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o/ Zi-Glg (Aurcéed
’ lic-omnlwi Church at Jesus Christ or
Latter Day Saints. Marcus Whitman School.
1.. A. \Vhitlna. pastor. Phone 8—0769. Sun
day s 00l 9:45 a.m. Room 221. Morning
Se:- ice 11'00 a.m. Room 221. Christmas
Maeapt.‘ Sermon 'rltle: "looltins Unto
Jesus. ' -~
0 O O
Richland Assembly of God. newts and
Clark school. Sunday school. 9:45 a.m.:
Morning worship. 11 a.m.: Youth service.
6:30 p.m.; Evanaellstlc. 7:30 p.m.
O O 0
Mission school. Richland Baptist church.
Room 14. John Ball school. 8. W. Douala.
superintendent. 9 a.m. ~
4 .0 o o ,
All [Saints Episcopal. Stevens and Van
Gieten. Leo W. Dyson. pastor. lloly coni
munion. 8:15 a.m. Sunday School. 8:15
a.m.. both in Richland Lgheran church.
Momma prayer and scan n. 11 a.m. in
Village theatre. ' '
.'O O 0
Bethel Lutheran. John Ball school rooms
9 and 12. Paul Hartina. pastor. 1228 Dud
ley. Prosser. Clara iteinlte. parish worker.
1215 C. North Richland. Worship service.‘
9 a.m. Sunday School. 10 a.m. Conilrmao‘
tion class. 6 p.m. ,
000 « ‘
Catholic Church. Church o! Christ the
King. Rev. W. J. Sweeny. pastor. Rev. JJI.
Schindler. asst. pastor. Stevens drive. Sun
day masses 5:30. 8:30. 10. 11:30 a.m..
Saturday confessions 3 to 4:30 p.m... 7.30
to 9:30 p.m.
,o o a
Christian Science. Columbia hish school
Sunday'School. 11 a.m.. room 209. Morn
ing service. 11 a.m.. room 215. -
0 O O -
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. North Richland branch. John Ball
school. room 1. Priez..hood meetings. 9
to 9:45 a. m. Sunday school 10 a. In.
Sacrament nicotine. 11 a. in. '
OO O ‘
Church or the mare“. 11. Fred Vast.
pastor. room 300 lateterla). Spaldint
school. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Showers
ol' Blessing. 7:43 a.m.. KUJ: thorium:
worship! 1] a.m.: Juniors and younz
peoples. 6:30 p.m.: evening worship. 7:30.
Church or God (publishina house. An
derson. lnd.). Spaidins school. room 204.
Harold C. wuxheed. minister. 1318 Per
kins. Morning worship. 10:45 a.m. You!!!
People. 6:30 a.m Evening. 7:30 p.m.
O O 0
Church of Christ meets in Columbia
High School Gym. James l. Standridse.
Evangelist. 1.105 Putnam Street. phone
MOB-W. Bible Classes. 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Preaching and Communion Service 10:50
a.m. and 8 run. I(wa Broadcast. 3:30 to
s p.m. (DST).
'O t 0
Free Methodist Church. Marvin Ensisn.
pastor. Marcus Whitman school. bee and
Snow. Sunday School. 9:45 a.m.. room
121. Morning Service. 11 a.m.
0 O O
Latter Day Saints (Momon). Columbia
high school. Sunday. priesthood meeting.
9:30 a.m. Sunday School. 10:30 a.m.
North Richland branch. John Ball school.
room. 14. Sunday School. 1 p.m. Sam
ment meeting. 1:45 p.m.
0 O O
v Richland Lutheran. Stevens and Van
Giesen. J. M. Grimsrud. pastor. Worship
service. 9:40 and 11. Sunday School.
trades. 12. 9:40: aduit‘class at 1521 Ste
vens: primary~ department. 11 a.m. 1.0.3..
trades 3-7 meets second and iourth Sun-l
day 3 p.m. Youth leasus and adult
leasue 7 p.m. .
O 0
National Lutheran Council. John Ball
school; rooms 25 and 28. Clarence nan
son. pastor. 328 Ave. 3. North Richland.
Sunday school and Bible class. 9:45 a. to.
Worship service. 11 a. m.
‘ O O 0‘
UNITED moms'rm -
(Each otiiciaily nauseating 11 denomina
- one.
Central United Protestant (Methodist
sponsored) Roy l. Smith. Kenneth Sell.
A. Phillip Walborn. pastors. Stevens, Drive
and Long Ave. 11 a.m.. Mornins Wor
ship. 9:30 a.m. Sunday School at .letier
son. Marcus Whitman: 9:45 a.m.. Sunday
School at Sacaiawea . (infants. 3 years).
room 137. 11 a.m.. :iunior church. Saca-
Sawca .sytn (+1 grades). 11 a.m.. chit.
drsn's heur. (1-3) trades). room 143
Sacaiawea: 6:30: Junior high fellowship.
Sacajawea tym (7-8 grades) 6:30 p.m..
college ieliowship at the ehugfijzw
youth Kellovvship at the chine!» um.
svsnlns servios. . . .. -
texnusponmugmgrvin N M
)o ' '
tater. Marcus Whitman school auditorium.
m and Snow. Momma worship. 11 a.m.
Sunday School. 9:3) a.m.
South Side United Protestsnt (Northern
Baptist sponsored). Paul E. Hamlin. pu
tor. Goethels and Gillespie. Sunday school.
9:45 a.m.: Momma worship. 11 s.m.:
Family Hour. 6:30: Youth Fellowship.
7930; Friendship Hour. 8:30.
Northwest United Protestant (Christina
‘ Speldinc Ichool at the west end- of Will
iams and Semento Blvd.-. Claude P.
