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j. A. THOMPSON, . . . Editor akd Proprietor
Subscription price $1.00 per year; six months,
70 cents. No| subscription taken for less han
nix months.
Advertising rates may be ascertained at the
office. None but first class advertisements will
be inserted.
neighboring towns will
be cheerfully received. Write on both sides of
the paper if you wish and say what you have to
say in your own way. We'U fix it up.
Whether to fuse or not to fuse is
the question that is agitating certain
political circles at this time in this
state. Very many honest and con
scientious men and women are debut
ing the question in their own minds
and find the problem a hard one to
flolve. The News has nothing to say
in the way of advice to any political
party as regards their cause or pro
ceedure, but we do claim the right to
Air our views on fusion in the abstract.
We doubt very much whether it is
good politics and we doubt very much
if sufficient reason exists now or ever
existed to make it excusable for two
given parties to be near enough to
gether to fuse and there be an excuse for
two parties; or, if there is such differ
ence of principle that the line of de
markation is well enough defined
and clear cut between them to make
two parties, the News is unable to
understand how they can fuse, or
merge, without some sacrifice of prin
ciple, on the part of both of them. In
that case it would seem that sacrifice
of principle, is the very essence and
foundation of fusion; which is certain
ly not good ]>olitics and therefore in
excusable. We submit, if a party is
good enough to fuse with, it is good
enough to belong to, and that theory
followed to its conclusion would result
in amalgamation which in our opinion
is far preferable and more honorable
and more satisfactory than fusion for
;he purpose of a single election.
We venture again to assert that it
is safe to follow the rule that if a par
ty lias any principle worth paying
attention to, it has too much to af
ford to fuse, and if it has so little that
can fuse it is time to leave it. We
claim further that this holds good in
one party just as well as another.
The theory of the fusionist is the ends
justify the means, that a common war
is waged against a common enemy,
that the great overshadowing question
of so and so is the vital question, that
minor differences can be laid on the
shelf temporarily, ctc. Then why in
the name of common sense don't the
great vital question divide the people
into two sides, and there is only two
sides to one issue, and let the little
lifferences that don't amount to any
:hing (at least not enough to prevent
iusion) be burned in the dead past,
nstead of letting the little differences
livide them into as many parties as
:here are differences. The News is of
,he opinion that such would be the
3ourse pursued by the mass of the
icople if they were let alone,
jnly they would decide what the vital
luejtiona was, and there might be
nore than one, and more than one
>arty might be, in their judgment
leccessary. Some would contend for
>rinciple even though the chance of
rinning out were poor and uncertain,
>ut the boss fusionist agitator though
le is not generally much of a sticker
or principle, usually has an abnormal
ippetite for pie, and would as a rule
use with anything, on any terms
hat had pie in it. We are talking
low about the leaders of the fusion
dea, take for example, thic state.
Vho was in the fore-front advocating
usion in this state before the last
•lection? Where are they? The most
if them are masticating political pie.
low about the grand principles and
;roundwork of personal faith in the
undamental principles of the respcc
ive parties who formed this fusion.
Ire not those principles in their
ireasts today no nearer a solution as
ar as party supremacy is concerned
ban they was then. Nine-tenths
■live about as little use for their late
Hies,as political parties, as they have
>r the party they defeated by fusion,
.et those who may,proclaim fusion as a
lorious thing, righteously, necessary,
nd a wonderful success, but we must
n our humble judgment regard its
•ractice as a questionable means to
nd unsatisfactory end.
Our attention has been called to the
ict that no flag was raised on any
üblic building in Bitxville last Satur
ay. We have not had time to hunt
he matter down and learn the exact
ause but we presume it was through
he carelessness of those who usually
ttend to the raising of the flags. We
re charitable enough to suppose that
hey forgot it. Some of our legal
glits of the city tell uh that it in the
uty of the public school management
> see to it tnat the United States flag
i raised over every school house on
t»e 11th day of February.
We do not pretend to koepr wheth
r that is true or not, but it does seem
"> us that if the school is provided
■ith a flag it would be well enough
ir the professor to see that it is raised
"'" h an occassion, and if the coun?
ty officials could remember the day
well enough to quit work in their of
fices on that day they should liave re
membered it well enough to have seen
to it that the county's flag was raised.
