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Richlnnd Assembly of God. bewll end
Clerk Ichool. Sundey school. 9:45 a.m.:
Mumm: worship. 1] a.m.: Youth eervloe.
6:30 p.m.: Evnnscllntlc. 7:30 p.m.
000 v '
Mission school. Richland Baptlst church.
Room 14. John Ball schooL‘ .S, w. Douala.
superintendent. 9 a.m.
O O 0
All sum Moral. Stevens and Yen
Glenn. noxw. Dunn. Mar. Holy com
munlon. 8:1: mm. Sunday School. 8:15
tilt-4M. In llchland Lamont: church.
Morning myer and _lermon. 11 mm. ln
mu". -,?‘ ... o', '
- "mer Lutheran. John Bellwehool rooms
9 and 12. Paul Reruns. hauler. 1228 Dud
ley. 1P39". cur-Anemia. parish worker.
12!: "North Nehlnnd. War-Mp service.
9 un. Sunday Schoobelo a.m. Continu
uon clue. 6 pm. ' ..
,- -r,'w"o'eo _
" finale-lam. Chm-cl; of Christ. the
Mute-Rev. w. J. Sweeny; pastor. new-Ln.
Bchln'dler..ust. tutor. Steven; drive. Sun
day muses 5:3). 8:30. 10. 11:30 ..an
mum; coma-1m 8 to 4:30 urn..- no
to 9:” nan. . ,
”ng‘boo.’ -
Chan!“ sconce. Columbia lush school
Inna” School. 11 a.m.. room one. Morn-
In: German-113.111.. noun 215. _
am. 0! Jun; Christ .0! butter '0”
sum. North lichlnnd branch. John Ball
aches]. room 1. Priesthood manna. 9
”1:43 a. .m. Sunday wheel 10 a. In.
“mat mount. .11 a. In. -
to o 0
Church of tho Nazarene. n; ma Vast.
Dutch room 300 (motel-la).. Sundial
ochool. Sandor School 10:00 a.m. Showers
of Blessint. 7:45 a.m.. x 01: momma
worship 11 a.m.: Juniors , and .youns
peoples. 0:3 p.m..: Ironing worship. 7:30.
I.V - . ’
Church of .God (publishln: houso. An
derson. Ind). Spaldin: school. room 204.
Harold c. Louxhecd. minister. 1313 Per
kins. Hanan: worship. 10:45 a.m. Youns
Pooplo. 0:3) a.m. Evening. 7:30 p.m.
In. Methodist Church. Marvin m.
pastor. Nam: Whitman school. no and
Snow. Sunday School. 9:45 a.m.. room
an, .m. Bowl. co; 11 a.m.
Itchland utthmn. Stevens and Van
Glpsom'l; M. 6mg.“ pastor. Worship
um. 9:40 and 11. Sunday School.
trades. 12. 9:40: adult class at 1521 Sto
wna: mm" dcputment. 11 a.m. LCJL.
macs 3;? nuts second and lourth Sun
day 3 "p.m. Youth leuuo and adult
hungry-m... . . .
Notional Lathes-an Council. John Ball
uhoolr romns no and 26. ‘Claronco Harm
son. pastor. 328 Ave. 3. North Richland”
Sunday school ond liblo closa. 9:45 o. in.
Waship sorvico. 11 a. m. , . l
O O O ,
(heh‘ damn, :0!!!qu 11 denomin-
Centre! United Protestent church
(Methodist sponsored) SteVens Drive and
Long Avenue. Roy L. Smith end ii.
Kenneth Bell. ministers: 9:30 a.m., Sun
day school at Jeiiereon echool: 9:45 a.m.
et Sundown school end church: 11 a.m..
morning worship with nursery 'vroVlsion‘
for children 1-6 yeers. mom 137 secs
isms school: 5:30 p.m.. Junior Blah
fellowship (grades 7-8): 8:30 p.m.. nish
School fellowship: 7:30 p.m.: evening
worship: 8:45. Colic“ Ase Fellowship.
1208 Mershsll. v
OO 0 '
West Side United Protestant (Presby
terian sponsored). Irvin N. Morris. Min
ister. Marcus Whitinen school auditorium.
bee en Snow. Morning worship. 11 earn. :
Sunday School. 9:30 a.m. ‘
O O O .1
South Side United Protestant (librthem‘
lentils sponsored). Psul 1:. nsmlfni Iss
tor. Goetheis end Gillespie. Sunder school.
9:45 a.m.: Mornint worship. 11 e.rn.:
until: flour. 0:30: Youth leliowship.
7:30; Friendship l.lour. 8:30.
.l- » e e
Northw‘elt united Protestant“ (cm-mun
‘Suldlns nehool at the west and a: mu
um and Sacramento Divot. Chum P.
Sabin. laminar. Mn. 1;on M. Lynn. mul
mcr qtnudc. Chard: when]. 9:45 a.m.:
Mann: W 1: amino service
‘uch and” adults and children) (mun
ell-la A. Wells
2 Tléumolisf. Cancun!"
~. “59.3“" .
Speaking Each
Evening. Feb, SH:
#0 10th of 7:30 p. m.
a...“ oth Thom
: J., suc'ur Cinch
M ‘ am.
“I. Diana In Spooks"
"The Chrisfian Scou+"
(Nursiry hr flu children)
"The Life for Today's You+h"
(Kindly Noio Our 2 Morning Services in Honor o!