Sabin. minister. Mrs. Leslie M. Lyell. min
ister or mmic. Church school. 9:45 a.m.:
Morninn worship. 11 a.m.. (two service:
each Sunday adults and children) (main
eudltorlum Speldinz school): Christian
Youth Fellowship. 6:30 p.m.
Bentlet Church. a. A. Zlmmerlnen. 0.0..
pastor. George Washington Wear end Wow.
drop. Sunday echool. 9:30 a.m.: Moi-nine
services. 10:50 a.m.: Truninn union. 6:30
p.m.: Evenlne eervicee..7:3o p.m.
Rem-canned Church 0! Jean Christ at
Lone: Day Saints. Marcus Whitman school
L A. Whitlnl. pastor. Sunday School.
9:45 um. room 223: morning oervice.
11 a.m.. room as: Zion's loom. 7:30
am. '
000 - .
Blehland Church or Christ. Co
lumbia aioh Gym. James L. sundridu.
Evangelist. 1105 Putnam St... Telephone
5-9757. Sunday Services: Bible clones.
10 a.m. and 6 p.m.: Gospel pro-china.
10:50 a.m. and 1 p.m.: The Lord’o Suppel‘.
11 :43 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. KPKW hroodcut.
2:30~3 p.m. _ ._ .
Redeemer Lutheran. 501 Goethala Drive.
Edward 3; home. 504 tcocthala Drive.
Sunday school. 9:45 a. m: momma oer.
vice. 11 a.m.: Saturday. 10 a.m.. con
firmation class; 11 a.m. chlldren'a cholr.
O t 0
Unity Lecture. 7:3) Col. msh school.
room 125. the eecond and fourth Sunday
or each month. lecturer. Beulah Scott of
the Yakima Unity Center.
0 0 O
Salvauon Army. Sodom: Ichool. roan
m 100. Sunday achool (or all ages. 9:3!
a.m. . ‘
O O 0
North manna United Protestant cmirb
(sponsored by the State Council of
Churchen. Suzette W. Muench. pastor: all
tendon in John Ball School. 9:30 a. at.
Sunday Ichool. room 18: 10:30 a. m.
Homing Worship. room 18: 6:30 p. In.
Senior Youth Fellowship. room 18.
0 O O
First Baptist church; Jeiiemn Grade
uhool. Pastor. luv. Nile Fisher. Sunday
school. 10:30: Preachin: service 11:15:
cveninz service. 7:30. o
Unitarian Fellflship. Sunday smog; u
to 12 a. m. at. 402 Cottonwood. Richland.
nm. 209. Columbia inch. Richland.
uare Gospel Church. Columbia
NEWufgoi. c. Ostrom. pastor. Sunday
school. 11 a. m.. rooms 121423.125;
Mornins worship. 12 noon._ltrn. 121; Cru
saders. 6:15 p. m.. Rm. 21a; Evangelistic.
7:30 p. m.. Rm. 215: Tuesday. 7:30 p. m..
Rm. 215: Friday; 7130.1). 311.. Rm. 215:
' Reorganized Church at Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints. Marcus Whitman
School. 1... A. Whitlns. pastor. Phone 8-
01'69. Sunday School 9:45 a.m.. Rm. 221.
Mornlna Service 11 a.m.. Rm. 221. 6 p.m..
Zions Leafle
. O O
Bethany Presbyterian Church. Second and
Birch. Rev. It. w. Achor. pastor; Church
Ichool. 9:45 a.m.: Worship service. 11
a.m.; Junior Westminister Fellowship. 7
Church oi God. Mr. and Mrs. M. .1.
any. pastors. Sunday school. 10 a.m.:
Morninz worship. 11 a.m.; Adult Bible
study. 7 p.m.i Evening worship. 8 p.m.:
Christian Brotherhood flour Kl'l‘. 9:13 p.m.
O 0 0
First Methodist Church. Third and Ash.
Rev. Howard P. Burk. minister; Church‘
School. 9:45 a.m.: Morning worship. 1!.
a.m.: Junior High Youth Fellowship. 1"
p.m.: Senior High Youth Fellowship. 7 p.m. 1
O D 0
Assembly 0! God. W. V. Kononen. pas
tor. Bible school. 9:43 a.m.: Morning war.
ship. 11 a.m.: Evening Evanaelistic ser-
Vit‘u. 7:150 p.m.
0 It 0
. Christian Church. 41b and Euclid- Ave
w. Rev. G. B. Schmld. minister; Bible
+lOOl. 10 a.m.: Morninz worship and
ommunlon. 11 a.m.; Christian Endeavor.
6:43 p.m.: Evenina service. 7:30 p.m.
O t 0
Church 01 The Nazarene. Corner Third
and Division. Rev. Charles Elam. pastor:
Church school. 10 a.m.; Morning worship.
11 a.m.: 53119.5. group. 1 p.m.; Evan
gelistic service. S 11?. ‘
Free Methodist. Church. Rev. H. spur.
Kn... 3883.05 Sunday 8611001. 9;“ m;
Morning worship. 11 a.m.: Young People's
6:45 p.m.; melting service. 7:30 p.m. .
O 0 0
Port Baptist Church. American Legion
hall. Rev. J. P. Steere. pastor: Sunday
school. 10 a.m.; Morninx worship. I]. a.m.;
Evening church services. 7:30 p.m.
O O 0
Seventh Day Adventist Church. 116
Crescent Drive. Lloyd E. Stevens. pastor:
Sabbath school. 9:30 a.m. each Saturday:
Sermon 0! Bible Study at 11. Missionnry
Volunteers meetinz in the interest of
youth. 2:30 p.m.