To those who may receive sample
copies of the News we wish to sny,
that no bill will be presented to you
for the paper unless you become a
bona fide subscriber, ami you can only
become one by request. If you do not
like the paper, and do not want it
under any circumstances, please leave
it at your postofflce, marked refused,
so we may know who you are, as we
do not wish to intrude upon you and
would rather have an understanding
about it than not.
If you do like the paper and it is
only a matter of present hardupness,
or something of that nature that is in
the way, notify us that you like the
News and you can arrange the rest
with us without trouble.
Delight, Wash., February, 9, 1898.
J. A. Thompson,
Dear sir:—l received copy of your
pa]>er O. K. and was surprised to Bee
such a spicy paper. You can enter
my name on your book just as long
as you run an honest paper, but when
it enters slander for personal spite
then count me out.
Respectfully yours,
Geo. W. Jones.
The News is gratified to receive such
compliments as the first part of Mr.
Jones' letter contains, and feels that
the conditions of his continuing to
take the paper will not be hard to
comply with, as we have no intention
at present of running any other than
an honest paper and we were really in
earnest when we said in the first issue
of the News that we would not permit
that species of correspondence which
we understand Mr. Jones means by
"slander for personal spite" to be
printed in this paper while the present
management dictates its policy.
The News rises to remonstrate
against the practice that a few people
have acquired of sending away for ar
ticles of merchandise. It is bad policy,
they do not save money enough to
pay for the sense of shame that they
must feel when hard times or pecun
ary embarrassments force them to
come to the home merchant, not sim
ply to buy, but to ask to be trusted.
Montgomery Ward & Co. did not
know them in the years gone by when
they had to buy on credit, with settle
ments two and three years apart. True
the home merchant may have charg
ed high prices but people were glad to
get the goods at any price. The
merchant took more chances than
they did of going under. Some of the
merchants did go down. Then the ten
dency of the practice is to keep prices
up at home by lessening the sales of
the home merchant. Of course you
can buy where you please, we don't
deny that (that is when you have
money) but we believe you are work
ing against your best interest when
you send your money out of town.
The town has been full of strangers
this week, the majority of whom ap
pear to be men of means and intelli
gence, they are mostly looking for
favorable locations for business or for
farming, one of them a gentleman
from Ohio ventured the prediction
yesterday that Ritzville would have a
imputation of two thousand in less than
two years. This is encourageing when
we stop to think that it means multi
plying our present population by five,
but it is within the range of possibili
ties and when we consider the increase
of business in the past few months,
and the daily demand for houses in
town it is not visionary to consider
the prediction among the very proba
We think it advisable at this time
to call the attention of the city dads
to the fact that the street* of Ritzville
are in a deplorable condition, and we
would respectfully submit that it
would mid greatly to the looks of the
town, and to the peace of mind of
those who have occasion to cross or
traverse the streets if a few hundred
loads of dirt or gravel was dumped into
the low places, raising them so the
water would run off. A frogj>ond may
lie all right in its place but we doubt
if the principal streets of an otherwise
thriving town is the proper place for
ItH funny that a wliole lot of Ameri
can* can say all sorts of naughty
things about Mr. McKinley and still
be permitted to remain in thecountry
when a viator is not allowed to express
an opinon that is uncomplimentary
without getting notice instanter that
his room is better than his company
—guess it's all right, but it is mighty
The man who produces by his
labor ten bushels of wheat is more of
a public benefactor than the man who
digs out ten bushels of gold.
K. of P. Lodge Will Celebrate.
Prairie Queen Lodge No. 36 K. of P.,
of Ritxville, will celebrate the 34th
anniversary of their order this even
ing. Knights and their families are
cordially invited to be in attendance.
Friday Harbor, Wash.,Feb.9,'9B.
J. A. Thompson, Esq.,
Editor News and Sheriff Adams Co.,
My dear Sir:
In the acknowledgement of the re
ceipt of a copy of your valuable and
spicy pa|>er now before me, and which
I take it you send to all who hold the
position of county sheriff in the state
of Washington, I wish not only to
thank you, but wish also to say, that
if this, your first issue, is a sample of
what Is to follow and you can give us
an occassional editorial like that Col
fax lynching, I shall look forward to
its coming with no small degree of
That the sheriffs, not only of this
state, but all over Uncle Sam'sdomain,
need to be "braced up" and encouraged,
not only by the public press, but by
outsi>oken and active expressions of
the people, is only too apparent.