Out Boy Scouts)
Sun. 6:00 P. M. Young People Luiheren Leegue
Wed. 7:30 P. M. Bible Sfudy and Prayer Service
o/ 3136 i!” CZurcLea
auditorium Spaiding school): Chi-latian
Youth Fellowship. 6:30 p.m. ,
I‘ O I
North Richland United Protestant Church
(sponsored by the State Council at
Churches). Eugene W. Mucnch. pastor: all
services in John Ball School. 9:30 a. m.
Sunday school. room 18:~ 10:30 a. m.
Homing Worship. mom 18: 6:30 p. m.
Senior Youth Fellowship. room 18.
I 0 C
Baptist Church. It. A. Zimmerman. D.D..
pastor. George Washington Way and Wor.
drop. Sunday schbol. 9:30 a.m.: Morning
serviceglOfiO a.m.: Training union. 6:30
p.m.: ening services. 7:30 p.m.
O O 0
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints. Marcus Whitman school
i. A. Whiting. pastor. Sunday School.
9:45 a.m.. room 223: morning service.
11 a.m.. room 223: Zion's league. 7:30
p.m. ~
oee ' .
Richland Church of Christ. Co
lumbia High Gym. James L. Standridae.
Evangelist. 1105 Putnam St.. Telephone
541737. Sunday Services: Bible classes.
10 a.m. and B p.m.: Gespel preaching.
10:50 a.m. and 7 p.m.: The Lord's Sunder.
11 :45 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. KPKW broadcast.
14:30 p.m.
. e e .-
Redeemer Lutheran. 5W Goethals Drive.
Edward 1!. lmme. 50d Goethals Drive.
Sunday achobi. 9:45 a. m: morning ser
vice. 11 a.m.: Saturday. 10 a.m- con
firmation class: 11 a.m. children's choir.
. 5E l. m is school
Unity Lecture. 7: o s .
room 125. the second and fourth Sunday
of each month. Lecturer. Banish Scott or
the Yakima Unity. Centtr.
Salvation Army. Soaiding school. room
No. 100. Sunday school (or all ages. can
l'irst Baptist church: letterson Grade
school. Pastor. Rev. Nile Fisher. Sunday
school. 10:30: Preaching service 11:15:j
evening service. 7:30; .
[our Square Gosoel Church. Columblal
high school. C. Ostrom. pastor. Sunday;
school. 11 a. m.. rooms 121-123-125:
Morning worship. 12 noon. Rm. 121: Cru
saders. 6:15 o. m.. m. 215: Evangelistic.
7:30 p. m.. Rm. 215: Tuesday. 7:30 o. m..
m 215: mm- 7:30 ’0 mu m :15;
Bethsnv Presbyterien Church. Second and
Birch. 33v. 1:. w. Achor. pester; Church
school. :45 s.m.: Worship service. 11
a.m.: JuniOr westminister Fellowship. 7
.m. «
pIO O 0
Church of God. Mr. and Mrs. M. .1.
Grey. pastors. Sunday school. 10 a.m.:
Morning worship. 11 n.m.: Adult Bible
study. 7 p.m.: Evening worship. 8 inn:
Christian Brotherhood Hour KIT. 9:15 p.m.
O 0 0
First Methodist Church. Third end Ash.
Rev. Howsrd P. Buck. minister: Church
School. 9:45 a.m.: Mornint worship. 11
a.m.: Junior High Youth Fellowship. 7
p.m.: Senior High Youth fellowship. 7 p.m.
Oo‘ ~ -
Assembly of God. W. V. Kononen. pes
tor. Bible school. 9:45 a.m.: Mornint wor
ship. 11 um Eveninn Evmelistic ser
vice. 7:30 p.m.
O 0 0
Christian Church. 4th end Euclid Ave
‘nue. Rev. G. l. Schmid. minister: Bible
School. 10 a.m.: Mornin: worship end
Communion. 11 a.m.: Chgstien Endesvor.
6:45 p.m.: Ivenint servi . 7:30 p.m. ,
t 0 O -
Church or. The anerene. Corner Third
and Division. Rev. Cheries Elem. pastor:
Church school. 10 a.m.; Morninx worship.
11 a.m.: mans. group. 7 p.m.: Even
gelistlc service. 8 p.m.
. O 0
Free Methodist Church. Rev. B. Spur
iinz. pastor; Sunday school. 9:45 a.m.:
Morning worship. 11 a.m.: Youns' People's
6:45 p.m.: Evening service. 7:30 p.m. ’
‘O t . .
Fort Baptist Church. American Lesion
hail. Rev. J. P. Steere. pastor: Sunday
school. 10 a.m. :.Morning.worship. ‘ll a.m.;
arching church services; 7:30 p.m.
. e o, o_ ~: . ‘
Seventh Day Adventist - Church: 1116
Crescent Drive. Movdl. Stevens. pastor:
Sebbeth school. 9:30 a.m. ench Saturday:
Semen of Bible Study nt.ll,.>Misslonnr3r:
Volunteers meeting in the lnterest- oi.
mm. 2:” "a.m.,“ ,’ .." 1
" O . .'y .
Immanuel Luthem Church. .312 lire):
Avenue. B. A. 203.111”. pastor: Sunday
school; 9:45 a.m.; Mumm: wonhlp.- 11
mm,‘ - _ - .‘ ‘ .
' o o o, _ ,
’Plurim Holiness Church.----G. M. Pint.
auto: Sunday school. 10 .m.: trauma.