~. 0 t '
. Immanuel Lutheran Church. 312 Birch
Avenue. R. A. Bodninz. pastor: Sunday
school. 9:45 a.m.; Morning worship. 11
o o e
Pilirflm Holiness Church. 6. .M. Pratt.
pastor Sunday school. 10 a.m.: Preaching.
11 a.m. and 7:30 n.m.: Youns Peoples sero
‘vice. 6:45 p.m.
P 303838
Church of Christ. W. W. Ellis, minister:
Bible study. 10 a.m.: Preachins. 11 a.m.:
Evening service.j:3o p.m.
Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle. Elshth
and Meade. C. C. Posey. minister: Bible
school. 9:45 a.m.: ‘Morlatgw worship. 1]
a.m.: Young People. 6: p.m.: Evenlms
Evangelistic service. 7:30 p.m.
Methodist Church. M. Chester Morsan.
minister: Church school. 9:45 a.m.: Morn
lnz service. 11 a.m.: Methodist Youth Fel
lowship. both junior and senior hish Broups
meet at 6:30 p.m. {
. I. t O
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. Rev“
Edward B. Birch. vicar; Sunday service;
8:30 a.m.: Church school at 10 a.m. :
0 t 0
Central Christian Church. Wallace Hast
ings. minister; Bible school. 9:45 a.m.:
Mornlns service. 11 a.m.: Christian En
deavor at 6 p.m.: Evening servlce. 7 p.m.
O t 0
Seventh Day Adventist. 7th and Dudley.
Rev. Lloyd Stephens. pastor: Sabbath
school. (Saturday) 10 a.m.: Church service.
11 a.m.
O 0 O ‘
Baptist Church. Rev. J. R. L malaxn.
pastor; Sunday school. 10 a.m.: Moraine
worship. 11 a.m.; Eveninz servloe. 7:30
; .m.
‘p , . a e o
Messiah Lutheran Chumh. Rev. Paul W.
liartins. pastor: Sunday school 10 a.m.:
Dlvlne service. 11 a.m.
O O 0
Assembly of God. Corner Sixth street and
Prosser Avenue. Rev. Georse Lathlrn. vas
tor: Sunday school. 9:45 a.m.; Sermon. 11
a.m.: Evening service. 7:30.
0 O '0
United Presbyterian Church. nev. John
W. Osterhoti'. pastor; Bible classes for all
ases at 9:45 a.m.: Morninz service. 11
a.m.: Young People's meeting. 6:45 p.m.:
l-Nenlns service. 7:30. .
Christian Science Society: Sunday scnooi
at 10 a.m.. for pupils under use of '2O:
Morning service is held every Sunday at
11 a.m. at Christian Science church on
Seventh and Dudley: testimony meetinx on
first Wednesday at each month at 8 p.m.
“ WC:
Vista Community Baptist Church. 1814
2nd Ave. West. Mrs. Marie Bail. mission
ary: Sunday school. 9:45 a.m.: Moi-nine
worship. 11 a.m.: Wednesday. 7:30 p.m..
Bible study and prayer: ~
Assembly of God. 102 Kennewick Ave"
9:45 a.m. Morning worship 11 a.m.: even
2. James Cornwall. pastor. Sunday‘School.
nins. 7:45. '_ v '
ea a .
Bethlehem Lutheran (The Church of
the Lutheran, Hour). Third and Benton.
M. C. Kauth. pastor. Sunday School. 10
a. m. Morning service. 11 a. m. ,
O 0 0
Church otOur Saviour (Episcopal) Pasco.
Dec. u—Midnight .Eucharist. 11:30v-D.rn.-
Dec. 2:5—30n Communion. 10:30 a.m.
‘lioly Baptism. 11:30 a.m. No Sunday
School. Rev. Fred W. Baker. 619 Albany
‘Aveu Kennewick. Phone 2931.
i I 0 0 O
St. Paul's Episcopal Church. 600 Block.
‘Avenue A. Mornins prayer. 10 a.m.: Sun
}aay school. 10 a._m._ (in the flail); Holy
;Baptism. 4:30 p. 112; ‘»‘ ‘ ‘ '
- --a . ' .
’ Assembly of God. 102 Kennewick Ave.
Sunday morning worship at 11 o'clock.
‘SundanSchooi at 9:45 a.m. Sunday eve
inlns service at 7:30. Tuesday evening at‘
“1:30. Young People's service. . ‘
O O 0
United Pentecostal Church ‘of Jesus
Christ. 721 Columbia Ave" Sid C. Sargent.
Pastor. Sunday school. 10 a.m.: Momma
worship. 11 a.m.: Evening service. 7:30
.m. .
ps a a
Christian Church. Third and Washinstoa.
Eugene C. Hawkins. oastor. Sunday school
9:45 a.m. Mornin: worship. 11.
O O -
Church of God. Seventh and Gum. C. D.
Hooker. pastor. Sunday school 10 a.m.
Morning worship 11 a.m.; evenins 7:30
pO O 0
Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints
(Mormon) meets at Masonic Temple. A.
Moraan. branch president. Sunday School
10a. mSacrament‘lo. m.
0 O 0
Church o! the .Nazarene. first Ave.
and Everett. J. N. 'i'lnsley. pastor. Sunday
School. 9:45. Sermon. 10:45 a. tn. loung
People. 6:” p. m.: Aevenina 7:30.
link, Community Methodist. Kenne
wick. Rt. 1. Pierce Roberts. actor. Sun
day School at Finley and Rover. 10 a.m.
Homing service. 11 a.m.. Finley.
..‘o o o .
