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l 0“ THE
. I 1 non mun '~ ‘
luau! 8m Editor
Who’s going to win the Northern Division college
basketball race? That's the big question among many of
_ the sports fans these days . . . and apparently most of
them feel that there are just two teams in the contest.
The only: pnes that get any mention are Oregon State
and Washington State . . .
the one, two teams of last
And this general concen
sus. seems to be right if the
pre-conference games are
any indication. Oregon;
:State is doing all right on {
their Eastern road trip by ‘
winning most of them . . . E
and of course the Cougars :
haven’t tasted defeat yet ‘
this year.
man 8201'. .
‘ The 'other- three teams,
Washington, Oregon, and
Idaho will have to battle it 3
out‘ for the number three
spot .. . not a very romis- _ GENE COM-E?
ing outlook for those: hoop “Imm ° 3“" "9“"
coaches. Washington’s Huskies may be on the upswing
this year. After capturing the flag in the 1948 season they
. plummeted to the bottom in the 1949 season.
After thoroughly shaking all the names in our batter
ed fedora here’s the way they came out.
1. Washington State
2. Oregon State
3. Washington - ~
~ 4." Idaho -
5. Oregon
The Huskies, like the Cougars, are going to have to
depend on a bunch of youngsters to get their victories.
As the varsity stands now, there won’t be a senior on the
starting line-up. Three juniors, headed by Captain LaDon
Henson, will team with a pair of sophomores to form the
‘first five. Henson and Russ Parthemer will handle the for
ward positions, and Louis Soriano and sophomore Frank
Guisness will be the guards. Duane Enochs all six fag
five inches of him, will be the varsity center. . if
There isn’t too much experience here, but Bert Rosie,
their publicist, says they’ll have bettcilhunit speed than
last‘=-year’s~' fiVe'and'pO‘SSibly one of fastest Husky
teams since pre-war days. ‘5 .
Our scribbling friend over at Wasiiington State col
lege, Dave Stidolph, is really working his. brain overtime ‘
these days. .
, Not satisfied with all the publicity that Gene Conley .
is getting the Cougar cage team, Stidolph has been dream- 3
ing up a little extra on the side. The other day he stood ‘
Conley up against the wall and had Gene measured. As ‘
_-.a _léqsult they, found out that the whiz kid is 6’ 8” tall, .
”so ‘6’?”s‘3 everyone had thought.
_ You’ve heard a lot of. stories about the big tussle ‘
over which school was going to get Conley . . . but did
you know that he came within a question mark of going
to the University of Washington. All that Husky cage
coach Art McLarney had to do was ask Gene if he would
be interested in attending Washington. But he passed it 3
up . . . and it goes without saying that he’s sorry now. 1
_, ,\ , ,0. F. Davis offiichland. is our authority for McLar- I
~ ney’s opportunity, and'Bavis should know, because he was :
there Sharlie. Davis, ever alert to cage court talent took I
a team from Richland to Seattle, including Conley. Davis
had previously prepared McLarney about the wonder he ‘
was bringing over and the Husky coach sat on the bench ‘
throughout the game keeping a keen eye peeled on Con
ley’s performance. -
Whathemdmpressed him . . . but plenty. But de- 3
spite thenrgmgbrmvis, he failed to open a conversation ;
about college education and what a wonderful place the 5
University was. ;
For those of you who don’t know Conley, such a gab- '
test would never be started by him. It’s just not his .
nature. He’s a very retiring individual when the conversa- ‘
, tion, £9!!ch his, exploits on the court of‘ baseball
diamond? :_ . -~ - 3
77 Many "cdaches have passed up similar chances . . ..
however, McLarney won’t be able to forget this one for the
next_thl_'ee_3{egrs_at least. 7
Jack Friel, the Cougar hoop coach, on the other hand,
lumedeon such a fiery sales talk for State that Conley,
already practically enrolled at Idaho, changed his mind.
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Sunday. Dec. 1 "h 'l-b p.m.
V ¢ I SM" “" only .39:
Richland Bombers Bow To Mac-hi 31-29
Pasco Bulldog; Loggigjgjkima 53- 34M
Missed Free
Toss Gives
Aflquilf +4
MILTON, Ora, Dec. 9 (Special)
A missed free throw at the bas
lget 13y _Wilmelj Meicenheimer of
the Richland Bombers sent the
game here tonight into an over
time period and an eventual vic
tory for Mac-Hi by the score of
Meicenheimer’s shot came with
two seconds left to play and the
score knotted at 27 all. Richland
got one field goal in the over
time, but were unable to stop the
onrushing host team, who poured
two through the hoop for a re
venge victory. When the two
teams met last week Richland
was the one-sided victor by a
43-29 count.
