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Potato Allotment Plan
Changed For Next Year
Benton County Extension Agent
This office has received inter
mation from the state Production
Marketing administration office
in Spokane of a rather marked
change in the making of potato
allotments for the coming grow
ing season.
“Allotments for the 1950 crop
of Irish potatoes will be set for
the individual farms." according
to information dated Dec. 15.
"Heretofore. these allotments
have been set. to some extent.
for individual growers, which
procedure has not proved satis
factory. Planting within the al
lotments will be one of the con
ditions for eligibility to partici-°
pate in the 1950 potato price
support program." .
Now, just what does this mean.
Space will not permit me..to go
into detail, but "as I understand
it. it amounts“ to thisf-Potato
history of a grower will not be
transferable from one farm to
another as has been done in the
past. ‘
Allotments will be established
for farms, not for farmers. ov
ersee‘ding mom of several farms
will render any person having an
interest in such potatoes Ainelig
ible;,to ' participate in the price
support program on all farms in
which he has an interest.
Jan. 20, 1950 is the final date
on which growers may apply for
“New farm allotments.” 2 This}
must be done within request.
Rufh -
HOme a.
KELSO. Dec. 23 (UPI Ruth
Aberle, the 16-year-old school
girl who was lost for 96 hours in
the wilderness north of here last
week, went home from Cowlitz
general hospital last night well
on the road to full recovery.
The Girl Scout was the object
of a search by as many as 1,000
searchers after she became sep
arated from her friends while on
a Christmas tree hunt. She was
found four days later in a de- ‘
serted log cabin. .
[pols for fiflfl whoml’bw wine
.x‘ '
Gvowem (
g 3 "ml ATE. 5106 K
$Q§ i“::i;\ M: "\;.‘r
‘\;: ' g '-.j-,\. (53317., sll ' ’ 25.
xx \“;\ <>\_l ,21'A‘ua- qgjffigj‘
* 3vawa «.:.»
\ ‘55 “V - “M 39
<\‘ ”fifi’fw‘”wfi-¢rfl
\\\\‘ Ex (6 fi'fil .
' 20:1
' flown. #0 tom.“ at V.
spawn-tn Ilowum «mun!
mun. “ovum 1
WT" .
_ . It's a. PIOMISG of Quality from
thQWn Who-grow the grapes
'_. .. 7 - HI CaliforniaGmwusVJifieriesfiMkLCalifornia. I:
' U
‘ . MM wousovsn
mm 9"". ~
On. 0060 «my! Dries quick".
Sony 90 no! log-drink“!
m Colors!
only' 4 . per gallon
Leave it to um 30'! to develop
wousovza, the wonderful new
flat oi! paint for inside wall paint.
ing! Goes on evenly-smoothly, '
even ave: old wallpaper or water
teduced pain! -Where to buy? «J
(6m)! .
Dem-2.4. 1949 THE COURiER-HERALD
While all of the instructions at
the present time are not final.
it anyone wants to grow pota
toes on land which is coming in
as crop land for the first time, it
would be well to check with the
County Production Marketing ad
;noinistration office before Jan.
No doubt there will be add!-
tlonal information on allotments
received from time to time.
ngcch your paper—listen to your
ra o.
Nude Chicken
Gets New Suit
MOBILE. Alan Dec. 23 —(AP)
Sad Sam joined the ranks
of America's last-dressed roos
ters today. ‘
.:..A mandamus tweed suit. «-
peel y sewn by a kind-heart
ed California matron. arrived
as a Christmas gilt ior the
iectheriess fowl.
It showed up Just in time.
The first cold wave at the
winter toppled Gull Coast
temperatures. Sam. wearing
an old sock. shivered in his
chicken house.
V Nick l-lasselvander. his em:-
or. promptly dressed the roos
ter in the present irom Mrs.
Anne E. Brown. Ontario. Calii.
”Sam's custom-made suit has
several tanq touches.
The collar can be turned
‘down ior informal wear.
The one-piece garment is ad
justable. also Sam won't have
to we about popp ng out
at it tiger his big Christmas
His name In embroidered on
the side in large letters. "
[lß.llllllllll3th in a 1:: 3.1:;
eon ' nto a
since he “can. hatchedqmne
months ago. He doesn't have a
feather to call ‘his own.
"9133* Winn 5W
A mother hen scorn: conven
tional -nests and has hatched
_fwo broods of chicks under the
living room floor furnace of the
Mike McGee residence. 1
BERL IN. B LOC KA D E END S Crowd. line highway as first convoy takes 0“ from
Belmstedt for Berlin when Soviet Russia’s blockade of utefles from the west was broken May 11.
Lower Dairy Prices Seen
In "Washingfon Nexf Year
Larger supplies and lower
prices—that’s the way the Wash
ington dairy outlook for 1950 is
described in the latest issue of
i‘Kiex’Jing Up on the Farm Out
-00 .’
Frank Webster, Benton county
extension agent, says the current
issue of the monthly extension
publication also discusses the
outlook for lamb and wool, new
potato price supports, and pros
pects for farm family spending
in 1950. The publication con
tains articles by Karl Hobson, ex
tension economist in prices, and
Helen Noyes, extension econo
mist in home management.