Hm law-t. Washlnnon a: hunk. E.
sunny Hunt. pastor. Sunday Schobl. 9:45.
Monum- won-thin. 11 a In: Youth renow
shlps. 7:00: evenings. 7:3). '-
l'lrst Lutheren. Second and Auburn. P.
J. Luvs”. minister. Sunday School. 9:45.
Mouths worship. 11 n. In. Luther heme
7 p. in.
lint _Methodin. Kennewick and Dayton.
Rev. A. Chester Wiechmeler. pater. Sun
day School. 9:45 a. In. Mornins worship.
10:55 a.m.. Jr. 11l Y! . 5:3) p.m.: Sr. YJ.
7 p.m.: Lemvson Road Sunday schools
mm m‘mn names 10 ‘mo . ‘
St. Peul's.Episcopel. 819 Ave. A. 10 e.
m. Sunday School. 10 a.m. Holy Communo
ion 10 nan. ‘. . .
Pilgrim Holinesl. 212 But Third. Rev.
1.. 3.. Knight. pester. Sunder School
9:45. moi-nine service 11:00 a. m. Younl
people 6:30. eveninz service 1:30 p.m.
I \
‘ Assembly of God. 327 West Bonneville.
.Glndyn. D. Cutler. pastor. Sunder School.
1935. Morning worship. 11 e. IL: evening
”R 45. .
O O 0
’ Christina Church. Filth and Shoshone.
‘Grent H. Cole. Pasco. Sunday School
9:45. Morning Worship. 11 a.m. evening
7:30. -
t t 0
Bethlehem Lutheran Church. 3rd and 8.
Benton. M. c. Knuth. pastor. Sunday
school end Bible class for adults. 10 a.m.:
Divine worship. 11. 33m} ‘
Christian Science. Fourth and Shoehone.
Sunday school. 9:40 a. 121.; Sunday service.
11 a.m. '
O O 0
Church 01 Christ. Labor Hall. Second
and Clerk. Georse Smith. minister. Bible
Study. 10 n. m. Pie-chins and communion
11 a.m.: evenint..7 z. m.
Church or the Knurene. Seventh and
Ynldmn. Clarence Berkley. pastor. Sunday
School. 10 a. m. Morning let-vice. 11 a. m.:
evening 1 p. In. .
0O O .
first Conventional. Fourth and 36m.
ville. Rev. Ivan Smith. pastor. Sun.
day School. 9:45 I. m. Morning worship.
11 a. m. Yam “091:. 5:30 p. m.
Seventh-Day Adventist. Eishth and Syi.
vector. James A. Wad. pastor. Sabbath
school (Saturday) 9:45 a. m: morning
worship 11:00 a.m.. .
Pasco Mission. 129 West Lewis. Rev.
Ray Carriker. pastor. Undemonated serv
ices. 10 a.m. Sunday SchooL. Eveninc
services. Sunday. Tuesday. Friday and
Saturday at 7:30 p.m. .
0 O
Flt-at Lutheran Church. sth and Bonne
ville. Orville G. wepler. Pastor. Sunday
morning worship services. 8:15 and 11:
Sunday school. 9:30: Younz people's w
ther league. 6 p.m.: Holy Communlon
zegvlce (1:: Sunday at each month). 8
L.D.S. Church. 10th and Yakima: priest
hood at 9 a.m.; Sundry school n 10:30
a.m.: Sacrament meetinz. 7 Mn
-0 0 0
first Baptist Church. and and Clark.
Lyle Bramblet. Pastor.'3undav school. 9:45
a.m.; Morning worship. 11 a.m.: Evenlnz
service. 7:45 p.m. .
O 0 I
St. Paul's Episcopal church. Rev.
Frederic Baker. pastor: mornins prayer.
10 a.m.: Sunday school. 11 a.m.: bishop's
committee meetins. 7 p.m.
0 t O
Pasco-Kennewick Presbyterian Church.
Arlan P. Dohrenburz. student pastor.
‘Sunday services in Seventh-Day Adventist
Church. Sylvester and Elisha: Ave" Pasco.
Baptist Church Women
Plan Social Meeting A
The Women's Missionary soci
ety of the First Baptist church,
Kennewick. will hold a special
meeting for work Jan. 19 at 10
a. m. A “pot-luck," luncheon will
be served at noon, and a period
of devotion conducted by Mrs.
Nettie Evett, and business tran
sacted at 2 o'clock.
The projects include the mak
ing of a quilt to be given to Miss
Dolores Joy, who leaves this
spring for Italy. ‘
Other “White Cross” supplies
will be made, such as bandages.
fitted up articles of clothing, and
various useful articles for for
eign and home ministry..To this
meeting all women are made
welcome, and either or both per
iods may be attended. Mrs. Walt.
er Crayne is the president of the
The visit of the Rev. Eric
Frickenberg. missionary under
the Conservative Baptist For
eign Mission society to Bombay.
India. drew a large crowd Tues
day evening, when the Women’s
.society prepared a dinner. Girls
lot the high school class assisted
fin serving. 0! interest was the
:fact that the speaker and Carl
Nyborg were students together
at- Bethel Seminary, St. Paul,
Nyborg introducing the mission
my. I
Frickenberg's work has been
among various classes of oeoole;
and several branch churches
have been opened in Various
parts of the city, manv n ve
workers having been trained for
the work.
The pastor announces sermon
subjects for Sunday: “More
Adopt Japs
The 123,000 Methodists in the
Portland area, which includes
Oregon, Washington and Idaho,
have adopted the‘work in Jap
an as their responsibility- in the
foreign field -in .a three-year
program just launched in the
nationwide movement known
as “The Advance for Christ and
His Church.”