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Younl Peoplel'ur
vice. 6:6 p.m. , _ " V
' ' noun? .. . - --
Church M.Chrlqt. W. W. Wn.-minister:
Biblo study. 10 mm: Preachlnm-JI a.m.:
months service. 7:30 am. - :
Calvary Pentecostal-Tabemclo..£itlul~
and Made. C. C. ‘Posey. minister: Bible
school. 9:45 a.m.: Morning .woflhlp. 1:!
a.m.: Youn¢_.Peopl_e. 6:30 pun; Evenlnn
Evulullmc service. “(:30 p.m.
O O O '
i Methodist Church. M. Chester Moran.
minister; Church school. 9:45 o.m.:»Mome
In: service. .11 a.m.: Methodist Youth Fel
lowship. both junior ond senior mumps
meet It 6:30 p.m. ‘ ' -- '
OO 0 '
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church; In.
Edward 3. Birch. vim: Sunday service.
,lzm a.m.: Church school at 10 a.m. 3
0 O 0
Central Christian Church. Wallace nast
ines. mlnister: Bible school. 9:45 min:
Morning service. 11 a.m.: Chrlstian En
desvor‘at Spam: Evening service. 7 p.m.
0 0 0
Seventh Day Adventist. mum! Dudley.
Rev. Lloyd Stephens. vector: .Sabbsih
school. (Saturday) 10 a.m.: Church service.
11 a.m. ‘ , _
. o o o - .. '
Baptist Church. Rev. J. R. L. Harlem.
pssior: Sunday school. 10 a.m.:iMorninz
worship. 11 a.m.; Evenlns service. 7:30
p.m. , . .
1' , o. s o
Messiah Lutheran Church. Rev. Paul W.
Come and Worship
With Us‘ Each
Hex-tint pastor: Sunday echool 10 a.m.:
Divine service. 11am. .
0 O 0
Assembly of God. Corner Sixth street and
Prosser Avenue. Rev. George Lathlm. pas
tor: Sunday school.-9:45 a.m.: Sermon. u
a.m.; Evening ,scrvice. 7:30, ..
. Unucd Presbytc.rian Eh'urch. Rev. John
W. Oosterhoff. pastor; Bible classes for all
uses at 9:45 a.m.: Morning service. 11
a.m.: Young People's meeting. 6:45 p.m.:
mania: service. 7:30.
Christian Selene; SBcle‘ty: Sunday wheel
at 10 a.m.. for pupils under age of 20;-
Mornine aervice is. held every Sunday at
11 a.m. at Christian Science church .on
Seventh and Dudley: testimony meetlnz on
lirst Wednesday or each month at 8' p.m.
ammo: '.'
Kennewick C 311!!!“ church. 3rd and
Washington see. one c. Hawkins. min
ister. Bible echOol. 9:45 a.m.: Moi-nine
worship. 11 a.m.:~ Youth fellowship and
Chi-Rho intermediate. 3:30 p.m.: mom
“MC..I 7:30. .
' e' e e . "
Vista Community oma: Church. _1614
2nd Ave. Weat. Mra. e Ball. Iniasion
any: Sunday achool. 9:45 a.m.: Hernia:
worahin. 11 a.m.: Wedneaday. 7:3) a.m..
Bible atudy and prayer. " - ‘ ~
0 0 O
Assembly or God. 102 Kennewick Ave..
935 a.m. Morning worthlb u a.m.: even
8. nine: Cornwall. pastor. Sunday School.
MM. 73‘5- .._ .. _. " .;.
‘ aeuuenem Lutheran the Cam in
the Lutheran new). 1111 M no "men.
IM. c. Knuth. pastor. Sand” Bcm 10
a.m.uomlnleeiviorilam. .
united Pentecostal (3th or .Jeeue
Chrlat. 721;Coluitibia Ave.. id c. serum.
Pastor. Sunday achool. 10 a.m.: Hernia!
worship. 11 a.m.: Nam earviee. 7:30
p e e e _'
Church or God. seventh'ano Gum. c. D.
Hooker. pastor. Sunday «shoal 10 a.m.
Mounting worship 11 a.m.; evening 7:30
p. ' e e e
Church o: the Nazarene. l'lrat Ave.
and Everett. 1. N. misley. pastor. Sunday
Schobl. 9:45. Sermon. 10:45 a. m. tonne
People. 6:30 o. than?!” me .
may. community Methodgt.“ Kenna;
wick. .m. 1. Pierce Robert” nor. ASuné
day School at Finley and never. 19 a.m.
Moraine ‘aervlce. .11 ant..- tiniest.
O _ ‘
l‘lrat Baotlat. 'wasmnaton at first. 3.1:. l
Stanley aunt. pastor. Sunday'Scho'ol. 9:45. .
Mot-nine worahip. 11 a. m. Youth 'allow-‘
ships. 7:00: evenl.naa.'l:3o. , ' ‘
O .
first Lutheran. Second and auburn. P.
J. Luvaas. minister. Sunday School. 9:45.
_l’wornlnx worship. 11 a. m. Luther lame
p. m. ‘ A _
' _ o o a . . .
’ um Methodlst. Konnewlc‘ and Dayton.
nov. A. Chester Wtscltrnolor. pastor. Sun
-Iday School. 9:45 a. m.‘ Mornlng wot-stun.
10:55 a.m.. Jr. Bl Y!” 5:” p.m.: Sr. YJ'.