The dairy outlook, according
to Hobson, is for more milk, large 1
supplies of lower-cost feed,
heavier feeding, slight increase
in the number of milk cows, and
‘less money spent for dairy pro
ducts by consumers.
Slightly less fluid». milk and
cream are likely to be used next
year. But only small price drops
are expected for these products.
Dairymen producing milk for the
bottled trade will continue to
makethe best returns. \
Butter prices are likely to drop
quite a bit unless price .support
operations are large and effec
tive enough to hold them 'up.
Fat supplies for margarine are
large_arid pricesrlow.
Milk for manufacturing is ex
pected to increase considerably,
also butter production.
1 Lamb supplies are expected to
be lower. Prices of breeding
stock are at an all-time high.
Wool supplies are also shrink
ing. Wool prices dropped fol
lowing currency devaluation, but
have recovered all’ of the loss.
The support prices program will
Nice To Be Back 1
A. P. Shepperson‘ was glad to
get back to the South. even if
it cost him extra. The grocer
bought a round trip ticket to
‘Adelanto, Cal., in 1902. He “liked
it so much" he didn't return to
Georgia until 1949, by which
time the stub had long since
expired. Shepperson sent it to
the railroad company as a 47;
year-old souvenir. l
0. Why-is Butch Boy finick
drying Enamel like a
blue serge suit?
A. After long use, it's plenty
A durable, high-gloss finish
Butch Boy ‘
renews beauty of fur
niture, toys, wood
work, etc. Dries in 4
to 6 hours. Comes in
gay colors. -
49. Former
king of
so. Fine line'
of a letter .
51. American
5!. Slope
(A sawed! fiolidwzgnos
% battla Tha Christian Brothars Brandy
5 iiggars cl Jamaica Run-n
l pint craam. lightly uhippad
I l quart rials milk
6 tablaspoons granulatad sugar
9 aggs. yolks and vluitas saparatad
aoooa o o o O 0
Boat agg yolks with sugar than.
still boating. add Brandy. milk. run.
than lightly whippad craarn. Whila
stirring. add stifily butan agg .
whitas. Chill for savaral hours. .
Sprinlla gratad nutmag on top.
Sana with prida.
Elle Glhfistian Emilia:
‘ 84 Proof
keep wool prices almost as high
next year as they were in 1949.
Potato support prices for Wash
ington growers in 1950 will be
about $25 in October for potatoes
graded, sacked, and loaded on
1. Leavening
6. Type of
11‘. Muse of
lyric poetry
12. Genus of
18. Warning
14. Envelop
in fog
18. Color of 9.
why :
17. Compass ‘
point 1
18. Adviser J
23. Sprite
24. Striking
I slang)
25. Public notice
27. Kind of rock
30. Censure
32. Samarium
33. Frozen
35. Flawed
36. Government
by the rich
39. Dancer-'3
a. Wine
.42. Misti-eat:
45. A dispatch
7 boat
One letter simply stands for another; In this exsmple 'A is used
{or the three Us. at for the two o's. etc. Single letters. spas
trophies. the length and formation of the words are all hints.
Esch dsy the code letters are duet-ent.
33w can, 3w an'c axe QBWH BKO
Yesterday's Cryptoquote: TO DOYAL HEARTS THE VALUE
' Mama by lung Future. mama,
DOWN 19. Wide
1. Affirmative mouthed jar
reply 20. Russian city
2. Biblical 21. Tennis
r name Stroke
3. River 22. Nocturnal
(SWItzJ bird
4, Unyielding 25. Nurse
5. Sounds (Ox-lent.) _
6. A peek 26. Contradlct
7. Metallic 28. Sesame
rock 29. Shield .
8. _Allude 31. Partial of s
9. Sacred curved line
picture 34. Greek letter
(Russ. Ch.) 36. God of
10. Animal . underworld
enclosure (Rom)
16. Moisture 37. Accumulate
18. Luck (In) 38. Disentengle
the car. Acreage allotments for
the nation have been cut seven
per cent below the ’49 allotment.
Washington growers will be cut
12 per cent.
Yulenlty’o hum
39. Spigotl
40. Incite
-' 3. Stitch
«: 2. Before
I 3. Man's mm;- -
-_l7. Tramp-u. A I
48. Often (poet,
V 77—1
all! «Imam»
”'9'!" '-
3aaws£ 3::;
“Nunn-in..- cacti“;
~‘ ~~Wu~ mum-aw"
‘“ . 0n...‘.5..'.',°_°:,... —o-.‘..0'
94 Dr--.
No Story.
Back End
..LI'I'I'LE ROCK, Dec. 23 {AP
|- There’ll be no story book end
ing to the 2,025 mile walk Ro
bert Benoit made to see his for
mer wife and daughter.