Specific projects include sup
port of Christian workers and
missionary journalists, restor
ation of 20 churches, and con
tributions to the building funds
of Union Theological seminary
and Aoyarna Gakuin.
In the. general field of Home
Missions, the area. has chosen the
new Methodist school,- to be lo
cated somewhere on the Kenai
fenlnsula in Alaska, as its pro
Mornlm worship n a.m.: Sunday school
9:30 a.m.; Westminster tellowshlp 4:30
pan: :- Icholr renew. (Thursday. “(m-p.m.:
.. ... - t t O-' -
St. Patrick's Church. Rev. William Sch
mltz. Rev. George H. McC‘be. Sunday
Menu: 8. 9:30. 11 a.m.: Oontculonu'Sat
arm from [-5 p.m...1n: 7-9 p.m. a . ~
0 A '
First Methodist Church. Rudolph A.
Anderson. Minister. Morning worship. 11:
Sunday school. 9:45: Youth tellowshlp.
5:30 p.m. ' ' . ‘
0 t .
Episcopal Church of Our Soviour. N. Bth ‘
and Lewis Streets. Rev. I‘. Baker. rector.‘
Sunday school. v10.a.m.: Holy Communion
and sermon. 11:30 a.m.: Choir practice
Tuesday evenings; 7 9.1:. 4.
. O
Pasco-Kennewick Presbyterian. Arlan P.
Dohrenburs. Student Pastor. All Sunday
services in the Seventh-Day Adventist
Buildlnz. Sylvester at Eishth Ave.. Pas‘o.
Sunday school. 9:30 a. 11).: Morning wor
ship. 11 a.m.: Westmlhister Fel
lowship. 7:30 p. m. (or teen-ass youth;
Choir rehearsal. Tuesday evening. 7:30.
atthe home of Mr. and 'Mrs/ Ralph Rod
gers. 1524 Olive St.. Pasco.
. O 0
First Christian Church. Pasco Wash.
‘Bible School. 9:45 a.m. Mornlns Worship
and Communion. 11:00 a.m. Music by the
Junior-intermediate choir. A girl's trio.
and the sinslna o! “Jesu Bambino" by
Mrs. Grant Cole and Paul Davidson. Ser
mon by the pastor. “We Too Follow the
Star." Evening Christmu procram. 7:30
p.m. '
island View Chapel. Rev. Russel A.
Warrenk. pastor. Sunday Rhooi am a.
in. Morning _service. 10:45. Junior church
6:15 p. m. and evening service 7:15 p.m.
some .
First Christian church. John w. Boosin
ger. pastor. Bible school. 9:45 a.m. Morn
ing worship at 11. Youth meetings at 7
p.m. Evening church hour ‘at 8 p.m.
'O O 0
Church at Jesus Christ oi Latter Day
Saints. 11th and Lincoln (Temporarily
meeting in Legion hall. 7th and Franklin).
Sunday school. 10 a.m.; Sacrament meet
ing 8 p.m. '
a o a
1 Trinity Eplfiopal church. Edward B.
‘nirch. priest charge. Morning-Prayer
and sermon. 10 a.m. Holy Communion
leach tourth Sunday at 10 a.m. Church
‘school 10 a.m. '
O O t
} Presbyterian church. Rev. Walter Duti.
pastor. Bible school. 9:46 a.m. Morning
worship. 11. Christian Endeavor. 7 p.m.
arching worship. 8. '
O O 0
Church o: the Brethren. Sunday school.
9:45 a.m. Worship service. 11. c.w.. Jun
ior league and B.Y. meeting. 7 p.m. Eve
ning hour. 8.
- a, a a
Calvary Ev. Lutheran. K. C. Streuiert.
pastor. Sunday school and Bible class.
9:45 a.m. Divine worship 11 a.m.
-ae e _
German Congregational. across trom
Sunnyside Packing company. Sunday
school. 10 a.m. Preaching. 11~ a.m. me.
hing service. 7:30. Prayer meeting. 2 p.m.
. . . s ,
Seventh-Day Adventist. than! B. Ste
phens. pastor. Sabbath school. 9:30 a.m.
Church. 11 a.m.
' t 0 O .
Christian Science society. 513 So. 9th st.
Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Lesson sermon.
a a o
Methodist church. w. M. Martin. pastor; {
Sunday school. 9:45. Mornins worshipp
10:55. Intermediate youth fellowship. 6‘
p.m. Senior youth fellowship. 6:30. Wore:
ship service at 7. Feilowahlp hour at 8.
0 O 0
First Brethren church. H. E. Collins;
ridge. pastor. Bible school. 9:45. Morninc
service at 11. Christian Endeavor at 7 p.m.
LVeninz service at 7:30.
a, a a
First Baptist church. Bible school. 9:45.
Worship at 11. Communion service. Ist
Sunday in month. Youth iellowship. 7 p.m.
Ph'ening worship at 8.
0 t 0
El Bethel. on half pavement. June Year
out. pastor. Sunday school. 9:45 a.m. Wor
ship at 11. Evangelistic service at 8 p.m.
a a a
Netherland Reformed. Bth and Decatur.
Morning and afternoon services in the
Holland language. Evening service at 8
in English. . . .
Christian Reformed. Rev. Walter Hack
man. pastor. Morning service. 10 a.m.
Sunday school 11:15. Afternoon service 2
p.m. Young people's society. 8." Evening
service at 8. . .
Church oi Christ. corner 13th and East
Edison. Kenneth B. Shehl. pastor. Bible
study. 10 a.m. Preaching at 7 p.m.