In very many cases of homicide in
this state during the past few years
the sheriff has been placed between
"h—l and high water;" the accusation
of cowardice, infamy and fraud being
charged against him if he didn't do
his duty and placed on trial for his life
if he does do his duty.
This state is no exception. Scarcely
a week passes but good lives are given
up in conflicts between sheriff forces
and mobs, over the worst scoundrels
that pollute the earth.
Whenever the people side with the
officials and "show their hands" and
let their voices be heard, mob violence
will be a thing of the past; but so
long as they rise up in opposition to
law and order, either by quiescence or
taking part, so long must the official
either shrink his duty and be branded
as a knave and coward and must sac
rifice the lives of friends and citizens
in defense of murderers and scoundrels.
With my best wishes for your suc
cess, I remain
Very truly yours,
Newton Jones,
Sheriff San Juan Co., Wash.
♦ * •
$100.00 Reward.
The warden of the Wisconsin state's
prison, Waupun, Wis., offers a reward
of $100.00 for the apprehension of
Frank McHugh, burglar and thief,
who escaped May 31, lt>97. The de
scription of said McHugh is:
Age, 26; height, 1&0; fair com
plexion; chestnut hair; dark slate
eyey; tattoo letters, "F. M." above left
wrist front; indistinct tattoo dots be
tween left thumb and index; cut
above root of nose; cut, outer right
eyebrow; cut, middle right upper lip;
hairy flesh mole below right ear;
amalgam filling, left eye tooth.
Bertillon Measurements: 74.3—74.0
—93.6—19.0—16.6—6.6— 28.0—11.2—
The News is opposed to gold mining
on general principles, believing in the
definition that, "Gold is but a dust
dug from the bowels of the earth,
which being cast into the fire, came
out a shining thing that fools admired
and called a god." But if people must go
to Alaska to mine gold, use some sense;
don't go at it like a houseafire; keep cool
and the better way would be if
you really want some dust and feel
that you can't get along without it,
to better make a few dollars
sawing wood, or doing something else,
and then hire someone who has less
sense than you have, if you can find
such a one, to go and dig the gold for
To flake Washing Fluid.
Use J oz. Baits of Tartar, } oz. Muri
ate of Amonia and 1 can of Red Seal
Lye. Get the Lye from your grocer
and the other ingredients from a drug
store. Dissolve in 2 gallons of water.
Do not use common lye as it contains
both Salt and Caustic Soda.
Bauer-Bier & Co have built a plat
form alongside of their harjware store
on which to display machinery.
Stop that cough! Take warning. It may
lead to consumption. A 26c bottle ofJßhilohs
Cure may save your life. Hold by the Ritzville
Drug Store, W. L. Olmstead, Prop.
Catarrh Cured. A clear head and sweet
breath secured with Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy;
sold on a guarantee. Nasal injector free. Bold
by the Rltzvifle Drug Store, W. L. Olmstead,
: : IS :
Queen of HI. lien and Umndrr
§0 Pure white it will not make the
clothes yellow, nor injure the finest
H»vejouliwrrb? Thljranedjr laluuu.
tead to cure rou, Prioe,4oct», InjaotorCr**.
Liwl Market Prim.
Following are the local ouotatlons taken from
the Spokesman-Review. Wholesalesale prices
are given unless otherwise quoted:
Bpokank, Feb. 15.—Wheat at the warehouse-
Country points: Club, bulk 57Wc, sacked 60c;
bluestera, bulk sacked 68c. At Spokane:
Club, bulk Mc, sac ced 61Uc; bluestem, bulk
62c, sacked 64^c.
j Oats—At Spokane Lo. b., |18(418.25 per ton.
Barley—County points, 60A65c per cwt.
Rye—Country points, 70(575c per cwt.
Flour—Pe» .rrel, $4.
Fsed-Brai nd Shorts, $12 per ton; shorts,
|13; bran, $'i; >lled barley, $18; chicken feed,
Corn—Wl er cwt; cracked, |1.05.