Mrs. Violet Benoit, 23-year
old Little Rock girl, said today
there was no chance for a re
I Benoit hoo'fed his way from
Putnam. Conn., to Little Rock
‘to see his four-year-old daugh
ter, Cheryl Lynn. He also had
hopes of a reconciliation.“
Benoit said he hoped to start
back to Connecticut Monday but
he isn't going to walk.
“I don’t know how I'll do it,”
he said, “But no more walking";
Dog Owners
Ask New Deal
LONDON. Dec. 23 (UP)
The National Canine Defense
league said today that dogs
are getting .an unfair deal on
1:11: taxes Especially at Brigh
on. .
The League said in a protest
to the British Transport Com
mission that dogs are charged
In]! adult passage on some
buses and that dogs in other
parts of the country are charg
ed half price.
“Mon and Southend can
lnee ride free. as do lap dogs
nearly everywhere. the League
But at tho taohionahio South
Coast watering place of Brigh
ton. dogs are soaked to the
limit. Tho Loaguo said 6.000
Brighton pot owners have
signed a potition to end this
55kg? Catches Up
Fifty years ago Harvard plumb
ers didn’t have a college educa
tion. They couldn’t record where
they laid their pipes. So the
university has just bought a
mine detector to locate unchart
ed pipes that stop up and cause
trouble. _, g l
Watch for Our
New ’ _
o r m N 6.
Eddie's Cafe
218 w. Lewis rm
x}; r- -3 ; ' A». C "
'. ; J’i— 7332)“) B P > \C T 7! ~
$3! 9% x e V rcpared XKEK
"\\\' ”J‘-\\\\ 3% 71‘
x ” \\ \5 ’ f» ,5
\‘W' i r a "A
éf/FL" if? \'\ Y,
'2" ( cf r
j- (5, a:y . . mw
23‘ _ g \ m 53’
f" § §,
I. y i - With ‘ 1+ JLKC/Lw'“
X :3- ..iu-xzi-‘~r=-‘:=.r?:’-":?s's=l'ss."i' (I. - I 3'3“" 5!
‘ V"‘4‘r..;-.:.f 31".. ' 'n.'-. ~V “ V I ' '. '-f :._-v -'
5' fifz. “zs‘fics’fsfsi=§:"=:’.:-.-<'~;..; .22 -' . .-, ”$- 3:‘;‘.5;»:,'-'_i{l.3s3?=}§,_.
: x? ‘ * ; 'f‘t.-I. is:
* g,a '— -, ~ : s- r
2:13:59: ,9 _. .- ./ _‘ £-
. 1:315:35-1 ._' ~ . ~..:-,;:_-_'-:':§5:I
L’ :13 . ._J, «1593“ :_.'l if}. t :3":
':‘.':':‘:::: “455:..3'2- > . ’V} ‘ ‘ E‘
"Etir'ti: .~:¢E::‘-iré:?:i’;i:. - ... ~ " 4.:-
'TE;;;3;'I:‘.,I.: .... ‘. ~ - .«u -_w .:. :. .:.. ”'3... A»',':_,.
,--' .’ > = 3.33%“ ...... ' . ~- ’ x
in”? ' 41:." 4g» ' “F“ 5 515353331113
:.-:."' 91:; -. ::."-...... '. w
" ...... -' gm- 'Y»
: ”-.5:-"-."§-(5 __. ._ «(I-h: ' V '.""j"§:=“€3§:, ‘
_ l " ‘ Q ~«g ,
€ v .. ~v.. ~ ‘V L" I“ . ': cl: '
'.~.-:::-;:f'?3f.‘ {ll* . - . . Ev '~_ .
an?" .‘ ‘ l .- 71‘: . 41“ .
5.5 ‘ “”9" ~07 W“ 4:. Bi “may“x *
When friends drop in, serve
the beer they prefer, Rainier/ {3
T's-“. 8 2 6 8—7—.2 s—B'—7‘s4 "
T—_—-_5673425——7_8 5‘23
HERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every
day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune,
Count the letters in your first name. It the number of letters is 8 u
more. subtract 4. It the number is less than 6. add 3. The result a
your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rec.
tangle and check every one of your key numbers. left to right. The;
read the message the letters under the checked figures give you.
mm 19.9. by Wiilmn .1. 3mm. Distributed by King Fauna. Inc. '2‘”
GMCs "Deliver the Goods”.
Food, furniture and fuel oil . . . the tree, tho turkey, the toy.
. . . almost overythinz that movea by motor truck make. it.
contribution toward a Merry Christmas.
Now better equipped to “deliver the gooda” than ever before,
tough. truck-built GMCa offer powerful, valve-in-head gaaoline
, angina or famed, 2-‘éycle Dieael modela . . . atrong, sturdy chauia
with rugged axles. springs and brakea . . . butatanding perform
anco and dependabuity,‘ unex elled efficiency and economy.
Than’a n bettebhuilt GMC for all hauling folio . . . for every
transportation task . . . Chriatmaa time and all the tlmol
13 Washington Sfree'l'
Kennewick ‘
Registered U. S. Patent omce.
GMC Triple-Checked and
trucks are a good investment
three ways“ .In Appearance,
In Performance, In Value

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