Church of God. temporary quarters in
i.0.0.i-‘. Hall. Sunday school. 9:45 a.m.
Morning worship. 11. Young people's ser
vice. 7:15. mening waiship. 8.
C 0
Free Methodist church. Phillip Weamer.
. pastor. Sunday school. 10 a.m. Preaching
at 11. Y.P.M.S. at 7:30 p.m. Preaching
at 8.
t t t
Assembly oi God. Bth and Decatur. Sun
, day school at 10. Morning worship at 11.
Evening service at 8.
Bible Numerics” andel‘he Best
Comes at the Last,” services be
ing held at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
140 New
In Church
Annual meeting of the Rich
land Lutheran church was held
last Tuesday in the church base
ment with Pastor J. M. Grims
rud in charge. A report by \Lild
red Knipcik, parish worker,
showed a total gain of 181 mem
bers in 1949, with a loss of 41
flgmbers, and an actual gain of
Organization reports were
given Dy Mrs. Wilson Wierman
from the Woman’s Guild, Al
Miller from the Men’s club, Phil
Jerman and Mrs. Nelson Tay
lor from the Sunday school,
Ralph Anderson; Mrs. J. M.
Grimsrud and Miss ,Knapsik
from the three choirs, Wilson
Wierman from the P. T. A., Jo
anne Dunlap from the Youth
league, and Miss Knipcik from
theL.C.R. ~
The congregation decided to
enlarge the Board of Deacons to
nine members, and the new men
elected to that office were: A.
Marken, A. Weyerts. J. Brandt, L.
Bustad, and H. Dixson. These
men will be installed this Sun
day at the 2nd service together
with Messrs. A. J. DeLong, Er
nest Johnson, 'Carl Fruh, and
Lars Larson. . _
The new trustees who were
elected are E. Weyerts and Pal
mer Johnson. These men will
also be installed next Sunday
together with Clarence Lange.
Cleo Preuniger, Dr. Mayo Erick
son and Douglas Kelly.
Other officers to be installed
Sunday are: financial secretary,
Harold Schultz; secretary, Dr. E.
Otterholt; treasurer, A. H.‘Bush
ey; Sunday school superinten
dent,“ Phil Jerman; board of ed
ucation, A. Jonson; board of
synodical activities. 0. East
wood; auditors, William Mas
ters and Bob Rowan. _ .
,The pastor's committee con
sists of the following men: Paul
Pritchard,‘ Hans Einan, Emil
Kolebar, Roy Hibbard,. A. C.
Beutler, Erwin Blume, Otto
Brende, Ed. Christensen, Orrand
Fiskum, L. A. Hartcorn, William»
Masters, C. D. Owens, Peter An
derson, Ray Anderson, D. Camp
bell, D. H. Elderkin, Norman
Gross, Arnold Reich, Robert
Shine, Ralph Tabasinski, Paul
Whiteside, Ralph Erickson. Lar
ry Emmons, Bob Hughes, Ed
Christopherson, W. H. Crockett,
John Gruys, Phil Kurtz, Herman
Reque, B; Simpson, and W. L.
Torgerson. ‘
. . O 0 O . . ‘
A reception and teliowship
dinner will be held by Redeem-n
er Lutheran church in Richland
in honor of the class of adults
,who joined the church last Sun
‘day. The dinner will be held
'at the Lewis and "Clark Cafeter
ia immediately following the
11:00 o'clock service, and every
one is invited to attend. The
new members received last Sun
day are: Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Lovinger, Donald Donahue,
James Crow, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Rink, Mn, and Mrs. John
Gile, Mr. Sydney Altena, Mrs.
Charles Lurnpkin, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Feldhah'n. Six 02- these were
baptised in last Sunday's ser
v ce.
Mrs. Duane Fellman is acting
chairman of group “A" of the
Redeemer Ladies’ Society, which
has charge of the fellowship din.
ner. .
Have Visit
WALLULA, Jan. 13 Mrs. Er
nest Parish of Cottage Grove,
ore., arrived Saturday to visit
her daughter, Mrs. Coy Allen and
family. *
Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn Thompson
and family were visitors at the
Marion Butts home Monday eve—
Eugene Gould was able to re
turn to school Monday. -
Ernest German is home from,
Monarch, Mont, where he has
been working for several months.
Mr. and Mrs.’ C. S. Lansing
have stored their household fur
niture and are leaving for Cali
fornia where they will make
their future home. They plan to
visit their son, Jay Lansing and
family in Seattle before going
south. ~ ‘ _
“igfineth Bennet is working in
La Grande, Ore.
1! storm windows par! of you:
plan—see the Alsco man. J. F.
Penny. Ph. 5412 Pasco. not}. 3488
Symptoms of Distress Ami-um
lat llclp orithlOutYu Hm
Over three million bottles of the qum
Tau-rum lave been sold to: relief of
symptoms 01mm ham 830 m
and Mnflmunduetom Add-
Poor Muscles. Sun or ”put Shannen.
Gaul-nu. W. W 0%..
due to Inca Add. Sold on 15 days' trial!
Ask for “fill-'0: Inc-n" which (all:
039N113 this trentment—luo—at
It’s mostly people, not projects, ‘
‘ 1 that fail.
Prompfly and Effigiem'ly
. , Kennewick. 2161
“A Saving to You—A Service to the
Community" ‘
[other league
Gives Show ¥
The Duther league of the
First Lutheran church In Pasco
will show a moving picture. “Be.
yond Our Own,” Sunday evening
at 6:30.
This 42. minute sound film was
shOWn at the Brotherhood La
dies night and it was received
so well that many wished it
could be shown again to give
many others the opportunity to
see it.