Hay—Tir thv , per ton; wheat hay, flO;
alfalfa, $18.
Wood (on \75; tamarac, $2.75; pine
$2.50. Retai. HJSO; tamarac, $3Q}3.50;
pine, [email protected]
Coal (retail)- *.>h». imp, $5.50; Pensylvania
anthracite, $18; C ido anthracite, $16;
foundry coke, $lt imberland black, $17.50
Produce—Country butter, 40 and 60-lb tubs.
29c per lb; 5,10 ana 20-lb tubs, 80c; prints. 80c;
eastern butter, [email protected]; country butter, In rolls,
20®25c per lb; cooking butter, 16c; cheese,
twin, full cream, 18A14c; cheese, twin, skim
milk, 9U(ij)loc; eastern eggs, $4.25(04.50; ranch
eggs, $r».7.yia,7.00; honey, white comb, 13($14;
fancy, 15c per lb.
What Dr. A. E. Salter Say*.
Bvppalo, N. Y.—Gents: From my personal
knowledge, gained in observing the effect of
yourShiioh's Cure in cases of advanced con
sumption, I am prepared to say it is the most
remarkable remedy that has ever been brought
to my attention. It has certainly saved many
from consumptioh. Sold by the Ritsville Drug
Store, W. L. Olmstead, Prop.
Karl's Cfover Root Tea for consumption. It's
the best, and after using it you don't say so, re
turn the package and get your money. Sold by
the Ritsville Drug Btore, W. L. Olmstead, Prop-
KOF P.—Prairie Queen Lodge No. 86, Knights
of Pythias, meets Wednesday night of each
week in the Pythiad Castle. Visiting brothers
invited to attend. W. ,R. Cunninuham, C. C.
E. R. Lemma*, K. of R. & S.
T O. O. F.—Ritsville Lodge No. 48, I. O. O. F.,
A meets every Thursday night at 8 o'clock, in
the Greene block. A cordial invitation and
fraternal welcome is extended to sojourning
brothers. J. A. Thompson, N. G.
E. D. GILOON. R. & P., Secy.
GA. R.—W, B. Ilasen Post, No. 46, meets first
and Third Saturdays of each month, at
Greene's hall. D. J. Zent, Com.
11. Zimmerman, Adj. >
FAND A. M.—Ritsville Lodge F. and A. M.,
No. 101, meets in regular communication
on the second and fourth Saturdays in each
month at 7:80 p. m. All brethren cordially in- ;
vited to be present. O. H. Greene. W. M.
I. Watson Myers, Becy.
LO. T. M.—Meets second and fourth Tuesday
evenings In each month at Greene 4c Son's.
Lady Tina Hartbon, ComJ|
Lady Ida Despair, R. K.
KO. T. M.—Defiance Tent No. 14, Knights of
the Maccabees, meet first and third Satur
day evenings at 7:80 sharo. All visiting Bir
Knights welcome. W. O. Lewis, Com.
K. D. GiLSON, R. K.
EPWORTH' LEAOui'— Devotional services
every Sabbath at 6:80 p. m., at the. M E.
church. B. L. Hicks, Pastor.
pONGREGATIONAL Church-G. H. Newman,
vj pastor. Preaching every Sunday at 11 a. m.
and 7:80 p. m. Sabbath school at 12 o'clock m.
Y. P. 8. C. E., 6:80 p. m.
GERMaN Evangelical Church—Rev. Gillman,
pastor. Services every other Bunday la
each month at 10:80 a. m. Sunday school every
Sunday at 9:80 a. m. All German speaking
people invited.
IfETHODICrr Episcopal Church - Preaching
iu- service every Lord's Day, mornjtig ana
evening. B#«day school event Sabbath at 10
a. m. Mid-week prayer meeting every Thurs
day evening. Choir practice after prayer meet
ing. All are invited. Griffith's Corners-
Preaching services every second and fourth
Sunday at 8 p. m. Willis—Preaching every
first and third Sunday at 8 p. m.
B. L. Hicks, Pastor.
GERMAN Congregational—Preaching every
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. in. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Prayer meeting every Wed
nesday at Bp. m. All German speaking people
are cordially invited to attend. Others are
welcome. * Gorrttßß Scheverle, Pastor.