7 p.m.: Lampson Road Sunday whool.
Brucs Lampson haunts; 1.0 a.m.
St. Paul's Enlscoval. 01’ Ave. A. 10 a.
to. Sunday School. 10am. Holy Commun
ion 10 a.m. . . .
nun-m noltneu. .212 no men; “no;
1.. r. Knlsht.-- pastor. Sunday School
9:45. morning sen-100 11:00 a. m Youns
people 0:30. ovenlns sex-woo 7:30 p.m.
Church, of Christ. 215 s. 4th. Herbert
more". 10:30 a.m.. worship.
0 O 0
Assembly «‘God. 327 West sonnsvlue.
Gladys D. 'Cutlemstor. sunday School.
egzfi-Mornlns w 9.1) a. natovonlns
.;.'. .'s'.
Christian Church. mm and ahoshone.
Grant 11.- Cole. Pasco. . Sunday School
33343. Manila: Worshlp. 11 a.m. ovcn'lllz
. . O I~ O i' ‘ -
, lethlchemluthetan Church. 3rd and 3.
Benton. ‘M. C. Kauth. pastor. Sunday
school and Bible class for adults. 10 a.m.:
Divtne worship. 1} a.m.. ‘
Unitarian Fellowihib 'Uiut. unmet...
vice only; ‘éach'Sunday If?!” p.m."m
209.. Columbia win... 2. e, ._ .
St. Paul's Episcopal church.' Rev.
10 a.m.: Sunday school. 11 a.m.: bishop's
comntltteo mutiny-7 p‘m. ~ ~ - e 1
. . . , . .
,Church of Christ. labor Hall. Second‘
and Clark._ Georas Smith. mlnlllor. Ilblo
fiudys-10-a. m. Preachlna and Winston
a.mz: ovenlnz. 17.9. In. - «1 --‘ ‘
'- ...“..- .5 ’4}. ......n. u.. 7/ .... my
gfignomtamzwnefi3mm anal
a _ a.\Cl.al~onca ‘ ey.; . (NEW
School.'loa.‘ln.‘Mo'mlll¢ stdt.ll “ ':
evenlns'ln'm-”"""‘ “"“‘ 1
O O 0
first Comantlonsl. Fourth and loll“? ‘
ville. Rev. lvan Smith. at“. Sun
day School. 9:6: a.- m. Morninz wot-slab.
111. narrow: Pgoplo. 2:30 o. In. . ,
Seventh-Day Adventist. menu: and an
vaster. "James A. Ward. motor. soot-Ith
school (Saturday) 9:45 a. 1m: momma
worth», 11:00. .- In- ' ‘ ' . "
.. .. ' ...‘3.. .2. I}. :l. ......
nryasct's Mlsslon.‘-_l2O-6Vost-bwlu~fl.
mlmro m- m “t"
lees. 10 a.m.- Sunday 8cm»: - broom
eemoes..--Sunday._'l\l,esd_ay. radar ond
Saturday at 7:30)“!- -- . e .
o" o' o
' first mthsran Church. 51h animus
ville. Orville G. .lllenler. Pastor. Sunday
mornins worship services. 8:15 and. 11:
Sunday school.» 9:30: Youns- people's m
ther leuue. a p.m.: 3on Communion
ratios (1“ .- Sunday. a.m. gawk}.
»_ _ - s s_.o a ' ;
. 1,0,3. Church. 1011: end taunts: ‘orlssto.
hood at 9 a.m.: Sunday school at 10:33
a.m.: Sacrament meetlns. 7 mm. ~. ' ‘
V O O ,Q ‘
First Baptist. Church. 2nd 'snd Clark.
Lyle Bramblet. Pastor. Sunday school. 9:45;
a;m.: Mornins worship. 11 a.m.: Evenlns
service. 7:45 mm,
O'OO ' ' .
Pssco-Kennewlck, Presbyterian Church"
Arlen. P. .Dohrenburs. -student master.-
sunda‘y ‘sewices‘ in Seventh-Day Adventist-1
Church. Sylvester and Eiththr-Avsu Pam:
Mon-hint worship 1] a.m.: Sunday school
9:30 a.m.: Westmlnster fellowship 4:m‘
p.m.: choir rehearsal. Thursday. 7:30 p.m.:
OO 0 =
St. Patrick's Church. Rev. Willlam Ich
mitz. Rev; Georss n. McCahe. Sunday
Masses: 8. 9:30. 11 a.m.: Contessions. Sat
urday groin 4-5 p.m..“: 7-9 p.m.
first Methodist Church.-. ‘ Rudolph “A.
Anderson. Minister. Mornins svorshio. 211:,
sunday school. 9:45: Youth tellowslals.
5:” p.m.
Eplscopu Church of Our Saviour. N. In:
and Lewis Streets. luv. l'. Baker. rector.
Sunday school. 10 a.m.: Holy Communion
and sermon. 11:30 3.111.: Chou- mcuoo
Nesdoy evenlm. 1 p.m.
Island WWW—(Shovel. adv: Maori A:
Womnk. am. Sunday School 9:30 ...
:11. Morning service, 10:45. Junior church
6:15 p. m. ond mains unto. 1:15 p.m.
WI "
rim can-mun church. John w. loudn
zer. nutcr- mble school. 9:45 a.m. Morn
;nz worship n: .11. Youth means: or 7
p.m.‘ Evenlnl .church hour at 8‘ p.m.”
