|'Y as man wan}: ii *0
run provided ‘l‘l'l. foundation of that life
is securely laid.
Then I: no greafer security “lan {lnd
found“! on faifh. '
We Invite you *0 loin us In
worship foday. -
Firs+ Lu’rheran Church
Second and Auburn Fiflh and Bonneville
Is Coming
Nov. 20
Dr. E. Stanley Jones, world
famous evangelist and author,
will be in the Trio Cities Novem
bler 20-25 on a. preaching mis
s on.
. Jones, who has been a mission
ary to China, the Philippine
Islands, Malaya, South Africa,
Australia, South America and
Japan, is scheduled to speak at
schools and service clubs as well
gs churches during his “tour"
ere. ~
His visit will be sponsored by
the Mid-Columbia Council of
Churches as part of the “United
Evangelical Advance” which
continues through 1950. Warren
H. Aldridge, Richland, is chair
man tor Jones’s visit. _
The evangelist was born some
61 years ago in Baltimore. Md.
He graduated from Asbury col
lege, Kentucky. and holds honor
ary degrees from Duke and Syra
cuse universities. ‘He went to
India as a Methodist missionary
32 years ago.
Now he spends six months in
India and six months in the
United States each year. He calls
India his home.
Among his 13 books are “The
Christ of the Indian Road,” which
sold 600,000 copies and was
translated into 12 languages,
and “Abundant Living.” which
sold 400,000 copies.
Mrs. Jones, whom he met in
India, where she was teaching
in a missionary college, is the
only woman and Christian mem
ber of a district board in India
that rules 2.000.000 persons.
His appearances are non
Preachlng Mission
Plans Under Way
Plans are now being made by
local communities for the preach
ing mission to be conducted by
Dr. E. Stanley Jones. well known
author, lecturer and missionary
in the ’l‘ri-City area Nov. 20-25.
The publicity committee in
cludes the following: Warren H.
Aldridge, Central United Protes
tant church, Richland; Mrs. J.
McMinn, Northwest United Pro
testant church, Richland; Mrs.
R. G. Swift, Southside United
Protestant church, Richland: Mrs.
Mary Hughes, Benton City and
Mrs. Dan P. Cartwright, Pasco.
This preaching mission is a
part of the United Evangelist
Advance, a nation-wide protes
tant movement.
Spokane. Wash—Wide interes‘
is being shown by thousands o
deafened people in an amazinf
new hearing device which now
enables them to 'fully enjos
music. sermons and friendly
companionship—and not be bo
thered by bulky. heavy separate
battery pack and wires. It is so
tiny it fits in the palm of the
hand. Users of this device report
easily understanding even faint
voices. Accepted by the Ameri
can Association’s Council on
Physical Medicine, Ray Famell
and Assoc, 335 W. Sprague. Spo~
kane, Wash., are so proud of
Beltone's achievements that they
will gladly send you free deg
scriptive booklet and explain:
how you may test this tiny de
vice in the privacy of your
home without risking a penny.
Write Ray Farnell and Assoc”
Dept. 29 today.
of life
(Church Clothing. Drive:
Brings In. 4,602 Pounds
The clothing drive conducted
by the Protestant churches of
Richland October 14 netted 4,602
pounds of clothing in condition
suitable for overseas shipment.
One quarter went to Lutheran
World Relief. and three-quarters
to Church World Service, which
represented the official channel
for overseas distribution for the
other participating Protestant
churches. An additional 2,000
pounds. or‘ more, of clothing re
quiring renovation was shipped
to Good Will Industries in Spo.
kane, an organization for self
help of handicapped people.
In a letter of acknowledge
ment or shipment recived from
the clothing drive, Chester 8.
Ramsey, director of United
Overseas Relief (Unit of Church
World service) stated:
“On behalf of the many people
who will be blessed so richly
both physically and spiritually
by the gifts from your drive, we
wish to express deep gratitude to
you and those who worked with
you, as well as to the donors.
Those of us who know nothing
of want or real insecurity can
not appreciate the far-reaching
effect of our gifts on our friends
overseas. As important as the
Millions oi sincere Christians lteep Sunday. Hun
dreds of thousands of Christians who are equally
sincere keep Saturday. The Bible clearly points
out that "the seventh day is the Sabbath." Who
made the charl'ge? The answer to this question
is of vital importance to you. Hear the Bible ans
wer to this mighty question.
James A. Ward. Bible Lecturer
SUN; . NOV. 6
Mr. and Mrs. Graves. Christ» and Plants?
You Musf Hear This Feature
7:30 P.M.
11th and A. Pasco
physical help is which we ten.
der this is small in comparison
with the value of the gifts in re.
storing hope and faith. I know
of no better way to express the
spiritual significance or Chris
tian gifts than to say they might
be likened unto a blood trans.
fusion to a person who will die
without it. This does not state
the case too strongly.”
The churches of Richland con.
tinue to receive all used clothing
in satisfactory condition for use
overseas. Shipment will be made
as received. Plans are under dis.
cussion for both a continuous or
ganization of the churches for
clothing collection. and a second
organized clothing drive to be
conducted late in this year.
The past clothing drive Was
conducted in Richland in coupe:-
ation wit]: the community ob
servance of National Fire Pre
vention Week. The Rev. Kenneth
Bell was chairman of the church
division of Fire Prevention Week.
Warren Aldredge was general
chairman of the Clothing drive.
With few exceptions. livestock
can endure flying at altitudes up
to 10,000 feet. -

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