A heavy foul count, 28 in all,
hurt Art Dawald’s Bombers.
'_l‘hre9 91 file starting five werg
benched. Frank Schermer and
Alton Schell got the thumb in
the third quarter. Gene Keller,
who paced the Bombers with 12
points, got the gate in the final
period as did Meicenheimer.
Richland got away to an early
lead and held it all the way until
wthe closing minutes of the game
‘when Mac-Hi, continually hitting
for pay dirt managed to tie up
the contest. The Bombers had a
9-5 edge at the end of the first
period, but Mac-Hi shaved it to
14-13 at halftime. They came
back to the courts and held the
Bombers to a 19-18 count at the
end of the third quarter.
The small court seemed to
bother the offensive game of the
Bombers. Time and time again
they lost tlfi ball when the of
ficials called a ‘running’ foul on
the players. Dawald’s boys,
coached to play a close guard
ing defense style of play, also
got in trouble when the officials
called many fouls on this count.
The Richland “B" squad, how
ever, managed to save some
measure of triumph for ‘3‘:
Bombers by downing the Ma - i
junior-varsity 36-20. They led
all the way and held a 20-11
edge at halftime. -
Richland 29 'FG Fr TP
Schell (f) ........................2 1 5
Franklin (f) ...................1 1 3
Schermer (c) ..................1 2 4
Brusie (2) ......0 1 1
UL uuu; \5! .....u..."............v .I. .1.
Keller (g) .....5 2 12
Mei‘cenheimer (t) .........2 0 4
Mac-Hi 31 FG FT TP
Poyser (f) ...2 1 5
P. MacCallister (f) ......2 5 9
Collins (c) ......................1 2 4
Killg_ (3) --:--------------°---1 1 §
KrirfiinE (g) "1 1 3
J. Mac Allister (f) -......2 3 7
Villemain Gets
Nod Over Lamofla
NEW YORK, Dec. 9 (El—Tire
less Robert Villemain of France
fired a constant barrage of blows
at middleweight champion Jake
Lamotta tonight to win an upset
unanimous ten round non-title
decision in Madison Square Gar
den. Lamotta weighed 165,
Villemain 162%.
The spirited little Frenchman.
firing away from the opening
bell, never let up on the slow,
sluggish champion and just
about boosted himself into posi
tion for a title fight with the
fading Bronx bull.
Both judges, Arthur Susskind
and Joe Agnello, voted 7-3 for
Villemain with‘ Referee Ruby
Goldstein making it unanimous
with a 5-3-2 edge for the 25-year
old Frenchman. The AP' score
card had Villemain ahead 7,-3.
Canadian Pro
Linkanen Split
six-month row in the Canadian
Professional Golfers’ Association
broke into the open today and
the western members then form
ed the Western Camtda Profess
ional Golfers’ Association.
The new organizatidn includes
Manitoba, Saskatchewan. Alber
tagnd British Columbia.
The break iqarfiefivfirrififfjcially
last summer when dates for the
CPGA tournament and the Can
adian Open were announced. The
dates didn’t follow one another
as had been agreed upon.
Scott Poxley. teammate o! shot-maker Gene Conley. has hit on the best way to stop the bla.
.‘ng Cougar point artist. Poxley. who drug out the ladder. is a former Pasco high school staz.
playing with the 1941 team that won the state tournament. Both are now on the Washington
State varsity basketball squad. where Conley is currently setting the basketball world afire with
his playing. (Herald engraving.)
Cougars Warm Up For Eastern
Trip By Dumping Seattle U. ‘
Huskies In
58-45 Win
TACOMA, Dec. 9 UP) The
University of Washington Hus
kies won their fourth pre-season
basketball contest without loss
tonight, defeating the-College of
Puget Sound Loggers, 5845 de
spite stubborn opposition.
Frank Guisness, sophomore
with 14 points, and La Don Hen
son, with 13, paced the Huskies,
who held a 29-22 halftime lead. -
‘ Washington leaped into an
early 12-6 lead, but the Loggers
caught them at 14-all and held
a 19-18 edge with eight minutes
left of the first half. Henson then
caged one to put the Huskies in
front at 20-19 and they stayed
there the rest of the way.