. 391 m”,
Happy SundéY
NEW SALEM" illustrated lec
ture in color of New Salem,
Illinois, February 12th.
u. “FORGET YOUR AGE" r_e-_
view of Dr. Steincrohn's book
popular psychology on Feb. 19.
111. “THE LONG LOVE" review
Of John Sedgesfl949 book por
traying the life of a modern
family. Feb. 26th.
CALL PASCO 5978 for Tickets;
Series of 3: $2 tax included
8 Pl Ml
Special Music. All 3 to be giv
en by Rev. Ivan R. Smithy
”“0 COMIQBM‘WQ 992299;
rive Richland school girls are shown here wrapping gift boxes tor overseas shipment. About 150
boxes have been-collected from Benton county schools to date. according to Walt Sornrners. ex
ecutive secretary in Richland. From left to right in the picture are Maxine Tucker. Jean Barnett.
Sandra Jacobson. Sharlene Dibbern. Gayla Melear and Mrs. Doris Willi. teacher-sponsor trorn
”Spalding school. The boxes are valued at about 82.50 each. They contain toys. school supplies.
f-toilet articles and articles of clothing. - ' . ‘
Put OH
The evangelistic committee of
the Kennewick Christian church
announced that the Evangelis
tic meeting under. the leader
ship of Marion A. McQuary of
the Skyline Boulevard Christian
church in Tacoma. which Was
scheduled Feb. 7, has been post
poned for one week or until
the weather moderates suffici
Regular services will be held
Sunday morning with. Bible
school at 9:45 and morning wor
ship at 11. There will be no
evening Church service Feb. 4,
unless the weather moderates
materially. The youth groups
will meet as scheduled at 6:30
p. m. Sunday. ,
Program On Air
g A. Christian Science , program
entitled ”Building Your ‘Own
House” will be presented on fhe
Columbia “Church of the Air,"
Feb. 12. at 7:30 a.m. (PST). The
program is given with the ap
proval of' the Christian Science
board of directors of The Mother
Church. . a _
iSta't’ißn- KIRO, Seattle, will
broadcast this program. Also
KOIN. Portland, and KXLY, Spo
kane. . 7.
Church Radibgl
“Shows;- 01 glegsingllé Nazar
.e eum , :4 a.m. u day
1281. .1 h I! ~
Baptist—“ Morning Bible -Hour,"
5 KPKW, 9? a.m. daily except
'-.- Sunday. -
”mantel -- Pasco Pentecqstal
.j Mission. 4:45 p.m. Sunday‘s.-
htominuuflal KPKW. 9:00-
~9:30 a.m., Sunday; 5:45, p.m.,
weekdays. .. ..
Richland Church of Christ KPKW
3 2:30-3 p.m., Sunday. .
Assembly of God “Assembly
§:_ Echoes,” 5:30 p.m., Sunday. . v
' Church of Jesus Christ of Latter. Day
Saints, 11th and Llntaln (Temporarily
meeting in Legion hall. h and Franklin).
Sunday school. 10 a.m.: Sacrament meet
m's p.m. . .
ee e .
malty. Episcopal -- church. Edward. B.
Birch. priest in charge. Morning Prayer
and ' sermon. .10 a.m. Holy Communion
each fourth Sunday at 10 a.m..Church
school 10 a.m. . . .
Presbyterianchurch. Rev. Waiter Dufi.
pastor. Bible school. 9:45 a.m. Morning
worship. 11. Christian Endeavor. 7 p.m.
Evening worship. .8. . .
- Church of the Brethren. Sunday school.
9:45 a.m. Worship service. 11. C.W.. Jun
ior_leagus and RY. meeting. 7 p.m. Eve.
u" hm“ 8. -. . .
Calval-yEv Lutheran. H. C. Streuiert.
pastor.- Sunday school and Bible class.
9:45 a.m. Divinejworship 11 a.m. ‘
.' 0 0
'German Congregational. across from
Sunnyslde Packing company. Sunday
school. .10 a.m. Preaching. 11 a.m. Eve
ning service. 7:30. Prayer meeting. 2 p.m.
O O 0 ..
Seventh-Day Adventist. Lloyd E. Ste.
phens. pastor. Sabbath school. 9:30 a.m.
Church. 11 a.m. .. . .
Christian Science society. 513.80. Bth st.
find” school 9:45 a.m. Lesson sermon.
,ss s ’
Methodist church. W. M. Martin. pastor.
Sunday school. 9:45. Morning warship.
10:55. Intermediate youth fellowship. 6
p.m. Senior youth fellowship. 6:30. Wor.
ship service at 7..Feilowship hour at 8.
e s
first Brethren church. 11. E. Coiling
rldge. pastor. Bible school. 9:45. Morning
service at 11. Christian Endeavor at 7 p.m.
Evening service at 7:30.
0 O 0
first Baptist church. Bible school. 9:45.
Worship at 11. Communion service. Ist
Sunday in month. Youth fellowship. 7 p.m.
Evening worship at 8.
‘ El Bethe]. on half pavement. June Year
\out. pastor. Sunday school. 9:45 a.m. Wor.
ship at 11. Evangfiistic service at 8 p.m.