The Luther League invites the
congregation and friends to see
this Ci‘tstandinq Christian pic
ture. There will be special mu
sic and a free-will offering will
be received.
Maier Rite
A memorial service will be
held Sunday morning at 11:00 a.
m. at Redeemer Lutheran church
in Richland for Doctor Walter
A. Maier, : well-known speaker
for the International Lutheran
Hour, who passed away on the
morning of January 11, as the!
result of a heart ailment. Dr.
Maier was stricken several
weeks ago, and was unable to‘
broadcast for the past two weeks.
It was expected that he would
recover and. be_ able to resume
his Gospel preaching when the
Lord, in His infinite wisdom and
grace, took His servant from this
world to Himself in Heaven.
‘ Christians of all denomina
>tions will mourn the passing of
this noted Evangelist, who has
been a champion of the old
1' fashioned GOSpel, and the funda
}mental truths of the Inspiration
not the Bible, the Deity of Christ,
’and Salvation of the Sinnei by
;Faith in Christ.
During the 17 years of his ra.
dio ministry the Lutheran Hour
has grown until it has become
the largest radio broadcast of
any kind in the world, being
broadcast each week over more
than twelve hundred stations a--
round the world, and in thirty
six different languages. At the
present time the Gospel of Christ
is being beamed beyond the
Iron Curtain of Russia by Radio
Luxemburg, the most powerful
station in Europe. Dr. Maier had
been receiving letters at. the
rate of twenty-five thousand per
week from Christians of all de
nominations who are grateful
*for the Word of God which‘satis
fies, and from thousands of peo- ‘
ple who testify that they have
been brought to the acceptance
of Christ by his Spirit - filled
messages. The familiar, fervent
voice of Dr. Walter A. Maier,
"Bringing Christ to the Nations,"
will be heard no‘ more on this
earth, and Christendom will
.miss it. _ _ V
éAll Christians who have been
blessed by His Messages and
mourn his passing are invited
to attend the Memorial Service
this Sunday morning at 11:00, at-
Redeemer Lutheran church. near
downtown Richland, 505 Goeth
als Drive. The Rev. Edward H.
Imme, pastor of thechurch and
former student of Dr.. Maier, will
deliver the message.
Church Radio
“Shom‘ of Blessings.” Nazar
fajeJchurch, 7:45 a.m. Sundays,
lcpflst—‘Morning Bible Hour,”
KPKW, 9 a.m. daily except
Sunday. - . '
Pentecostal Pasco Pentecostal
Mission, 4:45 p.m. Sundays.
Inteminhtofla! KPKW. 9:00-
9:30 a.m., Sunday; 5:45 p.m..
week days. ,
Richland Church at cum KPKW
2:30-3 p.m., Sunday.
Assembly of God “Assembly
Echoes,” 5:30 p.m., Sunday.
" nouns or
Fne Estimates
Kennewiglx .............'...... 942
Richland.“ Kenn. Coiled
Pasco ........ Emmi“ ”02
II E. Remand: Ave.
Jan. :4. ”337 '”
UP Church
To Resume
Nite Date
Regular evening worship ser
vices ot the West Side United
Protestant church will be resum
ed again beginning this Sunday
at 7:45 p. m. The special speak
er for the service this week wiil
be the Rev. Lee Gable, of (“iii
Dr. Gable is currently serving‘
as the Director of Leadership
Training and Church School Ad
ministration of the International
Council of Religious Education.‘
He comes with a rich back-1‘
ground of experience in his
chosen field and is a speaker ofl
unusual warmth and inspira
tion. Dr! Gable will also lead;
a discussion with church school
teachers and officers at 3 p. m.
Sunday at the South Side United
Protestant church.
Special music at the evening}
service at West Side will be giro-j
vided -by a male quartet. he
young people will enjoy a time
of recreation in the gym from
5 to 6:30 p. m. after which they
will gather for light refresh
ments and then have their fel
lowship meeting. This meeting,
and the evening service will be
held in the Cafeteria room of
the Marcus Whitman School.
At the morning worship ser
vice, at 11 a. m. the special solo
‘ist will be Mr. Herbert Muller.
;The pastor will bring the- set.
lmon, and the adult choir will
;sing. The public is cordially in
lvited. _
The annual - congregational
meeting will be held at 7:30 p.
m. Jan 18 following a potluck
dinner in the cafeteria. All mem
bers and friends are urged to
be present. Entertainment and
movies will be provided for me
children during the business
meeting. <
Pd’sfor Back
lp Pulpit _
The 'Rev. and Mrs. Eugene C.
Hawkins, and- their eldest son.
Clifford, who underwent surgery
at the Sacred Heart hospital in
Spokane. plan to return to Ken-l
newick sometime today.
HaWkins will occupy his pul
pit at the Kennewick Christian
church at the 11 o’clock hour
Sunday morning. He- will speak
‘ agar}, the ”theme “The Love of
At the evening service at 7:30,1
a sound picture entitled “Go!
Forth” will be presented. This is
an inspirational story of a young
doctor, who upon returning from
army duty, felt so keenly‘the call
of‘ the mission fields that he re
turns to the Philippine Islands
for service ‘. The public is car
dially invited 'to attend. There
will be no admission charge, but
a free will offering will be taken.
lineEc-rses Upped.
OLYMPIA, Jan. 13 UP) —— The
state public service commission
authorized the College Place bus
line to boost its fares, but warn
ed the company that it was ex
pected to improve its service.
The line operates in the Walla
Walla area. -
Fares from Walla Walla to
College Place were increased
from 10 to 13 cents with the
price of tokens set at .two for a
quarter, instead 0! three. Month
ly tickets also were discontinued.