The Loggers fought within one
point at 36-35 and 41-40 midway
of the second half. With three
and a half minutes remaining
it was Washington 46-45 before
Russ Parthemer swished one
in from the corner to send the
Huskies along a 12-point spree
in the final two minutes. The
Loggers’ bigs caged ten straight
free throws before missing one‘
that would have knotted the;
count at 46-all. . l
Little Rose Bowl Set
PASADENA, Calif.. Dec. 9 (1?)
Sunshine replaced the rains and
ideal weather was forecast today
for the fourth annual Little Rose'
Bowl game featuring two of the
nation’s outstanding junior col
lege teams—Little, Rock. Ark,
and Santa Ana, Calif.
The peanqt. a member of the
pea family,7ls a native of Brazil.
O'o'o .‘o’o B’oo 0.00%”... ON 0.90% o’o'o°o’o’o’o’o‘o‘oo 0.09. 00. 0.0 900 o .9 ~
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'o’o'o’o°o‘¢’o°o o o 39% 0 o o o o o .‘.’.'.‘.¢,o o .,g0.¢. o 0 0'0””
’o’o‘o” °' . ’o‘o;°1’2°302'1"0:°“3“!»~*2-:“.’¢.%°.°.°¢¢.0 ' ‘ '9‘3o’o
:0:9:0:0 o o‘o o’o o\‘.‘.¢.«‘o.o'o‘.‘¢ o o . 3:.3.‘
.09. . o o
OO O . .O .’
90.5%: 435:
0.9%? ‘ . OPP ers OW OO O 0.09...
.‘ O O
'4'" ' ‘o'o:o.'
‘. oa . . ’ ’ 'o’: o o
o.' V. e , oo 0
0.0.0. .. . v
0. O O » .. . O
.00. o o O O
.000 O o O
0'»... ......“
o . o
3.0.. _ {9.7. A
. ' _'V ' . -
"h . '2'“ ‘,..:.:9'0 ‘
. v '* u , - Wow 3
. It 3 tb e ) ‘ . " 3‘o’o’o’o’ \
.0 O a e ’ n; : ......O'o.o
.~2°.'0 o LYM PIA " ' WI”
..OQo o o o O
'65:? "EWING (20.. OLYMPIA. WASH. o 33;?
o . o 0 °
.0. .... 09.00900 0066'
.... ...,,,. 0000000000000 ‘6
'.°.':';':';’O’:’:';°:’::::.:::s‘:‘:‘:‘:’:’:’:‘:‘:‘:':°:'o'o‘o'o'o 0 0 O 0 o o o o 0 o O O 0 ""3525
{’3 .0.0.§.:‘0.....0.0.0°:’0..‘.’0'0‘0’0‘0‘0.’9.°.‘...“0...‘.‘:’.'. “:"0 s.o.6’o'o’9’o".‘z‘o'o‘o’
s o 9:0'0.O.0.0.0,0 'o°.:.'.°.‘.O.°.°.'o°o’o’.°o’o’o°o'o’o°o‘o'o°o’o I,“ o'o’o’o‘o‘o‘o‘o’g’o'o'o‘b‘¢o’o'o
. '. . ... .Q‘...'g’......... 0. .0 oo9OQooe 0000 0 o o 4
PULLMAN, Dec. 9 (IR—Wash
ington State’s Cougars, led as us
ual by big Gene Conley, warmed
up for their Eastern basketball
tour tonight with a 59 to 39 vic
tory over Seattle University.
Conley whipped in 20 ‘points
via hook shots, tip ins and free
throws to run his pre-season
scoring mark to 70 for four
games. He fouled out with eight
minutes _left to play.
Seattle was in, the game only
briefly and the Cougars held a
31-17 edge at the half.
Seattle’s Earl Spangler shared
the scoring spotlight with Conley
and drew applause for his tricky
ball handling and shooting. He
scored 16 points, eight of them
free throws, and was the best
Chieftain on the floor.
The Cougars used 15 men and
their fast break was too much
for the Chiefs. WSC was charg
ed with .23 personal fouls, Seat.
tle committed 17.
WSC leaves here Wednesday
by train for Buffalo where the
Cougars play Buffalo U. Satur
day. Monday Conley and all
show their wares at Madison
Square Garden in NeW‘ York
against St.-.Johr_l.’_s- _ __
Washington State (59) Seattle U. (39)
Gayda (10) F (7) Rose
Gambold (6) F (2) Will]:
Conley (20) C (3) 11mm
Mangls G (2) numbers
Tape (6) G (6) Hedequlst
£929.92?! In lineal!