O 0
r-Netherland Reformed. Bth and Decatur.
infirm? land aitergon services in the
‘ 0 an anguue. eni service
un Enziish. n 2 - u 8
‘ Christian Reformed. Rev. Wait -
'man. pastor. Morning service. 3'o 8:2:
‘Sundasyf school 11 :115. Afternoon service 2
p.m. ouns Deon e’s ' .
leer-vice at 8. ”mm 8. Evening
'0 0 O
. Church of Christ. corner 13th and Be
Edison. Kenneth H. Shehl. pastor. Biblset
study. 10 a.m. Preaching at 7 p.m. .
..-_ ‘_ _‘re_e e
Church of God. temporary quarters In
I.0.0.!-‘. Hall. Sunday school. 9:45 a.m.
Mornins worship. 11. Young people'- ser
vice. 7:15. Evening worship. 8.
l O O
Free Methodist chit-ch: Phillip Weather.
gator. Sunday school. 10 a.m. Preachlns
.g :1. Y.P.M.s. at 7:30 p.m. French“!!!
at . -
Assembly 0: God. 801 'and Decatur. 73m:-
day School at. 10. Morning worship al. 11:
Evening service at 8.
Symptoms of Distress Am'n‘ {MI
In! I“! or lthll MY“ Natl-Inc
0" "I!” million battles of the Wxnunn
mum have been sold to: gene: of
WW Mains from sum
and "lean due to 1n... Add _-
PO“ ”WW “W 01' Um m.
M "om. Shem m..
due to W k"- Sold on 15 my.’ trial!
Ask for “'3'“! "ma" which fully
uphill this treatment—mt
vnsgan onue '
Church Plans
Scout Week
Pack 71 and Troop 71, spon
sored by the Lutheran Brother
hood of First Lutheran church
in Pasco, will attend church
with their leaders as a group
this Sunday. Two similar ser
vices have been arranged. The
Cub Scouts, leaders and their
parents will be attending the 10
service. with the Boy Scouts.
their parents. and scout-master
attendingthe 11 worship. Pas
tor Hiepler's sermon is entitled
“The Life For Today’s Youth."
Greetings will be given by
Cub Scout master Gordon An
derson. and Scout master Leland
Steneide. : _v .
It was announced this week
that the 50th boy was seeking
entrance into Pack 71. The pack
has about doubled in number
since May of 1949. Seven Den
Mothers are now fulfilling their
important positions as leaders
of the dens. The Boy Scout
Troop 71 (which was. organized
only last. summer) has grown
to number 24. v
Strqnaers. ,
lnvfled t”?
Strangers are invited to the
services of’the Pasco First Meth
odist _churc‘h; Sunday at the 11
a.m. Service the Rev. R. A. An
derson will speak on “Spontane
ous Goodfiessf' The robed choir
under r-the' direction , of Maud
Snider willsing. New members
will be received; '-‘ ' '
At 9:45 am; there will be Sun
day school classes for» all ages.
Aj‘nursery,.is provided for small
children during the Sunday
school hour as well as for the
maming worship.
The youth of the church'will
meet at 4 p.m. to attend the Unit
ed. Youth Mass meetifiglat. Kén
newick Methodist church. Chas.
A. Wells will speak and Pasco
Methodist youth will have
charge. of the worship service.
. Thursday 3 6:30 p.m. All-
Church pot luck dinner for the
ent_ire family. _ _ _ _ _
The Rev. Ivan Smith, minister
of the First Congregatioria‘l
church, will speak 'on “Little
Known Places Lincoln Made
Famous.” -_ _
New Officer; V '
Are Elected 1' ‘
The Women's Missionary
Group of the Vista Community
Baptist Church met Thursday
night at the home of Mrs. Mel
vin Blocker.
Officers were elected to serve
until the beginning of the next
church year. They are Mrs. Ern
est Mercer, president; Mrs. Arne
Pentilla, vice president; Mrs. Les
ter Shem-ell, secretary, and Miss
Mgggaret Zanke, tre‘asuger. _ _
Mrs. Marie Ball told of the
different work that the Organi
zation could undertake to aid
the Home and Foreign Missinns
in their work. She illustrated. by
map where many of our Foreign
Missionaries are located and the
great work they were doing.
Plans for a Church Supper to
be held Saturday night, Feb. 4 at
6:30 p.m., were made. Special
guests for this occasion are Mrs.
Dorothy Bucklin, Secretary of‘
Missions for the Women’s Ame
rican Baptist Home Mission and
the Rev. Joseph H. Heartberg,
secretary of Rural and Indian
Missions for the American Bap
tist Home Mission society. .
. The hostess served refresh
ments following the devotions‘
led by .Mrs. Ernest Mercer and‘
the business meeting. 1
Chchh Groups
To Unite
Lutherans are hailing with _joy
the joint statement issued by the
American Lutheran 'church and
the Lutheran church, Missouri
Synod, that their official com
mittees on church unity had ar
rived at a doctrinal agreement
which will be presented for ap
proval and ratification to the
national conventions of the two
bodies this year. The American
Lutheran Church has a member
ship of 689,310. The Lutheran
Church, Missouri Synod, has
1,690,000 members.
”Throughout the statement of
belief, the authority of the
Scriptures is emphasized as the
only source of Christian teach
ing. The statement. regarding the
Word of Go'd is typical of the
spirit in which Lutherans are
seeking church unity.
At Church
Evangelist Tom C. Fair and
Song-Leader Paul Coulombe.
both of. Portland, will lead
Special meetings to be held in
the First Baptist church. Ken
newick, .Feb. 12-24. according to
lannouncement by Pastor Stan
‘ley Hunt.