Sheriff's Sale Notice No. 138.
In the Superior Court of the Btate of Washing
ton, for Adams County:
Frank Hagerman, San ford B. Ladd and \
James L. Lombard, Trustees,
vs. Plaintiffs, I
James 11. Long, Alice Long and Chalkley [
J. Supplee, Defendants. J
Under and by virtue of an order of sale issued
out of the above named court in the above en
titled action on the 31st day of January, 1898,
pursuant to a Judgment and decree of foreclos
ure rendered in said court on the 6th day of
December, 1897, in favor of Frank Hagerman,
Sanford B. Ladd and James L. Lombard, trus
tees, and against James H. Long and Alice
Long for the sum of four hundred, eight and
seventy one-hundredths dollars, ($-108.70), and
for the sum of fifty dollars (ffiO) as an attorney's
fee and for twenty-five and ninety one-hun
dredths dollars (#25.90) costs, with interest
on said sums at the rate of seven per cent per
annum from said date, with costs of sale, all in
lawful money, which said judgment is a judg
ment of foreclosure of a certain mortgage in
which the sale is ordered of the following de
scribed premises, situated in Adams county,
I Washington, to-wit:
The north half of section twenty-five, (25),
township sixteen. (16). north of range thirty
five, (85), east of the Willamette meridian, con
taining in all 820 acres, «tore or less, according
to government survey;' together with the ap
purtenances thereunto-belonging.
Notice is hereby given, that on the fifth day
of March, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of
said day, I will sell the above described premi
ises to satisfy said judgment, costs, interest and
accruing costs. The sale will take place at the
front door of the court house at Kitsvllle, '
Adams county, State of Washington, at public
auction, for cash in hand, to the highest and 1
best bidder.
Dated at Ritsville, Washington, this 81st day
of January, 1898.
J. A. Thompson,
Sheriff of Adams county. Wash.
O. Q. Ellis, Attorney for the Plaintiff.
Date of first publication, 2d day of February,
Shiloh's Consumption Cure cares where
others fail. It Is the leading cough cure, and
no home should be without it. Pleasant to take
and goes right to the spot. Sold by the Rits
ville Drugstore, W. L. Olmstead, Prop.
For constipation take Karl's Clover Root Tea,
the great blood purifier. Cures headache,
nervousness, eruptions on the face, and makes
the head clear as a bell. Sold by the Ritsville
Drug Store, W. L. Olmstead Prop.
For First Class
Painting, Paper Hanging,
whitewashing and calcimin
ing call on
. . . DKALBtt IN . . .
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes,
Hate and cape,
Groceries, w>r crockery, Glassware,
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
;: Physician and Surgeon I
] 1 Office: Ott Building
BBd Craveyaaetaf.
Abstractor and Notary Public.
Office in Adams Co. Bank Building,
Ritzvilie, Washington.
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all Courts.
Collections and Notary Work a
Ritzvilie, - Washington.
Dr. C. E. Hershberger
Office: North side of Main Street,
Ritzvilie, Washington.
Dr. F. R. Burroughs
Office: Second Street, between D
and E. Kitzville, Wash.
Glover Leaf
Board by the Week, - - $3.50
Board with Boom, - - - 4.00
Single Meals, - .... 25c
Meals at all Hours.
Also carry a full line of
We Don't Say Much . .
| But What We Say We Mean!
I When in Need of
\ Hardware or . .
j . . Farm Machinery
j It will Pay you to give as a call
! before Purchasing.
Baaer-Bier Hardware and machine C*.V
• «
Ritzville Drug
Olmstead & Rosenoff.
Patent Medicines, Perfumery,
Toilet and Fancy goods,
Brushes, Paints, Oil, Glass.
Books, Stationery, wall paper; in fact every
thing handled in a first class Drag Store.
A RATES, 01.00 TO |«.M FEB DAY.
% *
RITZVILLE, Proprietor.
Bedroom Suits
I am overstocked with Bedroom
Suits and will sell at a Great Re
duction for the NEXT 20 DATS.
' " ' \
. . . DRALER IN . . .
fancy .... urFoceries
Stationery, Notions, and Tobaecos.
ritzviulEv -j ' • j|> washinqton.

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