CLEVELAND, Dec. 9 (lE—Frank
Albert, injured San Francisco
quarterback, worked out for the
first time in a week today and
was pronounced fit for the 49ers
championship clash with the
Cleveland Browns.
Because dark red looks just
like the blackest black to the
camera tube, that color often is
used as a substitute in televi-
Oregon In
71-60 Loss
EUGENE, Ore., Dec. 9 UP)
The tall Oakland Blue & Gold
Nuggets outreached the Univer
sity of Oregon for a 71-60 vic
tory in an exhibition basketball
game here tonight.
The A. A. U. Nuggets, headed
by a pair of 6-foot 6-inch former
West Coast college stars, Don
Barksdale of U. C. L. A. and
Chuck Hanger of California,
pulled away from Oregon just
before the half and maintained
the lead through the closing
Barksdale racked up 25 points
and Hanger 15.
Coach John Warren of Oregon,
trying for more speed in the
lineup. kept his tallest player,
center Bob Amacher, 6 feet 8
inches, on the bench at the start.
Mel Streeter, a 6 foot 3 inch
transfer from Riverside, Calif.,
J. (2., took over. and the losers
drove hard, giving the Nuggets
more opposition than expected.
Oregon was in the lead three
times in the first 15 minutes,
but Hanger finally put the Nug
gets ahead to stay at 25-24. They‘
built the margin to 36-26 by the
half, then clug to an advantage
that never was less than seven
points in_the final half. ‘
Forward Paul Sowers led Ore
gon scoring with 19 points.
It was the home opener for
Oregon, and it drew 5200 fans.
The teams meet again tomorrow
Papyrus, from which ancient
Egyptians obtained paper. is a
strong. reedlike sedge found
growing in the Nile valley.
' - “mfi’ RICHLAND
k“\‘° .
Post Office Sub Statlon N 0.1
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Bucs Put
On Strong
YAKIMA, Dec. 9 After a tight
first quarter game, the Yakima
Bum cage team unleashed a
powerful scoring attack here to
night to overwhelm the Bulldogs
from Pasco 53-34.
The Bulldogs lived up to their
nickname for the first period but
fell behind rapidly during the
second quarter when Yakima
went into high gear. The Bucs
had the score at 19-9 three min
utes after the second period of
play started.
From there on in it was just
a question of time. By the end
of the third period the score was
44-23. A host of Buc substitutes
took to the court in the final
period and one of them Jerry
Hodge, who was in and out of
the game during the night, hit
folr 10 points, second high for the
ti t .
Chuck Shanahan led all the
scorers by totting up 11. High
for the visitors were Bernie Han
cock at forward. with eight and
John Foskett, the tangy Bulldog
center, who counted seven. Billy
Hopkins, also of the Pasco team,
sharpened up his shooting abil
ity by hitting for five points.
Others who scored for Pasco were
Bob Simonton with four, Dick
Mosier, three; and Jim Christian
sonhand Dick Nearents with two
eac . '
Pasco is still looking for a
victory in their pre-conferenee
games. They lost their opener
to Toppenish.
Tonight they play 'Wapato at
the Wolveskhome court. The (.‘B”
squad game gets under way at
7 p. m. with the 'main event to
follow at 8:30.
Hancock (8) F Baum! (4)
Neuentl (2) l" . Meyer (5)
Foskett (7) C Thomas (7)
Sandusky (3) G Balm-(1)
Simonton (4) G ‘ 8111 mm (11)
Pasco nun: Moder. 3: Romans. 5:
Graves. 2: Barker. 0; Wu: 0:
an! _Yan SlgkleapL ' 7 , ‘
"maxi". EEE'MEhamn. 2; Pnzmlre. 4:
Luau. 7: Grim 0: Pun. 2: mubrlch.
0: 80633.,10.
NEW YORK, Dec. 9 (la—The
Eastern College Athletic Con
ference. comprising 86 colleges
and universities, recommended
today that its members make
no commitments to televise any
sports events next season.
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A's Add Two Ball Farms
BALTIMORE, Dec. 9419.111.
Philadelphia Athletics today
added two links to their farm
system and shifted another min.
or league franchise.
West Palm Beach, Fla., of the
Florida International Leaqu
and Vidalia-Lyons, 6a.. of the
Georgia State league will have
working agreements with the
A’s in 1950, farm director Art
Ehlers announced. West Palm
Beach is the A's spring training
site. .
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