\ Fair, a former radio enter
tainer and band leader, and for
‘seven years a superintendent
of'a large mill.‘ and logging camp
lin‘ Oregon. is, now giving full
time to” a ministry among the
churches. He has a slogan: “Set.
ving churches with membership
of one or a thousand.”
Coulombe is a talented song
leader and youtlr worker, and
sings with Fair in the meetings.
Further details will be announ
ced as to time and subjects next
week. The public is 'cordially
invited to these meetings.
The Rev. Harris Johnson. mis
sionary-appointee to the Belgian
Congo. will Speak Wednesday.
Feb. 8, at the First Baptist
church, Kennewick. The congre
gation plans-a "pot-luck” din
n‘er at 26:307 p. m., when all are
invited-113th- public meeting at‘
8 p. m.. some natural color pic- .
tures of . missionary work at?
Costermansville, in the Congo,‘
will be shown. {
Plans are being made for Mr.
and Mrs. Johnson and ‘ their
small: daughter to take up resi
dence in Belgium shortly, to
pursue -‘=langtuage study ‘ and
learn of policies of residents in
the Belgian: Congo. They are
appointees of the Conservative
Baptist Foreign Mission society
with missionaries an eleven
fields of the world.
Of Church
A dinner-reception was given
far the new members of the First
Christian church of Pasco at the
monthly Fellowship Supper of
the church Jan. 31. Twenty were
honored. Several could not at
tend the dinner. 7
' The arrangements for the din
her and program were in the
hands of the Rum-Join Us class
of the church.’Mrs.- Rex Philipps
andtMrs; Courtney Stoken made
individual ,marshmallqw snow
men for place cards for the hon
ored guests and Mrs. Wendell
Brown made gum-drop corsages
for the honored ladies and bou
tonnieres for the men.
Paul Davidson, accompanied
by his wife,. sang two solos.
“Blow, Blow, thou Winter Wind"
and “The "Contented Camel."
Hymns were sung by the con
gregation and the pastor, Grant
H. Cole, gave a running comment
on facts in the life 0 the new
members. 7
Sunday the pastor will preach
on “The Crusading Spirit." An
educational talk on “The Crusade
for a Christian World” will be
given. There will be eveningser
vices at 7:30 for the congrega
tion - baptismal service. The
Young People will attend in a
body the Youth Rally at the Ken
newick Methodist church.
sermon Subiect
To Be ‘Spirit’
L.' ”Spirit!!!” the subject of the
i-Lesson-Sermon' which will be
"read n‘ext‘S‘uhday in all branches
ot'the "Mother Church, The First
Church -of Christ, Scientist, in
Boston. Massachusetts.
Golden‘ Text: II Corinthians.
“Where the Spirit of the Lord
is. there is Liberty.”
The following verse from Gal
atians 13' included in the Les
son-Sermon: “Stand fast there
fore in the liberty; rwherewith
Christ hath made us free, and
be not entangled again with
the yoke of bondage. If we live
in the Spirit. let us also walk
in the Spirit.”
From “Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures” ~by
Mary Barker Eddy is the follow
ing correlative statement: "In
Christian 'Science, Spirit, as a
proper noun. is the name of the
Supreme Being. It is a false sup
position, the notion that there
is real substance-matter, the op- 1
posite of. Spirit. Spirit, God, is 3
infinite. all. Spirit can have nol
opposite.” .
Electricity has become the
rival‘ of the tractor in lightening
the task orthe farmer.
Q-Minu'fe Sermon
"Place To Begin"
j By RUDOLPH 8. 88023808
.‘ Pasco first Methodist Church
(Editor's Note: Jun. 29 to Feb. 5 Youth Week is being “’"Wfl
in ell-the churches across the land. In keeping with this M,
the Rev. Anderson writes on “The Place to Begin".)
“Let.the children alone, and do not try to keep them from me
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as they.” Matthew 19:14.
. We .used‘to says that we could trust youth; that there
was something intrinsically and fundamentally good
about. the younger generation and that if they were just
allowed to rebuild they would help make a better day
Now we know that» that is far from the fact. We’ve.
watched this past generation in the hands of Fascist;
and Communists. We have noted that you can take a great
group of youth and put blue shirts, or brown shirts, 0,
black shirts, or red shirt on them and give them the gogse
. uaucao Juu abut. 11l um:
plastic, pliable state which God has created in order to
give us the opportunity to mold. He has placed the child
ren and youth in our hands during their impressionable
years. . . .what kind of vessels are we making out of them?
“TRAIN UP a child in the way it should go, and when
it is old it will not depart therefrom.” This is recognized
as an essential procedure everywhere . . . We notice how
the propagandists use it in youth movements for political
purposes. _ _- _ 7
We ask very humbly the question, “Can we meet the
‘secular, turbulent, confused world that is upon us? Are
we ready to train our youth, to condition them to live
triumphantly by the way of the Spirit of the Master?
Frequently we hear parents say that they will wait until
the child is older and then allow him to make up his own
mind as to what he is going to believe. But this is sheer
folly. If his delicate mind is not trained in the ways of
Christian character during the formative period, by the
time he reaches high school he will have fixed attitudes
and motivations; It will be another instance of “Too little
and‘too late.”- ‘ - <
Jesus was a great psychologist, without the label.