In announcing its order, the
commission said; _ _ e
“If, after the rate increase has
been in effect a reasonable
length or time. the company con
tinues to render poor service, the
matter of the company's opera
tions will be gone into more
Professional and Service Directory
~. Pasco and . Kennewick -
.sz com
AISMCT & ma co.
216 Ken. Ave. Phone 6161
2201 or 2401
314 First Avenue
8068 8. non-on
303 Kennewick Avenue
Phone 8721 Kennewick
30535:. n. mzuoua
106 N. sth St. " Pasco
Phone fiasco 4601
' Telephgne 5519
Edwin L. Dunnavan
Attorney M Law
Title B'. Trust Building
. Pasco, Washington
New Visfa BapfiSf‘
Church Organimlfi
Monday a potluck supper was
enjoyed by an enthusiastic group
who met at the Vista Community
Baptist church to form a tem
porary organization.
The Rev. Lem Carter. field di
rector for the Washington Bap
tist convention, assisted Mrs.
Marie Ball in organizing the
Temporary officers elected
were: Mrs. Wendell Hire, church
clerk; Homer Stiles, Melvin
Blocher. Woddrow Smith. trus
tees; Doyle Biddison, treasurer;
Wendell Hire, Sunday school
superintendent: Mrs. Homer
Stiles, Ernest Mercer, and Mrs.
Melvin Blockei, finance commit
Baptists Slate
Guest Speaker
Richland Baptist church,
George Washington Way and
Wordrop Street, will have as
guest speaker Sunday the Rev.
Mr. Don Giddens. Mr. Giddens
pastor of the First Baptist church
in Concord, Calif., comes as a
possible candidate for the church
pastorate, vacated this week by
Dr. H. A. Zimmerman._ »_
A graduate of the Southern
Baptist seminary at Forth Worth,
Texas, Mr. Giddens is currently
completing the work for his doc
tors degree at Golden Gate Sem
inary in Berkeley.
Dr. Zimmerman had been pas
tor of the church for the past
two years. He is enroute to Ark
adelphia, Aria. where a son, Don,
is attending Ouachita Baptist
college. Another son. Ben. is
taking pre-medical work at the
University of Arkansas, and a
third, Stanley, is working on his
doctorate at the University of
Texas. _ _ _ _
A farewell party in his honor
was held Wednesday night at
the church, following the weekly
prayer meeting. Sandwiches and
cookies Jwere served. with Mrs.
Tom LaFollette and Miss Imo
gene Baker pouring hot punch.
No mafier wi'ch ,wllai' on are E
afflicted. our wonderful heat}
men? will :osifively relieve mel
anéliolia. ay fever. sinus. skin
diseases. goifer.,influenza. iaun«t
dice. ihroal'. hearf. kidney. liv
er. sfomach. piles. asthma.
chronic cough. cons‘iipafion.
dizziness. headache. breasf.
diarrhea. gallsiones. appendi
eifis. rheumatism. ar‘l'hrifis. neu
rifis. blood poison. eczema.
swollen glands. fonsi.li‘l’is.'ear
Rouble. lumbago. iumor. drop
sy. female complainis. nervous
ness: all, disorders disappear
wilhoul' operaiion.
Consultation Free
Choice Herbs for Every _lll
The Sing Herb Co.
Established Shoo 1922
8. 8. Low. Directing Herbalist
l 7 5. Font 59. Phone 9568
Yakima. Wash.
Formal: located an N. and St.
Office hours: 9 to 5 Monday thru
Saturday; Sunday closed.
i‘ifoodrow Smith. Ernest Mer-
’ and
‘ Licensed Wash. and Ore.
Assoc. Member American
,Institute of Architects
Ph. 6672, Pasco, 115 So. sth
Guaranteed Service
on All Cars & Trucks
15 N. Auburn Phone 1001
Re . Land Surv r
1827 W. ilopldns Phgssrgo. Wn.
. Phone 4302 '
Pasco Garbage Semoe
Phone 4452
Rubbish, Dirt Removed from
yards and buildings on short
1513 S. Gray Pasco
DB. man: now
Eyes Examined
Lenses Duplicated
9 So. Dayton Kennewick
Phone 6241 .
. .
ccr, deacons; Mrs. Helium
deaconess; Mrs. Melvin Nelle;
publicity chairman; Misc “an:
Lou Hire, Sunday when; ml.
xetary. 4
Permanent officers win "be
elected as soon as a pasta“,s
been secured. 3;;
The remainder of the evcfi
was spent in discussing
planning for the furnishing a
the new church building whlg
will be ready in a ‘few weeks.
This church building will be at
the corner of S. Quincy and 3rd
Ave. W. The congregation is
now meeting at 1614 2nd Ave.
W. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to anyone caring to come
and worship with us.
A meeting to form a Woman's
Organization will be held at
the home of Mrs. Melvin Block
er, Jan. 19 at 7:30 p. m. .
See You Af
Uptown Richland
These ere file {adors nec
pamphlet. posier.' lefiero
head. invoice. business
card. or any of file hun
dreds of forms necessary
for 11w conduct of a
modern business.
¥ .
See Your
4 Tri-Cify Herdci
or Phone
D! m we“: Retold
217 Kenn. Ave.
“The New Modem Sew-Gen"
Rentals—s 6 per month
Save on
Repairs and Conversions
K E I. I. E R's
Phone Kenn. 4505-)! O
5005 Col. Ave” Kennewick
. No equipment to buy
No maintenance
6905 001. Ave. Kennewick, Wn.
Phone Kenn 8912 or
Richland 1749 K
216 Kenn. Ave. Phone 6161
-PHONE 4432

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