When He said, “Except ye be converted and become as a
little child,” He was presenting a great truth. He knew
that the best time to react as a little child is when you
are youngLlfsit is necessary that you have a childish na
ture in order to enter. wholeheartedly into a great spiritual
experience, then the time to begin is when you have that
nature. ; . How can a‘ man be born again when he is old?”
we read. There are very few cases where a man who has
had no spiritual background, no religious training in his
childhood and youth, has ever, as he reached maturity,
accepted the faith, or “The Way.” . .
Sometimes we hear 'a man say, “Well, I went to
churchdtoo muthand was forced to go when I was a lad,
so I do not want to go any more.” For the mo’St part this
is insulting their pious parents and is used as an escape.
For every man- who 'does not go to church because he was
forced to go as a child, we can produce 1,000 who do not
go to church because they were not made to go when
they_were young: ‘ '7 ~ _ -
I , DOWN SOUTH last year there was a great meeting
iof'the Official Board .Members of the Methodist Church.
iThere were 900 present. The man who was presiding
iasked’ that all-ofthose. present who had attended Sunday
School when they were children and continued it through
youth, to please stand. Eight hundred and ninety-two
stood to their feet. Out of the 900 there were only eight
who had not been regular in Sunday .school and youth
programs in their childhood and youth.
, -If:wesleave youth in a vacuum in America, and drift
again intoa period of. depression when there is high emo
§tion, great anxiety, and another fear epidemic, then it
will be the fault of our neglect if some new “ism captures
the minds of a frustrated, new generation and leads them
once more in a fanatical goose step toward destruction.
That must not happen;
, ‘We daegin‘ with -‘ an understanding heart. Solomon,
when heiwas asked in‘a dream what he wanted more
than all elSem the'vim'rld, said, “I want an understanding
heart so that I can be a good ruler for my people.” What
is it that those of us in the church need more than all
else at this moment? Is it not an understanding heart.
toward childhood and youth? Nothing is more important.
The very shape of the years to come depends upon it.
Would that we mightbe as wise as Solomon. “As ye sow,
:19 shall ye reap.” There is no substitute for early Christian
aimng. n ' “ ’
Pasfor To PreaE—lw
On 55 Basic Words
3 This Sunday during the morn
ing worship service at 10:55 a. m.
in the Pasco Congregational
church. Dr. Irvin Robert Smith
will' preach' upon: ' “55‘ Bastc
Words In Life". This is a sermon
based on an explanation of the
Lord's Prayer. .
At 5 .p. m. all sth, '6th. and
7th. graders of the Sunday school
and church are to meet with Rev.
and Mrs. ‘Smith- in Fellowship
hall in the church for:.the.organi
zation :01" a Junior-High Pilgrim
FeHoWship club which will. meet
at 5 p. m. the first 'and third
Sunday evenings of each month.
The High School Pilgrim Fellow
ship will meet at the church at
4:30 this Sunday afternoon _to
go by cars to the Kennewick
Methodist church to attend the
interdenominational Youth Ral-
Y- e , '
Mrs. Robert James was ap
pointed chairman of ticket sales
for the Lincoln lecture and book
‘review series to be given as fol
lows: Sunday night, Feb. .12 at
‘8 p. m.. “Young Lincoln of New
‘Salem”- an illustrated lecture
on the screen portraying the
history and life of New Salem,
111.. when young Abe lived. there.
,Sunday. night, Feb. 19—book
review of Dr. Peter J. Stein
crohn's book “Forget Your Age"
- in the field of popular psy
chology; Feb. 26: a book review
"The Long Love” by John
Sedges. The entire series will
be given on these Sunday even
ings at 8 p. m. in the church
as announced. Ticket reserva
tions can be made by calling
Pasco 5978.
step and they will march
with exuberant enthusiasm.
led by almost any fanatiq
‘ that happens to catch then
imagination. For that reg.
son we need to think sex-l.
ously about the training of
We all love to sing the
song, “Thou are the potter,
I am the clay.” But who
shall be the potter? Who
will do the moulding of this
oncoming generation? Jesm
recognized the importance
of the training of youth
when He put a child in the
midst and said, Except ye
become as a little child....
“You cannot possibly build
unless you start in that
The Community Psychology
class meets Feb. 7 at 8 p. m.
in Fellowship hall of the church.
Lecture 5 will be “A Mental
Health Analysis And What It
Reveals". A community class on
Child and Youth Psychology will
begin at 8 p. m.. Tuesday night.
Will be observed Feb. 19 during
the Church Worship service at
10:55 a. m. All girls and women
of the Church, both members
and friends, will attend service.
Women of the church will as
sist the Rev. Smith in the ser
vme. ‘
be observed Feb. 26 when the
men will assist in the service
and try to outnumber the WO
men who attended on “Ladies
Day” the previous Sunday.
Met Opera
“Carmen” by Bizet will be pre
sented Saturday at 11 a. m. (ver 7;
KPKW, on the Metropolitan
Opera matinee. This opera. with :‘
its beautiful tone pictures. its ,
lively. scenes and gay, reckless f;
melodies has placed Bizet m
the ranks of the greatest ope?“ 3“
atic composers. Rise Stevens wrll .-
handle the title role; Kurt Baum I;
will sing the part of Don Jose, i
a brigadier; Nadine Conner wil‘
be heard as Micaela and Franfif'
Guarrea Wiil be the gay tore. g
ador, Escarnillo. i
U.S. Popcorn production aver
aged 24? million pounds in the
six years ending 1949.

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